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MEPs get drunk during working hours at taxpayers’ expense

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The European Parliament has announced it is renovating the MEPs’ restaurant and lounge, and is also extending the bar at a cost of €200,000.

Refurbishment works in the Altiero Spinelli building will begin in January 2018 and last for six months. MEPs received a note on their intranet site informing them:

In the framework of the catering policy adopted by the Bureau… to better accommodate Members’ needs and to adapt and modernise existing infrastructures, a refurbishing project of the Members’ restaurant and lounge in Brussels will start next year…To ensure high quality and functional service to Members’ parliamentary work, the Members’ Bar next to the Hemicycle in Strasbourg has been extended with new facilities.

In April this year, the European Parliament approved plans for the new 80-seat bar in Strasbourg, which replaced a library. There is also another bar in the Altiero Spinelli building which will remain open during the refurbishment.

The Altiero Spinelli building is named after one of the founding fathers of the EU who was a communist politician and Euro-federalist from Italy. This is apt as it seems the EU is trying to create a Western European version of the USSR.

So, MEPs and Eurocrats will continue to get drunk on taxpayers’ money! What other workplace has an onsite bar?

It is a demonstration of the contempt these politicians have for the people they are supposed to represent. There are plenty of restaurants, bars and other places in Brussels and Strasbourg – they should use them instead (but of course they won’t be subsidised and it might mean the Euro-elite have to mingle with the proles and realise how much a pint actually costs ordinary people).

Thank goodness we’re leaving!

New law states animals must be treated as sentient beings post-Brexit

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A new law was today published by the government to say that it must treat animals as “sentient beings” when it makes laws in future.

Michael Gove MP promised to “make Brexit work not just for citizens but for the animals we love and cherish too”.

The welcome draft law also increases the maximum sentence for serious animal cruelty to five years in jail and states that the government “must have regard to the welfare needs of animals as sentient beings in formulating and implementing government policy”.

Gove said: “Animals are sentient beings who feel pain and suffering, so we are writing that principle into law and ensuring that we protect their welfare. Our plans will also increase sentences for those who commit the most heinous acts of animal cruelty to five years in jail”.

One area not discussed however was the slaughtering of animals for Halal which many animal rights campaigners see as barbaric when the method of non-stunning is used and argue that it is extremely cruel.

To date there is nothing to stop this practice within the UK due to its membership with the EU that states “EU legislation grants exceptions from stunning for religious groups…”

The rise in Halal meat being common place in the British food-chain has caused alarm for many.

“We absolutely are not demanding people be forced to eat non-halal meat, but we do, and rightly so, insist that farm animals are treated with dignity. If someone will only eat meat procured by a form of slaughter that is abusive to animals, better they avoid eating meat at all. It is as simple as that,” Luke Nash-Jones, Director of the People’s Charter Foundation said in support of a Lancashire council voting to ban schools from serving non-stunned halal meat.

Many have criticised the RSPCA’s lack of support on this issue suggesting the charity is worried about its funding but today David Bowles, the RSPCA’s head of public affairs, said the plans were “potentially great news” for animals post-Brexit.

He said: “To include the recognition of animal sentience as well as increasing animal cruelty sentencing to five years into the new 2018 Animal Welfare Bill is a very bold and welcome move by the government.”

The law comes after a recent vote by Lancashire Council to ban halal food in its schools.

Bigoted Xmas pantomime actors SHUN democracy, Brexit and Trump

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This year, many pantomime actors are incorporating jokes at the expense of Brexit and Trump supporters.

For example, Cinderella at the Hackney Empire (a Remain stronghold in east London) has the Italian rascal Dandini being threatened with deportation. A yellow-wigged Trump is banned from the ball and exits to booing.

At the nearby Theatre Royal in Stratford East, where Rapunzel has opened, Albert Mouse asks: “So Rapunzel, are you going to leave or remain?” Rapunzel replies: “Albert, I’m sick of this conversation. I’m remaining. Only an idiot would leave.”

As Harold tries to rescue Sleeping Beauty at the Clwyd Theatr in Mold, Flintshire, he says: “Sire, this castle is now just like Ukip.” Harold then adds: “It’s utterly pointless.”

Jack and the Beanstalk at the Lyric Hammersmith, west London, covers most bases: the evil landlord is called Squire Theresa Nigel Boris Donald Fleshcreep Rees-Mogg.

People go to pantomimes for entertainment, not to be lectured or ridiculed on their political beliefs. This is a blatant rejection of the will of the people, which is the definition of fascism.

They should be politically neutral so as not to alienate any section of their audience – there are plenty of good jokes that don’t involve politics. Especially since pantomimes are popular with impressionable young children, the actors should not seek to be politically biased.

BREAKING: Tories release plan to stay in the EU

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A statement on the Tories’ own EU website, New Deal for Britain, says they are campaigning for Britain to stay in the EU. Their website says, “if not stopped, Brexit will result in an outright lose-lose situation for both the EU and Britain”. There is something even worse than Theresa May’s shoddy Brexit deal. Here we tell you what this promised negotiation round two is going to lead to.

All British political parties belong to an EU bloc. The Tories are not just a very active part of the ECR (The European Conservatives and Reformists), but David Cameron created it. The group is even chaired by the Tory MEP Syed Kamall; the Tories’ top Eurosceptic, who worked in banking and academia.

They have set up a website, featuring a British bulldog, that states Britain should to be offered a new EU membership deal, where it stays in the EU but will have a greater degree of autonomy.

The actual statement: “Three former Presidents of the BDI, the Federation of German Industries (the equivalent of the British CBI) Hans-Olaf Henkel, Klaus-Michael Kühne, Michael Rogowski and Heinrich Weiss, as well as Roland Berger, founder of the international consulting company of the same name, Manfred Schneider, former CEO of Bayer and Economics Professor Hans-Werner Sinn, are calling on all Europeans who believe that the EU can only be a true European Union with Britain as a member. They are convinced that Brexit CAN be averted, but only if the EU offers ‘A New Deal for Britain’. Such a deal must allow Britain more autonomy”.

It basically says, “Hey EU, we want to stay. Promise the thicko British voters some power, they won’t get, hahahahaha, and we can stay in EU”.

A supposed best of both worlds, which rather clashes with Martin Schulz’s recent demand to accept the United Stated of Europe, or get out. We know the EU is like a ratchet that moves forward and is not reversible; it is about ever closer union – so we call on you not to fall for this scam, but to support the nationwide Brexit protests by the People’s Charter Foundation on the 14th of January 2018.

The ECR campaign, backed by the May government, clearly states, “advocates for Brexit failed to communicate the true impact it would have on the economy.” The document pushes for some meeting halfway, talking as if both Brexiteers and Remoaners were at fault, and a compromise must be found.

This halfway position is totally needless – the vote of the people was a clear mandate for Brexit; the European Communities Act could have been repealed, and the EU would come begging for a trade deal, and have to accept Britian’s terms. We believe that Theresa May was chosen by the Tory HQ, who shoved Leadsom out the race, to ensure real Brexit never happens.

Tory party and German CBI backed call for Britain to stay in EU

Into this document is thrown some typical Cameronesque #ProjectFear, “It has also emerged that keeping the border open between Ireland and Northern Ireland without Britain’s continuing membership in a common market may well be impossible. This entails significant risks for peace on the island.”

Clearly out of touch with the common people, who voted for a cut in immigration, the arrogant champagne socialists mutter, “we appeal to London to recognise that it underestimated the complexities of Brexit and its economic and political drawbacks. With a New Deal from the EU, Britain will be able to say that it finally got what it really wanted.”

Heseltine confirms support for United States of Europe

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The former deputy prime minister Lord Heseltine has told radio station LBC he believes in a United States of Europe.

Lord Heseltine told Iain Dale on LBC when asked if he wanted a United States of Europe, said: “Yes I do really, let’s not muck about.

“Why? Because I first heard the words in 1948 ‘we must create a kind of United States of Europe’ – who used the words? Winston Churchill.

“What I don’t have any difficulty about in the world in which we live is in sharing with our European colleagues a range of important decisions to give us the scale and influence and clout that the giants of tomorrow’s world; China, India, the United States have already got.”

You can watch the full interview here:

This came just hours after the head of Germany’s Social Democrats called for ever-closer European integration by 2025. In a speech at a party conference in Berlin on Thursday, Martin Schulz called for the EU to be turned into a “United States of Europe”, and any member state who disagrees would automatically leave the EU.

It’s interesting how rabid Europhile federalists have come out of the woodwork saying they want a United States of Europe, despite saying for years that it wasn’t going to happen.

Royal Mail says there will NOT be a Brexit Day stamp

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Royal Mail today said it will not produce a stamp to celebrate Brexit day – despite bringing out a collection to mark Britain joining the European Economic Community – a precursor to the EU – in 1973.

There had been calls among Brexiteers for the Royal Mail to issue a special collection on March 29 2019 when the UK reclaims its full sovereignty. But the organisation has rebuffed the demands saying ‘it does not intend to issue a stamp’ to mark the exit.

A spokesman for Ukip said: “The Royal Mail – an organisation that gave the EU’s London embassy its own postcode and celebrates everything from Star Wars to the Beano, can’t be bothered to record the date of our departure from the EU.”

The original stamps which marked the UK joining the EEC showed the a Union Jack emblazoned UK jigsaw piece slotting into a bigger European puzzle.

This just goes to show that the establishment are still not accepting Brexit, especially after Theresa May’s weak deal that was announced yesterday. May has signed us up to a EU Lite membership where they will have many powers over us for years to come. Some have said that there isn’t much point in producing a stamp to commemorate leaving the EU in name only, as the UK will effectively remain in the single market and obeying ECJ rules for years.

Luke Nash-Jones, Director of the People’s Charter Foundation said, “Perhaps the new stamp should feature Merkel’s backside, so the liberal elite may continue licking it, even if we ever do leave the EU!”

Sweden: Fake refugees responsible for 300% increase in HIV cases

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The number of HIV-related illness in Sweden has risen sharply from 1,684 in 2006 to 6,273 in 2016. That’s an increase of almost 300%.

