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Is Henry Bolton ordering the UKIP NEC to delete content to please ‘racist’ Marney?

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As Henry Bolton’s former (or so he claims) mistress Jo Marney came under fire for remarks deemed racist, he dumped her. On to TV the Harry Enfield look-a-like went saying it was over, only to then state on Russia Today that he was considering a rekindling of the relationship.

Doubts appeared after Christopher Snowden of the IEA claimed he saw the couple enjoying a meal in the Liberal Club in London. Now today, claim has been made that the couple were spotted together in Folkestone.

Doubts extend further when we consider an email sent to the NEC, after Bonkerous Bolton’s bit of stuff kicked off about a tweet critical of her.

Just over an hour later, an NEC member received an email from Horny Hooray Henry demanding Mick remove a tweet that had upset Jo Marney.

The girl was suspended by UKIP. Why is the party leader spending his time harassing actual members, elected NEC members in fact, for the sake of her?

Hasn’t Bolter got some real work to do? Like sorting a manifesto? Fixing the terrible digital outreach? Attending the non-partisan Brexit rallies over the past months? And no, the last minute flurry of activity now his seat is at threat only shows he could have done it previously.


The word “moll” is slang for a female companion of a gangster – this would be defamatory if no one would deem Bolton to have behaved like a gangster. The definition of such a racketeer would be a person who engages in dishonest and fraudulent dealings.

He ran on the platform of a family man, wearing a wedding ring in a manifesto, but now claims his marriage was broken – was that misleading? You decide.

TOP Tory Canning SUSPENDED After Night-Club Assault

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Theresa May’s attempt to copy the Jeremy Corbyn Momentum movement has fallen apart, after the appointed youth leader (who is actually 25-years-old), golden-boy Stephen Canning, has been suspended. This follows claims he is responsible for an assault at a night-club; during which a Tory MP’s aide ‘was struck’.

The Essex councillor strongly denies the claim, and says that he was defending a female friend from harassment by an ex-boyfriend. A friend of Mr Canning claimed a researcher for a Tory MP had called an ex-girlfriend a ‘slut’ and approached the activist ‘aggressively waving his bank card and asking him to buy some drinks’.

The Tory youth wing collapsed in 2015 over the ‘Tatler Tory’ scandal involving claims of sexual harassment of activists. The Conservative party came under heavy criticism for failing to stop the bullying that resulted in Elliot Johnson’s suicide.

Canning was chosen to build a youth movement. As the leader of the Universities for Britain, I found there to be a number of well-connected young Tories, who loved grabbing with social media a clip with a political celeb, but didn’t support us with the background work for Brexit activism.

A Conservative spokesman said: ‘We do not comment on ongoing investigations. We have introduced a new code of conduct that ensures allegations are investigated.’

Labour Party activists tell university students to vote TWICE

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Yesterday a group of Labour activists set up a stall outside Plymouth University with a poster telling students to register to vote twice in the upcoming local elections – once in their home constituency and again from their university residence.

The poster read “In local elections you can register and vote both here and at home”.

Currently, it is legal to vote more than once in local elections, but not in general elections. However, rather worryingly, there were reports of students voting twice in last year’s general election and in the EU referendum. In fact some students openly boasted of voting twice for Labour. A man was also convicted in December for voting twice in the general election, by using different variations of his name.

The Electoral Commission received up to 1,000 complaints about people illegally voting twice at the general election on 8 June last year. They said there were “troubling” reports of double-voting, with 38 MPs raising concerns about the activity in their constituencies.

This sort of behaviour makes a mockery of our democratic system. It is clear that they are targetting students because they are more likely to vote Labour. Jeremy Corbyn has also bribed students by pledging to end tuition fees.

In some very marginal seats, double voting could be enough to change the overall result. It should be one person, one vote, and the rules need to be enforced to ensure there is no abuse of the voting system.

Jacob Rees-Mogg attacked by Antifa at University of West England

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Multiple eyewitnesses say the hooded protester who went nose-to-nose with Jacob Rees-Mogg tonight is a Corbynista, Momentum and Labour supporter. Guido reports that the word on campus is that the hatted protester with red sunglasses seen berating the Mogg in the above video is Josh Connor, a former student at the University of the West of England, where tonight’s disruption took place. Connor was described by eyewitnesses as the protester who was “most vocal and stayed longest.” His social media tells the usual story…

If you appreciated this video, we need you to help us make more. Donate please NOW: Copyright Notice: Unless otherwise stated, all footage is strictly the property…

Labour attempt to CORRUPT the minds of the young

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At 16 I was more interested in controlling acne, meeting girls, and turning 17 to drive a car. Was there anything else more important in life? Well Labour seemed to think so as this week saw renewed attempts by the party to lower the voting age by 2 years to 16.

The desperation of Labour is one thing but the sheer dangerousness of this proposal is another. We all saw how Corbyn coined the phrase “sweet shop polices” when he made false promises of scrapping tuition fees. Could he do it again by theoretically pledging to lower the driving age if elected?

The only argument Labour had to offer was that the number of young carers has rocketed in recent years, saying many of them have to take on great responsibilities but are still denied the right to vote. Does this make you grown up and mature? Having a beard does not make you a man and neither does being forced into doing this work.

It is a scientific fact that the brain does not finish developing until the 20s so many would argue for raising the age.

If the average age is getting higher, should the voting age not be increasing also? Some of the brainwashed will agree with Labour but it will lead down a very slippery road. While Labour might say that one can join the army and pay taxes, in reality this is a very small amount.

Labour create more questions than answers and have not represented the working class in decades.

Evidence: Racist Jo Marney is bankrolling Horny Henry Bolton

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Upon discovering that his mistress Jo Marney is a racist, if he really didn’t know already, Henry Bolton should have broken off with her.

He is known to still associate with her. Why?

Marney, who appears to share her lover’s lack of discretion and political nous, has announced that she transferred him £1,500; could this be why he was seen with her having dinner at the Liberal Club.

We are supposed to believe this relationship is over. We are supposed to believe he is disgusted by her racist remarks. He talked to Russia Today of possibly rekindling their sexual liaison; now we know that they effectively share a bank account.

Tory LGBT group linked with paedo ring; ex chairman jailed for sharing child porn

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The Daily Mail reports that the former chairman of the Conservatives’ LGBT group was jailed on Friday for sharing the ‘most horrendous child abuse images imaginable’.

