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Say no to Londoncentric politics. Brexit Rally on the 23rd of June 2018 in Nottingham

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It is time to say no to Londoncentric politics.

There is a world outside the M25.


Down there in Westminster, posh globalist politicians slapped each other on the back, while Prime Ministers, Labour and Tory, shut mines, closed factories, and let shipyards rot.

Whole communities died.

You know that pain.

It hurts.


That is the real reason you voted for Brexit.

The Brexit vote was the highest in the Welsh Valleys, the Midlands, and the North.

Where unemployment is the highest.

We are the forgotten people.


We are sick of our wages being undercut by mass migration.

We are sick of factories closing, because import taxes are too low.

We are sick of our culture, our laws, being replaced.


Whether you vote Labour, UKIP, For Britain, Tory, whatever, on Brexit Day, the 23rd of June, be with us for the Big Brexit Rally through the streets of Nottingham after the MBGA 2018 Conference.


I know what you feel.

Millions do, but Theresa May doesn’t.

She never campaigned for Brexit.

And we feel betrayed by her delaying on Brexit.

This talk of keeping open borders.

As all the posh London boys think about is cheaper imports to line their pockets.


Enough is enough!

We shall have the Brexit the people voted for!

Our voice shall be heard!

In the spirit of the Chartists, we shall march.

If you really want your country back, get off that sofa!

Whether you vote Labour, UKIP, For Britain, Tory, whatever, on Brexit Day, the 23rd of June, be with us for the Big Brexit Rally through the streets of Nottingham after the MBGA 2018 Conference.

Government says Make Your Choice: Soft Brexit or No Deal

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Remoaners set up a petition calling on the government to give parliament the option of voting to remain in the EU when a vote on the ‘final deal’ takes place. However, this has backfired on the Remoaners spectacularly, as the government has responded to the petition saying that a vote against the final deal will be a vote for a ‘no deal’ option.

“The British people voted to leave and the Government will implement their decision. The vote on the final deal will give Parliament the choice to accept the agreement or leave the EU with no agreement.”

“The result of the referendum held on 23 June 2016 saw a clear majority of people vote to leave the European Union. Parliament overwhelmingly confirmed the result of the referendum, on 8 February, by voting with clear and convincing majorities in both of its Houses for the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill. The Government is clear that it is its duty to deliver on the instruction of the British people and implement the result of the referendum.”

“The Government has committed to hold a vote on the final deal in Parliament as soon as possible after the negotiations have concluded. The terms of this vote are clear; Parliament will have the choice to accept that deal or to move ahead without a deal.”

So, in summary, if the government is unable to get a majority in parliament for its Brexit deal, we will be leaving the EU with no deal at all, rather than Brexit being cancelled as the Remoaners wanted.

Bye, Bye Bolton. Can’t Flatten the Batten!

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Awaking up to another alarm clock call is something that I’m starting to get use to, like déjà vu it was another trip to the Black Country, this time to the ICC in Birmingham for the matter of deciding Henry Bolton’s UKIP leadership following a vote of no confidence by the party’s NEC.

The decision that was to be made in the next few hours would prove a pivotal point in the party’s future and it was clear that many Kippers felt the same way with the astonishing turnout, with members coming from far and wide to attend.

Myself and Luke Nash-Jones made no hesitation in the run up to the event showing our disapproval for Bolton due to the way he treated his family over the Jo Marney incident, among many other things. UKIP is a party of family values and this is something he clearly never respected. Leaving this matter beside, it is clear that very little has been done to push the party forward, with no clear direction, and only last minute attempts to change this.

Handing out leaflets and displaying our banner “Racist not welcome”, we received a positive reaction that gave us confidence for the desired outcome. This was not shared by others however who became very aggressive towards us but we persisted in getting the message out.

The crowd swelled as many queued to get in to the hall and delayed the event. Passions were running high but outgoing Chairman Paul Oakden was quick to remind people that the chaos witnessed at the last EGM would not be tolerated and carried zero tolerance.

Steve Crowther was first up to argue the motion of no confidence in Bolton with a very compelling case. It was clear that the leader had upset many in the party by failing to communicate with many including the NEC and had also destroyed the membership due to sharp rises in membership costs, most sadly with the YI.

Bolton was up next and argued that he had been working tirelessly for the party visiting many branches across the UK, but from the reception he was getting it was clear that many had lost confidence in him. This was compounded by a closing comment of threats to sue the party which undoubtedly turned many fence sitters to bin Bolton.

After an anxious wait, Oaken delivered Bolton’s fate to the cheers of many who saw a new chapter in the party’s fortune being forged. It was not even close; Henry was rejected along with his weak plans for UKIP’s future. Luke and I breathed a sigh of relief!

The UK needs UKIP and Saturday was a great day for her and an important day for our nation. Brexit must get back on track and we need to build a party that our glorious nation is desperately crying out for. The working class need a voice and UKIP must serve them!

UKIP kicks out Henry Bolton in EGM no-confidence vote

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MBGA News has been reporting from the UKIP emergency general meeting in Birmingham today. Around 3000 members arrived at the ICC in Birmingham this afternoon to listen to speeches and cast their ballots on whether to endorse a motion of no confidence in Henry Bolton’s leadership passed by the party’s ruling national executive committee (NEC). It is the party’s first emergency meeting in 18 years.

The meeting started off in scathing fashion for Henry Bolton – former acting leader Steve Crowther said Bolton lied on his CV, acted inappropriately regarding the whole Jo Marney saga and said he’s developed a reputation for being unavailable and habitually late. Crowther also called out Henry for failing on media.

Paula Waters and Paul Oakley slammed Henry for trying to sue the NEC to ban Anne Marie Waters. Oakley also said Henry tried to push a judicial review in court against the NEC to stop the EGM.

All press have been banned in case criticism of Henry is heard by the public.

Speakers backing Henry claimed Soros is trying to take over UKIP. Another mentioned Batten to a loud round of applause and cheers which showed the people didn’t share the speakers’ attack on Batten that followed. Another pro-Bolton speaker tried brushing off Marneygate by saying the speaker has had many wives younger then him whom he has left including one wife who had a see-through catsuit.

Bolton concluded the event with words that could be understood to suggest he will take legal action if he loses the ballot.