According to Anders Tegnell of the Public Health Authority, this surge can be explained by the intake of fake refugees from countries where HIV is a major problem.

Publicly available health figures in Sweden show that the number of new cases was relatively constant from the late 1980s through the early 21st century. Since then there was a steep increase.

“There are more and more people living with HIV, because you no longer die of AIDS,” Tegnell said.

Pamela Geller says, “What did you think would be the state of public health in the new post-hijrah Sweden? With New Year’s Eve mass rapes, music festivals sex attacks, women attacked in open markets, and more, it was inevitable that Sweden would become a cesspool of sexually transmitted diseases and all the attendant misery.”

“With Swedish authorities doing nothing to stop the rape jihad, the HIV rate is only going to go higher, and higher, and higher. Before too long, Sweden’s HIV rate will resemble that of the African states from which these Muslim migrants have come. Its crime rate will resemble theirs as well, but after that will follow the peace of sharia, and women who are raped will simply be honor-murdered. The HIV rate will go down then.”

Brexit rage following ‘Theresa the Appeaser’ deal

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Brexiteers were enraged today following a deal that many see as the UK leaving in name only and questioned whether the UK would ever depart the EU as voted for in last year’s historic referendum.

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage led the barrage of anger telling the BBC that the estimated bill was “way more than we need to pay” and that he was furious the European Court of Justice (ECJ) would continue to have a role for up to eight years. “The whole thing is humiliating. We have collapsed at every level!”

Twitter was in overdrive following the reported deal with a general feeling of despair including a suggestion that being a remain campaigner, Theresa May’s heart was never going to be in the place to execute the will of the electorate: “The only way to stop May’s traitorous Brexit deal is a leadership challenge. Her deal effectively overturns the Brexit vote. It was her plan from the very beginning to undermine Brexit and we must get rid of her. Corbyn may as well be in power May is no different to Labour!”

The silence of Brexiteer cabinet members such as Davis and Johnson has also caused concern for those expecting a clean break from the EU as questions surround their loyalty.

Although the Prime Minister feels progress is being made, the deal has all the elements of a ‘soft Brexit’ which could prove costly for her premiership over the next few months with support growing for Jacob Rees-Mogg gaining strength by the day.

LEAKED Brexit deal: Mrs Maybe has no intent to close our borders with the EU

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LEAKED: Mrs Maybe has no intent to close our borders with the EU. Immigration will remain high!

Luke Nash-Jones, Director of the People’s Charter Foundation said, “We have long said that Mrs Maybe is dragging her heels, taking us into a needless negotiation to meet halfway, when she could just repeal the ECA. Now her Brexit deal has been leaked, and it’s exactly what we warned of: a betrayal of the people.

“We voted for an end to open borders, but our voice means nothing to her. More than ever, there is a need for all Leave voters, whatever party, to support our non-partisan Brexit rallies.”

The key points are as follows:

  • Theresa Maybe has agreed to pay its supposedly outstanding liabilities or the “divorce bill” in full – expected to be a gross of around £80bn and a net payment, once the UK’s share of assets is taken into account, of circa £40bn.
  • There will be no earnings threshold (or other bureaucratic hurdles faced by people from outside the EU) for relatives living in the UK on or before the date of withdrawal.
  • Regards Ulster, the UK has agreed that in the absence of “specific solutions” – that’s technological workarounds to you and me – to prevent a hard border, it will align with the rules of the single market and customs union.
  • That last point is of greatest concern. This Brexit plan has the UK set to be in the customs union and maintaining open borders with the jihadi-infested Continent.

This a terrible betrayal. People voted for Brexit to regain control of our borders, to cut immigration.

One Labour MP said this morning: “The party that says ‘Never, never’ for Ulster has said ‘Oui, oui, oui’ for the whole UK.”

EU freedom of movement laws allow convicted rapists to come to Britain

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Two Romanian brothers have been jailed for 12 years after they tied a woman up with shoelaces and raped her in her own home in Ealing, West London – but they’d already served time in a French prison for a similar offence and were allowed into Britain because of EU open borders.

Ovidiu Mamaliga, 30, and Andrei Mamaliga, 28, attacked the woman in May just months after their release from prison following a rape sentence in France in 2016. They befriended their victim on her doorstep before attacking her, tying her up with shoelaces and raping her. The police fear there may be other victims of the brothers who are yet to come forward.

Deportation orders have been made for both once their sentences have been completed; however, it has proven difficult to deport EU criminals, with the Ministry of Justice revealing in November that a deal meant to have facilitated the deportation of just over 4,000 EU inmates has resulted in just 217 being removed from the UK since 2011.

Cases like these highlight the dangers posed by EU open borders. Once someone is in the EU, they can travel to other member states almost without restriction. It lets criminals wander around a continent with impunity and puts people’s lives at risk. Anyone with a criminal record should be denied entry to the UK.

In 2014, schoolgirl Alice Gross was murdered by Latvian builder Arnis Zalkalns, who had previously been jailed for murder in his home country. He had served seven years for battering his wife to death in Latvia but came to the UK without the authorities checking his record.

After the terror attacks in Paris in November 2015, there was alarm that the killers had so easily slipped into France from Belgium, and that some had entered the EU with crowds of migrants via Greece.

The wealthy globalist elites who want us to stay in the EU and the single market are safe in their gated mansions while ordinary working class people have to bear the consequences. They believe that money is more important than people’s safety – they would rather stay in the single market and have free movement of people, even if it means the risk of allowing convicted rapists and murderers into the country.

Electoral Commission launches investigation into allegations of Russian interference in UK votes

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The Electoral Commission has launched an investigation into allegations of Russian interference in last year’s Brexit referendum and the 2017 general election.

“It would be naive to assume that what we know happened in the US and France around their elections did not and could not happen here,” Sir John Holmes, the head of the Electoral Commission told BBC Today.

“And there has been evidence coming from the US inquiry that some of that activity was happening.

“What we have done is asked companies like Twitter, Google and Facebook to tell us what was happening here in the same way they did in the US.”

That’s a nice way to deflect attention away from the fact the establishment LOST badly despite all the lies and pro-EU propaganda from the government during the referendum campaign. Come to think of it, when is someone going to investigate all those lies?

While you’re at it, you could look at double voting by students due to the complete absence of identity checks, and the scourge of the first-past the post (FPTP) voting system which blocks any real change and protects the major incumbent parties.

But no, predictably the problem is ‘Russian meddling’.

Jacob Rees-Mogg humiliates May in PMQs showdown.

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An already bruising week for Theresa May got worse when mocked about her negotiating skills with the EU by Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Rees-Mogg said: “Before my Right Honourable Friend next goes to Brussels, will she apply a new coat of paint to her red lines because I fear on Monday they were beginning to look a little bit pink” to roars of laughter in the Commons.

This follows the humiliating blow she suffered after the DUP pulled the rug out from underneath a deal on Monday when the coalition party saved Brexit by insisting that Northern Ireland would leave only on the same deal as the rest of the UK. This happened after it was revealed in a leaked draft paper that Mrs May planned to have “continued regulatory alignment” between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland.

It appears that faith in Theresa May’s premiership is dwindling fast as many Brexiteers are losing confidence in her ability to negotiate and fight Britain’s corner as Thatcher would have done proudly in the 1980s with claims of “She’s no Maggie” or “She couldn’t negotiate her way out of a paper bag!”.

Speaking this evening to Nigel Farage (LBC) on his ‘reddest of red lines’ he said: “It’s always the European Court of Justice (ECJ) because it seems to me as long as we remain under the European Court of Justice we haven’t left the European Union”.

“If we accept, which I think would be a huge error, regulatory alignment at least if we’re outside the ECJ we would then be able to change that later.

“So the reddest of red lines is the ECJ, I’m very deeply concerned about regulatory alignment because that denies us one of the great benefits of leaving but it is a secondary red line to the ECJ.”

Following the recent scolding from ‘Moggy’, there is growing support for the backbencher to become the next leader of the Conservative party with ‘Moggmentum’ gathering pace. A recent poll by Conservative Home found that Jacob Rees-Mogg is up from 15 per cent to 18 per cent. Michael Gove was seven per cent last month; he is now on 12 per cent, and is the second named candidate, behind Rees-Mogg.

Many Brexiteers will feel that Jacob is the only current viable option to lead and ensure that a ‘hard’ Brexit is achieved after the recent capitulation.

The most weak and spineless Prime Minister we have ever had?

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Similar to Cameron’s disastrous attempts to renegotiate a deal with the EU, today we saw another pathetic attempt by a weak leader who is coming back to the UK with her tail between her legs.

There are whispers that the UK was prepared to accept that Northern Ireland could remain in the EU’s customs union and single market in all but name. Theresa May’s capitulation on the Irish border has seen her yet again bullied by the EU dictatorship that has opened a can of worms.

Following reports that Northern Ireland could regain “regulatory alignment”, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon stated that there is “surely no good practical reason” that Scotland could not do the same. Additionally London Mayor Sadiq Khan has also suggested that there could be “huge ramifications” and would look to seek a similar deal. This is a colossal error – May is threatening the United Kingdom’s cohesion in a time where unity is much sought after but lacking.

Many argue that May was never the right candidate to lead the negotiations given she was a Remain campaigner and never wanted to leave: it shows. She appears to have worked to undermine and frustrate Brexit from the start. She delayed Article 50 for months, has not started any trade deals with other countries, upset our greatest ally in the United States and wants to pay a £50bn bill to the EU that has no legal standing. One could argue that she is working on a deal so bad that it will only encourage calls to remain – that could be her ultimate goal.

There is a growing rumbling of discontent from the 17.4 million mainly silent Brexiteers and a high feeling of betrayal where nothing but a hard Brexit and rejecting of a “divorce’ payment will be satisfactory. The British lion has indeed been awakened.

Politicians often forget that they are elected to serve us and not the other way round. Time is running short for Theresa to make her mark in history for positive reasons, not for the most weak and spineless Prime Minister the country has ever had.

We are full up: 572,000 people moved to Britain each year

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Five hundred and seventy two thousand people (572,000) people came to live in the UK in the year to June 2017 reports the Office of National Statistics.

Just think about that for a minute.

