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Save the Daily Mail from Lefty Takeover

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I was an avid fan of the Daily Mail. It represented the voice of middle England, British values, law, order and justice and … Brexit. I used to write for it.

No longer. The editorship has been taken over by arch Remainer, former editor of Country Life and old Etonian, Geordie Greig.

Viscountess Rothermere supported his appointment because socially she was being lobbied by the ultimate elite.

This week has shown a volte face in backing Theresa May and her Chequers deal.

Newspapers are made in the mould of their readers. Readership number bring in advertising revenue. Without them a paper dies.

Don’t let this happen to the DM.

Write to Viscount Rothermere and switch to The Sun and Daily Telegraph:

Viscount Rothermere, DMG, Northcliffe House, 2 Derry Street, London, W8 5TT.

When it hits the readership numbers it hits advertising. Then they’ll act.

DISGUSTING: Labour Shadow Home Secretary SLAMS Chequers Deal As Too Anti-EU

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In a recent statement, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Emily Thornberry has called the Chequers deal ‘nonsense’ and Labour shall block any deal with the European Union that forms on that plan.

She felt that the plan was ‘full of red tape’ and ‘would not work’, all the while highlighting that for her party, it failed the six tests the party has set when it has come to Brexit.

Thornberry has become the first major Labour politician to confirm that Labour shall not accept this deal, with the party itself stating that its plans on the matter remain the same, and other members like their Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union Keir Starmer only up to this point suggesting that Labour would not accept a deal based on the Chequers arrangement.

Whether this shall be the final nail in the deeply unpopular deal is yet to be seen.

Britain shall ‘NOT PAY’ the Brexit Bill: Raab puts his FOOT DOWN

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In a recent interview with the Sunday Telegraph, Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has warned the European Union that Britain shall not pay the current EU divorce bill (of which is up to £39 billion at this point), unless the political bloc fulfils ‘its side of the bargain’, by offering a trade deal with us.

The former pro-Leave MP, of who replaced David Davis in the role of Brexit Secretary after he resigned over his disappointment with the Chequers deal, stated that there wasn’t a possible way to pay off the Brexit Bill if the European Union doesn’t uphold its end of the offer by giving Britain a ‘future framework’ after we leave the bloc in March of next year.

Such a statement comes among a furtherly divided government over the situation surrounding Brexit (with an alleged conspiracy of 50 MPs planning to remove Prime Minister Theresa May over their displeasure of her handling of Brexit), not to mention Michael Barnier stating how a settlement between Britain and the European Union could be reached as early as November 2018.

Either way, Raab putting his foot down against the bureaucratic EU is a nice change from the seeming capitulation that the British government has so far undertaken towards them, culminating in the Chequers deal, of which as Leave.EU points out, is not truly leaving the European Union at all, as we are still subject to their rules and regulations over trade among other aspects, including maintaining open borders with the bloc.

Whether this is just simple grandstanding for now is yet to be seen. All I can say is that it is at least nice to have a government representative playing a different tune to the endless brownnosing the government has so far done over Brexit.

Let’s hope they can continue this line of rhetoric so we can leave the bloc on a strong footing. Only time shall tell however.

SHOCK As Tories BAN Patriotic Legend Steven Woolfe

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CCHQ has rejected Steven Woolfe’s application to join the Conservative Party. Prior to joining UKIP in 2010, Woolfe had served as a Tory councillor in North Wales.

Woolfe is well liked in Tory circles, so their members will not take kindly to this decision, especially after CCHQ welcomed the defection of UKIP MEP Amjad Bashir with open arms in 2015. The Tories have fewer members than the SNP, so can they really afford to be turning former members away like this?

It would seem that Woolfe’s association with Arron Banks’ ‘Blue Wave’ movement was CCHQ’s main sticking point with his application. The phrase “Conservative Grassroots Mutiny” in their promotional material did not go down well…

A Conservative spokesman has confirmed: “Steven Woolfe’s application for membership of the Conservative Party has not been accepted.”

A frustrated Steven Woolfe is not “bemused” by the situation, particularly given the Tories’ efforts in the past to win back moderate UKIP supporters. He is still waiting to hear back from CCHQ as to why he has been rejected. Woolfe remains one of the best-connected eurosceptic British MEPs in Brussels – does it make sense for the Tories to be spurning his offer of support?


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In a recent turn of events, prolific anti Islam activist Tommy Robinson has been rejected from the UK Independence Party after an initial proposition advocating the idea of him joining the party has been turned down by the party’s chairman Tony McIntyre.

In his statement (cited in Kipper Central), he discussed how that conference motions must be put forward by a UKIP branch, and the motion was therefore blocked as it only was put forward by two party members (their Family And Children Spokesman Alan Craig and prominent member of the party’s youth wing Young Independence Reece Coombes).

This is his statement:

I have made it a point during my tenure as Chairman of the Party to adhere strictly to the Party Rules, as they are the backbone of the Party. I believe strongly in freedom of speech and would suggest that this motion is presented to the next Autumn Party Conference via the correct channels. I take full responsibility for this error in judgement as it is mine and mine alone.

Blackman, 2018

Some who support the motion argue that since it was an emergency motion (of which according to the party’s rulebook, can be put forward without the backing of a branch due to a ‘major political change’ within UKIP), it should have been put forward regardless. This includes Coombes.

Now letting Robinson into UKIP has been met with mixed reaction.

On the one hand, he has major support from the party, mainly through prominent members conducting interviews with him and the likes of leader Gerard Batten and peer Lord Pearson defending him during his recent run in jail over his charging with contempt of court.

That being said, persons such as Ben Walker of the UKIP NEC have commented on Robinson’s varied past. Some object to him being a member of three groups proscribed from the party, including the British Freedom Party, the British National Party (of which he left as they wouldn’t accept his black friends to one of their meetings) and the English Defence League, of which he led from 2009 until 2013.

Whether this shall mean Robinson is permanently banned from UKIP is yet to be seen.

New poll shows that the public still wants to LEAVE the EU

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It turns out that the United Kingdom is still as Eurosceptic than when it voted to leave the European Union on that crucial day of June 23rd 2016.

In a poll conducted by Number Cruncher of which surveyed 1,036 eligible voters, it shows that overall 52% still want to leave the EU, while the amount of people wanting to remain in the EU was at a much diminished 36%.

In said poll, there were five options given. Those five being between a Hard Brexit, a Status Quo of remaining in the European Union, a No Deal Brexit, Don’t Know, a Soft Brexit and Join Euro, the European Union’s main currency.

Of these options, 30% picked a Hard Brexit, 13% want a No Deal Brexit, and 9% want a Soft Brexit, indicating that overall 52% want some form of Brexit.

Meanwhile, 29% picked Status Quo and 7% picked Join Euro, adding up to 36%.

Only 13% picked Don’t Know.

This clearly indicates that a Eurosceptic tide in this country has yet to be quashed, despite a two year long propaganda campaign by the elite to try and convince us of otherwise.

But it is clear that the people want out and are not going to fall for the elite’s lies and tricks anymore. To sum up, all I can say is that on behalf of the British public, I say who do you think you are kidding Mr. Juncker, if you think old England’s done? It is far from over for our great country, and we have to keep fighting for it at much as possible, something this poll indicates we shall do.

Could Tommy Robinson be joining UKIP?

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In a recent turn of events, a blog is claiming that political activist Tommy Robinson could be joining the UK Independence Party. The National Executive Committee of the party are going to potentially debate a motion first put forward by their Family and Children Spokesman Alan Craig, of which has to be given the go ahead by the party’s chairman Tony McIntyre and the party’s NEC this Sunday.

The proposition reads as follows:

Conference believes that Tommy Robinson is a global figure who stands in the long English tradition of anti-establishment rebels with a cause from Robin Hood to the Suffragettes; admires his campaigns both for #FreeSpeech and to expose the authorities’ decades-long silence and inaction over the industrial-scale child sexual abuse by rape gangs; and requests the NEC to consider offering him membership of UKIP.

– Craig, 2018

It seems that the possibility of Robinson (otherwise known by his real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon) has been eaten up by several UKIP members, including prominent member of their youth wing Young Independence Reece Combes and Nathan Ryding, the chairman of the youth wing, and member of the NEC of who shall support the motion tomorrow, according to Kipper Central.

Craig has put the motion forward on the grounds that he was now a ‘global phenomenon’ who backed important campaigns and now was a ‘kipper at heart’ to be welcomed. At this point, if the greenlight is lit on this proposal, the NEC shall give him the option to join at their annual conference, after consulting their members and discussing the motion again.

Meanwhile, Robinson has thrown his own views out there on the subject matter. In a video titled ‘My message to UKIP’s NEC’, Robinson outlines how thankful he is to UKIP in their backing of him in the ongoing court case against him over his controversial jailing where he allegedly was guilty of contempt of court, a ruling currently undergoing a retrial for later this year.

He also states however that he doesn’t appreciate how UKIP does not ask its members for approval as to whether he should join or not, but rather leaves that to the NEC initially. He feels that the status symbol that he has gained could be beneficial for the party, and that UKIP were missing out on a ‘political revolution’ by not allowing him in.

At this current stage, Robinson is not allowed in UKIP, as he has been a member of two groups of which are on the party’s proscribed groups list; the anti-Islam activist group the English Defence League (of which he led from 2009 to 2013 in a very public resignation) and the far-right British National Party (of which he quit upon finding out his black friends were not allowed to attend the party’s meetings). That being said, the move to let him join has some precedent if it goes ahead; both UKIP leader Gerard Batten and peer Lord Pearson have been interviewed by Robinson in the past, with the former sharing a stage with him at the Day For Freedom rally back in May 2018.

Whether this motion goes ahead is yet to be seen. But if it is, it could mean that while the party shall inevitably get a heavy backlash from angry leftists, some think it could gain UKIP a swell of working class support it desperately needs. Whether it can help the party to recover from its bad fortunes is another matter.

Electoral Commission ‘can’t register’ Henry Bolton’s One Nation

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In another blow to the long line of them to the political career of former UKIP leader Henry Bolton – culminating in him getting ousted by his former party for the whole Jo Marney controversy – his new party One Nation has been rejected by the Electoral Commission according to Sky News, mainly on the grounds that its name clashes with that of an Islamic charity based in Leicester and West Yorkshire.

The charity is one of which gives international aid, mainly through education and healthcare, in countries like Syria, Bangladesh and Sudan. According to the Electoral Commission, the reason why the party can’t be commissioned at this time is because it suggested that the electorate ‘could reasonably believe the proposed party to represent, or be to affiliated with, the charity of the same name’.

Mr. Bolton has seen the event through two lens. On the one hand according to Kent Online, he is rather frustrated with the party not being able to stand candidates in future elections, but has conceded that the party can spend more time to develop policies, while the decision is being repealed.

If the party is to be launched, it has been described as one of which will be Eurosceptic, all the while upholding our national identity. Whether this is a huge stopgap for the party is yet to be seen.

It shall also be the third registered party from a former UKIP leadership contender following the 2017 leadership election. The first one to be initiated was the Democrats and Veterans party (firstly called Affinity) by one John Rees-Evans, and the second one being For Britain, launched by Anne Marie Waters.