It has just been announced that scandal-hit Henry Bolton has lost the no confidence vote. 63 per cent of members voted to kick Bolton out. The full results are as follows:





VOTED: 1,378

Question Time viewer: Terry Christian makes a fool of himself on Question Time

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Given the buzz around this week’s Question Time and Labour MP David Lammy’s appearance, all that one can say is that stupidity is infinite. And while this is most often the case with idiots like Lammy and his crazy defences of Oxfam and him whinging about muh colonialism, they are often more represented with the various halfwit celebrities that end up on there.

Enter Terry Christian. In case you don’t know, he is a media personality, hosting shows like The Word among other 1990s shows, and countless radio and newspaper columns. In other words, clearly the most fitting guy to discuss politics. However, the main problem with Christian was not that he is such a presenter way out of his depth, but rather was extremely rude and impolite, even by usual Question Time standards when opposing party members are constantly jumping down each other’s throats for political point scoring.

Where to begin? Firstly, the tone is set rather low when his biggest claim to fame according to Dimbleby is that Christian is a “longstanding supporter of Manchester music and Manchester United”. 

When discussing the non-existent gender pay gap after the non-controversy concerning Tesco paying their female shop assistants less than their male warehouse workers, Christian goes full blown lefty ideologue, complaining that someone like John Humphrys should not be paid more than his female counterparts when she is “doing the exact same job as him”. Presumably Christian is unfamiliar with the basic economic rules of supply and demand, as while Humphrys may be doing the same job, he is pulling in a larger audience (with his Today programme pulling in 6.97 million listeners according to The Independent), hence the higher pay rate. This is something Christian should know, given that he has been in the entertainment industry for over 35 years now.  

To make matters worse, he began complaining that because of Thatcher privatising many industries in the 1980s, you can no longer blame the government for the failure of private gas, electricity and water companies. The only thing the state could be blamed for in this regard is that they are not doing enough to regulate these companies, but that wasn’t what Christian was complaining about here. Why should the government be blamed for the inadequacies of private companies? Their failures concerning subsidies perhaps could come under scrutiny, but not the actions of the private companies, given that they do not own these companies. 

Then to cap it off, he paraphrases the whole no deal is better than a bad deal slogan and replaced it with “no leader is better than a bad leader”. Our political expert everyone; someone so stupid that they recontextualise something all the while missing the point of the original statement. Presumably he needs to read some Hobbes and Locke and their theories on the State Of Nature before he spouts such idiocy again. Oh, and he also relays the whole appeal to NHS argument whenever Leave Means Leave chairman Richard Tice talks about council tax not relaying all of the blame to government spending, arguing that “caring is expensive”. Well done, Terry. Would you like a cookie? All the while he pushes some decent points (about decreased council spending being a cynical ploy to push blame away) of which get buried under his moral grandstanding. Oh, and being a typical left winger would rather the foreign aid budget not be cut because it “wouldn’t be enough”. In other words, us on the left will endlessly moan about a lack of money for public services, all the while refusing to budge on issues like foreign aid because of some plight of it not being enough. However, £13.4 billion does seem like a good start to sort out some of our country’s financial issues.

He then further jumps on this idea of cutting the foreign aid budget when Richard Tice discusses making a choice between spending money at home or spending it abroad, arguing that for many people, using public services like social care isn’t a choice. Very true, but that doesn’t undermine the argument: why shouldn’t the foreign aid budget be cut? Given that a good chunk of the money goes to dictators not to the poor it should be sent to, surely it would make sense to cut it and spend that money over here instead. All the while, it wouldn’t cost us more in the long run Terry, given that since we won’t be spending money in that area anymore, we will definitely not have to pay money into that sector to cover up its cracks later. Is Christian literally this stupid when it comes to economics, or am I going insane here?

Moving on, when the case of John Venerbles’ anonymity being removed came up, his response was to cite an 1842 law which banned hanging kids under the age of 7 all the while being concerned with “how much punishment can you give them”. Given that Venerbles committed one of the most horrific crimes in British history and consistently reoffends, the way that our liberal justice system has treated him seems almost laughable, with constant re-arrests often not leading to any real jail time.

And then Brexit came up, where all hell broke loose. During a discussion about how a hard Brexit may cause a 16% lower growth rate in the North (Project Fear much?), Christian plays reductio ad absurdum, claiming that any scaremongering about a post-Brexit Britain is rubbish to a Leave voter (there might be a reason for that). Then he dismisses Brexit voters as simple. Presumably he counts the over 50,000 Leave voters in his town of Old Trafford in that. Talk about arrogant elitism. Then while becoming an EU ideologue, moaning about a low pound (conveniently ignoring the pound going down since 2014) and saying that there has been no upside to Brexit (ignoring the increased employment, big companies coming to invest in the UK, FTSE at record levels among other things), even Dimbleby called him “boring”.

That didn’t stop good old Terry though. Claire Perry, the Tory MP, when discussing that her party would respect the result of the referendum, Terry moaned about leaving the single market and customs union not being on his ballot paper. Then again, given that this is what most Brexiteers want, this is beyond irrelevant. You lost, get over it and grow up Terry. No wonder Perry got such a round of applause when she called him rude. The same thing was true when after he interrupted a nervous pro-Brexit girl about what laws she wants to see gone (the Common Fisheries Policy would be good start) and then a Brexiteer similarly called him out on his nonsense.

The cream of this crud however was when an audience member (quite rightly) asked “When will the hardline remainers of the political and media elite have some faith in this country’s ability to perform on the world’s stage?” Terry, clearly being triggered for being called out for what he is, went all defensive, bringing up how the likes of Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg back Brexit. Indeed they do. But given that they actually have faith in Britain, that was not the man’s point at all. It was for people like Christian who put down Britain at every opportunity because of Brexit, showing a lack of faith in Britain’s ability to play on the world stage, mainly through a collapsed pound, which has not been the case since after the referendum.

So in the end, Terry Christian represents another case of the leftwing establishment eating itself. Caring about paying for social care but wouldn’t cut the foreign aid budget at all to help fund it, hates Brexit despite the EU representing the big corporations they claim to hate and all in all rather stupid in the spaces he thought he was intelligent in. It’s no surprise that when he was called out, the audience applauded in delight. He should grow up and realise what he is: a has-been who should go nowhere near politics. Just another case of a left wing idiot making a fool of himself on Question Time. Sometimes I wish these fools would just Shut Up and Sing.

England Expects . . .

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I lack the wit, wisdom and guile of many who have written about this vexing issue before; I apologise.

I lack Henry Bolton’s rhetorical skills, or the debating skills of his supporters; for this too, I apologise.

I hope the fact that I write this from my heart makes up for my deficiencies.