The BBC recently ran the headline that immigration had fallen after Brexit but the typical spin applied by the pro-EU organisation masked the fact that the net figure was still in excess of 230,000 people. In reality this is still a staggering figure given we are still adding a Birmingham (the second largest city in the UK after London) every 4 years. This figure is simply unsustainable and it is not including the number of illegal immigrants.

The left will of course shout ‘racist’ when one talks of controlling numbers but these are the very first people to complain when they can’t get an appointment at the doctors, their children can’t move out due to the housing crisis or their town is becoming gridlocked due to the extra 2.69 million new cars registered in the UK last year.

The fact is that our public services are failing despite additional funding because our infrastructure simply cannot keep up the pace of immigration despite promises by the government to do so. Theresa May failed to control immigration in her 6 years as Home Secretary so do not expect it to improve any time soon.

The UK has taken more than her fair share of the 5% who are genuine refugees. The UN charter states that refugees must reside in the first country of safety, so why is Saudi Arabia not taking Syrians in?

Towns and cities across the country are seeing a rise in homelessness and there is a storm brewing given that it is common knowledge that migrants are getting preferential treatment over many Brits including those who have served their country.

The multiculturalism project inspired by the treacherous Tony Blair has been a total disaster. Many parts of the UK such as my own see whole areas dominated by economic migrants who have no wish to integrate with the British, having their own shops and places of worship it has rendered many areas unrecognisable from a decade ago. Houses are being bought up and cut up into small bedsits for migrants and even garages/sheds; this is turning many areas slowly into slums.

Walking around my town it never ceases to amaze me how many different languages I hear; it has had an irreversible impact on the landscape. It is not unreasonable to request that those who do come to reside in our country embrace our culture and our way of life so we can preserve it. If visiting your neighbour, you would not rearrange the furniture.

Damage limitation the only thing we can now hope for and it is clear that skilled migration is needed due to the population explosion. We do need doctors/nurses etc but we do not need migrants such as more car washers. This country must immediately implement an Australian points based system so we can obtain the skills that will benefit our country.

We were never asked if we wanted this and we never voted for this, we have once again been betrayed. Make no mistake, mass immigration has been encouraged by large corporations in order to exploit cheap labour and drive up profits. This stagnates our wages and reduces our quality of life.

We must stand united against the government machine and say enough is enough! There is simply no more room at the Inn.

Top Brexiteer says don’t let EU graduates stay in Britain

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Top Tory Brexiteer Sir Bill Cash has said that after Brexit, EU graduates who studied in Britain should not be automatically granted the right of residency.

There were 127,440 EU citizens studying at UK universities between 2015-2016.

He made the comment at the ‘Brexit Red Lines’ event in Parliament on Thursday. The event was organised by The Bow Group, the UK’s oldest conservative think tank. Sir Bill said that residency rights of EU graduates should not be offered during Brexit negotiations.

He added that he would not expect any UK citizen studying in a foreign country to be given the automatic right to stay at the end of their studies.

EU will ban kebabs from British takeaways

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After a Friday night out, many of us like to grab a good old kebab, but the EU says no.

The European Union is considering passing law to ban the popular snack because of the phosphates that it contains. The additive is currently allowed in fresh meat, but there is no explicit regulation on its use in frozen döner meat skewers as a means of retaining water and flavour in the meat.

The doner sandwich is in fact a recent European interpretation of the Turkish roast classic which was introduced to Germany by immigrants from Turkey. In recent years the ‘Berlin doner’ variety has even spread to London and New York, but it could be banned because of their links to cardiovascular disease.

There have been accusations of ‘doner discrimination’ because some sausages that contain phosphates would still be allowed.

The kebab issue came up when the EU’s executive Commission proposed to officially authorise the use of phosphates in the lamb, mutton, beef or veal that goes onto a shop spit.

Some other meats had previously received such clearance. The proposal ran into trouble in the European Parliament earlier this week when its Health Committee voted 32-22 to oppose it. The committee claimed there are “serious health concerns” surrounding the use of phosphate, citing a 2012 scientific review which linked the additive to heart disease.

Other assessments have however disputed the link. An EU citizen consumes as much phosphate in a whole year through the intake of döner as they would by drinking 1.5 litres of Coke.

A rejection by the full Parliament when it meets in two weeks would send the proposal back to the Commission – and keep the mighty kebab lingering in limbo.

UK tech industry SNUBBED by EU investment agency

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THE British Business Bank (BBB) has stepped in to financially assist a new technology fund after the European Union’s investment agency, the European Investment Fund (EIF), announced it will not be supporting it following the Brexit vote. This is in spite of the fact that the UK is still contributing fully to the EU budget.

Many tech companies’ requests for funds were frozen alongside this year following the triggering of Article 50. The EIF is majority owned by the European Investment Bank and is a huge source of funds for British venture capitalists.

The BBB has contributed £36million of the £60m fund and following Brexit is expected to be a main player in investing in UK tech.

A Treasury spokesman said : “We are clear that UK companies should be able to access EIB funding on equal terms as other member states while the UK remains a member of the EU.

“While we work to make sure this happens, we have taken action to support business investment by authorising the British Business Bank to increase its support for venture capital funds and have offered construction guarantees on infrastructure projects.”

It is outrageous that we are still paying full contributions into the EU’s budget (to which we are a net contributor, don’t forget), but they have already started denying the UK access to funds like these.  What makes this worse is that it was recently revealed that the EU investment bank will owe Britain money for 35 years after Brexit. The institution’s chief Alexander Stubb said Britain would not get its £3.1 billion, 16 per cent stake back in full until 2054.

The solution is simple – get out of all the EU’s institutions as the people voted for that. Then start negotiating. Stop funding the EU now, as that is what we voted for.

David Dimbleby CAUGHT OUT admitting BBC Question Time audience has a pro-EU bias

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During last night’s episode of Question Time, host David Dimbleby shouted out “there are a lot of Remainers here tonight”, part way through guest Sarah Baxter’s answer to a question.

Scarborough, where the TV show was filmed, voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU in the Brexit referendum, yet the majority of the studio audience and the panel were pro-Remain. When Dimbleby picked several people from the audience to give their views, they all revealed they voted to remain, and the panel also had a heavy Remoaner bias – a ratio of four to one.

Chartists protest against BBC bias

Yet Scarborough residents voted to leave the EU by 62%, showing how out of touch the BBC is with the general population.

After making his remark, Dimbleby quickly moved on, because he must have realised that it would re-ignite the long-standing accusations of bias within the BBC.

Viewers at home were quick to condemn the bias:

If anyone thinks Dimbleby is neutral, take a look at him when he announced the referendum result on the morning of the 24th June 2016. He and the other BBC commentators were stunned!

For an organisation with British in its title, the BBC are a disgrace. Their anti- democratic view against the will of the British public, following the EU referendum (not forgetting their bias in the run-up to the vote) is appalling and the sooner the licence fee is scrapped the better.

Trump cancels visit to UK, while Theresa grovels to the EU and Saudi

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Donald Trump’s planned “working visit” to the UK has been cancelled, by himself, after bleeding-heart liberal Theresa May’s foolish, stubborn decision to attack our greatest trade partner in public.

The dripping wet lefty prime minister said the no-nonsense straight-talking president was “wrong” to share videos purporting to show Muslims committing horrific acts of violence, including a homophobic act of murder. Theresa remains incredibly silent on the increasing terror problem in the UK, even denying it is Islamic terrorism, and is more concerned with shutting down those who speak the truth.

Donald rebuked Mrs Maybe, telling her: “Don’t focus on me, focus on the destructive Radical Islamic Terrorism that is taking place within the United Kingdom. We are doing just fine!”

News that the president has cancelled a planned “working visit” to open the new U.S. embassy in London came in the early hours of the following morning.

Britain trades more with the USA than the EU. However, if Theresa has blown our chance of a trade deal with the Americans, this could possibly be used by her as a justification to stay in the EU, or to at least have something like a Norway deal.

From her coughing up of £50 billion that never needed to be paid to the EU, it is clear she is not serious about leaving, but is stringing us all along. This will serve to the benefit of the Union of the Mediterranean, and the Saudi-led OPEC countries, who would not appreciate a stronger Anglosphere.

Public opinion of Theresa May HITS THE FLOOR

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Theresa May has plunged to her lowest leadership ratings yet, with just a third of the public satisfied with her, an exclusive poll reveals today.

At the same time, the Conservatives are scoring worse than when David Cameron was in government for being “divided”, “fit to govern” or offering a “good team of leaders”.

The findings by pollsters Ipsos MORI come after a disastrous party conference speech, two Cabinet resignations, sex scandals, Tory warfare over Brexit, and cancellation of Trump’s state visit to the UK.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn’s ratings have declined, with 42 per cent satisfied (unchanged) and 49 per cent dissatisfied (+4), or -7 overall.

Outrage as EU blames Brexit voters for surge in ISIS terror attacks

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The EU’s Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier has provoked fury with a speech in Berlin where he implied that Brexit Britain is somehow ducking the fight with Islamist terrorism.

Barnier said: “More than 500 days ago, the United Kingdom took the sovereign decision to leave the European Union and bring to an end 44 years of common history. To many of us this came as a great shock. It was a decision taken against the backdrop of a strategic repositioning by our American ally, which has gathered pace since the election of Donald Trump.

“It was a decision that came after a series of attacks on European soil, committed by young people who grew up in Europe, in our countries. It was a decision that came six months after the French Minister of Defence issued a call for solidarity to all his European counterparts to join forces to fight the terrorism of Daesh.”

It is disgraceful of Barnier to blame Brexit supporters for the surge in terror attacks, especially as the UK, which has suffered a string of terror attacks in 2017 so far, has been at the forefront of the fight against ISIS. Of course, we will still be able to co-operate with other European nations on issues of national security, even after we leave the EU.

Barnier’s comments drew an immediate response from Brexit campaigners.

Luke Nash-Jones, Director of the People’s Charter Foundation says, “Barnier is ProjectFear on steroids. First the EU denied they are building an army, and now they have the damn cheek to say our refusal to give up our military, our vote for Brexit, our support of Trump, caused the surge in ISIS attacks on the Continent.”

