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The Independent newspaper GLOATS over Death of Dale Winton?

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The Independent is not a serious newspaper, but just a bitter communist rag.

The host of Supermarket Sweep has passed away. Rather than express respectful condolences, the Indy appears to be gloating, as if to cheer that a Trump supporter passed away.

Twitter users were in shock:

Theresa May needs to step back and de-escalate the tensions with Russia

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As AJP Taylor said of 1914: “Nowhere was there a conscious determination to provoke a war. Statesmen miscalculated [and] became prisoners of their own weapons. The great armies, accumulated to provide security and preserve the peace, carried the nations to war by their own weight.” I wonder what Taylor would have said of Trump’s “Get ready Russia” tweet.

(Acknowledgements to Simon Jenkins / The Guardian 13/04/18)

Theresa May should be extremely cautious in committing Britain to any military adventure in the Middle East. Rising above the temptation to follow the US, where strategy regarding the American military presence in Syria seems to change daily, will be a test not just of her domestic political nous but a strong signal that Britain, in the prelude to Brexit, really is carving its own place as independent in all matters and capable of standing alone.

Critical to the safety of Britain and Europe is a de-escalation of the current tensions between our country and Russia.  Horrific though the – possibly miscalculated – nerve-agent attack in Salisbury was and no matter how shocking some people regard the Syrian chlorine gas incident, we should measure whether either of these acts in isolation pose an existential threat to Britain justifying foreign intervention.  

I posit that it does not.

The Skripals are not dead and forty dead Syrians are merely incidental and unfortunate casualties in a civil war that is nothing to do with Britain or its future security.  I say that neither incident is worth ten years or more cold war with the second most powerful nation on Earth let alone a hot war.

Diplomatic and political convention demanded a retaliatory response regarding the Salisbury incident.  Quietly and in due course, perhaps within a year, normal diplomatic relations could be resumed and the incident conveniently swept under the carpet.  

It’s called realpolitik. Amicable relations between Russia and Britain are not only good for peace, they are good for the economies of both countries.  Let’s start thinking for ourselves for a change and not hang on to America’s or Europe’s shirt-tails.

As for Syria, British military intervention is not only likely to be ineffectual – as we only have very limited assets in comparison to the major protagonists – it will force Russia to take not only a determined political stance against us but also a military one.  

There is no doubt, in my mind at least, that Russia would retaliate and shoot down RAF aircraft and possibly strike naval forces daring to launch Tomahawk missiles.

Combine that with absolutely no governmental strategy regarding Britain’s long term stance with Syria and the certainty that Assad will remain in power under the aegis of Russia and the stark reality is that any British intervention is utterly ludicrous and recklessly dangerous.

So, to extract Britain from the current headlong rush into political and military conflict, and to put a stamp on Britain’s new independence, I implore Mrs May to take a step back, at least debate the situation in Parliament, and redouble diplomatic initiatives with Russia so that a de-escalation and the resumption of normal relations can take place sooner rather than later.  Her actions now will mark her place in history.

Let’s hope she makes the right decision.

BBC cuts off former British Ambassador to Syria during radio interview

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BBC Radio Scotland: Peter Ford, former British Ambassador to Syria

BBC: There’s a lot of tough talk on all sides here, I wonder where you think it will lead us?

PF: Well I greatly fear that it will lead us to the edge of Armageddon. It’s time to take a deep breath and consider where we’ve got ourselves into as a result of mainly hysteria and distortion. The worst case is that Trump does really launch off with some very unwise, multiple attacks on Syria, and given that Rusian forces are deeply embedded with Syrian forces, in particular air defence, it’s highly likely that scores of Russian soldiers will be killed.

If anyone thinks that Russia will simply take that lying down, I think they need to think again. Russian planes in the last twelve hours have been buzzing US destroyers in the eastern Mediteranean. Please, I think everybody needs to take a deep breath before something truly horrible occurs, affecting the security of us all, including in this country.

We have forces in Syria, the Government don’t like to talk about this, but one was sadly killed a few days ago, revealing the extent of our existing military involvement in Syria. So at the very least, our own forces will be exposed to grave danger.

BBC: Indeed it’s not just the US president though, who’s appauled by what they’ve seen, in terms of these pictures coming from Douma, we’ve had condemnation from President Macron, likewise from Prime Minister Theresa May too.

If it isn’t the sort of military action that you’ve just outlined there, what should be the response to this use of chemical weapons, if it’s proved?

PF: The correct response is obviously, and I think a child could see this, get inspectors onto the alleged site of the alledged offences, and in fact in the last few hours, Russia has offered to provide military escorts for inspectors from the recognised body in this field, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Warfare [OPCW]. This however…

BBC: And if it’s proved, then what? Because of course we know that Assad has form on this. We’ve had investigations previously, and there has been fairly conclusive proof that chemical agents have been used.

PF: I don’t think that Assad is in the least worried that the inspectors would find out his guilt, because he is probably not guilty, at least on this occasion. I mean we have to engage our brains as well as our emotions here, not be stampeded by those videos, which are decribed as being unverified, but which by dent of being repeated, over and over and over again, come to acquire a spurious credibility.

We have to ask ourselves, what are the sources of the information on which we are on this stampede to war. They are twofold, and I’m sorry but the media are falling down on the job in investigating this, the sources are the Syrian American Medical Society, which is a pro-Islamist propaganda outfit, based in the United States, funded by the CIA…

BBC: So you are saying that, are you saying that these pictures have been staged, are you saying the people haven’t died, that people haven’t been affected…?

PF: Yes! Yes! Yes!
In all probability the incidents have been staged.
Come on, we know how easy it is to fake images for the internet. Look at the images, anybody could stage those, and then the second source is supposed to be so called first responders, who are the first responders? In this case they are the White Helmets, which is another pro-Islamist, Jihadi propaganda outfit, who on the ground have been involved…

BBC: This is an awful lot of effort to discredit Assad…

PF: Please let me finish! Please let me finish! Please let me finish this important point.

The witnesses to the terrible events are people who themselves were involved in beheadings, literally picking up the body parts, and we choose to give credence to testimony from these alledged first responders. I’m sorry but the journalists need to do their…

BBC: But Assad’s reputation was already in, in, Assad’s reputation was already in difficulty…

PF: Could you please stop inter… Would you please let me finish, for at least a whole point?

BBC: Well I’m trying, I’m to ask you a question to prove the point of what you’re making.

PF: You don’t allow, the BBC does not allow questions of important detail to be addressed.

BBC: We have a short period of time, I am trying to probe what you are saying. The point is that Assad’s reputation is already clearly dented, what would be in the interests of these people to stage these events?

PF: Well is that not obvious, a child can see. To have our own leash jerked by these Islamist fanatics. This is what’s going on, and ask yourself, how has it profited Assad?

Please, engage your brain and answer the question. How has Assad benefited from all this mayhem?

In fact it’s rebounded against him. Why would he do such a thing when he was already winning?

The battle for eastern Gouta was virtually over. Why would he choose this moment to do the one thing that would pluck defeat for him from the jaws of victory?

George Soros’s arch-enemy has a name: Viktor Orban

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Viktor Orban, an ardent conservative and eurosceptic proto-nationalist, has just secured his third term as President in his beloved nation, Hungary.

The Hungarians, at least those who have not been affected by the post-WW1 Trianon Pact, are a culturally ugro-finnic language speaking group; they now mainly inhabit a relatively small sized country in eastern Europe that merely contains 10 million inhabitants. These Hungarians have been demonstrated once again to be incredibly nationalistic in spirit and by nature.

By electing Orban for the third time, they have shown to be passionate about certain aspects of their ideal society that they would prefer to mantain. Quite clearly, in Hungary, those who voted for Orban, about 50% of the population, intend to hold on tight to their Christian heritage and refuse to accept the will imposed by the European Union of displacing their own by replacing them with an “army” of cheap labour coming from Africa and the Middle East. An “army” which is neither Christian nor European.

After all, during his campaign, Orban did bluntly accuse the EU of turning Hungary into an “immigrant country” that threatened their Christian identity. By choosing Orban, Hungarians also chose statal security and stability, over excessive liberty and overly compassionate and inclusive politics.

However, it is not the reactionary propositions found in Orban’s programme that should surprise public opinion the most. It is much more interesting, and certainly our duty as journalists, to point out that Viktor Orban is almost exclusively the one mainstream European leader who has pointed a finger at George Soros. Safely we can assume it was his middle one too.