Of course I wish we weren’t where we are. Appalling that it’s come to this.

I won’t restate, paraphrase or condense what’s been argued so far. There’s no space for that.

Some may have had ulterior motives, but most didn’t. I don’t.

It was a disparate bunch that entreated Henry to go, people with little in common, and many of whom actively disliked each other. They united in what they were convinced was necessary for UKIP’s survival to fight another day.

The need for a functional party to guarantee Brexit has never been stronger. Parliament is a veritable nest of traitors, fools, hypocrites – a repository for the greedy and the selfish. Brexit is being theorised about, diluted, redefined, talks of second or even third referendums indulged in, including by some, within and without UKIP, whom we have hitherto trusted.

How do we ensure we have, in the wings, a functional party to save Britain?

Initially, when the unpleasantness began in early January in the media, I was of the opinion that the least-worst scenario for UKIP was to stick with the status quo, to brazen it out, relying on today’s news becoming tomorrow’s fish ‘n chips, and so on. It was common ground that neither the silly nor the abhorrent views expressed were Henry’s personally.

Note I supported Henry (and one other) during the last leadership contest. I supported Henry for months thereafter. ‘Events, dear boy, events’ shows I erred.

Information (about all sorts of things) that later came to light, as well as attempted refutations, have been aired in the online press, social media and MSM. I’m aware of even more damaging stuff yet to be published, being saved up for when they really want to do us down.

I studied all of this with care, with scepticism but not bias, and with no self-interest whatever.

Here follow my conclusions – their first recipient was Henry himself.

I’m afraid it’s a busted flush.

If Henry stays on any longer, it is my considered opinion that we can never again function as a viable party. It is debatable whether UKIP can survive this even if he doesn’t.

As Regional Chairman of what’s the most challenging part of Britain, London, it is undeniable that most activists who would normally have been relied on to stand in the imminent local elections (every single one of London’s 1851 seats is at stake) are reluctant, if not flat-out refusing, to put their heads above the parapet while Henry remains Leader. Many have touchingly said they’ve only stayed on out of personal loyalty, including to me, and despite the “leadership”.

So near unanimous is London’s voice that I need focus only on two dissenters.

A chairman of a large branch said Henry must get the chop, but after May. I can’t see how that could fly – mixing metaphors, the cat’s already out of the bag, the horse has long bolted the stable, etc. It would merely prolong the agony and trial, drip-by-deliberate-drip, by media, to no conceivable electoral advantage.

An elderly, retired Treasurer counselled us not to cast the first stone; to judge not, lest ye be judged. I countered that I was not judging Henry, but judging what was best (or, least-worst) for UKIP, and that this was a judgment I was obliged to make. To this he agreed he had no counter.

Almost all the rest were in the mood for a lynching. That’s London.

I’m told by my counterparts that there’s widespread support for Henry elsewhere. I simply don’t get this. But since my colleagues are all honourable men, I’m certain they haven’t been influenced overly by the section in the proposed new constitution which replaces the elected NEC by – them!

I turn to the draft constitution recently put forward. Others mention typographical and referencing failings in it, perhaps to be expected in a draft. I think that’s missing the wood for the trees. It is inherently an abomination; structurally unsound, more holes than fabric, it’s wholly unfit for purpose, far worse than the existing one. Throughout it, I spot opportunities for mischief.

Worse, however noble its intentions, it’s also seen to be self-serving, removing such checks and balances as one would expect, especially in a party that has ‘Libertarian’ on its box, where a Leader with untrammelled powers is anathema. Henry, don’t you get it?

A leader who puts his personal considerations, or life, before what his party stands for is not a leader. Henry has himself stood on an electoral platform promoting the right to recall. Henry, we’ve recalled you.

The concept of honour, of sacrifice for a worthy cause are ones with which many in UKIP are only too familiar.

Ten days before V-E Day, a London art dealer who loved restoring Rembrandts died of wholly treatable pneumonia; he’d refused to go to hospital because “they’re for our lads”.

His older child was my (then teenage) mother.

I’m disappointed Henry did not himself make a sacrifice, irrespective of whether or not he felt he had done wrong. Whether or not he’d erred before – others have produced strong, persuasive evidence he had – he erred for certain in not falling on his sword as the damage to UKIP spiralled.

With heavy heart, I know what has to be done.

I have no semaphore, but – England expects that every man will do his duty. Scotland, Wales and Ireland too, and with women to the fore.

Be there at the EGM, be brave, and do the right thing. After the Darkest Hour cometh dawn.

We must all now stand UNITED to resist this oppression

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Last weekend saw another busy one for Luke Nash-Jones and myself as we made our way up to Dudley for our latest Brexit rally. As we travelled up the M5, the rain lashed down on the freezing cold morning making us question what we were doing, however a glimpse of my Union Jack socks reminded me of our cause.

Arriving in Dudley we made our way to the square to be greeted by many fellow Brexiteers including Bill Etheredge MEP. We soon started our speeches and despite the cold we received a warm reception from the faithful who love their country as much as us.

Following the speeches we marched in unison to resident MP and remoaner Ian Austin to post a letter through his door to remind him of the meaning of democracy, to the delight of the crowd.

The experience once again boyed Luke and myself and has got us looking forward to the next event when we shall be demonstrating against the bias BBC in Manchester, to continue the drive that is swelling behind us. We shall never stop until your voice and ours is heard!

Our next stop of the day was to the Bullring in Birmingham to support a protest for the F1 Grid Girls who are losing their jobs due to political correctness. It was clear from the reaction of many that this was a step too far, taking away the girls’ right to enjoy themselves through something that harms nobody. What will be next to be taken away from us? Marching proudly alongside the ladies we were greeted with rapturous applause from the Birmingham faithful, giving us all a spring in our step.

Speaking to people after the event, the anger was evident. We must all stand now united to resist this oppression and political correctness that is destroying our culture and our way of life. It must be stopped before we lose any more of our identity.

We only have one chance to put the brakes on this and we urge you all to play your part, for your children, their children and for our beloved country before it is too late. It is your patriotic duty!

Farage warns ‘Brexit betrayal’ would plunge UK into constitutional CRISIS

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Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage has said that if Prime Minister Theresa May allows Brexit to be watered down or halted by the likes of George Soros, Britain will be plunged into its “gravest constitutional crisis since World War Two”.

Farage cast May, who voted to stay in the EU, as “Theresa the appeaser” for giving in to Brussels on almost every element of Brexit negotiations and said Britain was being humiliated by the EU.