“How dare the surrender-monkey try such spin! The truth is that the EU is flooded with Islamists because it simply doesn’t bother to man its southern borders!”

“From the days of WWII, through de Gaulle, to now, the French national flag has effectively been a white bedsheet. They took us into the Union for the Mediterranean, they sold out the European nations for deals with Saudi for oil! The sooner we get out this evil, Wahhabist-influenced Kalergi cesspit, the better.”

Tory backbencher Peter Bone MP said it was ‘outrageous’ for Mr Barnier to suggest the UK was not playing its part – insisting that NATO, not the EU was responsible for ensuring peace.

Anonymous government officials are said to be furious about Barnier’s comments.

Downing Street said: “We’ve been clear that we want to play a full part in the security of the EU and Europe after we leave, and we think that’s in the interests of both Britain and the European Union.”

Mobile phone hacking devices are used to suppress political opposition to the EU

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A press release by Bálint Péter Linder reveals that devices for intercepting mobile phones or hacking computers are used to suppress political opposition

EU export controls will be extended on goods and technologies designed for civilian use but possibly used for human rights violations, Trade Committee MEPs voted on Thursday.

The EU is currently updating its rules on the export control of dual-use items to keep up with new technologies and to prevent authoritarian regimes from spying on their own citizens with the help of European products.

  • Export of cyber-surveillance tools needs to be authorised
  • Protection of civilians and human right defenders
  • Handbook for exporters, level playing field for member states

Goods and technologies designed for use in peaceful, civilian circumstances, but that can also be used for weapons of mass destruction or terrorist attacks, are already under an EU export control regime. The new rules would enhance ‘human security’, by adding certain cyber-surveillance tools to the list of items that need the approval of national authorities before being exported.

These include devices for intercepting mobile phones, hacking computers, circumventing passwords or identifying internet users, as such dual-use items are widely used to suppress civilians, political opposition and activists around the world.

Trade Committee MEPs want to strengthen the protection of human rights and create a “future-proof” system that can rapidly deal with new technologies.

Their key suggestions include:

  • strengthening the protection of the right to privacy, data and, freedom of assembly, by adding clear-cut criteria and definitions to the regulation,
  • exporters of products not listed in the regulation but which could be used for human-rights violations, have to make sure that their goods won’t fall into the wrong hands, by following OECD-based ‘due-diligence’ guidelines,
  • the Commission must publish a handbook before the entry into force of the new rules, so that EU businesses know what they can and cannot do,
  • new risks and technologies have to be swiftly included in the regulation, and
  • creating a level playing field among member states, by, for example, introducing similar penalties for non-compliance, along with greater transparency of national authorities’ export control decisions.

MEPs also voted to delete encryption technologies from the list of cyber-surveillance products, as they consider these vital for the self-defence of human rights defenders.

The new rules were backed by 34 votes to 1, with 2 abstentions.

EU Parliament’s rapporteur Klaus Buchner (Greens/EFA, DE) said: “With today’s vote we extend effective control to cyber-surveillance technology. We close loopholes that otherwise result in innocent people across the world being imprisoned, tortured and killed. We make the protection of human rights a central aspect of dual-use export control. We add strong, new transparency measures and include civil society participation, whilst continuing to create value-based European trade policy.”

Next steps

The full House will have to confirm the Parliament’s negotiating mandate during the December plenary session in Strasbourg. Parliament can begin talks with ministers as soon as EU member states have agreed their own negotiating position.

Quick facts

Goods and technologies that can be used in peaceful civilian circumstances can also be used for building weapons of mass destruction, terrorist attacks or facilitating human rights violations. These include a broad range of products from chemicals, toxins, electronic equipment, lasers, navigation technology to nuclear power technology, robotics and software. The current system dates back to 2009, and exports are inspected and authorised by national authorities. During the “Arab Spring”, there was evidence that European technology was used by authoritarian regimes to oppress activists. The Parliament, the Council and the Commission issued a joint statement in 2014 to review the export control system, and the EP has also adopted resolutions calling for targeted changes.

Further Information

Alastair Campbell rages at Gisela Stuart: “YOU’VE GOT ANOTHER COUNTRY TO GO TO”

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Tony Blair’s former spin doctor and ultra-Remainiac Alastair Campbell flew into a foul-mouthed xenophobic rage at German-born Brexiteer MP Gisela Stuart before the pair appeared on the Sunday Politics.

Kevin Maguire reported:

“When are you going to stop f**king up my country?” growled raging Ali. “It’s my country, too,” shot back the upset German-born Stuart, the Birmingham Edgbaston MP for two decades until quitting last June.

“Campbell’s second verbal punch – “You’ve got another country to go to” – was so below the belt that, aimed by a Brextremist at a Stayer, might have had the snarling rottie denouncing xenophobia. Stuart has lived in Britain since 1974. Standing for Labour with the surname of her Bavarian parents, Gschaider, she was unsuccessful in the 1994 European elections. Three years later, under the Stuart name of her first husband, she won Edgbaston in Labour’s 1997 landslide. She never expected a loyalty test from a Labour Remainiac.”

Gisela at least owes her legitimacy to being an elected representative several times over. Who has ever voted for Campbell? Why is an unelected former spin doctor given such a prominent role on political discussion shows? The only plausible explantion why the mainstream media keeps trotting him out is because he can be guaranteed to promote their globalist, elitist agenda.

Gisela Stuart shows more loyalty to her adopted country that Campbell ever did to the UK. Only last week, after Irish PM Leo Varadkar suggested he could veto progress due to a dispute over the post-Brexit border, Mr Campbell tweeted: ‘Play hardball Leo!’ He probably wants us to get a bad Brexit deal so he can try again to get another referendum.

Just imagine if a Brexiteer had used language of the sort that Alastair Campbell had used!

Bitter EU kicks Britain out of the Capital of Culture contest

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Dundee will not be able to compete in the European Capital of Culture 2023 competition due to Brexit, the European Commission has stated.

Five UK cities were bidding to host the title, with the winner expected to be announced next week.

A letter from the European Commission to the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) said UK participation “would not be possible”.

It said the UK’s selection process should “immediately be discontinued”.

The DCMS said it “disagreed” with the European Commission’s stance and was “deeply disappointed” that the Commission had waited until the UK cities had submitted their bids before “communicating this new position to us”.

Martin Costello of UKIP Swindon states, “They simply hate us and treat us like naughty children. Out of the 27 members they are claiming we owe 14% of their entire budget!”

“How anyone can continue to support this racket is beyond me. £40bn equates to £2k per person. We don’t owe a penny and must not pay!”

A Dundee 2023 spokesman said that the team was “hugely disappointed” at the European Commission’s late decision.

He said: “The timing is disrespectful not only to the citizens of Dundee, but to people from all five bidding cities who have devoted so much time, effort and energy so far in this competition.

“It’s a sad irony that one of the key drivers of our bid was a desire to further enhance our cultural links with Europe.”

UK loses seat on International Court of Justice for first time since 1946

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Britain’s demise on the world political landscape continues, as we are seen as nothing more than a state of the EU. The UK has lost its seat on the International Court of Justice – a position held since 1946.

Based at The Hague, the UN court has 15 members and its job is to settle disputes between countries.

Christopher Greenwood, the current British judge, was running for re-election to serve a second nine-year term – but withdrew from the race after facing a run-off vote against India’s Dalveer Bhandari.

Ronny Abraham of France, Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf of Somalia, Antonio Augusto Cancado Trindade of Brazil and Nawaf Salam of Lebanon have been elected to the bench along with Judge Bhandari.

Although Mr Greenwood had a majority among the UN Security Council, Mr Bhandari won the most backing in the General Assembly – with the Indian judge’s popularity seen to be increasing as support for the Briton diminished.

This is an outrage! Our nation is not only the birthplace of democracy, of liberty, of the rule of law, but it was Britons who exported justice to much of the world, which before then could not even read and write.

EU says Theresa’s £36 billion BETRAYAL of Britain isn’t enough

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It was infuriating enough to read of Theresa May’s £36 billion Brexit divorce bill offer, but now the EU states that it is not enough to move negotiations to phase two.

The problem with meeting the demands of bullies, is that they see weakness, and demand even more. Mrs. Maybe was too much of a coward to face Jeremy Corbyn in the general election hustings, and now we see that she is incapable of standing up to Juncker.

One diplomat said: “This £36 billion could make sense only if it’s a first step with an openness to discuss further financial commitments.

“It could be enough to say, OK we are ready to move to phase 2, but only if it’s not the final figure.

“For some countries, it could be enough but I don’t see France or Italy agreeing.”

Another source, however, said there there was a will to move the process along.

He told Politico: “Everyone is so desperate to move to the second stage that if this is not their final say, yes, it could be enough.”

The collapse of German coalition talks means the “process is going to be increasingly driven by Paris” which is seen as having a more hard line than Berlin on Brexit.

The reality is that as Germany and France both sell us more than we buy from them – they are reliant on trade with us. Theresa should just call for Parliament to repeal the European Communities Act and walk with no deal. No divorce fee. No grovelling. Just stand strong like Trump, and wait for Merkel to beg.

So why doesn’t she? This is all a farce. These negotiations are needless, but by their nature, require a meeting halfway, concessions. They are merely an excuse to water down Brexit, to demand we leave in name only.

The Power of the British Countryside: Dominic Wightman

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Any 21st Century British political party operating without a Countryside Spokesperson should take a long, hard look at themselves. Official figures show that the UK rural population will increase by 6 per cent over the next decade as people choose to leave cities and settle in the countryside. 17.4% of Britons live in rural areas – 11,337,632 people. Cities may seem to dominate our culture, our politics and our media, but a backlash against liberal values and multiculturalism has been led by rural and smaller town voters – in the English countryside, 55% voted for Brexit. Ignore the power of the countryside and your party’s political support is seriously contracted.