Primary school teacher Matthew Sephton, 42, was convicted at Manchester Crown Court of possessing and distributing indecent child images.

The court was told that Mr Sephton, also an ex-Conservative Parliamentary candidate and Trafford councillor, was a member of groups that shared child abuse images.

Mr Sephton was chairman of LGBTory, now rebranded as LGBT+Conservatives, until 2014 and played a key role in the campaign to win Tory support for gay marriage.

He will be on the national sex offenders’ register for life.

Crappy new Star Wars movie is blatant lefty propaganda

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi is one of the top-rated movies on Rotten Tomatoes, according to critics, but scroll down the movie’s page a little further and audience testimonies tell a different story.

A quick look at r/StarWars over on Reddit will give you an idea of just how negative a reaction the film is getting from many of its most die hard fans.

Online social media board 4chan has hit out hard at the so blatantly and cringeworthy culturally Marxist propaganda piece. Many of the reviews left on The Last Jedi’s page call out the libtarded film for its inclusion of “SJW” concepts, criticising the movie for its desperate attempt at diversity with forced inclusion of powerful female figures.

The online magazine Dangerous states, “There is a painfully obvious “diversity” agenda at play throughout the whole thing. It’s almost assumed this would happen and explaining it in too much detail is pointless. You have the ethnic team of rebels taking down the entirely white empire, and that’s about it. “

Even filthy commie rag, the Guardian, agrees as it states that the movie scores well for minority representation. As the lefty newspaper states, “with a female lead, a black co-star and a Latin-American heartthrob, this film takes it to a whole new level of progressive fantasy, taking aim at capitalism, the Trump regime, and the very notion of heroes.”

One review, which was left earlier today from a new user named Johnny S., slammed the The Last Jedi for its political tendencies. A portion of his review can be read below.

“If you like stunning visuals, superficial character development, a choppy, incoherent, illogical plot, plot holes, SJW concepts such as capitalism is bad, animal abuse is bad, “make love not war”, every bad guy being a white male, and neutering every positive protagonist male in this movie, or you are only a casual fan of Star Wars, you’ll probably like this movie.”

The Guardian admits that the crappy new Star Wars movie is blatant lefty propaganda: “what the new Star Wars film and the Labour leader really have in common is that they’re both as red as Kylo Ren’s lightsaber.”

With reviews entitled things like “I’m Crushed” and “Worst Star Wars Ever” being voted to the top of the community. To put things in perspective, some users over on 4chan’s film board are starting to suggest that even the much maligned prequels have more merit to them than these new Corbynista-infested commie films.

Under the heading of “THE AWKWARD POSTMODERNIST HUMOR”, Dangerous states, “This is without a doubt my main concern with The Last Jedi. …The comedy in the movie is reminiscent of a less funny episode of Family Guy, and any sense of camaraderie within the cast is absent. They need not bother with a blooper reel on the DVD release, because the film itself suffices.


Kurten SLAMS lefty snowflakes: NOT ‘racist’ for snow to be white

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University College London was forced to apologise for using term “white” about snow by hysterical anti-racism campaigners.  During the cold weather on Monday uni bosses writer on Twitter: “Dreaming of a white campus?”

They added: “Our campuses will be open and operating fully today so please make your way in as planned.

(We can’t guarantee snow but we’ll try!)”

Aman Thakar, a former UCL student and the Southwark Labour candidate for Borough & Bankside ward, posted the following reply, complaining about the original tweet:

The next day the uni bowed to pressure and issued a grovelling apology.

Replying to their own message they shared a video of Bing Crosby singing White Christmas, adding: “We chose our words very poorly yesterday when thinking of this song.”

They went on: “We’re sorry and we’ll choose our words more carefully in the future.”

UKIP Education Spokesman and London Assembly Member David Kurten, who is himself black, pointed out that it is not racist to refer to snow as being white:

In addition, many other Twitter users replied to the tweet, ridiculing the university for its apology.

It is very sad that such an innocent tweet could be misinterpreted. You would hope that all university students and graduates would be intelligent enough to realise that the message was simply referring to snow. And how ironic for snowflakes to be triggered by snow! Maybe the campus was white due to an excessive number of snowflake students!

UKIP slams political correctness for rape of white girls by Pakistani men

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Attention was drawn this week to the “grooming gang” issue, when the controversial Quilliam think tank published a report which said that 84% of all child rape gang convictions in the period studied were Asian, mostly Pakistani.

Far from being a party silent on such issues, as some critics have claimed, various UKIP figures have heavily criticised the “ridiculous” culture of political correctness that stopped the police from acting in Rotherham to stop child rape gangs.

David Kurten AM stated, “84% of grooming and rape gangs are ‘Asian’ Muslim men, despite being only 2.5% of the UK population. These gangs target white teenage girls. No more political correctness. British girls have suffered far too long.”

UKIP MEP Jane Collins said: “But it’s a stigma. People don’t want to talk about it for fear of being accused of targeting different societies – and I think they’ve got to get over that because if we can’t look after our children we have failed as a society, as human beings.”

(On the left: Nate Rydings)

Nathan Rydings, the Chair of the UKIP youth wing, Young Independence, said, “This is disgusting; this report proves that the PC culture we are currently living in doesn’t work. We are living in a society where young British females are being raped by gangs of Pakistani men and the mainstream media don’t even bat an eye to it! They would rather report on a peaceful “far-right” march whose objective is to shed light on these disgusting attacks.

“It is appalling how nothing is being done to protect young people in this country from these vile individuals. YI and UKIP as a whole will stand up for our youth! This should not and will not be tolerated. We must end this ridiculous politically correct culture and start using our brains; start thinking common sense!

Hitlerite youth leader attacks pro-Israel MBGA Editor-in-Chief

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In photo above with Theresa May, and her husband Philip, at Conservative Party conference in October, thus it is reasonable to conclude Brooks is a Tory party member.

Things must be pretty lonely in the Nazisphere, because notorious, self-defined, young Hitlerite Michael “1488” Brooks has taken to photoshop to invent neo-Nazi allies.

To his Young Right Society, which he is the leader of, Brooks stated, “I am 14 and 88, but even I know optics and recruiting normies.” The expression “14 and 88” is a well-known reference expressing support for Adolf Hitler and the “Fourteen Words” manifesto.

