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WEATHER WARNING: Great Britain prepares for Hurricane Helene

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The storm formerly known as Hurricane Helene is set to hit the UK early next week, with the worst damage from these storms coming down on Monday and Tuesday, of which shall probably die out by Wednesday, according to the Met Office.

However, they have warned that such a storm is a ‘danger to life’ mainly through how the high winds shall lead to strong winds, leading to the Met Office issuing a yellow alert over the storm. It is a part of several tropical storms, including Hurricane Florence, of which has already led to evacuations in area like Virginia and the two Carolina states in the United States of America, according to the Daily Express.

From this, various bridges, airports and ferry services are expected to be shut in the worst affected areas (of which includes Ireland) too.

According to Surrey Live, the hurricane is a Category 2 type, of which is expected to reach Category 3 before dying down on Wednesday.

On the storm and the damage it may bring, Met Office meteorologist Emma Smith elaborated:

Helene is moving up from the Atlantic towards us. Hurricane Joyce is also in the Atlantic so we need to see how those two systems are going to move around each other because that could have an impact. It looks like Helene will move towards Ireland on Tuesday morning. It’s possible that the west coast of Wales and Cornwall could get some winds as well, but we will get a clearer picture of what to expect very soon.

Smith, 2018

So you are warned about such weather over the next week.

US Republican Website HACKED

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The website of the ruling party of the United States has disappeared from the internet, replaced with a message stating “Access Forbidden”.

Software engineers inform us that this message often means the database password or other access details are incorrect – the latter, would be illogical – surely the US Republican party wouldn’t make such a mistake. However, this probably denotes that the database is not available; that it has been destroyed in some manner.

DISGUSTING: Pakistan’s Prime Minister CAMPAIGNS for blasphemy laws

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In a further crackdown on freedom of speech, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is now campaigning for blasphemy laws, including attempting to revive a campaign to advocate for global legislation on the matter.

To make matters worse, the Pakistani senate has also advocated to crack down further on blasphemy within its own nation, a practice which has already led many to be killed in Pakistan under the death penalty.

According to Humanists UK, an organisation committed to ending blasphemy laws, this is one of many attempts by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (consisting of 57 countries, including Bangladesh, Iran and Iraq) over the last two decades to push for such legislation.

A statement by Humanists UK Director of Public Affairs and Policy Richy Thompson read as follows:

Blasphemy laws are a violation of the human right to freedom of expression. They prevent legitimate and necessary criticism of religious beliefs, leaders, and institutions, and in extreme cases legitimise vigilante violence and state persecution of the non-religious and religious minority groups. Humanists UK and others have fought for many years to oppose attempts to impose such restrictions through the UN and will continue to do so. We are seriously concerned that Imran Khan’s administration, just weeks into office, is already trying to use international blasphemy restrictions as a strongman policy to appease the ultra-conservative and religious fundamentalist factions of Pakistan.

He is quite right. In a time when freedom of expression is seriously under threat due to Islamic extremism (leading to such unfortunate incidents as the 1989 fatwa against The Satanic Verses author Salman Rushdie and the 2015 attacks at the Charlie Hebdo HQ in Paris), pushing for such dangerous laws on the world is pandering to these extremists (of which the article points out is the audience Khan is appealing to in his own country) and letting them win.

This is especially true given that Pakistan is currently in a struggle between more secular ideals and religious fundamentalism, where even reformers like Salman Taseer (the former governor of the Punjab region of Pakistan) was killed by someone in his own security personnel, and this clash is something Georgetown University scholar Haroon Ullah explained very well in a PragerU video about Pakistan.

Khan is not only being seriously reckless by pandering to these extremists, but pushing it on a global scale is completely reprehensible. This is an alarming precept for freedom of speech, and one that we must all be on guard at against at all costs. Losing freedom of speech is utterly perilous, and hence we should defend it at all costs. As George Orwell once said ‘if liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear’.

It is time people like Khan accepted this. He should have kept playing cricket instead.

BREAKING: President Trump CUTS foreign aid to Pakistan and Palestine

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In a show of strength, President Trump and the Pentagon cuts $300 million of foreign aid to Pakistan and $350 million to Palestine.

The reasons for such cuts vary. Firstly, for Pakistan, both Trump and the US government at large have shown worries about the way that Pakistan has dealt with Islamic extremism, not to mention a potential anti-American sentiment in the country. According to Reuters, the specific reason for Trump cutting the aid to Pakistan is because of how allegedly, Islamabad (the capital of Pakistan) has become a safe haven for Islamic militants fleeing Afghanistan, a claim of which the country denies.

The idea of cutting foreign aid to Pakistan has been floated around for a while in the United States. As far back as January of this year, President Trump urged to cut aid, given that he felt that the Pakistani government had given the US nothing but ‘deceit and lies’, and the continuing money they give the country should do so ‘no more’. On top of this, Senator for Kentucky Rand Paul has previously advocated to taking foreign aid money from Pakistan to pay more the emergency relief for the various hurricanes the US experienced last year, all the while has attempted to pass such a bill in the Senate but up to this point no avail.

Meanwhile, such a slash could be reversed if the country changes its behaviour towards such a problem, the US have stated. Given that now they have a new Prime Minister in former cricketeer Imran Khan of who has promised to crack down on both corruption and Islamic extremism in the country (all the while maintaining good relations with the United States), such issues may only be temporary.

For Palestine, the reason is more to do with fiscal issues and the aim of the cash not being met. According to The Times, the aid was being cut because of how fiscally unsustainable it was, all the while failing to solve the situation of the Palestinian refugees over the disputed territory in Gaza. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has condemned the cuts for being apparently ‘shameful’.

So in another show of strength for the US, Trump is putting his foot down yet again over mismanagement by previous administrations under the notion of globalist politics and supposedly looking good on the world stage instead of becoming a major player on it. Once again, Trump is putting America first and is proving once again why he is the best American President of the 21st century and the best one we have seen for a few generations.

If only other world leaders world take note.

World SHOCKED By Theresa May Dancing as White African Farmers Are Killed

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HORRIFIC BETRAYAL: Virtue signalling Theresa May dances in celebration as the South African government supports genocide of farmers of British ancestry. £5 billion to Africa!

Has she been taking lessons from Trudeau?! She’s so weak that she makes Chamberlain look patriotic! 😰

She’s touring Africa because of the EU deal she backed which welcomes migration from Africa …but the farmers, genuine refugees, won’t be welcome. Outrageous!

Will Dawn Butler MP go after the PM for cultural appropriation?

Close but no cigar: Looking back at England’s performance at the 2018 World Cup

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Well we tried, but in the end it wasn’t good enough. England in the 2018 World Cup were beaten by Croatia in the semi-finals, all the while being beaten by Belgium in the third-place game to come fourth overall.

It was an overall fun ride; watching the England team perform the best that they have done in years was so satisfying even if they were playing against teams that played dirty like Panama and Columbia, both of which we crushed during the competition.

It was a great team with a great lineup: the likes of Harry Kane, Kieran Trippier and Karl Walker performed terrifically, especially with the various goals they scored. It was a brilliant team headed up by one Gareth Southgate, giving many of his former critics (including myself, I’ll admit embarrassingly) a chance to eat their words with how strongly he coached and managed the team overall. His commitment overall was stunning; even going as far to make his players sing the national anthem to encourage a mood of team spirit among other tactics of which clearly showed their effect on the pitch as after game after game England delivered, even if their occasional

In the end, they had the whole country behind them; permeating an atmosphere of support not seen in decades. Through the MSM, public figures and general public support, there was a proud sense of patriotism and backing for a terrific team and their continuing progress in the tournament. I can still remember watching the various celebrities and politicians discuss England’s success, both on shows like the game commentaries through video clips and an edition of Question Time which indicated the positive spirit our society had towards the team. The song Three Lions was being played heavily, many people waved their England flags (including myself in my car it must be said) and the general mood of the country was an optimistic one at that point.

But then the penny dropped. England left the tournament after they lost to Croatia 2-1 in a disappointing semi-final match.

Admittedly, watching the Croatia game was quite painful; the early triumphalism that accompanied Kieran Trippier’s 5 minute free kick was sadly deflated later on in the game when after heavily defending their stance for over an hour, Ivan Perisic on Croatia’s side scored leading to their victory in extra time when Mario Mandzukic scored 109 minutes in. It was utterly painful to watch, and requesting the day off work to watch it was in hindsight not a good plan.

To be fair, it was nothing to be sniffed at. After all, it had been England’s first semi-final in a World Cup since Italy in 1990 where they lost to West Germany, the last time the latter team played before Germany became reunified later in the year. They also came fourth in that tournament too, losing to the hosts Italy in by 2 to 1. This is also the first semi-final the team have played in since the 1996 Euro Championship held in England, where they lost to Germany with ironically the current manager Gareth Southgate having lost the game by missing a penalty, leading to a 6-5 victory to Germany upon a 1-1 deadlock for the game.

So while it may have not been coming home, this significant upgrade in their play especially compared to just a decade ago whereby they didn’t even qualify for the Euros in 2008 is something to be admired indeed. Hopefully this bodes well for future competitions.

Bring on the Euros 2020 I say.

Bankers DEMAND Spain take 5 million ‘Refugees’ to REPLACE Spanish Youth

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The IMF, the international bank, have claimed Spain needs 5 million ‘Refuges’ to pay tax to fund pensions for the elderly. However, Spain has 34% youth unemployment. Why can’t these young people be employed instead?

Even though Spain already has that huge wealth of untapped human potential suffering from unemployment, the IMF insisted that mass migration is the solution, by “increas[ing] the number of contributors to the pension system”.

This is literally cultural Marxism. The West would have to be de-Christianised, said Gramsci, by means of a “long march through the culture.” He suggested that the new proletariat be comprised of many CRIMINALS, women, and racial minorities. Basically, bin the white man, or in this case, they want to replace the Spanish people.

As Breitbart London previously reported, authorities estimate more than 50,000 sub-Saharan Africans are waiting in Morocco to travel to Spain after a series of pro-open borders moves by the government, which went out of its way to welcome boats of illegal immigrants refused permission to disembark in Italy.

Immigration crisis in Mediterranean begs for reasonable US intervention

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As the illegal immigration crisis unravels in the Mediterranean Sea, the current Trump-backed Italian government officials have flown to Washington to specifically demand President Trump’s attention and support.

Although the situation in the Mediterranean has improved recently, since a few major ports have been shut down and NGO ships are no longer able to easily pick up people at sea anymore, we are still far from a long-term solution that works for everyone.

Perhaps there isn’t a solution that will keep everyone happy, and the numbers of alien arrivals in Europe down for long, but what is certain is that countries like France, Italy, Spain and Greece are no longer able to co-operate with northern-African semi-states (Libya and others) on their own to reach real solutions to the problem.

European military power is obviously limited when it comes to such arduous efforts. For this reason, Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte with little approval from the French and German political establishment has flown out to the States to speak to the only leader that can help prevent a catastrophe from developing in the next few years, Donald J. Trump.

The real heart of the issue here is that Emmanuel Macron has insisted that the Libyans should hold democratic elections in five months’ time, to bring the country together. The Italians have already openly stated this would be a terrible idea.