When I co-founded Country Squire Magazine with a friend from the Countryside Alliance we saw a gap in the market, which we have successfully exploited ever since. Unlike our more established rivals, popping corks at the metropolitan offices of The Field, Countryfile Magazine or Countrylife, we never intended to create a vision of the rural idyll for wealthy townsfolk to coo over. The problem for actual countryside dwellers is that these publications tended to be looking romantically at the countryside from suburbia or the city – they failed to see the world from the actual countryside perspective. Our success as a platform for the countryside has stemmed from recognising that countryside dwellers have a unique set of problems, which metropolitan politicians and commentators tend to ignore in search of cheap, urban votes.

Take housing. Property in rural areas across Britain is on average a fifth more expensive than in urban areas. Those living in towns and cities presume that, since there’s plenty of land in the countryside, there are plenty of houses for country dwellers to reside in. This is not the case. Many are now owned by exurbanites who decided that an Escape to the Country was just what the doctor ordered, pushing house prices up to levels beyond the latest descendants of families who have lived in the same rural areas and managed the land there for centuries. Add to this the problem of holiday cottages – which tend to be owned by urbanites – and young families have no choice but to leave home for pastures new, while rural homelessness has sky-rocketed. This has had a profound effect on countryside morale – as much if not more than the hunting ban, which separated communities previously bound from Lord to worker by the classless glue of hunting – and poses serious questions about the sustainability of farms in certain areas.

We are risking rural communities becoming enclaves only for the affluent. A village needs a school, a shop, a post office and a pub but so many are now closed and converted into private properties to meet the exurbanite and second homer demand. In just 6 months between December 2015 and June 2016, 231 pubs closed in rural areas, ripping the heart out of 231 villages. Five rural post offices a week closed under the last Labour Government and the trend has continued. Do we want the countryside just to be a national park full of holiday cottages and import our food from elsewhere or do we want it to be full of thriving communities that can be a beneficial and productive part of the economy?

Those I speak to in the countryside are worried about Brexit discussions focusing solely on agriculture and the environment. The effects of austerity and corporate cost-cutting have already decimated vital rural services, notably transport infrastructure to remote areas. Brexit will not simply affect the countryside in terms of a withdrawal from the Common Agricultural Policy and related subsidy and regulation, but it is also likely to bring to a head issues concerning the very fabric of rural life that have long been unravelling.

What road do we want the rural economy to be on in the next decades? Will armchair countryside experts residing in London, or Fabian placers in countryside charities and the so-called experts of DEFRA in Whitehall get away with ideological townie nonsense like rewilding? Will the right energy choices get made or will Britain’s countryside continue to be blighted by hideous wind turbines which rarely turn?

Idealistic, do-gooding Labour is laughed at by most country folk – they have witnessed first-hand the serious damage done by Labour to the British countryside and will never trust it again; chuckling at the insurgent fox populations now blighting Islington and Hackney. In most countryside constituencies you can pin a blue rosette on a dog and it will get elected, simply because of TINA – there is no alternative. While the British Countryside continues to vote Tory, Labour will continue to disrespect and abuse it while Tories will take its votes for granted.

Britain’s rural inhabitants rightly complain about broadband services, but well-connected townies just don’t understand what a serious problem patchy broadband is in today’s interconnected world. It’s not a question of poor reception for streaming football matches, it’s hindering the growth of businesses and cutting off support for small enterprises that townies take for granted. How can pubs and rural restaurants promote themselves when their seat reservation service and web analytics are inaccessible, how do entrepreneurial farmers market their produce to foreign buyers, how do schools and rural public services find recruits when it takes two minutes to download every CV in their inboxes? The countryside feels left behind and many countryside folks I talk to are angry with broadband suppliers and politicians for failing to deliver.

Countryside living happens to be damn expensive. Households in Britain’s rural communities spend nearly £3,000 a year more on everyday essentials – like petrol and groceries – than those living in towns and cities. Year-on-year rural inflation has averaged 5.4 per cent during 2017 so far, which is much higher than the official UK inflation rate. Rural residents spend an extra £540 a year on petrol and diesel and an extra £200 on vehicle maintenance than those living in urban areas, it is estimated. At the same time, around 1.6 million households in the UK rely on heating oil, rather than gas, to warm their homes. Electricity is more used in countryside homes than those in towns – the average annual electricity bill is around £814 for a rural household, compared to an average of £612 for all UK households. Someone paying 24p a litre in January 2016 was likely to pay in the region of 44p a litre for heating oil in January this year.

Come floods, hurricanes or droughts, Britain’s hardy rural communities have always worked out ways of surviving and adapting, despite government intervention or, indeed, without it. Now just for a minute imagine if a political party came along and took these rural-enhancing opportunities seriously and actually supported the goals of the rural population. What a prospect! The power of the countryside could drive them into Downing Street.

We will not hold our breath.

Dominic Wightman is the Editor of Country Squire Magazine.

TV Licence Debate a Lefty Love Fest

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Today was the hearing of the BBC debate resultant from the petition Martin Costello began.

Labour wind bag Helen Jones MP proudly stated that only 57% of Britons trust BBC News – hardly a cause for celebration, because it means that nearly half the nation have no respect for the outlet. After giving excuses to keep the TV licence, her leftwing bias became blatant: she said the BBC is vital for finding truth in age of Fox News & alternative media. Yes, how dare we share real news, and how outrageous that Martin Costello filed the petition that resulted in this Parliament debate.

Helen Jones MP made clear that she backs BBC News, because of its centre-left output. After some wild claim that Russia (Putin) is influencing our politics, she lashed out at CNN viewers, as having intelligence of a “gnat” – somehow oblivious to the fact that BBC is the British CNN. Does she think the same of Brexiteers, 52% of country, that the BBC is biased against?

Respect to Alan Brown MP of the SNP for calling out Gary Lineker’s exuberant salary at taxpayers’ expense. We may not want Scotland to leave us, but on the BBC tax, we appear to have common ground! You tell ’em, man! Don’t stop, you legend!

Shame on Tory (LibDem??) Mims Davies for hijacking the @BBC tax debate for some virtue signalling, as she plugged BBC Children In Need – an annual contest of rich millionaires who demand the working class save world poverty. She acknowledged she worked for the BBC. Moreover, she peddled feminist “pay gap”, been shown by many to be a myth. However, she did say BBC tax may be dated.

Whiny drip Chris Matheson, Labour MP for Chester took a most savage dig at Alan Brown MP, who responded that he doesn’t miss watching BBC. The Labour MP said he doesn’t understand Welsh; he doesn’t understand the British people full stop! He admitted lefty bias: saying a collectivist service is better than individualism.

Conservative MP Julian Knight is such a cuck: he desperately reached for #ProjectFear as he claimed ending TV tax would destroy the British economy, and end British culture. Considering the silence on Rotherham, the bias against Brexit, and the ignoring of the FLA march, that is sure some bastion of our nation! #Anglophobia

While dissing the notion of BBC News bias, the smooth-tongue admitted as a Tory working for BBC, he didn’t feel could express his views while outnumbered by “lefties” who only read FT and the Guardian. Slicko made the absurd claim there is no Brexit bias, though 70 MPs wrote a letter saying otherwise!

You can clearly see in this photo that no one is enjoying the sewage, sorry, words flowing from Julian Knight MP’s mouth. If this man is a conservative, the Pope’s a Muslim. Despite acknowledging BBC lefty bias, he defended them, THE LEFT!! Whose side is this cuck on?

Gregory Campbell MP of the DUP is a bloody legend! He certainly held the BBC to account, as he called out the lack of efficiency, and the blatant bias. So pleased that the DUP are in our government, hindering Theresa Maybe’s drift left.

Peter “Hot Air” Heaton-Jones, North Devon’s supposedly conservative MP (LibDem?), defended the lefty behemoth, claiming it is neutral. What a load of nonsense!! Even the BBC’s Nick Robinson admitted their bias on Brexit.

Heaton-Jones was desperately virtue signalling – did he imply that BBC is too white? Some rant about minorities not being represented. He said he has no idea how to fund TV without tax. Has he not heard of Netflix? He admitted he’s “not very bright”. Special interest: worked for @BBC (17yrs).

“Hot Air” you are elected by your constituents to speak for THEM, not the BBC! You were using the power of Parliament to lambast those who appoint you – hardly in the spirit of democracy. Shame on you, slick coward. Not a man of the people. No facts. Waffling liberal mouthpiece.

A lot of eloquent, beautiful words by Matthew Hancock, Conservative MP, as he smoothly spoke, praising the rest of the room, with some fantastic wit, but his position in this debate was rather unclear. Stop sitting on the fence, man! Take a side!

Martin Costello’s MP was not present, to which MBGA tweeted near the close of the session: “Hey @RobertBuckland did you get lost mate? People are waiting for you to speak at TV licence debate! Forgot to set your alarm this morning? Busy with the secretary? 😉😉 Come on man!”

He then arrived in the chamber, but failed to read out the letter from the man who raised this motion: Martin Costello.

Luke Nash-Jones sent question to his MP, Ranil Jayawardena, regards today’s TV licence debate, but Ranil didn’t turn up. Nash-Jones won’t be campaigning for Ranil whenever be the next election. Why elect this man if he doesn’t express the will of his constituents?

The BBC tax debate was stuffed full of liberal elite air bags who worked for the behemoth. Overall it was just a lefty circle jerk …almost all present were ex-BBC staff waffling and almost back-slapping …thank you to the DUP for turning up and speaking sense! Some good comments from SNP representative too.

Where were Jacob Rees Mogg, John Redwood, Andrea Leadsom, Andrew Rosindell, David Davies, Ranil Jayawardena, etc.? Our Parliament fails to serve people if the right do not speak for us!

Remoaner protest is a washout: ONE sore loser turns up!

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What BBC forgot to tell you …..ENORMOUS TERRIFYING one man Remoaner protest against Brexit. He’s shouting, “The will of the people is fascist!”

He has been previously interviewed by MBGA News, where on camera he proudly said that he opposed democracy. He feels the MPs, more intelligent than us, oh dear, those bloody plebs, must make decisions on how to run the country. Darling, if we are so stupid, why do you even permit us to vote, to decide who is our MP?

Martin Costello’s petition is being debated in Parliament, so this loser came to challenge him for “supporting Luke Nash-Jones”. The Stroud Brexit Rally seemed to have caused some incredible agony to this Remoaner fool. He got rather vocal/excited when Nash-Jones actually turned up.

