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ANNOUNCEMENT: Brand Consolidation

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The Facebook page “The People’s Mandate” will be renamed to “Make Britain Great Again”, and after copying across some posts, the “MBGA News” Facebook page will be merged with it.

We have a number of news outlets (MBGA News, the People’s Mandate, etc.), which serve the same purpose – the social media teams are therefore being merged. Following a meeting of Luke Nash-Jones, and the MBGA News team, we have decided for the sake of simplicity, efficiency, to consolidate these brands under the title “Make Britain Great Again”.

(YouTube videos will still have the logo MBGA News).

Thank you.

Macron EXPLODES: The slave-traders are AFRICAN, not French

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Macron then implied that Africans should look closer to home for a solution to the Libyan slave trade, claiming that local people are the chief traffickers.

“Who are the slave traffickers in Libya? They are Africans, not French!

Touching on France’s colonial past, Macron told delegates at the University of Ouagadougou on Tuesday that the “crimes of European colonization are indisputable.” On reports of slave auctions in Libya, Macron proposed a joint Euro-African initiative to eradicate people smuggling. However, a highly animated Macron left his audience of students in little doubt that the problem should be tackled by local authorities.

“Who are the traffickers? Ask yourselves – being the African youth – that question. You are unbelievable. Who are the traffickers? They are Africans, my friends. They are Africans. Ask yourselves the question.

“It’s not the French who are the traffickers, it’s the Africans. So everyone should understand the responsibility, and we’ve started to do that, to dismantle them. But stop the argument saying, ‘It’s someone else.’

“Show me a French, Belgian, German person, who carried out trafficking between Nigeria and Libya. This person doesn’t exist,”Macron added. “So, these days in Africa, there are Africans who make other Africans slaves, this is the reality. And there are Europeans who benefit from this misery in Europe, it’s unacceptable. In both cases, these are crimes. We are fighting both cases.”

STOP! Listen to the people, or the Islamofascists will win

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In the days since the UKIP leadership result was announced, much frustration has been voiced by the supporters of John Rees Evans and Anne Marie Waters, with the former leaving the party, and second saying she is “not sure” whether to stay.

There are even claims that the election was rigged, even suggestions that ballot boxes were stolen, though despite Henry Bolton OBE being a surprising result to many, including myself, not one person has managed to furnish us with evidence to back up these allegations of foul play. Moreover, if one is to criticise Remoaners as undemocratic for rejecting the result of the EU referendum, or if one is to oppose the totalitarianism of Islamofascism, one can not then deny the will of the members of UKIP who have clearly voted for Bolton. He has the right to wear that crown.

Concerns have been expressed in the Twittersphere regards Bolton’s dropping of UKIP’s policy of an immigration cap. Further, supporters of AMW question if he will share their position on Islam. I would have preferred Kurten take the helm, but the people have spoken, the election has happened. MBGA News will humbly continue drawing attention to the dangers of cultural Marxism, knowing the time will come when Britain will elect either David or someone similar.

Further, whatever political idea you wish to promote, I am going to leave here a thought. Some people no doubt will reject it without due consideration of merit, hurling insults, perhaps those on social media who think they will catch me out. However, the point I make remains valid.

I will tell you a story. A family is away for the weekend in North Wales, seeking to climb Mount Snowdon. The ages and abilities vary. There are the frail but wise grandparents. The teenager who often hits the gym. The little baby. This is the British family on a journey to our future.

Now, would an energetic teenager be well positioned to lead the party if he, map in arm, was to charge off quickly up the mountain past, disappearing off into the distance? The majority left behind would come to a fork in the path and without the map, not know which direction to proceed. With this approach, each at their own pace, the party would soon separate and fail. This is a failing in team-work.

We are a nation brainwashed by fake news of the BBC news and other culturally Marxist outlets. Universities have propagated postmodernist cancer. To those few who swallowed a red pill and are awake, do not expect others to immediately see what you do. Whether you believe in God or not, the account of Christ’s patience with his followers as they learnt his principles should humble us all.

