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Question Time viewer: Terry Christian makes a fool of himself on Question Time

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Given the buzz around this week’s Question Time and Labour MP David Lammy’s appearance, all that one can say is that stupidity is infinite. And while this is most often the case with idiots like Lammy and his crazy defences of Oxfam and him whinging about muh colonialism, they are often more represented with the various halfwit celebrities that end up on there.

Enter Terry Christian. In case you don’t know, he is a media personality, hosting shows like The Word among other 1990s shows, and countless radio and newspaper columns. In other words, clearly the most fitting guy to discuss politics. However, the main problem with Christian was not that he is such a presenter way out of his depth, but rather was extremely rude and impolite, even by usual Question Time standards when opposing party members are constantly jumping down each other’s throats for political point scoring.

Where to begin? Firstly, the tone is set rather low when his biggest claim to fame according to Dimbleby is that Christian is a “longstanding supporter of Manchester music and Manchester United”. 

When discussing the non-existent gender pay gap after the non-controversy concerning Tesco paying their female shop assistants less than their male warehouse workers, Christian goes full blown lefty ideologue, complaining that someone like John Humphrys should not be paid more than his female counterparts when she is “doing the exact same job as him”. Presumably Christian is unfamiliar with the basic economic rules of supply and demand, as while Humphrys may be doing the same job, he is pulling in a larger audience (with his Today programme pulling in 6.97 million listeners according to The Independent), hence the higher pay rate. This is something Christian should know, given that he has been in the entertainment industry for over 35 years now.  

To make matters worse, he began complaining that because of Thatcher privatising many industries in the 1980s, you can no longer blame the government for the failure of private gas, electricity and water companies. The only thing the state could be blamed for in this regard is that they are not doing enough to regulate these companies, but that wasn’t what Christian was complaining about here. Why should the government be blamed for the inadequacies of private companies? Their failures concerning subsidies perhaps could come under scrutiny, but not the actions of the private companies, given that they do not own these companies. 

Then to cap it off, he paraphrases the whole no deal is better than a bad deal slogan and replaced it with “no leader is better than a bad leader”. Our political expert everyone; someone so stupid that they recontextualise something all the while missing the point of the original statement. Presumably he needs to read some Hobbes and Locke and their theories on the State Of Nature before he spouts such idiocy again. Oh, and he also relays the whole appeal to NHS argument whenever Leave Means Leave chairman Richard Tice talks about council tax not relaying all of the blame to government spending, arguing that “caring is expensive”. Well done, Terry. Would you like a cookie? All the while he pushes some decent points (about decreased council spending being a cynical ploy to push blame away) of which get buried under his moral grandstanding. Oh, and being a typical left winger would rather the foreign aid budget not be cut because it “wouldn’t be enough”. In other words, us on the left will endlessly moan about a lack of money for public services, all the while refusing to budge on issues like foreign aid because of some plight of it not being enough. However, £13.4 billion does seem like a good start to sort out some of our country’s financial issues.

He then further jumps on this idea of cutting the foreign aid budget when Richard Tice discusses making a choice between spending money at home or spending it abroad, arguing that for many people, using public services like social care isn’t a choice. Very true, but that doesn’t undermine the argument: why shouldn’t the foreign aid budget be cut? Given that a good chunk of the money goes to dictators not to the poor it should be sent to, surely it would make sense to cut it and spend that money over here instead. All the while, it wouldn’t cost us more in the long run Terry, given that since we won’t be spending money in that area anymore, we will definitely not have to pay money into that sector to cover up its cracks later. Is Christian literally this stupid when it comes to economics, or am I going insane here?

Moving on, when the case of John Venerbles’ anonymity being removed came up, his response was to cite an 1842 law which banned hanging kids under the age of 7 all the while being concerned with “how much punishment can you give them”. Given that Venerbles committed one of the most horrific crimes in British history and consistently reoffends, the way that our liberal justice system has treated him seems almost laughable, with constant re-arrests often not leading to any real jail time.

And then Brexit came up, where all hell broke loose. During a discussion about how a hard Brexit may cause a 16% lower growth rate in the North (Project Fear much?), Christian plays reductio ad absurdum, claiming that any scaremongering about a post-Brexit Britain is rubbish to a Leave voter (there might be a reason for that). Then he dismisses Brexit voters as simple. Presumably he counts the over 50,000 Leave voters in his town of Old Trafford in that. Talk about arrogant elitism. Then while becoming an EU ideologue, moaning about a low pound (conveniently ignoring the pound going down since 2014) and saying that there has been no upside to Brexit (ignoring the increased employment, big companies coming to invest in the UK, FTSE at record levels among other things), even Dimbleby called him “boring”.

That didn’t stop good old Terry though. Claire Perry, the Tory MP, when discussing that her party would respect the result of the referendum, Terry moaned about leaving the single market and customs union not being on his ballot paper. Then again, given that this is what most Brexiteers want, this is beyond irrelevant. You lost, get over it and grow up Terry. No wonder Perry got such a round of applause when she called him rude. The same thing was true when after he interrupted a nervous pro-Brexit girl about what laws she wants to see gone (the Common Fisheries Policy would be good start) and then a Brexiteer similarly called him out on his nonsense.

The cream of this crud however was when an audience member (quite rightly) asked “When will the hardline remainers of the political and media elite have some faith in this country’s ability to perform on the world’s stage?” Terry, clearly being triggered for being called out for what he is, went all defensive, bringing up how the likes of Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg back Brexit. Indeed they do. But given that they actually have faith in Britain, that was not the man’s point at all. It was for people like Christian who put down Britain at every opportunity because of Brexit, showing a lack of faith in Britain’s ability to play on the world stage, mainly through a collapsed pound, which has not been the case since after the referendum.

So in the end, Terry Christian represents another case of the leftwing establishment eating itself. Caring about paying for social care but wouldn’t cut the foreign aid budget at all to help fund it, hates Brexit despite the EU representing the big corporations they claim to hate and all in all rather stupid in the spaces he thought he was intelligent in. It’s no surprise that when he was called out, the audience applauded in delight. He should grow up and realise what he is: a has-been who should go nowhere near politics. Just another case of a left wing idiot making a fool of himself on Question Time. Sometimes I wish these fools would just Shut Up and Sing.

We must all now stand UNITED to resist this oppression

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Last weekend saw another busy one for Luke Nash-Jones and myself as we made our way up to Dudley for our latest Brexit rally. As we travelled up the M5, the rain lashed down on the freezing cold morning making us question what we were doing, however a glimpse of my Union Jack socks reminded me of our cause.