Whether all these pro Brexit parties shall cause the Brexit vote to be spread too thin is yet too be seen. All it demonstrates is that the public’s grievances over the European Union are at last being somewhat listened to, albeit by smaller parties at this point. Hopefully one of them can eventually gain substantial political office. Let’s wait and see.

Help to OUST Theresa May!

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It’s quiet during summer so let’s have some fun and join the Conservative party.

Ok, admittedly, they’re not much fun when you have to attend the rubber chicken dinner fundraisers, paying exorbitant £s for works canteen food c1970s with a glass of free warm white wine and having to dig deep for the raffle of out of date chocolates or a signed photo of Theresa May, but there is an upside to my opening line.

Do you want to change the course of our country? Do you want Brexit to be delivered? If so, we have to play the game.

Don’t give up your membership of UKIP or For Britain, or whoever you vote for, keep that but join the Conservative party and change it from inside.

If you have a high profile social media platform then it’s going to be difficult. But if you are just disgruntled from Tunbridge Wells or fed up from Feltham, then join.

Many of us are doing just this. MPs and association chairmen are reporting an upsurge in membership. It’s people like you that are joining, not for their love of the Maybot.

You don’t have to attend the rubber chicken dinners or ladies’ luncheons but do attend the AGMs and vote. Do attend the events with visiting ministers and tell them what you think, and do exercise your right in the most important part of your membership – your vote for the Tory party leadership contest. Vote and use it well.

Let’s change our country.

The EU is PUSHING Britain towards a no-deal Brexit, says Liam Fox

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International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has said “intransigence” from the EU is pushing Britain towards a no-deal Brexit.

With less than eight months until Britain quits the bloc, the prominent Brexiteer put the odds of the UK leaving the EU without agreeing a deal over their future relationship at “60-40”.

Mr Fox said he believed the risk of a no-deal scenario had increased, pinning the blame on the European Commission and Brussels’ chief negotiator Michel Barnier.

“I think the intransigence of the commission is pushing us towards no deal,” he told the Sunday Times.

“We have set out the basis in which a deal can happen but if the EU decides that the theological obsession of the unelected is to take priority over the economic well-being of the people of Europe then it’s a bureaucrats’ Brexit – not a people’s Brexit – (and) then there is only going to be one outcome.”

It was up to the EU whether it wanted to put “ideological purity” ahead of the real economy, Mr Fox said.

He said Mr Barnier had dismissed the UK’s proposals in the Chequers plan thrashed out by Theresa May and the cabinet simply because “we have never done it before”.

If Britain fails to agree the terms of its divorce with the EU and leaves without even a transition agreement to smooth its exit, it would revert to trading under World Trade Organisation rules in March 2019.

If the EU is pushing us to a no deal Brexit then so be it.

We’ve already wasted two years on Brexit negotiating with the EU, so in Theresa May’s own words ‘’no deal, is better than a bad deal’’.

Justine Greening isn’t “conservative”; She’s a REMOANER CUCK Giving AWAY Her Nation

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Following on from the disastrous Chequers deal that the Conservative government have coughed up over leaving the EU, many various reactions have sprung up. Leave voters are dreadfully unhappy, Remain voters are still unhappy and it seems to please no-one at all.

Henceforth fresh calls to have another referendum over the decision in the first place, deviously packaged as giving the people a say on the final deal. Ignoring the whole problem of the British people have already voted for both the decision to leave the EU, knowing the type of Brexit they want in the process (a small clue: a really Hard one) and voted for the Conservative Party who ran on a platform on giving us a hard Brexit back in 2017 and won albeit in a minority government (not to mention how the Labour side also implied it too in their manifesto), one prominent Conservative Member of Parliament ringing the bell for this is Justine Greening.

Representing Putney in Parliament and a pro-Remain supporter during the 2016 referendum campaign, Greening has called for a second referendum, firstly by stating that the only way to crack the Brexit deadlock in Parliament is to ‘throw it back to the British people’ and secondly in an article for The Times whereby her main argument for a second referendum is on the grounds that the deal pleases no-one and to gain legitimacy for any sort of Brexit deal at all, we should have another referendum on the deal.

Sounds all well and good, right?

Well, not exactly. Greening is clearly still a Remoaner here, and this pushing for a second referendum is just doublethink for essentially trying to force the UK to go back into the EU. This isn’t just some tinfoil hat nonsense though either, as in the second article, her agenda is laid out in black and white.

In the video, she discusses how because any decision on Brexit will be voted down because of the heavy divisions in the House of Commons over the issue, only the British people should be allowed to determine the course of Brexit. Again, given how British people voted for the Conservative Party to carry out a hard Brexit based on their manifesto (including the majority of Leave voters) it is the fault of the Conservative Party alone for not following on through with their promises and not the people for electing them.

Meanwhile, she seems to fail to acknowledge (as most Remoaners do) that most of the British people who voted for Brexit voted for a Hard Brexit. They already made the decision. You are lying to cover your own pro-Remain, pro-EU agenda and you aren’t that good at hiding it.

Meanwhile the article intends to be more subtle, but it is hilariously even more blunt in how pro-EU it is. The article only somewhat addresses the fears of Brexit voters whether it be over not fully satisfying their will or not getting the change they want.

However, she seems more bothered by former Remain voters, as if they’re the ones who won the damn referendum in the first place. She complains at how disappointed they will be over not being in the EU anymore but still having to follow its rules and how disenfranchised they will be following us supposedly leaving next year (cutely inserting how her constituency of Putney mostly voted Remain – pandering much?). Again, since they didn’t win, their fears are not the number one priority here.

The priorities should be Leave voters who want their will respected and are constantly feeling disenfranchised by the government ignoring their mandate, to the point where even the likes of columnist Melanie Phillips (ironically of the same newspaper) warning that they’ll give up on politics completely. But no, Greening is more bothered by her own selfish desires over the EU which conveniently match many of the politicians in our system and various middle class Remoaners, many of whom are in her own constituency, than Brexit voters. A typical narcissist, and like all narcissists, utterly idiotic too.

This can mainly be seen when she plays her hand at the end of the article; advocating that a second referendum must include an option to ‘stay in’ the EU. In other words, she clearly doesn’t respect the results of the referendum and will clearly do anything she can to diverge the will of the people.

She is pushing a policy of which will undermine a democratic referendum because she didn’t like the result and will not stop until she gets the result she wants. Her erroneous comparison between such a result and those of mayoral elections and stating it is a ‘unique chance to settle the European question for a generation’ are just a smoke screen to cover this fact. The mandate of a Mayor like say Sadiq Khan isn’t being constantly undermined by an elite class who wants to overturn it. The European question has already been settled for a generation and they voted to leave. You lost, get over it.

Thankfully, it seems that the British public doesn’t agree with the stance of people like Ms. Greening. Most Brits are unhappy with this Chequers deal which clearly serves as a pretext for this second referendum and most Brits are happy to crash out of the EU with no deal. Justine Greening clearly doesn’t represent the majority of people, only those in her elite class, as Peter Hitchens pointed out.

In conclusion to Justine Greening, you lost. Get over it. Oh, and at the same time, join the Liberal Democrats. Hell, I’ll even link their joining page just for you, if you so much as be happening to read this. Leave the decision as it is and accept your defeat. You don’t represent the majority. Your attempts to cover your pro-Remain, pro-EU and anti-Brexit agenda is about as laughable as The Young Turks’ creator and host Cenk Uygur trying to claim he no longer denies the Armenian genocide, when the evidence clearly showed otherwise, mainly through the distancing language he used to describe the incident as all deniers do.

Politicians like you are the reason most people don’t trust politicians. You are a true liar and only in it for yourself and only have power because you are a member of a certain party which has enough clout from eons ago to keep people like yourself in office. Respect the will of the people, and if you don’t, kindly resign from politics and get a real job.

It will do you some good to actually understand the pain and strife of the working class you happily stabbed in the back with your behaviour.

Scaremongering Amazon UK boss claims no-deal Brexit could lead to civil unrest

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Following the Chequers agreement sell out, the remainers in government and their EU and big business allies are smelling blood in the water.

Whilst EU negotiators are playing hardball, the spin machine is launching in to Project Fear 2.0 in an attempt to either force Brexit In Name Only (BRINO) or the EU’s preferred mechanism when a vote doesn’t go their way, a further referendum.

The latest scaremongering from Big Business saw Amazon UK head Doug Gurr stating that there could be ‘civil unrest’ within 2 weeks of a no deal Brexit at a meeting with officials at the government owned country house, Chevening. Does he expect mass hysteria brought on by the inability to order a second hand hoover via his online platform or is there a deeper reason to this statement?

Bearing in mind that Amazon pay virtually no tax in the UK on their huge profits (facilitated by EU tax laws that allow them to offshore their profits to a member state with lower rates) it would suit his corporation to remain in the EU where lobbyists for big business make sure that smaller competitors are legislated out of the equation whilst free movement allows for a cheap workforce propped up by taxpayer funded in-work benefits.

Perhaps the real Armageddon he fears is a small state, entrepreneur friendly, independent UK that will allow competition to thrive – a nightmare scenario for a number of those who are spreading such scare stories about a future UK economy outside of the grip of Brussels.

Airbus had previously issued a warning that they may have to move production from their UK plant overseas as a ‘no deal’ situation could lead to problems with their supply chain. Leaving aside the fact that WTO rules would not allow a punishment regime at the border, the hint that they were looking at China was absurd in the extreme – the EU has no trade deal with China (the excuse they are giving for moving), large amounts of cash would have to be expended to build new production plants and the skilled staff that make the sections of aircraft produced at their facilities here could not be transplanted. When dealing with large sections such as completed wings, the transport costs would also surge due to the increased distance. Could the Airbus headline also be down to the fact that the company receives large subsidies from the EU, subsidies that were recently found in court to illegally breach WTO rules?

As usual, when fantastic stories about the ‘damage’ to Britain from leaving the EU start to surface it is always worth looking deeper and following the money.

Irrespective of a deal or not, the UK can look forward to a bright future as an outward looking, globally trading and independent country once more after March next year – as long as our government have the confidence and the will to make it so. Even the ‘worst case’ scenario of WTO rules would be an improvement on where we are now as eloquently laid out last week by Prof Patrick Minford.

The only fear is fear itself – if the politicians cave in to that fear then we must make them pay at the ballot box and replace them with people who believe in our people, our country and our future.

Anything less would be a dereliction of the instruction received in 2016 from the British electorate.

It’s not too late to save Brexit! – Boris Johnson makes one final plea

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‘It’s not too late to save Brexit.’ – Boris Johnson makes one final plea for the government to carry out the democratic will of the people!

In recent times, you may have seen how the government have seemingly undermined Brexit at every turn with their new Chequers deal. It practically gives away all of our powers in terms of trade and jurisdiction back to the EU as if we never left it in the first place. Meanwhile, in terms of immigration, it slyly discusses how it will allow our country to ‘control’ immigration (as opposed to reduce it, clearly something Theresa May’s government has a hard time either doing or wanting to do it seems) and even though it alleges that it will keep the European Court of Justice out of UK decisions, the ‘common rulebook’ proposed means that our trading laws will be decided by that body, not us as explained by journalist Charles Moore in a recent episode of Question Time.