Mike Pompeo, a close State Department advisor to Trump has also expressed his disapproval for this superficial interpretation of the Libyan crisis: the balance of power between the two main rival governments in Libya (Tripoli and Tobruk) and their deals with the west will be completely destabilised by elections which will only contribute to another violent civil war, a clash between Tripoli, Tobruk and other tribes as well as an opportunity for smugglers and Islamists to take control of the coast again and benefit from the exodus of people.

Of course, this would result in even more mass immigration to the European continent. It is unclear what the German position on the Libyan-elections matter is yet, while it is not so hard to believe that part of the French establishment still do think of themselves as a colonial power that has something to gain from the promotion of chaos in northern Africa (Sarkozy’s behaviour in 2011), only this time at the expense of others; as we do not live the rather stable late 19th and early 20th century dynamic anymore.

Perhaps with Trump’s help in the Mediterranean we can scare both Libyan factions. Also, we can force them to work with us, keep courting the Libyan coast guard and guide parts of their military towards operations of stability. This is mostly done by arresting human traffickers, shut down and put on trial corrupt NGO businesses affiliated to Soros and the EU, but mainly give Americans and the two Libyan governments complete freedom determining the fate of Islamist factions. We have been far too generous with all these criminals. “Democratic” measures are not always the best to use in all cases, Libya is a complete mess, let’s face it.

Luckily Trump and the EU’s bizarre Juncker met and came to an agreement last week. An economic war was avoided, and Trump’s tariffs will only hit those who really deserve to be hit. It appears, European nations were mainly complaining about the tariffs that could affect the vehicle industry, which most European nations rely on.

However, it can be viewed as positive that Trump has decided to economically punish anyone who makes deals with the Iranians at this moment in time.  The economic front is for various reasons closely linked to the defence situation and the struggle in the Mediterranean.

A new gas deal that will exclude the Russians will most likely go forward bringing amounts in from Azeirbaijan to southern Italy, passing through Greece and Albania. We do need these areas to be stable and fully accessible, for the deal to go through. What we do not need is no-go zones and the invasion and Islamification of southern Europe which already has and will continue to cause problems to countries in Central, Northern Europe and the Atlantic.

Britain, as a strategic, and great economic partner of the USA needs to think long and hard what friends it wants to have in and out of Europe after Brexit. At the moment, the ambiguous economic stances of Germany and France towards China, and politico-social ones towards immigration and integration should worry us all.

Are these French and German EU loyalist-elites still reliable partners and friends?, or are they unethical money-grabbing individuals who will put their dirty interests first before concerning themselves with geopolitics and a common defense strategy for the western world?. Well, only time will tell.

Trump vows investigation of Twitter ‘Shadow Banning’ Republicans

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President Donald Trump vowed today to investigate Twitter for their practice of “shadow banning” Republicans and conservatives, restricting their visibility in search results.

“Not good. We will look into this discriminatory and illegal practice at once!” Trump wrote on Twitter. “Many complaints.”

The social media giant came under fire from Republicans after the issue was first reported by Vice News.

Republican Party Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel; several conservative Republican congressmen, including Rep. Devin Nunes; and Andrew Surabian, the spokesman for Donald Trump Jr, were not appearing in Twitter’s auto-populated drop-down search results.

Vice noted that top Democrats were not being similarly “shadow banned.”

Republican Matt Gaetz told The Daily Caller News Foundation he is considering filing a complaint with the Federal Election Commission.

“The notion that social media companies would suppress certain political points of view should concern every American. Twitter owes the public answers to what’s really going on,” McDaniel tweeted.

McDaniel’s account subsequently reappeared in the search results.

Twitter product lead Kayvon Beykpour took to the platform in an attempt to further break down Twitter policy. “To be clear, our behavioural ranking doesn’t make judgements based on political views or the substance of tweets,” he wrote. “Some accounts weren’t being auto-suggested even when people were searching for their specific name. Our usage of the behaviour signals within search was causing this to happen & making search results seem inaccurate. We’re making a change today that will improve this.”

It is good news that Twitter will have to change and be fair to all sides. Social media sites should not be censoring people for their views – debate helps us to learn from others.

Democracy dies in Turkey: Erdogan is re-elected

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It seems that Europe has another dictator on the horizon. Recep Tayyip Erdogan has been re-elected to serve a second term as President of Turkey, having already served as Prime Minister from 2003 to 2014 when he became President, and has been involved in politics for some time in that country.

The only problem is that Erdogan seems very intent from moving Turkey from a mostly secular and liberal democracy to an Islamic theocracy, not to mention spreading the problem across the continent of Europe and the Middle East.

His government has heavily cracked down on free speech in the country, most notably with protests in 2013 which complained about his authoritarianism as Prime Minister, of which led to their heavy clampdown and the killing of 22 protestors. Not to mention how various journalists in the country (foreign or native) have been imprisoned with impunity.

According to Reporters Sans Frontieres (known in English as Reporters Without Borders), Turkey is ranked 157th out of 180 when it comes to press freedom, ranking bellow other despotic countries such as Zimbabwe (ranked 126th), Alegria (ranked 136th), Myanmar (ranked 137th) and Tajikistan (ranked 149th).

Not to mention how the site also lists how out of all countries in the world, Turkey has the most journalists currently imprisoned, with 30 in total, with some arrests dating as far back as 2016. Such infamous cases include the Altan brothers of Ahmet and Mehmet for sending ‘subliminal messages’ in an interview which supposedly influenced the country’s failed military coup back in 2016 and Zeynep Kuray who was arrested in 2017 over her Facebook posts.

It seems that he has no sympathy towards these journalists; indeed as late as his recent UK state visit (of which drew much controversy and occasional protests) he decried the journalists imprisoned as ‘terrorists’. Meanwhile, foreign figures aren’t safe either; Erdogan threatened to jeopardise the EU migrant deal with Turkey if Germany didn’t arrest comedian Jan Bohmermann over calling the leader a ‘goat-f*cker’.

Other Turkish comedians (like one who compared Erdogan to the Gollum character of The Lord Of The Rings franchise) were jailed too; that specific example led to Peter Jackson (the director of the acclaimed live action trilogy of the books) defending the comedian. This represents the dangerous power Erdogan wields internationally as well as domestically, but more on that later.

The guy also has a Stalin streak within him as well: back in 2016 after a failed military coup against him, Erdogan started to purge various people within higher ranks in society who he deemed traitors. This included having over 50,000 people arrested and 160,000 fired from their jobs as a result, not to mention a heavier crackdown on the press as discussed earlier. There was a backlash from the international community about this, noting how his lack of fair trials during this period were tyrannical. The internet was also purged during this time: most notably Wikipedia was banned in the country because of the supposed ‘offensive content’ carried by the website. The move was criticised by the website’s co-founder Jimmy Wales who noted on Twitter how he would always ‘fight’ for the Turkish people’s ‘right’ to access of information.

Meanwhile, he also fired academics and slandered them for signing a petition, which called for him to stop the military crackdown on ethnically Kurdish areas in the eastern part of the country, most notably places like Sur. Finally, as recently as this year, he also sacked 18,000 officials, including military personnel, police officers and academics, for alleged links to US based cleric Fethullah Gulen. As we can see, opposition is not tolerated in Erdogan’s Turkey.

Meanwhile, like all despots, he has a thing for expanding his power. Back in April 2017, he backed laws which made it virtually illegal for the executive branch of government to be held accountable by the legislative branch via investigation.

To add to this, a recent referendum was held, of which would give Erdogan powers including those of changing the current Parliamentary system into a Presidential one, with the position of Prime Minister being abolished in its entirety, all the while with changes to the amount of seats held in Parliament from 550 to 600, Supreme Board of Judges and Prosecutors and the increased executive powers the President would have. That referendum, worryingly, went in Erdogan’s favour with a 51% Yes vote to these changes to 49% No vote to them. The referendum’s victory was controversial, given that apparently, prominent No campaigners were censored by the state, while the Yes campaigners had better access to state sponsored materials and campaigning.

Finally, he also has a worrying amount of power across his borders. Firstly, his power to threaten governments like what happened with the German comedian, which led to the comedian’s subsequent poem which mocked Erdogan being deleted from its original website, and him having to be protected by police because of retaliation from supporters of Erdogan.

The British magazine The Spectator subsequently made a competition in protest of the incident whereby they had other writers mock Erdogan, with the then Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson winning the contest.

Meanwhile, he has various links to Islamist parties across Europe, including the Dutch party DENK, of which refused to criticise the despot’s crackdown within his home country, and also deny the Armenian genocide of which acknowledging in Turkey is a criminal offence.

Meanwhile, the Justice Equality Party in France face similar accusations. Not to mention their meddling in Syria is also heavily worrying. This is most frequently seen with their bombing of Kurdish positions, but came to a head back in 2014, when they notoriously shot down a Russian plane, of which the Russian President called it a ‘stab in the back by accomplices of terrorism’.

While relations between the two have since healed, the lack of care by the likes of Erdogan over international relations seems alarming. Erdogan has also been alleged to have given sarin gas to the rebels in Syria to carry out chemical attacks to blame on the Assad regime. The main reason for this is potentially to serve Erdogan’s goal to restoring the former Ottoman Empire, both given his party’s description of advocating neo-Ottomanism fitting in with Erdogan’s statements about there being no moderate Islam and his support for terrorist groups like ISIS of which could aid that goal. There is a reason why Turkey is a state sponsor of ISIS after all.

Given all this, the threats that the Turkish government is laying against the Austrian government over the latter’s recent closure of mosques and expelling of extremist imams from the country shouldn’t be dismissed too lightly.

So here we are; a supposed secular country being ruled by a tyrant who cares far more about power and spreading his influence across the globe than anything else. Dissidence will not be tolerated in Erdogan’s Turkey; only utter compliance and obedience. He is one of the most dangerous men in the world currently, giving even the likes of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un and Iran’s Ayatollah Ali Khamenei a run for their money. It seems that with his re-election, only a bullet could put a permanent stop to his danger. The fact that his own military tried to overthrow him should scream loudly as to what a threat he poses and how the bullet solution previously mentioned had been seen as a last resort before and could be again.

The cruel irony is that Erdogan started life out as a footballer, specifically for the Kasımpasa team. Usually when an idiotic footballer discusses politics, they whinge about how bigoted and racist the opposition is, and then go back to selling crisps to the general masses. Instead here, an idiotic footballer has gone on to become one of the most dangerous men in the world. Let that sink in. And then weep at the fact that this man has been re-elected and will continue to spread havoc across the globe to complete his evil agenda. We live in seriously dark times indeed.

The Britain of the future needs Trump and vice-versa

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The bombastic and extraordinarily sharp, 45th President of the United States, finally made his appearance in British territory this past week. His visit, although initially meant as informal, did include a visit to the queen at Windsor Castle, meetings with other royals, and of course he also held what was described by The Atlantic as a “rather strange” press conference with Prime Minister May. Trump’s presence created tension in central London as a few hundreds of protesters gathered with the usual excuses of having to moan about xenophobia, misogyny and hatred. All b*llocks of course, in the strict sense of the word.

Overall however, Trump’s visit to Britain was a success as he stood in front of cameras, right next to May who appeared rather weak next him, and told the world that he was ready to reinvigorate his alliance with the British people but also criticised Britain and all of Europe for not being tough enough on immigration, especially illegal immigration from Africa and the Middle East which is completely destroying the social fabric of western civilisation rather swiftly unfortunately. We all already know this.

