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Reflections on a Royal Wedding and the politics to come

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A few thoughts on the Royal wedding and a little advice to the new Duchess.

What struck me before the weekend’s nuptials was that Ms Markle had not thought to bring her father into the Windsor fold but instead left him for the world’s media to gawp and snap at him from behind his computer screen, while he was clad in trackie bottoms.

Then he was ‘taken ill’ with a suspected heart problem. Should Ms Markle have postponed her wedding to be at her father’s side? Not a chance but it kept him out of sight.

Was this an oversight on behalf of Kensington Palace, where the Royal in Chief, Prince Charles, seems to spend most of his time firing letters off to politicians about his pet concerns? Kensington Palace should have been across this problem from day one.

The next generation of royals have to earn our respect and I am afraid that if the new Duchess of Sussex – one of my new constituents – becomes embroiled in diversity, feminazi and equality politics, she will turn off more people than she converts.

That is not royal, it is not required and should not be her priority.

She was married with a veil depicting the 53 countries of the Commonwealth. That is where her duties lie. We need to forge better relationships with our Commonwealth friends, particularly post Brexit, for free trade agreements. We have left the Commonwealth to forge its own way and with other alliances, rather than holding them close.

The Sussex duo should be ambassadors for trade and diplomacy, not social justice warriors. Keep on saving the whales, dolphins, elephants and street children of Calcutta, by all means, but leave the politics to the politicians. Keep smiling, wave at the adoring crowds, accept a bouquet or two, kiss some kids or cats, but nothing else.

The newly wed couple should be choosing carefully the charities they will be supporting. Those that support the Commonwealth and home-grown charities, nothing else. Nothing controversial, nothing embracing diversity or wimmins’ interests.

I was at Buckingham Palace last week as I received another invitation to the Royal garden party. The Queen was mobbed. Apart from Prince Andrew and the Wessex pair (all disappointing), there was no one else to see. I sat down in between lunch with my husband and before an evening of One Night Only with Rod Liddle at the London Palladium; it was nice to have a cup of tea and a slice of cake in Buck House gardens watching everyone else moan about not being able to see the Queen and saying the other royals were a disappointment, that their feet hurt because of their shoes, or complain about the band playing nauseating ‘showtime hits’.

I love people watching – the good and bad hats, the ties and smiling at some of the magnificent outfits people had purchased just to sit and stare at each other over a cup of tea. It’s great to watch our wonderful lovely countrymen at play with the great and the good who all came for a cup of tea and a slice of the Queen’s wonderful Dundee fruit cake (available from the shop, complete with video of the garden party should you wish to purchase).

Quite a few conversations were overheard with people expressing their disquiet at Prince Harry marrying an actress, with a past and a dysfunctional family. A few were heard saying they thought she was acting throughout the courtship and will be up until the wedding day, then she will show her true colours. That may or may not be true. Time will tell.

The Queen and Prince Philip have done a marvellous job. If the next generation want to retain our loyalty and respect then Meghan, I suggest you and I sit down over a cup of English tea and discuss where you might be going wrong, about politics and the like, before you do.

Jewish community’s ANGER at new Swindon Mayor for protest AGAINST Israel

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The Jewish community was shocked and angered at the appointment of Swindon’s first Muslim Mayor Junjab Ali who had come under fire for supporting a rally called ‘Swindon Against Israel in Gaza’ hosted by Hamas terrorist sympathisers ‘Stop the War Coalition’.

The ceremony came on the same day as veteran Labour councillor Teresa Page resigned in disgust at the party’s “unpatriotic and anti-Semitic stance” and suggested that criticism of the Corbyn leadership within the Swindon Labour Group is strictly off limits.

The brave, patriotic and well respected councillor Page went on to say “If you make it known that you are not happy with the national leadership, you shoot yourself in the back, not just the foot.”

Ali, the former 2014 South-West MEP candidate who was beaten by UKIP’s Julia Reid, pledged his support to a campaign to exclude goods entering the EU from Israel’s settlements and support Palestinians’ claim to self-determination.

Many within the Jewish community expressed outrage and questioned the suitability for someone who could support such a protest, suggesting that Hamas are the same as the terrorists who murdered innocent children in the Manchester Arena at the Ariana Grande concert on May 22 2017. Shockingly the battered Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn calls these people ‘friends’.

Sadly, the appointment has done nothing to repair the anti-Semitism issue but has indeed fuelled the fire rather than building the bridges of peace and friendship.

Stuck-Up Unelected Lords’ Savage ATTACK On Freedom of Press

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Our Lords and would be Masters, not satisfied with their latest attack on the people’s victory of voting for Brexit, are now circling around for another assault; this time lining up their crosshairs on the freedom of press.

The Leveson Enquiry was a political and establishment attack on one of the pillars of any free democracy; the freedom of the press. They failed to yield their target of achieving censorship in full, so they are having another pop, a second Leverson enquiry and as we all should know by now, they like a repeat if it doesn’t go their way. I feel a sense of Déjà vu.

I say political attack because if we were to pick up the role of investigator or journalist, say an alternative one, we would reveal who is behind and who stands to benefit from this censorship.

Well, it is the same story of people with vested interests backed up by made up pressure groups such as Hacked Off, whose interests include hiding the shenanigans from the public of people who should know better.

The quango that is the Media Commission; funded by public money and individually by the House of Lords, (no conflict of interest there) is filled with people who are friends, friends of friends and associates of the said HoL, sharing vested interests (still no conflict of interest there then).

They would have you believe that Leveson 2.0 is about protecting freedoms. Maybe their freedoms. But do not be fooled, this is not about curbing the mainstream press, they already own it and their narrative. This is a colluded attempt to censor the alternative free press, like this wonderful site MBGA. If they have their way you wouldn’t be able to read this nor me take the pleasure to reveal, write and publish this.

Women, your country needs you!

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I am struck by the tens of thousands of people who are joining the Football Lads Alliance and Veterans Against Terrorism marches, new media is springing up, citizen journalists and activists are joining together to defeat cultural Marxism that is turning this country into a very intolerant place.

We need more people – particularly women – to join us.

Are you part of the growing millions who are concerned about where our country is heading?

Whether it is jihadi terrorism, Brexit, immigration, controlling our borders, the violent gun, knife and acid attacks on our streets – you can have your say.

We never consented to whole towns and cities being taken over by alien cultures. Yet, you are now expected to cover your head in Tower Hamlets, small corner shops are being told not to serve alcohol and where English isn’t the first language, but is second or third.

We never consented to higher taxes, higher house prices so that our kids can’t afford a house, or our NHS being overburdened because of high immigration.

We never consented to free speech being shut down. This has happened since Tony Blair brought in the hate crime law which is being used against us, time and time again.

We never consented to our police force being cut. We never consented to our police being required to police the internet against free speech, and is being used against us, time and time again.

We never consented to our police advising those of you attending the World Cup not to fly the “imperialistic” or “antagonistic” St George’s flag. Where did this language come from, who authorised them to use it?

It’s our flag, we will fly it with pride. And a warning to those of you who are planning to travel to Russia for the World Cup, beware, the Russian police are much tougher than ours. I wouldn’t want to spend a night in their jails. Just a thought.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. Don’t be silent any longer.

Ladies, tell this liberal left government of Mrs May, tell Jeremy Corbyn and his Marxists, that their vision of Britain is not ours. Tell the Lords that to stop Brexit by seeking a second referendum is unconstitutional and goes against the Salisbury Convention where the House of Lords does not oppose a government’s manifesto.

And when the deputy governor of the Bank of England talks down our economy by saying it is ‘menopausal’, let’s tell him that Brexit will be like an HRT boost in the arm, Brexit on oestrogen – powerful stuff!

Whether you’re a grandmother, teenager or inbetween, a wife or girlfriend, get involved. Attend our marches and debates. You can change the way we’re heading.

Come and meet us, come and meet me, let’s have a chat over a coffee or a glass of wine or beer.

Women, Britain needs You! Let’s Make Britain Great Again.

Home Office Concern For Illegal Immigrants’ Privacy HINDERS Deportation

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Digital Minister Margot James has announced a change to government procedure regarding the sharing of information between the NHS and the Home Office as part of the debate on the Data Protection Bill. Under a Memorandum of Understanding, this information had been shared since 2005.

Previously, the Home Office had used NHS records to track down illegal immigrants in some cases but will now only use them if the subject has committed a serious crime.

MPs, including Conservative Sarah Wollaston who tabled the amendments, said they were concerned about ‘patient confidentiality’.

So, there you have it – MPs are more concerned about the privacy of illegal immigrants than they are about their unauthorised use of our overstretched NHS which, according to official figures, already suffers an estimated £2bn burden through ‘Health Tourism’.

This ‘privacy’ will also hinder the Home Office still further in their attempts to deport the unknown number of illegals residing here within the UK.

Furthermore, this whole ‘Data Protection Bill’ debate is a farce – the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) legislation is being enforced under EU directive on 25th May and the UK must comply irrespective of what is discussed from the Green Benches.

It would appear that the delays in our leaving the European Union are not only contributing to further red tape that costs UK businesses millions in compliance but also hindering Government attempts to protect our sovereign borders and remove lawbreakers.

It is high time that we rejected this legislation and implemented Brexit immediately, with or without a deal.
You also have to wonder about the priorities of MPs such as Ms Wollaston.

Is the United Nations genuinely anti-British now?

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The League of Nations was an intergovernmental organisation born in 1920, just after the end of one of the greatest tragedies humanity witnessed; The Great War. The League was one of the first, if not the very first, peace-promoting institution that had an inclusive approach to preventing diplomatic and military crisis among European nations. It included Britain of course.

While the League of Nations did not exactly work out to perfection, since another, perhaps even worse war, occurred in no time, it did provide a few years of stability and a sense of civility among the great powers of the first half of the 20th century; Britain, France, the Soviet Union and even Italy and Spain.

It was an elegant consortium of nations, led by strong men of valour and intellect, who did not really believe they could achieve real disarmament and to be able to combine their foreign policies but tried to regardless, at least for some time. Europe itself knew it needed a break, needed to heal, from the 1914 catastrophe.

Within its limits, the League of Nations was certainly still a respectable of institution. Unfortunately, the same cannot always be said about today’s “modern” and “progressive-thinking” league; the United Nations. Let us make no mistake, the existance of the United Nations is still helpful and necessary for the world, and will remain so for the near future.

Nonetheless, serious accusations against Britain were made very recently by a UN rapportour named Tendayi Achiume. The insane anti-British allegations were not only a series of rather unenlightened provocations, which are undoubtedly unhelpful at such a delicate stage of negotiations between Britain and the European Union, but are also quite frankly the demonstration of an inhumane and extremely partisan or even biased manner of handling discourse by part of the UN.

