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After lambasting Trump over BF, media silent when Lineker retweets anti-Israel activist

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When Donald Trump retweeted three videos posted by controversial group Britain First, the media was in hysterics, desperate to label him a bigot, even though a tweet is not an endorsement. However, it displays, as always, shocking double standards, remaining quiet when Gary Lineker, the Match of the Day presenter, shared a clip posted by Ben White, a virulent critic of Israel.

One social media user described the fact that Mr Lineker had retweeted Mr White’s post as “sickening”. Others accused the former Tottenham Hotspur striker of lacking “wisdom” and urged him to “find out the facts”.

Mr Lineker responded by saying he was unfamiliar with Mr White. “Don’t know the fella,” he tweeted. “As far as I’m concerned I’m retweeting a video of kids being put in a cage. Nothing makes that right.”

The Sussex Friends of Israel group responded by saying that “If Trump had said about Britain First ‘I didn’t know the fellas,’ would that have made his posting of their videos ok?”

Lieutenant Colonel Peter Lerner, the former spokesperson for the IDF, tweeted: “Sorry, Gary, you’ve completely missed the point. When kids throw stones they are a public menace. They need to be stopped. Yes, the video is unpleasant but it conveniently shares only a glimpse of what happened, the aftermath of their actions. You should be wiser than this.”

Hitlerite youth leader attacks pro-Israel MBGA Editor-in-Chief

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In photo above with Theresa May, and her husband Philip, at Conservative Party conference in October, thus it is reasonable to conclude Brooks is a Tory party member.

Things must be pretty lonely in the Nazisphere, because notorious, self-defined, young Hitlerite Michael “1488” Brooks has taken to photoshop to invent neo-Nazi allies.

To his Young Right Society, which he is the leader of, Brooks stated, “I am 14 and 88, but even I know optics and recruiting normies.” The expression “14 and 88” is a well-known reference expressing support for Adolf Hitler and the “Fourteen Words” manifesto.

Brooks has been stalking online the pro-Israel Editor-in-Chief of MBGA, Luke Nash-Jones, who works with Eye On Antisemitism, and the pro-Israel group Campaign for Truth. Nash-Jones was cheering with Jewish activists outside the US Embassy in London after Trump declared Jerusalem to be the capital of Israel.

In fact, Nash-Jones’s news outlet was one of only a few to report the Jewish activists protest outside the US embassy. A protest he actively participated in.

Brooks has shared what he beleives is a personal home address, along with a doctored protest poster, for The Last Day of Silence rally, which incorrectly features white nationalists as rally speakers, with misleading references to the Charlottesville massacre, when in reality, Ambrosine Shitrit of Eye On Antisemitism, and Sharon Klaff of Campaign for Truth were speakers, alongside Luke Nash-Jones, who invited them. All three were seen marching through London together waving an Israeli flag.

Brooks has shared false tweets, and very poorly Photoshopped images featuring Nazis salutes, one of which is so poorly doctored that Nash-Jones does not even have a neck. It would seem these are attempts to discredit Nash-Jones amongst his followers, and bully him for not embracing the far-right.

Meanwhile, Brooks himself is a self-declared Nazi, who runs a highly controversial youth group, to which he announced the conservatives would have to be removed for not embracing racially nationalist socialism.

He also shared a graph showing a supposed increase in the population of sub-Saharan Africa with the caption “Planet of the Apes isn’t science fiction, it’s a warning.”

It’s not suprising that Brooks despises Nash-Jones, because the latter has called for the Nazis to be purged from the right, which they try to use as a front for their racism.

This conflicts with Brooks’ call for national socialists to hide some of their beliefs so that they may draw in conservatives: this is the classic BNP strategy.

People’s Charter Foundation/MBGA News (both run by Nash-Jones) staff agreement point 4 clearly states, “Welcoming individual members of different parties, (except those that are genuinely racist, or engage in illegal activism) …never share a platform with any individual who is or was a leader or otherwise a prominent member of any group that promotes racial nationalism (e.g. BNP), or engages in illegal activism.”

Point 5, “Strongly oppose any genuine racism.”

To all the neo-Nazis spamming me, claiming I'm not awake ….you didn't take the actual red pill, because you don't…

Posted by Luke Nash-Jones, Prince-Bishop of Kekistan on Sunday, 3 December 2017

The Young Right Society shares content from American neo-nazi platform The Daily Stormer. It also posted jokes about the Holocaust, with antisemitic polls suggesting that the genocide which claimed up to 17 million lives in living memory was a hoax, “a tragedy all too many need reminding of” and proposing “LGBT Let’s Gas Blacks Too.”

In other polls, 72% responded that a “racially diverse society is undesirable” and 53% that giving women the right to vote was “a mistake.” 72% agreed that “disparity between average IQs of different races” was caused by genetic factors.

To the question “Would you unironically support the immediate liquidation of all communists, communists organisations and enablers of communist subversives,” posed by Brooks, 78% responded positively, with a majority saying “I’d join the Freikorps myself.”

He also called for the creation of a white paramilitary corp known as the “White Shirts”, a name that sounds like a number of past fascist organisations.

The group has had in-person meetings in London, Manchester and Belfast.

Corbyn’s new Labour Muslim Network headed by antisemite

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Last night, Corbyn launched a new Labour party group for Muslims, headed by Ali Milani, a NUS Vice President and Labour activist, who tweeted “Israel has no right to exist” and insinuated that Jewish people are stingy.

John McDonnell, Rupa Huq, Wes Streeting, Dawn Butler, Afzal Khan, and Andy Slaughter, were also present at the launch of the Labour Muslim Network, hosted in Parliament by Milani.

Milani has been lambasted in the past for past antisemitic comments.

In 2012, he posted a tweet that insinuated that Jewish people are stingy:
“Nah u won’t mate it will cost you a pound #jew”.

Other comments by Milani are:

“Israel is a land built on ethnic cleansing and colonialism. Oppression is something your people should know about.

“Israel has no right to exist.

“So lecturer asks the class today ‘nobody in this room would ever want to go to war right?’ My hand rises. ‘Who?’ Me: ‘Israel’.”

He tweeted that Piers Morgan is “a Zionist”.

Josh Nagli, Campaigns Director for the Union of Jewish Students said:

“It is very worrying that someone seeking to be an NUS Vice President has previously expressed views that many Jewish students will find deeply antisemitic.”

Lefty campaign Stop Funding Hate want to ruin Christmas

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The recent campaign by Stop Funding Hate started with wrapping paper. Stationery chain Paperchase offered all Daily Mail readers two free rolls. But after numerous complaints on social media and pressure from Stop Funding Hate for working with the supposedly hatemongering Mail, Paperchase quickly issued an apology for its actions. ‘We’ve listened to you about this weekend’s newspaper promotion’, it said. ‘We now know we were wrong to do this.’

Next stop, food – Pizza Hut were criticised by the online army for a promotion in the Sun offering readers a free pizza.  Pizza Hut apologised for ‘any offence caused as a result of this partnership’.

Stop Funding Hate have regular updates on Twitter as to who is advertising in papers whose editorial line they disagree with.

Stop Funding Hate did the same last Christmas with its John Lewis-style Christmas advert, calling on big brands to boycott the Mail and Co. It repeated the exercise this year, with a new ad upping the cringe factor with a sad-looking dog.

But Stop Funding Hate founder Richard Wilson let the cat out of the bag on a recent Newsnight interview ‘I think the endpoint for us is a media that does the job that we all want it to do, that upholds the public interest, that treats people fairly.’

In other words, agrees with our point of view. Censorship to you and me!

Other members of this collective have not been backward in coming forward. Owen Jones says Paperchase’s apology is ‘a victory for basic decency’, before going on to explain why the Mail is so evil: ‘When Theresa May announced her fateful snap election, the Daily Mail celebrated an opportunity to “Crush the saboteurs”, demonstrating its utter intolerance of political dissent.’ How ironic for Owen Jones to criticise the Mail’s supposed ‘intolerance of political dissent’, given his intolerance of the tabloid press.

The Daily Mail remains the most read newspaper in Britain, with 31.1million readers. The Sun comes in second with 28.8million.

Stop Funding Hate wants to censor what they consider to be offensive messages in the tabloids, and yet they have no qualms about the offensive message they are putting out to millions of tabloid readers.

As Christmas draws ever nearer, Stop Funding Hate and its army of trolls and bots will likely up their activity, relenting only when the media is nothing more than a vacuous echo chamber of the official ‘left-of-centre’ line.

Isn’t it time an alternative pressure group was formed to push back?

Bigoted Xmas pantomime actors SHUN democracy, Brexit and Trump

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This year, many pantomime actors are incorporating jokes at the expense of Brexit and Trump supporters.

For example, Cinderella at the Hackney Empire (a Remain stronghold in east London) has the Italian rascal Dandini being threatened with deportation. A yellow-wigged Trump is banned from the ball and exits to booing.

At the nearby Theatre Royal in Stratford East, where Rapunzel has opened, Albert Mouse asks: “So Rapunzel, are you going to leave or remain?” Rapunzel replies: “Albert, I’m sick of this conversation. I’m remaining. Only an idiot would leave.”

As Harold tries to rescue Sleeping Beauty at the Clwyd Theatr in Mold, Flintshire, he says: “Sire, this castle is now just like Ukip.” Harold then adds: “It’s utterly pointless.”

Jack and the Beanstalk at the Lyric Hammersmith, west London, covers most bases: the evil landlord is called Squire Theresa Nigel Boris Donald Fleshcreep Rees-Mogg.

People go to pantomimes for entertainment, not to be lectured or ridiculed on their political beliefs. This is a blatant rejection of the will of the people, which is the definition of fascism.