Jokes aside, Orban’s strong and courageous campaign was almost entirely dedicated at destroying the figure of George Soros. He has personally attacked him not only as a pseudo-philanthropist guru but also as individual. Orban and Soros “go way back”, they have known each-other for more than twenty years.

When young Orban studied political science in the prestigious Oxford University it was Soros who sponsored most of Orban’s studies in Britain and connected him with high ranking academics, intellectuals, and visionaries.

Soros was a visionary himself, and towards the end of the eighties he began courting the bright youngsters he believed would fulfil his post-communist ultra liberal fantasies in eastern Europe.

At the time, Soros saw in Orban a future success, especially since the newly-elected president was at the time fervently anti-communist but also quite liberal and certainly not euro-sceptic.

It was in his later years that Orban perceived the threats of border-less nations and deregulated “crony capitalism”. In a matter of a few years, Orban became a robust right winger and anti-EU proponent. The type that favours “illiberal democracy”. The type that turns his back on his old mentor Soros, and fights off the threatening billionaire who has not only founded a series of global NGOs but also asserted himself in the financial and academic sector, recently establishing his very own Central European University headquartered in Budapest where students are regularly brainwashed with Frankfurt School neo-Marxist propaganda as they study to obtain political degrees.

Orban is astute, like an old fox, or a snake, perhaps a spooky combination of the two. His story is the story of someone who is a rebel at heart and will not take orders from anyone sitting in a higher position than him, whether that is Soros or the technocrats in Brussels.

Soros is the magnate that goes on televisions worldwide telling us that every EU member should accept at least one million undocumented migrants and refugees per year and have them on state benefits. Orban is the paternal, rural man who tells his own people they are special and deserve to have their own living space as well as their own dignity. You choose. I know the Hungarians already have.


Mayor Khan increased bloated marketing budget while Londoners die on the streets

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The massive increase in violent crime in London under Mayor Sadiq Khan has finally been commented on by the mainstream media, with murder figures in the last few months outstripping New York.

After hiding away for days after the initial headlines (a point brutally exposed on LBC Radio by presenter Tom Swarbrick), Khan has ventured out to apportion much of the blame to ‘Government Cuts’.

Whilst I will not defend Home Secretary Amber Rudd on this (or her predecessor, Theresa May) who have both defenestrated our police force, it is interesting to note where Mayor Khan deploys the budget that he has at his command.

It has been much commented about that he now has 900 officers looking over ‘hate crime’ online, something far less dangerous to life and limb than the knives and guns that have resulted in over 50 deaths on London streets this year and many more cases that have required hospital treatment.

Tonight saw another revelation in the pages of the London Evening Standard about his use of public funds, namely the increase in taxpayers’ cash spent on the GLA ‘self promotion budget’.

Political editor Joe Murphy reported on a freedom of information request that showed a rise in spending on publicity from £1.3million to £2.5 million in the past year, including a £300,000 increase in staffing for the Mayor’s media relations and marketing, taking it to a whopping £1,392,000 spent of YOUR money.

Mayor Khan’s spokesperson pointed out that cash had been ‘switched between different budgets’ in an attempt to defend the increase but the basic truth remains this – when lives are being lost on a daily basis in the Capital, for the Mayor to complain about cuts when spending the money he does have on self promotion is a total disgrace and a betrayal of the Londoners he has pledged to serve.

It is time for Sadiq Khan to put the wellbeing of the people of London before his political ambitions or do the decent thing and resign.

The taboo of voting fraud – Swindon trials new voting ID scheme

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Voting fraud has always been an issue that has never really been addressed or taken seriously.

Our current system is a magnet for fraudulent activity. If your neighbour is currently on holiday, there is nothing to stop someone from the other side of town turning up at the polling station, claiming to be that person and voting on their behalf. It is utterly ludicrous.

Following my complaints after the 2017 General Election, the Electoral Commission have now decided to trial an initiative in Swindon that will see voters having to show their polling card or ID to vote. To the average person this sounds like common sense, however Labour have cried that this will stop people from voting!

If one was to pick up a parcel from the Post Office you would be required to show ID, so why is this any different? What worries the Labour Party so much about such a simple task? If a voter cannot comprehend such a basic task, should they be allowed to vote at all?

Another system that is exposed to abuse is postal voting. We have heard stories from places like Tower Hamlets and indeed care homes up and down the country where this has been rife. This system also needs to be clamped down on so that only those with a genuine reason to not attend the polling station can use this as a means of voting.

We have all heard of certain communities collating all the postal votes and marking them before using a wheel barrow to deliver them. There are other stories that care homes are hotbeds for fraudulent activity. Until this is addressed, democracy in the UK will continue to hang on a knife edge.

Those in power are desperate and will use any means necessary to grasp on to this – they are the enemy of the people.

Labour accused of secretly reinstating anti-Semitic councillors

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It doesn’t seem that long ago we reported on the anti-Semitism in the Labour party in the hope that this would be stamped out. Sadly the cracks within the party are getting greater and greater and is becoming a huge deluge that the Party Leader Jeremy Corybn has failed spectacularly at dealing with.

More shameful allegations have emerged accusing the Labour Party of secretly reinstating at least six councillors despite them having posted anti-Semitic messages online, insiders have claimed.

The fundamental problem that the party has is that when the odious Tony Blair opened up the floodgates to increase his Labour vote, he ignored the true roots of the party that died along with the late and great John Smith. It is a simple fact that the party have not represented the working class in decades.

What we are witnessing in the party is a cultural divide where a dominance of power is being sought from the other and in essence exactly the way countries were first formed. Some cultures can never co-habit with others; a multi-cultural mixing pot often ends up causing issues as history has taught us.

The balkanisation of the UK must stop and our culture must be allowed to thrive. We welcome hard working Asian and African engineers to our shores but we do not need more people to wash cars or be dominated by another culture. Such a threat is tantamount to being invaded by a foreign power.

Since Corybn took the leadership role there have been 300 reports of anti-Semitism within the party. This is a staggering figure. Could you imagine the kind of grief a party like UKIP would get for that? It is very rich of the Corybn lovers to shout claims of racism about those who just want to exit the EU – it is many of these that are the root cause of racism by insinuating it. There is a deafening silence from groups like ‘Hope not Hate’. Why are they not challenging the real racists over this?

Anybody with a bit of knowledge of political history will know that fascism is Left-wing in both essence and spirit. The Marxists have long managed to persuade the world that fascism is the opposite of socialism when, in truth, they are twin aspects of the same totalitarian drive!

Not only is the Labour Party very poor opposition but it is a real threat to the stability of our country. It is hard to see how the party can recover from this latest and very sinister scandal.

Hey BBC, leave our kids alone!

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Today a new oxymoron was born when the EU funded, racist propaganda machine, the BBC, announced they would be visiting schools to help kids identify ‘fake news’!

Lest we forget how Trump labelled the organisation ‘fake news’ and banned the channel from the White House following the BBC’s biased coverage of the leader of the free world. The ironic initiative has been designed to tackle false information that the corporation says “threatens fact-based public debate and trust in journalism.”

The politically correct line-up on the tour will include BBC ‘journalists’ such as Huw Edwards, Tina Daheley, Nikki Fox, Kamal Ahmed and Amol Rajan.

This organisation is in no position to lecture us! As Luke Nash-Jones has said before, they are something the Nazi German Propaganda Minister Goebbels would be proud of.

It was announced by the Government in February that the annual TV licence fee will increase to £150.50 from £147 from April 1 to cover the shortfalls in the growing number of cancellations estimated to be over 1 million a year. The sooner the BBC becomes a subscription-only service the better. You want it – you pay for it, I don’t want to fund this beast while there are plenty of free channels available.

I can tell you now, they are not speaking to my daughter and I urge everyone to email your children’s schools to make our voices loud and clear! Please get the message out, we must protect our children from this awful and treacherous organisation who threaten our democracy and freedom.

In the the likeness of Pink Floyd; ‘Hey BBC, leave our kids alone!’.

Huge crowds join protest against anti-Semitism, in Westminster

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The ongoing rumblings about Labour anti-Semitism have exploded into a full blown crisis this week with revelations that Jeremy Corbyn is a member of a number of social media groups that feature anti Jewish tropes and that he questioned the removal of a mural depicting Jews as getting rich at the expense of the workers.

The Jewish Leadership Council and Board of Deputies called a demonstration on Parliament Square earlier today where a letter was put in to the meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party scheduled for this evening.