“The best-case scenario right now under our current pathetic leadership is Brexit in name only – that is about as good as it gets.”

“At worst they are going to make us fight the whole thing again.”

“That is a significant betrayal of what many millions voted for.”

Farage continued: “The real crunch point is ultimately going to be the meaningful vote in the House of Commons on whatever deal we get and that is the point at which it is not impossible to see this country plunged into a constitutional crisis,” Farage said.

“The chances of this being the case get higher with every week that goes by,” he said. “If the deal is rejected on a confidence motion, then you are looking at general elections or you are looking at another referendum.”

We must not allow the globalist elites to thwart the will of the people. The people spoke loud and clear on Brexit and May has an obligation to follow through despite her personal feelings or the feelings of the elites.

Henry Bolton supporter calls for Luke Nash-Jones to be “shut down”

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Bonkerous Bolton supporters surely fear defeat this Saturday. Horny Henry fan-boy Lee Turner has called for one of Britain’s leading Brexit activists Luke Nash-Jones to be “shut down” and “left out in the sun to dry”. Words some would construe as a death threat.

The post by Turner calls for Nash-Jones to be silenced, for disagreeing with Henry Bolton. The hardworking Brexit activist is a man of convictions, while as far as we are aware, Turner has done nothing to campaign against the EU, never having supported a Brexit rally. We travel around the country reporting; we know who is putting the effort in.

UKIP Daily expressed they have received threats of legal action, for printing the truth, and expect to be victim of the absurd disciplinary action that the UKIP leader spoke of in the town of Bolton in Greater Manchester. Kipper Central also expect some retaliation for their journalistic work.

It is no surprise that the 52 year old snowflake based in Tunbridge Wells, in Kent, is a school teacher, working for London Teaching Pool Ltd of Hainault, Essex. Until recently he worked at Barnfield South Academy, Harris Academy, Manshead School, and Leigh Academy.

Marxism-infested academia has long struggled with a problem of intolerance to alternate views, resorting to policies of “no platforming” where right-wing speakers are banned from campus.

However, new levels of pure stupidity have been reached with Mr Turner’s call to ban UKIP party members from speaking if they backed the NEC.

This comes after Henry Bolton himself said he wished it was legal to fight in a duel UKIP member Warren Whitmore who didn’t support him; an action that would result in assault, even killing of critics.


Lee Turner, specialises in video production. He has called for the MBGA News Editor-in-Chief to be silenced; perhaps he is jealous of the support our video channel receives.


LEAKED: Henry Bolton girlfriend’s alleged messages on “raping babies”

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Last month the Daily Mail reported that Henry Bolton’s mistress Jo Marney had supposedly joked online with a friend about sexual abuse of babies.

The Daily Mail reported that a friend of Jo Marney’s claimed they had been taken out of context and had been ‘part of an outrage competition’. He said Marney had posted the remarks as she tried to make a comparison between the abuse of animals and babies.

We have received screenshots that we note are alleged on Twitter to be such messages – you can decide if that is the case – we are just reporting what is being claimed on social media.

In another screenshot, messages allegedly from Marney feature the phrase “I couldn’t care if we do kill Iraqi kids. I personally think the entire country needs a nuclear bomb dropping on it. But unfortunately we can’t do that.”

In the last few days, there have been rumours that Marney might be pregnant. Heaven help the baby if these messages are accurate!

Today Henry Bolton squirmed on LBC, as he was asked if Marney had sent “racist” messages; a claim he wouldn’t deny. It’s shocking that Henry Bolton is suggesting that he may still be in a relationship with this woman.

Why has Paul Oakden resigned as UKIP Chairman?

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UKIP’s controversial Chairman Paul Oakden, who is unpopular with many Party members, has quit. This comes after his claim last night to have been appointed Interim Leader; though such was quickly retracted.

Why has Paul Oakden resigned as UKIP Chairman? Is he under investigation by the EU for working as a MEP’s local assistant while he was Party Chairman? Is it acceptable to have both those roles at the same time? Will he have to repay a six figure sum?

In an email to members, Mr Oakden said he would go regardless of the outcome of Saturday’s extraordinary general meeting. Saturday’s gathering of party members in Birmingham will decide whether Mr Bolton keeps his job after he left wife and children at Christmas for a racist girl now suspended by the Party.

Mr Oakden hinted he could contest any future race for leader.

He said: ‘I remain a committed member of UKIP, and steadfast in my view that without us, there is little hope of our country’s independence being delivered back into the hands of her people.

‘In standing down, I hope to allow myself the flexibility to consider other ways in which I might continue to serve you – the most remarkable, and admirable, political membership in Britain today.’

Breaking: Paul Oakden Retracts Claim to be New UKIP Leader

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In an email sent out to UKIP members, Paul Oakden has stated that he is the UKIP Interim Leader.

We presume this to be a typo; perhaps revealing his aspirations.

A controversial figure within the party, the UKIP Chairman once pretended to be an airline pilot and posed with an MP’s Aston Martin to make friends with women on a dating website.

Paul Oakden is known for accusations of leading a Catch Me If You Can lifestyle after posing as a pilot on MingleVille.

In the 2007 postings under the name LoneFlyer, Mr Oakden boasted a “career” as a pilot. Under an “About Me” section he said “flying myself up into the heavens” made him happy.

MPs could join forces with Labour to BLOCK Brexit

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Millions coughed into their cornflakes this morning as Anna Soubry told Andrew Marr that MPs could join forces with Labour to block the kind of Brexit that Prime Minister Theresa May wants.

It is clear once again that the final remnants of the pro-EU faithful are fighting hard and aggressive like a wounded animal. They continue to rear their ugly faces because they are so disrespectable to the wish of the nation.

The all-Remoaner BBC sofa saw Labour’s Chuka Umunna appearing alongside Ms Soubry, agreeing with her shocking comments.

When Marr suggested to Ms Soubry that she was politically aligned closer to Mr Umunna than she was to leading Brexiteer and Conservative colleague Jacob Rees-Mogg, she said: “I’m not denying that.”

Asked if she thought Brexit would definitely happen, Soubry said: “I genuinely don’t know what is going to happen. Well I’ll tell you who might stop it, and that’s the people of this country. We won’t stop it. It is the people. We gave the people a referendum to start this process.”

Fellow Remoaner Mr Umunna uttered: “There is no majority in the House of Commons for us simply to jump off a cliff.”