They should be politically neutral so as not to alienate any section of their audience – there are plenty of good jokes that don’t involve politics. Especially since pantomimes are popular with impressionable young children, the actors should not seek to be politically biased.

13 year old boy beaten up by three “Asian” thugs who jumped out of a car.

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School pupil James Currie, 13, was out with two friends on Haworth Street in Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire, when they were ambushed by three “Asian” thugs who jumped out of a car. #WhitePrivilege

James’ mum Lisa Savage, 36, said her son was “traumatised” after bearing the brunt of the attack, and said the three men were jumping all over her young son at one point.

Lisa, of Curlew Close, Oswaldtwistle said: “One of the boys has taken two slaps and hidden behind a car. One of the men described as Asian punched my James full in the face, which has resulted in him falling to the floor. They’ve grabbed the other lad by the throat.

Lisa said James was left with cuts, bruises and lumps to his head and had to be taken to hospital with blood in his urine after being kicked in the kidneys, following the attack at around 6.30pm on Sunday, November 12.

But she fears it could have been much worse had it not been for the courageous intervention of a Good Samaritan.

Notice the article in their local paper puts the word “Asian” at very end – why? Is it politically incorrect to admit whites can be, and are the main victims of racism?

Political correctness has created a society in which whites are abused by Asians, predominantly Pakistani Muslim men, across this country – 1,500 little white girls in Rotherham; others in Rochdale, Keighley, and others – and most people just look the other way, crippled by fear.

EU freedom of movement laws allow convicted rapists to come to Britain

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Two Romanian brothers have been jailed for 12 years after they tied a woman up with shoelaces and raped her in her own home in Ealing, West London – but they’d already served time in a French prison for a similar offence and were allowed into Britain because of EU open borders.

Ovidiu Mamaliga, 30, and Andrei Mamaliga, 28, attacked the woman in May just months after their release from prison following a rape sentence in France in 2016. They befriended their victim on her doorstep before attacking her, tying her up with shoelaces and raping her. The police fear there may be other victims of the brothers who are yet to come forward.

Deportation orders have been made for both once their sentences have been completed; however, it has proven difficult to deport EU criminals, with the Ministry of Justice revealing in November that a deal meant to have facilitated the deportation of just over 4,000 EU inmates has resulted in just 217 being removed from the UK since 2011.

Cases like these highlight the dangers posed by EU open borders. Once someone is in the EU, they can travel to other member states almost without restriction. It lets criminals wander around a continent with impunity and puts people’s lives at risk. Anyone with a criminal record should be denied entry to the UK.

In 2014, schoolgirl Alice Gross was murdered by Latvian builder Arnis Zalkalns, who had previously been jailed for murder in his home country. He had served seven years for battering his wife to death in Latvia but came to the UK without the authorities checking his record.

After the terror attacks in Paris in November 2015, there was alarm that the killers had so easily slipped into France from Belgium, and that some had entered the EU with crowds of migrants via Greece.

The wealthy globalist elites who want us to stay in the EU and the single market are safe in their gated mansions while ordinary working class people have to bear the consequences. They believe that money is more important than people’s safety – they would rather stay in the single market and have free movement of people, even if it means the risk of allowing convicted rapists and murderers into the country.

Hypocritical Lily Allen claims she’ll be homeless over Christmas after tenants refuse to leave her luxury flat

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Lily Allen has sparked a furious Twitter backlash after claiming she is unable to move back to the London flat she owns because her Italian tenants are claiming ‘diplomatic immunity’. She even claimed that she and her family will be homeless for Christmas! Only last year, she sold her £4.2million Cotswolds mansion.

The couple from Italy later branded the claims ridiculous and explained how they merely wanted an few extra days on their lease.

The singer was accused of hypocrisy for renting out the property to wealthy foreigners instead of taking in refugees as she had previously pledged.

In the now-deleted tweet, Lily Allen wrote: ‘Meant to be moving back into my flat this week, but my tenants just dropped that they can’t find anywhere to go up to their standards.

‘Then they said they’re diplomats and have diplomatic immunity and there’s nothing I can do about it.

‘So, who fancies a family of 3 for Xmas?’

Her tweet sparked angry responses, with many branding her a ‘champagne socialist’. Others started the sarcastic hashtag ‘PrayForLily’ to poke fun at the star.

Last year, on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire show, when asked by the presenter if she would take in an unaccompanied child, she replied: ‘100 per cent. Who wouldn’t?’

Lily Allen added: ‘These children are being displaced – [if] there’s room for people in my house, I’m going to take them in. I think anyone would.’

She also previously suggested housing poor people through the requisition of rich landlords’ empty properties.

Lily Allen has been very quick to forget her promise! She’s a professional virtue-signaller, at least while the cameras are near. But just like Bob Geldof and others, she reverts to her true self-interested self when the cameras have gone. She’s like another Bono, telling other people how to live and what to do with their money while making sure her money/assets are only used for her.

In the last few hours, she has set her Twitter account to private, so only approved followers can now see her tweets.

Labour shuns working class as “not leftwing enough”

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The son of a miner and late Labour MP has been deselected as a councillor because he is ‘too working class’.

Kieran Harpham’s electoral ward in Sheffield has been taken over by hard-Left Momentum activists who have kicked him out.

Labour insiders say the 27-year-old was seen as ‘too authentically working class’ and ‘not Left-wing enough’. This is very ironic for a party which was originally founded to support the interests of the working class.

Mr Harpham’s father, Harry, won David Blunkett’s former Sheffield seat for Labour in 2015 but died from cancer nine months later.

A veteran Sheffield councillor and Corbyn supporter said: “Broomhill is in its own world.

“It’s full of arty-farty people who think they know better than anyone else. Kieran’s problem is that he’s too authentically working class and not enough of a Left-wing intellectual for them.”

A former senior Labour councillor added: “Kieran is a really good guy, really dedicated and hard-working, who did well to win in a marginal ward in 2016.”

It shows that the party has become out of touch with its core supporters.

As commenter PraiseKek on MailOnline said: “It’s 2017, Labour is the party for bored middle-class kids to virtue signal. They congregate at Glastonbury in their £400 wellies and chant for Corbyn. The core voters were forgotten about years ago.”

We are full up: 572,000 people moved to Britain each year

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Five hundred and seventy two thousand people (572,000) people came to live in the UK in the year to June 2017 reports the Office of National Statistics.

Just think about that for a minute.

The BBC recently ran the headline that immigration had fallen after Brexit but the typical spin applied by the pro-EU organisation masked the fact that the net figure was still in excess of 230,000 people. In reality this is still a staggering figure given we are still adding a Birmingham (the second largest city in the UK after London) every 4 years. This figure is simply unsustainable and it is not including the number of illegal immigrants.

The left will of course shout ‘racist’ when one talks of controlling numbers but these are the very first people to complain when they can’t get an appointment at the doctors, their children can’t move out due to the housing crisis or their town is becoming gridlocked due to the extra 2.69 million new cars registered in the UK last year.

The fact is that our public services are failing despite additional funding because our infrastructure simply cannot keep up the pace of immigration despite promises by the government to do so. Theresa May failed to control immigration in her 6 years as Home Secretary so do not expect it to improve any time soon.

The UK has taken more than her fair share of the 5% who are genuine refugees. The UN charter states that refugees must reside in the first country of safety, so why is Saudi Arabia not taking Syrians in?

Towns and cities across the country are seeing a rise in homelessness and there is a storm brewing given that it is common knowledge that migrants are getting preferential treatment over many Brits including those who have served their country.

The multiculturalism project inspired by the treacherous Tony Blair has been a total disaster. Many parts of the UK such as my own see whole areas dominated by economic migrants who have no wish to integrate with the British, having their own shops and places of worship it has rendered many areas unrecognisable from a decade ago. Houses are being bought up and cut up into small bedsits for migrants and even garages/sheds; this is turning many areas slowly into slums.

Walking around my town it never ceases to amaze me how many different languages I hear; it has had an irreversible impact on the landscape. It is not unreasonable to request that those who do come to reside in our country embrace our culture and our way of life so we can preserve it. If visiting your neighbour, you would not rearrange the furniture.

Damage limitation the only thing we can now hope for and it is clear that skilled migration is needed due to the population explosion. We do need doctors/nurses etc but we do not need migrants such as more car washers. This country must immediately implement an Australian points based system so we can obtain the skills that will benefit our country.

We were never asked if we wanted this and we never voted for this, we have once again been betrayed. Make no mistake, mass immigration has been encouraged by large corporations in order to exploit cheap labour and drive up profits. This stagnates our wages and reduces our quality of life.

We must stand united against the government machine and say enough is enough! There is simply no more room at the Inn.

Lefty StopFundingHate attack charity that protects children from rapists

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Gary Lineker-backed lefty organisation Stop Funding Hate has been attacking any business that advertises this Christmas with rightwing newspapers such as the Daily Express, and the Daily Mail.

Today they reached a new low, by targeting NSPCC, who campaign AGAINST child rape.

However, it would seem that the left is so desperate for a chance to attack its political competition, that it would oppose those who work to stop paedophilia. Is there no depth to which they will not sink?

The left can never miss a chance to virtue signal, to claim the moral high ground, but what great goodness is there in going after the Daily Express. The paper itself often has called out child rape gangs – criminals the left often denied exist!

The Daily Mail described StopFundingHate as “a small group of hard left Corbynist individuals seeking to suppress legitimate debate and impose their views on the media”. Opposition to free speech? Some people would call that fascism.