I arrived at the demonstration around 5.30pm to be greeted by the sight of over a thousand protesters waving placards, banners and Israeli flags. Off to the side under the statue of Churchill, a group of around a hundred under pop up banners of the JVL (Jewish Voice for Labour) counter demonstrated in defence of Jeremy Corbyn.

Many on the main demonstration tried to engage the Corbynistas in debate but it appeared futile. To try and gauge the feeling, I myself approached them and found a middle aged man in a leather jacket amenable to discussion. He advised me that Corbyn had fought anti-Semitism all his life and this was just a Tory plot to try and stop the rise of socialism in the UK.

The irony was not lost on me that whilst he was telling me this, principled Labour MP John Mann was on the platform speaking in favour of the demonstration and calling out anti Jewish bigotry.

The gentleman based most of his rhetoric around the ‘apartheid’ state that had displaced the ‘Palestinians’ in 1967 – when I pointed out that over a million Arab-Israelis have full rights and serve at all levels of government, including the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), this was ignored, as was the fact that the West Bank was actually a part of Israel under the original 1947 UN document setting up the state in the first place, occupied by force by invading Arab armies until taken back in the 5 day war.

According to this gentleman, anything pre 1967 was ‘ancient history’ and not relevant (The term Palestinian was actually coined by Yasser Arafat after that war)

We agreed on the peaceful 2 state solution but again any historical context (TransJordan was the part of Palestine given to the Arabs when Israel was created) was ignored – Jeremy is sticking up for the ‘oppressed’ who are confronted with an oppressive regime.

Other points were wheeled out and dismissed – Corbyn’s attendance at the Al Quds Parade in 2012 where he was the main speaker, sharing a platform with the Islamists of Hizb-ut-Tahrir surrounded by Hezbollah battle flags (He was ‘encouraging dialogue’) , the invitation to Azad Ali of MEND to speak in The Commons last November on ‘Islamophobia’ (Ali has been exposed as an extremist as recently as tonight on Channel 4’s Dispatches programme), his closeness to the Iranian Government’s propaganda arm ‘Press TV’ from whom he took cash to appear, all refuted as ‘smear’.

I was told that we need a dialogue on Palestine without any preconceptions – I agreed but questioned how this was possible when I myself had been branded an extremist by his party for raising the question on Israel previously?

When I elaborated, pointing out that I had stood as a UKIP candidate against John McDonnell (who has run BDS marches in my home town) I was informed that the party was ‘full of racists and anti semites’. Pointing out that this was a preconception that was completely untrue, he refused to listen – when I pointed out ex-BNP members who are now Labour councillors (something that can’t happen in UKIP because they are proscribed) I was accused of ‘cherry picking’ individual cases of people who had realised the error of their ways.

When I told him that I myself have a membership of the leading anti extremist thinktank, Quilliam, he told me he had done work with them before and that I was associating with people who have been terrorists – he had obviously not listened to them as Islamism is a doctrine whereas terrorism is the carrying out of that doctrine through lethal force, something that none of the Directors of Quilliam had ever done.

Extricating myself from a conversation that was going nowhere, I was approached by another of his comrades who told me that this event was all part of a ‘Zionist and Tory plot to damage Jeremy’ – I rest my case!

Walking across to the main part of the event, a number of familiar faces soon came in to view. Along with the aforementioned John Mann, I saw David Lammy MP chatting to a film crew – I never thought we would ever agree on something! I was also advised that Labour Ruth Smeeth MP was amongst those opposing anti Semitism although I didn’t see her.

Other Labour MPs to give speeches were Claire Kober (former Haringey council leader, driven out by Momentum), Luciana Berger, Louise Ellman and Wes Streeting, whilst I am certain that I saw Andrew Dismore AM (Labour GLA member) chatting with a film crew.

From the Conservatives, I spoke with Matthew Offord MP who I had first met on the counter demonstration to the Al Quds Parade last year, a very approachable and decent man. Stood with him was Joseph Cohen from the Israel Advocacy Movement, an easily identifiable figure with his striking ginger beard and one of the bravest men I have ever met who will debate anywhere with anyone in a sensible, logical manner.

Other Conservatives in attendance were Zac Goldsmith MP (I shook his hand and thanked him on his continuing campaigning against Heathrow Expansion), Bob Blackman MP and a lovely lady whose name escapes me from the GLA staff. I was advised that Sajjid Javid and Penny Mordaunt were there but I did not see them myself.

Also in attendance was author and commentator Douglas Murray whose forthright views have led to numerous threats against his person.

Notable by their absence were representatives of Hope not Hate and Stand up to Racism (SUTR), both of whom have combating anti Semitism in their mission statements on their websites. Amazingly, they were out in force on Saturday to combat Veterans and football supporters supporting the Justice for the 21 campaign in Birmingham, branding them as ‘racists’ – yet when there are real issues to be confronted, they are nowhere to be seen. Can you remind me who are major donors to both campaigns again?

Anti-semitism is a real and present problem in the Labour Party today. Even Corbyn has admitted to ‘pockets’ of it, something that Shami Chakrabarti failed to confront with her report into the state of the party prior to Corbyn elevating her to the Lords.

For a party that claims to be ‘For the many, not the few’, failing to confront it does them no credit and calls in to question their claim to be an inclusive, forward looking organisation. Some of the banners today ironically mocked that slogan – are they really what they claim to be or are they ‘For the many, not the Jew?’

Protests as TUC hosts a United Ireland conference featuring Gerry Adams as keynote speaker

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Spring is in the air and along with the daffodils, demonstrations proliferated across the country yesterday.

Birmingham saw thousands march in support of Justice for the 21 and against terrorism, whilst in London an event that seemed to pass under the radar was also treated to a peaceful protest from Veterans and Patriots.

A conference named ‘Towards a United Ireland’ was held from 12pm at the TUC Headquarters on Great Russell Street where the keynote speaker was former Sinn Fein leader and alleged IRA commander, Gerry Adams, with support speakers including current SF leader Michelle O’Neill. What the TUC are doing hosting a meeting discussing sovereignty of a part of the UK baffles me as their remit is to be an umbrella group for trade unions, whose job is to support their members’ rights in the workplace, not interfering in politics.

Adams is also a highly controversial figure given his past associations and as a result, a number of veterans decided to peacefully protest the event, supported by patriots from a number of groups.

I arrived just after 12pm when the attendees had already entered the building – a large presence was outside handing out leaflets about injustice towards our Armed Forces veterans in the province, many of whom are now seeing cases that were investigated and closed in the 1970s re-opened whilst IRA members who killed innocent civilians were pardoned under The Good Friday Agreement.

Prominent were posters with Adams’ image alongside that of Jean McConville, a mother of 10 who was executed by the IRA for being ‘an informer’ – it is alleged that Adams authorised the killing and some of the veterans who were there who had flown in from Northern Ireland told me it was in reality because she had helped a wounded British soldier.

Other posters showed bloodied hands and placards had names of civilians, police officers and military who had been killed by the IRA with times and dates on them.

The gathering obviously had an effect on the speakers as Adams was smuggled in around the back rather than having to walk through the assembled peaceful demonstration at the front – a victory of sorts for those who came from across the UK to make their point.

By 12.30 it was obvious that no more people were coming through, so the protesters retired to various pubs and restaurants for lunch, agreeing to meet back at 4pm to catch the attendees on the way out.

None of the speakers were in evidence when we got back, but a number of conversations were had with people exiting the conference and putting across our point of view. The police presence was quite heavy and I was informed by one of the officers that there had been an issue around 15 minutes before our arrival, but I have no further information on that.

One thing that did strike me was the reaction of one of the event organisers towards us as she was putting equipment in the back of the sound van – “We love you lot”, she said with a sneer. It is a pity she doesn’t love the family of Jean McConville as much, an innocent woman executed by a bullet to the back of the head whose body was missing and therefore unable to be laid to rest for over 20 years by her grieving relatives.

Vince Cable claims INCORRECTLY that Salisbury nerve agent victims are DEAD!

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Lib Dem leader Vince Cable just said on BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions show being held tonight in Romsey, Hampshire, that the victims of the Salisbury nerve agent attack are dead. They are not.

Vince Cable was taking part in the panel event alongside Brexit campaigner Richard Tice, Brexit Minister Suella Fernandes, and Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott.

A party leader really ought to be better informed and more intelligent than this!

UKIP Old Guard Pass Rules Blocking Talented Millennials from Fixing Digital Outreach

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Despite the fact the EU referendum has occurred, and Theresa will deliver some rotten soft Brexit deal before the next general election, UKIP is claiming it will be the party to deliver Brexit. UKIP is not going to be elected into Downing Street in the next few months. Let’s have a realistic message that people identify with!