The comments came a day after a Brexit rally was held in Birmingham where speakers spoke of Theresa May being the modern day Neville Chamberlain, then afterwards a march took place to anti-democracy MP Ian Austin’s office to remind him what the country voted for.

I have the following message to Anna Soubry, whom we protested against just a few weeks ago – we shall return to Nottingham once more if you do not listen to your constituents! Depart I say Anna! Be done with you! In the name of God just go!

Twitter’s statement on Russian Brexit bots is DEVASTATING for Remoaners

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According to Britain’s Pro-Remain media, including the BBC, ITV, The Guardian and Buzzfeed – the Russians used 400 fake accounts to tweet about Brexit and to promote a Vote to Leave the European Union. However, this false narrative has been blown apart by Twitter.

In a fake news evidence session in Washington DC attended by UK ministers the social media company gave the following statement.

“We can now update the committee that our broader investigation identified a very small number of suspected Internet Research Agency-linked Twitter accounts.”

“Forty-nine such accounts were active during the referendum campaign, which represents less than 0.005% of the total number of accounts that tweeted about the referendum.

“These accounts collectively posted 942 tweets, representing less than 0.02% of the total tweets posted about the referendum during the campaign. These tweets cumulatively were retweeted 461 times and were liked 637 times.”

“These tweets cumulatively were retweeted 461 times and were liked 637 times. On average this represents fewer than 10 likes per account and fewer than 13 retweets per account during the campaign, with most accounts receiving two or fewer likes and retweets. These are very low levels of engagement.”

Twitter’s statement doesn’t specify whether the 942 tweets were pro or anti Brexit, or a mixture of the two. In total, over 62 million tweets were sent during the EU Referendum campaign.

The Remain camp’s claim that Brexit was won by “The Russians” is just another attempt to smear the Brexit result and try to push for a second referendum. Therefore, it is good news that these claims of Russian interference in the referendum have been refuted.

CONFIRMED: Soros is behind Gina Miller’s campaign to SABOTAGE Brexit

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George Soros was today confirmed to be backing Gina Miller’s “Best For Britain” campaign to reverse Brexit, according to a strategy document leaked to the Daily Telegraph.  The investor, famously known as the man who “broke the Bank of England” in the early 1990s, has donated £400,000 to the movement through his Open Society Foundation.

The investor is one of several senior figures linked to the Best For Britain group, who plan to launch a national advertising campaign later this month, in an attempt to turn the public against Brexit. It also plans to target MPs and convince them to vote against the final Brexit deal to trigger another referendum or general election.

Soros had invited guests to his home in Chelsea at the end of January to listen to a pitch to launch a campaign to convince the British people to overturn their vote to leave the European Union. The 87-year-old host became famous for making more than a billion pounds betting against the pound before Black Wednesday, in 1992. The Hungarian-born businessman has made himself a persona non grata to governments across Eastern Europe, and has been accused of having a hand in the fall of several governments.

Also at the launch dinner were Stephen Peel, a businessman and former Olympic rower who is also said to be putting money into the new campaign and is on the board of Best For Britain, Lord Malloch-Brown, the former Labour minister and chairman of Best For Britain, and Sir Martin Sorrell, the chief executive of advertising firm WPP. However, the guests at the dinner left without donating any money to the campaign.

The key objective is to convince MPs to vote against the deal Theresa May negotiates with Brussels, regardless of its content. Malloch-Brown and his backers believe that if Parliament rejects the Brexit deal when it comes to a parliamentary vote in October, the Government will fall, and Brexit can then be stopped. He was quoted as saying last month: “If we can achieve that, I think it will trigger either an election or a referendum, or a change of government without an election, or at least a change of prime minister.”

A group of billionaires colluding to stop Brexit only affirms what ordinary voters already suspected, that the EU exists to promote the interests of the wealthy elite. For Remoaners to be talking about triggering a change of government without an election is particularly sinister.

How ironic of US Democrats, and Remoaners, to be complaining about foreign interference in the democratic process of sovereign states when Soros is doing exactly that. Young people (who will be the main targets of the upcoming Best For Britain advertising campaign) need to realise that Soros and his cronies are not doing this to save you, they are doing this to make themselves even richer – these people don’t give a damn about freedom, democracy or ordinary citizens.

UKIP Hampshire official SMACKS Henry Bolton, “Get behind me, SATAN!”

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One of Britain’s leading Brexit activists Luke Nash-Jones has a reputation for not beating around the bush. Today, the UKIP North East Hampshire branch committee member made very clear on Facebook what he thinks of Henry Bolton.

“The only words we have for neoliberals like Henry Bolton are, ‘GET BEHIND ME, SATAN!’ (Words of Jesus at Matthew 16:23)”

Last week, in Frimley, Surrey, the no-nonsense populist, known for getting straight to the point, hit a raw nerve, as he called out Bolton for walking out on his kids at Christmas. Such an action he suggested contradicts UKIP’s unique selling point: a traditional family values image, and has caused a sharp fall in membership, even closure of branches in Hampshire.

Attempts were made by the cowardly chair of UKIP Surrey to “DESTROY” the footage, to ensure Nash-Jones’s courageous comment to Bolton was never heard, though Horny Henry was given a copy.

Undeterred by the support for hedonism by those more than old enough to know better, Nash-Jones, who campaigns around Britain for Brexit, tore into the party leader AGAIN, stating,

“How bad must things be if I upload a speech, and three people ask me to be UKIP party leader. I get messages like this all the time; even from top party officials.”

“Friends, I’m nothing special. I just say what the people feel. The question I am pondering is, Why the hell doesn’t Horny Hooray Henry?”

In a speech to UKIP branches in London, Nash-Jones stated that the future of the Party was ALREADY in jeopardy due to the actions of Bolton, who he called for the defenestration of. He said the postmodernist “doesn’t care about you and I”.

Nash-Jones uttered similar words on Facebook, saying,

“The pain, the suffering, the anger. We, the people, have no voice. It’s so obvious what UKIP needs to be, but the leader was too busy shagging a member of the youth wing! This pathetic, hedonistic Liberal Club twonk just doesn’t even begin to understand the people. Or maybe Paddy Pantsdown 2.0 doesn’t care about us.”

“I certainly do not believe a man so obsequious to the EU machine for decades is on our side. Anyone who voted for this LibDem really needs to wake the hell up! Now you post that you didn’t know his past – I stated clearly online BUT you mocked me – please this time hear me out before judging.”