Brooks has been stalking online the pro-Israel Editor-in-Chief of MBGA, Luke Nash-Jones, who works with Eye On Antisemitism, and the pro-Israel group Campaign for Truth. Nash-Jones was cheering with Jewish activists outside the US Embassy in London after Trump declared Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel.

In fact, Nash-Jones’s news outlet was one of only a few to report the Jewish activists protest outside the US embassy. A protest he actively participated in.

Brooks has shared what he beleives is a personal home address, along with a doctored protest poster, for The Last Day of Silence rally, which incorrectly features white nationalists as rally speakers, with misleading references to the Charlottesville massacre, when in reality, Ambrosine Shitrit of Eye On Antisemitism, and Sharon Klaff of Campaign for Truth were speakers, alongside Luke Nash-Jones, who invited them. All three were seen marching through London together waving an Israeli flag.

Brooks has shared false tweets, and very poorly Photoshopped images featuring Nazis salutes, one of which is so poorly doctored that Nash-Jones does not even have a neck. It would seem these are attempts to discredit Nash-Jones amongst his followers, and bully him for not embracing the far-right.

Meanwhile, Brooks himself is a self-declared Nazi, who runs a highly controversial youth group, to which he announced the conservatives would have to be removed for not embracing racially nationalist socialism.

He also shared a graph showing a supposed increase in the population of sub-Saharan Africa with the caption “Planet of the Apes isn’t science fiction, it’s a warning.”

It’s not suprising that Brooks despises Nash-Jones, because the latter has called for the Nazis to be purged from the right, which they try to use as a front for their racism.

This conflicts with Brooks’ call for national socialists to hide some of their beliefs so that they may draw in conservatives: this is the classic BNP strategy.

People’s Charter Foundation/MBGA News (both run by Nash-Jones) staff agreement point 4 clearly states, “Welcoming individual members of different parties, (except those that are genuinely racist, or engage in illegal activism) …never share a platform with any individual who is or was a leader or otherwise a prominent member of any group that promotes racial nationalism (e.g. BNP), or engages in illegal activism.”

Point 5, “Strongly oppose any genuine racism.”

To all the neo-Nazis spamming me, claiming I'm not awake ….you didn't take the actual red pill, because you don't…

Posted by Luke Nash-Jones, Prince-Bishop of Kekistan on Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Young Right Society shares content from American neo-nazi platform The Daily Stormer. It also posted jokes about the Holocaust, with antisemitic polls suggesting that the genocide which claimed up to 17 million lives in living memory was a hoax, “a tragedy all too many need reminding of” and proposing “LGBT Let’s Gas Blacks Too.”

In other polls, 72% responded that a “racially diverse society is undesirable” and 53% that giving women the right to vote was “a mistake.” 72% agreed that “disparity between average IQs of different races” was caused by genetic factors.

To the question “Would you unironically support the immediate liquidation of all communists, communists organisations and enablers of communist subversives,” posed by Brooks, 78% responded positively, with a majority saying “I’d join the Freikorps myself.”

He also called for the creation of a white paramilitary corp known as the “White Shirts”, a name that sounds like a number of past fascist organisations.

The group has had in-person meetings in London, Manchester and Belfast.

McDonalds Fight: Staff Headbutt Customer Who Asks for Bacon

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This is the shocking moment a McDonald’s customer is headbutted by an employee after an argument broke out – over BACON.
The 26-second footage, shows the unnamed male employee, who appears to be in his early 20’s, grabbing a customer before headbutting him.

McDonald's Staff Headbutt Customer Who Asks for Bacon

This is the shocking moment a McDonald's customer is headbutted by an employee after an argument broke out – over BACON. The 26-second footage, shows the unnamed male employee, who appears to be in his early 20's, grabbing a customer before headbutting him. The video was captured at around 4.50am this morning as the regular menu turned to breakfast at the outlet. A source who captured the video said: "The fight broke out because the menu was turning to breakfast and they didn't have any chicken nuggets. "Instead he wanted bacon but they didn't have any bacon either." During the scuffle in Liverpool, Merseyside, the employee, who has now been suspended, brutally headbutts the man who defends himself by attempting to punch him, missing his face and instead knocking off the man's glasses.

Posted by Make Britain Great Again on Thursday, 7 December 2017

The video was captured at around 4.50am this morning as the regular menu turned to breakfast at the outlet.
A source who captured the video said: “The fight broke out because the menu was turning to breakfast and they didn’t have any chicken nuggets.
“Instead he wanted bacon but they didn’t have any bacon either.”
During the scuffle in Liverpool, Merseyside, the employee, who has now been suspended, brutally headbutts the man who defends himself by attempting to punch him, missing his face and instead knocking off the man’s glasses.

Top Brexiteer says don’t let EU graduates stay in Britain

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Top Tory Brexiteer Sir Bill Cash has said that after Brexit, EU graduates who studied in Britain should not be automatically granted the right of residency.

There were 127,440 EU citizens studying at UK universities between 2015-2016.

He made the comment at the ‘Brexit Red Lines’ event in Parliament on Thursday. The event was organised by The Bow Group, the UK’s oldest conservative think tank. Sir Bill said that residency rights of EU graduates should not be offered during Brexit negotiations.

He added that he would not expect any UK citizen studying in a foreign country to be given the automatic right to stay at the end of their studies.

American university students prefer the ISIS flag to the Stars & Stripes

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In a disturbing new video released by PragerU, students at UC Berkeley are shown condemning documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz for waving an American flag in an experiment to see the students’ reactions. Yet when he waves an ISIS flag and chants pro-ISIS slogans, only one student criticises him for doing so – the majority ignore him, and one even says “good for you!” 

The reactions to Horowitz waving the American flag say it all:

“F**k America.”

“God, f**k this country.”

“I seen you walking around here with your little Star of David, you s**t-head.”

This is very concerning, especially as UC Berkeley is one of the USA’s leading universities and these students will likely be in positions of power in the years and decades to come.

What are the students being taught there?

As one commenter on the Daily Caller said “These kids have seen nothing of the world, know nothing of history. America isn’t perfect, but we have it very good here, because of a system that respects basic rights and offers an opportunity to thrive.

These kids have no sense of the depth of human misery intentionally inflicted by Communist regimes like North Korea, radical Islam in places like Saudi Arabia, and violent corrupt failed states like Somalia and even parts of Mexico.”

Unfortunately the situation is similar at British universities – People’s Charter Foundation director Luke Nash-Jones was marched off the University of London campus for waving a Union Jack.