I really feel there is too much needless drama, egos, which effectively seal defeat, because the Marxists would seek to “divide and conquer” but they find the former already accomplished. As a young man, in my early twenties, assigned to a project associated with the MOD, part of my training was to be led up a mountain, in heavy rain, along thin ledges, with deep drops, and then to be left with just a map, compass, and the instruction to get our team back to base before dusk. Egos were certainly bruised but back we made it as one team; all of us. I see correlation here to our struggle for survival as a nation.

From this experience and many other hiking and camping trips, including in the South African jungle, I know that, and this is the IMPORTANT point, a good leader only moves as fast as the slowest in his team is able. You do not leave even one man behind. If we ignore this, the jihadis will win.

There is a need to recognise where the people are, their concerns, their fears – here the Overton window is relevant: the ideas the electorate are open to. Clearly even the majority of UKIP members, while certainly concerned about terrorism, were not open to the concept of an anti-Islam party, so whatever speculations there be on the future, the broader electorate certainly is not so inclined. Otherwise, Britain First or Liberty GB would be in Parliament.

The nation is certainly very distressed by FGM, child rape gangs, and Islamofascist terrorism, and we are prepared to vote for change, even protest. In fact, we, the good people of Britain are yearning for someone to push their concerns, to be our voice, as due to the politically correct climate many are silent with fear of loss of the very employment from which they feed their families. However, understandably the people of Britain strongly support human rights, including freedom of religion, which is enshrined in English/Scottish law, in our “Constitution” as such. Therefore, the message that would appeal is that which opposes those specific Islamist acts, the indirect result of which very likely would be an effective ban on various non-peaceful extremist religious sects.

I have often said I fear England will cease to exist in my lifetime, and of course, the orienteering party must reach the end before the darkness sets in, but remember that phrase, “less haste, more pace”. In these urgent times, may we not forget that people hate, even resist, change. I hope that when the day comes that history of these times is studied, they do not say we were too stubborn to work with the people and their voice.

STOP using a sledgehammer! Whatever political idea you seek to push, think of crossing a wide river, from the current political circumstances to where you want Britain to be in say 5 years – will you make an energetic run and fail as you splash into the water, or will you find stepping stones? Of course I make edgy comments, but the intent must be to push the Overton window, and not to make some impossible attempt to leap beyond it. What a waste of time, money and energy that would be!

To those who wish to win this culture war, our message must reflect the position of the people and the law of the land – “We firmly support freedom of religion, and the role of Christianity in making us the greatest culture in the history of humankind, with a fine moral code that must be defended – religion may only practised subject to British law, and it is not racist but right, ethical, proper, noble, inherently British, and in this Marxist climate, rare, courageous, and valiant, to demand that those laws be consistently and firmly enforced against FGM, child rape, and terrorism, whatever be the religion or race of the criminal.”

This approach, well presented by David Kurten, may perhaps not be all that the supporters of Anne Marie Waters want, but it does not conflict with their desires, and is a move in the direction they wish, while more significantly, it would draw broad support of most Britain. This is the ONLY way we will stop Islamofascism!

Thus in conclusion, the fact that only four years ago Bolton left the most ardently pro-Brussels party, the Liberal Democrats, remains a concern to me, because unlike the Tories or Labour, the yellows do not have a strong history of struggle between Eurosceptic and Europhillic factions, but are thoroughly globalistic.

However, if Bolton follows through with his proposal of Kurten as deputy, and members unite, rather than splinter off, UKIP will have certain purpose as it will rise in this time of uncertainty over Brexit, as a courageous lion to roar, to defend our culture, to hold Theresa’s feet to the fire.

The Scourge of Recent Acid Attacks in UK

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Just recently, at about 7.00pm, Tuesday 25th July, there was yet another acid attack in London. It was two young men who were attacked on Roman Road in Bethnal Green, in what was once called the East End. They ran screaming in pain into an off licence asking to be drenched in water. The shopkeeper has stated that their skin was peeling off and their clothes melting, before his eyes, like some ’70s horror film from the likes of John Carpenter or George Romero. Emergency services were obviously despatched and there is footage freely available on the internet showing them being doused with hoses by the London Fire Brigade.

Since 2010 there have been over 1800 attacks of this sort and they are increasing. That’s a 70% rise on figures for 2015/2016.