Arriving in Dudley we made our way to the square to be greeted by many fellow Brexiteers including Bill Etheredge MEP. We soon started our speeches and despite the cold we received a warm reception from the faithful who love their country as much as us.

Following the speeches we marched in unison to resident MP and remoaner Ian Austin to post a letter through his door to remind him of the meaning of democracy, to the delight of the crowd.

The experience once again boyed Luke and myself and has got us looking forward to the next event when we shall be demonstrating against the bias BBC in Manchester, to continue the drive that is swelling behind us. We shall never stop until your voice and ours is heard!

Our next stop of the day was to the Bullring in Birmingham to support a protest for the F1 Grid Girls who are losing their jobs due to political correctness. It was clear from the reaction of many that this was a step too far, taking away the girls’ right to enjoy themselves through something that harms nobody. What will be next to be taken away from us? Marching proudly alongside the ladies we were greeted with rapturous applause from the Birmingham faithful, giving us all a spring in our step.

Speaking to people after the event, the anger was evident. We must all stand now united to resist this oppression and political correctness that is destroying our culture and our way of life. It must be stopped before we lose any more of our identity.

We only have one chance to put the brakes on this and we urge you all to play your part, for your children, their children and for our beloved country before it is too late. It is your patriotic duty!

Facebook SUPPORTS Irish Terrorists

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Facebook moderators have a reputation for targeting patriots, but they have reached a new low, by punishing a Young Independence member Joel McGuigan for condemning terrorism.

Sean McArthur whom McGuigan mentions is a disgusting piece of scum who supports terrorism. He shares the Irish flag with an image of Republican militia. The IRA was responsible for at least 1,707 deaths during the Troubles.

Facebook punished the Young Independence member with a 30-day ban for opposing terrorism.

URGENT: Beware of Francoise and the Pendragons

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URGENT: Beware of Francoise and the Pendragons’ “freemen of the land” nonsense

This will ruin Brexit; BE CAREFUL

A woman called Francoise (refuses to give surname, but is Thompson), has appeared out of thin air, organising a Brexit rally.

No one has heard of her.
No one saw her campaign before the referendum.
No one saw her protest in the months said.

Before you call me paranoid, I wasn’t wrong about Hazel Brown; she was a journalist.

Francoise keeps messaging me, begging me to combine the serious efforts of the People’s Charter Foundation (we organise Brexit rallies around the country) with some “freemen of the land” nonsense.

Francoise and the “freeman of the land” Pendragons claim that English law, and the Welsh, and Scottish variants, are not valid.

They say they follow “natural law” of the people.

“Freeman of the land” refuse to pay tax.

They do not respect the police; in fact, the group Francoise promotes (White Pendragons) hold rallies in illegal locations; and their leader Graham Moore, also founder of “The People’s Bailiffs”, was thrown in a police van.

Having arranged a number of rallies, I have always found the police to be very reasonable; they even help protect us from Antifa.

Moore has publicly chanted “F**k the Queen. F**k the army”.


If anyone watched that clip, and still wants to support the Pendragons, scientists will be desperate to meet you, to examine how a human is managing to function without a brain!

Francoise and the Pendragons demand the leaders of Britain resign for “treason” though such has not been committed; this makes Brexiteers look stupid, and will result in an even softer Brexiter.

Moore was in jail for bank fraud.

This is a terrible image to associate with Brexiteers; it would help the deep state a lot.

He asks for donations, saying he filed for a judicial review against the Act of Parliament that caused British membership of the EU.

It is NOT possible to have a judicial review of an Act of Parliament.

DO RESEARCH: Check the facts. On the day he was protesting outside the Supreme Courts on this, the court records do NOT list any such case (judicial review) occurring.

Here is the petition Francoise is circulating. It features “freemen of the land” nonsense.

I studied law.

Britain has two types of law:
– Statutory law: passed by Parliament;
– Common law/case law/judicial precedent: a decision made by a judge during a case;

The Pendragons, and also Mark Mercattelli, incorrectly state that “common law” means “natural justice”, law made by the people; in reality, it means the words of a judge.

Further, the petition is absurd!
Magna Carta did NOT give power to the people!
It gave the vote ONLY to the landed gentry.
It was the PEOPLE’S CHARTER that called for all to have the vote.

The Lords want to STOP Brexit – to demand they, on the basis of Magna Carta, have the final say on leaving the EU, is pure stupidity.

Further, the Lords, which Magna Carta empowered, passed many laws which superseded it.

Anyone spewing this “freeman of the land” nonsense is a threat to Brexit.

Why is Francoise promoting it so fervently?
Why is she DESPERATE to associate me with this nonsense?

I won’t be surprised if she’s another journalist.

This would be perfect fuel for a documentary mocking Brexiteers as stupid, pushing “common law” nonsense; Dragons getting arrested by police.

I won’t surprised if some incident is staged at her Brexit rally.

If we are to win, we must be smart:

– We must have an accurate message; it is important that it is formulated by those who actually know law, political theory, and in addition, know the pain that people feel;

– We must work with, not against the police: they are very reasonable if you hold a rally in a legal location, inform them, keep to the law, and don’t invite actual fascist speakers!

– Be far more careful whom you stand on a stage with for goodness sake. Why the hell would you march with someone you know NOTHING about; no history, no one saw her protest, no organisation, member of no party – if that doesn’t stink of possibly being MI5, you are blind.

LEAKED: Henry Bolton girlfriend’s alleged messages on “raping babies”

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Last month the Daily Mail reported that Henry Bolton’s mistress Jo Marney had supposedly joked online with a friend about sexual abuse of babies.

The Daily Mail reported that a friend of Jo Marney’s claimed they had been taken out of context and had been ‘part of an outrage competition’. He said Marney had posted the remarks as she tried to make a comparison between the abuse of animals and babies.

We have received screenshots that we note are alleged on Twitter to be such messages – you can decide if that is the case – we are just reporting what is being claimed on social media.

In another screenshot, messages allegedly from Marney feature the phrase “I couldn’t care if we do kill Iraqi kids. I personally think the entire country needs a nuclear bomb dropping on it. But unfortunately we can’t do that.”

In the last few days, there have been rumours that Marney might be pregnant. Heaven help the baby if these messages are accurate!

Today Henry Bolton squirmed on LBC, as he was asked if Marney had sent “racist” messages; a claim he wouldn’t deny. It’s shocking that Henry Bolton is suggesting that he may still be in a relationship with this woman.

Oxfam and all politically charged left wing campaign groups have to be disbanded

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The great and the good are taking to the airwaves to denounce Oxfam and its paedophile/prostitution racket. From former and current secretary generals of the UN – and I have no time for the UN, which I believe also has to be disbanded – are queuing up to condemn and distance themselves from Oxfam.