Police force says kissing under mistletoe without consent is RAPE

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Last night, the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) was ridiculed for tweeting “If you bump into that special someone under the mistletoe tonight, remember that without consent it is rape. #SeasonsGreetings”

The now-deleted message drew hundreds of mocking comments attacking the force for ‘trivialising’ rape, including one from James Dalton, who stood as a UKIP parliamentary candidate for Barnsley East in the 2017 general election:

@69mib wrote: ‘Bumping into someone, under the mistletoe, is now considered rape? Why do you trivialise such a serious issue with such a nonsense tweet?’

Mike love tweeted PSNI: ‘This tweet tells people that a kiss is rape. Do you realise what you’ve said?’

When I first saw the tweet last night, I had to double-check it because I thought it was from a parody account! I was shocked to discover that it was actually from the official PSNI account.

So, British police say “bumping” someone is “rape”. Meanwhile, there is silence on Rotherham, where hundreds of young girls faced years of genuine abuse. Special interest groups have ruined our police force.

In a new tweet, posted this morning, the PSNI wrote: “We posted a message on Twitter yesterday that some may have taken out of context but the message remains the same; when you are out socialising over the Christmas period, please remember without consent it is rape.”

Trump visit to Britain: date announced

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Donald Trump will visit the UK on February 26 and 27.

The long-proposed trip, which will go ahead despite this week’s Twitter spat with Prime Minister Theresa May.

The sources said the trip had been in Mrs May’s diary for 10 days already – despite concerns raised by this week’s drama.

The visit is expected to be timed to coincide with the opening of the new American embassy in London.

Lefty activists are already preparing to protest against the democratically elected leader of the USA. Labour MP David Lammy said: “Save the date, he’s going to be met by the biggest protest this country has ever seen.”

Owen Jones has strongly objected to a visit by a US President, promising a mass protest. There was no such uproar over visits by King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia – where gays are murdered – or Chinese President Xi Jinping – where workers are treated like animals. The left was not furious when Robert Mugabe visited Britain, even after his militia murdered British citizens.

Luke Nash-Jones, Director of the People’s Charter Foundation says, “Owen Jones is a hypocrite – he was rather silent when Hamza Sodagar, who wants to kill gays, including Owen, came to Britain.”

“Owen hates Trump’s firm rejection of cultural Marxism, and is trying to weaken his power, by painting him as Hitler, to claim the moral high ground. The US President is visiting on behalf of the American people, our greatest trade ally – whatever whiny lefties think, the US nation chose him, as their representative. Therefore, anyone who rejects their choice, not only spurns democracy – rather ironic when they call Trump a fascist – but also, is most certainly a hypocrite, who wishes to destroy economy, while being quite happy to sell arms to Saudi, which hardly has a glowing record for human rights.”

“A tweet is not an endorsement. Trump clearly shared the video because the content concerned him. It featured the murder of young men in the Middle East, probably because they are gay – the US president intent was to oppose homophobia.”

“If only Parliament would stop brown-nosing to Saudi Arabia and find such enthusiasm to speak out on the real problems. Every few days we hear another report of an Islamist attack; four this year. Kids are dying. Britain is home to 23,000 suspected terrorists, and 400 ISIS fighters who have returned. The hush up of the racially-motivated rape of thousands of little white girls in Rotherham, Rochdale, Keighley and other towns. Christmas markets surrounded by concrete barriers to keep cars back. Bollards on bridges. Armed police everywhere. Something is very wrong with our country when dissing Jayda Fransen is the Home Secretary’s top priority.”

Luke Nash-Jones of the People’s Charter Foundation; Richard Inman of Veterans Against Terrorism; the Football Lads Alliance; and others, including a racially-diverse group of ex-Muslims, will be leading a protest on the 26th in support of Trump.

Durham Police sergeant Mohammed Perwaze in court facing charge of rape

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Mohammed Perwaze, a serving police officer, has appeared in court accused of a string of sex offences, including five counts of rape.

Until this week he worked as a sergeant with Durham Constabulary. He faces a total of 19 charges, which are alleged to have happened between 1996 and 2016. All apart from one relate to one female complainant.

Perwaze was brought before Peterlee Magistrates’ Court on Friday morning. Wearing a black padded coat, he spoke only to confirm his name, address and date of birth during the hearing.

Simon Clements, prosecuting, asked all the charges be sent to the crown court. The bench decided the 45-year-old, of Caravan, at the Barns Briar Dykes in Barnard Castle, should be remanded in custody until his next hearing, which will be at Durham Crown Court early next year.

Mr Perwaze is charged with; Five counts of indecent assault, sexual activity with a young person, four counts of sexual assault, five counts of rape, coercive behaviour, two counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and one count of child neglect.

Prior to the hearing Durham Constabulary confirmed that he had been suspended.

Man with 145 child porn images AVOIDS jail

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A 44-year-old South Yorkshire man, who admitted to possessing more than 140 images of child pornography, has been given a suspended sentence.

Jon Bryan Rosling of Sunnyside, Rotherham was sentenced to 30-weeks in prison, suspended for two years, as well as given a three-year sexual harm prevention order and placed on the Sex Offenders’ Register for ten years.

Rosling was arrested by police in May 2016, after information was received that indecent images were being viewed on a device that was traced to his home address.

His electronic devices were seized and forensically examined by specialist officers, revealing indecent images of children.

He was charged with making 122 Category C images (the lowest level of indecent image classification), 21 Category B images, and two Category A images (the most serious and extreme classification).

Rosling was sentenced at Sheffield Crown Court on Monday, after pleading guilty to three indecent image offences at a court hearing in June this year.

Speaking after the hearing, investigating officer DC Lee Walker said: “I am pleased that Rosling has accepted responsibility for his criminal behaviour and he will now be subject to strict conditions.

“If he breaches his SHPO, this is a criminal offence and could result in his suspended jail term being activated.

“Indecent image offences are harmful and pose a risk to our communities.

“We are committed to investigating crimes of this nature and have a dedicated team whose sole purpose it is to identify individuals who make, possess and distribute indecent images of children, to apprehend them and bring them before court.”

The failure to jail this man is very similar to the police and council inaction on the 1500 abused girls in Rotherham. Downloading child pornography is not a victimless crime, as children are abused in order for the images and videos to be produced, and the people who watch it are creating more demand for such abuse.

Corbyn remains silent as his brother retweets neo-Nazi

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After lambasting Trump for retweeting Britain First, if Jeremy Corbyn were a man of consistency and integrity, not hypocrisy, he would surely jump to publicly condemn his own brother for retweeting an ACTUAL neo-Nazi, who once dated a woman with a massive Swastika tattoo on her chest.

Jezza’s bro Piers Corbyn retweeted Mark Collett, a former chairman of the Young BNP the youth division of the British National Party.

Hypocrite Jezza screaming about Trump, but silent on his brother retweeting this guy

He featured on a Channel 4 documentary on the BNP – Young, Nazi and Proud broadcast in 2002 which concentrated almost exclusively on Collett. He declared his admiration for Adolf Hitler and said that he considered AIDS a “friendly disease because blacks, drug users and gays have it”, unaware he was being recorded. Collett made similar remarks while on Russell Brand’s 2002 TV show RE:Brand, in which he described homosexuals as “AIDS Monkeys”, “bum bandits” and “faggots”.

During the 2016 EU referendum campaign, Collett was seen campaigning for Vote Leave and was featured in news articles by daily newspapers, including the Daily Mail, alongside his neo-Nazi partner Eva Van Housen, who displayed her Nazi tattoos for the publication. BBC News later reported that Vote Leave warned Collett and Van Housen to stop using their Brexit campaign materials.

Now, a retweet is not necessarily an endorsement, but supposedly it is when Trump is the account holder, so why not the same judgement for Corbyn’s fam? Why isn’t he demanding his brother be stripped of his passport? Labour would have Trump banned from the UK.

Why the silence Jezza? You cool with this?

Jeremy’s own party is hardly home to angels. Over 80 per cent of British Jews believe the Labour party is too tolerant of anti-Semitism. Ken Livingstone was suspended from Labour under accusations of anti-Semitism.

Bradford West MP Naz Shah was also suspended from the nasty party for words SHE admitted were anti-Semitic. “I wasn’t anti-Semitic, what I put out was anti-Semitic,” Ms Shah told BBC Radio 4’s World At One.

David Dimbleby CAUGHT OUT admitting BBC Question Time audience has a pro-EU bias

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During last night’s episode of Question Time, host David Dimbleby shouted out “there are a lot of Remainers here tonight”, part way through guest Sarah Baxter’s answer to a question.

Scarborough, where the TV show was filmed, voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU in the Brexit referendum, yet the majority of the studio audience and the panel were pro-Remain. When Dimbleby picked several people from the audience to give their views, they all revealed they voted to remain, and the panel also had a heavy Remoaner bias – a ratio of four to one.

Chartists protest against BBC bias

Yet Scarborough residents voted to leave the EU by 62%, showing how out of touch the BBC is with the general population.

After making his remark, Dimbleby quickly moved on, because he must have realised that it would re-ignite the long-standing accusations of bias within the BBC.

Viewers at home were quick to condemn the bias:

If anyone thinks Dimbleby is neutral, take a look at him when he announced the referendum result on the morning of the 24th June 2016. He and the other BBC commentators were stunned!

For an organisation with British in its title, the BBC are a disgrace. Their anti- democratic view against the will of the British public, following the EU referendum (not forgetting their bias in the run-up to the vote) is appalling and the sooner the licence fee is scrapped the better.

The modern Church prays at the altar of Marxism

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As men returned from World War II, furious with the Church that had sent their brothers to the grave, like lambs to the slaughter, men rejected the authority of the priesthood. Their offspring through the 60s and into 70s would experiment with hedonism, throwing out authority.

As this rebellion continued, the Church struggled to find relevance. Halls were empty. People were not donating to the upkeep of the priesthood. Then there were the shocking revelations of child rape. Shattered! Unwanted by society!