Trump complimented the Queen and the greatness of his British friends and allies. He also came off as more articulate than expected as he did not budge on clarifying his position on the NATO question, the dangers of liberalism intertwined with globalism, and Russia, during his full interview with Piers Morgan. Morgan, who is certainly not an ultra-conservative, interestingly enough spent the last few days defending Trump’s policies and getting into a fierce argument with self-proclaimed Communist Ash Sarkar on live television and social media.

Sarkar is the classic rude, hipsterish, socialist woman product of the environment of degrading multiculturalism created in the slums of British metropolis. She organised the mass anti-trump protest. Nonetheless, those dirty lefties are not the only ones that had the stage in London, as a large group of students and young professionals organised a pro-Trump event at the Trump Arms, where they re-created a pub atmosphere in an aesthetically pleasing right-wing social gathering. This was also a success, and proof that the flame of the conservative youth still burns steadily.

The irony is that most of these lefties protesting Trump do not even know what they are protesting against, as surely some the real ideologies on the far left would find ground for agreement with Trump on certain issues such as the economy, NATO, Russia and foreign policy in Syria. Trump has been no friend of big, savage globalist capitalism, and most of his economic policies have helped the once left-voting working class in America which is fed up with losing its right to jobs because companies move their manufacturing abroad, to China and India. His protectionism, or economic nationalism can serve as a good example to Britain.

The Tories should learn from him on this matter, if they ever will. Let us give back jobs to the British in Britain first, before worrying about anyone else. Regarding NATO, yes it is absolutely clear like Trump himself pointed out – that European powers like Germany are not exactly playing by the rules when it comes to being part of NATO. The USA, has been getting ripped off, not because they are the ones that basically keep NATO alive by pouring money into defence for us all, which is what they always have been doing, but really because the attitudes of others that are part of  NATO have been outrageous.

Take Germany for example, Merkel has been complaining about fearing Russian military expansionism and economic imperialism on one hand, while at the same time making deals worth billions for the construction of a gas link already taking place that facilitates commerce between Germany and Russia, through Poland. Basically the Germans have been buying Russian gas without checking with the other actors of the EU and certainly without asking itself too many questions. Trump knows that Russia is a key ally in the Middle East (especially Syria), and has played its part in fighting Islamist terror and preventing the Islamification of Europe.

Trump’s nationalist America seems to have come to terms with the fact that we do need to get along with the Russians for a series of reasons, nobody wants more wars and proxy wars, which is something the current establishment Conservatives in Britain need to understand if they wish to continue being a leading force. We have much greater enemies than Putin and Russia. Some of the Corbynite socialists protesting Trump in London know this – and often even sympathise for Russia and despise high finance sponsored globalism as much as Trump does but they will protest him anyways because they are idiots and give more importance to Trump’s comments on women’s genitals rather than focusing on his economic policies. Again, those policies have helped so many ordinary working people.

Britain needs Trump. Trump needs Britain, And we also all need NATO, to defend us in case of an attack by unfriendly nations with unsettling leaders, more so China and North Korea rather than Russia and Iran for that matter. In any case, there is no doubt we need to sit down with the Americans and revisit the NATO agreement, to make sure it works for everyone and the USA won’t be paying vast amounts to those who complain about an imminent threat by a country and then go on and make deals with them.

Britain has no choice but to work with Trump who will most likely win a second term, and secure a free trade deal, opening up a window of opportunities in a world of great possibilities. What a time to be alive. As Brexit negotiations continue, Trump and Putin meet to discuss geopolitical scenarios, and NGO ships are getting turned back in Mediterranean, we are faced with one of the greatest moments in the history of mankind. Now is the time where we need to play our cards right. Now either we heal as a nation or we perish.

Football’s coming home! England beat Columbia to reach the 2018 World Cup quarter finals

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It has finally happened. After some extremely intense playing on the pitch, sometimes against heavily aggressive teams like the match with Panama, England are in the quarter finals of this year’s World Cup.

This makes it the first time the team has managed to get into the quarter finals of said tournament since the 2006 World Cup in Germany, where we lost on penalties to Portugal.

This makes both a breakthrough for the team and shows some real promise on our part. Now we are in the last rounds of the tournament, one can only hope we will finally win the tournament again, like we did in 1966.

The fact that the usual heavyweights like Germany and Spain have been knocked out in underwhelming performances for the teams makes this all the more likely.

This has been one strange World Cup and one great one for us so far. Our win of 4-3 on penalties against Columbia makes a potential victory all the more likely. Maybe this time it is truly coming home.

British Trump Rally Will Go Ahead Despite BAN By London Mayor’s Police

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On the 20th of January 1981, in his Inaugural Address, President Ronald Reagan expressed how America must “do whatever needs to be done to preserve this last and greatest bastion of freedom.”

America, we will, despite effectively a threat by our police forces to imprison the UKIP London Chair, Freddy Vaccha; my deputy, Martin; and myself for three months imprisonment, stand firm, and welcome on the 14th of July your choice of president.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s Met Police have applied for a Public Order to stop us assembling at the US Embassy, while they will allow far-left groups to nonetheless counter-protest there against us. Despite weeks of pressure from the state, we will not cancel this event. We will stand firm against communism! We will march for Trump, through the streets of London, even if the police block us from the US Embassy.

If the British Prime Minister or Queen visited the USA, can you imagine the chair of the New York Republicans being banned from going anywhere near the British Embassy, or in fact, one side of New York City, in case he gave a short speech in support of the Anglo-American alliance? This is the effective situation with the police objecting to Mr Vachha giving a speech to welcome Donald. I run “Make Britain Great Again” – the British equivalent to the Tea Party – and with the support of patriots within the European Parliament and the London Assembly, my supporters and I will stand firm for democracy, and in solidarity with our American brethren.

We will do so not just out of respect for your democratic vote. Not just because we admire Trump’s stance against globalism and political correctness. Not just because it is the morally right thing to do. But because you truly are the only bastion of freedom in the world today. When we look down that dark tunnel, you are that glimmer of light in the distance. It is YOU, our cousins across the Atlantic, that give us the power to dream of peace and freedom. You help us find the courage to fight against these incredible forces of evil that dominate our land.

It is today I find myself, as subject of the British Queen, looking to our brothers across the USA as the last bastion of not just freedom, but hope for humanity. While Americans look in horror as they observe the expansion of liberalism into California, I know our nation has fallen far further than you probably imagine. Our once beautiful country is overrun by an unholy alliance of Islamism and Marxism. My brothers, I pray you avoid this fate. Your fortieth president’s words almost bring me to tears, “You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on Earth, or we will sentence them to take the last step into a thousand years of darkness. ”

We know all to well what horror awaits you if you do not reject the song of globalism. The British Overton window is so far left that Obama looks like a hardcore patriot. The main opposition party rallies under the red flag of communism, singing the L’Internationale song, as their leader poses with statuettes of Lenin.

My family left Zimbabwe, our home for generations, to return to Britain, where rule of law is supposed to exist. Where John Stuart Mill defined the concept of negative liberty, which came to be better expressed in the United States. Where there is the mother of all Parliaments. Now I stand fighting for freedom, while a wave of Koch brothers postmodernist hyper-individualistic snowflakes have thrown open our borders, welcoming in thousands of illegal immigrants as terrorism, murder and rape figures soar. Theresa May has cheated ‘we, the people’, killing democracy, by refusing us Brexit that we clearly voted for.

Terrorist attacks on stadiums, shops, and even the home of the Queen, and the Parliament – our equivalent to Congress – are so frequent that no one is shocked any more. The Mayor of London, who opposes Trump’s visit has stood on a platform 9 times with a radical imam called Suliman Gani, who supported ISIS. He complained to MPs who condemned a hardline Islamic cleric. His own brother-in-law was part of the radical terrorist group Al-Muhajiroun. Khan brushes of these rising Islamic terror attacks as “part and parcel” of city life, while anyone who opposes Sharia law risks imprisonment for up to six years.

Luke Nash-Jones, Organiser of the pro-Trump rally in London, and Leader of Make Britain Great Again, waves a Gadsden flag as a warning to the British monarch not to ignore the voice of the people, as he begins a speech to a Brexit rally.

Trump rightly claimed London has “no go zones”. Gang warfare on our streets is out of control, as our capital city has a higher murder rate than New York City. Men with machetes and swords walk the streets slaughtering our children, while the police leave the mothers to wipe up their dead children’s blood. We are not permitted to carry a gun to protect ourselves – even owning a knife can result in imprisonment.

Free speech no longer exists in Britain. The police spend their budget on arresting and imprisoning people who make ‘politically incorrect’, conservative, comments on Facebook or Twitter. Your founding father, George Washington said that, “If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” London police charged an American lady Amy for wishing someone a “gay day” –  she was held in a police cell. The police beat u elderly people who march for freedom.

Melanie Shaw, Tommy Robinson, Emma West, and others have been locked up under Orwellian laws, for calling out the child rape epidemic in these isles, where MPs and Pakistani men have raped thousands of little girls, as councillors and the police, desperate to embrace multiculturalism and diversity, covered up their actions. Judges have dismissed cases, letting paedophiles walk free, because their wives could not speak English, or because they stated such showed understanding of other cultures. Left-wing MP Naz Shah told the victims to “Shut up for the good of diversity”.

I must quote again a speech of Ronald Reagan,

The martyrs of history were not fools, and our honored dead who gave their lives to stop the advance of the Nazis didn’t die in vain. Where, then, is the road to peace? Well, it’s a simple answer after all. You and I have the courage to say to our enemies, “There is a price we will not pay.” There is a point beyond which they must not advance. This is the meaning in the phrase of Barry Goldwater’s “peace through strength.” Winston Churchill said that “the destiny of man is not measured by material computation. When great forces are on the move in the world, we learn we are spirits — not animals.” And he said, “There is something going on in time and space, and beyond time and space, which, whether we like it or not, spells duty.”

From the cesspit of degenerate hedonism, we see that glimmer of hope on a YouTube channel – the news that our state-owned television networks shield from us. We wave the Gadsden flag at rallies across these isles, as police seek to arrest persons wearing red “Make Britain Great Again” baseball caps. Millions of Britons feel the spirit of those men who in 1776 fought for their freedom. Today we face not a question of whether we have representation, but of our very survival!

While the London Mayor’s police force has sought to ban any pro-Trump rally or march, they have allowed numerous counter-protestors to insult you and your President. They have even tolerated a disrespectful “Baby Trump” blimp to fly, but banned the UKIP London Chair from taking a pro-Trump boat down the Thames.

I conclude with words Reagan read in that address, as he referred to the diary of Pvt. Treptow who was killed in World War II. He had inscribed the following pledge, ”America must win this war. Therefore I will work, I will save, I will sacrifice, I will endure, I will fight cheerfully and do my utmost, as if the issue of the whole struggle depended on me alone.” You stood by us in World War II, and helped save Europe. We need you again.

Ron Paul Embroiled in Controversy Over Deleted Racist Tweet

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Recently, former US Representative and Presidential nominee Ron Paul has been in heavy controversy recently given how his Twitter account reposted a legitimately racist cartoon which complained about cultural Marxism.

To this, he received a heavy backlash on the site from various Twitter users, even though it was deleted from his account shortly after it was uploaded because of the racist content involved.