The Oxfam scandal is a systemic wide, institutional cover up at the highest levels of the sex and abuse scandals currently infecting our aid and human rights industries. Issues have been raised for thirty years but have been ignored. Paedophiles are predatory and have flocked to the aid industry, according to the National Crime Agency.

These disgusting men, who were having mass sex with prostitutes and children, who have broken various international anti sex trade rules, once they were ‘let go’ from Oxfam, were able to slip through the interview net, by getting friends in the industry to write references to continue to recycle themselves to prey on young vulnerable people by using taxpayers’ cash and donations from the public.

Why did other recruiting charities not check with the Oxfam’s HR department? Because the human rights industry portrays itself as angels on earth who can do no wrong. They are leftist liberals who damn the rest of us for questioning controlling our borders and migration. They are political campaigners, not charity workers.

I have debated Oxfam and others over the years, each time with a highly paid, middle class, highly educated ‘researcher’ roughly on £60k per annum (Oxfam), who openly sneer down their noses and have trouble breathing the same air as me.

I have debated them in Calais where they would like the rioting, marauding and economic £ seeking migrants to be given a British passport, a home and benefits, where UK female aid workers are providing their own ‘aid’ by having sex with migrants and transporting them illegally into the UK.

I have debated them in the Greek migrant camps. Where the aid workers openly admit they do not believe in the nation state and borders. One silly British girl said she would happily denounce her British passport, but then again she did have dual Swiss citizenship. Oh, how the righteous middle classes can afford their virtue signalling.

When charities, like businesses, become too big, they take on the label of the global elite. They become untouchable but sit at the top seats in Davos, in the EU and in the UN. They influence governments, they campaign to shame us into giving on TV, on the phone and in the streets.

Now they’ve been rumbled, despite the elites covering it up. At a time when the UK public is at its rebellious best and many are disgusted at our current foreign aid budget, now is the time to review our aid budget, the countries receiving aid and the people trusted with delivering its projects.

As we Brexit, we should be offering free trade with poorer nations that the EU keeps in poverty. Instead of aid, we should offer trade, and use a large percentage to help our own poor, disadvantaged, veterans, elderly and disabled.

British Veterans say Bolton Out, Gerard Batten In

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The leadership team of Veterans Against Terrorism has discussed with Gerard Batten the need for politics to engage working people. We believe that UKIP can be the voice of the people. Veterans feel the working class people of the UK have been let down and disenfranchised by the current political system.

The Labour Party in its obsession with identity politics and PC messaging has let us, the working people of the UK, down. The hard working people of Britain who are the backbone of this country have been ignored, neglected and rejected by the political elite, the mainstream media and the left who should be our champions. They have demonised and mocked us for years and grown fat off our backs.

We need a new direction and one of us to lead us; we believe Gerard is that man! He is from the east end of London and he still lives in the east end of London. He worked for BT for 25 years until he began his political career being elected as an MEP for London in 2004.

One retired soldier said “We are the working class because we work and we have class! We need people with the same mindset to lead the charge!”

“We will encourage the 16,000 veterans in our Facebook group to join UKIP en mass in the event that Gerard Batten, the party’s MEP for London, becomes interim leader.”

However, Veterans Against Terrorism would not be prepared to join UKIP under Mr Bolton’s leadership because they feel that he is en route to “destroy” the party.

They also have members from diverse ethnic backgrounds who are deeply offended by Mr Bolton’s racist femme fatale. One veteran of the police and army who met Bolton in London during talks with the UKIP leadership and the veterans highlighted the hypocrisy of the UKIP leader when he stated “As a black man Bolton shook my hand and grinned, knowing full well his girlfriend’s shocking racist opinions. This is hypocrisy of the highest order in my view. I was disgusted a few days later when I saw Bolton act as an apologist for his racist girlfriend on national TV, as a black man I could not join a party led by him!”

Gerard Batten stated in a previous interview, “I was impressed by the large scale demonstration the Veterans organised a couple of months ago. It expressed genuine patriotism and concern. Just before the UKIP leadership crisis I met with some the movement’s representatives.”

In a recent statement, the Veterans Against Terrorism said: “We took the decision last Saturday to support UKIP and more specifically support Gerard Batten if he becomes interim leader of UKIP.

“His policies reflect the silent majority in this county. The forgotten people who pay their taxes love their country and are indeed the backbone of the UK. These are the muted and belittled voices of the UK.”

“These are our voices and we believe a revived and reformed UKIP under the leadership of Batten is the best way to have our voices heard.”

“This would obviously mean our support for UKIP is dependent on Henry Bolton either resigning or being forced to stand down as leader at or before the soon-to-be-held EGM of UKIP.”

“We are not all members of UKIP yet, but we realise the damage Henry Bolton’s term as leader has done to the party; from an outside observer’s point of view, it looks like Bolton will destroy the party if he stays in place.”

If Bolton goes, we have a chance of mobilising the masses behind a new UKIP led by Batten. If he stays, they will not engage and look elsewhere for their political leadership.

Remoaner thugs send DEATH THREAT to 80 year old woman

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Pro-EU fanatics have sent violent letters to Brexit voters threatening to KILL them.

An 80-year-old woman in London got a note through their door containing a horrific death threat from an anonymous troll, her MP Zac Goldsmith revealed.

The letter said: “If you attempt to take away part of someone’s identity. There are consequences.

“We have watched have you have stoked the fires of Brexit and led us to this moment.

“You can no longer be tolerated. We are coming for you. We are going to kill you.”

Mr Goldsmith passed on the note to the Metropolitan Police after it was brought to his attention.

A lot of the blame for this lies firmly with the pro-EU media and the way the Remain campaign pointed the venom at older voters, and this is the result.

Remain has become a toxic brand.

EU exhibition on Nazi propaganda appropriate for an undemocratic institution

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Finally, some honesty by the EU! Their vile propaganda techniques would make Goebbels proud.

EU Parliament has an exhibition about Nazi propaganda; does it feature speeches by Merkel?

Posted by Luke Nash-Jones for UKIP NEC on Tuesday, 30 January 2018

BBC called out for BIAS on abortion

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The BBC is supposed to, according it its Charter, be neutral and give both sides of the story.

Our attention has been drawn to this part of the BBC’s ‘News Style Guide’, which contains the below utterly shameless example of institutional bias against the pro-life movement, and for the abortion lobby.

The document makes clear that reporters are to use terminology that encourages, and with such intent, support of pro-abortion activists, while discriminating against pro-life activists.

They want to reduce the pro-life position to simply being ‘anti-abortion’ as a rhetorical pro-abortion tactic, and an explicit violation of journalistic objectivity.