Rather than seek to drive out the corruption and promote the traditional family values, the Church adopted cultural Marxism, ever keen for a virtue-signalling publicity stunt, ever keen to look hip and down with the youth, trying to portray itself as fun, and so cheeky and hedonistic.

The modern Church is so far removed from what it once was, that you have to ask if its purpose is to glorify the Devil. They do not speak out against the increasing sexualisation of children – BBC 3 saying to be sympathetic to paedophiles, and nursery schools teaching two-year-olds about gender fluidity – but participate in such.

The Very Rev Kelvin Holdsworth, the provost who runs St Mary’s Cathedral in Glasgow, called on Christians to pray for George, four, to be gay. The comments from a prominent clergyman in the Scottish Episcopal Church, the Church of England’s sister institution, have prompted a former chaplain to the Queen to say the call was “unkind” and “profoundly un-Christian”.

Kent Uni shuts down UKIP event because of fancy dress featuring English flag

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Free speech has been restricted at the University of Kent, where the Students Union banned a Kent UKIP Students Society social event. A Student Union representative felt that a proposed Crusader fancy dress outfit “caused discomfort and frustration among the Muslim community on campus”.

Following a cease-and-desist email from Kent Union we have cancelled our planned Crusader pub crawl this Friday. Kent…

Posted by University of Kent UKIP Students on Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Crusaders rode out to the Holy Land to protect Christian pilgrims from highway men. They were truly brave heroes, and their knights outfits, emblazoned with the St. George’s Cross, the flag of England, are often worn at cricket matches.

An email sent to Kent UKIP Students Chairman Joe Simons said that the event was banned and with threat disband the UKIP society.

Reece Coombes, a candidate for Young Independence deputy said, “The event, which was a satirical commemoration of the First Crusade, invited attendees to don ‘crusader attire’ and encouraged ‘infidels’ to attend, in what was a poke of fun at the raging political correctness of modern students and universities.”

Diane Abbott’s mob reported to police for assault of mixed-race reporter

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Richard Inman, spokesman for Veterans Against Terrorism, and other persons, including Luke Nash-Jones of Make Britain Great Again, have reported to the Scottish police a potential race hate crime committed by Diane Abbott’s activists in Edinburgh.

Mixed-race reporter Olivia Bailey attended the Veterans Against Terrorism march in Edinburgh this weekend. She states that the only racism she experienced was from the left-wing activists of Diane Abbott’s organisation Stand Up To Racism.

In video footage filmed by Pepe Ramirez, a thin white man (circa 60s) clean shaven clearly hits Bailey over the head with a placard – this is common assault, if not a racist attack: the police saw and did nothing. Absolute hypocrisy from a group claiming to oppose racism.

Mr Inman states, “This was a hostile and masked crowd of white men, who launched a verbal and physical assault! White ‘anti-racists’ harassed a reporter, in full view of the police.”

The truly fascist nature of the hard-left is becoming even clearer thanks to the brave work of alternative media. While the veterans march had a diverse panel of speakers, and a peaceful crowd, the tiny Stand Up to Racism march was all white, predominantly male, and violent. On Facebook, Brent Holloway exclaims, “Notice how the only masked individuals came from the protesters?” Why the hidden faces? Are they afraid our camera footage could be used to report them for crimes?

(Evidence of assault of Olivia Bailey:

Another man (circa 60s) with a white beard assaulted Luke Nash-Jones, grabbing his arm and shoving him to the right, and pointing in his face – this is also common assault, if not an Anglophobic Christianophobic hate crime.

(Evidence of assault of Luke Nash-Jones:

If you attend a protest, and wave a placard, surely you believe in something strongly enough that you can express it to a reporter? They know their position is weak. This was clear intimidation to silence journalists speaking the truth about the racist leadership of the counter-protestors.

What did Luke Nash-Jones mention that was so controversial?

The group Stand Up to Racism is led by notorious anti-white bigot Diane Abbot MP, who said white mothers are inferior, and supported the IRA. Their keynote speaker Moazzam Begg praised terrorist Jihadi John. Then they assembled to oppose a peaceful march of war heroes against violence. It is clear who the “hate group”, the “extremists” are. “Stand Up for Racism” acted in a truly fascist manner, silencing opposition, rather than engaging in peaceful dialogue.

If the roles had been reversed, Olivia and Luke would no doubt have been arrested. They were clearly assaulted, but the police ignored these crimes, and pushed Luke out of the area, demanding the other journalists leave too.

If anyone was offended by the bigoted chants of the “Stand Up to Racism” group at the Veterans Against Terrorism protest on Saturday, please report the “hate crime” using the form attached.

Noel Gallagher: “F*ck Jeremy Corbyn. He’s a Communist”

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Noel Gallagher has hit out at Labour leader in a new interview with Paste: “F*ck Jeremy Corbyn. He’s a Communist.”

“But politicians? They’re f*cking idiots. They’re economists—that’s all they are. They’re f*cking full of shit, and I should know, because I’ve known quite a few of them.”

The former Oasis guitarist has slammed Corbyn in the past, quipping “I don’t like communism.”

Gallagher famously supported the Labour Party in their ‘New Labour’ guise as they took their 1997 election win, and maintains that he is very much of a left-leaning persuasion, but the High Flying Birds man is less than impressed by the direction Corbyn is taking the party in.

Speaking to the Sunday Times Magazine, Gallagher made the comment on communism, “Speaking as somebody from the left, I thought the New Labour years, coming up to 1997, were amazing. It was so exciting to be in England at the time, because there were so many things going on.”

“But then, the Labour Party proved themselves to be ‘Meet the new boss, same as the old boss’, and until that changes, I’m not having it. The Tories don’t care about the vulnerable, and the communists don’t care about the aspirational.”

Stop Funding Hate founder accepted £1,000 from the Daily Mail

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The founder of Stop Funding Hate, Richard Wilson, accepted £1,000 for the serialisation rights of his book… from the Daily Mail. Yes that’s right – the very same newspaper that his group campaigns against, by trying to get its advertisers to boycott it.

The anti-press freedom campaigner agreed to the £1000 serialisation deal for a 2006 tome. What hypocrisy!

Stop Funding Hate supporters persuaded the High Street retailer Paperchase to apologise for offering free wrapping paper to Daily Mail readers in a recent promotional campaign.

On a daily basis, Richard Wilson’s group urges people to use Twitter and Facebook to send complaints against any company which advertises in the Daily Mail, Sun and Express newspapers. The Advertising Association, the ad industry’s trade body, has accused it of ‘intimidation’ which will ‘put our free and competitive free Press at risk’

These campaigners want huge corporations to put pressure on news outlets; to tell them we will stop giving you money unless you change your editorial tone. This will have a chilling effect of freedom of expression – news outlets will feel under pressure not to publish stories about controversial issues, even if they are true and in the public interest.

Is it really a coincidence that this Stop Funding Hate campaign only began after the after the British electorate voted to leave the EU, and that all the newspapers targeted by this campaign are pro-Brexit tabloids which are popular with working class people?

There is a lot of hypocrisy here – The Guardian, The New European and other pro-EU newspapers frequently say very hateful things about those who voted Leave (for example that they are racist, uneducated and ignorant), but these campaigners have never called for them to be boycotted.

We must protect freedom of expression in the UK!

Katie Hopkins DELETES Twitter and leaves Mail Online

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Katie Hopkins’ column for Mail Online has been scrapped after a slew of complaints over her comments on terror attacks and other controversies.

A spokesperson for the website said her contract “was not renewed by mutual consent” and gave no further detail.

Ms Hopkins did not immediately respond to a request for comment and appeared to have deleted all tweets on her official Twitter account, apart from a small number of retweets topped with a video of her “bitchiest moments”.


A Collection of Hate-Facts

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A ‘hate-fact’ is typically defined as a matter of truth, fact, or reality that supports an argument based on stereotype or prejudice. Hate-facts are usually politically incorrect and are oft swept under the rug because they defy the Narrative. As such, these hate-facts tend to run contrary to people’s long held beliefs and, when they are expressed, can cause the listener to suffer a spate of cognitive dissonance – this is usually called a ‘triggering’.

Hate-facts are now routinely buried as “feelings trump fact” or, whatever the current mantra is. Biological differences between the sexes are discarded in favour of the ever-growing cry for ‘equality’. Evolutionary psychology has been tossed to the cosmic winds and replaced with social constructivism. Liberal free-markets are destroyed and commanded by authoritarians who seek to own trade.

Professor Robert Weissberg, in his essay ‘How Hate Facts Kill Scientific Inquiry’, describes hate-facts as “empirically established or at least highly credible truths that instigate outrage independent of whether true or false”. He goes on to comment on how, because of this, truth is actually, in a sense, subjective: “The fact is “wrong” because it is deemed offensive, not because it is factually false”; if one does not like a fact then it no longer serves as a fact.

Thankfully, reality is detached from personal fantasy, resulting in the universe carrying on irrespective of the worldview of the people who inhabit it. Below is a collection of hate-facts that show how life really does carry on without you.


US study with 14,793 participants found that approximately 70% of minority participants report “never” or “rarely” experience discrimination. See Table below for data:

Elusive DNA from Egyptian mummies reveals close relationship with Middle Easterners, not central Africans.

U.S. Race Relations Getting Better, not worse.

Implicit bias lacks ecological validity in police decisions to shoot or not-shoot suspects.

Sex & Gender:

Noticeable Gender Differences in Personality across the Ten Aspects of the Big Five.

Women more likely to achieve success in STEM jobs at a rate of 2 to 1, contrary to the feminist myth.

Women more likely to achieve success in philosophy job placements than men.

Women are lower in interest in ideas but higher in interest in aesthetics: both aspects of big 5 trait openness.