In layman’s terms, it is disastrous and proves further how a split Conservative government headed by a former Remainer more bothered by pandering to the EU who treat us like dirt as opposed to other world leaders who want to treat us well (like Donald Trump of who has offered a good trade deal with us) was never going to work here. All it will lead to is more of a showing of Britain being weak on the world stage, and the EU making even more unrealistic demands of us, as they already have over Chequers.

All I am saying is that we would be better off if say Andrea Leadsom had won the 2016 Conservative leadership contest, and it is rather telling when even former Remain campaigner Piers Morgan complained at how disingenuous it was to pivot this as the Brexit deal when it clearly is anything but.

But there is hope. In his resignation speech as Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson gave a passionate speech defending Brexit, of which included the now famous phrase that ‘it’s not too late to save Brexit’. He continued to detail how we should be continuing to fight for the Brexit ‘we fought for’ and clearly one, and feels that we should adopt the more pro-Brexit spirit that May undertook at her Lancaster House speech as opposed to the ‘miserable, permanent limbo’ of her Chequers plan.

I hope he is right. I am no fan of Boris Johnson. Not a particularly good London mayor I feel, even if he is miles better than our current one, as was Ken Livingstone. Nor was he particularly good Foreign Secretary. Nor is he much of a conservative. And he is way too soft on issues like mass immigration I feel.

That being said, he was a sterling ally during the Brexit campaign, and I do admire what is clearly still strong ambition to have us leave the EU, even throwing his own Cabinet job under the bus to do it. I am impressed that he still continues to hold the tide in favour of Brexit even if the Prime Minister doesn’t, and I hope he continues this ambition after summer recess is over.

Because if he and other Brexit supporters in the government don’t, Brexit will turn into a shambles whereby the Remoaners in the Cabinet have the upper hand and do their best to ensure we will have Brexit in only name. This shouldn’t be happening. It will be final nail in the coffin in proving that Britain is a democratic nation, not one whereby the elites call the shots. It will also mark another time in history whereby Lancaster House serves as a prelude for an undemocratic betrayal to occur.

All joking aside, we need to hold pressure against the government to ensure that Brexit is fully delivered. Leaving the EU, the single market and the customs union, of which is what the British people clearly supported. We need our mandate carried out.

The only problem is that we don’t seem to have a voice in the government now. The Conservative Party is led by a former Remain campaigner, pandering more to one side of a deeply divided government and the EU than the 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit. The Labour Party is stuffed full of Remoaners, led by someone not knowing whether they’re coming or going over Brexit (despite their former Euroscepticism), especially fearing the wrath of working class voters (not to mention his own pro-Brexit MPs) who voted for Brexit. The Liberal Democrats, the Green Party, the Scottish National Party, Plaid Cymru among others are against Brexit and seem to want to do anything to undermine that outcome.

And despite how strong both UKIP and For Britain are on the subject, they don’t have anywhere near the kind of clout or support to gain government power or to subsequently put the government’s feet to the fire over Brexit. We are stuck up crap creek without a paddle over this currently, and tribal voting for such parties only makes such problems harder to solve. As in as long as these parties hold power, their attempts to thwart Brexit will still come thick and fast.

These brave MPs on all sides, including Johnson, seem to be our last line of defence over Brexit. Let’s hope they have enough power to allow a true Brexit to go ahead. Because if not, we are just being literally mad, and watching our nation busily engaged heaping up its own funeral pyre over our once proud democracy going up in smoke to please the few. We live in utterly depressing times indeed.

Who knew a former star of The Apprentice would be so woke on politics?

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Well, here’s a surprise. A prominent celebrity actually both acknowledging the political realities of their country while also being balanced and pragmatic?

It seems like a rare trick these days, especially given the collective collapse of the leftist celebrity class over both Brexit in Great Britain and Donald Trump’s Presidential election in the United States, but one particular celebrity has managed to pull it off.

Michelle Dewberry, who won the famous reality show The Apprentice and is quite frequently featured in the British media (most notably on Sky News’ The Pledge), recently made a video about the whole Tommy Robinson fiasco titled ‘Free Tommy Robinson Movement’, of which is many descriptions, but most of all surprising.

Surprising in how carefully thought out it is.

Surprising in how balanced it is.

Surprising in how rational it is.

And surprising in how fair it is.

In the video, Dewberry discusses how she first brought up the subject during an episode of The Pledge (kudos on her for doing so too) and then discusses her general thoughts on the subject matter. While she acknowledges that she felt that Tommy’s behaviour was wrong and deserving of the conviction he received, she was worried by the ‘alarming’ speed in which he was arrested not to mention how she feels that the whole #FreeTommy movement was emblematic of a wider issue: the working class of Great Britain constantly being ignored by the establishment (especially about, as she sees it, their worries about Islamism and those in power ‘going against their will’) and wishing to have their voices heard at any cost.

She then uses the subject as a follow on through to discuss other ways the working class over the last few years have shown their frustrations at being ignored in this manner. Most notably, she brings up the rise of UKIP in 2013-4 and how that made the then Conservative government panic into delivering a referendum on the EU issue. On top of this, she discusses as to how it related to the (quite real) fears of both immigration and how it changed communities through its lack of integration.

Given that the EU was at least partially to blame for this (making up half of all immigration to the UK, according to Migration Watch), the people turning against the EU made rational sense as Dewberry explains.

She also brings up the failure of both the major parties on this issue (describing both her disappointment with the Conservative government’s handling of Brexit, especially since they were seemingly unprepared for a Leave vote, and bringing up former Prime Minister David Cameron’s disgusting ‘fruitcakes’ comment over UKIP voters) and then shows how through similar actions by the political class (mainly London Mayor Sadiq Khan calling the then upcoming pro Tommy Robinson protest as ‘extreme far right’ on Good Morning Britain) still worry her.

This is because while she acknowledges that some far right cranks do show up at these events to cause trouble, most of them are ordinary decent people who have felt disenfranchised for years over such issues and are still being ignored and slandered by the establishment class.

The sort of decent person who voted for UKIP. The sort of decent person who hates the EU for legitimate reasons. The sort of decent person who hates mass immigration despite not having the problem with the individual immigrant, but rather as a collective, some groups refuse to integrate, tearing the social fabric of our society to shreds. The sort of decent person worried about Pakistani Muslim grooming gangs in their towns, and how the authorities have covered up such cases for decades for fear for being called racist. The sort of decent person worried about frequent Islamist terrorist attacks. The sort of decent person willing to stand against these elements, despite the establishment smears.

She then concludes the video on a warning, but with a partially optimistic outlook too. She warns that if such people continue to be delegitimised as shoved to the sidelines as ‘far right’ they will eventually gravitate towards such groups, undermining legitimate moderate conversations we should be having over the subject matter.

Such fears are not unfounded. After all, just less than a decade ago, the British National Party had developed enough clout to win two European Parliament seats in 2009, and threatened to take the seat of Barking in London during the 2010 general election, making it arguably the most hotly contested seat in that election. Given that she rightly acknowledged that there is arguably no one eligible to vote for in the current political system, a rise in support for another extremist party isn’t something that seems impossible to fathom.

So, you are probably thinking why does this matter? All this was is a perfectly good video examining the problems with the political climate in Britain today. What makes it stand out?

It is because for the first time in a while, a prominent figure in British press and culture is speaking out against such problems without being scared of all the smears one will inevitably receive. She is giving a voice to the voiceless. She is understanding the issues worrying the working class in Great Britain today and is using her clout to voice such fears to an audience of potentially millions.

That is what makes this so special. Michelle Dewberry is expressing views and fears of which most won’t dare talk about. Most of the establishment class these days of which she criticised takes the standard lame left wing views on an issue and yet because of their inflated egos somehow think they are being rebellious.

There are numerous examples of this. Blur and Gorillaz frontman Damon Albarn degrading Great Britain as a ‘small, tiny place’ and warned about it becoming isolated after Brexit. The Boomtown Rats frontman and Live Aid organiser Bob Geldof and his cronies literally sticking it to hard working fishermen over their hatred of the EU wrecking their livelihoods ruined by the EU stealing their fishing grounds.

Footballer and sports commentator Gary Lineker constantly slandering Brexit voters all the while patronising his countrymen of who dared showed caution at letting adult men into the country under the guise that they were supposedly children. And of course singer Lilly Allen slandering Brexiteers, hating old people, milking the Grenfell Fire tragedy for the sake of cheap political points all the while claiming the abused victims of the Rochdale grooming gangs would have been abused anyway.

Director Ken Loach castigating the British government for keeping out ‘child refugees’ while not seeming to care for the poor children in this country. Pink Floyd bassist Roger Waters stating in an interview that he thought the UK was ‘better’ than what it was after it voted to leave the European Union.

This even includes historical examples too. Actress Vanessa Redgrave slandering Israel as a bunch of ‘Zionist hoodlums’ in an Oscar acceptance speech who criticised her for her involvement in the documentary The Palestinian which supported Palestinian terrorists. Columnist Yasmin Alibhai-Brown accusing all white British people as ‘destroying peoples’ discussing the fears that many of them had towards mass immigration, erroneously connecting it with the former British Empire.

I could go on and on, but you get my point.

The underlying point is that I find Michelle Dewberry to have been incredibly brave to have realised this video. Up until this point, the only people discussing such views on a mass scale were other the occasional MP or MEP or some journalists (like Peter Hitchens, Melanie Phillips, Douglas Murray and our staff here) who were willing to express uncomfortable truths because they were truths and were needing to be given a voice too.

The opposing side don’t. All of them with their supposedly brave views that match their rich trendy friends are cowards. They think themselves as rebels, akin to the brave French men and women who sacrificed their lives in the French Revolution to free themselves from tyranny, but are more like the aristocrats in that scenario; rich, out of touch, pompous, wallowing in their wealth, corrupt, liars, fools and unprepared for the working class revolt soon to come rudely knocking at their door. Maybe that’s why they dismiss them as racists all the time. Who knows?

But in the end, I want to thank Michelle Dewberry for standing by her beliefs and wanting to stand with the working class and help them. A woman who clearly never forgot her working class roots. A woman who stands by what she believes in despite the endless smears she will inevitably receive. And one so invested in politics, she stood in the 2017 general election as an independent pro-Brexit candidate.

We need more people like her to stand up for the bottom, because none of these others will seem to bother and will continue to smear them to keep their gravy trains quick and clean. This video is a lovely antidote to elitist attitudes and the nicest surprise in terms of a celebrity’s political views since legendary Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson came out in support of Brexit.

And as a side, Michelle if by chance you are reading this, know that us on the populist right will happily welcome you on our side. Whether that means joining a party like For Britain or UKIP, or going your own way, just keep fighting the good fight. Good, honest people like yourself don’t come around nearly enough.

Where are our heroes?

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Theresa May was lucky last night (17 July); she only survived the EU vote due to the likes of Frank Field, John Mann and other brave Labour MPs who realised that the prospect of a snap summer election, brought on by a no confidence vote, should the government lose, would bring the probability of a Corbyn government and its disastrous consequences. The disaster will not just be Brexit, it will mean the utter annihilation of Britain as a sovereign nation and reduce us to minions on the world stage. It will cost us our liberty, our happiness and our birth- right.  It will be for keeps.