Bolton left the LibDems only three years prior to standing for UKIP leadership. Nash-Jones had called out Bolton, stating his supporters might as well vote for Nick Clegg.

Known not to mince his words, Nash-Jones’ statement on Facebook continued:

“Henry Bolton doesn’t CARE about you and I.
He doesn’t talk about the problems we face.
He doesn’t represent the values we stand for.
He will KILL the party, and in so doing, probably Britain itself.”

“Anyone denying this is probably just a disgusting political careerist after a position. You may scream and shout that you will drain the swamp of malcontents. You will go down the toilet with the Horndog.”

A number of non-UKIP members, such as Marty Caine (who set up a rival party to UKIP) have targeted Nash-Jones, while Kipper Central and UKIP Daily face weak threats of silencing, even baseless claims for legal action. To MBGA News, Nash-Jones stated, “What’s he going to do? Expel the whole Party?”

The statement by the leading Brexit activist continued:

“We are the REAL people.
We have had enough of being lied to.
We had had enough of being cheated.
We have had enough of our country being destroyed for your quick profits.
The only words we have for neoliberals like Henry Bolton are, “GET BEHIND ME, SATAN!” (Words of Jesus at Matthew 16:23)”

We will stand up and shout!
We will fight, to our last breath, to save civilisation!
And, we will win!
We will take our country BACK from liberal, hedonistic, vile scum like Henry Bolton!”

The only words we have for neoliberals like Henry Bolton are, "GET BEHIND ME, SATAN!" (Words of Jesus at Matthew…

Posted by Luke Nash-Jones for UKIP NEC on Thursday, 8 February 2018

TeamBolton smacks of DESPERATION: Wild suggestions of sexual crime

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One of the most prolific pro-Henry Bolton supporters online is Marty Caine, who runs a registered political party called Engage; hence, one would presume he is not a member of UKIP.

As Caine has set up a party to compete with UKIP, surely it would be in his interest for the purples to have a weak leader. One has to wonder why he backs Bonkerous Bolter so fervently?

Caine’s recent posts smack of desperation, as he resorts to calling our Editor-in-Chief, Puke. Is this kindergarten?

As Nash-Jones points out, one of the saddest things about the whole Bolter fiasco is the way that people old enough to be his parents are behaving. Walking out on one’s family at Xmas is shameful, as is the supposed dumping of his wife by text; the condoning of such hedonism by mature(?) adults is disgraceful.

Marty Caine even resorted to a tweet claiming to be looking for a UKIP member on the sex offenders list. This we take as an attempt to intimidate and silence MBGA News.

If Bonkerous Bolton is so incredible, why does the truth need to be hidden? Why did Deena Chapman, wife of former UKIP Surrey chair, with support of new chair Helena Windsor, seek to destroy videos of Bolton’s speech in Frimley?

Meanwhile, UKIP Daily claims to have received threat of legal action from Bolton, while Kipper Central received a tweet that appeared to suggest Horny Hooray Henry wants them shut down.

Other frequent Twitter warriors defending Banging Bolton include Mark Childs, and Ronnie Cole, who told a UKIP member that she only criticised Henry because her tampon was sideways. Charming!

Remoaner thugs send DEATH THREAT to 80 year old woman

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Pro-EU fanatics have sent violent letters to Brexit voters threatening to KILL them.

An 80-year-old woman in London got a note through their door containing a horrific death threat from an anonymous troll, her MP Zac Goldsmith revealed.

The letter said: “If you attempt to take away part of someone’s identity. There are consequences.

“We have watched have you have stoked the fires of Brexit and led us to this moment.

“You can no longer be tolerated. We are coming for you. We are going to kill you.”

Mr Goldsmith passed on the note to the Metropolitan Police after it was brought to his attention.

A lot of the blame for this lies firmly with the pro-EU media and the way the Remain campaign pointed the venom at older voters, and this is the result.

Remain has become a toxic brand.

Henry Bolton Wishes It Be Legal to ASSAULT (or KILL?) Party Member

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Former policeman Henry Bolton has said he wishes the law would let him assault, perhaps kill, a party member who criticised him – he has clearly said he wishes he could have a duel with UKIP activist Warren Whitmore; such battle is fought to either first wound, or to death.

What an encouraging party leader indeed! Rather than respond to feedback, investigating complaints, his tweet says to assault, or depending on rules of the duel, kill the party member who questioned his leadership. What does Bolton think he is the leader of? Communist Zimbabwe?

If someone’s argument is so “impressive” you can’t defeat them, the man known for talk of strangling badgers will resort to the left-wing tactic of wishing to silence them with violence. Hardly surprising considering that he was until three years ago a LibDem – the party is known for “positive liberty”/progressivism.

Trixy Sanderson responded to Henry Bolton, “Do you disagree with someone? Try to kill them, then!”

He was clearly triggered like a snowflake at the Surrey meeting a week ago when I challenged him, asking how UKIP can call itself a party of traditional family values after his recent conduct.

Moreover, UKIP Daily has been threatened with legal action, in what can only be taken as an effort to silence them, while Kipper Central informs that they have received messages (we have seen) that imply they will be booted out the party for criticising the leader.


Myth-busting: EGM and Leadership Election WON’T Kill UKIP

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The UKIP EGM will be held on Saturday 17th February 2018 at the International Convention Centre (ICC), Broad St, Birmingham, B1 2EA. The only item on the agenda is the future of Henry Bolton; is he staying or getting the boot.

Bolton has often given the impression that UKIP can not survive as a party, if he is removed, because of the cost of the resultant leadership contest. This is nonsense. Firstly, each leadership candidate has to put forward £5,000; now with the number of candidates who stood last time, this is no small sum.

With 12 persons standing in the 29 September 2017 contest, that is a total of £60,000; more than sufficient to collect postal votes and count them, even if an outside auditor is appointed.

Further, a top UKIP official informs us that the cost of the EGM and the leadership election has already been covered by a party donor.

Moreover, if Bolton stays, there is still the cost of an election: all NEC members are removed if the motion of no confidence fails (though they can stand again.)

Bloody rioting and gunshots as ‘hundreds’ of FAKE refugees STORM Calais port

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After a fight broke out amongst gangs of Afghan and Eritrean fake refugees queuing for food, rioting spread from Boulevard des Justes near the city centre of Calais.

Violent gangs wielding rocks, knives, sticks and iron bars were reportedly involved in running battles through the city – with at least 200 people involved. People smugglers are suspected to have been involved.

Fighting began at around 3.30pm, before dying down shortly before 6pm.