The original document can be found on the BBC website here: If you would like to complain about this, you can do so here:


IRA Sympathiser Corybn gets the Adams Seal of Approval

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Much criticism has been aimed at Jeremy Corbyn as the Labour leader cannot hide from his past as sympathiser of the IRA, but today the link was well and truly cemented as Gerry Adams endorsed him.

The uncomfortable thumbs up of approval came from the man accused of ordering the murder and secret burial of Jean McConville in 1972 and other awful acts, by calling Mr Corybn an outstanding politician. Adams was speaking to Andrew Marr as he enters his final week as president of the party he has led for almost 35 years.

Corbyn has given interviews in which he has been challenged to condemn the IRA’s campaign of violence unequivocally – without equating it to other parties involved in the conflict – and has declined to do so.

It’s no secret that the Labour leader has long supported the end of British rule in Ulster, and that he met the leaders of Sinn Fein and other Republicans in the 1980s and 1990s, when the Provisional IRA was still bombing and shooting people.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Corybn continues to stay silent on the matter as he loses the respect and faith of many of the party faithful.  This will come as a much unwanted distraction for Labour and many in the party who have spoken of not renewing their membership, citing reasons such as the u-turn on Brexit and not pledging to tighten immigration. Labour have not represented the working class in decades.

Labour Party activists tell university students to vote TWICE

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Yesterday a group of Labour activists set up a stall outside Plymouth University with a poster telling students to register to vote twice in the upcoming local elections – once in their home constituency and again from their university residence.

The poster read “In local elections you can register and vote both here and at home”.

Currently, it is legal to vote more than once in local elections, but not in general elections. However, rather worryingly, there were reports of students voting twice in last year’s general election and in the EU referendum. In fact some students openly boasted of voting twice for Labour. A man was also convicted in December for voting twice in the general election, by using different variations of his name.

The Electoral Commission received up to 1,000 complaints about people illegally voting twice at the general election on 8 June last year. They said there were “troubling” reports of double-voting, with 38 MPs raising concerns about the activity in their constituencies.

This sort of behaviour makes a mockery of our democratic system. It is clear that they are targetting students because they are more likely to vote Labour. Jeremy Corbyn has also bribed students by pledging to end tuition fees.

In some very marginal seats, double voting could be enough to change the overall result. It should be one person, one vote, and the rules need to be enforced to ensure there is no abuse of the voting system.

Labour attempt to CORRUPT the minds of the young

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At 16 I was more interested in controlling acne, meeting girls, and turning 17 to drive a car. Was there anything else more important in life? Well Labour seemed to think so as this week saw renewed attempts by the party to lower the voting age by 2 years to 16.

The desperation of Labour is one thing but the sheer dangerousness of this proposal is another. We all saw how Corbyn coined the phrase “sweet shop polices” when he made false promises of scrapping tuition fees. Could he do it again by theoretically pledging to lower the driving age if elected?

The only argument Labour had to offer was that the number of young carers has rocketed in recent years, saying many of them have to take on great responsibilities but are still denied the right to vote. Does this make you grown up and mature? Having a beard does not make you a man and neither does being forced into doing this work.

It is a scientific fact that the brain does not finish developing until the 20s so many would argue for raising the age.

If the average age is getting higher, should the voting age not be increasing also? Some of the brainwashed will agree with Labour but it will lead down a very slippery road. While Labour might say that one can join the army and pay taxes, in reality this is a very small amount.

Labour create more questions than answers and have not represented the working class in decades.

Diane Abbott orders Labour MPs to oppose ban of Islamist ‘terror’ group

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The Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, has ordered Labour MPs to OPPOSE a move to ban the Islamist terror group Hezbollah from Britain.

Abbott would rather “encourage” it to become democratic. Democratic jihad? Jeremy Corbyn famously called Hezbollah “friends” during a meeting in Parliament in 2009.

Currently only the military wing of the Islamist political party is classed as a terrorist group but a Labour MP led a Commons debate arguing for the whole group to be banned.

Before the debate Abbot sent a briefing note to Labour MPs urging them not to back the motion because it would hinder peace talks in the Middle East.

The document –  obtained by the Jewish Chronicle – read: “There is a balance between making absolutely clear our abhorrence of using violence to achieve political ends and at the same time encouraging organisations down an effective democratic path.

“Full proscription could be a move against dialogue and meaningful peace negotiations in the Middle East.”

This has caused more division in Labour; a party known for anti-Semitism issues. Jennifer Gerber, Head of Labour Friends of Israel, slammed the Labour frontbench for actively pressuring its MPs to block the banning of Islamist group Hezbollah.

Gerber said: “It is sadly unsurprising that the Labour frontbench would issue a statement on Hezbollah which fails to support banning the terror group in its entirety, and which makes no reference to its virulent antisemitism, its desire to annihilate Israel and its appalling role in propping up Assad’s murderous regime in Syria.

“It is, moreover, utterly delusional to think that, having wreaked death and destruction throughout the region, Hezbollah can play any role in promoting peace. We would urge Labour’s leadership to listen to this afternoon’s debate and reconsider its position.”


Equality Comm investigating Labour for “racist” conference

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The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is investigating a Labour Party event, featuring Corbyn, that planned to charge white people more to attend.

The party drew widespread criticism after it was revealed white party members would be charged £10 extra.

Leicestershire Police have received complaints about the issue, but told local media they wouldn’t be investigating and “would advise anyone who feels that the Equality Act may have been breached to contact the EHRC”.

However, the EHRC has now announced that it is investigating the situation after a complaint was made that Labour has breached equality law; rather awkward for the party of virtue signalling. The law very clearly states you cannot discriminate against someone because of the colour of their skin.

Andrew Bridgen, the MP for North West Leicestershire wrote to the Commission, saying: “I believe this is not only discriminatory and illegal it’s also extremely divisive — setting communities against each other and opening a Pandora’s box for extremists at both ends and Labour must refund their illegal racial surcharge.”

The chief executive of the EHRC, Rebecca Hilsenrath, told Brigden: “The legal team is considering whether or not to use one of our statutory powers in relation to enforcement of the Equality Act.”

A Labour spokesman told the paper: “The basic price of a conference pass is the same for all members but, at the request of our East Midlands Regional Board, the party will subsidise part of the cost of this year’s conference pass for BAME members to encourage attendance and improve representation.”

Feel free to contact the EHRC here.

British Government Biased: BBC and Dimblebys get too much air time

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21st Century Fox’s bid to take control of the 61% of Sky has been slammed down by the Competition and Markets Authority. The reason? It has provisionally ruled the buy out will not be in the public interest because it would cause a monopoly, a dominance of the media.