The party is lost with zero vision. While I still hold that Bolton’s attack on the NEC was absurd, and that I do not know of any rule it ever broke, I do believe this committee needs to delegate to, and include, persons under the age of 50. It doesn’t understand communications: the digital outreach is poor, the marketing embarrassing, and the manifesto weak.

There is no awareness of who Peterson, Milo, etc. or even Gramsci is! They don’t know the critical difference between the two patriotic young movements: alt-light and the alt-right. Someone at the very top of UKIP told me they don’t even know what the alt-right is.

I am an expert in digital matters, headhunted by the top software engineering company in the UK. I know that the UKIP Tech committee is full of amateurs who haven’t a clue what they are doing: they don’t want me to join their talking shop. I have studied the methods used by Trump, Momentum, and Le Pen. I get young people to vote UKIP.

We need a committee with a range of ages; older members with life experience, but those in twenties and thirties also have relevant experience, on current political concerns to most voters. In addition, give the youth wing a seat for goodness sake, even if it’s a non-voting one; hear the political concerns of students, and also advise the youth wing how to operate.

The members of UKIP vote for who joins the committee that runs UKIP: the NEC. It clearly needs an injection of fresh blood who can bring some vision and charisma! However, instead it shuns our well-meaning offers for free assistance as “infiltrators”; maybe it’s the after-effect of those drug-infested 1970s hippy raves, but those tin-foil hats are popular!

The election is months late, and suddenly the criteria have been altered last minute for no strong reason. A shambles!

A handful of Millennials (in 20s or 30s), with a strong media following made it known they were planning to stand, to share for free their understanding of technology and young voters’ concerns with this committee dominated by pensioners. They have strong support from party membership and likely would have all won a seat, and resurrected UKIP.

After we received some silly remarks from NEC members, who don’t appreciate the need for social media, the Millennials have been blocked.

For years the criteria was very inclusive, but the NEC itself, not the membership, has suddenly passed new illogical rules for who can be elected to said body, stating you need to have been a UKIP member for at least 2 years. These are rules set in addition to those in the constitution, and serve no purpose but to protect the old guard.

Personally, while I’ve campaigned with UKIP for years, and I’m one of Britain’s most active Brexit activists, I couldn’t associate with my local branch due to the local party candidate, an absolutely idiot, telling the media he wanted to kill an Asian Brexit supporter. Basically, my refusal to support this moron bars me from standing for the NEC!

One Millennial, not myself, described these rules as a “joke”, while another said the party needs social media help. Personally, when I heard the latest thoughts on digital outreach from the party leadership, I felt like screaming and banging my head on a wall.

Many of the most passionate activists in the Brexit referendum are banned by these new ridiculous rules. One remarked, “Maybe they should just ban anyone under 50 from joining the party!”

We are the ones who get off our arses!! We do the hard work! We organise rallies and marches for Brexit, at our own expense, without party funding. Where are most of the MEPs and the NEC? We do livestreams. We built a news network. We have impressive intel, due to thorough research. We are the real British patriotic movement.

Frankly, we’ve had enough of watching the party die over the last 18 months due to a lack of vision by the management. The party needs a manifesto written by people who know about politics, and to use the Internet PROPERLY to reach the majority of the electorate, which is roughly half the age of NEC.

In addition, the holding of meetings on weekdays, not weekends, blocks working people from the NEC, and limits it to a clique of mostly pensioners, who don’t understand the core electorate. Even the top levels of leadership expect us to meet them on work days when we beg to show them what they could do with social media; a meeting that has not happened despite my offering to take a day off work months ago.

Enough of unqualified people thinking they deserve a title due to age!! Delegate for goodness sake to those who have the talent and are begging to help, or you won’t have a party left to have titles from!

I am not convinced that joining a visionless committee, attending meetings, which clash with holding a job, is currently a good use of my time. I shall focus more on working with other Millennials on various projects to modernise the British right. You haven’t stopped us!

Why the decision to hand UK passport production to French company is flawed

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Much has been made today of the Government’s decision to hand the production of the new post-Brexit blue passports to French company Gemalto ahead of British Company De La Rue.

I have dug in to this a little bit deeper and casting aside any notions of jingoism asked the big question – is the Government doing the best for us irrespective of any political interest?

Unfortunately, my conclusion is that not only are they making fools of us but the British company is not competing on a level playing field and here is the case for why.

Firstly, government contracts are tendered for and awarded on the best value for money. But our government does not base their judgement on the bigger picture which includes jobs for local people (cutting the benefits bill) and the knock on effect in terms of secondary jobs in the local economy based on spending of wages, just the initial cost of the project.

Our European neighbours factor this in to their calculations, meaning that firms in their own countries can put in a higher bid on their own contracts against UK companies and still win because public money is not just supporting the job in hand but additional benefits in the local community.

Secondly, De La Rue is a private company that generates its own funding and has to compete in an open market. But a very quick search online regarding Gemalto finds that they have been in receipt of French Government funding, backed by the EU, for research and development that props up their operations.

This is from their own website –
“Amsterdam, the Netherlands, May 23, 2008 – Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO), the world leader in digital security, today announces that the European Commission has authorised the financial grant by the French government to the MaXSSIMM(*) development programme through OSEO. OSEO is a French public Agency which supports innovation and development. The programme, carried out by a Gemalto-led consortium, is intended to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of convenient personalised and secure Internet services for mobile devices. OSEO will contribute to the program through a €35-million subsidy over 3 years.”

So not only are our own government not looking at the bigger picture in terms of local jobs and regeneration, UK firms have to compete against EU competitors who are in receipt of EU authorised subsidies to prop up their operations.

The EU have been very vocal in their opposition to US based ‘protectionism’ by imposition of trade tariffs on subsidised steel (neglecting that their own tariffs in place at present are higher than those proposed by President Trump) – maybe it is time for the UK Government to look at allocating contracts based on the bigger picture and also looking at government subsidies allocated to those from overseas that not only disadvantage our own businesses but distort competitiveness against those who believe in real free trade.

Hope Not Hate wants to BAN books

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I’m not a fan, politically, of Hope Not Hate however I do go to the site and read their commentary. I am aware of institutional disingenuity, I am suspicious of their charitable status and their dog-whistle leftist bias.

The reason for my caution regarding HnH is that I do not believe their objectives are politically neutral. This week they have embarked on a campaign to persuade the UK’s leading booksellers to stop selling certain publications such as The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion, either in store or through their web sites.

There are other publications on their list, none of which I would pay a quid for, let alone read and most of which are absurd anti-Semitic or overtly racist garbage. That’s why I will not mention them here. I have read ‘Zion’, painful as it was, and urge you not to waste your money or time as I did. The same goes for most of the titles on the HnH list. But feel free if you must…

No reasonable person denies the Holocaust or Nazi atrocities. No sane person wants to stir up racial hatred. But by labelling anyone with an active academic interest in these subjects as twisted, or by denying the common man the ability to source these titles and make their own mind up about the absurd and offensive content is in itself sinister. It’s intellectual snobbery wrapped up in political correctness.

Not everyone has the means or access to the British Library or university libraries, where these tomes are freely available. Are HnH assuming the ordinary man cannot filter what they read or view? Do HnH really want any academic debate outside their approved list proscribed? I hope not, as this sets a dangerous precedent.

HnH have picked up a very hot potato here and I suspect will be embarrassed by it. They assume all right-leaning thinkers are incapable of rational judgement. I trust the booksellers will not bow to pressure to remove the publications from sale. Either way, their profits will hardly be touched as the sales figures are miniscule and the influence of the publications is totally insignificant. Let’s hope there are no bans on books in the UK anytime soon. I’d hate that.

How certain conservatives have become today’s “revolutionaries”

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Conservatism is not the most modern ideology, or at least it is not perceived as such in its generic form. We can all agree on that. The first conservatives to be drawn to politics were ideologues that dated back as far as the 1790s, perhaps even earlier than the French Revolution. Immanuel Kant, along with Francois-Rene’ de Chateaubriand, and Edmund Burke can be considered as the central founding fathers of conservatism.

In one way or the other, directly or indirectly, they gave birth to traditional conservatism. This was the conservatism that opposed most of the values of the French Revolution but did not ever question or fail to credit the morality of the American one.

As a philosophy of life, that was both political and social, conservatives began their journey as those who firmly preserved institutions, traditionalist values (Christianity, Monarchism, etc), and fought for an organic society of hierarchy and authority as well as property rights.