Biological factors and life-history affect sex differences in science and mathematics, not sexism.

Higher levels of androgens in utero causes psychological orientation to things over people.

Fewer women in top funded chair positions because fewer women apply: applicant and position numbers match.

During 1991 – 2011, women accounted for 75% of the growth in the number of workers in university-level non-scientific occupations but only 27% of the growth in the number of workers in university-level scientific occupations.

Wider sex differences is a sign a society is healthy and free.

With improved national wealth and equality of the sexes, it seems differences between men and women in personality traits do not diminish. On the contrary, the differences become conspicuously larger.

Evolutionary Psychologists Are Largely Composed of Sexist Men except many of the leading evolutionary psychologists are women.

Noticeable sex differences in frequency/severity of neuro and psych conditions; differences in age of onset less so; see table below:

Brilliant Girls Tend to Favour Non-STEM Careers.

Meta-analysis, 503,188 total respondents, men prefer working with things and women prefer working with people. Large effect size.

Sex IS a spectrum and it’s under such strong disruptive selection, a bimodal distribution of sexes evolved. See images below that explain it:

Americans still prefer a male boss than a female boss; women express this considerably more than men.

Sex differences were shown to be universal across cultures with not a single replication failure across 10 studies. Also exist if one knows where to look.

Sex differences that suggest that males are better designed for combat.

Two minds: the cognitive differences between men and women.

Women living in countries with more traditional gender roles are MORE likely to major in mathematics & statistics, not less. See graph below:

Probability of choosing STEM, SEH (Social science & Humanities/Education/Health) and business, by SES and gender, in the US:

Study: 89% of colleges reported zero campus rapes in 2015, according to American Association of University Women.

Personality Traits and Gender Affects Earnings.

Universal sex differences involving cognition and mental illness, see table:

European Queens Waged More Wars than Kings.

Women kill their SO more brutally than men. Lesbian women & gay men kill their SO more brutally than straight men & women.

Feminist activist women are masculinized in terms of digit-ratio and social dominance: a possible explanation for the feminist paradox

46% of trans-men and 42% of trans-women have attempted suicide.

Gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men are 17 times more likely to get anal cancer than heterosexual men.

Domestic physical abuse among lesbian cohabiting couples is 35.4%; 21.5% for cohabitating gay men.

The feminist movement / women’s emancipation have made women miserable, worsens decade on decade.

Men are stronger than women (see here, here and here).

Money, Culture, Psychology & Philosophy:

5-year longitudinal study, 70,000+ participants show school & teacher variables combined predict 10% of school achievement whereas student IQ predicts 65%.

No matter how you look at it, Capitalism is great.

Micro-aggressions are not real – little to no evidence supports the concept.

Around 6% of 12 – 17 year olds have ‘self-bullied’. Teens who identified as non-heterosexual were three times more likely to bully themselves online, while victims of cyberbullying were 12 times more likely to cyberbully themselves. Proves much of the hysteria around online bullying is false and unwarranted.

Number of people in extreme poverty fell by 137,000 since yesterday, has fallen like this every day for the last 25 years. See graph below:

Research on Stereotype Threat and Implicit Attitude Task suffers from Publication Bias & other issues. See here, here, here & here.


Bitter EU kicks Britain out of the Capital of Culture contest

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Dundee will not be able to compete in the European Capital of Culture 2023 competition due to Brexit, the European Commission has stated.

Five UK cities were bidding to host the title, with the winner expected to be announced next week.

A letter from the European Commission to the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) said UK participation “would not be possible”.

It said the UK’s selection process should “immediately be discontinued”.

The DCMS said it “disagreed” with the European Commission’s stance and was “deeply disappointed” that the Commission had waited until the UK cities had submitted their bids before “communicating this new position to us”.

Martin Costello of UKIP Swindon states, “They simply hate us and treat us like naughty children. Out of the 27 members they are claiming we owe 14% of their entire budget!”

“How anyone can continue to support this racket is beyond me. £40bn equates to £2k per person. We don’t owe a penny and must not pay!”

A Dundee 2023 spokesman said that the team was “hugely disappointed” at the European Commission’s late decision.

He said: “The timing is disrespectful not only to the citizens of Dundee, but to people from all five bidding cities who have devoted so much time, effort and energy so far in this competition.

“It’s a sad irony that one of the key drivers of our bid was a desire to further enhance our cultural links with Europe.”

Twitter gives Muslim Brotherhood a blue tick

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With Twitter’s recent pledge to remove the blue tick verification from accounts it deems rightwing – a sanction already placed on Milo – the tick is becoming effectively an endorsement of political views.

Hence, whom Twitter grants such verification to will come under great scrutiny. Surely, Islamists do not qualify? What about Muslim Brotherhood leader Yusuf al-Qaradawi? He has been granted a verified Twitter account.

His fatwas in support of suicide bombings against Israeli civilians were instrumental in the development of the terror method. 😐😐

BBC promotes apartheid: whites not welcome

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As stated by Luke Nash-Jones at the Rally Against BBC Bias, Creative Access, a registered charity which arranges BBC internships, is biased against whites.

Yesterday, they posted to w4mp — the Westminster jobs portal — an advert stating that a paid internship at the BBC World Service is “only open to candidates from a black, Asian or non-white ethnic minority background”.

UKIP London Assembly Member David Kurten said, “The Equalities Act 2010 is not fit for purpose: the BBC legally advertises paid internship for non-whites only. This kind of thing is supposed to be in the past.”

“We help young people, from under-represented communities throughout the UK, to access creative careers,” says Creative Access on its website. “Our vision is that in the longer term, our interns will progress to management positions, and in turn bring in others from under-represented communities in alongside them.”

However, black people are not under, but over, represented at the BBC. The corporation’s own 2017 Equality Information Report found BME make up 14.5 per cent of the BBC’s workforce, while the 2011 census found that 13 percent of Britons are BME.

Who funds Creative Access?

In 2014, the government gave £4 million of taxpayers’ money to Creative Access to help “traditionally underrepresented employees and freelancers working in the creative industries including black, Asian and minority ethnic groups”. Whitey isn’t welcome in apartheid Britain.

EU says Theresa’s £36 billion BETRAYAL of Britain isn’t enough

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It was infuriating enough to read of Theresa May’s £36 billion Brexit divorce bill offer, but now the EU states that it is not enough to move negotiations to phase two.

The problem with meeting the demands of bullies, is that they see weakness, and demand even more. Mrs. Maybe was too much of a coward to face Jeremy Corbyn in the general election hustings, and now we see that she is incapable of standing up to Juncker.

One diplomat said: “This £36 billion could make sense only if it’s a first step with an openness to discuss further financial commitments.

“It could be enough to say, OK we are ready to move to phase 2, but only if it’s not the final figure.

“For some countries, it could be enough but I don’t see France or Italy agreeing.”

Another source, however, said there there was a will to move the process along.

He told Politico: “Everyone is so desperate to move to the second stage that if this is not their final say, yes, it could be enough.”

The collapse of German coalition talks means the “process is going to be increasingly driven by Paris” which is seen as having a more hard line than Berlin on Brexit.

The reality is that as Germany and France both sell us more than we buy from them – they are reliant on trade with us. Theresa should just call for Parliament to repeal the European Communities Act and walk with no deal. No divorce fee. No grovelling. Just stand strong like Trump, and wait for Merkel to beg.

So why doesn’t she? This is all a farce. These negotiations are needless, but by their nature, require a meeting halfway, concessions. They are merely an excuse to water down Brexit, to demand we leave in name only.

Terrorist-supporter speaking at Labour-backed London conference

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Former Guantanamo Bay prisoner, Moazzam Begg, who called ISIS terrorist Jihadi John a good guy, will be speaking at Labour MP Diane Abbott’s “Fight Islamophobia” conference tonight. Think about this: The man supported a TERRORIST, and now he’s shouting “Islamophobe” at his critics.

In fact, he has previously been dropped as a speaker due to his links to the terrorist.

Stand Up to Racism’s national conference at Friends Meeting House in Euston, London, on Saturday the 21st of October advertised Diane Abbott, a Hackney MP and Shadow Home Secretary, as its star speaker, along with Moazzam Begg, who has called Mohammed Emwazi – also known as Jihadi John – a “beautiful young man”, and been condemned by Amnesty International.

Luke Nash-Jones infiltrated that October conference held by this “Stand Up to Racism” organisation – his report is here:

Moazzem Begg’s group CAGE is planning to protest against the Football Lads Alliance and veterans march in Scotland this weekend. Think about this: A group, whose leader was in Gitmo, and who praised a terrorist, is opposing a march AGAINST terror. Hardly surprising!

TV Licence Debate a Lefty Love Fest

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Today was the hearing of the BBC debate resultant from the petition Martin Costello began.

Labour wind bag Helen Jones MP proudly stated that only 57% of Britons trust BBC News – hardly a cause for celebration, because it means that nearly half the nation have no respect for the outlet. After giving excuses to keep the TV licence, her leftwing bias became blatant: she said the BBC is vital for finding truth in age of Fox News & alternative media. Yes, how dare we share real news, and how outrageous that Martin Costello filed the petition that resulted in this Parliament debate.

Helen Jones MP made clear that she backs BBC News, because of its centre-left output. After some wild claim that Russia (Putin) is influencing our politics, she lashed out at CNN viewers, as having intelligence of a “gnat” – somehow oblivious to the fact that BBC is the British CNN. Does she think the same of Brexiteers, 52% of country, that the BBC is biased against?

Respect to Alan Brown MP of the SNP for calling out Gary Lineker’s exuberant salary at taxpayers’ expense. We may not want Scotland to leave us, but on the BBC tax, we appear to have common ground! You tell ’em, man! Don’t stop, you legend!