Kent Uni shuts down UKIP event because of fancy dress featuring English flag

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Free speech has been restricted at the University of Kent, where the Students Union banned a Kent UKIP Students Society social event. A Student Union representative felt that a proposed Crusader fancy dress outfit “caused discomfort and frustration among the Muslim community on campus”.

Following a cease-and-desist email from Kent Union we have cancelled our planned Crusader pub crawl this Friday. Kent…

Posted by University of Kent UKIP Students on Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Crusaders rode out to the Holy Land to protect Christian pilgrims from highway men. They were truly brave heroes, and their knights outfits, emblazoned with the St. George’s Cross, the flag of England, are often worn at cricket matches.

An email sent to Kent UKIP Students Chairman Joe Simons said that the event was banned and with threat disband the UKIP society.

Reece Coombes, a candidate for Young Independence deputy said, “The event, which was a satirical commemoration of the First Crusade, invited attendees to don ‘crusader attire’ and encouraged ‘infidels’ to attend, in what was a poke of fun at the raging political correctness of modern students and universities.”

Noel Gallagher: “F*ck Jeremy Corbyn. He’s a Communist”

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Noel Gallagher has hit out at Labour leader in a new interview with Paste: “F*ck Jeremy Corbyn. He’s a Communist.”

“But politicians? They’re f*cking idiots. They’re economists—that’s all they are. They’re f*cking full of shit, and I should know, because I’ve known quite a few of them.”

The former Oasis guitarist has slammed Corbyn in the past, quipping “I don’t like communism.”

Gallagher famously supported the Labour Party in their ‘New Labour’ guise as they took their 1997 election win, and maintains that he is very much of a left-leaning persuasion, but the High Flying Birds man is less than impressed by the direction Corbyn is taking the party in.

Speaking to the Sunday Times Magazine, Gallagher made the comment on communism, “Speaking as somebody from the left, I thought the New Labour years, coming up to 1997, were amazing. It was so exciting to be in England at the time, because there were so many things going on.”

“But then, the Labour Party proved themselves to be ‘Meet the new boss, same as the old boss’, and until that changes, I’m not having it. The Tories don’t care about the vulnerable, and the communists don’t care about the aspirational.”

Terrorist-supporter speaking at Labour-backed London conference

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Former Guantanamo Bay prisoner, Moazzam Begg, who called ISIS terrorist Jihadi John a good guy, will be speaking at Labour MP Diane Abbott’s “Fight Islamophobia” conference tonight. Think about this: The man supported a TERRORIST, and now he’s shouting “Islamophobe” at his critics.

In fact, he has previously been dropped as a speaker due to his links to the terrorist.

Stand Up to Racism’s national conference at Friends Meeting House in Euston, London, on Saturday the 21st of October advertised Diane Abbott, a Hackney MP and Shadow Home Secretary, as its star speaker, along with Moazzam Begg, who has called Mohammed Emwazi – also known as Jihadi John – a “beautiful young man”, and been condemned by Amnesty International.

Luke Nash-Jones infiltrated that October conference held by this “Stand Up to Racism” organisation – his report is here:

Moazzem Begg’s group CAGE is planning to protest against the Football Lads Alliance and veterans march in Scotland this weekend. Think about this: A group, whose leader was in Gitmo, and who praised a terrorist, is opposing a march AGAINST terror. Hardly surprising!

Facebook kills UniLad

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Viral video outlet Unilad appears to have been booted off Facebook. Unilad’s main page went offline after the social network said it had violated its posting policy. Unilad has (or had) 34 million followers. It’s not clear if the ban is temporary or permanent.

Unilad has a staff of 60, it makes its founders hundreds of thousands of pounds in profits, it has a global reach of a billion people per week and Facebook is its main traffic driver and revenue source. Facebook now holds the future of many publishers in its hands…

The 45 Goals of Communism

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It is oft said those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it and, those who do learn from history, are doomed to play witness to those who did not. We are currently playing witness to the Left who are, as per the norm, up to the same tricks they were last century (and the century before that).

On Thursday 10th January 1963, Albert S. Herlong Jr. delivered a speech to Congress outlining what he believed to be the 45 goals of Communism. These goals came from the book “The Naked Communist” by Willard Cleon Skousen. A lot of these goals have been achieved, many are still being worked on and, thankfully, some have failed. It would be wise to consider some of these points. A lot of these points refer directly to the US and her allies but, much of the thought can be applied elsewhere, as we shall see.

3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament by the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.

This disarmament does not necessarily have to mean the removal of the military but, the removal of arms. This can include the Repeal 2A crowd but, the manifestation that I have seen is the attack against the police service.

Many neo-Marxist and Marx-inspired groups call for the police to be disarmed, divested and destroyed. BLM, as an example, stated in their 2016 list of demands they want a “reallocation of funds at the federal, state and local level from policing and incarceration (JAG, COPS, VOCA)” and a “cut in military expenditure”. These funds are to then be directed into BLM-approved social-programmes and this solution has been “shown to improve community safety”.

11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up ‘as a one-world government with its own Independent armed forces. (Some Communist leaders believe the world can be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by “Moscow”. Sometimes these two centres compete with each other as they are now doing in the Congo.)

This goal is more pertinent for Britons, especially now we have left the European Union. The EU, a strongly pro-Marx abomination, has been championed as the future and the only way forward, being granted more and more power in an ever-hungry growth.

15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

The Democrats have been captured but, more overtly, the colloquially known [in some circles] National Socialist British Labourer’s Party has been completely overrun by Marxists, see here, here, here and here.

17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

In the UK, around four in five of British University lecturers are left-wing and, in the US, there are 3.6 times as many self-identified Marxists in the social sciences as there are conservatives.

Schools and universities are rife with such nonsense.

Other “educational” institutions have been taken over and filled with Marxist and subjective teachings:

18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

They have done this and taken control of student unions. The NUS is horrendous for pro-Marx rhetoric. [SWP associated groups heavily campaign on campuses and dominate fresher’s fayres.]

19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

Many of the riots in the US, such as Seattle and Berkeley, were attended by university students and professors. For examples, see Eric “Bike Lock” Clanton and Melissa “Muscle” Click.

21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

The pro-AntiFa press coverage following the AntiFa assaults shows how deep and systemic the Marxist infiltration is. CNN supported AntiFa, violent thug Moldylocks was given a free platform to portray herself as some hapless victim.