Tendayi Achiume, speaking on behalf of the UN at a Conference in the heart of London, clearly stated that Brexit was a disaster as it led to a high rise in ‘discrimination and intolerance’. Oh dear, those two words again. Any British conservative who hears those words is by now probably nauseated or feels as if they are suddenly back in university, getting lectured by an annoying political sciences professor. Achiume very much resembles one of those types, who are by the way over-represented at any British academic institution.

According to Achiume, there has been a rise in different forms of racism, including anti-Semitism after the Brexit vote. Let us focus on this point for a brief second. If one is an anti-Semite in Britain it is obviously not Brexit which would have triggered that sort of appalling behaviour. What in the world does Brexit have to do with anti-Jewish sentiment? Simple answer: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Brexit is intended to mainly restrict immigration from European nations, and most certainly not Israel or for that matter any countries that have a non-white majority.

Also, most statistics that have been made available by Guardian scaremongers and others right after Brexit, such as the increase of hate-crime by 3% and the reported number of 1,382 incidents have been proved to be unreliable by most respectable news outlets while government officials have not ever indicated that those numbers were correct.

This is mainly due to the fact that “hate crime” is an intricate matter to assess. The truth is that anyone can accuse someone of “crime” of this nature, while having little to no evidence. Hate crime is literally based on people’s perceptions and feelings.

We live in a society today that gives too much importance to feelings, rather than facts. In Britain, 70% of the hate crimes reported turn out to be proven false or incorrect in court. The statistcal “evidence” that leftists, and organisations like the UN prefer to focus on are only reports of hate crime made by minorities. Honestly, this is hardly evidence at all.

Ever since the day of independence, 23rd of June 2016, global organisations that promote liberalism and post-modernism like the UN or the EU itself have had very disrespectful things to say about Britain. They cannot bear the fact that one nation opted out of the Kalergi Plan that aims to destroy national identities throughout Europe. Thankfully, Britain will soon be able to return to control its borders and economy, becoming a centralised state again.

This certainly won’t stop delusional people like Achiume from believing everything is racist. Every now and then she should be presented with facts, such as that in late 2016 and early 2017 the two most significant crimes that occured on minorities in Britain were not a result of racial hate or tension since they were either carried out against each other by people belonging to the same ethnic group or by cliques of youngsters against other youngsters, an example being the popular case in the destitute suburban area of Harrow, where Polish man Arkadiusz Jozwik was murdered by a 16-year old.

Achiume was not thinking very clearly before she went on to spew her anti-British propaganda, which is very common among the progressive ‘intelligentsia’ circles of today. She must have not done a lot of research. Next time she comes to Britain she should perhaps be invited to visit the Calais jungle in France. She can speak to the refugees, and she will find out that the majority of them cannot wait to enter the United Kingdom to start a new life. Why would they want to come here if this was such a racist and intolerant country, Mrs Achiume?

If she doesn’t like Britain, next time she could give her wonderful speeches on human rights and liberalism to a crowd in Afghanistan, Indonesia, Gaza, or Zimbabwe, I’m sure over there they will treat her magnificently, not like us arrogant and intolerant Westerners.

Labour CRISIS Deepens as Jezza’s Stooge Is Parachuted Into Londonistan

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The Labour crisis has further deepened and caused fury as a Corbyn puppet will be parachuted in to Lewisham for the upcoming by-election.

Angry party members have criticised the Labour leader following claims a hard-left candidate for next month’s by-election will be pushed forward.

Once again the Labour boss has been accused of a “stitch up” and of squashing local democracy by pushing a shortlist of solely hard-left candidates and rushing the selection process next week.

Rather than going down the traditional route to decide who fills the outgoing Heidi Alexander’s slot, it is claimed Mr Corbyn and top officers at Labour’s ruling body the National Executive Committee (NEC) will have the final say on a selection of candidates instead, in a stab in the back to the traditional Labour members.

Ian McKenzie, the party’s constituency chair, wrote to local members urging them to sign a petition against the undemocratic decision.

He begged: “We have just hours to have our voice heard on who our future MP is. “Don’t let the NEC officers group take away our party democracy. Act now!”

Mr Mckenzie added: “Good luck having your say if you are a shift worker, nurse on duty in the NHS, or a local member of the FBU working at the fire station.”

Richard Angell, head of the Progress campaign group, blasted: “It is a total stitch up treating one of the safest seats in country like it is the swing marginal Copeland. Pathetic really.”

Furious members vowed to quit in a show of defiance to the controversial plan, calling it an attack on democracy. The party has recently suffered a sharp drop in members with many citing that ‘it is not the party they joined decades ago and no longer speaks of the working class’. There were also claims of embarrassment of supporting a party that has failed to address the growing antisemitism issue.

Newspapers and TV are KILLING freedom of expression

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At the weekend many friends of mine joined the Day for Freedom in Whitehall (I couldn’t as I was in the US), yet despite over 4,000 people attending, the MSM ignored it. Had 30 or so people demonstrated about remaining in the EU, the press would have covered it – as they do week after week when there is a small, demented demo in somewhere like Canterbury.

The Left-leaning media embraced the worn out term of ‘Far Right’, how everyone should be worried about their rise; they’re largely unchecked and unchallenged from the US to the EU, they’re all in touch with one another; they’re joining up to screech. From Farage to Le Pen to Trump, they all talk to each other. How horrendous, that those of us who share some views and policies – and by no means all policies and views – are speaking to each other? How horrendous and vile.

But to them it’s OK that the Internationale socialist movement is rife in Africa and that they join up to undermine conservatism. Is it OK that the fascists of Antifa are encouraged to demonstrate against us and encourage violence?

Our enemies seek to define us intolerant racists. How can a Far Right rally star a son of Pakistani immigrant parents, a gay Jew married to a black man, an Irish Lesbian and a Drag Queen? And throw in a few veterans who fought for our country’s freedoms and a number of other ethnic minorities and football fans.

Meanwhile in Parliament this week, those making amendments to the Data Protection Act will seek to curtail freedom of the press. From local weeklies to Fleet Street, they fear a gagging order from Wednesday.

However, many on the Left MSM, who think us deplorable for wanting freedom of speech, are desperately trying to retain their own. They do not see the irony that the two causes go hand in hand. I have twice contacted my own Remain MP, Bob Neill, to find out how he will vote. He hasn’t replied to date, but I can only guess that he will vote to further curtail of freedom by backing this Bill.

We’ve come along way in embracing diversity in this country, but not diversity of opinion.

Sadiq’s Sh*thole and the Weekend of Bank Holiday Horror

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Yet ANOTHER acid attack happened this afternoon that saw a young lady screaming in pain and struggling to breathe. This sadly comes following a weekend of horror, London’s violent bank holiday weekend has now entered a fourth day after five shootings and several stabbings in the capital since Saturday.

This latest violent attack came just hours after Piers Morgan BLASTED Sadiq Khan for refusing to appear on ‘Good Morning Britain’ to answer qquestions on London’s soaring crime rate, recently becoming far more dangerous than New York City.

Shocked onlookers came to her aid pouring bottles of water over the victim’s face and into her mouth in a desperate attempt to dilute the acid before firemen arrived and hosed her down.

Rachael Hooper wrote: ‘What is happening at Brixton station? Some girl sitting and getting full on hosed by firemen’.

Becky Reid tweeted: ‘Feel physically sick after walking past a poor innocent person getting hosed down by firefighters after being caught in the middle of an acid fight in Brixton. So scary that this can happen on our doorstep. Hope they are okay’.

The Metropolitan police are currently seeking a male but no other details of his appearance have been given, something that seems quite common in recent years, even outside of the capital.

The calls for control are growing louder in an attempt to desperately quell the increase in violence and death. Serious questions MUST be asked of Khan and action must be served immediately before this spirals out of control. It is our duty to protect the young but many lives are sadly being cut too short with many arguing that the mayor has blood on his hands with his failure to act.

Welcome to Sadiq’s London where it is all ‘part and parcel’ of living in a large city.

Think tank proposes tax raid on elderly to give millennials £10k each

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A report into inter-generational fairness suggests that a £10,000 payment should be given to the young and pensioners taxed more in order to pay for it. The research and policy organisation, the Resolution Foundation, claims these radical moves are needed to better fund the NHS and maintain social cohesion.

Its chairman, Lord Willetts, the former universities minister under David Cameron, said the contract between young and old had “broken down”. Without action, young people would become “increasingly angry”, he said.

This is somewhat similar to the often-mooted idea of a universal basic income, except that it would be a one-off payment and would only be available to 25 year olds. It would be funded by a new “lifetime receipts tax” that would replace inheritance tax.

This is divide and conquer. It would be very expensive and also cause a lot of tension between the older and younger generations. Many elderly people would resent paying higher taxes to fund handouts for millennials, many of whom they perceive as spoilt snowflakes.

The proposals as stated would also lead to many anomalies – for example, a wealthy 25 year old investment banker would receive a £10,000 payment, whereas a homeless person in their 40s would not. It would also cause resentment amongst those who are just slightly older than the cut-off point.

One of the reasons given in support of the £10k payment is that house prices have risen so much that many millennials cannot afford to buy their own home. This is true – house prices now stand at an average 7.6 times the average annual salary, whereas in 1997, house prices were on average about 3.6 times workers’ annual gross full-time earnings. This means that the median price paid for a home leapt by 259% over this 20 year period, while median individual annual earnings could only manage a 68% rise.

So supposedly the issue of unaffordable homes is the fault of pensioners and not the government for allowing millions of extra people into the country and not building the infrastructure for them! Also, too many old people using the NHS even though they have paid their taxes, is not the government’s fault for mismanagement of the NHS! Pensioners do pay taxes if they earn enough, unlike rich tax avoiders like Richard Branson.

Also, if you give all 25 year olds £10k for a housing deposit, what do you expect will happen to property prices? Surely it will just inflate them even further. So the proposal won’t actually achieve anything for the people it’s supposed to benefit, whilst making things financially harder for everyone else.

Is this a case of the Remoaner Lords seeking to hammer the ‘Oldies’ they stereotypically blame for Brexit?

Lefties DEMAND RIOTS against President Trump’s visit to the UK

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With President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK, it is safe to say that the many British politicians already up in arms are going out in full force to virtue signal against him, to maintain both their leftie street cred and to demonise someone who represents the epitome of their rotten ideology. A patriotic leader who wants to do best for his country, not just let it get forgotten in a globalised world.