In the world we live in now, things have changed. Conservatives are no longer the ones who at any cost defend the status quo. We have learnt from our mistakes, we have evolved and we understand that we are not in a position of power anymore. Many of us have been pushed to the fringes, and constantly attacked by liberal and progressives, who resort to calling us ugly names from their moral high-grounds. We all know what these are, no need for more detail. As Steve Bannon once said: “wear them as a badge of honour.”

In one way or another, conservatives are now considered to be the provocateurs of the new era. Without any doubt, a large portion of conservatives have opted for the easy way out; mixing with liberals, embracing post-modernist and progressive parties to remain in trivial positions of “power”, where they believe they can still call the shots by being a minority.

However, the real conservatives are still out there. They are now the ones who openly speak out against mass immigration (both legal and illegal), the dangers of the monopolies of bankers and multi-millionaires’ influence on state policies, and the corruption of the current legal system brought by Frankfurt School political theory.

The time has come for the right to look at itself in the mirror and compliment, flatter ourserlves. We shall do this not because we are winning everywhere, taking our nations back slowly, but we shall do it especially because we have embraced the vigorous, virile and playful spirit of Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Milo Yiannoupoulos, Steve Crowder, Raheem Kassam, Boris Johnson and many others who belong to a different school of thought, but are still great conservatives, those like Marine Le Pen, and Geert Wilders.

Conservatives are aware that they cannot afford to be the old and uncharismatic, stubborn suit and tie bureaucrats, who are overly-reactionary and fear any sort of change, whether that is leaving the EU’s single market or letting a controversial speaker discuss views freely at Hyde Park Speaker’s Corner.

It is the liberal left that is intolerant and reactionary now, it is them along with their Amber Rudd-type classic liberals disguised as conservatives we must oppose with all our strength. After all, it was the former Young Turks presenter, Dave Rubin, who outlined that he had to leave the Democrat-sponsored American television programme because he realised there was nothing liberal about liberals anymore.

On the other hand, conservatism is not a strictly nationalistic, isolationist, philosophy of life anymore. We have created an international movement of people who are fed up with being told what to do and what to think. Tired of constantly hearing recognised majorities telling us that we must take responsibility for wars in Africa and embrace the exodus of their people at whatever cost or having them tell us traditionalist parties cannot push forward the idea that women should make more children but work six days a week in some sort of scientific field of work.

I do not normally like to use the word “revolutionary” but this time I have used it proudly because I believe that we are the forward thinkers, we are the future, and we will be back to take everything that belongs us. Also, lest we forget, “history is on our side”.

Labour MPs ATTACK Tory MP for mentioning Grooming Gangs

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LABOUR MPs have openly attacked a Tory MP on Twitter for daring to mention grooming gangs.

Tory MP Nadine Dorries responded to a tweet by London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Kahn in which he said that it was time “to act on hate speech.”

Mayor Khan launched an anti-hate campaign amid a national sexual abuse scandal in which it was discovered mostly Asian men had pimped and raped 1,000s of white girls and were protected by Labour-run authorities in Telford, simply because they didn’t want to be branded “Racist.”

Nadine Dorries, who is the Tory MP for Mid Bedfordshire replied to Sadiq Kahn and said: “How about, ‘it’s time to act on sex abusing grooming gangs,’ instead?”

Labour MPs then started to attack Nadine for daring to mention grooming gangs with one accusing her of being a “Racist”.

Labour MP Anna Turley, who represents Redcar in Yorkshire said, “What’s it got to do with the Mayor of LONDON or are you being racist?”

Labour’s Wes Streeting MP then told Nadine Dorries to “Delete her account,” and called Nadine a Hypocrite; “Number of times Nadine Dorries has mentioned ‘grooming gangs’ in Parliament? Zero”

It didn’t take long to discover that Labour’s Streeting had NEVER mentioned grooming gangs in Parliament.

I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend your right to say it

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It’s difficult to remember a time in our history when free speech as been under threat as much as it is now. This week saw ‘far-right’ journalists being detained when wanting to visit the UK, but with no credible reasons given at the airport.

The most concerning aspect is that the police continue to let in jihadists and fail to protect our young, as we have now seen in Telford where the latest child grooming scandal has surfaced. They seem more interested in making a fuss over a couple of people who share different views. In the spirit of John Stuart Mill, if we disagree with others, unless they are calling for violence, we should challenge them to debate, not lock them up.

Facebook is becoming a beast and is also threatening our right to free speech. Today the Britain First page was taken down despite having 2 million followers; this has happened to many other groups where the company has exercised its power in an undemocratic way. Twitter banned Milo Yiannopolous, and even Gerard Batten, the leader of UKIP. YouTube has deleted our videos. This boundary is being slowly pushed under our noses and it will continue to be moved until more of us speak out about it.

London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan issued a statement suggesting that “Britain First is a vile and hate-fuelled group,” he said. “Their sick intentions to incite hatred within our society via social media are reprehensible, and Facebook’s decision to remove their content is welcome.”

Whether that statement in itself has weight, this is the man who has made it perfectly clear that he does not want the US President to visit the UK by using social media. This is clearly an affront to our liberal principles as the British nation. Khan acts like a university student union, wanting to “no platform” anyone with an alternate view. This just shows how insecure he is. Should he have his account removed for inciting hatred to Donald Trump?

It is a very dangerous path to go down and while the left may mock and laugh, thay need to understand it will be them next. As the saying goes, “I may not agree with what you say, but i’ll defend your right to say it”. We must all unite to protect our fundamental rights otherwise all of our voices and thoughts will be taken. I’ll leave you with this quote from German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller to provoke thought.

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

Labour council candidate VICTIM-BLAMES Rochdale child-abuse sufferers

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Gary Swain, Labour’s Candidate in Crewkerne on Frome Town Council, Somerset, in last year’s local elections has claimed in Facebook posts circulating online that the victims in the infamous Rochdale child sexual abuse scandal were “permanently pissed and never at home”. He went on to say that parents should “grow the hell up”.

In further comments made on Facebook, Mr Swain also said Help For Heroes, the charity which helps to provide better facilities for British service personnel who have been wounded in the line of duty “shouldn’t exist”.

Mr Swain made his comments the day after it was revealed that Britain’s worst ever child grooming scandal had taken place in Telford, Shropshire. Authorities failed to act over 40 years – despite repeated warnings to social workers – with up to 1,000 girls, some as young as 11, abused, and some were even killed.

It is very worrying that someone running for public office could have such an attitude to this serious situation.

If you want to integrate, speak English!

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Dame Louise Casey has criticised the government for not doing enough to promote integration following a report she wrote in back in 2016 to “heal rifts across Britain”.

Following the Balkanisation of immigrant communities throughout the UK, the Dame suggested that government should set a target date for everybody in the UK to speak a “common language” in order to see cultures integrate.

Two years on it is clear that no progress has been made. From personal experience when out shopping in the local supermarket it is clear that many different languages are spoken; this is isolating our sense of community and is diluting our culture.

People have said that the situation is similar in workplaces where different races form their own circle of friends and tend to stick together. This is a huge problem in the UK today and defeats the object of what multiculturalism is. In reality this Frankfurt School inspired nonsense is a failed Gramscian cultural Marxist project that is destroying the British identity.

The government should set a target date for “everybody in the country” to speak English to encourage integration, the former official has said.

Dame Casey also called for further work on gaining equality for the “white working class population”; this is long overdue, many will feel. Communities outside London, through the rust belt and especially in the north would welcome such a change as many feel neglected.

Criticising the government for not taking any action since its publication, she said that integration should be “one of the most significant priorities” for the government and that any more delays to the strategy would be “incredibly frustrating”.

She added: “I don’t care how we’ve got here, I don’t care who can’t speak English [and] I don’t care what’s going on.

“But what I do know is everybody of working age and of school age should be able to speak one language and I think the public in particular would feel some relief.”

“I think parts of the North, where we’ve got a very significant white working class population who feel incredibly alienated, who do not have, frankly, hope… they can’t say that their kids will grow up [with] better lives than they have themselves,” she said.

“It’s not only about the tides of immigration and migration and English language, but some of this is about equalities overall, as well as in terms of social and economic disadvantage.

“Let’s see what they come up with.”

We sadly, shall not hold our breath on this…..

Dudley Council WASTES THOUSANDS Investigating UKIP MEP for Triggering Labour

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Dudley Council’s launched an investigation after UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge said he thought the Labour party were stupid. This waste of taxpayers’ money has cost Dudley £1,700.