Where are our heroes? For now, we have a cabinet, devoid of the big guns of Brexit, Davis and Johnson, and packed out with oleaginous yes-men like Hunt and Gove.

Where are our heroes? Not your common – or – garden backbench Tory MPs, terrified of the looming reality of a summer not spent in Tuscany but on the campaign trails in the shires and in the hostile metropolises. They are well aware of the seething anger of the 17.4 million of us fed up to the back teeth of vacillation as disinginuity that brands this Tory administration as the weakest since the war.

Where are our heroes?  Today we await Boris Johnson’s resignation statement, which can either be a death-blow to May and the bugle-call to arms or, sadly, the effective end of Johnson’s ambitions for good if he backs off the fight.  I want him to use his brilliance with words to tear May apart in the Commons.  I want to hear the Tories rise up and roar and back him to the hilt.  But I fear that the lure of the Tuscan landscape may prevent that.

Time will tell.

Where are our heroes? The Chequers farce has exposed the Tories for what they are, and these self – serving backtrackers are just buying time.  The summer recess is a near three-month period of non-news and a forgetful and bored public will be fed a diet of Love Island and Royal bullsh*t to keep their minds off the catastrophic disaster that will befall them should a fake Brexit be foisted upon them during the winter.

Where are our heroes? The Remoaners have not and will not stop now. They smell blood like the baying hyenas they are.  They know that should an election be forced, as it surely will if our totally incompetent PM remains as leader of the Tories and the country until conference season, that a Labour administration, with or without Corbyn, will certainly reverse Brexit by fair means or foul.  Traitors like Adonis, Blair, Cable and their media sidekicks like Owen Jones, Alistair Campbell and the rest will, through the power of broadcasting totally dominated by the left, twist, lie and cheat to a degree as yet unseen in their insatiable quest to reduce us to a vassal state, flooded with cheap labour, emasculated militarily and force-fed diversity and depravity; all that 1984 predicted – and tied to the EU for ever.  Never forget the power and influence that a constant diet of doom and gloom paid for and sponsored by foreign troublemakers can have on our tired people.

Where are our heroes?  There are no sporting events to raise our spirits in the near future – it’s strongly rumoured in Westminster circles that Theresa May breathed a sign of relief that England failed to bring back the World Cup as she feared the boost it would give the Brexit cause – but we cannot rely on short term injections of adrenaline to keep our morale up, we need to realise, all 17.4 million of us, that we are actually in an existential war.  If we lose, we go under. If we win, we may, if we can sort ourselves out, and fast, see a resurgence of national pride and glean the benefits of a smart exit from the shackles of Europe.

Imagine a Britain where a few things start to change.  With reduced migration our wages will go up.  With free trade with the USA and the Commonwealth food prices will go down.  We can redirect taxes to infrastructure and capital projects, including rebuilding our Navy, building houses for the British and creating a better NHS.  We can give the globalists, the oligarchs and the bent media the slap in the face they deserve and get our bloody identity back.  Don’t you want that?

So where are our heroes?  It’s you, you and you… all of you reading this who are the foot soldiers of the movement to Make Britain Great Again. Don’t despair if BoJo doesn’t fight hard enough today but rejoice if he does, and don’t spend the summer in despair if we haven’t seen the back of Theresa May and the Remoaner traitors just yet, because we WILL prevail.

Now, enjoy your two weeks holiday and get ready, because the second Battle of Britain is about to begin.  Don’t say you were not warned – get prepared!  Organise locally, get on the streets when asked to help or protest, and don’t think you are alone.  Fight hard, fight dirty if needs be and drive home our message.

UK to take charge of its fishing waters under post-Brexit plan

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Panic has begun to set in as Germany reacts to losing access to UK fisheries post-Brexit. EU countries land eight times as much of our fish than we do theirs, which will be ended under plans newly announced by the government.

Having done massive damage to their own fish stocks through overfishing, many EU countries are very reliant on our waters, which our fishermen have been severely limited by the EU from fishing themselves. This has caused enormous hardship in our coastal communities; fishing fleets have been decimated, causing high unemployment and deprivation.

The “zonal attachment” plan, put forward in a new government white paper, is the first tangeable step taken towards reclaiming our waters; the benefits of doing so have been estimated as being worth as much as £4 billion pounds to the coastal economy, which would bring huge benefits to some of the worst off parts of the country.

In leaving the EU Common Fisheries Policy we will be able to abandon some of the more shameful aspects, such as the discard policy, which forces fishermen to throw back fish, and the other elements of the quota system that have been driving fishermen to the wall at an ever increasing pace.

For more information on the full horror of the CFP and why it is essential that we leave immediately, please visit Fishing for Leave:

Why should we allow a hostile EU to help themselves to 60% of our fish?

Cabinet Brexiteers ‘COLLAPSE government on Friday’ if May fudges Brexit

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Brexiteers in the Cabinet could collapse the government on Friday unless Theresa May promises to deliver a full Brexit.

Boris Johnson, David Davis and other Brexit-backing ministers are reportedly prepared to ‘walk’ if May attempts to deliver a fudged EU exit when the top politicians meet at Chequers on Friday.

A government insider told the Express: “We could find the government collapses on Friday night.

“If she crosses the Brexit red lines, and it looks like she is going to, then the Brexiteers will withdraw their support for her and Boris, David Davis and the other Brexit ministers will walk.”

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson defended Jacob Rees-Mogg after he warned Mrs May will face a coup unless she sticks to her Brexit red lines.

Rees-Mogg wrote: “Theresa May must stand firm for what she herself has promised.

“One former Tory leader, Sir Robert Peel, decided to break his manifesto pledge and passed legislation with the majority of his party voting the other way.

“This left the Conservatives out of office for 28 years.

“At least he did so for a policy that works. At Chequers [Mrs May] must stick to her righteous cause and deliver what she has said she would, she must use her undoubted grace to persevere.”

The reference to Peel was interpreted as a threat, because that PM was removed from office after defying his party.

Mr Johnson openly supported his fellow Brexiteer, tweeting: “It’s vital that all MPs are able to air their views on Brexit.

“Whatever your position, I hope we can all agree that Jacob Rees-Mogg is a principled and dedicated MP who wants the best for our country.”

A £750,000 leadership campaign fund has been set up by Mr Rees-Mogg’s supporters to prepare if Mrs May loses power.

Concerns grew after leaks suggested Mrs May’s key Brexit adviser Olly Robbins has said the UK will have to choose between a Norway style trade deal or a Canada-type version, as Brussels continues to dig in its heels.

He is reportedly “leaning towards” pushing a Norway-style option under which Britain would stay in the single market and accept Brussels rules with no say in making them.

It should be an interesting week ahead…

Royal Assent has been granted, but could Remoaners still derail Brexit?

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The Royal Assent was given to the European Union (Withdrawal) Act earlier this week, meaning that it is confirmed that we are leaving the EU in March next year.

But are we?

The last few weeks have been dominated by manoeuvring, backroom deals and uncertainty.

Theresa May apparently gave ‘assurances’ to Remain-supporting Tory MPs that she would give them a ‘soft’ Brexit, MPs who have since been critical of the vote that stops them having a say on the final deal.

Some media outlets have been reporting that a compromise has been made where speaker Bercow can decide whether the Government needs to go back to the House in the event of a deal that doesn’t match what he wants – why so much influence would be vested in this pompous Popinjay, a Remain supporter as seen by his vehicle stickers, is beyond me.

Labour are all over the place, an opposition that fears taking a stand either way for fear of upsetting their Remain-supporting intelligentsia in the South and their Leave-supporting core base in the North, not to mention their major donor, the Unite Union, who are solidly behind Remain.

The ‘principled’ Jeremy Corbyn, an outspoken critic of the EU when a backbencher, has been a passive Remainer since before the Referendum in an attempt to put party unity before country.

One day they are saying we must leave the Single Market and Customs Union, the next they are not ruling out a further referendum.

This morning we saw Tory minister Greg Clark on Sky’s Sophy Ridge show state that a ‘transition period’ could extend beyond 2021 if the ‘evidence’ changes – a transition period that is merely a way of delaying Brexit until the Remain element can carry on their new version of Project Fear and either keep us in the EU by stealth (BRINO) or reverse the referendum result completely.

This whole farce is further evidence that the establishment in this country do not respect the voice of the British people who voted to leave in 2016, but it is hardly surprising. In his book, ‘The Road to Freedom’ which was published before the Referendum was even a possibility, UKIP leader Gerard Batten MEP predicted just such a response from the ruling class if we went down the road of triggering Article 50 after a successful campaign to get ourselves out of the EU.

Whilst we are officially leaving the EU, the ‘transition period’ is just what the powers that be want to try to get a second bite of the cherry – after all, the Irish were made to vote again after a referendum went against the Lisbon Treaty and the French and Dutch were ignored after votes against the EU constitution. (They just changed the name and whacked it through without a vote).

Any attempt to bring ‘the deal’ back to the House will only weaken our hand in negotiations – after all, if Barnier and the Brussels negotiating team know that offering a bad deal will bring the UK back to the table and delay Brexit then they have no incentive to offer us anything like what we are looking for.

It’s not over yet.

Spanish President meets open borders advocate George Soros in secret

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The president of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchez, has met in the Moncloa Palace with George Soros, one of the billionaires linked to the illegal Catalan referendum of October 2017. The meeting took place in secret this Wednesday afternoon and no stenographers were present.

The meeting, according to Spanish news outlet OKDiario, lasted about an hour and a half. Soros is one of the most powerful fortunes in the world, known for his opposition to Trump and Brexit, his fostering of the illegal immigration into Europe and his involvement in the illegal Catalan referendum last year.

This comes just two weeks before he will publicly meet with Quim Torra, the recently-elected Catalan leader (in lieu of the fugitive Carles Puigdemont). Soros has claimed that Trump is “a danger to the world”, his globalist foundation has been booted out of his native Hungary by Victor Orban, and he drew blood with the recent debt crises in Italy and Spain.

In rejecting Brexit and defending the EU, Soros recently said “it is no longer a euphemism to say that Europe is in existential danger; it is the harsh reality.”

This meeting does not bode well for Spain – Soros is known for his corrosive influence in the secession of Catalonia and his seemingly insatiable thirst for open borders.

Soros has made his fortune through financial speculation, especially when he was about to break the Bank of England betting against the pound in 1992. It is estimated that in the operation, which lasted only one day, Soros won 1 billion dollars, while the Bank of England was about to go bankrupt.

Cameron’s aides TOLD Obama to say Brexit means ‘back of the queue’

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You read that correctly. Over two years after the EU referendum was called in favour of leaving the bloc, one of the most infamous moments of the campaign whereby the then US President Barrack Obama threatened British voters that they would be put at the ‘back of the queue’ for trade talks if they dared to vote to leave has been proven to be a deliberate propaganda tool on former Prime Minister David Cameron’s behalf.