That being said, that does not give credence to left wingers, whether they be politicians or otherwise to call for violence against a democratically elected President. This is especially hypocritical given that these same lefties have had no problem with prior Presidents either abusing their power in the Special Relationship (Obama anyone?) or the various dictators that have crossed our shores, whether that be Nursultan Nazarbayev (the corrupt leader of Kazakhstan), the current Saudi Prince and the leader of Egypt, who treats his populace like dirt, most notably exposed during the 2013 Rabba Massacre, which led to the death of hundreds of people.

Were there occasional protests? Perhaps (mainly for the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia) but nothing on the same level of condemnation as Trump is currently receiving from our political class. No debates as to whether to let these guys in the country or not. No petitions to ban them. No complaining from the political class, sans the Labour Party and some Liberal Democrats occasionally criticising the Saudi Prince’s visit.

But apparently Trump is different. Because the left has deemed that he is literally Hitler, violence against him is a good thing. So upon announcement that he was arriving in Britain in July, various politicians on the left called for protests against him, which are inevitably going to turn violent.

Firstly we have London Mayor Sadiq Khan, of who instead of focusing on the high crime rate in the capital, is more bothered by getting involved in state affairs, something the electors of London did not elect him to do. Since he called the Vote Leave campaign Project Hate during the 2016 EU referendum, it is clear that not only is he willing to stick his nose in matters of which he knows nothing about, but also be very yelly about it.

Case in point when Trump’s visit was announced, Sadiq said in an interview with the Evening Standard that:

‘We have got a great history in our city of protests… we have got a great history in our city of bringing about change by protest, the key thing is for it to be lawful, for it to be peaceful.’

He expressed opposition to Trump supposedly spreading far-right propaganda and hoped that Trump would reflect on the supposed great leadership of the Mayor and how diverse London was. This is another of the personal attacks that Khan has expressed against the President, dating all the way back to 2016 during the Presidental election in which Khan openly backed Trump’s competitor Hillary Clinton and often demonised Trump, and advocated for him to be banned as well.

While those were petty innocuous statements made by someone who should clearly know better, advocating protests against Trump is not only worrying but also dangerous. With London already being a dangerous city as it is, is it wise for the Mayor to advocate more violence? Probably not, but for such idiots, the end justifies the means and if that can mean advocating that Londoners do not like Trump and further straining the relationship between Britain and the United States, it is worth the risk.

Meanwhile on a recent episode of the political chat show Question Time, both Labour MP Diane Abbott and Green Party MP and co-leader Caroline Lucas encouraged similar protests. When discussing whether Trump should be accepted as American President as opposed to being knocked down by the political class, both went full nutcase on us.

Abbott discussed the whole Trump tape controversy and that those who wanted to protest him have ‘every right to do so’. Meanwhile Lucas not only lied about him and whinged about his lack of commitment to climate change, she also advocated that the ‘best of Britain’ would protest against him, supposedly standing up for the ‘groups that Trump wishes did not exist.’

In case you are wondering, no we haven’t veered into full Idiocracy or The Onion territory, but rather typical political discourse within the UK. If you are wondering why our glorious nation is in such decline look no further than the laughable performance there.

On top of this, we have the delightful Guardian journalist Owen Jones singing from the same hymn sheet. On a Sky News appearance, he advocated protesting as well, on the grounds that people should call out Trump’s supposed misogyny and bigotry towards Muslims. At least unlike the other morons listed here, he is actually planning to attend the protest. Good on him for actually having the courage of his convictions I suppose. That is until he’ll probably bail the protests when it gets violent of course…

While it would seem like just your typical leftie whinging at this point, its connotations are rather sinister. Given how violent anti-Trump rhetoric and protests have consistently been since his coming to power, it shan’t be surprising to know that these supposed ‘peaceful’ protests will not be peaceful at all and will be used as an excuse to promote such behaviour, with these politicians and public figures advocating such violence for the sake of showing their disdain for Trump without having the gall to turn up themselves.

They cynically know that such violence will occur, but they do not care. It will not be them who will be affected. It will not be their supporters that will be attacked. It probably won’t even be their side who will be arrested or punished for advocating such behaviour, if some previous protests can attest to. They want to prove a point, and have no compunction on what that will cost. Again, the ends justify the means to these people, and if that means violence and rioting, they’ll happily go along with it.

All that we can say is that it shows the maniac behaviour of the left and that the only positive impact that can come from this is that more people will turn away from such lunatics in droves knowing that they can no longer have peaceful debate and discussion with their opponents and that must mean that their inherent ideas are bad. The embrace of extremism and violence by the left that has engulfed us arguably for the last few decades is finally coming back to bite them in the backside and we can only be thankful for that.

But for Trump, all we can say is Make America Great Again and that there are people in the United Kingdom who happily support you. These people do not represent us. They only care for themselves and their careers. Normal people love you. If you are reading this, know that you have the support of the silent majority on your side. See you July 13th.

Fed up with Sadiq Khant, Owen SoyBoy Jones, and John Bercow saying Trump can’t visit Britain? On the 13/14th of July get to the US Embassy to support March4Trump!!

Posted by Luke Nash-Jones on Monday, 7 May 2018

Is Freedom of Speech Dead? Are We Living in a Police State?

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Over a week ago now, I was attending the protest against the conviction of Scottish YouTuber Count Dankula. His crime? Telling an offensive joke, that being having his girlfriend’s pug do Nazi salutes to annoy her. While most would find such behaviour innocuous at best, Scottish courts disagreed, prosecuting Dankula under the Communications Act of 2003, section 127 of which prohibits ‘grossly offensive’ speech online.

The case itself was stupid and the whole thing a complete farce, but it brought something to the attention to the widest audience possible of which previously had been undiscussed for years. That being the slow erosion of freedom of speech in the UK.

This erosion has been a slow but steady process and will only continue more rapidly if it isn’t stopped. Dankula may be a high profile case here, but he isn’t the first. Several other cases have seen our freedom of speech undermined for the sake of political correctness.

Beyond Dankula, other cases surrounding online censorship include the YouTuber 6oodfella, who was similarly punished by Scottish authorities over a joke about Islamist terrorist attacks in Europe, and a teenager in in Croxteth was also found guilty under the same law as Dankula for posting supposedly offensive rap lyrics by Snap Dogg because they contained the n word. This was despite the lyrics being posted as a tribute to another teenager who had recently died in the area as opposed to something posted out of malice.

Not to mention how the screws of censorship are tightening up for those who criticise the religion of Islam. Tommy Robinson detailed such accounts in his 2015 book Enemy Of The State all the while the likes of Britain First’s leaders (Paul Golding and Jayda Frensen) have been convicted recently for religious aggravated harassment. Now while you may disagree with the viewpoints of these people (the loutish and aggressive behaviour of Britain First and their leaders in particular), their sentences were clearly not carried out as a way to protect the public from risk.

Rather their sentences seem more of a way to bury under the rug any criticism of Islam so that the authorities do not have to deal with an issue they have created for fear of being disowned by the politically correct press and leftie voting blocs.

But such cases are not confined to our own shores. Oh no, in fact many people have been banned from Britain not for being a serious risk to Britain’s land or being general thugs who have no right to be here. Rather their banning is more to protect the public from offensive speech. The horror! Michael Savage is perhaps the most high profile case here, with his various views leaving him banned by the Home Secretary.  

Meanwhile the rapper Tyler The Creator was also banned by then Home Secretary Theresa May on the grounds of his homophobic lyrics from his debut album. With the recent banning of Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner from the UK, this trend of banning people on political grounds seems to be a trend that is not going to be reversed any time soon.

Meanwhile, the British Board of Film Classification similarly banned certain films out of clear political correctness. Take for example the 2015 horror film Hate Crime of which is about a group of Neo-Nazis attacking a Jewish family. Initially planned to be released for video on demand services, the film was banned on the grounds of its violence in conjuncture with the ‘verbal racial abuse’ of which it is carried out in.

The director James Cullen Bressack found the ban ‘unbelievable’ and felt upset that ‘censorship was still alive and well’, mainly because as a Jewish man, he had made a film of which was meant to ‘remind us that we live in a dangerous world’ where ‘racial violence is on the rise’.

It is clear that through the film’s ban that certain politically incorrect stories are being censored to protect supposed communities from increasing tensions as opposed to lay down some hard truths.

This is just the tip of the iceberg here. There are numerous cases like the ones mentioned above, and they currently are not being taken seriously as a threat to one of our most fundamental rights as a democracy: the right to free speech. If that is gone, it indicates that we are moving further towards totalitarianism, something not seen in this country since the days of Cromwell.

That is why the Day For Freedom actions were so important. Not just to show opposition to this erosion of our basic liberties but also to show the authorities that we are aware of what they doing to our liberties. The sooner this erosion stops, the better.  

Triggered Liberals start a Facebook Campaign against President Trump

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Continuing with the liberal hysteria against President Trump, there is yet another campaign to resist him, as per usual. This time it is done through the medium of song. A Facebook campaign has been set up by anti-Trump Brits to get the 2004 song American Idiot by pop punk band Green Day to the top of the charts when he arrives to show how much ordinary Brits supposedly hate him.

The song first released in 2004 was a strong condemnation of the then Bush administration, something reflected in the parent album’s themes and lyrics. The album was a huge success at the time, topping the charts in numerous countries and going multi-platinum on both sides of the pond.

The band since then have not been shy to display their political views, mainly their frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, who backed Barrack Obama in both 2008 and 2012, and has been a staunch critic of President Trump, often namedropping him in concert and calling for him to be impeached numerous times.

This campaign is following the same playbook, with the page posting various anti-Trump posts and heavily criticising any Trump supporter who calls out the author of the page, claiming that they ‘don’t care’ about the opinions of the dissenters. So much so that they are responding at all.

Social campaigns have been used before to advocate similar messages. This came to a head in 2009 when a Facebook campaign was used to get Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name to Number 1 to prevent the then X Factor winner Joe McElderry gaining the top spot to protest the show’s then monopoly to get the token Christmas Number 1.

Similar themed campaigns continued years later to much less success, including getting AC/DC’s Highway To Hell and Iron Maiden’s The Number Of The Beast to Number 1. The former came to number 4 and the latter went to number 44.

A counter campaign has also begun on Facebook, advocating getting the 1984 song We’re Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister to Number 1 at the same time. That song was used frequently throughout Trump’s rallies, showing his anti-establishment stance and how that reflected the anger and angst of ordinary Americans towards it.

President Trump will officially arrive in Britain on the 13th of July 2018. Whether either campaign will be successful is yet to be seen.

Suck It Up Snowflakes: Government BANS Universities From No Platforming Right-Wing Speakers

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For the first time in 30 years, student zealots will be banned from censoring controversial speakers.

Sam Gyimah, the universities minister, has announced tough new guidance which will see institutions disciplined if they allow valid debates to be shut down. It will be the first government intervention on the issue since the free speech duty was imposed on universities as part of the Education Act of 1986.