Shame on Tory (LibDem??) Mims Davies for hijacking the @BBC tax debate for some virtue signalling, as she plugged BBC Children In Need – an annual contest of rich millionaires who demand the working class save world poverty. She acknowledged she worked for the BBC. Moreover, she peddled feminist “pay gap”, been shown by many to be a myth. However, she did say BBC tax may be dated.

Whiny drip Chris Matheson, Labour MP for Chester took a most savage dig at Alan Brown MP, who responded that he doesn’t miss watching BBC. The Labour MP said he doesn’t understand Welsh; he doesn’t understand the British people full stop! He admitted lefty bias: saying a collectivist service is better than individualism.

Conservative MP Julian Knight is such a cuck: he desperately reached for #ProjectFear as he claimed ending TV tax would destroy the British economy, and end British culture. Considering the silence on Rotherham, the bias against Brexit, and the ignoring of the FLA march, that is sure some bastion of our nation! #Anglophobia

While dissing the notion of BBC News bias, the smooth-tongue admitted as a Tory working for BBC, he didn’t feel could express his views while outnumbered by “lefties” who only read FT and the Guardian. Slicko made the absurd claim there is no Brexit bias, though 70 MPs wrote a letter saying otherwise!

You can clearly see in this photo that no one is enjoying the sewage, sorry, words flowing from Julian Knight MP’s mouth. If this man is a conservative, the Pope’s a Muslim. Despite acknowledging BBC lefty bias, he defended them, THE LEFT!! Whose side is this cuck on?

Gregory Campbell MP of the DUP is a bloody legend! He certainly held the BBC to account, as he called out the lack of efficiency, and the blatant bias. So pleased that the DUP are in our government, hindering Theresa Maybe’s drift left.

Peter “Hot Air” Heaton-Jones, North Devon’s supposedly conservative MP (LibDem?), defended the lefty behemoth, claiming it is neutral. What a load of nonsense!! Even the BBC’s Nick Robinson admitted their bias on Brexit.

Heaton-Jones was desperately virtue signalling – did he imply that BBC is too white? Some rant about minorities not being represented. He said he has no idea how to fund TV without tax. Has he not heard of Netflix? He admitted he’s “not very bright”. Special interest: worked for @BBC (17yrs).

“Hot Air” you are elected by your constituents to speak for THEM, not the BBC! You were using the power of Parliament to lambast those who appoint you – hardly in the spirit of democracy. Shame on you, slick coward. Not a man of the people. No facts. Waffling liberal mouthpiece.

A lot of eloquent, beautiful words by Matthew Hancock, Conservative MP, as he smoothly spoke, praising the rest of the room, with some fantastic wit, but his position in this debate was rather unclear. Stop sitting on the fence, man! Take a side!

Martin Costello’s MP was not present, to which MBGA tweeted near the close of the session: “Hey @RobertBuckland did you get lost mate? People are waiting for you to speak at TV licence debate! Forgot to set your alarm this morning? Busy with the secretary? 😉😉 Come on man!”

He then arrived in the chamber, but failed to read out the letter from the man who raised this motion: Martin Costello.

Luke Nash-Jones sent question to his MP, Ranil Jayawardena, regards today’s TV licence debate, but Ranil didn’t turn up. Nash-Jones won’t be campaigning for Ranil whenever be the next election. Why elect this man if he doesn’t express the will of his constituents?

The BBC tax debate was stuffed full of liberal elite air bags who worked for the behemoth. Overall it was just a lefty circle jerk …almost all present were ex-BBC staff waffling and almost back-slapping …thank you to the DUP for turning up and speaking sense! Some good comments from SNP representative too.

Where were Jacob Rees Mogg, John Redwood, Andrea Leadsom, Andrew Rosindell, David Davies, Ranil Jayawardena, etc.? Our Parliament fails to serve people if the right do not speak for us!

Remoaner protest is a washout: ONE sore loser turns up!

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What BBC forgot to tell you …..ENORMOUS TERRIFYING one man Remoaner protest against Brexit. He’s shouting, “The will of the people is fascist!”

He has been previously interviewed by MBGA News, where on camera he proudly said that he opposed democracy. He feels the MPs, more intelligent than us, oh dear, those bloody plebs, must make decisions on how to run the country. Darling, if we are so stupid, why do you even permit us to vote, to decide who is our MP?

Martin Costello’s petition is being debated in Parliament, so this loser came to challenge him for “supporting Luke Nash-Jones”. The Stroud Brexit Rally seemed to have caused some incredible agony to this Remoaner fool. He got rather vocal/excited when Nash-Jones actually turned up.

Nash-Jones, while pointing to the poppy on his coat, has shouted back at the Remoaner “FASCIST! You oppose democracy. You are the same as Hitler who we fought a World War II against!”. People were heard to shout, “You are a year late, mate!”

Those queueing to attend the BBC tax debate are laughing at the Remoaner, who is becoming annoyed. Pushing his head against the Parliament railings, he shouted at Nash-Jones, who is now inside the grounds of the Palace of Westminster, “You don’t need to mock me!” to which Nash-Jones said, “You are doing that yourself!” and walked off.

Police have spoken to the loser. He has walked off.

Why is the West soft on Sharia? The truth that the mainstream media will not share.

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To sum everything up briefly: Thanks to the anti-American stance of a French president, Europe made an alliance with Arabia that meant in exchange of a steady supply of oil, Europe would let terrorist-backing Saudi Arabia call the shots.

Why is Britain so soft on Sharia?

Why are people arrested for “naughty” tweets?

Why don’t we turn away fake refugees who do not meet the UN definition?

Why do we trade so heavily with Saudi Arabia?
(In July 2013, Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabism was identified by the European Parliament in Strasbourg as the main source of global terrorism.)

We only need to consider one thing: What is the REAL cause of 1970s recession that we never truly recovered from?

Across Arabia and the North of Africa are a number of oil rich countries who along with communist Venezuela form the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). The most powerful, and leader of this Islamo-Marxist alliance, is the Wahhabist state of Saudi Arabia.

During the Arab-Israeli Yom Kippur War of 1973, Arab members of the OPEC, who form the majority, imposed an embargo against the United States in retaliation for the US decision to re-supply the Israeli military. Arab OPEC members also extended the embargo to other countries that supported Israel including the Netherlands, Portugal, and South Africa. The embargo both banned petroleum exports to the targeted nations and introduced cuts in oil production.

The 1973 Oil Embargo acutely strained a US economy that had grown increasingly dependent on foreign oil. The price of oil quadrupled. There were long queues outside petrol stations. Britain reduced to a three-day working week. The oil rich OPEC countries, led by terrorist-sponsoring Wahabbist Saudi Arabia, had the West by the balls, and still do. It is no wonder that America, Britain, and the EU, do little while Saudi Arabia throw money into universities and into building of mosques in Europe. They fear another recession.

Another consequence of the sudden increase in oil prices was a sudden influx of US dollar to countries such as Saudi Arabia, which permitted the Saudis to fund a worldwide Islamic resurgence.

Up until this point, the West had been following the Bretton Woods system, where the US dollar was linked to gold, and the world reserve currency. This highly successful system was threatened by France, who saw America as a rival. Aggressive financial diplomacy coupled with de Gaulle’s needless, blatantly destructive demand for conversion of US dollar holdings into gold weakened confidence in the US dollar and helped to precipitate the collapse of fixed exchange rates. France intentionally destroyed the Bretton Woods system, in hope it could rise from the ashes to gain more influence on the world stage. The boom of the Western economy up until that stage, the incredible optimism, ceased, and has never been regained.

The result was a realignment of the world order, from one wherein America and Europe dominated, to that in which now the developing Arabia countries were seen as equals. A petrodollar recycling mechanism was created, through which OPEC surplus funds were channelled through the capital markets to the West to finance the current account deficits. One aspect of this agreement was that in return for US protection of the Saudi oil fields, Saudi would invest in US stocks, and only sell oil in US dollars.

As a result, the USA moved from a manufacturing economy to a consumer based one. The departure from the gold standard allowed it to print as many notes as it wished, and mass circulation occurred, facilitated by the international use of the dollar as a reserve currency – off the back of which a large US welfare state could be afforded. Then there are the claims that those countries such as Libya, Iraq, even Russia, that do not comply with this system at the core of the US economy and level of wealth, the selling of oil only in US dollars, face violent takeover by US forces, or a mass negative media campaign, such as the constant criticism of Putin.

In fact, France’s, still burning, hatred of the USA is a key factor in the fall of Western civilisation. In addition to his attack on the US dollar, de Gaulle was playing with fire, pursuing a Eurabia alliance. After Algeria gained its independence in 1962, France had a change of policy toward the Islamic world, seeking to unite the countries of the Mediterranean into an economic bloc to rival the USA and the Soviet Union. During a November 27, 1967 press conference, Charles de Gaulle stated openly that French cooperation with the Arab world had become “the fundamental basis of our foreign policy.”

The French creation of Eurabia, with backing by the EU Commission.

Perhaps by coincidence this matches the plan of Kalergi, who not only designed the EU flag, and proposed the anthem, but called for a merging of North Africa and Europe into a super-state. The use of the term “Eurabia” was first introduced in the mid-1970s, as the title of a journal edited by the President of the Association for Franco-Arab Solidarity, Lucien Bitterlein, and their articles called for common Euro-Arab positions at every level.

While this opened huge markets for European products in the Arab world, especially in oil-producing countries, and secured supplies of petroleum and natural gas to Europe, it came at a price. Euro-Arab Dialogue Symposia conducted in Venice (1977) and Hamburg (1983) included recommendations that have been successfully implemented. These recommendations were accompanied by a deliberate, privileged influx of Arab and other Muslim immigrants into Europe in enormous numbers.