However, it did not seem concerned one iota that the BBC controls some two-fifths of the news market, nearly double that controlled by Sky and News UK. Is the Competition and Markets Authority biased?

The CMA, a non-ministerial government department, says the Murdoch family trust would have “too much control over news providers in the UK across all media platforms and therefore too much influence over public opinion and the political agenda.”

Why no uproar by the Competition and Markets Authority about the Dimbleby family, which for decades has dominated British public opinion and the political agenda on multiple media platforms? (BBC coverage of the Royal Family, general elections, budgets, as well as the flagship weekly current affairs shows; Question Time and Any Questions.)

Labour Members Angry at Latest Racism Claim

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Labour has faced yet more racism claims following the discrimination against white party members.

Angry Labour members were shocked and appalled by a decision by Labour bosses to charge black and ethnic minority activists £10 less per ticket than white activists to attend an upcoming rally.

Many have accused Labour of racism and said it was further evidence that the party had abandoned the white working class, a feeling that has grown in Swindon where Corybn recently visited to try boost support following a UKIP surge.

A local resident said “Labour has not represented the working class since the 1960s, it is now full of champagne socialists. They are not the party I remember. I am done with Labour after they betrayed us on Brexit!”

Leicestershire Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen added: ‘This is racism. In effect, Labour is levying a tax on the basis of the colour of a person’s skin. It shows their contempt for the white working class.’

A party official said: ‘The basic price of a conference pass is the same for all members but, at the request of our East Midlands Regional Board, the party will subsidise part of the cost of this year’s conference pass for BAME members to encourage attendance and improve representation.’

Conservative vice-chairman James Cleverly said: ‘Discriminating against people based on the colour of their skin is totally wrong and Mr Corbyn must end this practice now.’

This is the latest episode that has left Labour Leader Jeremy Corybn red faced after fresh calls that anti-Semitism is growing in the party and not being dealt with.

Sadiq Khan BLASTED for gloomy Brexit impact report

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The Greater London Authority this week released a gloomy impact assessment report on Brexit, produced at London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s request.

The report claims that a no-deal Brexit could cause the UK to lose half a million jobs and nearly £50bn in investment by 2030.

The Leave Means Leave campaign group said in an email to supporters: “Project Fear’s expert cheerleaders such as the IMF, World Bank, OECD, and the CBI couldn’t even forecast with any degree of accuracy how UK GDP would perform for 1 year from the end of 2016 to the end of 2017 – they were mostly 50 per cent wrong! So what chance do these supposed experts, Cambridge Econometrics (who, by the way, are ardent supporters of Corbyn and unashamed Remainers) have of being accurate over 13 years to the end of 2030?”

Sadiq Khan’s gloom and doom report doesn’t reflect the facts – for example the 2017 Financial Times financial centres ranking placed London in their top spot. Not one single EU city even made it into the top 10. Two large recruitment firms dismissed fears of a Brexodus of workers from the City: Robert Walters recorded “record results” due to hiring in London during the final quarter of last year, while PageGroup rejects the notion that Paris or Frankfurt will pinch the best talent from London.

Furthermore, manufacturing output is at a ten year high, factory growth is at its highest level in seven years and during December 2017, spending growth hit an eight month high.

Despite all this good news, Remoaners are still determined to stop Brexit.

It looks like the intention from the outset of the study was to prove that Brexit is bad. The Mayor of London is wasting taxpayer funds to suit his own personal anti-Brexit political agenda. His role as Mayor is to promote London and he should be focusing on the many opportunities that Brexit will bring for London.

A second referendum must not happen: not because Brexiteers fear losing it, but because of the damage it would do to the UK’s global reputation and the loss of confidence in democracy amongst tens of millions of British voters.

Virgin Trains depart for 1984: BANS Daily Mail for being right-wing

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Virgin Trains should perhaps be known as the Siberian or Snowflake Express, after in a true Orwellian spirit, it has announced that it has stopped selling the Daily Mail newspaper, due to being triggered by the right-wing content.

Drew McMillan, head of colleague communication and [lefty] engagement at Virgin, told staff in an internal memo: “Thousands of people choose to read the Daily Mail every day. But they will no longer be reading it courtesy of VT.”

Let’s not forget that anti-democratic Virgin chief Richard Branson is very pro-EU and wants the Brexit vote – the will of the people – to be overturned, whilst the Daily Mail is strongly in favour of Brexit.

McMillan ranted about the need for a safe space with only left-wing political views, “There’s been considerable concern raised by colleagues about the Mail’s editorial position on issues such as immigration, LGBT rights and unemployment.”

The Snowflake Express head of comms expressed his support of thought-police, “We’ve decided that this paper is not compatible with the VT brand and our beliefs.”

“We will continue to offer The Times to customers, but we won’t be stocking the Daily Mail for sale or as a giveaway.

“This won’t suit all of our customers or all of our people – it’s certain to draw some criticism. But we’ve listened to many colleagues over the last few months, and we feel that this is the right move to take.”

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage tweeted: “We are heading in a worrying direction. Banning things because you don’t like them solves nothing.”

A spokesman for the Daily Mail spokesman hit back, saying that at a time when fares were rising, it was “disgraceful” that Virgin was announcing that “for political reasons it is censoring the choice of newspapers it offers to passengers”.

He added: “It is equally rich that Virgin chose to launch this attack on free speech in the Aslef trade union journal.

“For the record, Virgin used to sell only 70 Daily Mails a day. They informed us last November that to save space, they were restricting sales to just three newspapers: the Mirror, FT and Times.

“They gave no other reason, but it may be no coincidence that all those titles, like Virgin owner Sir Richard Branson, are pro-Remain.”

What would Richard Branson know about how the EU affects us, the British people? He lives outside the EU in his own island. He moved his business to Switzerland to escape EU laws and taxes.

EU open borders means uncontrolled immigration, higher unemployment, lower British wages and a boost to his profits. Some patriot he is!

Perhaps Virgin Trains should stick to improving their train service and not waste time and resources getting involved in politics. What will Virgin’s customers make of this?

Swaying public opinion in a fashion Lord Haw-Haw would be proud of

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After the festive celebrations came to an end, many of us this week trudged back to work and back in to the old routine – the BBC were no different.

The BBC went on an all-out attack with its anti-Brexit and anti-Trump propaganda firing out a barrage of stories to once again sway public opinion in a fashion Lord Haw-Haw would be proud of.

The blitz was in full flow by Friday when the TV licence holders had to endure stories  on Trump’s mental health, his credibility and an utterly shameful piece on the ‘Brexiteers dying out’ suggesting Brexiteers are ‘old and stupid’! We also continued to see the BBC push the normality of reversing Brexit in an attempt to reverse the democratic will of the nation.