22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”

23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”

See above.

24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

This was initially done post Sexual Revolution but, has now turned in on itself through hate speech laws. Ironic.

25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

In the image below are screenshots of some of the worst offenders:

26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity, as “normal, natural, healthy”.

Throughout the year, our streets are disgraced with these idiotic marches known as “slut-walks” and “Pride”. As an LGBTQI360NOSCOPE+ person, my sexuality/sexual identity is used as a shield to protect and promote public displays of degeneracy. Disgraceful.

I’m sure there were no children nearby, right?

Genuinely, what the f**k?

Sex acts are to be kept behind closed doors, in the privacy of one’s own home. Heck, one can be as depraved and as perverted as one wants, so long as it is safe, legal, consensual, and behind closed doors. They are not to be performed in the street in full view of the public – at least, that’s what I assume a normal and decent person would expect.

In today’s Western world, very few homophobes etc actually exist – the only people who seem to care about sexuality is the Left. Everyone else wants to get on with their lives.

32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture-education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

Socialists in the UK want to nationalise Greggs, a pasty shop. I wish that was fake news. Labour has vowed to nationalise railways, energy and the Royal Mail. To quote John McDonnell “we’re taking them back”. The UK health service is nationalised.

37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business.

The James Damore story should tell us all about how far neo-Marxist groups have infiltrated big business.

40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

In the two decades after this talk was given, the US saw a huge spike in divorce rates. This, however, was also coupled with a huge spike in marriages as well. Since the new millennium, both have dropped.

No fault divorce laws exist, these were introduced in the late sixties and early seventies.

42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use united force to solve economic, political or social problems.

See Berkeley, Seattle, Washington and Missouri for evidence of students believing violence is legitimate.

As can be seen, many of these goals have been achieved or, are being worked towards. Much of what we see happening around us has either been done before or, has been predicted/dictated long ago.

Is Freedom of Speech A Pressing Issue? Not According to The NUS

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“The media is always flipping gassed up on ‘freedom of speech, freedom of speech,’” says Shakira Martin, President of the National Union of Students. She is responding to a furore over the hosting of controversial speakers and groups on campus. “This conversation is annoying. It’s a distraction.”

The debate over what should and shouldn’t be acceptable to say at Britain’s universities – and who should and shouldn’t be allowed to speak – has been bubbling away for some time, but recent events have pushed it back up to the surface.

So, according to the President of the NUS, an organisation designed to represent students, their right to express their opinion is not a pressing issue.
On the equally contentious issue of so-called “safe spaces” she says they can be seen as simple acts of courtesy.
“If the media and these politicians think that we’re snowflakes, they don’t want us to turn into an avalanche… and just start rolling shit out,” she starts, before trailing off, seemingly deciding the analogy is not worth talking about.

This is a stark reminder to many students that a body set up to represent them, does the opposite, and supports the systematic suppression of their freedom of expression and right to hold any viewpoint.

Although, this is unsurprisingly for a woman who has stated that, on Brexit, we should “reverse the whole thing” so it is safe to assume that the NUS will continue to undermine democracy, and those students that go against the mainstream, liberal teachings in UK universities, and will continue to promote a rhetoric of censorship and oppression.

Good bye! MGBA News is shutting down?

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It is with great regret and pain that today we must announce that we are closing down both the People’s Charter Foundation and MBGA News, due to the BuzzFeed exposé of our activities.

We are incredibly ashamed and will promptly apologise after having been called out for being “intelligent” rather then relying merely on “emotion”. We understand a well-deserved holiday to the gulag awaits us for “misleading” “the working class”, by sharing facts, the truth – because, of course, the people shouldn’t make a decision but leave such to a stuck-up out-of-touch liberal professor in his ivory tower!

Therefore, all of the People’s Charter Foundation team will present themselves to the police this morning for the crime of “weaponised intellect”, once we find out which statute is relevant (clue: none!) Being smarter than a libtard is not a crime!

To be frankly honest, we thank you for all your support over the last 18 months or so, but we don’t see how we can continue after this damning BuzzFeed exposé of us, that is so weak, so desperate, that THEY deleted it! The author even spelt three people’s names wrong – incredible journalism indeed – Frankie Rudolph, and Timothy Harris do not even exist!

We must certainly be doing something wrong if whiny snowflakes call us a “threat” and “demoralising” to Marxism – we confess, the whole purpose of the People’s Charter Foundation is to weaken Marxism, and hence we’ve opposed the BBC, the EU, Anglophobia, and Islamomarxism.

Both this BuzzFeed piece and Soros-funded HopeNotHate have stated we are probably “may not be racist”. However, this hit-piece points out that we are not anti-Semitic, which makes us incompatible with “neo-liberal progressive homogeny”. Basically, the left are the actual racists!

Ps. Luke’s interest is ju-jitsu (paintball, yes, and also bushcraft), not karate. Real men are interested in such things!

Ps2. As for comments on our associates, since when has serving in the army been a crime? Wear a poppy Geoffrey you creep! Oh sorry, the left would abolish the military.

Ps3. As for claims Russia backs us, they must have forgotten to send the cheque – if they really did back us, our organisation would be ten times noisier. There would be even larger patriotic counter-protests to your Anglophobic events and organisations, thousands, not hundreds, of protestors, and right-wing camera men would be EVERYWHERE the libtards look!

British Legion’s message to MBGA News

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Here at MBGA News we very passionately support wearing the poppy each November to remember the brave heroes who made such sacrifice for our freedom! 

We were surprised to receive a tweet to us from British Legion this morning, thanking MBGA News for backing the poppy.

The video features a brave British soldier, of which we tweeted in response: “Thank you Harris Tatakis! A real hero. We salute you, sir! A fine example to young British men.”

This fine, beautiful tradition, this expression of remembrance is at threat as hard-left student groups and newspapers have made the unfair claim this important commemoration is supposedly a glorification of racism of the Empire – an absurd position when the poppy is most associated with brave sacrifice to quash the vile racist bigot Hitler during WW2.

This is of concern as those who push such negativity are close to and influence a major political party. Moreover, the poppy has been derided, even war memorials attacked, by those who oppose the Iraqi war, or even back jihad – murder of our soldiers.

Tweet by British Legion:

Alone you are not powerful! Time for Team Britain

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Have you ever been stung by a bee? It hurt, didn’t it? But few run in fear from a bee. They swat it. Even kill it. You are not powerful alone!