As Paul later revealed, the account isn’t run by him, and this reposting was done by the person who runs it, and once it was discovered that this was the case, the tweet was deleted and replaced with one of a normal anti-PC picture.

Now why is this important one wonders? Surely it was a simple mess up by an intern running some famous person’s Twitter account. What is the harm?

Well the far left is the harm. Instead of either acknowledging that the event was a mess up and moving on or laughing at the absurdity of it all, they are using it as a springboard to whinge about Ron Paul’s newsletters from the 1980s-1990s of which were supposedly racist too (even though he claims no responsibility for what was published in those letters mind you), the Republican party being racist and Paul himself being racist too.

In other words, the left lost their minds about a completely innocuous topic because their Trump Derangement Syndrome is so high now that their supposed rational thinking goes out the window once they can use anything to bash their alleged enemies.

So here we have the left in 2018: complaining and overreacting to a simple mistake on a prominent right winger’s Twitter account… because he is right wing. Want to know why they are failing so badly these days? This mass hysteria is exactly it.

Lefty Pretty SoyBoy Trudeau Frantically Denies Sexually Assaulting Waitress

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Pretty-faced princess of the postmodernist lefty cess-pit, the Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau has denied allegations that he groped a reporter at a festival in 2000.

Though a past issue of the Creston Valley Advance newspaper reveals a claim that Mr Trudeau apologised for his behaviour and said: “If I had known you were reporting for a national paper, I never would have been so forward.” A rather difficult statement for the left who are proudly promoting the #MeToo campaign.

The event in Creston, British Columbia, was held to raise money for an avalanche safety charity with which Mr Trudeau was involved.

Days afterwards, an unsigned editorial appeared in a local paper accusing him of “groping” a young female reporter. The piece accused Mr Trudeau of “inappropriately handling” the reporter, who felt “blatantly disrespected” by the actions, which were not described.

The prime minister said he did not recall any “negative interactions” at the event.

CBC spoke to Valerie Bourne, the publisher of the paper at the time, and the paper’s then-editor, Brian Bell, both of whom believe the reporter.

Spanish President meets open borders advocate George Soros in secret

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The president of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchez, has met in the Moncloa Palace with George Soros, one of the billionaires linked to the illegal Catalan referendum of October 2017. The meeting took place in secret this Wednesday afternoon and no stenographers were present.

The meeting, according to Spanish news outlet OKDiario, lasted about an hour and a half. Soros is one of the most powerful fortunes in the world, known for his opposition to Trump and Brexit, his fostering of the illegal immigration into Europe and his involvement in the illegal Catalan referendum last year.

This comes just two weeks before he will publicly meet with Quim Torra, the recently-elected Catalan leader (in lieu of the fugitive Carles Puigdemont). Soros has claimed that Trump is “a danger to the world”, his globalist foundation has been booted out of his native Hungary by Victor Orban, and he drew blood with the recent debt crises in Italy and Spain.

In rejecting Brexit and defending the EU, Soros recently said “it is no longer a euphemism to say that Europe is in existential danger; it is the harsh reality.”

This meeting does not bode well for Spain – Soros is known for his corrosive influence in the secession of Catalonia and his seemingly insatiable thirst for open borders.

Soros has made his fortune through financial speculation, especially when he was about to break the Bank of England betting against the pound in 1992. It is estimated that in the operation, which lasted only one day, Soros won 1 billion dollars, while the Bank of England was about to go bankrupt.

Scientists discover DNA proving original Native Americans were White

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A new discovery of ancient DNA may overturn the idea that the Native Americans were the first to have populated the American continent. Instead, a new group known as the ancient Beringians, who are more closely related to modern white Europeans has been discovered by researchers. Genetic analysis of a baby girl who died at the end of the last ice age shows she belonged to this previously unknown ancient group of Beringians.

A baby girl who lived and died in what is now Alaska, at the end of the last ice age belonged to a previously unknown group of ancient people who branched off from the ancestors of modern Europeans, according to DNA recovered from her bones. Working with scientists at the University of Alaska and elsewhere, Willerslev compared the genetic makeup of the baby, named Xach’itee’aanenh t’eede gaay or “sunrise child-girl” by the local community, with genomes from other ancient and modern people. They found that nearly half of the girl’s DNA came from the ancient north Europeans who lived in what is now Scandinavia.

The child, a mere six weeks old when she died, was found in a burial pit next to the remains of a stillborn baby, perhaps a first cousin, during excavations of an 11,500-year-old residential camp in Tanana River Valley in Central Alaska. The remains were discovered in 2013, but a full genetic analysis has not been possible until now.

Researchers tried to recover ancient DNA from both of the infants but succeeded only in the case of the larger individual. They had expected her genetic material to resemble modern northern or southern lineages of Native Americans, but found instead that she had a distinct genetic makeup that made her a member of a separate population.

A new genome from a Pleistocene burial in Alaska confirms a longstanding belief that European ancestors first arrived in America.

The newly-discovered group, named “ancient Beringians,” appears to have split off from the Europeans around 20,000 years ago and made their way to North America via Alaska, when a frozen land bridge made the crossing from Europe and Asia into North America possible. The ancient Beringians then pushed south as the ice caps melted and mixed with other Native American populations, which is why many Native Americans today also exhibit physical characteristics more commonly associated with whites. According to Eske Willerslev, an evolutionary geneticist at the University of Copenhagen, whose team recovered the girl’s DNA from a dense part of her skull known as the petrous bone,

“This is a new population of Native Americans – the white Native American.”

Cameron’s aides TOLD Obama to say Brexit means ‘back of the queue’

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You read that correctly. Over two years after the EU referendum was called in favour of leaving the bloc, one of the most infamous moments of the campaign whereby the then US President Barrack Obama threatened British voters that they would be put at the ‘back of the queue’ for trade talks if they dared to vote to leave has been proven to be a deliberate propaganda tool on former Prime Minister David Cameron’s behalf.

Talking to the Today Programme, former Obama aide Ben Rhodes discussed how the situation came to be:

“Yeah well we had come here to try to help the Remain campaign and we had a meeting with Cameron and his team and we were all in violent agreement about the negative consequences of Brexit. And talking about the conference they were going to hold together, we were discussing the arguments for the Brexit campaign.

“And some of the arguments were this idea that the United States could just negotiate a new deal with the UK quickly and we all agreed that’s unlikely to happen. And as Obama was saying that someone on the British side said we’d end up being at the back of the queue and Obama said that is completely right and then he was asked [by David Cameron] it would be good if you could repeat that point in the press conference.”

In other words, all of the smears and jokes the left made about Leave campaigners being suspect of how an American President would use a British term of ‘queue’ instead of the American equivalent of ‘line’ are now at the butt of the joke. Along with the recent confirmation of the £350 million going to the NHS as promised from former spending from the EU and it is not a good time to be a former Remain campaigner, especially those who endlessly complain and whinge for a second referendum like the losers they are.

Maybe that’s why a moronic EastEnders star slagging off the process of leaving is what is dominating the headlines of the pro-EU media so much. Strange.

The sooner current President Donald Trump gets on with his promised quick deal with us, the better it will be for our great country and the more this whole episode will become more laughable.

A new agreement with Libya to crack down on NGOs and human trafficking

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The Mediterranean has been for many economic migrants the purgatory before the promised land, which would be geographical Europe of course. This is a false idea, those who leave Africa brainwashed and invited in by globalist elites have been told a story that is not quite right. Any sensible person knows that there is certainly no space in Britain, France, Germany and Italy for three-quarters of Africa to show up uninvited.

An army of cheap and illegal labourers who will most likely end up picking potatoes in fields, or having to end up in criminal businesses, such as drugs and prostitution. This is not because we are inhumane, and do not want to give them decent jobs, but because your options career-wise become rather limited when you come to a country illegally and with no documentation.

Luckily, due to a series of fortunate events, including a new Trump-backed Italian government, things are looking slightly more hopeful now at the gates of Europe.  A new deal, struck between the United Nations and the Libyan coast guard sustained by the government in Tripoli, will make sure that the Mediterrenean waters that stretch from the Libyan border with Tunisia all the way to Egypt will no longer be treated as international waters and it will be the responsibility of the Libyans to identify illegal ships with migrants.

Once identified, because the United Nations has now forced Libya to constitute its own JRCC (Joint Rescue Coordination Centre), the ships will have to be returned to the North African shore instead of having to be rescued by the Italian navy that for logistic and peacekeeping reasons used to be forced to bring these migrants to Sicily or Malta which would then give them access to all of the Eurozone.

The International Maritime Organisation (IMO), has helped the weak and unstable current Libyan government, or at least the only one recognised by the west in Libya, to organise its almost non-existent and low skilled military personell’s Search and Rescue (SAR) zone on the coast. As much as the Libyans have been unreliable in the past, with regards to providing answers to the influx of migrants originating from their shores, we now need them. The west, and the European Union especially, has to work with the Libyans to solve this dreadful problem. The problem not being only the arrival of desperate, destitute peoples from Africa per se – but also a serious one of human trafficking.

It is the human traffickers in Africa who organise travel of masses of people coming from Chad, Sudan, Ghana, Nigeria and Zaire all the way to northern Africa. Statistics found by a Fusion investigation have shown that 8o% of women are raped while putting their lives in the hands of these traffickers to get to Europe.

NGOs are a massive problem. Until now, NGO ships most likely funded by Soros, closely linked to the Open Europe Organisation, have been directly or indirectly helping the traffickers’ cause by smuggling illegal aliens into Europe. The “Open Arms” ships, have taken a countless number of aliens all the way to ports like the one of Palermo in Italy or Valencia in Spain. Many of those who arrive then decide to undertake journeys to richer countries like Germany and our very own Britain of course. We hope that with this new United Nations accord, Libya will take its responsability but more importantly the NGO criminal cosmopolitans will no longer have the excuse nor be able to search and rescue in Libyan national waters. Ultimately, Libya is now effectively a secure port; every single one of those migrants will have to be returned to Tripoli under international law.

As desperate as these migrants might be, they are no longer welcome to Europe, because now we have become the desperate ones having to deal with an invasion, in the true sense of the word. The very worst part of it is that we were never asked, the decisions were made for us, by a very dangerous elitist, internationalist, but rather secret, society that has made it their life’s goal to disintegrate the social fabric of our nations.

Trump’s North Korea Deal KNOCKS OUT Critics and Leftists

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At least this past week we have been able to breathe a sigh of relief. I am not referring to the fact that we now know that a military conflict with North Korea and China is a lot more unlikely. We have been able to breathe a sigh of relief because we now know we have proof that the Democrats, and the American left won’t realistically stand a chance of painting the United States blue again for a very long time.

Trump, after all his recent successes, not merely the great result with North Korean denuclearisation, will most likely be elected President for a second term. The left worldwide, but especially the American neoliberals and socialists, have lately managed to heap up their funeral pyre.

They have done so by engaging with the most ridiculous forms of identity politics, intersectional feminism, post-modernism, and constantly bringing up racialism. By criticising Trump for sealing a great deal with a former enemy, which would be understood as progressive politics, the kind of politics the left usually wants, they have lost all credibility. It is clear that by now they intend to just criticise Trump for being Trump.