Talking to the Today Programme, former Obama aide Ben Rhodes discussed how the situation came to be:

“Yeah well we had come here to try to help the Remain campaign and we had a meeting with Cameron and his team and we were all in violent agreement about the negative consequences of Brexit. And talking about the conference they were going to hold together, we were discussing the arguments for the Brexit campaign.

“And some of the arguments were this idea that the United States could just negotiate a new deal with the UK quickly and we all agreed that’s unlikely to happen. And as Obama was saying that someone on the British side said we’d end up being at the back of the queue and Obama said that is completely right and then he was asked [by David Cameron] it would be good if you could repeat that point in the press conference.”

In other words, all of the smears and jokes the left made about Leave campaigners being suspect of how an American President would use a British term of ‘queue’ instead of the American equivalent of ‘line’ are now at the butt of the joke. Along with the recent confirmation of the £350 million going to the NHS as promised from former spending from the EU and it is not a good time to be a former Remain campaigner, especially those who endlessly complain and whinge for a second referendum like the losers they are.

Maybe that’s why a moronic EastEnders star slagging off the process of leaving is what is dominating the headlines of the pro-EU media so much. Strange.

The sooner current President Donald Trump gets on with his promised quick deal with us, the better it will be for our great country and the more this whole episode will become more laughable.

Famous YouTubers join both UKIP and For Britain. What does this mean?

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Over the last week or so, there has been a collective shift for the main pro-Brexit populist parties in Britain in that various famous YouTubers have signed up to them. On the one hand, the likes of Sargon Of Akkad, Count Dankula, Paul Joseph Watson and Milo Yiannopoulos have joined UKIP. Meanwhile, the likes of Reverend Simon Sideways have joined For Britain.

What does this mean for both parties? On the one hand, it provides good news for both parties. For UKIP, this is probably the best news for the party since they helped to win the EU referendum back in 2016. This increased attention they have received as a result hasn’t gone unnoticed all, with them gaining between 500 to a thousand new members from the increased exposure.

All the while, having various prominent members of the sceptic community of YouTube may give them some more street cred among those watching their videos and the populist voting crowd of who lost faith in UKIP, feeling that they were a single-issue party. Meanwhile, former leader Nigel Farage may be far from thrilled at this news, because he recently lashed out at the current leader Gerard Batten over the latter’s hard stance on Islam .

Meanwhile Sideways may not be as prominent, but it still gives For Britain a major boost. He has a subscription base of 22k people, all the while being heavily featured in videos about huge protests, like the recent Gays Against Sharia protest in Bristol and the pro Brexit rally in London to celebrate the second anniversary of the result. Now the party has more than Morrissey’s endorsement, which can only be a good sign.

But will the support mean anything in the long run? While the increased support it will undoubtedly give both parties might give both a short-term boost, one could argue as to whether it will sustain them.

Neither For Britain or UKIP have taken the position of opposition government. Both had a poor performance in the recent Lewisham East by-election, for example, David Kurten gained only 380 votes (being beat by the likes of the Women’s Equality Party can never be a good sign for any party). It seems unlikely that the voting public are that bothered by the political right at this point.

The fact that only at most a thousand new members have joined UKIP because of this YouTuber exodus (despite having millions of subscribers between them, not to mention the general followings they have besides that) is not proof that the general public en masse is deserting Labour for the purples. Sargon’s infamous use of the word “n**ger” probably won’t help gain votes.

Add to that how Batten will be standing down early next year, and the Members of the European Parliament for the party losing their jobs because of Brexit, and this only seems like a small term gain for the party as opposed to anything substantial.

For For Britain meanwhile, it may mean something more significant. The increased support they are receiving from big names like Sideways and Morrissey may give them more clout in the political mainstream, which may aid them later on. Whether they can use this to boost their future election prospects is yet to be seen.

Their decent performances in the 2018 local elections and their unremarkable performance in the aforementioned by-election in Lewisham East (where they were beaten by UKIP, indicating that they are still the main Brexit party around), it seems that they have a long way to go before hitting huge electoral success yet. Not to mention controversy about one of their former local election candidates having to be ejected from the party because of his links to the proscribed Neo-Nazi group National Action indicates that they still have a problem with such people clinging onto them for political gain, which won’t do the party any favours in the future.

What it overall shows however is the changing world we live in. The pull a party can gain from having famous Internet personalities is something to marvel at, showing huge progress from the days of traditional celebrities announcing their support for a political candidate or party.

The old celebrity class is losing favour with the masses, especially the various entertainment personalities showing signs of mental collapse over the likes of Brexit and Trump, and the appetite for more rational and fresh voices in politics is growing. Whether UKIP or For Britain can use this to their advantage is yet to be seen.

Brexiteers were right on the NHS: The £350 million payment is finally realised!

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One of the main promises of the Vote Leave campaign (the infamous £350 million for the NHS promised in much of the campaign material) has finally been realised. Despite being brushed off by the likes of Nigel Farage as a ‘mistake’ and it being mocked by Remoaners for two years after the referendum, the promise has finally come to light.

Prime Minister Theresa May has stated that in light of the 70th anniversary of the National Health Service will receive an extra £600 million pounds, partially from a supposed dividend from the money we will no longer have to pay into the EU as part of our former membership of the bloc.

This is great news, especially since it finally vindicates Leave voters and campaigners from being bludgeoned by Remoaners who constantly claim that the slogan was a lie to delegitimise Brexit (because it’s not like the Remain side ever lied at all, oh no).

Taxes are also allegedly meant to go up as well to pay for it, which is clearly spiffle and scaremongering. Previously, half of the money we gave the EU came back to help the NHS. Now, all of it will return to us, meaning we have TWICE as much to spend.

Paul Johnson (the director of the Institute of Fiscal Studies) has stated that all of the EU contributions will be used up by 2022, mainly through the EU divorce bill and government commitments to fill gaps in EU spending. However, soon we will be free of that behemoth! Meanwhile Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has admitted that even if Brexit doesn’t give us this economic boost, the extra funding will be provided anyway. 

So, despite all of this, it at least seems that the NHS will get extra funding when we leave the EU.  

LEAKED? Letter Supposedly By Theresa Says She Will Call Second Referendum In July

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LEAKED? A letter is circulating the Internet with claims it was written by Mrs May.

It says that the transitional period is no longer an option and there will be a second referendum in which one of the options will be to REMAIN in the EU. The only question is, Hasn’t the Queen already given Royal Assent to the Withdrawal Bill?

This move that Nigel Farage called for is similar to that which happened when Ireland rejected the EU Constitution and was forced to vote again. The evil globalists are rejecting democracy!

Theresa could have taken us out the EU immediately years ago by repealing the European Communities Act, but she delayed, and stalled.

The Remoaner played the “war of attrition”, tiring the Brexiteers down, and we fear now, as people are fed up, and disengaged, she will quickly swing a second referendum that will probably make Soros cheer.

What will Cornwall’s future be like after Brexit?

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This is a question I have been thinking to myself for sometime, what does the future hold for Cornwall post-Brexit? How will my home county benefit from tourism when the UK leaves the EU?

To answer this question let’s take a look at one of the reasons. Cornwall relies heavily on tourism for income as it has no large industrial history. After Brexit, we will be able to welcome tourists from beyond Europe and current exchange rates after the referendum make the UK a more favourable holiday destination. There is hope for more people to stay in England rather than travel abroad.

However, as for mining, a discovery of lithium in Cornwall could reignite the Cornish mining industry for the first time in twenty years, albeit only minor.

Cornwall’s fishing industry, for example, has been vocal about EU restrictions on business and trade. As a county, 57 percent of people in Cornwall voted to leave the EU, with North Cornwall voting 60% – 40% to leave. By taking back control of quotas, the UK can prioritise its own fishermen while overseeing vital management and conservation of fish stocks.

As for funding, Cornwall will still be funded, but not by the EU but from the UK government. Projects in Cornwall will still be funded like Aerohub Airport at Newquay, tourism projects, better roads leading to Cornwall etc.

Currently, Cornwall is a net beneficiary of EU funds. These are allocated to the county by Brussels, with money invested in infrastructure and enterprise. As the UK only gets half its membership fee back from the EU, local MP Scott Mann argues that there is no reason why a form of regional funding cannot continue after Brexit, but without the bureaucracy and hoop-jumping associated with Brussels.

In conclusion we don’t know for sure – it depends who you vote for – but the way to a brighter future for Cornwall is Brexit.

Deranged Remoaners Beg the EU Take Them As Refugees Escaping British Patriotism

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On the second anniversary of the largest plebiscite to take place in the UK, here is an example of one of the more deranged emails that I receive from Remainers:

“Dear Janice, I voted to remain in the EU and I still strongly believe we should stay in Europe and we will make a terrible mistake if we leave. However, in the event we do, is it possible for UK citizens to claim asylum in the EU? After all, I really don’t want to live in a xenophobic, extremist rightwing, hermit regime style country. I genuinely feel under physical threat from right wingers and I would like to know how the government is going to heal the wounds that have formed in our communities. It’s starting to feel like silent civil war. Yours sincerely”

By far, most emails in my inbox come from those who are concerned about damaging legislation being passed by the EU, that the person above either thinks is OK or is not aware of Brussels’ incompetency.

What is worrying is that the Remainers think they can genuinely reform the EU or that there is absolutely nothing wrong with it.

Why then, is every nation that has gone into a general election since our referendum vote voting for ‘alternative’ governments? Across the EU it is collapsing. Whether it is for economic or migratory reasons, and sometimes both, the EU will not exist in its present form after the May 2019 EU elections.

Why is it that those governments, even if they have been in power for a number of years (Orban), come back stronger, with a clearer mandate and are riding high in the polls?

All of their policies – migration, fiscal, borders, reform of the legislative and judiciary – are polar opposites of what the EU calls ‘democracy and rule of law’. Franz Timmermans, month after month, gives speeches on ‘democracy and rule of law’ but fails to understand why the people are voting for Orban, Salvini, Strache, Wilders, AfD, 5SM – and fails to bring forward the reform the EU needs to survive.

So when we see the Remainers marching in London, to a big fanfare from the MSM, they too sound like Franz Timmermans, unable to see that the failed EU is about to fall. And good riddance.

The EU’s Official Cartoon Hero “Captain Euro” ORDERS Britain to Stay in the EU

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The official EU Twitter account has declared that the UK will be staying in the EU, despite the democratic vote to leave.

Captain Euro is an approved EU propaganda feed on Twitter. They have created a ‘superhero’ to push their narrative.

Look what happened when Brexit activist Cliff Dixon had a pop back at one of Captain Euro’s tweets.

Captain Euro is a fictional comic book-style superhero character, created in 1999 as a way to promote the European Union, and specifically the Euro, the single European currency that arrived in 2002.

The character was relaunched in 2014. The relaunch included some changes to the comic book characters, as well as a significant change in tone: the stories became more humorous and more overtly political, with Captain Euro explaining and justifying the European Union to various real-life world leaders.

To the Captain and his creator, the baddies are evil-minded Eurosceptics dressed in UKIP purple who threaten that vision. Their leader is called Dr D Vider (see what they did there?)