Historically acid was used in Muslim cultures as a revenge or honour punishment, primarily against women. It has seen great usage in South Asia, on the Indian subcontinent when a woman rejects an offer of marriage. There are also stories of it being used if the suitor (or his family) feel that the dowry is insufficient.

It was first recorded in Bangladesh in 1967 and also in India in 1982. Before that in 1915 on October 17th it was thrown over Prince Leopold Clement of Saxe-Coburg by his mistress! Traditionally there was under reporting of these crimes, possibly linked to the associated shame so figures from those earlier times leading up to the present may not be accurate.

But now, as in the Bethnal Green attack, data suggests 60% of the victims are male. A 60/40 split as opposed to 80/20 female bias and it appears to have been hijacked by young (mainly black Afro Carribean) street gangs, especially in London.

This is an unintended consequence of multi-culturalism being adopted by gang culture

Jaf Shah of the Acid Survivors Trust International has said Newham has had a greater density of attacks. It also has a high density of people from South Asia; this may or may not be connected. There were 400 attacks in 2010 alone and he has said that gangs now use it as a weapon of choice.

The criminologist Dr Simon Harding also observes “It has been adopted by street gangs. There is anecdotal evidence that gangs are moving from knives to acid in the wake of a crackdown on knife crime.” From the perpetrators’ perspective “it puts the victim into a permanent state of victim status.”. He goes on to say “50 years ago in [East London] scores were settled by a fist fight, five years ago by a knife fight – now we are in darker territory.”

DCI Mike West of the Metropolitan Police is in charge of overseeing ‘acid based crime’ and has stated recently that 25% are robbery connected but 60% are used in direct assaults.

On 13th July, a 16 year old was charged with 15 acid attacks. They spanned just 90 minutes and it prompted the London Major Sadiq Khan to say on 17th, a few days later, that there should be zero tolerance for this sort of crime. What has taken him so long to speak about it? Much less act?

And still it will not stop. The weekend of the Notting Hill Carnival, a festival in West London celebrating the vibrant diversity of the Caribbean culture was attended by about 2 million people. Two were attacked with a ‘noxious substance’. No one has been arrested for the attack at the time of writing, which is testament to the efficiency of the way the problem is being dealt with in modern Britain.

Open border activists are literally wife-swapping cucks, study claims

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Activists who want to preserve Western culture have often slammed the liberal elite as “cucks” for their open door approach to immigration. Many fake Syrian refugees have raped thousands of European women, while left-wing men, rather than fight for their families, have just watched, crippled by social stigma.

Hence the aptness of the phrase “cuck” that has been used to describe them, it meaning a man who lets another sleep with his wife. A new study claims that open border activists are literally wife-swapping. The likes of Tim Farron, Justin Trudeau, Tony Blair, and David Cameron, do not care if another guy takes their wife.

Commissioned by “libertine social network” Wyylde, the study of 4,000 French individuals found that supporters of multiculturalism are much more likely than the average Frenchman to share partners and have group sex, while Front National voters are more inclined towards sexual domination, spanking, and practices polling company IFOP says are derived from “porn culture”.

People situated “to the left of the [traditional] left” on the political compass, that would be the likes of Jeremy Corbyn, are “distinguished in particular by their experimentation in practices of a libertine nature,” the study said.

“Having a threesome” and partner-swapping are examples given in the commentary, which highlights that the proportion of swingers amongst far left voters (23 per cent) is more than double the average in France (nine per cent).

“[It is] as if their rejection of ‘the system’ is linked with a greater ability to overcome society’s prevailing standards of sexuality,” the polling company added. Perhaps that explains David Cameron’s supposed “romantic” encounter with a hog’s head.

Other sexual activities favoured by the far left, according to the research, are “encounters which lack any emotional dimension — such as one night stands”, and types of ‘polyamorous’ relationships in which participants each have multiple sexual partners.

The tendency amongst left wing extremists to swap and exchange their sexual partners could be driven by their “Proudhonian concept of property issues”, suggested IFOP, referring to Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, the anarchist theorist most famous for asserting that “property is theft”.


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