It is unbelievable, but quite humorous, seeing all these moaning lefties on social media accusing Trump of being weak, for meeting with a brutal, violent Asian dictator. That’s the funny part, the same people who before Trump, kept ranting about how the west should hold dialogues with everyone, even those hostile to us, such as Iran, Libya, Palestine, Cuba are now complaining because Trump struck a deal with a man who carries out purges consisting of mass murders in his own country.

Well, so did Fidel Castro in Cuba, but he got to take lovely and smiley pictures with Nelson Mandela and be championed as some sort of human rights and welfare pioneer, praised by leaders globally. Obama, of course, was portrayed as a hero when he managed to push for talks between Palestine and Israel. Palestine is a state basically led by Islamist fundamentalists to this day.

Trump on the other hand, remains a crazy guy for the media, no matter what he does. Well, if Clinton went on national television and told everyone that Trump was making a mistake trusting Kim Jong-un then she must be right! We should listen to the lady that used her personal email to handle CIA information. What a world we live in.

The truth is, that if one looks at American history with a keen eye, it is impossible not to realise that Trump has a much higher chance of getting re-elected rather than being sent home in 2020. So far there have only been five presidents of the USA who historically have not managed to secure a second term. Last time this happened, it was unfortunate, as we had George Bush Sr. lose to a Democrat, after four years in office.

Also, another truth is, that no matter what Guardian, Vox and Washington Post columnists say, Trump’s agreement with North Korea is really one of the greatest breakthroughs in peacekeeping operations we have seen in a while.

The deal ‘the Donald’ struck gives a chance for 32,000 young American soldiers to return home and hug their families, it is also a deal that cost relatively little financially (unlike Obama’s 150 billion dollars to Iran). Kim Jong-un has agreed to export all his nuclear weapons.

If this excellent idea works out in practice, the Korean peninsula will finally be denuclearised, and real efforts can be made for the two Korean regimes to get along. Not to mention prisoners of war, of all factions, get to be released and heard fairly.

More importantly, the agreement includes a clause that expects the USA to withdraw from joint military exercises with South Korea, which will make the North Koreans feel safer, but the main reason for this is to save and cut back on American taxpayers’ money. The air military operations taking place from Guam which involved the USA, Japan and South Korea were becoming incredibly expensive.

The irony is that Trump’s deal is an “America First” deal. As promised he is taking care of the working classes, but the left doesn’t like it one bit and are not even praising him for it.

Who cares about the American left anyways, as a wise internet user once pointed out: “these days the Democratic Party is composed of Hillary Clinton, a few Florida High-School students and a porn actress.”

Donald Trump SLAMS Theresa May as ‘too politically correct’

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In recent times, American President Donald Trump has called British Prime Minister Theresa May ‘too politically correct’ before the G7 Summit in Canada, indicating that her attitude towards him (among other elements) would prevent him from having meaningful talks at that Summit.

He apparently has grown tired of Mrs. May’s ‘school mistress’ tone, not to mention how whenever in discussion with him (mainly via phone calls) he resents her discussing policy as opposed to having a broader agenda, and feeling as though her demands are taking advantage of the special relationship between the US and the UK.

He also seems to resent her criticising him in public whenever she feels that he has stepped out of line, calling her ‘too politically correct’ over her supposedly refuting his claim that there are no no-go zones for the authorities (of which there are).

In response to these criticisms which Trump has allegedly made, Mrs. May had this to say:

‘I just get on and make sure that I’m delivering. That’s the job of any politician.’

This seemingly antagonistic relationship between the two world leaders is a far cry from prior encounters between the two. Theresa May after all was the first world leader to meet Trump following his inauguration, where they infamously held hands and riled much controversy among the left in Britain who hate Trump.

Trump had also previously been willing to do a quick trade deal with Britain post-Brexit. Whether this exchange throws that into jeopardy is now in question.

But Mrs. May wasn’t the only world leader in Trump’s sights involving the G7 Summit. Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of Canada, was heavily criticised by Trump for being ‘dishonest and weak’ over the recent trade wars between the two countries. There was also tension between him and the French President Emmanuel Macron, also in contrast to the strong relationship the two had previously had.

Mr. Macron had this to say about Trump prior to the summit:

‘You say the US President doesn’t care at all. Maybe, but nobody is forever.’

His comments seem to indicate that his impact as a world leader doesn’t matter, as one day, he’ll be out of office. He also joked about his country becoming supposedly more isolationist.

Given Trump’s comments and his behaviour at the G7 Summit, whether this will further harm the Special Relationship is yet to be seen. Whether this behaviour will be reflected at his Singapore meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un is also yet to be seen. And finally, whether Mrs. May will take Trump’s criticisms on board and will actually try to work with him is yet to be seen. One can only hope that is the outcome. We shall see.

Italy: NOT “racism”, but realism, and common sense Conservatism

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It was only last Thursday, on the 31st of May, that the official ‘Third Italian Republic’ was born. Some Italian media outlets have refered to it as such, because of previous governmental experiences as well as interim ‘technocratic’ experiments, that have failed.

The ‘First Italian Republic’ was the one that lasted the longest, from right after WW2 up until 1992, where what is popularly known as the ‘Second Republic’ came into place due to the disintegration of the leading Socialist Party as well as other mainstream parties. This occured after a nation-wide judicial investigation on political corruption, which involved countless high-ranking Italian politicians. The 1992 case was one of the biggest scandals in the history of the country.

The leadership put together by Matteo Salvini’s League and Luigi Di Maio’s 5star Movement is effectively a government of change, and represents the beginning of a new era. The light at the end of a dark and long tunnel. A tunnel made up of mass immigration from impoverished foreign countries, corruption, high unemployment and a collapsing economy.

However, recently Italians have responded firmly to the situation by voting against the elites, and by trusting to leave their nation in the hands of two eurosceptic parties.

What is truly astonishing about this newly formed government, is the fact that a right wing populist like Salvini and a left leaning one like Di Maio have managed to set their differences aside momentarily, and join together in the quest of reforming Italy’s role within the European Union.

Another incredibly interesting factor, is that Salvini appears to not have backtracked at all on any of his promises regarding immigration. His strong, virile tones, which the Italian left has many times described as “hateful” have not been moderated in any way, but are in fact exactly the same as the ones he used in his campaign.

Just a few days ago Salvini urged the public to not worry, because under his watch (he is now the Minister of Internal Affairs) migrants will “pack their bags” as “the good times are over” for them. Salvini is not “far right” as some of the British and international press have argued, he is just a simple fiscal and social conservative who cares about giving back dignity to his own people.

Regarding immigration, the current Italian government clearly has no problem with legal immigrants who are not on state benefits due to fake refugee statuses nor do they particularly have an issue with other skilled Europeans taking on jobs or degrees in Italy.

The problem with immigration to Italy needs to be adressed in a realist manner, by conservatives with common sense. Italians can no longer accept mass immigration from Africa, due to the fact that most of those immigrants are unskilled and come to the country illegally, with little to no documentation.

Also, northern Africa and the Middle East are a hot-bed for Islamist fundamentalism at the moment and letting in people from these areas is a risk to Italian national security as well as the security of other countries in the EU (including Britain) that some of these who arrive to Italy with boats from Libya decide to travel to at a later date. It is unfortunately in the interest of no European nation to accept large numbers from the high-risk African continent, and in some cases, the Middle East.

If we are to be frank, the rise in illegal immigration to Italy has amounted to 15% every year in the last three years. According to several sources, the number of aliens has reached rediculous and unsustainable levels. In only 2016 nearly 185,000 Africans landed with small motor-boats on the coast of Sicily and the island of Lampedusa. The following year, in 2017, the number was significantly lower but still too high to be acceptable as it was within the 120,000s.

Also, we have to consider, that those are only the numbers of the people who survive the dangerous trips from northern Libya, as many tragically die at sea. This is another reason for Salvini and Di Maio to push forward a policy which could involve military intervention that prevents the migrants from traveling in the first place. It would be a sensible thing to do.

The Italians are now feeling incredibly optimistic about this coalition, led by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, a “middle-way politician” agreed upon by the two victorious parties.

However, of course, we have our usual suspects. The globalist, leftist establishment has been moaning and crying over the immigration and judicial policies that will be adopted. They have been critical of Salvini especially, rather than Di Maio.

Laura Boldrini, a minister from a far-left party has not even given a chance to this government and already accused them out of nowhere of being a “sexist, intolerant and reactionary government”; it was also astonishing to hear journalists from the “Repubblica” centre-left journal call for something to happen to stop them, as according to them Italians have put “Neo-fascists in charge”.

All of these baseless accusations coming from the establishment would make anyone giggle. Let us not take them seriously, or we could take them seriously and tell them that yes, we are tough, we are populist, and we will make changes happen, because the current despicable domestic situation in Italy needs to come to an end.

This leftist reign and corrupt system of power, linked directly to Brussels, needs to be wiped out and replaced with something greater that retrieves the true value and spirit of the inhabitants of the Italian peninsula, our favourite boot.

German MEP THREATENS that the EU will control Italy’s finances

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Earlier this week, Italy’s two anti-EU populist parties tried to form a coalition government but were blocked from power by the country’s President Sergio Mattarella, because he rejected their choice of a deeply Eurosceptic finance minister.

Then on Wednesday, Five Star Movement leader Luigi Di Maio attempted to resurrect the populist coalition by offering to withdraw Eurosceptic Paolo Savona as his choice for finance minister.

Now a German MEP has raised the prospect of the EU taking control of Italy’s finances if the Northern League and Five Star Movement do manage to form a government in future. Markus Ferber said the EU Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund could ‘march into Rome’ in echoes of the Greek crisis.

There may well be a new general election later this year in order to break the deadlock.

“The upcoming elections will not be political, but instead a real and true referendum … between who wants Italy to be a free country and who wants it to be servile and enslaved,” League leader Matteo Salvini said on Monday.

“Today Italy is not free; it is occupied financially by Germans, French and eurocrats.”

On Tuesday, European Budget Commissioner Gunther Oettinger said he hoped Italy’s poor economic situation would keep populist parties out of government.

“I can only hope that this will play a role in the election campaign… sending a signal to voters not to hand power to populists on the right and left,” he told German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

So, every time a country disagrees with Brussels they either have to vote again (Ireland) or lose control of their finances (as in Greece, and now possibly Italy).

Brussels is telling Italy it HAS to retain half a million illegal migrants, vetoes (via its stooge Italian president) a Eurosceptic Italian government, and now threatens to take over its economy and finances. How can ANYONE think this is normal and acceptable democratic behaviour? But Remoaners in Britain apparently do! Thank goodness we are escaping from this dictatorial mess – EVEN if it takes years to do so.

Italian president’s appalling BETRAYAL as he puts Europhile in power

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Italy’s president was last night accused of an appalling betrayal of the democratic will of his people, ignoring impeachment calls and imposing a technocratic government led by a Europhile.

Just hours earlier, Sergio Mattarella had faced calls to be impeached after rejecting plans from the anti-establishment 5-star Movement and Northern League parties to install a Eurosceptic as the country’s economy minister.

The populist parties have been trying to form a coalition for nearly three months after the elections on March 4th returned a hung parliament, and wanted anti-euro professor Paolo Savona to head the ministry of the economy.

But Mr Mattarella claimed the country should not have someone in the role who ‘could provoke Italy’s exit from the EU’. His veto plunged the country into turmoil and led to prime minister-designate Giuseppe Conte resigning at the week end after just four days in the job.