The EU funded corporation also ran multiple articles on former Prime Minister Tony Blair who is desperate to become the next emperor of Europe and even spoke of holding a third referendum. This man who is hated by many for this role in opening the borders and dragging the UK into an illegal war in Iraq has no right to a platform and absolutely has no relevance to Brexit. It appears the establishment are throwing everything to halt our departure from the EU.

A poll released today by finance provider Creditplus found that only a sixth of people trust the BBC, in another blow to the corporation.

These are prime examples as to why it is now time the TV Licence fee tax was axed; the BBC not only does not represent, but actually holds in contempt over half of the population! It is clear that the only way the public can deal with this menace to democracy is to stop funding the outdated model. Previous attempts to resolve this in Parliament have been futile given that many in the Commons enjoy a cosy relationship with Auntie Beeb; they do not wish to ruffle any feathers and become blacklisted by the BBC.

It is time Britain rose up and voted with their feet to defeat this menace that is threatening our British culture and democracy – axe the TV tax NOW!

On The Shameful Failure of Sadiq In Letting Knife Killers Take Over The Streets

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Sadiq Kahn has failed in what should be the principal duty of the Mayor of London – keeping its citizens safe. The scandalous number of 80 individuals murdered in the city’s rising tide of knife crime in 2017 shames our capital. It should be the epitaph for Khan as the Mayor who surrendered too many streets to criminals and killers.

The statistics are truly horrific. Including deaths and serious injuries, knife crime has risen by 30 per cent since his election in May 2016 while in the same period violence against the person, sexual offences and robbery have risen by 24%.

Khan’s response has been the modern equivalent of Nero fiddling while Rome burnt. Rather than ruthlessly tackling issues of life and death, he instead occupies his mind and our money with politically correct, liberal-left transgender nonsense, feminist rhetoric and the censoring of advertisements. At the same time he seeks to ban the President of the USA, our greatest ally, from these shores.

Ironically, it is to the USA – and to New York – in particular – that London should now be looking. It desperately needs a mayor like New York’s Rudy Guiliani. A Mayor who truly cares for the concerns of London’s citizens and voters and who would rein in its police chief and ensure that fighting real crime was made the top priority.

He or she would put an end to the liberal left police agenda of hunting online trolls, investigating so-called ‘hate crime’, and creating witch hunts around the low level irritation of men allegedly touching women’s knees or suggesting an unwanted drink after work.

A strong Mayor would connect instinctively with the voters’ real concerns and end the endless waste of valuable police time and resources on these politically correct diversions.

Key to the next Mayoralty must be for the incumbent to give full backing to the Met to do what it does best – fight real crime. Central to that would be getting police back on the streets and ending the Khan lie that “bobbies on the beat” are not the answer.

The Conservative party needs to get an effective ‘Mayor in Waiting’ in place now. Someone who isn’t afraid to take on Khan head to head on the issues that matter. Someone who will campaign on the Mayor’s appalling record on crime and his deception of the voters through meaningless spin and pious political correctness.

The right conservative candidate, not some left-over Cameroonian time server, can confound the pundits who peddle the belief that London is lost to the Right because of demographics.

’London – Great And Safe’ could be just the winning campaign slogan. It would be a life-saver for London.

Scottish Relaunch of Marxist MILITIA Relies on Capitalism to Raise Funds

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On the 25th of November, we went to Edinburgh to report on the brave Veterans Against Terrorism march. We were confronted by left-wing activists from the STUC (Scottish Trades Union Congress), but it seems some got lost, or shy, because Scotland’s newly-formed wannabe communist militia Red Front Republic went to Glasgow to challenge patriots (wrong city!)

We reveal that this latest Antifa-style group appear to be a revival of the “Alliance of Red Front-Fighters” (Roter Frontkämpferbund) thugs that caused violent unrest, basically civil war, in 1930s Berlin. Their website features imagery of them marching on British streets with flares – this is a serious criminal offence in the UK.

The use of flares on British streets is a serious criminal offence

Their Scottish Red Front logo features the same clenched fist as their German predecessors used on all their insignias and their registered trademark since March 1, 1926. It stands for “protecting the friend, fighting off the enemy” (German: “schützend den Freund, abwehrend den Feind”). It is an oath to defend the USSR.

Logo of 1930s Berlin communist militia

The Red Front group was formed in 1924 because it was felt that the Communist Party of Germany was not violent enough. In 1929, after their participation in the bloody protests following the ban on the celebrating of International Workers’ Day in Berlin, during which more than 30 people were shot and killed by the police, the organisation was banned and all its assets confiscated by the government.

The Red Front revival in Scotland state on their website that they are “self-funded”. Whether Soros backs them or not, we do not know, but on closer inspection, they are raising funds via capitalist means. The hardcore Marxists are selling, not handing out for free, merchandise.

For just £13, you too can look like a Frontkämpferbund libtard


Leading REMAINIAC Lord Adonis QUITS government in anti-Trump rage

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Labour peer Lord Adonis quit tonight in protest at Brexit, claiming it was a ‘nationalist spasm’. He was appointed by former chancellor George Osborne to run the cross-party National Infrastructure Commission in 2015, and was re-appointed by Theresa May in April despite disagreements over Brexit.

Mrs May declined to fire the peer in July when he compared Brexit to Nazi appeasement.

Lord Adonis told Mrs May that future generations would ‘marvel at your wanton destruction’ if she continued to push through Brexit.

In his resignation letter, Lord Adonis told the PM: “Brexit is a dangerous populist and nationalist spasm worthy of Donald Trump.

“After the narrow referendum vote for an undefined proposition to ‘leave the EU,’ it could have been attempted without rupturing our essential European trade and political relations.

“However, by becoming the voice of UKIP and the extreme nationalist right-wing of your party, you have taken a different course, for which you have no parliamentary or popular mandate.”

An unnamed Government source made clear Lord Adonis was going before he was pushed.

They said: “He’s been moving closer towards the exit door with each new onslaught he makes against Brexit.

“He’s now walked through the door before he was pushed.”

Earlier this month, Lord Adonis hailed the government’s first defeat on the Brexit Bill, gleefully warning of more trouble to come.

“First step towards defeat of Brexit. And this is before the Lords has got going on the National Betrayal Bill,” he wrote on Twitter.

Good riddance to him! We don’t need politicians and civil servants who refuse to respect the will of the people. Let’s hope more Remoaners will follow him.