Eurosceptic politician and commentator Daniel Hannan criticised the general concept of using comic-book characters to promote the EU, writing in the Daily Telegraph in 2011, “The notion that the government should get at parents through their children is a characteristic of authoritarian states, not liberal democracies.”

This Captain Euro character is part of a wider issue – the EU spends £500m a year on promoting itself. The spending includes more than 100 publications, over 1,000 videos as well as cartoons, colouring books and other educational materials intended to promote EU values to children. The tone and style of the website, stories and characters demonstrate well the EU’s communication strategy: target the young, and brainwash, brainwash, brainwash.

The Captain Euro tweet to Cliff Dixon attracted a lot of angry responses. Alex M said “How utterly counterproductive interventions such as yours are, and how blind you are to that fact, is a constant source of wonder to me.”

The sooner we are out, the better!

EU KILLS the Internet: Memes are BANNED

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Prior to this for centuries, we just had newspapers owned by rich businesses. Then the BBC owned by the government. Just like in the movie the Matrix, they controlled what we see and think. Then along came the Internet! An open forum, where people can share what they think. Memes. Rightwing articles, blogging. Videos. Brexit vote. Trump wins. Now the globalists are striking back!

EU’s Legislative Committee voted to adopt two controversial new rules – known as Article 11 and Article 13 of the EU Copyright Directive – kill the Internet as we know it.

Until now, the so-called Ecommerce Directive has given online platforms broad protection from being subject to copyright penalties when they simply acted as a conduit for user uploads. So if you upload something that is copyrighted, like if you take an image off Google and stick it on Facebook, it’s not their fault. Now, they will be liable. Hence automated systems will delete anything that is copyrighted.

As we see all the time, algorithms by the richest companies in the world are terrible at doing their jobs. This week, we saw YouTube blocking educational videos from MIT and the Blender Foundation because they were erroneously flagged by its piracy filters. In the past, we’ve seen bullshit piracy claims over white noise and birds chirping.

Why are they doing this? Aside from the potential of individual countries in the EU to decide what is and isn’t news, copyright claims could be used to suppress material for political purposes. If they don’t like a story, it’s no issue to submit a bogus copyright claim.

Users will find that their contributions—including video, audio, text, and even source code—will be monitored and potentially blocked if the automated system detects what it believes to be a copyright infringement. This is going to kill web development! Engineers usually take others’ code and improve on it. That’s how we advance as a society! Innovation!

There is no way for an automated system to reliably determine when the use of a copyright work falls within a copyright limitation or exception under European law, such as quotation or parody.

For example, the “take my money” meme uses an image of Fry from Futurama. He is the copyright of artist Matt Groening. This is legal because it is parody, but no filter will realise. Any “take my money” memes will be DELETED. This is MENTAL!

No “fair use” clause means you’ll have to go shoot your own photo to caption and make it clear that anyone is allowed to further caption it in the pursuit of creating a meme.

Internet big guys are objecting. Jimmy Wales (Wikipedia), Mitchell Baker (Mozilla), Brewster Kahle (Internet Archive) and Tim Berners-Lee (the whole freakin’ WW flippin’ W).

“By requiring Internet platforms to perform automatic filtering all of the content that their users upload, Article 13 takes an unprecedented step towards the transformation of the Internet, from an open platform for sharing and innovation, into a tool for the automated surveillance and control of its users.”

The EU is trying to force many more companies to deputise a bunch of sleuths, human and algorithmic, expand this shadow surveillance state that monitors everything we post on these platforms.

It’s thought that many sites will move outside the EU to comply. RedPill Factory is considering relocating our servers to some cave deep in the Siberian mountains!

Article 11 has been variously called the link tax or the snippet tax. Basically, you will have to pay to link to another website. Yes, to share a news article from another website. That thing you do every day on Facebook!

This is being done to stop groups such as RedPill Factory sharing true news, because we are all meant to be quiet and swallow whatever shit the BBC pumps out!

Fuck this. We need to embrace the dark web!

Remainer MP THREATENS to Tell POLICE if Public Write to Her

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Remain-supporting Tory MP Antoinette Sandbach has threatened to report non-constituents who email her to the police.

She has set up an email auto-response saying: “For the avoidance of doubt any further contact from non constituents, who have received this bounceback and are therefore aware that I can not deal with their query may be classed as harrasment may be reported to the police and other relevant authorities including the House of Commons authorities and the Member of Parliament for the non constituent.”

This comes shortly after Linda Banahan, 64, wrote to Antoinette Sandbach’s local Conservative association accusing her of treachery after she backed rebel amendments in the Commons over Brexit.

In the email, which she copied to Ms Sandbach, she warned that she could no longer vote for her because of her lack of loyalty to the party.

But Mrs Banahan, who volunteers on the chaplaincy team at a local hospital, said she was left suffering from anxiety and high blood pressure after Ms Sandbach sent a ‘heavy-handed’ response warning that she had passed the message to police.

Mrs Banahan accused Ms Sandbach of ‘seeking to shut down freedom of speech by reporting emails she does not like to the police’.

The text of the ‘abusive’ email is as folows: “Her disloyalty and untrustworthiness has destroyed any chance of my ever supporting the Eddisbury Conservatives whilst she remains in post.

“In fact she has ensured I will do everything I can to make her treachery known. I will work hard to ensure her lack of loyalty to her party, Prime Minister, Government and voters is as widely known as possible to make sure people wishing to vote Conservative know she cannot be trusted.

“I hope the Eddisbury Conservatives will seriously consider deselecting her for such a selfish and self-centred betrayal of the party and country.”

Ms Sandbach replied: “Your email address has been added to my blocked email as there is a strict policy against abusive emails operated by this office and your email has also been reported to the police. In future if you wish to contact me you will have to do so in writing.” Mrs Banahan has now said she lives in fear of a knock on her door from the police.

This is a shocking overreaction from someone who should be prepared to take such mild criticism as part of their job.

If she fails to support her party, then it is only reasonable that someone who voted for her on the assumption that she would follow the party manifesto on which she stood should let her know of their disappointment and disillusionment.

How can this constituent’s message be deemed abusive? Is she trying to bully Brexiteers into silence? Is the call by the plebs for democracy too stressful for her to face?

Theresa May Has No Brexit Blueprint to Give the EU This Month

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Janice Atkinson MEP talks to RT about how Theresa May has no Brexit Blueprint to take to the EU Council at the end of the month, the HMRC fantasy figures and fake news Brexit polling.

Theresa May abandoned plans to present European leaders with a detailed blueprint for a future UK-EU relationship ahead of a Brussels summit this month. This decision was taken as business leaders said they were losing faith in her handling of Brexit.

According to the Financial Times, senior government officials said Mrs May now planned to publish a 150-page white paper after the European Council meeting on June 28-29, in spite of earlier claims that it would help to shape debate ahead of the summit.

EU Copyright Reform Proposals will harm freedom of expression online

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The EU is proposing to make changes to online copyright laws. Three of the articles within the proposal, however, have raised serious concerns in regards to how they would change online behaviours, specifically in terms of uploading and sharing media.

These proposals to reform EU copyright were presented by Günther Oettinger shortly before leaving his post as Digital Commissioner. The previews of news articles that appear on Facebook will be deemed a copyright violation. No one will be allowed to share preview links to a news site without direct permission of the publisher.

Article 3 would create a copyright exception when used for Text and Data Mining research methods for research institutions and only for the purpose of scientific research. However, this has drawn significant criticism as it will prevent independent researchers, journalists and companies from using the technique for products and services, placing more limitations on startups and other organisations existing outside of the scope of “scientific research.”

Even more concerningly, Article 11 would require extra copyrights for news or media outlets, requiring anyone who would like to link to a news site to first get a licence from the publisher. This has been condemned by critics as a “link tax”. The proposed law gives media giants the power to charge fees for sharing links, by copyrighting tiny preview snippets.

This link tax is a broken idea that will harm access to news and information.

Article 13 requires that internet platforms that rely on hosting large amounts of user-uploaded data must monitor that content. Additionally, they must moderate the content to identify copyright infringement. The proposal could limit freedom of expression and harm independent creators.

Upload monitoring software cannot tell infringement apart from legal uses like parody. Filters also frequently malfunction. As a result, legal content will be taken down.

Filters like these always end up blocking legitimate legal content, and therefore will lead to masses of lost creativity. Links routinely include snippets, so restricting snippets restricts linking.

Julia Reda, Pirate Party Germany MEP, states in her article ’10 everyday things on the web the EU commission wants to make illegal: Oettinger’s legacy’:

“These proposals are pandering to the demands of some news publishers to charge search engines and social networks for sending traffic their way, as well as the music industry’s wish to be propped up in its negotiations with YouTube.”

“These proposals will cause major collateral damage – making many everyday habits on the web and many services you regularly use downright illegal, subject to fees or, at the very least, mired in legal uncertainty.”

An open letter signed by over 80 signatories states that “[The Copyright Directive is] on the verge of causing irreparable damage to our fundamental rights and freedoms, our economy and competitiveness, our education and research, our innovation and competition, our creativity and our culture.”

In short, these requirements place a huge burden on internet companies and discourages investment in user-generated content startups, preventing competition to the dominant US platforms from arising, effectively locking in YouTube’s dominance.

German MEP THREATENS that the EU will control Italy’s finances

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Earlier this week, Italy’s two anti-EU populist parties tried to form a coalition government but were blocked from power by the country’s President Sergio Mattarella, because he rejected their choice of a deeply Eurosceptic finance minister.

Then on Wednesday, Five Star Movement leader Luigi Di Maio attempted to resurrect the populist coalition by offering to withdraw Eurosceptic Paolo Savona as his choice for finance minister.

Now a German MEP has raised the prospect of the EU taking control of Italy’s finances if the Northern League and Five Star Movement do manage to form a government in future. Markus Ferber said the EU Commission, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund could ‘march into Rome’ in echoes of the Greek crisis.

There may well be a new general election later this year in order to break the deadlock.

“The upcoming elections will not be political, but instead a real and true referendum … between who wants Italy to be a free country and who wants it to be servile and enslaved,” League leader Matteo Salvini said on Monday.

“Today Italy is not free; it is occupied financially by Germans, French and eurocrats.”

On Tuesday, European Budget Commissioner Gunther Oettinger said he hoped Italy’s poor economic situation would keep populist parties out of government.

“I can only hope that this will play a role in the election campaign… sending a signal to voters not to hand power to populists on the right and left,” he told German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

So, every time a country disagrees with Brussels they either have to vote again (Ireland) or lose control of their finances (as in Greece, and now possibly Italy).

Brussels is telling Italy it HAS to retain half a million illegal migrants, vetoes (via its stooge Italian president) a Eurosceptic Italian government, and now threatens to take over its economy and finances. How can ANYONE think this is normal and acceptable democratic behaviour? But Remoaners in Britain apparently do! Thank goodness we are escaping from this dictatorial mess – EVEN if it takes years to do so.

Who were the real winners of the local elections?

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With it being nearly a month since the local elections, it is time to reflect and look back at the results and what they mean for the country as a whole. From this, who were the real losers and winners of these elections.