French president Charles de Gaulle – the man who killed Europe

The recommendations included:

1. Coordination of the efforts made by the Arab countries to spread the Arabic language and culture in Europe,
2. Creation of joint Euro-Arab Cultural Centers in European capitals,
3. The necessity of supplying European institutions and universities with Arab teachers specialised in teaching Arabic to Europeans, and
4. The necessity of cooperation between European and Arab specialists in order to present a positive picture of Arab-Islamic civilisation and contemporary Arab issues to the educated public in Europe.

The nation-state would be no more. Hence, the rise of the word “Islamophobia”, and the government crackdown, the declaration that anyone who question Sharia law is a “racist”. This surge in political correctness, the Anglophobic surge of the British authorities, was a clear betrayal of the people, as in Rotherham the police remained silent while 1,400 little girls were raped. It was driven by a desire for oil profits, but also served well the cultural Marxists who found British individualism to be an obstacle to their communist dream that is so reliant on collectivism. Hence the alliance of Islamists and Marxists, as Labour party students declared their love for Hamas.

Eurabia’s driving force, the Parliamentary Association for Euro-Arab Cooperation, was created in Paris in 1974. It now has over six hundred members — from all major European political parties — active in their own national parliaments, as well as in the European parliament. France continues to be the key protagonist of this association. This process was ratified by the parliamentary assembly of the Council of Europe in September 1991, at its meeting devoted to “The Contribution of the Islamic Civilisation to European culture.”

As we notice the increased alliance of European Union current and prospective members, Switzerland and Norway (Schengen members); with Arab League member and observer states, the future becomes clear – not just a European Union, but no, a Mediterranean Union. Before you dismiss this as foolish ramblings, on the 13th of July 2008, French President Nicolas Sarkozy called for a “Union for the Mediterranean”.

Please read up on the Barcelona Process, otherwise known as the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership (Euromed), started in 1995 with the Barcelona Euro-Mediterranean Conference. It was organised by the European Union to strengthen its relations with the countries in the Mashriq and Maghreb regions. The partnership laid the foundations for what came to be the Union for the Mediterranean – that is effectively the country Britons now live within.

To sum everything up briefly: Thanks to the anti-American stance of a French president, Europe made an alliance with Arabia that meant in exchange of a steady supply of oil, Europe would let terrorist-backing Saudi Arabia call the shots.

Court orders Soros-funded HopeNotHate to PAY Farage!

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Mainstream media has reported that Farage lost to HopeNotHate. However, no court case happened, no apology was given by Farage, and no money was paid by the former UKIP leader to the left-wing group. In fact, a statement by law firm Carter Ruck says HopeNotHate paid “towards Mr. Farage’s costs”.

They also state, “indeed they [HopeNotHate[ are required to do so by the Court Order. By contrast, Mr. Farage has not agreed, or been ordered, to pay a single penny in costs, let alone damages, to Hope Not Hate”.

Mr. Farage said: “I am very surprised at Hope not Hate’s announcement today that they have won their legal case against me. Some victory!

“Their statement today is thoroughly disingenuous. It is the case that we’ve now resolved our dispute and I am perfectly happy to accept that the organisation doesn’t pursue violent or undemocratic means. But the fact is that a number of individuals claiming to support them have in the past behaved violently and sought to intimidate and disrupt lawful political meetings.

“This is a case Hope not Hate should never have brought and which has been a complete waste of their donors’ money. Despite them demanding up to £100,000 in damages I have not paid them a penny; they demanded an apology that I have not given; and they demanded an undertaking to the Court which they did not get. In addition, they have been forced to pay me thousands in costs, on top of the tens of thousands they will have had to pay for their own legal fees.”

HopeNotHate has been funded by the British taxpayer, the European Commission, and also George Soros’s Open Society Foundation. Though they claim to oppose Nazism, in fact, their recent “Alternative Right” watch list features people such as our Editor-in-Chief, Luke Nash-Jones, whom they acknowledge are NOT racist.

Farage is not the only member of UKIP to have been placed on their watch-list, and recently three hundred patriots marched on the Hope Not Hate offices. They pointed out the hypocrisy of Nick Lowles, the leader of HopeNotHate, who praised an ex-BNP candidate, while lambasting those such as Tommy Robinson with past links to the EDL. They also stated that a HopeNotHate researcher was formerly a National Front branch chair.

Therefore, it appears to us that HopeNoteHate dislike criticism of “open borders”, or basically, we believe they promote globalism. Leading Muslim reformer Dr. Zuhdi Jasser described the group as “Orwellian bigots”.

Moreover, Farage has by no means lost but is fighting on. Speaking at the European Parliament, he said Soros’s influence in Brussels and Strasbourg was ‘really extraordinary’. He stated that while Russia has been accused of funding the ‘Leave’ campaign, Soros’s recent $18 billion donation to the pro-EU charity Open Society Foundation has not been criticised, “This is where the real international political collusion is.”

Valuing All God’s Children: A Politically Correct Travesty

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The Church of England has issued new guidance for its 4,700 schools, in a document titled “Valuing All God’s Children”.

The Church said youngsters should be free to “explore the possibilities of who they might be” – including gender identity – and says that Christian teaching should not be used to make children feel ashamed of who they are.

Nursery and primary school is a time of intense “creative exploration” the fresh guidelines say, and children should be able to choose the tutu, tiara and heels, as well as or instead of the helmet, tool belt and superhero cloak “without expectation or comment”.

The guidance acknowledges a wide range of views among Christians and people of all beliefs about same-sex marriage, sexual orientation and gender identity.

The new guidelines are likely to reignite the debate around the idea of children being allowed to “self identify”, with critics asking whether there is a sudden “trend” towards gender fluidity and gender neutral.

A Christian Maths teacher from Oxfordshire is due to appear before a disciplinary hearing  to answer allegations that he referred to a pupil born female as a “girl”.

Joshua Sutcliffe claims not to have been given any instructions on how to refer to the pupil, and said he did not mean to cause any offence.

Responding to the proceeding against him, Mr Sutcliffe said, “The aggressive way in which transgender ideology is being imposed is undermining my freedom of belief and conscience, as well as the conscience of many people throughout our nation who believe that gender is assigned at birth.”

Andrea Williams, Chief Executive of the Christian Legal Centre which is supporting Mr Sutcliffe, said: “This case is one of a flood of cases we are encountering where teachers are finding themselves silenced or punished if they refuse to fall in line with the current transgender fad.

“We all know how much we change during our teenage years. It is vital that during those years we help our children to live in the biological sex they were born rather than encouraging them to change ‘gender’. If we encourage them to change gender it is not kind and compassionate; it is cruel.”

It is now clear that even religion is not safe from the politically correct fads raging through Britain, and it is only a matter of time before the educational establishment begin questioning the ‘sexual identity’ of Jesus Christ.

Post modernism Part 3 – The Arts

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Postmodernism since its outset has sought to destabilise society. It thrives on the polarisation of it. Dispensing with structure, logic and reason, it says ‘there are no overarching truths’. It is the opposite of free speech. And there can only be two possible outcomes, submission or outright rejection often resulting in violence.

It has a number of names, sometimes Cultural Marxism or Political Correctness. It is a postmodern movement, and is often couched in Marxist doctrines as per the French philosophers of the seventies; Derrida was the foremost. They argue there is no value in any one view but if there is no value system there is no point in creating anything. It follows then that there can be no progress.

With the total rejection of Western values Derrida stated that the ‘old way’ of doing things was phallocentric or paternalistic. It sought to break down the family unit and replace it with a collective identity. This collective identity can now see any individual as an oppressor. (Think white privilege, or any privilege come to that). The goal?  Undermine Western conservative values and replace it with a nihilistic dystopia that is easy to control.

So, what does this look like? How does it manifest itself now it is out of the universities and in everyday life?

Look at the recent ballooning of protests, from BLM to Antifa to the ‘vagina’ third-way-feminism protests! In art there is no distinction between high and low art. Tracy Emin touts an unmade bed and Damien Hirst exhibits a collection of coloured dots. Music videos promote dysfunctional amoral behaviour. There are TV shows showing broken families as normal. Reality TV purports dysfunction as the new normal. We are all meant to think that this is acceptable behaviour! Like the Kardashians. Everything is becoming hypersexualised, like Madonna’s early videos, which now look tame when you see Miley Cyrus exposing her crotch and then insisting she is maintaining her dignity as a woman. With this hyper sexualisation comes the normalising of cheating on a partner. The breaking of the strong family unit I mentioned in my article here.

If you want a more modern example of dysfunction, I read recently that Angelina Jolie says her only natural child feels pushed out of the family, probably being surrounded by third world adoptees. It has now decided it is trans!

Even music is dumbed down. The same riffs and hooks, repeated in song after song, offering the same experience. There is no alternative. Once this behaviour is taken as acceptable and normalised, society’s moral filter is gone.

Now diversity is seen as every one looking different but all having the same opinion. It is more important to fit in than be an individual. An innovator. No wonder everything that is churned out feels bland and uninspiring. No one is daring any more.

George Orwell is credited with saying “There will be no revolution. No one will notice – they will be too busy looking at their screens”.

This is what post modernism looks like. This is what cultural Marxism looks like and it is, and will be, the fruits of political correctness.

It is now time to stop apologising for being a conservative, (in the traditional sense. Modern Conservatism [Globalism/Postmodernism] is now as left leaning as the Labour party of the Seventies). Don’t apologise for having a Western outlook either. Get involved in committees. Join local groups. Make your voice heard. Argue using rationality, logic and reason to dismantle this fallacy, but be polite. Engage in conversations whenever you can – you may find others share your point of view but have resisted speaking as they thought they were the only ones.