This to me really makes my blood boil, the people of Italy voted for an anti-EU party not the other way around.

I’ve been waiting a whole week for this new Populist government to be formed, only for it to be blocked at the last minute.

I hope Mr Mattarella gets impeached for this.

Invitation to the Trump Rally on the 14th of July 2018

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I am delighted to inform you we are organising a welcome rally for Trump during his visit to London.

He has thousands upon thousands of fans here in the UK and we want to let him know how much we support him and back his visit to our country and so decided what better way to demonstrate this than by holding a rally which will include several high profile speakers.

The rally will be held outside the American Embassy on Saturday 14th July 2018 between 10.00am and 2.00pm.

We have invited the Football Lads Alliance, the Democratic Football Lads Alliance, UKIP London, Tommy Robinson, KT Hopkins, and the Veterans Against Terrorism, to march with us.


We are a Tea Party style group called the People’s Charter who have adopted his great election campaign slogan as ‘Make Britain Great Again’.

We aim to highlight issues of importance in the current political spectrum. We do not advocate any type of aggressive activism, and have a strict policy of decorum and polite behaviour which our members must adhere to.

We marched for Trump already in Birmingham:

We would greatly appreciate it you could promote the rally and help us gain even more momentum. We already have at least a thousand people who have confirmed they will attend and we have only just started to publicise the event.

Luke Nash-Jones


The People’s Charter Foundation

‘America is respected around the World’ says Donald Trump

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USA President Donald Trump said Thursday that America is respected around the globe again as a result of his leadership as he celebrated the release of the three detainees from North Korea at a rally in Indiana.

Mr Trump said his approach to dealing with North Korea is ‘leading to some very big things’.

Riding high from the prisoner release, Trump mocked former President Barack (Cheatin’) Obama for what amounted to a ransom payment to Iran during his administration to ensure the safe return of the five detainees from Tehran.

Trump thanked Kim for freeing ‘the folks early in Maryland earlier in the day, saying it was ‘sort of understood’ they’d be released during his planned summit with the 33-year-old despot.

Later on Thursday Trump announced that his first-ever in person meeting with Kim would take place in Singapore on Tuesday June 12th.

Trump also said this week that he will also be pulling out of the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal that was negotiated with Tehran in 2015.

Trump pulling out of the Iran deal was a super smart thing to do and helping free the North Korean detainees was very heroic of him to do. I can just hear Iran throwing their toys out of their pram now. Keep it up Mr Trump, and no we’re not getting tired of winning.

Triggered Liberals start a Facebook Campaign against President Trump

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Continuing with the liberal hysteria against President Trump, there is yet another campaign to resist him, as per usual. This time it is done through the medium of song. A Facebook campaign has been set up by anti-Trump Brits to get the 2004 song American Idiot by pop punk band Green Day to the top of the charts when he arrives to show how much ordinary Brits supposedly hate him.

The song first released in 2004 was a strong condemnation of the then Bush administration, something reflected in the parent album’s themes and lyrics. The album was a huge success at the time, topping the charts in numerous countries and going multi-platinum on both sides of the pond.

The band since then have not been shy to display their political views, mainly their frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, who backed Barrack Obama in both 2008 and 2012, and has been a staunch critic of President Trump, often namedropping him in concert and calling for him to be impeached numerous times.

This campaign is following the same playbook, with the page posting various anti-Trump posts and heavily criticising any Trump supporter who calls out the author of the page, claiming that they ‘don’t care’ about the opinions of the dissenters. So much so that they are responding at all.

Social campaigns have been used before to advocate similar messages. This came to a head in 2009 when a Facebook campaign was used to get Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name to Number 1 to prevent the then X Factor winner Joe McElderry gaining the top spot to protest the show’s then monopoly to get the token Christmas Number 1.

Similar themed campaigns continued years later to much less success, including getting AC/DC’s Highway To Hell and Iron Maiden’s The Number Of The Beast to Number 1. The former came to number 4 and the latter went to number 44.

A counter campaign has also begun on Facebook, advocating getting the 1984 song We’re Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister to Number 1 at the same time. That song was used frequently throughout Trump’s rallies, showing his anti-establishment stance and how that reflected the anger and angst of ordinary Americans towards it.

President Trump will officially arrive in Britain on the 13th of July 2018. Whether either campaign will be successful is yet to be seen.

Iran is not our friend, but let’s tread lightly regardless

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Yesterday, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu gave what resembled a press conference in which he openly accused the state of Iran of not abiding by the 2015 Nuclear Deal.

According to the Israelis, they have further proof than what was given on air with a rather bizarre powerpoint presentation, that Iran is actually optimising its nuclear arsenal for military purposes.

Now, the fact remains that we do not really know enough details at this moment in time, in order for us Westerners and Americophiles to verify whether the information put forward by Israeli intelligence and Netanyahu is reliable.

However, what we do know is that the Israel is and will remain our greatest ally in the Middle East, and this is not going to change anytime soon. We have the duty to take their concerns seriously. The recommendation that I am sure anyone would give to the Trump administration is to tread lightly.

In this situation, it is the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that needs to be called into immediate action, before we jump to any conclusions.

Any military conflict with Iran needs to be avoided as it could lead to serious diplomatic hostilities with Putin, in the best case scenario. A struggle in the Middle East is not a good idea at the moment given we are all on same boat when it comes to fighting off ISIS and Al-Qaeda divisions.

Also, not to mention that escalation with Iran could cause more serious problems to Israel and Saudi Arabia. The latter has recently undergone a great reform under Mohammed bin Salman, who is certainly more pro-Western than his predecessors and needs time and stability to conclude his investigations on the extremist attitudes of the old Saudi administrations.

With regards to Iran, it was merely last summer that the IAEA told the world that Iran was not breaking any rules of the agreement. This agreement – in case our readers did not know – is called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. If Iran has not really stopped producing uranium at medium enrichment, and is not only using its enrichment capacities for civilian purposes, while continuing to use its centrifuges at full extent instead of cutting the numbers down by two-thirds which is what agreed to do three years ago, then we shall find out.

Momentarily, we can expect Trump to be working closely with Netanyahu’s government and make a decision by May 12th. What we must avoid is giving the impression that we are hostile to them and take the word of Israel for everything without hard proof.

Also, Trump should keep in mind that cracking down on Iran by being tough but fair at the same time can send a signal to the North Koreans and make them slightly intimidated, as they should be, but without ruining the positive environment that has recently and surprisingly created itself (benevolence between the two Koreas), by making them think they are dealing with a warmonger they need to defend themselves against at any cost.

As James Mattiss from the United States Central Command once said  “There are plenty of ways to deal with Iran’s misconduct.” Leaving the accord would give Iran more freedom to do whatever they please with nuclear weaponisation, and although strong economic sanctions would be reinstated, this doesn’t mean that we will be able to keep an eye on them.

Trump must not put an end to the Iran deal, not just yet. To those who question why Iran having those potent weapons is a dangerous and unacceptable while Israel isn’t – we only have to remind them that Iran is an ultra-conservative Islamic state that practices Sharia law. Their rulers, both political and religious, have called several times for the destruction of Israel – a bastion for civilisation and modernity in the Middle East. Therefore, Iran is not our friend, not just yet.

Windrush hysteria: The far-left monopolises discourse.

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So where to begin?… Last week we had the great pleasure and honour in London to have a flock of communists led by Labour’s Diane Abbott and others marching rather aggressively to protest for nothing.

Yes that’s right, they protested for absolutely no reason. They claimed of course, to be representing the immigrants from the ‘Windrush generation’; a number of people originating from the Caribbean Isles who legally came to Britain on large ships between the end of the 1940s and the beginning of the 1970s.

The crowd, which featured a series of screaming and ranting feminists, and a few immigrants with poor English language skills, as well as Guardian journalists such as Gary Younge, put on a ridiculous yet entertaining show. What is certain is that in no way did these protesters in Brixton, London represent those who in the 20th century desperately came to Britain in search for a better life.

As a matter of fact, those in Brixton the other day were neither desperate nor Caribbean. Apart from a few exceptions, those who attend a march which resembled some sort of leftist trolling attempt, were mainly a bunch of white, spoilt, middle class brats who feel the need to indulge in “revolutionary” activity because of their boring daily lives and over-indoctrination by the BBC and Channel 4.

On top of all of this, Theresa May, who attempted to pursue calming measures by apologising to Windrush children and Caribbean leaders, was blamed by a vast majority of public opinion for leading a government that apparently has not been transparent enough on this issue.

No one here is interested in defending May’s statements, or attacking the left further – since it is clear that they have ridiculed themselves enough with their silly parade.

However, what needs to be said, is that the Windrush situation is complicated and not easy to grasp. Therefore, it can be difficult to develop a solid opinion or stance on this particular issue. The questions arise; “are these people legal?”, “are they illegal?”. There is no answer to this question, since it is really a matter of how one looks at it, of one’s perspective, effectively.

The number of Commonwealth migrants who came to Britain before 1971 reached about 524,000. Those who did not get British citizenship from that large group only number about 57,000 – and among those are the ones who may be affected by government immigration policies.

We have to consider that what we are dealing with here, are a great number of people, originating from economically deprived areas of the Caribbean territories, who have had an awfully hard time integrating with the British way of life.

If we consider the fact that some of those who came on ships more than fifty years ago were undocumented and brought with them children and grandchildren who were also undocumented with no paperwork proving their status, than it is hard for us to consider them legal. How is it fair that those who lack documents get to access free healthcare, and work in the United Kingdom? It is for this reason that the current Conservative government feels forced to determine who has the right to stay and who doesn’t. It is not an easy task.

The British Nationality Act 1948 gave citizenship of the United Kingdom and Colonies statues to everyone who was a British subject who was connected with the UK or a British colony.

Anyone who arrived in the UK from a Commonwealth country before 1973 has a legal right to stay in this country, unless they left the UK for more than two years. They have been told that they have to prove they are eligible to stay – but the landing cards recording their arrival dates were destroyed in 2010, so they have no proof.

This is a time where the British nation has the opportunity to simply decide. Decide for themselves, who they want to welcome into their country, and how they want them to contribute.

What everyone desires is a fair, but solid and sensible, immigration policy. Illegal immigrants will have to go. Some will be able to stay. Just like some Windrush children are legal while others aren’t.

It’s all part of the ‘rebuilding process’. The way forward is to admit that immigration is not merely about jobs and the economy. It is mainly about behavioural patterns. We will have to come to terms with this sooner or later. Preferably sooner, rather than later.

French President Macron urges EU to shun populism

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This week in Strasbourg saw two major debates on Russia and Syria. We were also honoured with Jupiter, the supreme god of the skies, thunder and lightening, aka President Macron.

He strutted his PR rhetoric, beaming the smile, a gimlet eye here and there and a step back and a tight grip on the podium for the showman, the new king of the European federalists.

The majority of MEPs and the Commission were in awe of Jupiter and his message of more taxation, more Europe and more of everything the voters are becoming to despise.

He promised an “off with their heads” message to the populists, the greatest threat his kingdom had seen since the Revolution.

He was proud of his country bombing Syria, because it showed the international community he was tough.

Each group leader was allowed a few minutes to pay homage to their new god, and they did.

The hard left, socialists, Greens and liberals all wanted higher taxes, tax harmonisation, green stuff and to tax the digital economy.