The new guidance will state that all speech must be welcome at universities, as long as it does not violate existing laws – for example, on encouraging terrorism.

It follows a number of high profile cases of attempts by student unions to censor feminists, Tory politicians, gay rights activists and even race campaigners over concerns they had ‘offensive views’ (opinions they don’t like).

Union officials claim they must ‘no-platform’ anyone who might say something controversial because they have a duty to protect the feelings of students and provide ‘safe spaces’.

On college and university campuses for too long, right-wing speakers have been censored like Sargon of Akkad, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Tommy Robinson, Luke Nash-Jones, and Milo Yiannopolis.

In fact I can just hear the leftist loons having their temper tantrums over this now, and it’s music to my ears.

CAUGHT: Corbyn’s agent handing out fake polling cards

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Catherine Sloan, election agent for Jeremy Corbyn, and Emily Thornberry, has produced fake Labour-promoting Polling Cards. I obtained today outside my own Polling Station.

I witnessed many confused people – who did not speak good English – asking a teller outside the station what they had to do and who they had to vote for. I was under the impression that they believed the card was ‘official’.

These cards were NOT circulars, they have the recipients’ addresses and their polling number on them.

This is a clear breach of the 1983 Representation of the People Act.

I have the originals if you require them. I have blocked out the recipient’s name and polling number for these photos but they are absolutely clear on the originals.

Sadiq Khan’s pro-Europeans bias discriminates against Asians and Africans

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London Mayor Sadiq Khan was interviewed on the Peston Show on Sunday regarding the recent scandal concerning the status of the Windrush Generation and fears that people here legally were facing deportation.

In the interview, Khan brought up the status of the 3.5 million EU citizens currently in the UK, pointing out how they would feel post-Brexit having seen how the children of a previous generation were treated in regards to their rights to stay here.

When Peston stated that Theresa May has talked of ‘preferential’ treatment for those EU citizens above non EU migrants and asked if Khan agreed with that, he simply stated ‘yes’. Peston then pressed and asked if he would support this policy, to which Khan again confirmed that he would approve of such a decision.

I have to say, this made my jaw drop. Sadiq Khan has made much of London being ‘open for business’ and has spoken out many times about the positive effects of immigration – indeed, we all heard multiple times how his father was a bus driver from Pakistan who came here to contribute.

How then can he support a policy that discriminates against people such as his father in favour of open door migration to white Europeans, irrespective of their skills, commitment to the country and desire to integrate?

One of the key benefits of Brexit is that it allows the UK Government to set up a new, ethical points-based migration system that judges people on ability, skillset and as individuals rather than where they come from, their religion and ethnicity.

For Khan to then show support for the current system that discriminates in such a way shows his commitment to the equality he claims to champion is just a sham.

He should be ashamed.

Antifa Plan to SMASH Police Vans, DRIVING Cops OUT of Deptford, London

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A billboard in London has been graffitied, condemning the border police as “racist”. Ever a force for peace, the communist extremist soy boy militia have threatened to burn and smash police vans.

They have also threatened to beat up any property developers – how dare anyone own a house! That goes against the hippy ideals of the pigheaded Corbynista thug!

Just before you have a cucky hissy fit and try to brush this off as some legitimate reaction to the disgraceful Windrush scandal, these libtards also want to abolish prisons! They are anarchist scum fulfilling the Frankfurt school plan, generating the chaos which will allow Marxism to rise.

Alfie Evans, Count Dankula…. Where is this country heading?

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Let’s unpack the week’s news to find out what our government backs … and it isn’t free speech, nor the rights of individuals.

This week a second Judge gave a death sentence to little Alfie Evans while the Vatican has a helicopter on standby to save him, or at least carry out the wishes of his parents.

Although he was backed by the Pope, the Lega Nord’s Matteo Salvini, President Tajani and others, our judiciary sentenced the baby to state sponsored euthanasia, some would call it murder. I woke up to find the little lad had died. I cried for him and his parents. The people who pass judgement over us have overstepped their remit and lost their morality. RIP little one and thank you to those who tried to give his parents the right to say how and where their son should be treated.

It was announced this week that the great President Trump will finally visit the UK. The useless Mayor of London is virtue signalling, along with other luvvies about Trump’s visit. It’s only a year after he visited the PR man Macron – a coup for France, we should have been first: Mrs May has failed yet again.

The Left doesn’t worry about trade with our biggest ally, they’d prefer to be shackled to the EU, rather than us governing ourselves. Mayor Khan’t should stick to sorting out knife, acid and gun crime.

The Left thuggery has gone into meltdown over the visit. Little Owen Jones has called the Antifa army to battle. They’ll be there, with their masks, dressed in black to violently attack those of us who support Trump.

Yet they won’t be arrested because our Home Secretary is a weak pussy-hat wearing, yoghurt knitting, designer trainer wearing, chia latte sipping non-entity. There’s no difference between her lack of governance or Owen Jones’s inciting violence.

On the same subject, why hasn’t Trump been invited to the Royal wedding? He should be standing shoulder to shoulder with our Queen. We pay for these young Royals so therefore it should also be a celebration our our two countries uniting together, diplomacy dear Harry Windsor. Ms Markle take note, that’s how we do things in this country, or used to.

Free speech, the right to family life and welcoming our closest ally is being shut down and eroded by Antifa thugs, the politically correct and corrosive left wing media. People have had enough, whether it’s being sold out in Brexit, immigration continuing after March 29 2019, our fishermen or Islamist terrorists.

From the Football Lads, Tommy Robinson, Shazia Hobbs, Count Dankula and his pug, to my unlikely bedfellows of Morrissey and Kanye West, people are finding their voices.

There is a quiet revolution happening, we are at a near tipping point; we must ensure that we win.

PETITION: Stop lefty Trinity Mirror buying up one of the last few patriotic papers, the Daily Express!

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The Daily Express, one of the few patriotic newspapers in Britain, backed Brexit, and is one of the few news sources to have given positive coverage to UKIP. This source of pro-British news is at threat!

They are to be bought out by a lefty outfit, Trinity Mirror, an organisation which helped found groups like the radical left HOPE not Hate that targets UKIP candidates.

The communists would then hold the largest share of national newspapers in the market – holding nine out of 20 titles – allowing for a dominance of articles promoting multiculturalism, and mass migration.

The Cultural Secretary Mr. Hancock stated that its readership would grow to 28 per cent – making Trinity Mirror, recently renamed Reach, the second largest in circulation terms. This would boost Jeremy Corbyn possibly into government.

The Hypocrisy of Theresa May’s Call for a Stephen Lawrence Memorial

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Without question, the murder of Stephen Lawrence was a horrific crime. The failure of police to investigate the murder properly and bring to account those responsible, and their shocking treatment of his family and friend Duwayne Brooks, is certainly a difficult spot in British history.

Theresa May has announced his death is to be marked on April 22 each year by a national commemoration of his life and legacy, to be known as Stephen Lawrence Day. Of course, I support that condolences be given, but there is clear hypocrisy here, because no such memorial has been offered for Lee Rigby, or Kriss Donald, perhaps the victim of the worst racist attack in modern Britain.

Kriss Donald, 15, from Pollokshields, was abducted, stabbed repeatedly and then doused in petrol and burned to death by five men of Pakistani descent in March 2004. They killed him because he was white. Is that also the reason there is no memorial day for him?

Instead, the UK’s Supreme Court has ruled that a man who led a gang in the racist murder of the Glasgow schoolboy had his human rights violated by being kept in solitary confinement. Are white boys worthless in modern Britain?

Speaking after the service for Lawrence, Corbyn said he had felt “very honoured” to read from Mandela’s autobiography – a terrorist, but Labour does rather sympathise with extremists, be that the IRA, or Hamas. Will he demand more action to protect white girls after Charlene Downes was chopped up and sold as a kebab to eat?

I would presume Corbyn doesn’t share my demand for a memorial to the British serviceman Rigby, or at least he is rather quiet. Will Labour be demanding for Kriss Donald Day?

The government needed to resolve the “appalling” Windrush scandal he said, adding: the Home Secretary “has got to explain how to get out of the problem or get out of the way and let someone else do it”.

Having recently come into hot water over the accidental call to deport the Windrush Generation, who are legal migrants, Theresa May fears perhaps that she appears to be a massive white nationalist bigot. Is the sudden announcement, that no one expected, whether they wish it or not, of Lawrence Day, an attempt to stop the Tories losing minority votes?

Why did she make no such announcement regards Lee Rigby? There is not even a memorial to this brave man who fought for his country. We are supposed to just ignore that he existed. Does the government think that denying terrorism exists will somehow mean that Islamofascism is not real?

Windrush hysteria: The far-left monopolises discourse.

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So where to begin?… Last week we had the great pleasure and honour in London to have a flock of communists led by Labour’s Diane Abbott and others marching rather aggressively to protest for nothing.

Yes that’s right, they protested for absolutely no reason. They claimed of course, to be representing the immigrants from the ‘Windrush generation’; a number of people originating from the Caribbean Isles who legally came to Britain on large ships between the end of the 1940s and the beginning of the 1970s.

The crowd, which featured a series of screaming and ranting feminists, and a few immigrants with poor English language skills, as well as Guardian journalists such as Gary Younge, put on a ridiculous yet entertaining show. What is certain is that in no way did these protesters in Brixton, London represent those who in the 20th century desperately came to Britain in search for a better life.

As a matter of fact, those in Brixton the other day were neither desperate nor Caribbean. Apart from a few exceptions, those who attend a march which resembled some sort of leftist trolling attempt, were mainly a bunch of white, spoilt, middle class brats who feel the need to indulge in “revolutionary” activity because of their boring daily lives and over-indoctrination by the BBC and Channel 4.

On top of all of this, Theresa May, who attempted to pursue calming measures by apologising to Windrush children and Caribbean leaders, was blamed by a vast majority of public opinion for leading a government that apparently has not been transparent enough on this issue.

No one here is interested in defending May’s statements, or attacking the left further – since it is clear that they have ridiculed themselves enough with their silly parade.

However, what needs to be said, is that the Windrush situation is complicated and not easy to grasp. Therefore, it can be difficult to develop a solid opinion or stance on this particular issue. The questions arise; “are these people legal?”, “are they illegal?”. There is no answer to this question, since it is really a matter of how one looks at it, of one’s perspective, effectively.

The number of Commonwealth migrants who came to Britain before 1971 reached about 524,000. Those who did not get British citizenship from that large group only number about 57,000 – and among those are the ones who may be affected by government immigration policies.