The four fake refugees who were shot are said to be in a life-threatening condition and have been taken to hospital.

France’s interior minister Gerard Collomb said he was on the way to the port town to deal with the emergency. That’s probably once he finds a white bedsheet to wave!

Many fake refugees travel to Calais; under UN definition, a refugee is one fleeing a war or natural disaster in a neighbouring country. None of these people invading France, in violation of immigration laws, have any right to enter Britain.

They know that the UK’s welfare state is easy to abuse; it offers free flats to those claiming asylum, while British war veterans sleep rough on the street.

Evidence: Racist Jo Marney is bankrolling Horny Henry Bolton

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Upon discovering that his mistress Jo Marney is a racist, if he really didn’t know already, Henry Bolton should have broken off with her.

He is known to still associate with her. Why?

Marney, who appears to share her lover’s lack of discretion and political nous, has announced that she transferred him £1,500; could this be why he was seen with her having dinner at the Liberal Club.

We are supposed to believe this relationship is over. We are supposed to believe he is disgusted by her racist remarks. He talked to Russia Today of possibly rekindling their sexual liaison; now we know that they effectively share a bank account.

Remoaners full of lies: Economy THRIVING since Brexit vote

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We shall all remember the doom and gloom generated by Project Fear that warned us of immediate Armageddon if we were to vote to leave the EU, but what has really happened?

Studying my own backyard it appears the story is very different. Swindon is an industrial town that was born on the back of the steam age. Its geographical location between London and Bristol made it the prime choice for Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a pioneer of the railway who selected the town to build steam trains.

Although the rail works closed in 1986 the town has attracted other manufacturing industries and is home to BMW and Honda. What impact has the EU referendum result had on these businesses?

It is clear that the industry is not in recession as we were told by then chancellor George Osborne. BMW are continuing to offer apprenticeships to school leavers and are also looking for technicians, toolmakers, HR staff and senior management. This is something that contradicts what we were told would happen.

The story is the same with Honda who are also looking to expand their work force. The Japanese car giant backs post-Brexit Britain with £200million investment boost and has turned its plant in Swindon into a ‘global production hub’ for the Honda Civic.

It is clear that that the referendum result is having a positive effect on our economy, the Pound is currently trading at 1.4160 against the US Dollar and is well above where even the most bullish forecasters would have estimated it at this point in 2018.

The ‘despite Brexit’ term continues to be bandied about by the EU-funded BBC and others but the proof is in the pudding. It is now time the doom-mongers got behind the country instead of wishing it to fail in an act that is liken to ‘cutting one’s nose off to spite the face’ as we march forward into a bright and positive future for all.

Gina Miller THREATENS new court case against Brexit

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Remain campaigner Gina Miller, who rose to prominence after winning a legal challenge against the Prime Minister on Article 50, has threatened a new court case against ministers over the deal with the DUP to spend an extra £1billion in Northern Ireland.

She claims the government failed to follow the proper process when it signed a confidence and supply deal with the Ulster party, claiming there should have been a Commons vote.

The campaigner sent a letter to ministers last year warning she would contest any payments without a vote.

On Sunday, Ms Miller told ITV’s Robert Peston she had learned two chunks of cash have been allocated to Northern Ireland without a decision by MPs.

I wonder why Ms Miller never challenged Gordon Brown’s signing of the Lisbon Treaty without holding a referendum first. What about all the laws that the EU passed – will she be doing something about that because our Parliament didn’t have a vote on them either?

Originally she demanded Parliament ratify Brexit, then when they did she changed her mind and said she’d lost faith in them, and that the people should be asked to ratify the final deal in the form of a referendum.

The aim here is not to be open and fair but to bring about the collapse of the government and secure a second EU referendum. It would seem that her concerns are not for the good of ordinary people.

Why won’t Bolton resign? The real reason.

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Henry Bolton is an absolute disaster for UKIP; just this week he told Piers Morgan that he would possibly rekindle a relationship with a racist; and he told Russia Today that he still loved her. For the party that has been often unfairly accused of bigotry by the mainstream media, Bolton is the last figurehead required.

As today, about 25 UKIP members assembled in Surrey to hear Bolton give his case to remain leader, he was met with loud chants of “Get out!” and “Resign!”; even from branch committee, and NEC, members. Other than cheerleaders such as Richard Palmer who had travelled East-West halfway across the country, everyone was furious with Horny Hooray Henry.

Why does Bonkerous Bolton stay? What is really happening?

Last night, in a livestream for Make Britain Great Again, I detailed how Farage has long been furious at the NEC, and is using Bolton to take it out. For years he has wanted to abolish the grassroots committee. It is rather difficult that the Brexit hero, who in many ways we admire, and look up to, takes issue with elected representatives of the people.

Today, the Daily Mail states, “Mr Bolton – who is refusing to resign over his relationship with glamour model Jo Marney – would rip up the party’s management structure [chucking out the democratic voice of the grassroots; the NEC] before standing aside for Mr Farage to return. In return, Mr Bolton would be rewarded with a senior job by Mr Farage.”

Former NEC member Dr Tomasz Silvnik, and other senior UKIP sources I won’t name, have detailed the debacle over the Welsh Assembly election; stating that Farage wanted Alex Philips parachuted into a top Welsh seat, effectively guaranteeing a seat. It is implied that the local Welsh UKIP members didn’t wish for such, but preferred Neil Hamilton, Gareth Bennett, Nathan Gill, and others. This however suggests the NEC is hearing out the voice of the members; basically doing its job.

None of the Bolton fan boys, such as Mark Childs (called a “village idiot” by Bill Etheridge MEP), or Richard Palmer, can name to me one constitutional rule that the NEC has breached.

I admire Farage’s determination to speak out against Brussels when others were silent, but his attack on the NEC is a very unhelpful distraction that could stop Brexit. The grassroots committee work hard, UNPAID. It is stressful! Removing members that bring the party into disrepute, or trying to balance the books; a rather difficult task, considering that much of “Team UKIP” is not employed by UKIP.

Just take a second to think about this. It’s an absolute nightmare! This means that the Board (the NEC) has no real control over the UKIP project. These persons are employed by the EU-funded EFDD (Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy); a totally separate organisation. Nigel Farage is the chair of the EFDD; he controls the higher echelons of the purple force; effectively, he still runs UKIP. Bolton is his man; he was his “referee”; a move that naturally would get UKIP members to back Horny Hooray Henry. Who is it who now backs Bolton on LBC radio?