Nash-Jones, while pointing to the poppy on his coat, has shouted back at the Remoaner “FASCIST! You oppose democracy. You are the same as Hitler who we fought a World War II against!”. People were heard to shout, “You are a year late, mate!”

Those queueing to attend the BBC tax debate are laughing at the Remoaner, who is becoming annoyed. Pushing his head against the Parliament railings, he shouted at Nash-Jones, who is now inside the grounds of the Palace of Westminster, “You don’t need to mock me!” to which Nash-Jones said, “You are doing that yourself!” and walked off.

Police have spoken to the loser. He has walked off.

Theresa May to Give EU £20 Billion As Part of Divorce Deal

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Theresa May is going to line up an additional £20 billion ($26 billion) to the European Union as part of a Brexit divorce bill.

The EU has insisted that talks cannot move onto future relations, including a transition deal, until it is satisfied that “Sufficient progress” has been reached on these issues. For how much longer can Britain put up with the EU bullies?

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, warned Britain last week that it had just two weeks to make its position clear on the so-called divorce bill to have any chance of talks moving onto future relations this year.

EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has urged London to say how far it is ready to go to “honour its obligations” to end the impasse.

Except Mr Barnier, the UK has always paid more into the EU budget than it gets back. In 2016, the UK government paid £13.1 billion to the EU budget, and EU spending on the UK was forecast to be £4.5 billion. So the UK’s ‘net contribution’ was estimated at about £8.6 billion.

What we ‘owe’ the EU in this divorce bill is still unclear, and the media continue to offer a rather skewed and misleading report on the goings on in Brussels. The EU’s shocking demands for billions of pounds must not be ignored by those who fought incredibly hard to get Britain out.

We must take a stand against a Government clearly set to keep us inside the EU, and ensure democracy wins in our battle against the establishment.

Why is the West soft on Sharia? The truth that the mainstream media will not share.

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To sum everything up briefly: Thanks to the anti-American stance of a French president, Europe made an alliance with Arabia that meant in exchange of a steady supply of oil, Europe would let terrorist-backing Saudi Arabia call the shots.

Why is Britain so soft on Sharia?

Why are people arrested for “naughty” tweets?

Why don’t we turn away fake refugees who do not meet the UN definition?

Why do we trade so heavily with Saudi Arabia?
(In July 2013, Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabism was identified by the European Parliament in Strasbourg as the main source of global terrorism.)

We only need to consider one thing: What is the REAL cause of 1970s recession that we never truly recovered from?

Across Arabia and the North of Africa are a number of oil rich countries who along with communist Venezuela form the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). The most powerful, and leader of this Islamo-Marxist alliance, is the Wahhabist state of Saudi Arabia.

During the Arab-Israeli Yom Kippur War of 1973, Arab members of the OPEC, who form the majority, imposed an embargo against the United States in retaliation for the US decision to re-supply the Israeli military. Arab OPEC members also extended the embargo to other countries that supported Israel including the Netherlands, Portugal, and South Africa. The embargo both banned petroleum exports to the targeted nations and introduced cuts in oil production.

The 1973 Oil Embargo acutely strained a US economy that had grown increasingly dependent on foreign oil. The price of oil quadrupled. There were long queues outside petrol stations. Britain reduced to a three-day working week. The oil rich OPEC countries, led by terrorist-sponsoring Wahabbist Saudi Arabia, had the West by the balls, and still do. It is no wonder that America, Britain, and the EU, do little while Saudi Arabia throw money into universities and into building of mosques in Europe. They fear another recession.

Another consequence of the sudden increase in oil prices was a sudden influx of US dollar to countries such as Saudi Arabia, which permitted the Saudis to fund a worldwide Islamic resurgence.

Up until this point, the West had been following the Bretton Woods system, where the US dollar was linked to gold, and the world reserve currency. This highly successful system was threatened by France, who saw America as a rival. Aggressive financial diplomacy coupled with de Gaulle’s needless, blatantly destructive demand for conversion of US dollar holdings into gold weakened confidence in the US dollar and helped to precipitate the collapse of fixed exchange rates. France intentionally destroyed the Bretton Woods system, in hope it could rise from the ashes to gain more influence on the world stage. The boom of the Western economy up until that stage, the incredible optimism, ceased, and has never been regained.

The result was a realignment of the world order, from one wherein America and Europe dominated, to that in which now the developing Arabia countries were seen as equals. A petrodollar recycling mechanism was created, through which OPEC surplus funds were channelled through the capital markets to the West to finance the current account deficits. One aspect of this agreement was that in return for US protection of the Saudi oil fields, Saudi would invest in US stocks, and only sell oil in US dollars.

As a result, the USA moved from a manufacturing economy to a consumer based one. The departure from the gold standard allowed it to print as many notes as it wished, and mass circulation occurred, facilitated by the international use of the dollar as a reserve currency – off the back of which a large US welfare state could be afforded. Then there are the claims that those countries such as Libya, Iraq, even Russia, that do not comply with this system at the core of the US economy and level of wealth, the selling of oil only in US dollars, face violent takeover by US forces, or a mass negative media campaign, such as the constant criticism of Putin.

In fact, France’s, still burning, hatred of the USA is a key factor in the fall of Western civilisation. In addition to his attack on the US dollar, de Gaulle was playing with fire, pursuing a Eurabia alliance. After Algeria gained its independence in 1962, France had a change of policy toward the Islamic world, seeking to unite the countries of the Mediterranean into an economic bloc to rival the USA and the Soviet Union. During a November 27, 1967 press conference, Charles de Gaulle stated openly that French cooperation with the Arab world had become “the fundamental basis of our foreign policy.”

The French creation of Eurabia, with backing by the EU Commission.

Perhaps by coincidence this matches the plan of Kalergi, who not only designed the EU flag, and proposed the anthem, but called for a merging of North Africa and Europe into a super-state. The use of the term “Eurabia” was first introduced in the mid-1970s, as the title of a journal edited by the President of the Association for Franco-Arab Solidarity, Lucien Bitterlein, and their articles called for common Euro-Arab positions at every level.

While this opened huge markets for European products in the Arab world, especially in oil-producing countries, and secured supplies of petroleum and natural gas to Europe, it came at a price. Euro-Arab Dialogue Symposia conducted in Venice (1977) and Hamburg (1983) included recommendations that have been successfully implemented. These recommendations were accompanied by a deliberate, privileged influx of Arab and other Muslim immigrants into Europe in enormous numbers.

French president Charles de Gaulle – the man who killed Europe

The recommendations included:

1. Coordination of the efforts made by the Arab countries to spread the Arabic language and culture in Europe,
2. Creation of joint Euro-Arab Cultural Centers in European capitals,
3. The necessity of supplying European institutions and universities with Arab teachers specialised in teaching Arabic to Europeans, and
4. The necessity of cooperation between European and Arab specialists in order to present a positive picture of Arab-Islamic civilisation and contemporary Arab issues to the educated public in Europe.

The nation-state would be no more. Hence, the rise of the word “Islamophobia”, and the government crackdown, the declaration that anyone who question Sharia law is a “racist”. This surge in political correctness, the Anglophobic surge of the British authorities, was a clear betrayal of the people, as in Rotherham the police remained silent while 1,400 little girls were raped. It was driven by a desire for oil profits, but also served well the cultural Marxists who found British individualism to be an obstacle to their communist dream that is so reliant on collectivism. Hence the alliance of Islamists and Marxists, as Labour party students declared their love for Hamas.

Eurabia’s driving force, the Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Cooperation, was created in Paris in 1974. It now has over six hundred members — from all major European political parties — active in their own national parliaments, as well as in the European parliament. France continues to be the key protagonist of this association. This process was ratified by the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe in September 1991, at its meeting devoted to “The Contribution of the Islamic Civilisation to European culture.”

As we notice the increased alliance of European Union current and prospective members, Switzerland and Norway (Schengen members); with Arab League member and observer states, the future becomes clear – not just a European Union, but no, a Mediterranean Union. Before you dismiss this as foolish ramblings, on the 13th of July 2008, French President Nicolas Sarkozy called for a “Union for the Mediterranean”.

Please read up on the Barcelona Process, otherwise known as the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (Euromed), started in 1995 with the Barcelona Euro-Mediterranean Conference. It was organised by the European Union to strengthen its relations with the countries in the Mashriq and Maghreb regions. The partnership laid the foundations for what came to be the Union for the Mediterranean – that is effectively the country Britons now live within.

To sum everything up briefly: Thanks to the anti-American stance of a French president, Europe made an alliance with Arabia that meant in exchange of a steady supply of oil, Europe would let terrorist-backing Saudi Arabia call the shots.

Court orders Soros-funded HopeNotHate to PAY Farage!

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Mainstream media has reported that Farage lost to HopeNotHate. However, no court case happened, no apology was given by Farage, and no money was paid by the former UKIP leader to the left-wing group. In fact, a statement by law firm Carter Ruck says HopeNotHate paid “towards Mr. Farage’s costs”.

They also state, “indeed they [HopeNotHate[ are required to do so by the Court Order. By contrast, Mr. Farage has not agreed, or been ordered, to pay a single penny in costs, let alone damages, to Hope Not Hate”.

Mr. Farage said: “I am very surprised at Hope not Hate’s announcement today that they have won their legal case against me. Some victory!

“Their statement today is thoroughly disingenuous. It is the case that we’ve now resolved our dispute and I am perfectly happy to accept that the organisation doesn’t pursue violent or undemocratic means. But the fact is that a number of individuals claiming to support them have in the past behaved violently and sought to intimidate and disrupt lawful political meetings.

“This is a case Hope not Hate should never have brought and which has been a complete waste of their donors’ money. Despite them demanding up to £100,000 in damages I have not paid them a penny; they demanded an apology that I have not given; and they demanded an undertaking to the Court which they did not get. In addition, they have been forced to pay me thousands in costs, on top of the tens of thousands they will have had to pay for their own legal fees.”