OUTRAGE as Remoaner Clegg gets knighthood in New Year’s Honours

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There has been an angry reaction from Brexiteers after it was revealed that former Lib Dem leader and ex-deputy prime minister Nick Clegg will be handed a knighthood in the New Year’s Honours.

The gong is said to be in recognition of his five years as David Cameron’s deputy prime minister.

Clegg has called for a second referendum and written a book called How to Stop Brexit. In the book Clegg wrote: ‘There is nothing remotely inevitable about Brexit – except that it will be deeply damaging if it happens.’

The former Lib Dem leader sparked further fury among Eurosceptics when he travelled to Brussels to meet EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier.

Most disturbingly, in September he said there should be a second vote because the people who voted Leave were dying off.

It comes following reports that Nigel Farage – the man who led the successful campaign for Britain to leave the European Union – will miss out again.

Under Clegg’s leadership, the Lib Dems declined from 50 MPs to just 8, and then he lost his own seat! Yet the political establishment still thinks he is worthy of a knighthood. It just goes to show what the elites really think about democracy.

Giving Clegg an honour is a complete travesty and insult. The Honours system needs a total overhaul.

CNN idiots declare that Thomas the Tank Engine is a Nazi, brainwashing kids

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There are moments in life when things are so weird, surreal, when you come across some lefty nonsense so crazy, you wonder if this life is real. Leading American news outlet CNN has actually declared that Thomas the Tank Engine is a Nazi.

Paw Patrol and Thomas were slammed as “fascist cartoons” by the media outlet’s village idiot Elissa Strauss. The news outlet, described by US President Donald Trump as “very fake news”, warned of “our children tuning in for a regular dose of primary-colored authoritarianism”.

I cannot believe the lefty media is going nuts about the little blue train. Buzzfeed, known for spewing out empty, cheap garbage that escaped the landfill, called Thomas “terrible” and pointed to supposed instances of gender and social inequality that go unchecked on the show. What? Not enough girl trains?

Obsessed with race and gender, it seems CNN is bigoted as it moans the show should be produced “without the white guy on top”.

When the Guardian, supposedly a serious British newspaper, is not whining that Thomas is anti-environmentalist – carbon footprint too high with all that coal – it is attacking Ryder, the main character in “Paw Patrol”, a kids’ cartoon about a group of rescue dogs. Supposedly the young lad is a megalomaniac with an implied “unstoppable God complex.”

Sir Hatt, formerly “The Fat Controller” until that was deemed politically incorrect, has now been deemed a white supremacist

Taking a swipe at both Ryder and Sir Hatt, the CNN freak who threw up this tripe dribbled into the keyboard, “these leaders, both white males, look like most figures in position of authority in the real world is not lost on children”. Sir Topham Hatt from the Thomas the Tank Engine series was called “a neocolonial autocrat”.

CNN lamented that merchandise featuring white boy Ryder and the gang outsells most other television shows, according to recent data from the Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association. I guess he must be suffering from “white privilege”. There are serious issues in the world, such as the slave trade in Libya, where black men are sold for $70 dollars, but the left would rather wage war on a cartoon!

Lefty media want Ryder banned, because he is a boy, not a girl

The parents who buy these products are supposedly happy that their kids are exposed to Nazism, as CNN states, “parents who are OK with some degree of autocracy and Manichean dualistic politics”. Seriously, when has a parent gone to the store, and thought, “Hey, let’s get my son this blue train because it will inspire him to build the Fourth Reich”?

UCLA scientist Yalda T. Uhls has to weigh in, “Rigidness and simplicity of narrative (in children’s television shows) is really important, because in the real world so much is going on. And young children aren’t really capable of abstract thought.”

Strauss is clearly not the only hard-core postmodernist freak because the New Yorker magazine sentences Thomas to the bin, with the judgment that his island of Sordor is a “premodern corporate-totalitarian dystopia”.

Corbynista demands MURDER of MP who criticised Jezza

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Jeremy Corbyn was at the centre of a new row over social media trolls after one of his supporters called for Labour Enfield North MP Joan Ryan to be hanged.

Ms Ryan said during the 2017 General Election that many Labour supporters had ‘more confidence in Theresa May as Prime Minister’ than in party leader Mr Corbyn.

Beverly Krell, a Labour member from Manchester, attached Ms Ryan’s comment to a tweet headlined ‘We support Jeremy Corbyn’, with the remark: ‘If anybody has a rope and a tree, I’m ready’.

She also accused Ms Ryan of ‘dual allegiance’ and ‘treason’ for her role as Chair of Labour Friends of Israel. In other posts, Mrs Krell threatened to kill ‘Zionists’ with an AK-47 assault rifle and dismissed the Holocaust as ‘regurgitated’.

After calling for Ms Ryan to be hanged, she changed her online name to Sophie Goulding. Then, as Goulding, she wrote: ‘How do you deal with Zio Nazis other than deactivate the main account and find my AK-47.’

Mrs Krell claims that these messages were due to her account being hacked.

British Army WASTES £2million ditching ELITIST ‘Be the Best’ slogan

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The British Army is ‘wasting’ millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money to scrap its famous ‘Be the Best’ motto, which has been used since 1993 – because top brass say it is elitist.

The historic crest of two crossed swords, a crown and a lion was also deemed “elitist” and “non-inclusive” according to market research.

A document was circulated by General Sir Nick Carter, the Chief of the General Staff, to senior officers, saying: “Market research in May 17 found that Be the Best did not resonate with many of our key audiences and was considered dated, elitist and non-inclusive.

“The ECAB [Executive Committee of the Army Board] therefore agreed that its use should be phased out as soon as affordably possible. The retirement of Be the Best will commence immediately with all planned refreshes of Be the Best branded material cancelled in favour of brand compliant products.”

Critics last night hit out at the change of course, with Colonel Richard Kemp, the former commander of UK troops in Afghanistan, saying: “Credibility is secured by our abilities on the battlefield, our fighting spirit and our resources.

“And at a time when the defence budget is being squeezed, it is lunacy to squander money on a futile branding project.”

He added: “Be the Best is popular because it encapsulates the desire for our troops to be better than their enemies. It has never been about them looking down at anyone in society, so any suggestion it is elitist is nonsense.”

The plans have since been put on hold by the Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson, who is said to believe the British Army is the “best of the best”.

A Ministry of Defence spokesperson said: “The Defence Secretary believes that the British Army is the best of the best and has put these proposals on hold.”

Black Republican Senator EVISCERATES HuffPuff Writer for Playing Race Card

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The Republican senator Tim Scott is a massive thorn in the side of the liberal movement in the USA, if not worldwide. It is rather inconvenient for them that a black senator so passionately backs Trump, the man they wish to demonise as “racist”.