Suffice to say it was not either of the major two parties. Despite high expectations for Labour they did only partially well. While still winning these elections, they did not have the landslide expected, with an increase of only 79 councillors and no increase in council seats. Meanwhile, attempts by Labour to wins seats like Wandsworth and Barnet went up in flames with the Conservative safe seats taking their toll. Most conversely, despite the high levels of anger aimed at the Kensington council over Grenfell and a political switch to a Labour MP in charge of the area, the Tories were still able to win said seat regardless.

So why did Labour not do very well this time round? Various reasons seem to have not helped, with areas like Barnet (which have a prominent Jewish community) regaining a Conservative majority because of Labour’s antisemitism scandal. Meanwhile, tribal voting in areas like Kensington kept the Conservatives in power in their councils. To add to this, one potential factor was that the youth vote that helped last year’s election gain strong results for Labour, even if they didn’t win, was not out in force in this election. Labour members admitted that one potential problem for the party that election would have been the low turnout among the youth, and that seems to have transpired, especially given the low turnout in general that accompanies local elections. This is only speculation of course, but hopefully helps some to understand why Labour were not the powerhouse they were expected to be this time.

Overall, while Labour did perfectly well (and doing the best in London for decades) they didn’t achieve the massive sweep they were expecting and fell short of their 2014 results, with those results including them gain nearly 5 times as many councillors and gained councils whereas here they didn’t gain any.

Maybe Corbyn mania is starting to die. This can only be a good thing.

Meanwhile the Conservatives held a huge sigh of relief. They didn’t get the massive crushing many were expecting. And while they lost 33 councillors and 3 councils, it was not the massive defeat expected, nor was it their results at the 2014 elections whereby they had lost 11 councils and 236 councillors. Their maintaining of safe seats and specific wards (like mine of Enfield Town Ward) was a major plus, meanwhile some occasional gains from Labour (like Gorse Hill in Worcester) gave them some boost in those areas too. So, the Conservatives performed OK here, albeit not incredibly strongly.

So, who were the real winners this time? It was neither the main two parties obviously. Rather, it was the party many assumed (including myself) were on a death spiral, especially after their tuition fees controversy, the animosity held towards Nick Clegg lowering their support and their irrelevance in a post-Brexit world with their anti-Brexit rhetoric. That would be the Liberal Democrats. This is mainly because of their results. They were the only major party to gain council seats (taking three off the Conservatives in Kingston upon Thames, Richmond upon Thames and South Cambridgeshire) and gained the most councillors at 75 next to Labour’s results. They certainly did better than they had done in the 2014 results, where they lost 2 councils and 310 councillors.

Why did they do so well then? Partially, the resentment towards the two parties probably helped, but in particular the disagreements between the Conservatives’ promise to deliver Brexit and the anti-Brexit attitude of many London areas (including the ones the Liberal Democrats won over the Conservative Party) made voting for a more EU friendly party the preferred option for those constituents. That would follow a similar pattern to the general election last year, with their aggressive anti-Brexit campaign (including the now infamous ‘Vote Her, Get Him’ poster) allowing them to gain some seats in Conservative seats like Bath and Twickenham for example, despite the former Conservative MPs backing the EU in the 2016 referendum. There is also potential that their moderate centrist platform may attract disillusioned Labour voters who are against the hard left in Corbyn’s lot, and some seats where Labour have strongholds increased their Liberal Democrat presence indicates this. However, this is only speculation.

Finally, who were the biggest losers in the election? That would be UKIP. They made the biggest losses of that time, with 126 councillors lost, maintaining only 3 councillors overall in Derby. The most obvious reason for this is that most people see UKIP’s mission as a done deal, trusting the main parties very strongly with Brexit. The infighting that has been going on in the last few months, especially with the Henry Bolton and Jo Marney controversy, has not done their image any good either.

In conclusion, these results establish one thing: Britain is once again a two-party state. Labour and the Conservatives are baying at each other’s seats for power, all the while the Liberal Democrats are just creeping up, destined to perhaps stay around longer than one first thought. It clearly shows that they aren’t going away any time soon. The collapse of the UKIP vote and the lack of any major results for any of the other minor parties (with only the Green Party gaining some more councillors at 8 in total) indicates this only further.

The struggle between the LYING media and our broader euro-sceptic family

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Brexit will happen. Yes, it’s true, it might not be the hardest of Brexits that Ukip supporters or the hard right wing fringes of the Tory party expected, but it is still happening. Theresa May has distanced herself from any possibility to remain in a full scale Customs Union and Single Market as well.

Anyhow, it would not be realistically feasible to have one without having the other, as Britain is not exactly like Norway. Some people might be tired of reading about Brexit and all of its possible outcomes in the Mail or Telegraph everyday, while other staunch Brexiteers might have lost hope in the hard-Brexit they desired.

However, taking all of this into consideration, we do have to remind ourselves every now and then that as annoying and sometimes unfullfilling this process can be, Britain really has inspired the euro-sceptic masses in the geographical union to unite and act upon questioning the European Union’s ‘divine rule’. The whole system is slowly crumbling, Europeans scattered across the continent are now more euro-sceptic than ever, as they can look at Britain and believe that another world is possible.

Look at Italy for example, only a couple of days have passed since the official agreement to form a government between the two main euro-sceptic parties in the country, The League led by charismatic Matteo Salvini and the Five Star Movement which is home to the anti-Euro youngster Luigi Di Maio.

The two parties have agreed on one of the most anti-establishment figures of the wider Italian establishment elites, Giuseppe Conte. Conte is no social conservative, and not particularly right winger either, however he is certainly euro-sceptic and has admitted himself that the left has alienated ordinary working class Italians and not been able to protect individual rights and freedoms. If Conte was English, he would be some sort of Libertarian guy with a good haircut, and a Ukip party membership. He has defined himself “the lawyer of the good people”.

As expected, the Italian national mainstream media as well as the global one, have started bashing him and criticising his appointers for not providing enough information about his past expertise as a jurist and professor.

Someone from the deep-state even spread the rumour that Conte never went to university and his curriculum vitae was falsified. This turned out to be proven quite wrong after less than 48 hours. Also, poor Salvini and Di Maio who are working to build this new government alliance, have been dismissed as “modern day barbarians” by the Financial Times.

Apparently, the Wall Street globalist and capitalist gurus did not like the idea of having a party in Italy that would push for EU reform. They must have not liked Salvini’s masculine beard and cigarette-smoking habits either. These people are, after all, massive bigots.

The lying media have been using their scaremongering tactics to drive ordinary people against Brexit during the British campaign. The Guardian’s hippie-journalism style that is overly obsessed with racism that is not just present in our beloved UK. It is quite common across the channel aswell, and even beyond the Alps all the way down to Rome, and southern Europe.

After constant hateful pieces against Salvini’s League, written by left-wing Italian “Repubblica” paper, who are really the “cousins” of the far left French outlet AFP (Agence France Presse), branding Salvini as some sort of neo-fascist only because he has promised mass expulsions of illegal aliens and putting an end to immigration from Libya, it is clear that lefty-journalists have become a laughing stock.

Very few people listen to them now or deem them as credible. They are the ones who complained during an EU press conference in Strasbourg where Salvini gave a statement; they were bothered by the fact that non-affiliated and more neutral journalists clapped and shouted congrtulatory statements to Salvini himself who had just won an Italian election. One lady, who adressed Salvini directly in a rather rude tone, was invited by him to leave the room if she could not respect a politician who has just won an election.

The beauty of populist males like Salvini, with alpha characteristics, is that they manage to appeal to ordinary men and women. Males want to be just like Salvini, while females dream of having him as a companion. On another note, most Italians are statistically much poorer now than when they joined the Eurozone twenty years ago.

Apart from Italy, grandiose things are happening in France as well. Marion Le Pen launched yesterday in Lyon a new policy institute for the European conservative-thinking youth. It was officially inaugurated as the Institute of Social Science, Economics and Politics. ‘The Spectator’ has already discretly announced that this new “right-wing adventure” could effectively pose a threat to the monopoly of the left on young people. Meanwhile the ‘The Guardian’ has clearly stated that this policy-institute basically a training school for far-right leaders. They could be right.

Who cares what these lefties think, though? “Far-right” is just a buzzword or an insulting slur, invented by intolerants, who will not accept any form of social conservative values. Let us ignore these sad mainstream media fellows, and let us rejoice because finally someone with a lot of guts and money has decided to play the long-term game to save social conservatism. Respect for the French, and for Marion Le Pen, “the new Jeanne D’arc.”

We seriously do need to rejoice. The news from our own Britain but also from France and Italy should make us feel more optimistic about the future. Conservatives, and social ones especially, are no longer fragmented in one continent; we can now be united under the eternal banners of Nation, Tradition and Family.

As Kevin Wendall Crumb, magnificently played by James McAvoy in the even more magnificent Shyamalan film “Split”, says; “Rejoice, for the broken are the more evolved, rejoice.”

Will Brexit DEADLOCK Mean a SNAP Autumn General Election?

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Conservative MPs are reportedly preparing themselves for a snap general election over fears Theresa May will not be able to break the Brexit deadlock. Such a scenario would see a ‘no deal’ occurring or Theresa May backing down to the EU’s demands. If the Prime Minister backs down, a vote of no confidence will likely pass and a snap general election will be on the table.

Brexit negotiations reach their crunch verdict in autumn when EU leaders are due to meet and decide whether or not to sign off on the deal.

But the PM’s plans for a future partnership with the Brussels block has hit the buffers again amid a row over customs arrangements.

Some MPs are said to have spoken to their local party associations asking to be re-adopted as parliamentary candidates in preparation for an election later this year.

An un-named Tory MP told the Sunday Times: “It’s becoming clear there’s no compromise that will keep remainers such as Nicky Morgan, Anna Soubry and Dominic Grieve happy as well as the likes of myself and Jacob Rees-Mogg…

“The numbers are against us and if we face repeated defeats when the withdrawal bill returns to the Commons, the only alternative will be to kick over the table and trigger a vote of no confidence in the Prime Minister, which will likely lead to another general election.

“After speaking with like-minded colleagues, I have raised this with my association chairman and asked them to get on with readopting me as the candidate in my seat in anticipation that we could go to the polls as early as the autumn. I am even preparing my first leaflet drop for the summer.”

Labour MPs have also picked up on the prospect of a new election, with an unnamed MP saying: ‘I heard two separate reports from MPs who said they had heard Conservative MPs planning for an early election.’

May called a snap general election in June 2017 to try and widen her small majority in Parliament and improve her negotiation position. Instead, the Tories lost their majority and had to make a deal with the DUP to avoid a hung parliament.

Before the 2016 referendum, numerous senior politicians including the then prime minister and chancellor said that in the event of a Leave vote, the UK would leave the single market. So, MPs should respect the will of the people.

Women, your country needs you!

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I am struck by the tens of thousands of people who are joining the Football Lads Alliance and Veterans Against Terrorism marches, new media is springing up, citizen journalists and activists are joining together to defeat cultural Marxism that is turning this country into a very intolerant place.

We need more people – particularly women – to join us.

Are you part of the growing millions who are concerned about where our country is heading?