We have to consider that what we are dealing with here, are a great number of people, originating from economically deprived areas of the Caribbean territories, who have had an awfully hard time integrating with the British way of life.

If we consider the fact that some of those who came on ships more than fifty years ago were undocumented and brought with them children and grandchildren who were also undocumented with no paperwork proving their status, than it is hard for us to consider them legal. How is it fair that those who lack documents get to access free healthcare, and work in the United Kingdom? It is for this reason that the current Conservative government feels forced to determine who has the right to stay and who doesn’t. It is not an easy task.

The British Nationality Act 1948 gave citizenship of the United Kingdom and Colonies statues to everyone who was a British subject who was connected with the UK or a British colony.

Anyone who arrived in the UK from a Commonwealth country before 1973 has a legal right to stay in this country, unless they left the UK for more than two years. They have been told that they have to prove they are eligible to stay – but the landing cards recording their arrival dates were destroyed in 2010, so they have no proof.

This is a time where the British nation has the opportunity to simply decide. Decide for themselves, who they want to welcome into their country, and how they want them to contribute.

What everyone desires is a fair, but solid and sensible, immigration policy. Illegal immigrants will have to go. Some will be able to stay. Just like some Windrush children are legal while others aren’t.

It’s all part of the ‘rebuilding process’. The way forward is to admit that immigration is not merely about jobs and the economy. It is mainly about behavioural patterns. We will have to come to terms with this sooner or later. Preferably sooner, rather than later.

Blairite PUSHES YouTube to Shut Down MBGA, Over Telford Video

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The way that patriotic alt media “compete” with and attack each other is one reason the left wins.

What a charming fellow. Supposed ally, and fellow patriot, independent journalist Jamie Turner, has tried to get YouTube to delete the MBGA channel because we shared CREDITING HIM a short clip of Mo Fyaz speaking. (Called Fyaz himself; he’s not upset the clip was shared.)

The short clip featured in a video promoting the Telford rally against child abuse – what kind of person would try to get MBGA shut down for that? Turner, because his name wasn’t in big enough letters!

We’ve just uploaded the Telford March Against Child Abuse videos. What a strange time to try to get MBGA shut down!

Turner didn’t even message us, on Facebook where he was a “friend”(?), expressing he was upset – he just immediately contacted YouTube, who are known to shut down patriotic channels. This was a clear attempt to ruin his “competition”.

This is why the right lose. Can you imagine Momentum attacking each other like this?

Except Turner is not right wing. He is proudly “left wing”. He seems unaware of the cause of mass migration and multiculturalism. Turner describes himself as a “social democrat” (what Tony Blair is!) He even told us he admires Blair – that guy caused this mess.

What we did is perfectly reasonable and “fair” in English law. Under Sections 29 & 30 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, it is perfectly legal to use copyrighted material featuring current affairs if the source is acknowledged (Tony Blair fan boy was very clearly credited); not a photo; and no longer than necessary for the purpose.

People share other person’s videos all the time on Facebook and YouTube. Sargon of Akkad used MBGA footage, more than once, and gave, as far as we are aware, no accreditation. We’d have appreciated a shout out, sure, but we didn’t have a tantrum.

We are not in this to make a name – we just want to save our country – to stop the horrors of grooming gangs and terrorism.

Ps. Public Domain Content featuring Public Figure

People’s Charter March in Telford “Stop the Rape of Our Kids”

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Saturday was another beautiful spring day. With the sun shining many may have thought about relaxing and socialising but we had only one thing on our minds – Telford.

It is a town similar to many others in many ways, such as the same shops and facilities, but it also holds the infamous title of the rape capital of the UK.

It has become the focal point to protest about the lack of convictions and inadequate police response. At the meeting point hundreds of brave people gathered to make their voices heard.

Waving our People’s Charter banners that had the phrases “Stop the Rape of Our Kids”, as well as, “Hang All Paedos”, and “Stop Anglophobia”, we marched. Gadsden Flags, the international symbol of liberty, were waving high, emblazoned with the words “Don’t Tread on Me”.

Our group, of people from many races and backgrounds, marched on to the police station where there were speeches by myself; Luke Nash-Jones (the Director of the People’s Charter Foundation); and Edward Howard (a Young Chartist). We were also most privileged to have speeches by two Telford parish councillors Bill Gillmour, and Andrew Morris.

Nash-Jones hit out hard at Diane Abbott’s Stand Up to Racism, who have opposed marches against child abuse. He mentioned that their top activist Peter Tatchell wrote a book Betrayal of Youth, which called for the legalising of the rape of little boys. Nash-Jones slammed Labour, for their former deputy leader Harriet Harman, who worked for NCCP that was linked to the Paedeophile Information Exchange. He mentioned Gary Swain who called the Rochdale rape victims “p*ssed”.

Nash-Jones also called Labour “the biggest racist organisation” in Britain, and asked why Hope Not Hate was so quiet on that anti-Semitism until recently.

Nash-Jones stated that newspapers have alleged that a West Mercia police internal memo called the sex “consensual”. The police look uncomfortable as Luke shouted, “How on earth can sex with an 11 year old be consensual?” He spoke of the need for the reintroduction of capital punishment to deter offenders, “to put the fear of God into them!

A penalty that many will argue for with the spike in child abuse. His call for “Parliament to be serious” come after the recent reintroduction of capital punishment in India. Although a strong line, the benefits of this penance will highly likely stop many offences from taking place, such as Thailand’s tough stance on drugs has equally done.

I took to the mic next to tell the huge crowd that “In the name of appeasement and political correctness, our government has allowed the systematic rape and abuse of little girls to continue – and we have done nothing!”

We must stand up now and say enough is enough, it is our fundamental duty to protect our children. Abuse can leave mental scarring for a lifetime and is indeed a life sentence to many.

Bill mentioned previous arrests, but called for more to be done. He made a passionate speech raising awareness of the child grooming gangs and to make sure that the victims and survivors are not only heard and supported but that those responsible are prosecuted.

Andrew Morris lambasted the police for in action, calling for more to be done to stop this corruption.

Of all the rallies we have done, this one left the biggest impression on me. It left me wondering how low our society has sunk to allow these sick people to harm our children and the fact it has gone on for decades. To those who have been affected, we shall continue to fight for you and raise awareness so that no other children suffer.

The Independent newspaper GLOATS over Death of Dale Winton?

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The Independent is not a serious newspaper, but just a bitter communist rag.

The host of Supermarket Sweep has passed away. Rather than express respectful condolences, the Indy appears to be gloating, as if to cheer that a Trump supporter passed away.

Twitter users were in shock:

Theresa May needs to step back and de-escalate the tensions with Russia

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As AJP Taylor said of 1914: “Nowhere was there a conscious determination to provoke a war. Statesmen miscalculated [and] became prisoners of their own weapons. The great armies, accumulated to provide security and preserve the peace, carried the nations to war by their own weight.” I wonder what Taylor would have said of Trump’s “Get ready Russia” tweet.

(Acknowledgements to Simon Jenkins / The Guardian 13/04/18)

Theresa May should be extremely cautious in committing Britain to any military adventure in the Middle East. Rising above the temptation to follow the US, where strategy regarding the American military presence in Syria seems to change daily, will be a test not just of her domestic political nous but a strong signal that Britain, in the prelude to Brexit, really is carving its own place as independent in all matters and capable of standing alone.

Critical to the safety of Britain and Europe is a de-escalation of the current tensions between our country and Russia.  Horrific though the – possibly miscalculated – nerve-agent attack in Salisbury was and no matter how shocking some people regard the Syrian chlorine gas incident, we should measure whether either of these acts in isolation pose an existential threat to Britain justifying foreign intervention.  

I posit that it does not.

The Skripals are not dead and forty dead Syrians are merely incidental and unfortunate casualties in a civil war that is nothing to do with Britain or its future security.  I say that neither incident is worth ten years or more cold war with the second most powerful nation on Earth let alone a hot war.

Diplomatic and political convention demanded a retaliatory response regarding the Salisbury incident.  Quietly and in due course, perhaps within a year, normal diplomatic relations could be resumed and the incident conveniently swept under the carpet.  

It’s called realpolitik. Amicable relations between Russia and Britain are not only good for peace, they are good for the economies of both countries.  Let’s start thinking for ourselves for a change and not hang on to America’s or Europe’s shirt-tails.

As for Syria, British military intervention is not only likely to be ineffectual – as we only have very limited assets in comparison to the major protagonists – it will force Russia to take not only a determined political stance against us but also a military one.  

There is no doubt, in my mind at least, that Russia would retaliate and shoot down RAF aircraft and possibly strike naval forces daring to launch Tomahawk missiles.

Combine that with absolutely no governmental strategy regarding Britain’s long term stance with Syria and the certainty that Assad will remain in power under the aegis of Russia and the stark reality is that any British intervention is utterly ludicrous and recklessly dangerous.

So, to extract Britain from the current headlong rush into political and military conflict, and to put a stamp on Britain’s new independence, I implore Mrs May to take a step back, at least debate the situation in Parliament, and redouble diplomatic initiatives with Russia so that a de-escalation and the resumption of normal relations can take place sooner rather than later.  Her actions now will mark her place in history.

Let’s hope she makes the right decision.

BBC cuts off former British Ambassador to Syria during radio interview

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BBC Radio Scotland: Peter Ford, former British Ambassador to Syria

BBC: There’s a lot of tough talk on all sides here, I wonder where you think it will lead us?

PF: Well I greatly fear that it will lead us to the edge of Armageddon. It’s time to take a deep breath and consider where we’ve got ourselves into as a result of mainly hysteria and distortion. The worst case is that Trump does really launch off with some very unwise, multiple attacks on Syria, and given that Rusian forces are deeply embedded with Syrian forces, in particular air defence, it’s highly likely that scores of Russian soldiers will be killed.

If anyone thinks that Russia will simply take that lying down, I think they need to think again. Russian planes in the last twelve hours have been buzzing US destroyers in the eastern Mediteranean. Please, I think everybody needs to take a deep breath before something truly horrible occurs, affecting the security of us all, including in this country.

We have forces in Syria, the Government don’t like to talk about this, but one was sadly killed a few days ago, revealing the extent of our existing military involvement in Syria. So at the very least, our own forces will be exposed to grave danger.

BBC: Indeed it’s not just the US president though, who’s appauled by what they’ve seen, in terms of these pictures coming from Douma, we’ve had condemnation from President Macron, likewise from Prime Minister Theresa May too.

If it isn’t the sort of military action that you’ve just outlined there, what should be the response to this use of chemical weapons, if it’s proved?