In fury, libtarded Huffington Post contributor Andy Ostroy called the South Carolina senator Scott a “manipulated prop” on Wednesday, as Scott stood proudly by Trump at the passing of the historic tax bill.

The tweet Ostroy deleted – in fact, he deleted his WHOLE account

Yes, Trump was lowering tax, something the left hate, being in the wrong, they never seek fact-based intellectual debate. Instead, they always seek to avoid such by a claim to the moral high ground, for example, to claim to be the force of diversity and tolerance, which lambasting and silencing the right as “racist” – something Scott’s presence didn’t allow.

Ostroy’s phrase “manipulated prop” insinuates Scott is a token black man placed at Trump’s side for diversity, and thus is an insult to Scott, implying he’s incapable of forming and standing by his own convictions. Liberals are vile racists who only see skin colour.

Scott is no “prop”, but actually helped write the tax bill for the past year.

“Uh probably because I helped write the bill for the past year, have multiple provisions included, got multiple Senators on board over the last week and have worked on tax reform my entire time in Congress. But if you’d rather just see my skin color, pls feel free,” Tim Scott responded.

In response, Ostroy DELETED his whole Twitter account.

Speech by Trump, with Scott by his side:

Israeli government SLAMS UK Labour party for racism

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A senior Israeli cabinet minister has accused the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party of being antisemitic.

Gilad Erdan said his government had become very concerned by the views expressed by figures in the top level of the Labour party.

“We recognise and we see that there are antisemitic views in many of the leadership of the current Labour party,” Israel’s public security minister said.

When asked specifically whether he was suggesting Corbyn himself was an antisemite, the Israeli minister hesitated, before adding: “I didn’t say it. I said there are views that are very close to antisemitism in the leadership of the Labour party today in the UK.”

Last summer Corbyn told MPs investigating accusations of antisemitism in the Labour party that he regretted once calling members of Hamas and Hezbollah “friends”.

The Labour Party have been criticised at being slow in responding to the problem and several high-profile figures who have been suspended for antisemitism, such as Tony Greenstein, Jackie Walker and Marc Wadsworth. They have been waiting over a year for their cases to be heard.

A recent internal inquiry reported that a shocking 83% of British Jews believe the Labour Party is too tolerant of antisemitism and many expressing concerns of the Labour Leader’s links to other terrorist groups in the past such as the IRA.

The latest accusations come a month after Corbyn attended an event in Parliament held by a Muslim group (MEND) accused of hosting preachers with extremist views.

BBC Bias Backlash: Millions refuse to pay licence tax.

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The BBC has faced a huge backlash from disgruntled viewers leaving millions not renewing their TV licence due to ‘institutional bias’ that was independently proven throughout the EU Referendum and is thought to still continue to this day.

The term ‘despite Brexit’ has become a well-known phrase that the BBC used and is now mocked by critics such as Jacob Rees-Mogg due to the pro-EU bias. The BBC receive funding from the EU, quashing any claims that the organisation can be impartial.

Over the last few years, almost 3.5 million British citizens have refused to pay a penny more to what branded an ‘out dated model’ in the age of Amazon and Netflix. Many do not value the service suggesting they are fed up of watching ‘Bargain Hunt’ repeats and the demise of the Christmas schedule that continues to prove disappointing.

Employee and broadcaster Evan Davis said the BBC is constantly getting emails from licence fee payers accusing them of pandering to certain political parties. But he claimed that ‘no one at the BBC takes those kinds of things into account’ because it is ‘very rare’ for the issue to be brought up.

Martin Costello and Godfrey Bloom at the Massive Protest Against BBC Bias

Martin Costello from the Swindon branch of the People’s Charter successfully petitioned a debate in the commons last month to ‘Abolish the TV licence’. This and a similar petition attracted over 140,000 signatures.

“The debate was a total whitewash” he said. “It was completely one sided and shockingly seven of the MPs defending the world’s oldest broadcasting organisation where ex-BBC staff!”

“I believe in this day and age of many Freeview channels, we should not be forced to fund the BBC even if one has no intention of watching it – it is time we caught up with the times and this becomes a subscription service” he went on to say.

The People’s Charter will be holding a second protest outside Broadcasting House on Sunday 4th March following the success of the last event in November that saw hundreds rally in London following a list of high profile speeches.

Mass immigration forcing young to stay at home

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Mass immigration has fuelled a 23 per cent rise in rent prices, a new study claims.

Young British nationals are struggling to not only get on the housing ladder but are now being priced out of the renting market, a damning report has found.

The study found that 33% of renters are now born overseas and this figure is set to rise as over half a million migrate to the UK each year and supply has failed to keep up with demand over the last decade.

Last night Migration Watch boss Lord Green accused the Government of being “in denial” about the massive impact of immigration on the housing market and demanded immediate measures to reduce demand for housing and increase supply.

Foreign born heads of households now account for a third of all rented homes; this is up from a fifth since 2000.

Migrant Watch UK claims the only winners are landlords, who have profited from the rocketing demand in the rental sector by hiking bills. Interestingly it is thought between 70-80% of current MPs are classed as landlords, owning at least two properties.

Young Brits have been punished the most, facing sky high rents, making it harder to save for a deposit and leaving youngsters living with their parents longer into their 20s, 30s and even 40s.

The charity ‘Shelter’ suggest that three in five 18-44 year-olds in Britain say they’ll be forced to put their lives on hold as a result of the housing crisis.

The share of 25-34-year-olds in England living in privately rented homes has nearly doubled over the past decade – while the proportion of homeowners in the same age bracket fell from 57 per cent to 38 per cent during the same period.

The study has found that soaring rent prices is down to mass immigration. The Migration Watch report suggests that the rapid growth in the migrant population has put a “huge strain” on the housing stock.

Migration Watch boss Lord Green accused the Government of being ‘in denial’ about the massive impact of immigration on the housing market, a subject often ignored by the mainstream media.

“While the older generation have been able to sit back and watch their properties shooting up in value, it is younger people who have mainly suffered the consequences with sky high rents and little prospect of owning their own home.

“This is frankly indefensible. The time has come for firm measures to address the demand for housing as well as its supply, and to acknowledge and deal with one of the main drivers of demand for housing.

“Otherwise, we will not only fail to meet demand but our young people will continue to bear the brunt of the housing crisis.”

Many migrants have set up home in the UK after former Labour leader Tony Blair opened the floodgates to eastern Europe, net migration has totalled 2.5m in the last decade alone with no sign of this slowing down. Residents of many towns and cities are becoming increasingly concerned about areas turning into slums, particularly where buy-to-let landlords buy up properties and split them up into as many rooms as possible to increase renting opportunities.


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