Whether it is jihadi terrorism, Brexit, immigration, controlling our borders, the violent gun, knife and acid attacks on our streets – you can have your say.

We never consented to whole towns and cities being taken over by alien cultures. Yet, you are now expected to cover your head in Tower Hamlets, small corner shops are being told not to serve alcohol and where English isn’t the first language, but is second or third.

We never consented to higher taxes, higher house prices so that our kids can’t afford a house, or our NHS being overburdened because of high immigration.

We never consented to free speech being shut down. This has happened since Tony Blair brought in the hate crime law which is being used against us, time and time again.

We never consented to our police force being cut. We never consented to our police being required to police the internet against free speech, and is being used against us, time and time again.

We never consented to our police advising those of you attending the World Cup not to fly the “imperialistic” or “antagonistic” St George’s flag. Where did this language come from, who authorised them to use it?

It’s our flag, we will fly it with pride. And a warning to those of you who are planning to travel to Russia for the World Cup, beware, the Russian police are much tougher than ours. I wouldn’t want to spend a night in their jails. Just a thought.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Don’t be silent any longer.

Ladies, tell this liberal left government of Mrs May, tell Jeremy Corbyn and his Marxists, that their vision of Britain is not ours. Tell the Lords that to stop Brexit by seeking a second referendum is unconstitutional and goes against the Salisbury Convention where the House of Lords does not oppose a government’s manifesto.

And when the deputy governor of the Bank of England talks down our economy by saying it is ‘menopausal’, let’s tell him that Brexit will be like an HRT boost in the arm, Brexit on oestrogen – powerful stuff!

Whether you’re a grandmother, teenager or inbetween, a wife or girlfriend, get involved. Attend our marches and debates. You can change the way we’re heading.

Come and meet us, come and meet me, let’s have a chat over a coffee or a glass of wine or beer.

Women, Britain needs You! Let’s Make Britain Great Again.

Brexit Threatened: Cabinet STUCK in Bitter Deadlock Over Customs Union

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The government has announced that a decision on the UK’s position on the customs union will be made next week.

Today’s announcement should be taken with a pinch of salt, however, as the government has said the decision will be made ‘next week’ three times now.

On Wednesday 2nd May the cabinet voted 6-5 in favour of a Brexit ‘maximum facilitation’ plan for the customs union, however, a final decision was delayed until the following week.

A week later, on Tuesday 8th May, the customs union was not discussed during the cabinet meeting and was again delayed until the next week. Two days later, the Prime Minister cancelled plans to discuss the customs union.

This brings us to today, where during a Cabinet sub-committee meeting, the decision was set to be announced ‘next week’.

Theresa May has reportedly rejected plans to stay in the customs union. Such a partnership would restrict the UK from making free trade deals, effectively destroying chances of a real Brexit.

However, ministers are at war over two customs proposals. The customs partnership – Mrs May’s preferred option – would see the UK collect tariffs on behalf of the EU and then pay them back. Brexiteers regard the proposal as unworkable and cumbersome – and they were joined by Sajid Javid and Gavin Williamson in criticising it at a tense ‘War Cabinet’ meeting last week.

The second option – maximum facilitation, or ‘Max Fac’, would see technology used to help ease trade with the EU for ‘trusted traders’.

But whips also fear Theresa May has no chance of getting the Brexiteers’ ‘Maximum Facilitation’ proposal through the Commons. At least a dozen Tory Remainer rebels are threatening to side with Labour in a looming vote on whether to stay in the customs union.

It is essential we are able to do our own trade deals and are governed by British law. This is what we voted for!

Home Office Concern For Illegal Immigrants’ Privacy HINDERS Deportation

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Digital Minister Margot James has announced a change to government procedure regarding the sharing of information between the NHS and the Home Office as part of the debate on the Data Protection Bill. Under a Memorandum of Understanding, this information had been shared since 2005.

Previously, the Home Office had used NHS records to track down illegal immigrants in some cases but will now only use them if the subject has committed a serious crime.

MPs, including Conservative Sarah Wollaston who tabled the amendments, said they were concerned about ‘patient confidentiality’.

So, there you have it – MPs are more concerned about the privacy of illegal immigrants than they are about their unauthorised use of our overstretched NHS which, according to official figures, already suffers an estimated £2bn burden through ‘Health Tourism’.

This ‘privacy’ will also hinder the Home Office still further in their attempts to deport the unknown number of illegals residing here within the UK.

Furthermore, this whole ‘Data Protection Bill’ debate is a farce – the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation is being enforced under EU directive on 25th May and the UK must comply irrespective of what is discussed from the Green Benches.

It would appear that the delays in our leaving the European Union are not only contributing to further red tape that costs UK businesses millions in compliance but also hindering Government attempts to protect our sovereign borders and remove lawbreakers.

It is high time that we rejected this legislation and implemented Brexit immediately, with or without a deal.
You also have to wonder about the priorities of MPs such as Ms Wollaston.

Is the United Nations genuinely anti-British now?

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The League of Nations was an intergovernmental organisation born in 1920, just after the end of one of the greatest tragedies humanity witnessed; The Great War. The League was one of the first, if not the very first, peace-promoting institution that had an inclusive approach to preventing diplomatic and military crisis among European nations. It included Britain of course.

While the League of Nations did not exactly work out to perfection, since another, perhaps even worse war, occurred in no time, it did provide a few years of stability and a sense of civility among the great powers of the first half of the 20th century; Britain, France, the Soviet Union and even Italy and Spain.

It was an elegant consortium of nations, led by strong men of valour and intellect, who did not really believe they could achieve real disarmament and to be able to combine their foreign policies but tried to regardless, at least for some time. Europe itself knew it needed a break, needed to heal, from the 1914 catastrophe.

Within its limits, the League of Nations was certainly still a respectable of institution. Unfortunately, the same cannot always be said about today’s “modern” and “progressive-thinking” league; the United Nations. Let us make no mistake, the existance of the United Nations is still helpful and necessary for the world, and will remain so for the near future.

Nonetheless, serious accusations against Britain were made very recently by a UN rapportour named Tendayi Achiume. The insane anti-British allegations were not only a series of rather unenlightened provocations, which are undoubtedly unhelpful at such a delicate stage of negotiations between Britain and the European Union, but are also quite frankly the demonstration of an inhumane and extremely partisan or even biased manner of handling discourse by part of the UN.

Tendayi Achiume, speaking on behalf of the UN at a Conference in the heart of London, clearly stated that Brexit was a disaster as it led to a high rise in ‘discrimination and intolerance’. Oh dear, those two words again. Any British conservative who hears those words is by now probably nauseated or feels as if they are suddenly back in university, getting lectured by an annoying political sciences professor. Achiume very much resembles one of those types, who are by the way over-represented at any British academic institution.

According to Achiume, there has been a rise in different forms of racism, including anti-Semitism after the Brexit vote. Let us focus on this point for a brief second. If one is an anti-Semite in Britain it is obviously not Brexit which would have triggered that sort of appalling behaviour. What in the world does Brexit have to do with anti-Jewish sentiment? Simple answer: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Brexit is intended to mainly restrict immigration from European nations, and most certainly not Israel or for that matter any countries that have a non-white majority.

Also, most statistics that have been made available by Guardian scaremongers and others right after Brexit, such as the increase of hate-crime by 3% and the reported number of 1,382 incidents have been proved to be unreliable by most respectable news outlets while government officials have not ever indicated that those numbers were correct.

This is mainly due to the fact that “hate crime” is an intricate matter to assess. The truth is that anyone can accuse someone of “crime” of this nature, while having little to no evidence. Hate crime is literally based on people’s perceptions and feelings.

We live in a society today that gives too much importance to feelings, rather than facts. In Britain, 70% of the hate crimes reported turn out to be proven false or incorrect in court. The statistcal “evidence” that leftists, and organisations like the UN prefer to focus on are only reports of hate crime made by minorities. Honestly, this is hardly evidence at all.

Ever since the day of independence, 23rd of June 2016, global organisations that promote liberalism and post-modernism like the UN or the EU itself have had very disrespectful things to say about Britain. They cannot bear the fact that one nation opted out of the Kalergi Plan that aims to destroy national identities throughout Europe. Thankfully, Britain will soon be able to return to control its borders and economy, becoming a centralised state again.

This certainly won’t stop delusional people like Achiume from believing everything is racist. Every now and then she should be presented with facts, such as that in late 2016 and early 2017 the two most significant crimes that occured on minorities in Britain were not a result of racial hate or tension since they were either carried out against each other by people belonging to the same ethnic group or by cliques of youngsters against other youngsters, an example being the popular case in the destitute suburban area of Harrow, where Polish man Arkadiusz Jozwik was murdered by a 16-year old.

Achiume was not thinking very clearly before she went on to spew her anti-British propaganda, which is very common among the progressive ‘intelligentsia’ circles of today. She must have not done a lot of research. Next time she comes to Britain she should perhaps be invited to visit the Calais jungle in France. She can speak to the refugees, and she will find out that the majority of them cannot wait to enter the United Kingdom to start a new life. Why would they want to come here if this was such a racist and intolerant country, Mrs Achiume?

If she doesn’t like Britain, next time she could give her wonderful speeches on human rights and liberalism to a crowd in Afghanistan, Indonesia, Gaza, or Zimbabwe, I’m sure over there they will treat her magnificently, not like us arrogant and intolerant Westerners.

Covert clause agreed by Lords could REVERSE Brexit just WEEKS before exit day

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This week saw another attempted by the unelected House of Lords to thwart the will of 17.4m people by voting to change the EU withdrawal bill.

Gravy train riders such as Lord Kinnock and Adonis who earn substantial amounts of money from the EU have their snouts well and truly in the trough at the expense of our democracy.

A recent government petition to abolish the Lords rocketed over the required 100k signatures in a matter of days following the news. Abolishing the Lords is overkill but a reform is long overdue and it is fair to say that this is a glorified retirement home.

The most concerning aspect of this is that those in the Lords are so out of touch with the ordinary people, they are complexly oblivious to the backlash that could very well take place if democracy is cheated, something that has been witnessed in history before.

The senior House of Commons researcher Christopher Howarth warned that the “ambitious” and “vague” amendment was deliberately worded in such a way to make it difficult to understand, while still granting the peers the power to destroy Brexit.

Blogging on the Brexit Central site, Mr Howarth explained there are a series of separate “triggers” contained within clauses of the amendment which could “force the government to re-negotiate its Withdrawal Agreement with the EU”.

He said if all the triggers are all activated, they could ultimately lead to the Lords vetoing the Government’s Brexit deal.

He warned Peers could then then potentially block ministers from pushing ahead without an agreement – throwing the exit process into complete disarray just weeks before the UK is scheduled to split from the EU!

Mr Howarth said if this were to happen, it would be too late for the EU to reopen negotiations, and may pave the way to Britain remaining in the bloc.

He said: “That is their Lordships’ plan: throw as much mud as possible into the system and hope it fails.” The EU could suggest a delay in Article 50, staying in the EU or remaining in the Single Market/Customs Union… for a price.

The Lords must quickly understand that the will of the British people and the silent majority is a forced to be reckoned with. We shall not stand idly by while these old farts try to destroy everything we hold dear.

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