HopeNotHate has been funded by the British taxpayer, the European Commission, and also George Soros’s Open Society Foundation. Though they claim to oppose Nazism, in fact, their recent “Alternative Right” watch list features people such as our Editor-in-Chief, Luke Nash-Jones, whom they acknowledge are NOT racist.

Farage is not the only member of UKIP to have been placed on their watch-list, and recently three hundred patriots marched on the Hope Not Hate offices. They pointed out the hypocrisy of Nick Lowles, the leader of HopeNotHate, who praised an ex-BNP candidate, while lambasting those such as Tommy Robinson with past links to the EDL. They also stated that a HopeNotHate researcher was formerly a National Front branch chair.

Therefore, it appears to us that HopeNoteHate dislike criticism of “open borders”, or basically, we believe they promote globalism. Leading Muslim reformer Dr. Zuhdi Jasser described the group as “Orwellian bigots”.

Moreover, Farage has by no means lost but is fighting on. Speaking at the European Parliament, he said Soros’s influence in Brussels and Strasbourg was ‘really extraordinary’. He stated that while Russia has been accused of funding the ‘Leave’ campaign, Soros’s recent $18 billion donation to the pro-EU charity Open Society Foundation has not been criticised, “This is where the real international political collusion is.”

How the Cabinet Office got the Lisbon Treaty through Parliament without MPs seeing it

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The Lisbon Treaty transferred nearly all of our remaining sovereignty to the unelected and undemocratic EU. So how on earth did our MPs vote it through?

The Lisbon Treaty was originally the EU Constitution. This was comprehensively rejected by the French and Dutch. To get around this Giscard d’Estaing , the ex French premier, had the constitution deliberately re-written in such a way that it was almost impossible for anyone but a constitutional expert to understand. Several critical passages were removed and hidden in other Treaties. The label on the tin was different but the contents the same.

Gordon Brown said after he had ratified it ‘I have ensured a number of red lines to secure Britain’s future’. Sounds good but he omitted to add that the red lines would be there for no more than 5 years. Was this lying? Was he deceitful to such an extent that it was no different to lying?

So how was the Lisbon Treaty ratified by our parliament?

The Lisbon Treaty was signed by Gordon Brown in October 2007 without first having the Referendum as promised in the Labour Party Manifesto.*

The unamended Treaty of Lisbon was deposited in the Commons on December 17th 2007. Most of the MPs had gone home for Christmas by then as parliament recessed the next day. How many knew it was there let alone read it? For the disastrous consequences for British democracy and sovereignty see “2014 – 028 The facts about the Lisbon Treaty”.

Parliament returned on Jan 7th 2008. One of their first votes was to ratify the Lisbon Treaty previously signed by Gordon Brown. Although the government had the amended Treaty (by now 3000 + pages) for some time it was not deposited in the Commons Reading Room until 11.45am on the morning that MPs had to vote to ratify it (21 Jan 2008).  Again how many knew the amended Treaty was there and would it have mattered? It was quite impossible for an MP to read 3000+ pages – with numerous sections having then been transferred to, and scattered among, numerous other Treaties and documents – and get an understanding of what it was all about before the vote.

Our elected MPs signed away British sovereignty and democracy with only a very small handful of them understanding just how sinister the Lisbon Treaty is. They were dismissed as hysterical scaremongers but have been proved right. The few who attended the session clearly did not pay attention. The majority did not have even the foggiest clue of what on earth they were voting for. They just did as the whips told them. This was an appalling betrayal of their duty as MPs, the British Constitution and the people of this country. They were the same MPs who fleeced the country with their expenses scandal.** It would seem that too many MPs have been involved in paedophilia either directly or complicit in covering it up.

What is very worrying is that this ploy was probably not concocted by the MPs. It must have been done by some very senior unelected and faceless bureaucrats. The finger of suspicion points directly to the Cabinet Office. This, which I believe is deliberate deceit, must surely call into question the validity of the vote and the legal status of the UK’s passing of the Lisbon Treaty.

Mick Greenhough’s Source: Info from Nigel Spearing – 26 years Labour MP for Newham, 18 years member of House of Commons Select Committee on the EU and 8 years chairman of that committee. Although no longer an MP his seniority allowed him an open pass in the House of Commons enabling him to ferret out this information.

*   Why did Gordon Brown ignore his manifesto promise to have a Referendum on the UK membership of the EU? Was it just another of their many empty promises?***

** There were some MPs who did not fiddle their expenses but who knew what was going on and kept silent. As such they are also complicit.

*** Tony Blair and Gordon Brown reneged on this promise but so has David Cameron reneged on his ‘Cast Iron’ promise. Their feeble excuse was that the EU Constitution has been renamed the ‘Lisbon Treaty’ and although the contents of the tin was the exactly same it was, somehow, totally different.

However, a court case challenged the decision by Gordon Brown not to have the Labour Party manifesto promise of a referendum, along with the formal statement by Tony Blair that the Labour Party manifesto was a Contract with the People.But Gordon Brown’s barrister Ms. Cecelia Ivimy said on behalf of her client:“They (NuLabour manifesto promises and contracts) are not subject to legitimate expectation”. 2013 – 020 The value of party manifestos

Even more astonishing is that the Brighton County Court judge accepted this defence. His judgement was: ‘The public should not expect promises or contracts made in NuLabour Party manifestos to be kept’. A case of lies, damn lies and NuLabour manifesto promises perhaps? From now on any promise in a NuLabour manifesto will be pointless as they can quite legally ignore all promises and contracts made in that manifesto if they regain power. (ref. 2008-15). Presumably that also applies to the Cameron Tories.

The ‘Treaty’ is the Constitution – with a different name. As previously noted: ‘the label on the tin may be different, but the contents are identical’ (see chapter 15 for Mandelson’s statement on referenda and ref. 2006-54).

And it should be remembered that the most insidious part of the Lisbon Treaty is that it’s ‘self-amending (see chapt. 13 & 17). That allows the unelected European Commission to alter anything in it they wish without involving any of the elected politicians.

It was not the first time. The MPs were allowed to see the 1972 European Communities Act but not allowed to read it until after they had voted for it.

EU Commissioners’ Oath & Privy Oath

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Lord Tebbit asked Her Majesty’s Government why they have been unable to inform members of the public who have enquired the reason for the repeal of the Treason Act 1795 during the passage of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.

Lord Stoddart of Swindon, “My Lords, I suppose that this could not possibly have anything to do with the fact that the European Union Commissioners affirm an Oath of Allegiance to the European Union. If they do so, they swear allegiance to somebody other than Her Majesty the Queen, which I understand in itself would be treasonable”.

Is it appropriate for a former EU Commissioner to sit in the Cabinet having sworn, when he became a Commissioner, not to allow questions of national allegiance to affect him? Having sworn a Privy Council Oath, or oath as a European Commissioner to be unmoved by national considerations? ……the most damning of which being the continual support of the EU and the electorate’s misinformation by government and Parliament alike, regarding our continuing membership of the EU.

You have consistently chosen to evade and dismiss the following:
“I do declare that no foreign prince, person, prelate, state or potentate hath or ought to have any jurisdiction, power, superiority, pre-eminence or authority, ecclesiastical or spiritual, within this realm. So help me God.”– Bill of Rights 1689 which is directly linked to the monarch’s Coronation Oath.

Note to Mr Mandelson. How is it possible to acknowledge the solemn swearing of this oath while, at the very same time, breaking it?
EU Commissioners’ Oath
“I solemnly undertake:
*to respect the Treaties and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union in the fulfilment of my duties;
*to be completely independent in carrying out my responsibilities, in the general interest of the Union;
*in the performance of my tasks neither to seek nor to take instructions from any Government or from any other institution. body, office or entity;
*to refrain from any action incompatible with my duties or the performance of my tasks.
“I formally note the undertaking of each Member State to respect this principle and not to seek to influence Members of the ‘Commission in the performance of their tasks’
I further undertake to respect, both during and after my term of office, the obligations arising therefrom, and in particular to duty to behave with integrity and discretion as regards the acceptance, after I have ceased to hold office, of certain appointments or benefits.”

Now you know why our House of Lords is stuffed with EU pension supporters and why they continue to support the EU regardless of country of origin

If we go down the road of ‘treason’, then please be reminded that the Wilson Labour government did, in 1970, pave the way for the UK to join the EU by repealing the most part of Magna Carta which, for nearly 800 years, stood as our constitution. The very act of repealing Magna Carta, apart from being an act of treason, nullified any and all matters of legislation from the date onward. The constitutional ramifications include the annulment of every treaty with the EU, every trade agreement, every piece of legislation by the government and every high court, county court, magistrates court decision. In effect this country has had no legitimate government since 1970.

Lord Heseltine – a secret Corbynista?

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This morning, the Daily Express has reported that Michael Heseltine may consider voting for Jeremy Corbyn in the next General Election in order to stop Brexit from happening.

Lord Heseltine said on Newsnight last night: “There’s no doubt at all that could be a scenario, that if, as I think, the public opinion will move and the Labour Party moves there could be a situation where the only people left in favour of Brexit are the right-wing of the Conservative Party.

“And that will produce very difficult, traumatic challenges for voters in a General Election.”

He also said: “I have friends who are certainly Conservative voters who are agonising over exactly that dilemma.”

Brexit really has shaken things up and shown us what people really stand for!

The Left Are Upping The Ante

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Recently, the sentiment of the British people has been changing, noticeably so. There has been the peaceful march by the Football Lads Alliance (FLA). It was attended by 73,000 people and the BBC decided not to report on it – so they are taking part in another one outside Broadcasting House on November 5th. The Chartists movement protested against both Labour inviting MEND to Parliament, and against BBC bias. Some UKIP members have spoken out on the dangers of Islamism, and also Anne Marie Waters has formed a new political party (For Britain). Tommy Robinson and others, including MBGA News, have campaigned for the CPS to review the case of Chelsey, a victim of a Islamist grooming gang in Sunderland. There have been some other well attended events too.

These have been populated not by chanting blackshirts, harking back to the glories of 1939 and the Reich, but by ordinary working-class people frustrated by a surge in crime and terrorism. Mothers, fathers, young people who feel the job market is becoming overcrowded and are unable to get work. They are being undercut by migrants, who may be nice people but who will work for substantially less, undercutting the minimum wage. The future is beginning to look bleak. Parts of Britain are becoming no-go zones after dark, with a knife or a ‘sharp’ used in an assault approximately every 14 minutes.