But what if those bees work together as a swarm, flying right at you? Even the bravest such as Winnie the Pooh would run for cover. Now, imagine all those red pilled individuals working in harmony, as a swarm of patriots! An unstoppable force! TEAM WORK! Team Britain!

Stop the infighting! Of course, sensible strategies must be kept to, genuine racists avoided, bogus campaigns dismissed, and the law respected, but this isn’t the cause of the right’s lack of team work.

Enough of this constant drama from attention whores hovering around political circles desperate for a power trip! Supposed right-wingers punching patriots, doxxing others, writing crap online, threatening to sue hardworking patriots where no grounds, asking Antifa to attack patriots, …and even a Facebook group by a Gatehouse Institute writer where the members discuss killing me because I campaign AGAINST terrorism. No wonder the globalists keep winning!

The establishment doesn’t need to even pursue the “divide and conquer” strategy, because there is no unity! There are hundreds of groups, many with no strategy or output whatsoever, and some from overseas with undeclared backers. Too many do little except for backstabbing of others rather than show courage to challenge the Marxists.

Bury the egos, keep WITHIN (but to the right edge of) the Overton window, and focus on stopping globalism.

Why Does The Left Get An Easy Pass?

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Growing up in south London I didn’t know much about Communism. It was generally seen as a bad thing. Older people with a bit more experience of life than me told me stories of the Soviet bread queues and Pravda, the official news agency and the like.

Back then it was clear to me that the Soviet Union was an authoritarian regime, but it wasn’t dramatically emphasised in the same way that the evils of Nazi Germany were. I always thought that curious, I still do. The Nazis were the bad guys. As boys playing at soldiers with make-believe rifles (usually broken tree branches) the baddies were always Nazi, you never went to battle with the Commies.

As I grew up and during the Brezhnev era, the Soviets were more sinister than evil, a silent malevolent force nobody knew much about. Then came Mikhael Gorbachev and they also seemed to be turning a new leaf.

The Communist bloc fell in the early 1990s under Glasnost and Perestroika, but I did have other encounters with the ideology. One of my friends was an avowed Communist. A hardline Marxist. Forever saying that if the Cuba regime would be implemented globally we would have a perfect world! But I didn’t give it much thought. In the 1990s Communism had no future, so his ideological passion struck me as just that, a harmless affectation.

I later understood the true impact of Communist ideology, especially earlier in the 20th century. The poverty, the food shortages, the power outages, the gulags, the police state with the dreaded knock on the door in the dead of night. The ones that had been brushed under the carpet. Stalin’s and Mao’s political purges, and the tens of millions who died in famines. The death toll under Communist regimes is of incredible magnitude, when compared to other mass killings.

Joseph Stalin is reputed to have been the one who said “the death of one person is a tragedy; the death of one million is a statistic.”

And yet whenever I attack Communism for being an evil ideology I get a number of counterclaims and ‘whatabouteries’.

One argument I often get is that they meant well. This is in contrast to the National Socialists in Germany. The proletariat was going to overturn the old order. Not only were they going to be dispossessed, but they were often targeted and killed. They were class enemies, and it was clear early on that revolutionary Marxists were not going to be gentle with those class enemies. They would liquidate them. (In my mind surely that makes the Marxists as bad as the Nazis they rail against!)

Today we face a new dilemma. The egalitarian society of mass affluence seems to be fading away, as a new era of inequality and misery is facing us, at least in the west.

There is no easy solution on the horizon. And, to be frank, those on the centre-right are correct in suggesting the old elite are involved extensively in crony capitalism; they enforce policies which are self-serving. If it is not the old elite, it is the powerbase in Brussels. The EU is just a new brand on an old tin.

Into this vacuum are stepping firebrands on the hard left. The soft left seems to have vanished, or perhaps morphed into the Conservative Party? Also on the left, the media are taking a “fresh look” at Marxism, except they rebrand it Cultural Marxism, as since the Winter Of Discontent in UK (just before the Gorbchev era I mentioned above), Economic Marxism was shown wanting and wholeheartedly rejected. Thatcher got in and stayed in for 10 years. I can understand the impatience, but this experiment has been done, disastrously, multiple times. There is no way any state, major or otherwise, should risk this sort of socialism.

I know of people who call themselves “Anarchist Communists”, but in practice, they praise states like Venezuela, who are not a very good example at the moment. Girls are having to sell their hair to wigmakers to buy food! Is that really a goal for a country to aspire to?

Alarmingly, and despite the record of Communism, the Uni fraternity, lecturers in particular, seem to have a warm spot for the Marxists. They “meant well”. Obviously, there are no Nazi professors. And yet Communism is given latitude, despite its 100 million body count!

This point was also made recently by the journalist and presenter Andrew Neil when he said the left gets a “much easier pass than the right” at a recent speech at the Holocaust Educational Trust. The left gets away with, and is allowed to get away with, much more.

The body count issue is interesting because apologists for Communism regularly suggest that these numbers may be exaggerated. This is like saying the Nazi regime has been slandered, because they killed 2 million, as opposed to 6 million. Quibbling over numbers in a passionate manner like this is the domain of Holocaust deniers, and yet with Communism, it seems OK to do.

If Communists had their hearts in the right places, what did they end up accomplishing? Look at Romania, totalitarian USSR, East Germany with its Stasi? And of course now there is Cuba and Venezuela. A country with massive oil reserves that ought to be on a par with middle eastern OPEC countries but is instead reduced to selling hair to buy food.

And yet here we are when many, including Corbyn’s Labour with its Momentum troops, boast their sympathies with Communism and Communist regimes of old. This is a failed experiment that must never be repeated or we may be revisiting a dark corner of history.

Time to fight for real conservatism

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This weekend two political party conferences were held where speakers claimed to be the voice of conservatism, be it Theresa May of the so named party, and her plan for a soft approach to Brexit, or UKIP’s London Assembly member David Kurten declaring his party members are the real “forces of conservatism”. Clearly the two do not stand for the same thing. Who are the real conservatives?

The distinction is what people want to conserve: the traditional British way of life, or the globalistic approach to business and the hedonistic destruction of civilisation that emerged in the Sixties. In his incredible speech, #BasedKurten clearly pointed out his difference as he mentioned the Tory Cabinet minister Justine Greening’s promotion of the decay of society by pushing gender fluidity – blatant cultural Marxism; the opposite of true conservatism. In contrast, Kurten called for a rejection of 69 genders nonsense, and to protect the family.