Labour councillors were triggered by the brilliant words of Etheridge, who called them “a procession of morons and imbeciles” and “socialist do-gooder bleeding heart Communist rat bags”. Legend!

An official complaint was lodged by Labour group leader, Councillor Pete Lowe, which led to an independent investigation.

After Bill Etheridge requested a breakdown of the costs involved in the investigation, he was told by Mohammed Farooq, the council’s monitoring officer, that investigating officer John Austin’s fee amounted to £1,286.45 for the investigation, preparation of his report and attendance at the hearing on February 27.

A further cost of £413.55 is believed to have been incurred due to council officers’ involvement in the investigation and their attendance at the meeting.

Cllr Etheridge, who is also a West Midlands MEP, said: “This is a massive bill of £1,700 for a witch hunt to close down free speech.

He said further, “The Labour Party launches a political attack on me using taxpayers’ money which they knew would have no effect. They are happy to throw other people’s money around to try and close down free speech but tell residents there is no money for essential services. They disgust me.”

Urgent, immediate investigation into CSE in Telford demanded by MEP

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Rotherham MEP Jane Collins has called for an “urgent, immediate investigation into the apparent industrial scale child sexual exploitation in and around Telford.”

Ms Collins, who has spent years campaigning for justice for the Rotherham victims, also said the West Midlands PCC and nine councillors who wrote to Amber Rudd saying an inquiry was ‘not necessary’ need to be named and held accountable for their actions.

“It brings me to tears to think that despite everything people said had been learnt from the scandal in Rotherham, and the suffering and abuse of those victims, we still have young girls being raped by predominantly Pakistani Muslim men, just as they were and, I believe, still are in Rotherham.”

“When did some people in the police, in social services and in local and national government start thinking that the systematic rape and abuse of children was acceptable, which trying to stop an investigation seems to indicate?”

“In Rotherham, South Yorkshire Police treated the victims like criminals. And we hear again from one of the mothers of a victim who died in a car crash described as a “prank” after suffering from two years of abuse saying the same thing.”

Torron Watson, mother of Becky, who died aged 13 said “Girls like Becky were treated like criminals.”

“A girl of 13 is not a criminal for being raped and abused, she is a victim and it is the disgusting perverts who abused and violated her who are the criminals.”

Ms Collins, who is facing bankruptcy over her outspoken criticism of how the authorities handled CSE in Rotherham, said she was also “deeply worried that people are more concerned about not offending ethnic minorities than in protecting girls.”

“Dennis MacShane admitted that the reason things were not really investigated in Rotherham was because he didn’t want to ‘rock the multicultural community boat’

“Nothing is more important than safeguarding our children from vile sexual abuse and the associated drugs, violence and even murder that comes part and parcel with it.

“If one good thing were to come out of what happened in Rotherham it should have been that people stopped treating people based on the colour of their skin and the communities they belong to and instead looked at the reality of systemic abuse of predominantly young, white girls treated like sex slaves.

“Yet years on, evidence suggests that even that hasn’t permeated the bubble in which some local authorities and politicians appear to live.

“We need to rock that boat and drain the swamp of anyone who thinks child sexual exploitation is something which can be covered up.”

Chester Council Compete with Diane Abacus for Idiot of the Year Award

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A spectacular Twitter fail erupted this week for Cheshire West & Chester Council when they tweeted what they hoped was a good bit of PR with a photo of their employee Darren measuring a pothole. He explained it wasn’t deep enough for immediate repair.

The image showed Darren using his spirit level to measure an enormous hole while seemingly resting one end halfway down inside the crater.

The council’s tweet claimed as the hole was supposedly under 50mm deep, it will not be filled in “at this time”.

But eagle-eyed social media users hit back saying if his spirit level were longer, it would have rested on the road’s surface and proved the pothole was cavernous after all.

Hundreds expressed incredulity at the council’s claim, as this selection of tweets shows.

The council responded by claiming the picture angle is confusing – but failed to convince residents that the spirit level was resting on the road surface.


Top bants!! CW&C, humiliated, rather unsportingly, later deleted the tweet.

Thank goodness Martin Sellner won’t be addressing UKIP youth

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While we support certainly the concept of free speech in a public place, when one is invited to address a party event, the impression is clearly given that they represent the values of the organisation. Even that the host endorses the views of the speaker. It is well-known that a number of UKIP members, including myself, demanded Young Independence rescind their invitation for Martin Sellner to address a party event.

While there may be a shared concern about mass migration, fake refugees and so on, the foremost policy of Sellner’s Generation Identitaire is “ethnopluralism”, which we understand to mean racial segregation, as inspired by the French Nouvelle Droite philosopher Alain de Benoist – the plurality of ethno-identities – completely at odds with the UKIP constitution, which calls for people not to be judged by colour.

I have made enquiries as to what various groups believe, to see which the People’s Charter Foundation should, or should not, work with. Sellner’s group snubbed me for not embracing this “ethnopluralism”. Some of these “pluralists” advocate limiting Europe to “true Europeans”, while others propose much smaller divisions, similar to an ethnically-based communitarianism – basically, the apartheid that existed in the USA, and South Africa, in the past. Is the Defend Europe campaign just a cover for white nationalism?

Melanie Dittmer in Rhineland Idenitarians

Melanie Dittmer in Rhineland Idenitarians said, “If you throw all the colors together, you end up with brown.”

The interviewer of mixed German and Arab ancestry asks here, “But I’m German. I was born here, grew up here, went to school, speak German, what distinguishes us both?”

Dittmer isn’t concerned with cultural values, or traditional religious principles, but just race, as she replies, “The blood!”

David Kurten, whom I have met a number of times, speaks out so boldly against postmodernism, and he defends Christian values. Hence, I have a lot of respect for Kurten. Young Independence should never have as speakers anyone whose policy of “remigration”, applied, would mean deportation of David from our island. Young people are becoming drawn into this ideology. The likes of Tara McCarthy now produce videos demanding a “white homeland”.

I know that patriots are often mislabelled racist. I myself am no lefty snowflake – I have often spoken out against mass migration and Sharia law, so if I call something racist, or bigoted, it genuinely is. This isn’t a word I use lightly. Anne-Marie Waters is not a Nazi, and I was disgusted when that article by Farage labelled her a racist.

Paul Blang (left) and Martin Sellner (middle), a few meters behind Gottfried Küssel and Wolfgang Lechner at the Nowotny Memorial, 2009

I can’t make such positive remarks on this Sellner because only a few years ago he was part of the Nazi circle in Austria. At the Memorial of Wehrmacht pilot Walter Nowotny in 2009, Sellner was photographed with Wolfgang Lechner, and Gottfried Küssel who is currently in jail. Sellner called his earlier support for Küssel the product of an “effusive adolescent phase”.

German press claim that (translated), “Until 2011, Sellner was a neo-Nazi, engaged in a now outlawed right-wing extremist website and can be seen in photos alongside the Austrian Holocaust denier Gottfried Küssel.” Sellner was accused (it seems that he did) of running one of the main German-language actual Nazi websites, Alpen-Donau, and it seems that Generation Identitaire is a rebrand for ‘positive optics’.

Sellner was accused (it seems that he did) of running one of the main German-language actual Nazi websites, Alpen-Donau

If one calls them Nazis or Neonazis, they retreat to their position of calling it ‘Lügenpresse’” – a term Spencer also used, and was criticised heavily for. The term was adopted by the Nazis (though used prior to their existence) for their propaganda against the Jewish, communist, and later the foreign press.

Now, I appreciate Sellner could have changed his views, but UKIP would be hypocritical if it overlooked his past, while it bans former members of the BNP, Britain First, the British Freedom Party, and even the EDL – the latter were certainly not promoting any racial policy. The existence of a list of proscribed groups is controversial, but UKIP must decide, and be consistent – no double-standards.

Generation Identitaire claim that they are required as a campaign against Islamism in Britain. However, as I explained to Gerard Batten, one of Britain’s most prominent campaigners, for decades, against Sharia law, the ethnopluralist’s “remigration” would mean deportation of his wife! UKIP can not have such people address the youth wing. For a group supposedly opposed to Islamism, Generation Identitaire would split the family of one of Britain’s most prominent anti-Sharia activists.

The European country with the highest percentage of Muslims is Kosovo, which is white. Maybe they should go read the history of the Balkans. Both Generation Identitaire, and communists, conflate religion and race – the two concepts are not synonymous. As for the alt-right’s call for white people to make more babies, wouldn’t this mean the ideal wife for Martin Sellner is an Albanian Muslim girl?