Some have lost friends and family, or know people who have, to the terrorist incidents that are happening with alarming regularity. Suspects are arrested and then released without charge. Others have daughters who are victims of the grooming gangs. In Rotherham alone there were 1400 victims. As if that wasn’t bad enough, parents who tried to intervene were arrested for breach of the peace!

The people of Britain are demanding something more than sound bites and platitudes and some media coverage would be welcome.

Cue ITV. On November 9th ITV are airing a programme called Exposure. Not to expose the grooming gangs, and not to address the woes of our young who are struggling. The show’s tagline is “Inside Britain’s New Far Right”!

Between June and October 2017 an undercover reporter has taken video footage and audio recordings of Anne Marie Waters and the FLA in a number of pubs. Here is a copy of the correspondence the producers have given to AMW: Here

It can be seen that they are also bringing in two ‘experts’ on extremism. One is Nick Lowles and the other Matthew Collins. The former is CEO of Hope Not Hate (HNH), formerly Searchlight the anti-fascist group who benefit from government and Soros funding, and the latter is an alleged ex-BNP mole who also works for Searchlight/HNH.

Hope Not Hate have a very welcoming name and an even nicer logo, of a stylised sun. But they are not impartial. In fact the CEO was allegedly no platformed by the National Union of Students last year, so that’s not exactly a glowing endorsement. In January they will be joined by Matthew MacGregor. He was the digital attack guru for Barack Obama in 2012 and was tasked with discrediting Mitt Romney.

That is all well and good. But where are the fascists? Where are the Nazis? They are not at these meetings or marches. No, ordinary people are there. That is all.

The fact that ordinary people are not accepting the platitudes and lies is evident. What is also evident is that the left of centre and hard left who not only are in positions of power but also control a large section of the media are upping the ante.

And in the New Year I think we will see more concerted action to stifle debate. Is that not what happened in 1939? The difference this time is that it is the ones who shout loudest who are the Anti-fascists, who are a direct descendant of Roter Kampferbund, and the real threat to peace, to democracy, to liberty!

Good bye! MGBA News is shutting down?

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It is with great regret and pain that today we must announce that we are closing down both the People’s Charter Foundation and MBGA News, due to the BuzzFeed exposé of our activities.

We are incredibly ashamed and will promptly apologise after having been called out for being “intelligent” rather then relying merely on “emotion”. We understand a well-deserved holiday to the gulag awaits us for “misleading” “the working class”, by sharing facts, the truth – because, of course, the people shouldn’t make a decision but leave such to a stuck-up out-of-touch liberal professor in his ivory tower!

Therefore, all of the People’s Charter Foundation team will present themselves to the police this morning for the crime of “weaponised intellect”, once we find out which statute is relevant (clue: none!) Being smarter than a libtard is not a crime!

To be frankly honest, we thank you for all your support over the last 18 months or so, but we don’t see how we can continue after this damning BuzzFeed exposé of us, that is so weak, so desperate, that THEY deleted it! The author even spelt three people’s names wrong – incredible journalism indeed – Frankie Rudolph, and Timothy Harris do not even exist!

We must certainly be doing something wrong if whiny snowflakes call us a “threat” and “demoralising” to Marxism – we confess, the whole purpose of the People’s Charter Foundation is to weaken Marxism, and hence we’ve opposed the BBC, the EU, Anglophobia, and Islamomarxism.

Both this BuzzFeed piece and Soros-funded HopeNotHate have stated we are probably “may not be racist”. However, this hit-piece points out that we are not anti-Semitic, which makes us incompatible with “neo-liberal progressive homogeny”. Basically, the left are the actual racists!

Ps. Luke’s interest is ju-jitsu (paintball, yes, and also bushcraft), not karate. Real men are interested in such things!

Ps2. As for comments on our associates, since when has serving in the army been a crime? Wear a poppy Geoffrey you creep! Oh sorry, the left would abolish the military.

Ps3. As for claims Russia backs us, they must have forgotten to send the cheque – if they really did back us, our organisation would be ten times noisier. There would be even larger patriotic counter-protests to your Anglophobic events and organisations, thousands, not hundreds, of protestors, and right-wing camera men would be EVERYWHERE the libtards look!

Britain is officially happier following the Brexit vote

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In spite of all the doom and gloom peddled by the BBC, The Times, FT and Guardian, Brexit Britain is actually happier, according to the latest figures from the Office of National Statistics.

In the first set of numbers to solely cover the post-referendum period, there were statistically significant increases in life satisfaction, happiness and the proportion of people reporting that they felt their lives were worthwhile.

Guido reported “GDP has grown in every quarter by an average of 0.4% since the referendum. Weak growth is not a recession.

GDP is 6.1% higher than the Treasury forecast it would be, according to that is equivalent to £135 billion of extra annual production over their estimate, or just over £2,000 for every man, woman and child.

317,000 new jobs have been created since the referendum, that is 817,000 higher than the Treasury forecast.

The Remainstream media reporting of those Treasury forecasts implied that those of us who wanted to Leave were, in the words of the then Chancellor George Osborne, “economically illiterate”Leaving aside whether he should have accused us of being “economically innumerate”, it turned out it was in fact him who was totally wrong.”

I am sure that people would be even happier if the government hurried up and left the EU instead of dragging out the exit process for so long!

Did an EU employee attempt to hack the MBGA News blog editor’s Twitter account?

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In the final few weeks before the EU referendum last year, I discovered that an EU employee named Chris Kendall, who goes by the Twitter handle “Ottocrat”, had posted a meme accusing all Brexit supporters of being racist and unable to think for themselves.

Ottocrat Profile

As you can see from the screenshot of his Twitter profile above, he claims to be involved in making EU policy. The About section on his website (linked in his Twitter profile) states that he is a “European civil servant (a ‘eurocrat’) of British and German heritage” who works in foreign policy.

Ottocrat Tweet

The meme that Kendall posted, shown in the screenshot above, is a mock-up of an EU referendum ballot paper, with additional wording added which clearly shows what the author thinks of those on the two sides of the argument. It accused Leave voters of only wanting to quit the EU because they “believe that Nigel Farage, Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and Rupert Murdoch all have my best interests at heart and have told me that all our problems are because of the EU.  Also I’m a bit racist.”

By contrast, the meme praised Remainers for wanting to stay in the EU “because the UK should be part of something greater than itself. Also, it’s the 21st Century, for f**k’s sake, and we should be big boys about the EU’s faults, and try to fix them, rather than running home to mummy.”

I was very annoyed by this, so I responded to the tweet saying “Are you really an EU employee? It’s nice to know what you really think of the citizens who pay your wages! 😠” I also re-tweeted the meme to the official Leave EU and Vote Leave Twitter accounts, along with a comment saying “Just look at this arrogant EU civil servant mocking Leave voters!”

Within a couple of minutes, Kendall had blocked me on Twitter, without replying to my comments.  This wasn’t entirely unexpected.  But what happened immediately afterwards was of far greater concern.  I found that I had been locked out of the Twitter app on my phone, and then an email pinged into my inbox from Twitter, saying “Your account may have been compromised by a website or service not associated with Twitter.” I was required to reset my password in order to regain access.  I did think that this was rather suspicious, happening immediately after criticising an EU civil servant!

Twitter account locked

However, that’s not the end of the story – I then made a post about the Chris Kendall tweet in the Facebook group of the Be Leave campaign.  Another member of the group replied to my post, saying that he had also responded to the tweet, and that his account had been locked by Twitter too! He said “so I quoted this guy’s tweet and he attempted to hack my account and to delete it! Twitter just sent me an email saying they think my account has been compromised, by an IP address … cough… in the building of his employer, and he has blocked me from seeing his profile”.

It’s all very suspicious.  Thankfully, Twitter intercepted the alleged attempts to compromise our accounts.  But it does make you wonder – was there a co-ordinated attempt by the EU to shut down any criticism of itself on social media before the referendum, or was this individual acting of his own accord?

It is crucial that citizens are able to trust those in positions of power to respect the law and to not attempt to shut down the freedom of expression of those who disagree with them.  There should also be procedures in place where citizens can report any such suspicious activity amongst staff of EU institutions, so that an internal investigation can be carried out and appropriate action taken.

I would be interested to know if anyone else has had any similar experiences when interacting with eurocrats online.


‪WATCH: #AltLeft tries to SMASH Brexiteer Andrew Rosindell’s head in with a BRICK‬

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‪WATCH: #AltLeft “terrorist” tries to SMASH Brexiteer Andrew Rosindell’s car window, with a BRICK, which could have passed inches from his head. Remoaners are the thugs, the bullies, the threat to peace, democracy, and unity.

Luke Nash-Jones of the People’s Charter Foundation, which campaigns for a hard Brexit and traditional British values, said, “Why is there no press hysteria when, as it seems, the AltLeft tried to kill a Brexit Tory MP?”

“This meets the definition of terrorism: violence with a political agenda! If the victim was a Remoaner, it would be all over BBC. HopeNotHate would be a furious. Guardian would be ranting.”

“With the horrific murder of Jo Cox, the Islamofascist terrorist attacks on Parliament, and now this Alt-Left brick attack on a passionate Brexiteer, the work of a MP is becoming increasingly dangerous, and democracy at threat.”

Guido says: This is the extraordinary moment fearless Tory aide Chris Muspratt pursued Kieron Nickles, the vandal who had thrown a brick through the window of Andrew Rosindell’s car. Nickles testified that he had lost his temper after hearing “Vote Conservative” blaring out of Rosindell’s vehicle during the election campaign. The defence stated: “He believed it was a breach of the peace, and so picked up a brick from the garden, and put it through the window”. What Nickles didn’t bargain for was Rozza’s parliamentary assistant Muspratt giving chase, leading to not one but two nasty falls for the perpetrator and a demolished garden fence for a constituent. Nickles was yesterday given an 8 week curfew and ordered to pay £300 costs. Justice served…

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