Kurten’s speech here is PERFECT – on edge, not outside Overton window, and firmly addressing the crux of the matter: cultural Marxism. Islamofascism is not the only threat to Britain. Nor is Corbyn. Nor is the EU. Marxism/#AltLeft is the root cause, the evil that unites this all.

The Conservative party certainly has some persons who earnestly wish to preserve family, faith and flag, as can be seen by the slogan of the Cornerstone group. Jacob Rees-Mogg certainly shows patriotism, and listens to the will of the people on Brexit. The problem is that these persons are outnumbered by the Marxists who have infiltrated, now run the Tory party, and literally block those who don’t fit the globalist agenda. Members didn’t even get to vote on who would be their party leader. I myself was summoned to the Tory HQ where some Canadian lefty drip tried to reprimand me for opposing the evil that is multiculturalism.

On the other hand, Kurten gave a potent speech that would certainly not be out of place at a US Republican conference, as he promoted traditional family values, and a love of the nation. His comments on postmodernism reminded me of Jordan Peterson. The British lion certainly did roar as the man Bolton suggested Kurten should be UKIP deputy leader, did not hesitate to name the real threat to Britain: cultural Marxism – the only politician so boldly speaking this truth. My spine literally tingled. This man is red-pilled! This man has courage! This man can save Britain!

Meanwhile at the Tory conference, Mrs Maybe was standing with her fellow Remoaner and postmodernist, Ruth Davidson, who is about as conservative as Vince Cable. Most Scottish, London, and Welsh Tories resemble the stuck up pompous globalist Liberal Democrats. They are RINOs: Rightwing In Name Only – a phrase I ask you to use frequently. I felt far happier talking to UKIP Scotland leader David Coburn, who standing in an impressive kilt was talking with me about the need to preserve the finest civilisation mankind ever knew!

The highlight has to be Kurten’s bold takedown of the Marxist control of academia, something he knows of well, having worked in education. Some Young Independence members, who are MBGA News fans, asked me to livestream their fringe event. To be fair I was disappointed that Kurten’s comments on the education system were not reflected in speeches given, even by Jake Painter, the students’ spokesperson.

Departing YI chair, Jamie Ross McKenzie’s comment on the importance of our Christian heritage, be we theist or atheist, was excellent. It reminded me of speeches by Tea Party Republicans, or my praise of the basis of our Western moral values in my speech outside 10 Downing Street last week, and at the Swindon Brexit Rally a month ago.

However, while YI seems to have some passionate members, it will only have purpose if it makes its core purpose to campaign against cultural Marxism that dominates campuses with their trigger warnings and safe spaces. Instead one speech was a bit of an angry rant with a wild claim Tories never truly backed Brexit – 50% of Leave voters were Tory. The student spokesman knew that I, now a very disillusioned Tory waiting to see if Kurten is made deputy, produced Young Brexit the Movie, in which the student featured, and I also gave speeches, arranged rallies, and heavily campaigned. Leading the University of London Brexit Society, I know BOTH young kippers and Tories did very little activism.

Criticising Theresa or Corbyn makes good sense, but calling all Tories or Labourites “evil” will not draw any disillusioned people to UKIP. Even Farage himself stood on a stage with Labour and Tories to push Brexit. The Bruges Group, the People’s Charter Foundation, and the Bow Group have supporters from various parties. If UKIP student societies are to challenge freedom on campus, they should while standing firm as a group to their beliefs, carefully make Vote Leave / Grassroots Out style alliances with anyone who wants to stop cultural Marxist control of student unions.

As for broader society in general, a fight back is needed! We must stand for true right wing principles. I appreciate Bannerman’s Campaign for Democracy calling for Tory members to have a say in who leads them, but there was no opposition to the Marxist infiltration! Somehow we need a truly right wing government. One option would be as Trump did – to defeat the cuckservative candidates and use a large, well-funded party machine, backed by passionate activists, but with Leadsom having been shoved aside for being Christian, I doubt the soft hedonistic progressive globalist postmodernist wet faction of the Tory party will ever allow Mogg to be leader.

The other option – and I care for the end result only; not football club style party loyalty that lacks concern for principles (a problem in BOTH the Tories and UKIP) – is for UKIP to embrace Kurten’s message, to seize the opportunity, as a massive void exists on the political spectrum. It was UKIP’s surge to win a national election of EU MEPs, and as much as kippers seem to despise him, the fear of more Tory MPs following Carswell to switch to purple, that led to Cameron allowing an EU referendum. In fact, if somehow Kurten and Mogg were leading the same party together, Britain would be saved.

Even if UKIP, due to First Past the Post, does not win a general election, it can still, if organised, if focussed on fighting Marxism and demanding Brexit, change government policy.

Democracy is under threat and we must protect it

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Over a year on from the EU referendum, there are still many people, politicians and voters alike, who refuse to concede defeat and accept the result. This has worrying implications for the state of British democracy and also for voters’ trust in the political system. I have seen many people on social media say words to the following effect: “if the will of the people as expressed in the referendum isn’t respected and implemented, what’s the point in voting?” If fewer people vote, it would mean that politicians would become even less accountable to the people.

Around Europe, the EU and its supporters have a long history of ignoring referendum results that they don’t like, often forcing people to vote again until they fall in line with the superstate’s will. For example, last year the Greek people voted against the EU bailout plan, but they ended up being forced into a very similar plan regardless and the Greek finance minister was forced to stand down. There has been several cases of citizens being made to keep voting in referenda until they give the “right” answer, for example Denmark on the Maastricht Treaty, Ireland on the Nice Treaty and Ireland again on the Lisbon Treaty.

The European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker pompously proclaimed in reference to the 2005 French referendum on the EU constitution: “If it’s a Yes, we will say, ‘On we go,’ and if it’s a No, we will say, ‘We continue.’” Source: The Telegraph. In the words of Jean-Claude Juncker: “There can be no democratic choice against the European treaties”.

Also of great concern is the level of elitism and snobbery towards those who voted Leave, implying that the masses are uneducated and shouldn’t be allowed to vote on such important matters. Many of the people who take this view claim to be progressive and tolerant, but this attitude shows them for what they really are. On the contrary, I believe that ordinary people are better placed to make decisions affecting their lives than politicians who, shielded by their own wealth, are often out of touch with voters’ concerns.