In reality, the reform that UKIP needs, is a structure that gives the elected NEC members a proper say over the actions of EFDD workers who operate in the capacity of UKIP staff. We need the leader to be allowed to get on with the job. Also, a more engaging NEC election process is required; for example, require candidates to submit a video, so we know something of them, and also to attend a hustings somewhere in the geographical centre of Britain at a main transport hub.

DOUBTS on Henry Bolton’s claim of 2 year course at Sandhurst

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Bolton says did 2 year course at Sandhurst. Should be 2 or 3 weeks?

Training for a TA soldier is part-time; members of Veterans Against Terrorism inform us that TA officers do not study for 2 years. We are wiling to be corrected, but we understand the Sandhurst training would actually be 2 or 3 weeks long.

The Army Rumour Service (ARRSE) states the TA only does Module 4 at Sandhurst; that only lasts up to 21 days. Maybe Bolton attended the Diane Abbott School of Mathematics!

It does mention a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 2 years commissioned service, but that is not at Sandhurst, but elsewhere; Mod 4 only, remainder in unit lines depending on age, rank, experience etc..

I have double-checked this with members of Veterans Against Terrorism.

Globalist Luvvies in Davos: Blair calls Brexit a “Problem for Britain”

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Contender to Anna Soubry’s crown of Remaniac overlord, Tony Blair has said that the British people will reject Britain’s exit from the EU when they realise that the UK “needs” EU migrants.

How racist! Why does he support the bigoted EU migration system that welcomes anyone from the EU, skilled or not, while turning away Asian doctors, and African engineers? We need a sensible Australian-style migration system that only lets in people with skills we need. We do not need ANY unskilled migration while we have a 4.3% unemployment rate.

Speaking to the globalist propaganda machine Bloomberg TV at the World Economic Forum event in Davos, Blair rubbished Brexit and said Brexit is a “Problem” for Britain; words many would use to describe the ex-Prime Minister.

When he was asked if he thought Brexit could be blocked via a second referendum, Blair said: “You could have a general election. If we do go through with Brexit – and I hope we don’t – it’s going to be a complete change and we will have to fashion a new future for the country.”

Panicking that the EU project, of which many suspected he would become President, will die without British taxpayers money bailing out workshy tax-dodging Greece, Tony muttered “Europe will be diminished. It will be weaker without the strength of the British economy, we’re the largest economy in Europe. And it will be politically weaker.”

“This is what people voted for in 2016, but the question is will they hold to that position once they see what the alternative is to the present European Union membership.”

The UK has ALREADY agreed to a Norway-style transition period

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According to reports in the Independent yesterday, senior EU figures stated that the United Kingdom has already “agreed in principle” to a Norway-style Brexit transition period. This will likely mean that the United Kingdom will have to adopt all new EU rules with absolutely no influence at all.

We will be forced to contribute huge sums to the EU budget, continue with free movement of people and our legal system will remain under the jurisdiction of the ECJ. But worst of all: we will NOT be able to negotiate any new international trade deals during this period.

Labour’s Shadow Trade Secretary Barry Gardiner suggested earlier in the year that such a model would render the United Kingdom as nothing more than a “vassal state.” The Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts said that the United Kingdom would go along with this proposal for at least two years after Brexit.

Following these revelations, Conservative MPs have also told Theresa May that Britain must not be bound by EU rules during the Brexit transition period.

Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg told The Independent: “If civil servants are doing that then they are surreptitiously wiping out the Prime Minister’s red lines.

“She has been clear that leaving the European Union means that we are no longer subject to the Court of Justice, that we stop making payments and that we control our own borders.

“If the transition doesn’t give us those then it isn’t a transition, it is remaining a member of the European Union and it is simply an extension of our membership without any votes – that would be a negotiating failure for the Government.”

This all means that Britain will continue as a member of the EU in all but name until at least December 2020. This is not what we voted for!

Rejected UKIP Leader “Bunga Bunga” Bolton charging £900 for Decision Making Course

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If you are an aspiring leader in business, the military, or otherwise, Britain’s Berlusconi, the UKIP leader Henry Bolton believes he is the man to imitate.

His consultancy business LiveOak is offering 16 hour-long Decision-Making courses at £900 per attendee. This is the man whose conduct a senior UKIP official told us reminds them of the former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s scandalous Bunga Bunga life-style.

“A two day course that explores why individuals and organisations make flawed decisions” – perhaps he will speak from personal experience. This is the twonk whose wife says he dumped her by text, after meeting a blonde half his age at a Xmas party, and perhaps, we don’t know, while drunk.

“For all decision makers and those that aspire to making the best decisions possible.” Perhaps this character, who looks like Mr Burns from the Simpsons, needs to attend such a course, rather than teach it.

While he was working unpaid as the UKIP leader, he made the “best decision” of cheating on his wife who was busy working in Austria to pay for his lifestyle, which included membership of the swanky Liberal Club.

He worked for the European Commission, he has an OBE (given to those who lick up to the elite), and he likes neo-liberal clubs in London; this guy makes David Cameron look patriotic!

It’s crazy enough to be a TV sitcom: “Bunga Bunga” Bolton claims to be a world expert in “Effective Decision Making”

He calls himself “Top Trouble-shooter”; though “Trouble-maker” would be more befitting. Despite his prudish appearance, this womanising dimwit has said that he may be selling his house to make ends meet after cheating on the breadwinner; clearly a long-sighted strategist that all Berlusconi fans should seek to admire.

These courses are available in Moscow, Nairobi, Vienna, London, Delhi, and of course, his natural habitat, Brussels. He claims to be “Helping organisations to make effective decisions and thereby enhance performance.”

Probably even Robert Mugabe wouldn’t take advice from this horny fool, whose thoughts appear to be driven by the downstairs department. His consultancy website invites all interested in his course to phone 07738 202 393.

A senior UKIP official told us that Bolton’s conduct reminds them of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s scandalous Bunga Bunga life-style

UKIP EGM called for Derby on 17th of February

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A senior UKIP member has informed us that the Party’s Emergency General Meeting to review Bolton’s position will probably be on the 17th of February in Derby.

A vote will be held by members of UKIP as to whether they back the NEC’s Vote of No Confidence in the Party Leader.

Unfortunately, it seems Bunga Bunga Bolton, the Berlusconi of Britain, has some support in the Midlands.

The meeting will cost we believe four figures; not helpful to the Party in debt. The right thing would be for Bolton to gracefully resign.

(The date and location may change.)

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