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30,000 Britons March for Donald Trump – Make Britain Great Again

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There are clearly, as visible in this video, THOUSANDS of British working men and women who feel let down by the Labour party, and want a voice.

30,000 British football fans from all teams peacefully marched through Birmingham City Centre, to say the government needs to take a tougher stance against terrorism and grooming gangs.
Two members of UKIP North East Hampshire & Basingstoke branch were present, including our Editor-in-Chief here at MBGA, Luke Nash-Jones, who gave a speech. On the stage also were UKIP Swindon members, such as Martin Costello, the co-anchor of the Jolly Good Show.

There was loud cheering and applause as Nash-Jones pulled no punches, and strongly called out Labour for betraying the working class. He stated that Labour had invited into Parliament a group called MEND, that the Henry Jackson Society has called “Islamists” – this in the very month we wear poppies for war heroes.

Nash-Jones asked why Labour won’t support him to march against the child grooming in Telford. He also stated that Peter Tatchell wrote a book calling for the legalisation for rape of little boys, and that former Labour deputy Harriet Harman was part of the NCCL that was linked to the Paedophile Information Exchange. There were loud cheers of “F*ck Corbyn” from the crowd as Nash-Jones stated that “anyone who votes for Labour is either blind or an idiot!”

The crowd chanted “We Want Trump”, “Make Britain Great Again”, “Go On Luke”, and “We Want Our Country Back”.

Our Editor-in-Chief stated that fake refugees in Calais are not entitled under UN convention to come to the UK – a real refugee is one arriving in the first safe country. Somalia and Syria are not next door to Britain. There was a loud cheer as Nash-Jones said, “We must send those boats back! They will not make Britain their home!”

Nash-Jones states to us, “This was a bloody terrifying experience, as I stood on the stage, looked out at a sea of thousands of heads in front of me. My arm shaked a little, and I struggled to remember what I had planned to say. Hearing thousands boo when I mentioned Diane Abbott’s name was a reassuring experience, giving me hope for our country.”

It was a very peaceful march; the smaller DFLA splinter march that clashed with the SUTR communists was a separate event. Nash-Jones stated, “The police present recognised me, and shook my hand. I was a bit surprised when one officer even said he was pleased I was going to speak.”

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