Merkel’s bunch were no better. They wanted all the taxation plus more Europe.

The leader of the ECR group, British Conservative, Syed Kamall, was in thrall too, begging Jupiter to offer us a few scraps to help Brexit along. The grovelling was nauseous.

Then Jupiter’s crown wobbled a bit when the French EFDD and ENF leaders spoke. It was like listening to the Brexit arguments all over again. Non grand Europe! No to open borders, no to immigration, no, non, no. It was a bit Thatcher-like.

Once he had replied robustly and angrily to my colleagues, the second round of speakers commenced. Speakers from each group were called according to their numbers of MEPs, providing they had indicated they would like to speak. We were last, with three of us, including me, indicating we would like to speak. President Tajani avoided our eyes and closed the speaking time. Nigel Farage had also left in disgust.

That’s how the EU works.

British Government BACKS Massacre of White Africans

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Emails by Harriett Baldwin, the Minister Of State for Africa, express that the British government “understands” the need for land to be stolen from whites in South Africa, without compensation. In fact, she even “welcomes” such, while likely fully aware of the horrific violence resultant from similar land invasions in Zimbabwe.

We presume then that the British government is also demanding that whites leave Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA? Is it going to expect the English to all leave Britain and return to Germany and Denmark, where the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes hail from?

In February, South Africa’s far-left communist ruling-majority party, the ANC, was fearful that the new spin-off group, Economic Freedom Fighters, was becoming very popular with the youth, for its call to step up anti-white rhetoric. Already South Africa effectively bans whites from applying for jobs, but EFF leader Julius Malema spoke of war against whites, of killing them.

The ANC fears that their members will defect to Julius Malema’s party and that he could take a number of their seats in future elections. In order to maintain their dominance, they adopted one of his key and most racist policies: nationalising all white-owned land. A bill calling for black supremacist land invasions was passed through the South African Parliament with a strong majority of over 70%, and with almost universal cross-party support. The only real objection was from the Freedom Front Plus party that I met with at the European Parliament recently.

The UK government’s statement, which was sent to a constituent of Jeremy Hunt, reads: “The British Government understands the need for land reform in South Africa and we welcome the South African Government’s assurance that ‘the process of land distribution would be orderly within South African laws and taking into consideration both the social and economic impact.’

“We further welcome President Ramaphosa’s commitment that land reform will be carried out ‘without negatively affecting economic growth, agricultural production and food security’ and his assurance that he would ‘not allow any smash and grab interventions.’”

The constituent stated, “I’m deeply saddened to hear that my government is condemning the white farmers although I’m not surprised. We’ve done it before. We turned our backs on Rhodesia (a country once described as the bread basket of Africa that recently went through a famine because of the very policies that are now being put into place in South Africa)”

David Kurten AM stated: “The UK govenment’s decision to support Zimbabwe-style farm confiscations in South Africa is astounding. This is at best, completely naïve, and ignores the current wave of violence and murders of famers, which is likely to increase. It will encourage hardcore elements who call white farmers ‘criminals’ who are guilty of ‘original sin’ on the basis of their skin colour.”

“Theresa May’s government is now supporting Marxist-Leninist confiscation of land without compensation, which is what the ANC called for in its conference last year. It is not conservative and it is not fit for purpose.”

Theresa May needs to step back and de-escalate the tensions with Russia

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As AJP Taylor said of 1914: “Nowhere was there a conscious determination to provoke a war. Statesmen miscalculated [and] became prisoners of their own weapons. The great armies, accumulated to provide security and preserve the peace, carried the nations to war by their own weight.” I wonder what Taylor would have said of Trump’s “Get ready Russia” tweet.

(Acknowledgements to Simon Jenkins / The Guardian 13/04/18)

Theresa May should be extremely cautious in committing Britain to any military adventure in the Middle East. Rising above the temptation to follow the US, where strategy regarding the American military presence in Syria seems to change daily, will be a test not just of her domestic political nous but a strong signal that Britain, in the prelude to Brexit, really is carving its own place as independent in all matters and capable of standing alone.

Critical to the safety of Britain and Europe is a de-escalation of the current tensions between our country and Russia.  Horrific though the – possibly miscalculated – nerve-agent attack in Salisbury was and no matter how shocking some people regard the Syrian chlorine gas incident, we should measure whether either of these acts in isolation pose an existential threat to Britain justifying foreign intervention.  

I posit that it does not.

The Skripals are not dead and forty dead Syrians are merely incidental and unfortunate casualties in a civil war that is nothing to do with Britain or its future security.  I say that neither incident is worth ten years or more cold war with the second most powerful nation on Earth let alone a hot war.

Diplomatic and political convention demanded a retaliatory response regarding the Salisbury incident.  Quietly and in due course, perhaps within a year, normal diplomatic relations could be resumed and the incident conveniently swept under the carpet.  

It’s called realpolitik. Amicable relations between Russia and Britain are not only good for peace, they are good for the economies of both countries.  Let’s start thinking for ourselves for a change and not hang on to America’s or Europe’s shirt-tails.

As for Syria, British military intervention is not only likely to be ineffectual – as we only have very limited assets in comparison to the major protagonists – it will force Russia to take not only a determined political stance against us but also a military one.  

There is no doubt, in my mind at least, that Russia would retaliate and shoot down RAF aircraft and possibly strike naval forces daring to launch Tomahawk missiles.

Combine that with absolutely no governmental strategy regarding Britain’s long term stance with Syria and the certainty that Assad will remain in power under the aegis of Russia and the stark reality is that any British intervention is utterly ludicrous and recklessly dangerous.

So, to extract Britain from the current headlong rush into political and military conflict, and to put a stamp on Britain’s new independence, I implore Mrs May to take a step back, at least debate the situation in Parliament, and redouble diplomatic initiatives with Russia so that a de-escalation and the resumption of normal relations can take place sooner rather than later.  Her actions now will mark her place in history.

Let’s hope she makes the right decision.

BBC cuts off former British Ambassador to Syria during radio interview

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BBC Radio Scotland: Peter Ford, former British Ambassador to Syria

BBC: There’s a lot of tough talk on all sides here, I wonder where you think it will lead us?

PF: Well I greatly fear that it will lead us to the edge of Armageddon. It’s time to take a deep breath and consider where we’ve got ourselves into as a result of mainly hysteria and distortion. The worst case is that Trump does really launch off with some very unwise, multiple attacks on Syria, and given that Rusian forces are deeply embedded with Syrian forces, in particular air defence, it’s highly likely that scores of Russian soldiers will be killed.

If anyone thinks that Russia will simply take that lying down, I think they need to think again. Russian planes in the last twelve hours have been buzzing US destroyers in the eastern Mediteranean. Please, I think everybody needs to take a deep breath before something truly horrible occurs, affecting the security of us all, including in this country.

We have forces in Syria, the Government don’t like to talk about this, but one was sadly killed a few days ago, revealing the extent of our existing military involvement in Syria. So at the very least, our own forces will be exposed to grave danger.

BBC: Indeed it’s not just the US president though, who’s appauled by what they’ve seen, in terms of these pictures coming from Douma, we’ve had condemnation from President Macron, likewise from Prime Minister Theresa May too.

If it isn’t the sort of military action that you’ve just outlined there, what should be the response to this use of chemical weapons, if it’s proved?

PF: The correct response is obviously, and I think a child could see this, get inspectors onto the alleged site of the alledged offences, and in fact in the last few hours, Russia has offered to provide military escorts for inspectors from the recognised body in this field, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Warfare [OPCW]. This however…

BBC: And if it’s proved, then what? Because of course we know that Assad has form on this. We’ve had investigations previously, and there has been fairly conclusive proof that chemical agents have been used.

PF: I don’t think that Assad is in the least worried that the inspectors would find out his guilt, because he is probably not guilty, at least on this occasion. I mean we have to engage our brains as well as our emotions here, not be stampeded by those videos, which are decribed as being unverified, but which by dent of being repeated, over and over and over again, come to acquire a spurious credibility.

We have to ask ourselves, what are the sources of the information on which we are on this stampede to war. They are twofold, and I’m sorry but the media are falling down on the job in investigating this, the sources are the Syrian American Medical Society, which is a pro-Islamist propaganda outfit, based in the United States, funded by the CIA…

BBC: So you are saying that, are you saying that these pictures have been staged, are you saying the people haven’t died, that people haven’t been affected…?

PF: Yes! Yes! Yes!
In all probability the incidents have been staged.
Come on, we know how easy it is to fake images for the internet. Look at the images, anybody could stage those, and then the second source is supposed to be so called first responders, who are the first responders? In this case they are the White Helmets, which is another pro-Islamist, Jihadi propaganda outfit, who on the ground have been involved…

BBC: This is an awful lot of effort to discredit Assad…

PF: Please let me finish! Please let me finish! Please let me finish this important point.

The witnesses to the terrible events are people who themselves were involved in beheadings, literally picking up the body parts, and we choose to give credence to testimony from these alledged first responders. I’m sorry but the journalists need to do their…

BBC: But Assad’s reputation was already in, in, Assad’s reputation was already in difficulty…

PF: Could you please stop inter… Would you please let me finish, for at least a whole point?

BBC: Well I’m trying, I’m to ask you a question to prove the point of what you’re making.

PF: You don’t allow, the BBC does not allow questions of important detail to be addressed.

BBC: We have a short period of time, I am trying to probe what you are saying. The point is that Assad’s reputation is already clearly dented, what would be in the interests of these people to stage these events?

PF: Well is that not obvious, a child can see. To have our own leash jerked by these Islamist fanatics. This is what’s going on, and ask yourself, how has it profited Assad?

Please, engage your brain and answer the question. How has Assad benefited from all this mayhem?

In fact it’s rebounded against him. Why would he do such a thing when he was already winning?

The battle for eastern Gouta was virtually over. Why would he choose this moment to do the one thing that would pluck defeat for him from the jaws of victory?

George Soros’s arch-enemy has a name: Viktor Orban

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Viktor Orban, an ardent conservative and eurosceptic proto-nationalist, has just secured his third term as President in his beloved nation, Hungary.

The Hungarians, at least those who have not been affected by the post-WW1 Trianon Pact, are a culturally ugro-finnic language speaking group; they now mainly inhabit a relatively small sized country in eastern Europe that merely contains 10 million inhabitants. These Hungarians have been demonstrated once again to be incredibly nationalistic in spirit and by nature.

By electing Orban for the third time, they have shown to be passionate about certain aspects of their ideal society that they would prefer to mantain. Quite clearly, in Hungary, those who voted for Orban, about 50% of the population, intend to hold on tight to their Christian heritage and refuse to accept the will imposed by the European Union of displacing their own by replacing them with an “army” of cheap labour coming from Africa and the Middle East. An “army” which is neither Christian nor European.

After all, during his campaign, Orban did bluntly accuse the EU of turning Hungary into an “immigrant country” that threatened their Christian identity. By choosing Orban, Hungarians also chose statal security and stability, over excessive liberty and overly compassionate and inclusive politics.

However, it is not the reactionary propositions found in Orban’s programme that should surprise public opinion the most. It is much more interesting, and certainly our duty as journalists, to point out that Viktor Orban is almost exclusively the one mainstream European leader who has pointed a finger at George Soros. Safely we can assume it was his middle one too.