PF: The correct response is obviously, and I think a child could see this, get inspectors onto the alleged site of the alledged offences, and in fact in the last few hours, Russia has offered to provide military escorts for inspectors from the recognised body in this field, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Warfare [OPCW]. This however…

BBC: And if it’s proved, then what? Because of course we know that Assad has form on this. We’ve had investigations previously, and there has been fairly conclusive proof that chemical agents have been used.

PF: I don’t think that Assad is in the least worried that the inspectors would find out his guilt, because he is probably not guilty, at least on this occasion. I mean we have to engage our brains as well as our emotions here, not be stampeded by those videos, which are decribed as being unverified, but which by dent of being repeated, over and over and over again, come to acquire a spurious credibility.

We have to ask ourselves, what are the sources of the information on which we are on this stampede to war. They are twofold, and I’m sorry but the media are falling down on the job in investigating this, the sources are the Syrian American Medical Society, which is a pro-Islamist propaganda outfit, based in the United States, funded by the CIA…

BBC: So you are saying that, are you saying that these pictures have been staged, are you saying the people haven’t died, that people haven’t been affected…?

PF: Yes! Yes! Yes!
In all probability the incidents have been staged.
Come on, we know how easy it is to fake images for the internet. Look at the images, anybody could stage those, and then the second source is supposed to be so called first responders, who are the first responders? In this case they are the White Helmets, which is another pro-Islamist, Jihadi propaganda outfit, who on the ground have been involved…

BBC: This is an awful lot of effort to discredit Assad…

PF: Please let me finish! Please let me finish! Please let me finish this important point.

The witnesses to the terrible events are people who themselves were involved in beheadings, literally picking up the body parts, and we choose to give credence to testimony from these alledged first responders. I’m sorry but the journalists need to do their…

BBC: But Assad’s reputation was already in, in, Assad’s reputation was already in difficulty…

PF: Could you please stop inter… Would you please let me finish, for at least a whole point?

BBC: Well I’m trying, I’m to ask you a question to prove the point of what you’re making.

PF: You don’t allow, the BBC does not allow questions of important detail to be addressed.

BBC: We have a short period of time, I am trying to probe what you are saying. The point is that Assad’s reputation is already clearly dented, what would be in the interests of these people to stage these events?

PF: Well is that not obvious, a child can see. To have our own leash jerked by these Islamist fanatics. This is what’s going on, and ask yourself, how has it profited Assad?

Please, engage your brain and answer the question. How has Assad benefited from all this mayhem?

In fact it’s rebounded against him. Why would he do such a thing when he was already winning?

The battle for eastern Gouta was virtually over. Why would he choose this moment to do the one thing that would pluck defeat for him from the jaws of victory?

George Soros’s arch-enemy has a name: Viktor Orban

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Viktor Orban, an ardent conservative and eurosceptic proto-nationalist, has just secured his third term as President in his beloved nation, Hungary.

The Hungarians, at least those who have not been affected by the post-WW1 Trianon Pact, are a culturally ugro-finnic language speaking group; they now mainly inhabit a relatively small sized country in eastern Europe that merely contains 10 million inhabitants. These Hungarians have been demonstrated once again to be incredibly nationalistic in spirit and by nature.

By electing Orban for the third time, they have shown to be passionate about certain aspects of their ideal society that they would prefer to mantain. Quite clearly, in Hungary, those who voted for Orban, about 50% of the population, intend to hold on tight to their Christian heritage and refuse to accept the will imposed by the European Union of displacing their own by replacing them with an “army” of cheap labour coming from Africa and the Middle East. An “army” which is neither Christian nor European.

After all, during his campaign, Orban did bluntly accuse the EU of turning Hungary into an “immigrant country” that threatened their Christian identity. By choosing Orban, Hungarians also chose statal security and stability, over excessive liberty and overly compassionate and inclusive politics.

However, it is not the reactionary propositions found in Orban’s programme that should surprise public opinion the most. It is much more interesting, and certainly our duty as journalists, to point out that Viktor Orban is almost exclusively the one mainstream European leader who has pointed a finger at George Soros. Safely we can assume it was his middle one too.

Jokes aside, Orban’s strong and courageous campaign was almost entirely dedicated at destroying the figure of George Soros. He has personally attacked him not only as a pseudo-philanthropist guru but also as individual. Orban and Soros “go way back”, they have known each-other for more than twenty years.

When young Orban studied political science in the prestigious Oxford University it was Soros who sponsored most of Orban’s studies in Britain and connected him with high ranking academics, intellectuals, and visionaries.

Soros was a visionary himself, and towards the end of the eighties he began courting the bright youngsters he believed would fulfil his post-communist ultra liberal fantasies in eastern Europe.

At the time, Soros saw in Orban a future success, especially since the newly-elected president was at the time fervently anti-communist but also quite liberal and certainly not euro-sceptic.

It was in his later years that Orban perceived the threats of border-less nations and deregulated “crony capitalism”. In a matter of a few years, Orban became a robust right winger and anti-EU proponent. The type that favours “illiberal democracy”. The type that turns his back on his old mentor Soros, and fights off the threatening billionaire who has not only founded a series of global NGOs but also asserted himself in the financial and academic sector, recently establishing his very own Central European University headquartered in Budapest where students are regularly brainwashed with Frankfurt School neo-Marxist propaganda as they study to obtain political degrees.

Orban is astute, like an old fox, or a snake, perhaps a spooky combination of the two. His story is the story of someone who is a rebel at heart and will not take orders from anyone sitting in a higher position than him, whether that is Soros or the technocrats in Brussels.

Soros is the magnate that goes on televisions worldwide telling us that every EU member should accept at least one million undocumented migrants and refugees per year and have them on state benefits. Orban is the paternal, rural man who tells his own people they are special and deserve to have their own living space as well as their own dignity. You choose. I know the Hungarians already have.


Mayor Khan increased bloated marketing budget while Londoners die on the streets

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The massive increase in violent crime in London under Mayor Sadiq Khan has finally been commented on by the mainstream media, with murder figures in the last few months outstripping New York.

After hiding away for days after the initial headlines (a point brutally exposed on LBC Radio by presenter Tom Swarbrick), Khan has ventured out to apportion much of the blame to ‘Government Cuts’.

Whilst I will not defend Home Secretary Amber Rudd on this (or her predecessor, Theresa May) who have both defenestrated our police force, it is interesting to note where Mayor Khan deploys the budget that he has at his command.

It has been much commented about that he now has 900 officers looking over ‘hate crime’ online, something far less dangerous to life and limb than the knives and guns that have resulted in over 50 deaths on London streets this year and many more cases that have required hospital treatment.

Tonight saw another revelation in the pages of the London Evening Standard about his use of public funds, namely the increase in taxpayers’ cash spent on the GLA ‘self promotion budget’.

Political editor Joe Murphy reported on a freedom of information request that showed a rise in spending on publicity from £1.3million to £2.5 million in the past year, including a £300,000 increase in staffing for the Mayor’s media relations and marketing, taking it to a whopping £1,392,000 spent of YOUR money.

Mayor Khan’s spokesperson pointed out that cash had been ‘switched between different budgets’ in an attempt to defend the increase but the basic truth remains this – when lives are being lost on a daily basis in the Capital, for the Mayor to complain about cuts when spending the money he does have on self promotion is a total disgrace and a betrayal of the Londoners he has pledged to serve.

It is time for Sadiq Khan to put the wellbeing of the people of London before his political ambitions or do the decent thing and resign.

The taboo of voting fraud – Swindon trials new voting ID scheme

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Voting fraud has always been an issue that has never really been addressed or taken seriously.

Our current system is a magnet for fraudulent activity. If your neighbour is currently on holiday, there is nothing to stop someone from the other side of town turning up at the polling station, claiming to be that person and voting on their behalf. It is utterly ludicrous.

Following my complaints after the 2017 General Election, the Electoral Commission have now decided to trial an initiative in Swindon that will see voters having to show their polling card or ID to vote. To the average person this sounds like common sense, however Labour have cried that this will stop people from voting!

If one was to pick up a parcel from the Post Office you would be required to show ID, so why is this any different? What worries the Labour Party so much about such a simple task? If a voter cannot comprehend such a basic task, should they be allowed to vote at all?

Another system that is exposed to abuse is postal voting. We have heard stories from places like Tower Hamlets and indeed care homes up and down the country where this has been rife. This system also needs to be clamped down on so that only those with a genuine reason to not attend the polling station can use this as a means of voting.

We have all heard of certain communities collating all the postal votes and marking them before using a wheel barrow to deliver them. There are other stories that care homes are hotbeds for fraudulent activity. Until this is addressed, democracy in the UK will continue to hang on a knife edge.

Those in power are desperate and will use any means necessary to grasp on to this – they are the enemy of the people.

Labour accused of secretly reinstating anti-Semitic councillors

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It doesn’t seem that long ago we reported on the anti-Semitism in the Labour party in the hope that this would be stamped out. Sadly the cracks within the party are getting greater and greater and is becoming a huge deluge that the Party Leader Jeremy Corybn has failed spectacularly at dealing with.

More shameful allegations have emerged accusing the Labour Party of secretly reinstating at least six councillors despite them having posted anti-Semitic messages online, insiders have claimed.

The fundamental problem that the party has is that when the odious Tony Blair opened up the floodgates to increase his Labour vote, he ignored the true roots of the party that died along with the late and great John Smith. It is a simple fact that the party have not represented the working class in decades.

What we are witnessing in the party is a cultural divide where a dominance of power is being sought from the other and in essence exactly the way countries were first formed. Some cultures can never co-habit with others; a multi-cultural mixing pot often ends up causing issues as history has taught us.

The balkanisation of the UK must stop and our culture must be allowed to thrive. We welcome hard working Asian and African engineers to our shores but we do not need more people to wash cars or be dominated by another culture. Such a threat is tantamount to being invaded by a foreign power.

Since Corybn took the leadership role there have been 300 reports of anti-Semitism within the party. This is a staggering figure. Could you imagine the kind of grief a party like UKIP would get for that? It is very rich of the Corybn lovers to shout claims of racism about those who just want to exit the EU – it is many of these that are the root cause of racism by insinuating it. There is a deafening silence from groups like ‘Hope not Hate’. Why are they not challenging the real racists over this?

Anybody with a bit of knowledge of political history will know that fascism is Left-wing in both essence and spirit. The Marxists have long managed to persuade the world that fascism is the opposite of socialism when, in truth, they are twin aspects of the same totalitarian drive!

Not only is the Labour Party very poor opposition but it is a real threat to the stability of our country. It is hard to see how the party can recover from this latest and very sinister scandal.

Hey BBC, leave our kids alone!

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Today a new oxymoron was born when the EU funded, racist propaganda machine, the BBC, announced they would be visiting schools to help kids identify ‘fake news’!