As for the alt-right’s call for white people to make more babies, wouldn’t this mean the ideal wife for Martin Sellner is an Albanian Muslim girl?

People like Sellner, and also Marney, need to focus more on culture: our UKIP constitution makes most clear that the colour of people is irrelevant; our focus is, and will remain, on culture, language, and laws. We need a healthy, patriotic message that the people of Britain support.

Some persons made the absurd claim that UKIP should be required to host any speaker in the name of “free speech”. Only someone ignorant of the writings of John Stuart Mill, of the basic concepts of negative liberty, would promote such insanity. Free speech relates to public spaces, not private land. The note by Young Independence stating that the venue cancelled and that such was unfair shows an incredible lack of understanding of libertarianism. An Englishman’s home/hotel/conference hall is his castle, and he may decide who speaks there.

In fact, Sellner is legally entitled to express his views at Speaker’s Corner in London, but he will find the response little different probably to if Jo Marney were to campaign for Bolton’s One Nation in Lambeth.

Mixed feelings for “young Le Pen” at CPAC

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First and foremost, let us get one thing straight to avoid any confusion; Marion is not Marine. Nonetheless, just like her aunt Marine Le Pen, the young lady does not fail to present herself as a risk-taker, a dominant, robust social conservative who does not back away from a challenge.

In this case, the challenge meant giving a speech in a foreign language, thousands of miles from home, on the other side of the Atlantic ocean, to a huge crowd of free-market obsessed, gun worshiping, American Republicans. Not all of them were happy and not all of them were appeased by Marion’s aesthetically pleasing looks.

The twenty-eight year old niece of the notorious “Devil of the Republic”, Jean-Marie Le Pen, gave a magnificent yet apparently controversial speech at the popular Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) just over a week ago.

Marion Le Pen’s positions are more to the right than any classical liberal or conservative. We should not feel the need to lie about that and compare her to a random candidate who falls on the losing side of the 2016 Republican primaries (a few of those were already present at CPAC).

Marion’s values are those of authority, nation, state, strong traditional family unit and many more. She is a devout Catholic, and unlike her aunt Marine, during the French elections last year, she campaigned for much more than just immigration reform. Most of her focus was on anti-abortion and preventing the degeneration of the traditional norms of society. She has strongly spoken out against homosexual adoption as well.

Several political analysts and commentators have stated that even if very young, she would have made a stronger candidate for the Front National than her aunt.

Her ten minute speech at CPAC was followed by constant clapping and cheering. A few Americans felt it was appropriate to yell “Vive la France!” at her. She outlined how important it was for conservatives worldwide to unite against globalism and mass immigration.

Marion even gave Trump her blessing, praising him for his incredible efforts and clearly stating that the only way forward is putting each one of our western countries first, looking after our own interests, our own communities, our own folk.

Marion rhetorically asked the energetic crowd “How did we get here?”, referring to Islamist terrorism and also pointing out that this most certainly was not the France and the Europe that her ancestors fought for in the Second World War. Americans can obviously relate to the struggle so it was necessary for her to point out that somewhere along the way, Western civilisation embarked on a dark path and is now having tremendous difficulties getting back on on track.

Towards the end of her speech, she alluded to sparking the “Conservative flame”; she put forward the idea “that tradition is not the worship of ashes but the preservation of fire”. This particular quote, and her presence at CPAC in general, made a few boring, old and decaying liberals disguised as Republicans, feel uncomfortable. A few of them like Glenn Beck took it on Twitter, complaining that Matt Schlapp, one of the main CPAC organizers, had given a platform to a “national-socialist”. Other Republicans, Ben Shapiro-like figures, very easily triggered by any one slightly more to the right than libertarianism, ironically suggested that next year perhaps Richard Spencer would be the main event.

The ‘American Conservative’,  a fiscally right-wing news outlet, was extremely hostile to Le Pen suggesting that someone who does not believe in privatised healthcare, the elimination of welfare, and wants to reorganise the banking system should not be invited at the event merely for being anti-immigration.

The discussion about the discrepancies between a Europeanist, ‘New Right’, and social movement like the Front National and American Republicanism is a long, and complicated one. However, one that has attentively read this piece will have noticed that I have indirectly and discretely underlined some. Now with the same discretion, it would be appropriate to leave the reader with a simple query:

If we are not able for any reason to come together as social conservatives, and join our efforts as right-wingers, how in the world do we expect to be able to defeat the globalist internationalists who have poured billions in creating this immoral, chaotic system which relies on mass immigration and trans-humanist theory?

Brexiteers Prepare for Big March Against BBC Bias

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Today feels like Christmas Eve to me, the excitement is building before tomorrow’s huge anti-BBC rally that will show this racist propaganda machine what we really think of it. Luke and I are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible, as you know we feel your pain and will continue to fight for you.

The weather is looking favourable so there are no excuses not to come along a support this important cause against the organisation that forces cultural Marxism on us and is destroying our democracy.

Sunday, 1pm at BBC Media City in Manchester

People have died for our freedom such as those on the beaches of Normandy. We shall not fail them, we shall not be silenced but will shout from the rooftops and hold the BBC to account for the damage they have been complicit in towards our country. This rally is not just for yourselves but for your children and their children who are counting on us to deal with this menace.

We thank all the groups who have pledged their support. This is our chance to make a change and you are invited to be part of this seismic event that will send a clear message to the main stream media (MSM) that our lives are not to be manipulated and will not be trodden on anymore!

See you tomorrow, Sunday, 1pm at BBC Media City in Manchester. Bring the noise!

Tony Blair’s OWN POLL shows 66% want UK to leave EU ‘whatever the cost’

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This week, almost 175,000 people voted in a Brexit poll on Tony Blair’s Facebook page, with 66% of respondents slamming the former prime minister’s desire to stop Brexit.

This is particularly amusing since Blair set up the poll in a bid to prove that the British people no longer want to leave the EU.

The Facebook poll, which you can see below, backfired on Blair spectacularly as tens of thousands of Brexiteers demanded that we leave the EU at all costs.

This clearly shows how out of touch Blair is with the British people. Establishment demands for a second referendum are way off the mark.

Former YouTube recruiter sues Google for allegedly REFUSING to hire white and Asian men

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YouTube stopped hiring white and Asian men in a blunt attempt to make the company more diverse, a lawsuit claims.

Arne Wilberg, a former recruiter at the Google-owned video website, said he was fired for speaking out against the company’s practices last year when it cancelled interviews with candidates who were not female, black or Hispanic for technical jobs.

Mr Wilberg’s lawsuit said YouTube implemented “clear and irrefutable policies” meant to exclude white and Asian men in an attempt to increase the company’s overall diversity, and claims the company broke discrimination laws when it dismissed him after nine years working for Google.

The lawsuit targets Google and 25 unnamed Google employees who allegedly enforced discriminatory hiring rules. It claims that for several quarters, Google would only hire people from historically underrepresented groups for technical positions.

In one hiring round, the team was allegedly instructed to cancel all software engineering interviews with non-diverse applicants below a certain experience level, and to “purge entirely any applications by non-diverse employees from the hiring pipeline.”

California labour law prohibits refusing to hire employees based on characteristics like race or gender.

Wilberg also alleges that several employees complained to Google about the company’s hiring policies, but were either ignored, transferred, or demoted.

The only thing that should be considered in the recruitment process is whether the candidate possesses the right qualifications and experience/aptitude for the job, not what colour or gender they are.

The BBC: where did it go so badly wrong?

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To say that I’m excited about this coming Sunday is an understatement as we approach the BBC bias rally. Those who know me well have known how much I’ve come to dislike the BBC but it wasn’t always like that. Growing up in the 80’s it offered fantastic programs and we trusted and adored her, so where did it go so badly wrong?

The truth is that it has been overrun with products of the left-wing education system that has been complicit in the indoctrination of the young and impressionable for decades. Their work is now coming to fruition at the expense of impartiality. There is no question that the BBC has failed to follow her charter and has now become a very dangerous beast.

What I believe grates most on people is that with Sky, Channel 4 etc we can stop watching their bias which is also true for the BBC, however it is the fact we are forced to fund this propaganda machine by law if we wish to watch any live TV. I refuse to pay for a TV licence so subsequently I cannot watch any Freeview channels, however it’s a sacrifice worth making to stop the funding of champagne socialists and those who lecture us from their little bubbles, preaching to us that we should be welcoming mass immigration when they do not see the world how we do.