Jokes aside, Orban’s strong and courageous campaign was almost entirely dedicated at destroying the figure of George Soros. He has personally attacked him not only as a pseudo-philanthropist guru but also as individual. Orban and Soros “go way back”, they have known each-other for more than twenty years.

When young Orban studied political science in the prestigious Oxford University it was Soros who sponsored most of Orban’s studies in Britain and connected him with high ranking academics, intellectuals, and visionaries.

Soros was a visionary himself, and towards the end of the eighties he began courting the bright youngsters he believed would fulfil his post-communist ultra liberal fantasies in eastern Europe.

At the time, Soros saw in Orban a future success, especially since the newly-elected president was at the time fervently anti-communist but also quite liberal and certainly not euro-sceptic.

It was in his later years that Orban perceived the threats of border-less nations and deregulated “crony capitalism”. In a matter of a few years, Orban became a robust right winger and anti-EU proponent. The type that favours “illiberal democracy”. The type that turns his back on his old mentor Soros, and fights off the threatening billionaire who has not only founded a series of global NGOs but also asserted himself in the financial and academic sector, recently establishing his very own Central European University headquartered in Budapest where students are regularly brainwashed with Frankfurt School neo-Marxist propaganda as they study to obtain political degrees.

Orban is astute, like an old fox, or a snake, perhaps a spooky combination of the two. His story is the story of someone who is a rebel at heart and will not take orders from anyone sitting in a higher position than him, whether that is Soros or the technocrats in Brussels.

Soros is the magnate that goes on televisions worldwide telling us that every EU member should accept at least one million undocumented migrants and refugees per year and have them on state benefits. Orban is the paternal, rural man who tells his own people they are special and deserve to have their own living space as well as their own dignity. You choose. I know the Hungarians already have.


Five countries TERRIFIED of Brexit as the UK’s EU divorce looms

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A bad Brexit deal is looking like it won’t be such plain sailing after all for five EU member states, according to the Express.

Denmark’s fishing industry relies on access to UK waters for 30-40% of their revenue, acording to the Danish Prime minister. 40% of the Dutch economy is coastal, fishing being an important component, leaves them likewise exposed to any loss of access.

Spain has talked tough on Gibraltar but the stoic people of the Rock have begun to turn the tables, reciprocating by threatening to refuse access to the 13,000 Spanish nationals who commute to work each day in their lucrative financial sector if they are not treated fairly.

While Frankfurt may be set to gain 10,000 banking jobs from the City, a bad deal for the UK would result in far greater damage to German industry.

France faces similar risks, alongside the potential disruption of trade between Calais and Dover.

I was never a conspiracy theorist, but now…

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Skripal, Russia, Punish a Muslim, Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act to prevent far right extremists entering the country, what is going on?

Today, followers of Islam are in fear of being attacked by a letter seemingly sent by haters of Muslims. The Conservative government, led by a Muslim and very personable, telegenic cabinet member, Sajid Javid, condemns the letter.

But who was it sent by – the Far Right ‘Islamophobics’ to stir up hate and division? Has anyone managed to reveal who the perpetrators are, after all, social media is brilliant at this? What is the ‘points system’ used here, where do you cash in your points mean prizes to prove you attacked a Muslim?

Or is it a false flag campaign created by the Left in order to fuel a victimhood narrative, shut down critics of Radical Islam, coupled with a decent PR campaign from across Parliament to show solidarity with Muslims?

The Skripal/Russia story broke the very week David Davis, supposedly the man in charge of Brexit negotiations, slipped across the channel and sold us up the river to Monsieur Barnier where Britain leaves the EU in name only.

At the same time the horrific details of the Telford sexual grooming gang were revealed.

There are more questions unanswered in the Skripal case than answered. The policeman who was hospitalised made a full recovery (thankfully) but there was a very stern statement to the media not to contact him or make any enquiries about his poisoning and hospital stay.

Russian citizen, Yulia Skripal, is making a recovery yet the Russian Embassy has been denied access to her.

So many people came into contact with the Skripals and the nerve agent, apparently. Five grams of Novichok can kill a room of 30 people.

Our ‘friends and allies’ in the EU scrambled to issue statements supporting Britain against Russia. Some were dragged to the statement, like Macron, and expelled some diplomats. And then the day after Mr Putin won a landslide victory in the election, those same leaders were quicker off the starting block to issue warm congratulations to the new Russian President.

A ruse to keep us safe within the arms of the EU with its new shiny army and defence structure?

Then last month two young people, a US citizen and her Austrian boyfriend, were detained in the UK under Section 7 of the Terrorism Act for being far right extremists and then deported. A few days later, their friend, a Canadian citizen, Lauren Southern, was detained and questioned under the same Act by British police at Calais and was refused entry.

She had been speaking at an event in Flanders and had travelled there and through France with no impediment. I rescued her from Calais and brought her to Strasbourg to speak in the EU Parliament, no detention there either.

Listening to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme recently there was a piece on Radical Islam and how to deal with jihadis. They ‘balanced’ the programme by talking about far right extremists. Where is the relevance? Yes, we do have a few nut jobs but nothing on the scale of the 30,000 terror suspects under surveillance, the 500 fighting jihadis who have returned from the Middle East and the 1000 jihadi brides about to return to their ‘homes’ in the West. And they’re the ones we know about.

Yet three young people, one an EU citizen and one a Commonwealth citizen, were detained. When asked about this the hapless Home Secretary said it was nothing to do with her but a police operations and intelligence decision. The police, terrorism and borders come under her remit.

From the taped conversation between Lauren’s father and the policeman, I heard the embarrassment of the policeman apologising and trying to explain to Lauren’s father why she had been detained, after all, the policeman said, she had done nothing wrong.

There are more questions than answers in all the above cases.

When heroes are not good enough

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Anyone following up on the news in the past week has heard about Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Beltrame. Now, make no mistake, although they don’t always do so in good faith, the mainstream media is absolutely right when they refer to him as a hero.

Lieutenant Beltrame was indeed a hero, someone who sacrificed his life for the French nation, a great European man. It is rare in modern times to find someone of such high moral value.

The Islamist terror attack that took place in Carcasonne and Trebes, in southwestern France, was another of our routine tragic events that take place in geographical Europe.

The gunman was a 25 year old fanatic who pledged allegiance to ISIS while taking the life of Lieutenant Beltrame in a supermarket. Prior to being a victim of homicide, Lieutenant Beltrame managed to successfully negotiate the freedom of other innocents present there in exchange for his own life.

That being said, there is one thing that surely bothers those who have read about this particular terror attack. The vile primitive being that conducted the attack, Redoauane Lakim, had been on a watch list for more than four years. Not four months, four years.

On top of that, Lakim was allowed to live relatively freely in the country instead of being punished severely for a series of past drug-related offenses. Moreover, if he had wanted he could have easily moved around the European Union territory without too much difficulty. Perhaps, even reach Syria to fight for ISIS. After all, this has happened on several occasions.

While the media and the establishment, including the French President Macron, of course, overly focus on Lieutenant Beltrame’s heroic deed there are more terrorists out there just like Lakim who are ready to strike.

How many more heroes are we going to need to halt them? Are we supposed to just sit down and wait hoping that next time someone else from the police forces will be a hero? We need answers.

People across the continent cannot continue to fall for the propaganda pursued by liberal governments anymore. What the mainstream media now wants you to believe is that there are heroic men who will give their life for you if your time comes or that “everything is under control”.

This is a false sentiment. Islamist terrorism is having one of its greatest moments in history. Our enemies know very well that the situation has been tilted in their favour so much that there is only so much the European Union, and our individual state authorities and intelligence can do to stop them.

You might say; this is what happens when you let large numbers of undocumented people in illegally. However, the same happens when you let in the same large numbers of people in legally, who tend to reproduce with more frequency than the Occidental man, and let them live in free housing usually available in low market neighbourhoods where there is no chance for actual integration.

We have already lost the psychological war. The media expect us to feel acceptance fused with a sentiment of denial over terrorism. One must only briefly remember one of Sadiq Khan’s old statements about how terrorism is part and parcel of living in a “great global city”.

The matter of the fact is people are not even really surprised when they hear about terror related incidents. On the contrary, the average person is more than happy to take his “fifteen minutes of glory” offered by the media that talks about great heroes, and great multicultural futuristic visions.

The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Le Monde, New York Times, and other news outlets will happily publish a heart-breaking and tear-jerking article every now and then about how we are fighting terrorism with heroic deeds or lighting candles in some random European capital.

They do this because they have no real answers to provide towards the Islamist terror question, and because they want to distract from reality; and take your attention away from the fact that still today there has been no military operation in conjunction with NATO and the European Union forces against ISIS on the Libyan shores and there have not been mass expulsions of people on watch-lists.

Meanwhile, the Americans and Russians are too busy being counterproductive and backing different anti-ISIS forces in Syria.

Our nations are constantly under threat, suffering vicious attacks perpetrated against us because of who we are and what we represent. We are the West, and sorry but heroes are not good enough anymore.

Mabna Institute: Iranian University “targeted Western educational institutions” in hacking scandal

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The US Department of Justice has levelled a series of federal charges against nine members of an Iranian firm, which officials say worked on behalf of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) and other Iranian clients to steal email credentials and more than 31 terabytes of files from universities, companies, government agencies and non-governmental organisations.

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre issued a statement saying that it: “assesses with high confidence that the Mabna Institute are almost certainly responsible for a multi-year Computer Network Exploitation campaign targeting universities in the UK, the US, as well as other Western nations, primarily for the purposes of intellectual property (IP) theft.”

In a government statement the UK Foreign Office Minister for Cyber, Lord Tariq Ahmad of Wimbledon, welcomed the US indictments saying: “It demonstrates our willingness and ability to respond collectively to cyber-attacks using all levers at our disposal. Today’s action is a further step demonstrating that malicious cyber-activity will not go unpunished. Mabna Institute employees can no longer travel freely, curtailing their career prospects outside of Iran.”

DOJ officials claim the Mabna Institute successfully hacked nearly 8,000 professor email accounts at 144 U.S. universities (and 176 more around the world), exfiltrating assets that American universities spent close to US$ 3.4 billion (£2.4 billion) on procuring and maintaining during the course of the malicious campaign.

The firm would then allegedly sell or distribute the stolen data to Iranian universities and other clients, supplying them with scientific research and intelligence that they could not obtain through honest means.

According to the indictment, the accused hackers performed reconnaissance on tens of thousands of university professors to ascertain their research interests, before launching spear phishing campaigns against their chosen targets.

The phishing emails were designed to look like correspondence from fellow professors expressing an interest in a victim’s published articles, and contained links to what supposedly were additional articles.

However, when victims clicked on the link, they were actually redirected to a malicious phishing domain that appeared to be a log-in page for their own university network – a ruse intended to make them think they were logged out of the system so they would enter their credentials, thus exposing them.

In total, over 100,000 professor accounts were targeted during the course of the operation, the indictment states.

The indictment comes in uncertain times, as the Trump administration ponders the future of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), informally known as the nuclear accord reached between the US and Iran in October 2015.

Some analysts believe this agreement prompted Tehran to scale back on major disruptive cyber-attacks against the US, in anticipation of lighter sanctions against the Middle Eastern regime. However, if proven true, this latest reported incident suggests that Iran continues to aggressively hack targets behind the scenes.

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