Many MPs have, thankfully, accepted the vote, however there are still those who claim that we didn’t really vote to leave the single market, advocating a half-Brexit. This is despite many politicians and activists on both sides of the pre-referendum debate saying that a vote to leave the EU would also be a vote to leave the single market. Indeed, many of the demands of the Leave campaigners can only be met if we fully leave the single market. Worst of all are those who still refuse to accept any kind of Brexit, and are calling for us to be made to vote again on any final deal. In the unlikely event that there is a second referendum and the exit deal is rejected by the voters, I think this should be taken to mean that the government would have to negotiate another deal, or even leave the EU without a deal at all. However, I suspect that many of the advocates of a second referendum (eg the Lib Dems) are secretly hoping that a rejection of the exit deal would mean that we would be forced to remain in the EU after all.

Once we have fully left the EU, I don’t have a problem with a political party advocating re-entry (although I would obviously disagree with that position and would never vote for them), but I think that trying to thwart our withdrawal from the EU before it has even taken place is very anti-democratic and shows a complete lack of respect for the voters.

It may be true that the referendum was only advisory, but to ignore or attempt to water-down the result would cause serious damage to our democracy and the public’s trust in the political class. It would lead to more people feeling even more disaffected and could ultimately lead to unrest in our society, which is something no-one wants to see.

At her Florence speech in September, Theresa May committed the UK to a two-year transitional period predicted to cost between £20billion and £40billion. We voted to leave the EU – we didn’t vote for any transitional period; we should be out as soon as two years has gone by from the triggering of Article 50. We can always make deals or negotiate after we leave, and be in a better position to do just that. May doesn’t seem to be working for the people. There is nothing in Article 50 about a transitional period. Both Cameron and the EU said before the referendum that leave meant leave. Now get on with it. May is far too wishy washy. She does not come across as strong, direct and sure of herself – more like a please everyone kind of person.

In conclusion, we need to ensure that our voice is fully respected by the politicians and that we fully leave the EU including the single market. This would not only ensure that the referendum result is respected, but would also increase people’s faith in UK democracy, and prove that unlike in previous EU referenda across Europe, the voters will not be ignored.

The Trouble With Student Culture

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It’s hard to ignore the constant media harping about the student or “youth” vote nowadays, focusing obsessively on how young people are a “progressive, compassionate” bunch as compared to those nasty oldies that had the unfortunate experience of actually living through the disastrous radical socialist Labour government of the 1970s. On the surface this may seem like yet another case of youthful idealism trumping level-headed thinking, but the huge surge in Corbynism among students is indicative of a far deeper rot in the social and academic environment of higher education, as well as the 18-25 age group generally that makes up its majority of insiders.

Since the Blair government began its utopian project of sending everyone to university, there has been an obvious increase in attendance to higher education, achieving the highest numbers we’ve seen in history. On paper this looks to be a positive thing, the reality is very, very different. In effect what has been created is a huge class of people, somewhere in the range of 40% of 18s-and-overs in the UK, who by sole virtue of the glorification of academia as an end in itself, superior to more “plebeian” pursuits such as trade schools, immediate entry into the workforce, etc, have largely come to believe they are productive and deserving by sole virtue of attending university. Naturally, this has spurred a titantic sense of entitlement, egged on by an academic establishment intent on concreting itself as an ever-more dominant bureaucratic (and political) force.

While previously university was a serious and hard-earned place of learning, a personal investment into subjects that required intense attention and skill, it is now little more than a dumbed-down 3-year-long drugs-and-booze fest built upon the hard-earned money of the productive taxpayer. It is slowly being reduced to a rite of passage, not something for greater social benefit. Where once stood scientists, mathematicians and engineers, now stands a legion of Gender Studies students, Women’s Studies cultists, Fashion designers, Egyptologists, Sociologists and a surreal array of other virtually useless degrees, all convinced that somehow society owes them everything to pursue their whimsical and largely pointless higher educations because education is now an end in itself, not a means to an end.

The natural result of all this of course, is an immense amount of slacking and virtual parasitism. Students are given incredibly generous loans, subsidised activities and discounts across the board and many other benefits, only to endlessly complain society owes them more and more. Go to any of these more whimsical degrees’ lectures and witness the low attendance, as most of those taking them have decided to spend 50% of their loan during freshers week on cocaine and vodka. When you run out of money? Simply demand more! Your education is an end in itself, society owes it to you, don’t let that heartless Tory talk of “social responsibility” and “personal investment” get in the way.

Of course, some degrees of a more non-conventional manner can indeed be a means to an end, but this is the critical part of treating education as an investment in the self and taking responsibility, if you fail to make something of it, society owes you nothing and you bear the consequences for reaping its benefits, if you do, you repay your due to society through the loan system off your newfound success. The current dominant attitude within student culture is one devoid of these qualities, built on “give me everything because I am merely enrolled in university”, with no sense of the weight of what their endless boozed partying, druggie behaviour, shirking of responsibility and unproductive degrees are being propped up by: hardworking taxpayers. Hence we have arrived at the politics of Corbynism and its iron grip on the minds of the young, a movement significant by little more than the enthusiastic support it receives from the student-parasite class.

Corbynism is defined in its call for the abolition of responsibility, an end to any sense of education as an investment that will be repaid with success later in life (and even then, this quality has already been substantially removed by certain earning requirements for loan repayment, meaning those most deserving of being punished for wasting vast amounts of taxpayer money with a debt burden will have effectively been awarded a totally free ride). Corbyn’s calls for even more generous grants with no need for repayment and abolition of tuition fees are not compassionate or noble, not even progressive, they are the living sign of the new “parasite-student class”, failed so utterly in our increasingly nannying, nihilistic country that the concept of self-responsibility itself must too be banished.

The taxpayer shall break his back so entitled brats can be told that no matter what they do with their huge grants and oft-unnecessary studies, they are the most useful, the “future” of society, and nobody can tell them otherwise. They are always entitled. No doubt when this new generation of unparalleled parasites come of age, these attitudes will enter the workplace (or their lack of it), there shall be endless demand for yet more handouts funded by the taxed-to-death productive and successful, evermore ruinous socialist policies and participation trophies; the end result of all this, if left so disastrously unhinged, will be nothing short of grimly dystopian.

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