Lest we forget how Trump labelled the organisation ‘fake news’ and banned the channel from the White House following the BBC’s biased coverage of the leader of the free world. The ironic initiative has been designed to tackle false information that the corporation says “threatens fact-based public debate and trust in journalism.”

The politically correct line-up on the tour will include BBC ‘journalists’ such as Huw Edwards, Tina Daheley, Nikki Fox, Kamal Ahmed and Amol Rajan.

This organisation is in no position to lecture us! As Luke Nash-Jones has said before, they are something the Nazi German Propaganda Minister Goebbels would be proud of.

It was announced by the Government in February that the annual TV licence fee will increase to £150.50 from £147 from April 1 to cover the shortfalls in the growing number of cancellations estimated to be over 1 million a year. The sooner the BBC becomes a subscription-only service the better. You want it – you pay for it, I don’t want to fund this beast while there are plenty of free channels available.

I can tell you now, they are not speaking to my daughter and I urge everyone to email your children’s schools to make our voices loud and clear! Please get the message out, we must protect our children from this awful and treacherous organisation who threaten our democracy and freedom.

In the the likeness of Pink Floyd; ‘Hey BBC, leave our kids alone!’.

Huge crowds join protest against anti-Semitism, in Westminster

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The ongoing rumblings about Labour anti-Semitism have exploded into a full blown crisis this week with revelations that Jeremy Corbyn is a member of a number of social media groups that feature anti Jewish tropes and that he questioned the removal of a mural depicting Jews as getting rich at the expense of the workers.

The Jewish Leadership Council and Board of Deputies called a demonstration on Parliament Square earlier today where a letter was put in to the meeting of the Parliamentary Labour Party scheduled for this evening.

I arrived at the demonstration around 5.30pm to be greeted by the sight of over a thousand protesters waving placards, banners and Israeli flags. Off to the side under the statue of Churchill, a group of around a hundred under pop up banners of the JVL (Jewish Voice for Labour) counter demonstrated in defence of Jeremy Corbyn.

Many on the main demonstration tried to engage the Corbynistas in debate but it appeared futile. To try and gauge the feeling, I myself approached them and found a middle aged man in a leather jacket amenable to discussion. He advised me that Corbyn had fought anti-Semitism all his life and this was just a Tory plot to try and stop the rise of socialism in the UK.

The irony was not lost on me that whilst he was telling me this, principled Labour MP John Mann was on the platform speaking in favour of the demonstration and calling out anti Jewish bigotry.

The gentleman based most of his rhetoric around the ‘apartheid’ state that had displaced the ‘Palestinians’ in 1967 – when I pointed out that over a million Arab-Israelis have full rights and serve at all levels of government, including the Knesset (Israeli Parliament), this was ignored, as was the fact that the West Bank was actually a part of Israel under the original 1947 UN document setting up the state in the first place, occupied by force by invading Arab armies until taken back in the 5 day war.

According to this gentleman, anything pre 1967 was ‘ancient history’ and not relevant (The term Palestinian was actually coined by Yasser Arafat after that war)

We agreed on the peaceful 2 state solution but again any historical context (TransJordan was the part of Palestine given to the Arabs when Israel was created) was ignored – Jeremy is sticking up for the ‘oppressed’ who are confronted with an oppressive regime.

Other points were wheeled out and dismissed – Corbyn’s attendance at the Al Quds Parade in 2012 where he was the main speaker, sharing a platform with the Islamists of Hizb-ut-Tahrir surrounded by Hezbollah battle flags (He was ‘encouraging dialogue’) , the invitation to Azad Ali of MEND to speak in The Commons last November on ‘Islamophobia’ (Ali has been exposed as an extremist as recently as tonight on Channel 4’s Dispatches programme), his closeness to the Iranian Government’s propaganda arm ‘Press TV’ from whom he took cash to appear, all refuted as ‘smear’.

I was told that we need a dialogue on Palestine without any preconceptions – I agreed but questioned how this was possible when I myself had been branded an extremist by his party for raising the question on Israel previously?

When I elaborated, pointing out that I had stood as a UKIP candidate against John McDonnell (who has run BDS marches in my home town) I was informed that the party was ‘full of racists and anti semites’. Pointing out that this was a preconception that was completely untrue, he refused to listen – when I pointed out ex-BNP members who are now Labour councillors (something that can’t happen in UKIP because they are proscribed) I was accused of ‘cherry picking’ individual cases of people who had realised the error of their ways.

When I told him that I myself have a membership of the leading anti extremist thinktank, Quilliam, he told me he had done work with them before and that I was associating with people who have been terrorists – he had obviously not listened to them as Islamism is a doctrine whereas terrorism is the carrying out of that doctrine through lethal force, something that none of the Directors of Quilliam had ever done.

Extricating myself from a conversation that was going nowhere, I was approached by another of his comrades who told me that this event was all part of a ‘Zionist and Tory plot to damage Jeremy’ – I rest my case!

Walking across to the main part of the event, a number of familiar faces soon came in to view. Along with the aforementioned John Mann, I saw David Lammy MP chatting to a film crew – I never thought we would ever agree on something! I was also advised that Labour Ruth Smeeth MP was amongst those opposing anti Semitism although I didn’t see her.

Other Labour MPs to give speeches were Claire Kober (former Haringey council leader, driven out by Momentum), Luciana Berger, Louise Ellman and Wes Streeting, whilst I am certain that I saw Andrew Dismore AM (Labour GLA member) chatting with a film crew.

From the Conservatives, I spoke with Matthew Offord MP who I had first met on the counter demonstration to the Al Quds Parade last year, a very approachable and decent man. Stood with him was Joseph Cohen from the Israel Advocacy Movement, an easily identifiable figure with his striking ginger beard and one of the bravest men I have ever met who will debate anywhere with anyone in a sensible, logical manner.

Other Conservatives in attendance were Zac Goldsmith MP (I shook his hand and thanked him on his continuing campaigning against Heathrow Expansion), Bob Blackman MP and a lovely lady whose name escapes me from the GLA staff. I was advised that Sajjid Javid and Penny Mordaunt were there but I did not see them myself.

Also in attendance was author and commentator Douglas Murray whose forthright views have led to numerous threats against his person.

Notable by their absence were representatives of Hope not Hate and Stand up to Racism (SUTR), both of whom have combating anti Semitism in their mission statements on their websites. Amazingly, they were out in force on Saturday to combat Veterans and football supporters supporting the Justice for the 21 campaign in Birmingham, branding them as ‘racists’ – yet when there are real issues to be confronted, they are nowhere to be seen. Can you remind me who are major donors to both campaigns again?

Anti-semitism is a real and present problem in the Labour Party today. Even Corbyn has admitted to ‘pockets’ of it, something that Shami Chakrabarti failed to confront with her report into the state of the party prior to Corbyn elevating her to the Lords.

For a party that claims to be ‘For the many, not the few’, failing to confront it does them no credit and calls in to question their claim to be an inclusive, forward looking organisation. Some of the banners today ironically mocked that slogan – are they really what they claim to be or are they ‘For the many, not the Jew?’

Protests as TUC hosts a United Ireland conference featuring Gerry Adams as keynote speaker

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Spring is in the air and along with the daffodils, demonstrations proliferated across the country yesterday.

Birmingham saw thousands march in support of Justice for the 21 and against terrorism, whilst in London an event that seemed to pass under the radar was also treated to a peaceful protest from Veterans and Patriots.

A conference named ‘Towards a United Ireland’ was held from 12pm at the TUC Headquarters on Great Russell Street where the keynote speaker was former Sinn Fein leader and alleged IRA commander, Gerry Adams, with support speakers including current SF leader Michelle O’Neill. What the TUC are doing hosting a meeting discussing sovereignty of a part of the UK baffles me as their remit is to be an umbrella group for trade unions, whose job is to support their members’ rights in the workplace, not interfering in politics.

Adams is also a highly controversial figure given his past associations and as a result, a number of veterans decided to peacefully protest the event, supported by patriots from a number of groups.

I arrived just after 12pm when the attendees had already entered the building – a large presence was outside handing out leaflets about injustice towards our Armed Forces veterans in the province, many of whom are now seeing cases that were investigated and closed in the 1970s re-opened whilst IRA members who killed innocent civilians were pardoned under The Good Friday Agreement.

Prominent were posters with Adams’ image alongside that of Jean McConville, a mother of 10 who was executed by the IRA for being ‘an informer’ – it is alleged that Adams authorised the killing and some of the veterans who were there who had flown in from Northern Ireland told me it was in reality because she had helped a wounded British soldier.

Other posters showed bloodied hands and placards had names of civilians, police officers and military who had been killed by the IRA with times and dates on them.

The gathering obviously had an effect on the speakers as Adams was smuggled in around the back rather than having to walk through the assembled peaceful demonstration at the front – a victory of sorts for those who came from across the UK to make their point.

By 12.30 it was obvious that no more people were coming through, so the protesters retired to various pubs and restaurants for lunch, agreeing to meet back at 4pm to catch the attendees on the way out.

None of the speakers were in evidence when we got back, but a number of conversations were had with people exiting the conference and putting across our point of view. The police presence was quite heavy and I was informed by one of the officers that there had been an issue around 15 minutes before our arrival, but I have no further information on that.

One thing that did strike me was the reaction of one of the event organisers towards us as she was putting equipment in the back of the sound van – “We love you lot”, she said with a sneer. It is a pity she doesn’t love the family of Jean McConville as much, an innocent woman executed by a bullet to the back of the head whose body was missing and therefore unable to be laid to rest for over 20 years by her grieving relatives.

Vince Cable claims INCORRECTLY that Salisbury nerve agent victims are DEAD!

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Lib Dem leader Vince Cable just said on BBC Radio 4’s Any Questions show being held tonight in Romsey, Hampshire, that the victims of the Salisbury nerve agent attack are dead. They are not.

Vince Cable was taking part in the panel event alongside Brexit campaigner Richard Tice, Brexit Minister Suella Fernandes, and Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott.

A party leader really ought to be better informed and more intelligent than this!

UKIP Old Guard Pass Rules Blocking Talented Millennials from Fixing Digital Outreach

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Despite the fact the EU referendum has occurred, and Theresa will deliver some rotten soft Brexit deal before the next general election, UKIP is claiming it will be the party to deliver Brexit. UKIP is not going to be elected into Downing Street in the next few months. Let’s have a realistic message that people identify with!

The party is lost with zero vision. While I still hold that Bolton’s attack on the NEC was absurd, and that I do not know of any rule it ever broke, I do believe this committee needs to delegate to, and include, persons under the age of 50. It doesn’t understand communications: the digital outreach is poor, the marketing embarrassing, and the manifesto weak.