The fact that the licence fee is going up £3.50 is astonishing and quite breath-taking as the 25m+ payers will generate an obscene amount for funds, and just for what? The gravy train needs to be derailed; there is no place in society for this cartel. The BBC must now be a subscription-only service so those wishing to continue to be brainwashed can do so at their own expense.

The debate to abolish the TV licence that I initiated and watched fail all due to ex-BBC staff in the government fuelled my fire even more. It must no longer be protected and it is time we made a stand in numbers and people power to say we shall no longer be taken for mugs.

It is your duty to make every effort to attend. We must make our voices heard on Sunday and it is time everyone came out to support this important event; this is the most powerful message we can give to say ‘enough is enough’!

Football Lads Standing Firm Against Terrorism

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There’s been infighting in the FLA. Whoever you are, splinter group or whatever, we need to keep marching.

Don’t forget why this started. Our kids being killed by terrorists in Manchester! Whatever you are, put your name in, so we can tell you about the next march. Who are ya?

Get emailed about upcoming rallies

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The race card: Bonkers Diane Abacus claims Brexiteers are the new Hitler

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Hopeless at maths, Diane Abacus isn’t that good at history either: she played the Nazi card, as she implied Brexiteers’ political views are comparable to Mein Kampf.

Ignoring the fact that Ken Livingstone, former Labour mayor for London, was suspended for his comments on Hitler, Abbott sought to silence the concerns of the British people. She said: “Historically, such as in the period of the Weimar Republic in Germany between the wars, economic collapse has always led to scapegoating the other.”

Abbott, the leader of the inappropriately named Stand Up To Racism, was previously critcised for suggesting white mothers are inferior to black mothers. The group has had Moazzem Begg, a former Gitmo detainee, who called Jihadi John a good man, speak at their events.

She pushed the premise that anyone backing an Australian-style immigration system supposedly shares Hitler’s views on Jews. So Labour thinks all Aussies are Nazis?!

Brexiteers’ demand for lower migration levels was not driven by, as she implies, anger over “hyperinflation” resultant from the actions of banksters; and the Vote Leave campaign didn’t stereotype Jews unfairly as en masse responsible for the banking system.

In fact, it is Labour that has a problem with anti-Semtism, for example, Corbyn called Hamas his “friends” and invited terrorists to Parliament. Labour MP Shah has also been accused of bigotry towards Jews.

In reality, as Israel is not an EU member state, the Brussels-driven open door migration policy discriminates against Jews, because it requires they get a visa to enter the UK, while people from Eastern Europe can just walk in. Clearly the Brexiteers’ approach is ethical: to welcome migrants by skills in demand, not by nationality.

Police ‘had sex’ with Rotherham abuse victims

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Two local councillors, one of whom is still serving, and a police officer have been accused of having sex with victims involved in the Rotherham child abuse scandal.

1,400 children were raped by gangs of Pakistani men between 1997 and 2013. Girls as young as 11-years old suffered abductions, beatings, and rape by multiple attackers, as well as trafficking across the North East. Similar abuse has been uncovered in Rochdale, and Keighley.

The South Yorkshire Police constable at the centre of the allegations is also alleged to have passed on information to gangs grooming young girls in the town. A second police officer has been accused of neglecting his duties after failing to report his colleague.

Both claims are being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. Today’s modern police force is a beyond a joke, ignoring child rape, while harassing, even arresting, people for speaking out on Facebook and Twitter against the decline in rule of law.

According to The Times, the complaints against the two Rotherham councillors “are understood to have been sent to the National Crime Agency, which is investigating child-sex crimes in the town”.

The news comes on the same day that a much-anticipated independent inspection report by former Victims’ Commissioner Louise Casey declared Rotherham Borough Council “not fit for purpose”.

The reports found that councillors and police officers were aware of the abuse, but chose to “disbelieve, suppress or ignore” it, for fear of being called racist – most of the rapists shared a religion and ethnicity. The abuse of these little girls is the largest racist attack in the British Isles in modern time, but few cared because the victims were white.

EU WASTES British tax money on statue of Marx whose ideology KILLED 110 MILLION

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Jean-Claude Juncker, the unelected President of the European Commission, has agreed to open an exhibition to Karl Marx, the father of Communism, in Trier to mark the 200th anniversary of Marx’s birth. The exhibition will also feature a statue of Marx – a waste of British taxpayers’ money!!

The plans have been strongly condemned in Britain and across Europe, especially in the former Communist controlled Eastern European countries where far-Left tyrannies murdered and imprisoned millions of people.

In total, Marxist regimes murdered nearly 110 million people from 1917 to 1987. For perspective on this incredible toll, note that all domestic and foreign wars during the 20th century killed around 35 million. That is, when Marxists control states, Marxism is more deadly than all the wars of the 20th century, including World Wars I and II, and the Korean and Vietnam Wars. (Source: WND.)

Tory MP Daniel Kawczynski, who as a seven-year-old boy fled to Britain with his family from the brutal Communist regime in Poland, demanded that Juncker rejects the invitation and does not attend the commemorative event.

He said: “I think it’s in very poor taste we have to remember that Marxism was all about ripping power and individual means away from people and giving to State.

“Marxism led to the killing of millions around the world as it allowed a small band of fanatics to suppress the people we must learn the lessons from this and share with our children.”

This is all very telling and it sums up what Juncker has in mind for his dream of a European superstate where democracy is just a meaningless word. Indeed, the EU’s lack of democratic accountability and desire to centralise power in an unelected Commission has already been compared to the old Soviet Union by its former leader Mikhail Gorbachev. Perhaps now some of the Remoaners will understand what the EU is really all about!

Cost of TV licence will rise by £3.50 to £150.50 a year from April the 1st

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Viewers will be forced to dig deep as the government plans to increase the cost of TV licence by £3.50 to £150.50 from April 1.

April Fool’s Day is an appropriate date to increase the cost of watching fake news.

The BBC has faced a huge backlash from disgruntled viewers leaving millions not renewing their TV licence due to ‘institutional bias’ that was independently proven throughout the EU Referendum and is thought to still continue to this day.

The term ‘despite Brexit’ has become a well-known phrase that the BBC used and is now mocked by critics such as Jacob Rees-Mogg due to the pro-EU bias. The BBC receive funding from the EU, quashing any claims that the organisation can be impartial.

Over the last few years, almost 3.5 million British citizens have refused to pay a penny more to what branded an ‘out dated model’ in the age of Amazon and Netflix. Many do not value the service suggesting they are fed up of watching ‘Bargain Hunt’ repeats and the demise of the Christmas schedule that continues to prove disappointing.

Perhaps due to claims of “pay inequality”, the annual fee for BBC programming increased for the first time for seven years in 2017. Ministers said it would rise in line with inflation for five years.


University and College Union Strikes

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Strike action could disrupt summer examinations if there is no resolution to the dispute over UK higher education’s biggest pension scheme, union bosses have warned.

The warning comes as staff at 65 universities prepare to start a 14-day walkout on 22 February in protest against plans to scrap the element of the Universities Superannuation Scheme that guarantees a certain level of pension income in retirement. It follows a ballot in which 88 per cent of participating University and College Union members voted for strike action.

Industrial action begins with a two-day walkout on 22 and 23 February, escalating to strikes of three, four and five days in subsequent weeks (26-28 February, 5-8 March and 12-16 March).
The union’s higher education committee is due to meet on 2 March, two weeks into the action, to decide whether further action is required.

More than 1 million students are set to be affected with around 575,000 teaching hours lost as a result of the strikes, according to union estimates.

Increasing numbers of undergraduates are angry that the strike means they will not get value for money for their £9,000 annual tuition fees they have already paid.

A series of online petitions have been launched calling for universities to refund students for lectures that are cancelled due to the industrial action. Meanwhile, some students union leaders have been openly critical of action affecting students.

Conrad White, a student at University of York, launched an online petition calling for cash-strapped students to be reimbursed.

The 18-year-old first year politics student stressed that his petition was not against the strike, but merely demanding value for money.

“The university wants it both ways: they want to take the tuition fees money and behave like a business in that way, but then not offer students consumer rights.”

Last night nearly 2,000 students had signed the petition asking for a “fair” £300 refund if the strike goes ahead. Comments posted on the site explain how students feel they are entitled to compensation if the university fails to deliver services they have been paid for.

Alex Jee, 3rd year Politics and English student at the University of York stated today, “Whether or not you agree with the strike is irrelevant. I feel like the lecturers are using my education, and my fellow students’, like a bargaining chip. It’s impossible to be motivated when you feel like your tutors don’t care.”

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