Our origins are being forgotten and need to be rediscovered and reasserted. Otherwise the hoards amassing on the periphery will just march straight in. And they can because we will be unstable like any culture that has ceased to be relevant.

The 45 Goals of Communism

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It is oft said those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it and, those who do learn from history, are doomed to play witness to those who did not. We are currently playing witness to the Left who are, as per the norm, up to the same tricks they were last century (and the century before that).

On Thursday 10th January 1963, Albert S. Herlong Jr. delivered a speech to Congress outlining what he believed to be the 45 goals of Communism. These goals came from the book “The Naked Communist” by Willard Cleon Skousen. A lot of these goals have been achieved, many are still being worked on and, thankfully, some have failed. It would be wise to consider some of these points. A lot of these points refer directly to the US and her allies but, much of the thought can be applied elsewhere, as we shall see.

3. Develop the illusion that total disarmament by the United States would be a demonstration of moral strength.

This disarmament does not necessarily have to mean the removal of the military but, the removal of arms. This can include the Repeal 2A crowd but, the manifestation that I have seen is the attack against the police service.

Many neo-Marxist and Marx-inspired groups call for the police to be disarmed, divested and destroyed. BLM, as an example, stated in their 2016 list of demands they want a “reallocation of funds at the federal, state and local level from policing and incarceration (JAG, COPS, VOCA)” and a “cut in military expenditure”. These funds are to then be directed into BLM-approved social-programmes and this solution has been “shown to improve community safety”.

11. Promote the U.N. as the only hope for mankind. If its charter is rewritten, demand that it be set up ‘as a one-world government with its own Independent armed forces. (Some Communist leaders believe the world can be taken over as easily by the U.N. as by “Moscow”. Sometimes these two centres compete with each other as they are now doing in the Congo.)

This goal is more pertinent for Britons, especially now we have left the European Union. The EU, a strongly pro-Marx abomination, has been championed as the future and the only way forward, being granted more and more power in an ever-hungry growth.

15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States.

The Democrats have been captured but, more overtly, the colloquially known [in some circles] National Socialist British Labourer’s Party has been completely overrun by Marxists, see here, here, here and here.

17. Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for socialism and current Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculum. Get control of teachers’ associations. Put the party line in textbooks.

In the UK, around four in five of British University lecturers are left-wing and, in the US, there are 3.6 times as many self-identified Marxists in the social sciences as there are conservatives.

Schools and universities are rife with such nonsense.

Other “educational” institutions have been taken over and filled with Marxist and subjective teachings:

18. Gain control of all student newspapers.

They have done this and taken control of student unions. The NUS is horrendous for pro-Marx rhetoric. [SWP associated groups heavily campaign on campuses and dominate fresher’s fayres.]

19. Use student riots to foment public protests against programs or organizations which are under Communist attack.

Many of the riots in the US, such as Seattle and Berkeley, were attended by university students and professors. For examples, see Eric “Bike Lock” Clanton and Melissa “Muscle” Click.

21. Gain control of key positions in radio, TV, and motion pictures.

The pro-AntiFa press coverage following the AntiFa assaults shows how deep and systemic the Marxist infiltration is. CNN supported AntiFa, violent thug Moldylocks was given a free platform to portray herself as some hapless victim.

22. Continue discrediting American culture by degrading all forms of artistic expression. An American Communist cell was told to “eliminate all good sculpture from parks and buildings, substitute shapeless, awkward and meaningless forms.”

23. Control art critics and directors of art museums. “Our plan is to promote ugliness, repulsive, meaningless art.”

See above.

24. Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them “censorship” and a violation of free speech and free press.

This was initially done post Sexual Revolution but, has now turned in on itself through hate speech laws. Ironic.

25. Break down cultural standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio, and TV.

In the image below are screenshots of some of the worst offenders:

26. Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity, as “normal, natural, healthy”.

Throughout the year, our streets are disgraced with these idiotic marches known as “slut-walks” and “Pride”. As an LGBTQI360NOSCOPE+ person, my sexuality/sexual identity is used as a shield to protect and promote public displays of degeneracy. Disgraceful.

I’m sure there were no children nearby, right?

Genuinely, what the f**k?

Sex acts are to be kept behind closed doors, in the privacy of one’s own home. Heck, one can be as depraved and as perverted as one wants, so long as it is safe, legal, consensual, and behind closed doors. They are not to be performed in the street in full view of the public – at least, that’s what I assume a normal and decent person would expect.

In today’s Western world, very few homophobes etc actually exist – the only people who seem to care about sexuality is the Left. Everyone else wants to get on with their lives.

32. Support any socialist movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture-education, social agencies, welfare programs, mental health clinics, etc.

Socialists in the UK want to nationalise Greggs, a pasty shop. I wish that was fake news. Labour has vowed to nationalise railways, energy and the Royal Mail. To quote John McDonnell “we’re taking them back”. The UK health service is nationalised.

37. Infiltrate and gain control of big business.

The James Damore story should tell us all about how far neo-Marxist groups have infiltrated big business.

40. Discredit the family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.

In the two decades after this talk was given, the US saw a huge spike in divorce rates. This, however, was also coupled with a huge spike in marriages as well. Since the new millennium, both have dropped.

No fault divorce laws exist, these were introduced in the late sixties and early seventies.

42. Create the impression that violence and insurrection are legitimate aspects of the American tradition; that students and special-interest groups should rise up and use united force to solve economic, political or social problems.

See Berkeley, Seattle, Washington and Missouri for evidence of students believing violence is legitimate.

As can be seen, many of these goals have been achieved or, are being worked towards. Much of what we see happening around us has either been done before or, has been predicted/dictated long ago.

Zimbabwe coup does NOT guarantee peace

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The military has taken over Zimbabwe, placing President Robert Mugabe under house arrest and detaining senior government officials. Gunfire erupted near Mr Mugabe’s private residence in Harare in the early hours of Wednesday, a witness told AFP.

“From the direction of his house, we heard about 30 or 40 shots fired over three or four minutes soon after 2.00 am,” a resident who lives close to Mugabe’s mansion in the suburb of Borrowdale said.

Hold the cries of jubilation! A military coup is no guarantee whatsoever of peace in Zimbabwe.

With such ease the army removed Mugabe. This means they could have done so when the Ndebele were killed in the Gukurahundi massacres, or the white farmers were attacked and driven out the country. But they didn’t.

Why? Because they whole-heartedly supported the violence! Mugabe attacked the farmers to keep the support of the war veterans, who actually stormed the farms.

Mugabe’s wife Grace was tipped to be his successor

Why did they hold a coup then now, if it was not out of opposition to the Marxist regime? The army is angry that Mugabe fired vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa, who was seen as a competitor to Mugabe’s wife Grace, to be the next president.

In the Shona culture, there is the belief that only men can take the lead, and the military are disgusted at the thought of Mugabe’s wife Grace taking over, so the army intervened.

Yes, when there is fear of a woman taking control, they risk their lives with a bloody coup, but when whites are slaughter, they couldn’t lift a finger.

There current concern is that there will be an elevation to the Zimbabwean presidency of the sacked vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa, who Labour MP Kate Hoey said is “probably the one person in Zimbabwe who inspires even greater terror” than the current president.

Royal Navy Whistleblower: UK Military Bases Are Not Secure

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Security concerns raised by Royal Navy whistleblower William McNeilly have been brought up yet again, this time by a top military official. Defence Police Federation chairman Eamon Keating has told Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson that budget cuts have left military bases open to attack.

In 2015, McNeilly leaked a report to WikiLeaks detailing safety and security failures aboard the UK’s Trident nuclear armed submarines and at their base at Faslane in Scotland. The same concerns were raised on Wednesday in an open letter to Williamson, only this time by the officers in charge of base security.

In his letter, Keating pleaded with the Tory minister to veto further cuts to the defence budget and issued him with stark warning: cuts to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) police force budget will lead to fewer officers on the ground and weakened security at Faslane and other MoD sites. The shocking betrayal of UK defence at the hands of our Government is another example of how unfit they are to keep us safe.

“I must highlight the deeply concerning, and in many cases deplorable decision making that is leaving many of the UK’s critical military assets and sites at unacceptable risk of attack on our own shores,” Keating’s letter reads.
“It is perhaps only a matter of time before an MoD establishment in the UK faces attack, and the reality is that continued and pernicious reductions in the capacity of the MoD Police leave it ill-equipped and understaffed to deal with such a situation.”

Keating’s plea for more finances echo the same concerns raised by McNeilly two years ago. At the time, McNeilly’s claims were dismissed by the military.

The header image of this article shows the WikiLeaks submission detailing Trident Security Concerns.

Security weakness will only increase the chances of a large and sustained attack on our land, and we must rally the Government into taking action. With the threat of UK terrorism at its highest level, we cannot be blasé about security, and these concerns from experts must be heeded, or we will become “nothing but targets in this war against terrorism.”

Tommy Robinson Verification Ban: Leftist Echo Chamber Strikes Again

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It appears as though left-wing social media has removed the ‘verification marker’ of another controversial figure; their target on this occasion was Tommy Robinson, who caught their attention for speaking the truth on key issues facing this country, and the world.

Unfortunately, Twitter did not see it that way, and removed his ‘verification’ status in a rather humorous attempt to silence him, and his many followers.

Twitter need to get a sense of humour and resist the urge to censor the internet because they don’t agree with individual accounts, and they have a duty to protect freedom of expression and speech regardless of whether the corporation agree with those views or not.

In the words of a Facebook user: Tommy = legend: verified and permanent.
To all readers, I do hope you get to read this article before Facebook and Twitter remove it and me from their platforms. Do keep sharing the message, we cannot let them win.

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