There is no awareness of who Peterson, Milo, etc. or even Gramsci is! They don’t know the critical difference between the two patriotic young movements: alt-light and the alt-right. Someone at the very top of UKIP told me they don’t even know what the alt-right is.

I am an expert in digital matters, headhunted by the top software engineering company in the UK. I know that the UKIP Tech committee is full of amateurs who haven’t a clue what they are doing: they don’t want me to join their talking shop. I have studied the methods used by Trump, Momentum, and Le Pen. I get young people to vote UKIP.

We need a committee with a range of ages; older members with life experience, but those in twenties and thirties also have relevant experience, on current political concerns to most voters. In addition, give the youth wing a seat for goodness sake, even if it’s a non-voting one; hear the political concerns of students, and also advise the youth wing how to operate.

The members of UKIP vote for who joins the committee that runs UKIP: the NEC. It clearly needs an injection of fresh blood who can bring some vision and charisma! However, instead it shuns our well-meaning offers for free assistance as “infiltrators”; maybe it’s the after-effect of those drug-infested 1970s hippy raves, but those tin-foil hats are popular!

The election is months late, and suddenly the criteria have been altered last minute for no strong reason. A shambles!

A handful of Millennials (in 20s or 30s), with a strong media following made it known they were planning to stand, to share for free their understanding of technology and young voters’ concerns with this committee dominated by pensioners. They have strong support from party membership and likely would have all won a seat, and resurrected UKIP.

After we received some silly remarks from NEC members, who don’t appreciate the need for social media, the Millennials have been blocked.

For years the criteria was very inclusive, but the NEC itself, not the membership, has suddenly passed new illogical rules for who can be elected to said body, stating you need to have been a UKIP member for at least 2 years. These are rules set in addition to those in the constitution, and serve no purpose but to protect the old guard.

Personally, while I’ve campaigned with UKIP for years, and I’m one of Britain’s most active Brexit activists, I couldn’t associate with my local branch due to the local party candidate, an absolutely idiot, telling the media he wanted to kill an Asian Brexit supporter. Basically, my refusal to support this moron bars me from standing for the NEC!

One Millennial, not myself, described these rules as a “joke”, while another said the party needs social media help. Personally, when I heard the latest thoughts on digital outreach from the party leadership, I felt like screaming and banging my head on a wall.

Many of the most passionate activists in the Brexit referendum are banned by these new ridiculous rules. One remarked, “Maybe they should just ban anyone under 50 from joining the party!”

We are the ones who get off our arses!! We do the hard work! We organise rallies and marches for Brexit, at our own expense, without party funding. Where are most of the MEPs and the NEC? We do livestreams. We built a news network. We have impressive intel, due to thorough research. We are the real British patriotic movement.

Frankly, we’ve had enough of watching the party die over the last 18 months due to a lack of vision by the management. The party needs a manifesto written by people who know about politics, and to use the Internet PROPERLY to reach the majority of the electorate, which is roughly half the age of NEC.

In addition, the holding of meetings on weekdays, not weekends, blocks working people from the NEC, and limits it to a clique of mostly pensioners, who don’t understand the core electorate. Even the top levels of leadership expect us to meet them on work days when we beg to show them what they could do with social media; a meeting that has not happened despite my offering to take a day off work months ago.

Enough of unqualified people thinking they deserve a title due to age!! Delegate for goodness sake to those who have the talent and are begging to help, or you won’t have a party left to have titles from!

I am not convinced that joining a visionless committee, attending meetings, which clash with holding a job, is currently a good use of my time. I shall focus more on working with other Millennials on various projects to modernise the British right. You haven’t stopped us!

Why the decision to hand UK passport production to French company is flawed

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Much has been made today of the Government’s decision to hand the production of the new post-Brexit blue passports to French company Gemalto ahead of British Company De La Rue.

I have dug in to this a little bit deeper and casting aside any notions of jingoism asked the big question – is the Government doing the best for us irrespective of any political interest?

Unfortunately, my conclusion is that not only are they making fools of us but the British company is not competing on a level playing field and here is the case for why.

Firstly, government contracts are tendered for and awarded on the best value for money. But our government does not base their judgement on the bigger picture which includes jobs for local people (cutting the benefits bill) and the knock on effect in terms of secondary jobs in the local economy based on spending of wages, just the initial cost of the project.

Our European neighbours factor this in to their calculations, meaning that firms in their own countries can put in a higher bid on their own contracts against UK companies and still win because public money is not just supporting the job in hand but additional benefits in the local community.

Secondly, De La Rue is a private company that generates its own funding and has to compete in an open market. But a very quick search online regarding Gemalto finds that they have been in receipt of French Government funding, backed by the EU, for research and development that props up their operations.

This is from their own website –
“Amsterdam, the Netherlands, May 23, 2008 – Gemalto (Euronext NL0000400653 GTO), the world leader in digital security, today announces that the European Commission has authorised the financial grant by the French government to the MaXSSIMM(*) development programme through OSEO. OSEO is a French public Agency which supports innovation and development. The programme, carried out by a Gemalto-led consortium, is intended to facilitate and accelerate the implementation of convenient personalised and secure Internet services for mobile devices. OSEO will contribute to the program through a €35-million subsidy over 3 years.”

So not only are our own government not looking at the bigger picture in terms of local jobs and regeneration, UK firms have to compete against EU competitors who are in receipt of EU authorised subsidies to prop up their operations.

The EU have been very vocal in their opposition to US based ‘protectionism’ by imposition of trade tariffs on subsidised steel (neglecting that their own tariffs in place at present are higher than those proposed by President Trump) – maybe it is time for the UK Government to look at allocating contracts based on the bigger picture and also looking at government subsidies allocated to those from overseas that not only disadvantage our own businesses but distort competitiveness against those who believe in real free trade.

Hope Not Hate wants to BAN books

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I’m not a fan, politically, of Hope Not Hate however I do go to the site and read their commentary. I am aware of institutional disingenuity, I am suspicious of their charitable status and their dog-whistle leftist bias.

The reason for my caution regarding HnH is that I do not believe their objectives are politically neutral. This week they have embarked on a campaign to persuade the UK’s leading booksellers to stop selling certain publications such as The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion, either in store or through their web sites.

There are other publications on their list, none of which I would pay a quid for, let alone read and most of which are absurd anti-Semitic or overtly racist garbage. That’s why I will not mention them here. I have read ‘Zion’, painful as it was, and urge you not to waste your money or time as I did. The same goes for most of the titles on the HnH list. But feel free if you must…

No reasonable person denies the Holocaust or Nazi atrocities. No sane person wants to stir up racial hatred. But by labelling anyone with an active academic interest in these subjects as twisted, or by denying the common man the ability to source these titles and make their own mind up about the absurd and offensive content is in itself sinister. It’s intellectual snobbery wrapped up in political correctness.

Not everyone has the means or access to the British Library or university libraries, where these tomes are freely available. Are HnH assuming the ordinary man cannot filter what they read or view? Do HnH really want any academic debate outside their approved list proscribed? I hope not, as this sets a dangerous precedent.

HnH have picked up a very hot potato here and I suspect will be embarrassed by it. They assume all right-leaning thinkers are incapable of rational judgement. I trust the booksellers will not bow to pressure to remove the publications from sale. Either way, their profits will hardly be touched as the sales figures are miniscule and the influence of the publications is totally insignificant. Let’s hope there are no bans on books in the UK anytime soon. I’d hate that.

How certain conservatives have become today’s “revolutionaries”

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Conservatism is not the most modern ideology, or at least it is not perceived as such in its generic form. We can all agree on that. The first conservatives to be drawn to politics were ideologues that dated back as far as the 1790s, perhaps even earlier than the French Revolution. Immanuel Kant, along with Francois-Rene’ de Chateaubriand, and Edmund Burke can be considered as the central founding fathers of conservatism.

In one way or the other, directly or indirectly, they gave birth to traditional conservatism. This was the conservatism that opposed most of the values of the French Revolution but did not ever question or fail to credit the morality of the American one.

As a philosophy of life, that was both political and social, conservatives began their journey as those who firmly preserved institutions, traditionalist values (Christianity, Monarchism, etc), and fought for an organic society of hierarchy and authority as well as property rights.

In the world we live in now, things have changed. Conservatives are no longer the ones who at any cost defend the status quo. We have learnt from our mistakes, we have evolved and we understand that we are not in a position of power anymore. Many of us have been pushed to the fringes, and constantly attacked by liberal and progressives, who resort to calling us ugly names from their moral high-grounds. We all know what these are, no need for more detail. As Steve Bannon once said: “wear them as a badge of honour.”

In one way or another, conservatives are now considered to be the provocateurs of the new era. Without any doubt, a large portion of conservatives have opted for the easy way out; mixing with liberals, embracing post-modernist and progressive parties to remain in trivial positions of “power”, where they believe they can still call the shots by being a minority.

However, the real conservatives are still out there. They are now the ones who openly speak out against mass immigration (both legal and illegal), the dangers of the monopolies of bankers and multi-millionaires’ influence on state policies, and the corruption of the current legal system brought by Frankfurt School political theory.

The time has come for the right to look at itself in the mirror and compliment, flatter ourserlves. We shall do this not because we are winning everywhere, taking our nations back slowly, but we shall do it especially because we have embraced the vigorous, virile and playful spirit of Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Milo Yiannoupoulos, Steve Crowder, Raheem Kassam, Boris Johnson and many others who belong to a different school of thought, but are still great conservatives, those like Marine Le Pen, and Geert Wilders.

Conservatives are aware that they cannot afford to be the old and uncharismatic, stubborn suit and tie bureaucrats, who are overly-reactionary and fear any sort of change, whether that is leaving the EU’s single market or letting a controversial speaker discuss views freely at Hyde Park Speaker’s Corner.

It is the liberal left that is intolerant and reactionary now, it is them along with their Amber Rudd-type classic liberals disguised as conservatives we must oppose with all our strength. After all, it was the former Young Turks presenter, Dave Rubin, who outlined that he had to leave the Democrat-sponsored American television programme because he realised there was nothing liberal about liberals anymore.

On the other hand, conservatism is not a strictly nationalistic, isolationist, philosophy of life anymore. We have created an international movement of people who are fed up with being told what to do and what to think. Tired of constantly hearing recognised majorities telling us that we must take responsibility for wars in Africa and embrace the exodus of their people at whatever cost or having them tell us traditionalist parties cannot push forward the idea that women should make more children but work six days a week in some sort of scientific field of work.

I do not normally like to use the word “revolutionary” but this time I have used it proudly because I believe that we are the forward thinkers, we are the future, and we will be back to take everything that belongs us. Also, lest we forget, “history is on our side”.

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