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Henry Bolton supporter calls for Luke Nash-Jones to be “shut down”

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Bonkerous Bolton supporters surely fear defeat this Saturday. Horny Henry fan-boy Lee Turner has called for one of Britain’s leading Brexit activists Luke Nash-Jones to be “shut down” and “left out in the sun to dry”. Words some would construe as a death threat.

The post by Turner calls for Nash-Jones to be silenced, for disagreeing with Henry Bolton. The hardworking Brexit activist is a man of convictions, while as far as we are aware, Turner has done nothing to campaign against the EU, never having supported a Brexit rally. We travel around the country reporting; we know who is putting the effort in.

UKIP Daily expressed they have received threats of legal action, for printing the truth, and expect to be victim of the absurd disciplinary action that the UKIP leader spoke of in the town of Bolton in Greater Manchester. Kipper Central also expect some retaliation for their journalistic work.

It is no surprise that the 52 year old snowflake based in Tunbridge Wells, in Kent, is a school teacher, working for London Teaching Pool Ltd of Hainault, Essex. Until recently he worked at Barnfield South Academy, Harris Academy, Manshead School, and Leigh Academy.

Marxism-infested academia has long struggled with a problem of intolerance to alternate views, resorting to policies of “no platforming” where right-wing speakers are banned from campus.

However, new levels of pure stupidity have been reached with Mr Turner’s call to ban UKIP party members from speaking if they backed the NEC.

This comes after Henry Bolton himself said he wished it was legal to fight in a duel UKIP member Warren Whitmore who didn’t support him; an action that would result in assault, even killing of critics.


Lee Turner, specialises in video production. He has called for the MBGA News Editor-in-Chief to be silenced; perhaps he is jealous of the support our video channel receives.


UKIP Hampshire official SMACKS Henry Bolton, “Get behind me, SATAN!”

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One of Britain’s leading Brexit activists Luke Nash-Jones has a reputation for not beating around the bush. Today, the UKIP North East Hampshire branch committee member made very clear on Facebook what he thinks of Henry Bolton.

“The only words we have for neoliberals like Henry Bolton are, ‘GET BEHIND ME, SATAN!’ (Words of Jesus at Matthew 16:23)”

Last week, in Frimley, Surrey, the no-nonsense populist, known for getting straight to the point, hit a raw nerve, as he called out Bolton for walking out on his kids at Christmas. Such an action he suggested contradicts UKIP’s unique selling point: a traditional family values image, and has caused a sharp fall in membership, even closure of branches in Hampshire.

Attempts were made by the cowardly chair of UKIP Surrey to “DESTROY” the footage, to ensure Nash-Jones’s courageous comment to Bolton was never heard, though Horny Henry was given a copy.

Undeterred by the support for hedonism by those more than old enough to know better, Nash-Jones, who campaigns around Britain for Brexit, tore into the party leader AGAIN, stating,

“How bad must things be if I upload a speech, and three people ask me to be UKIP party leader. I get messages like this all the time; even from top party officials.”

“Friends, I’m nothing special. I just say what the people feel. The question I am pondering is, Why the hell doesn’t Horny Hooray Henry?”

In a speech to UKIP branches in London, Nash-Jones stated that the future of the Party was ALREADY in jeopardy due to the actions of Bolton, who he called for the defenestration of. He said the postmodernist “doesn’t care about you and I”.

Nash-Jones uttered similar words on Facebook, saying,

“The pain, the suffering, the anger. We, the people, have no voice. It’s so obvious what UKIP needs to be, but the leader was too busy shagging a member of the youth wing! This pathetic, hedonistic Liberal Club twonk just doesn’t even begin to understand the people. Or maybe Paddy Pantsdown 2.0 doesn’t care about us.”

“I certainly do not believe a man so obsequious to the EU machine for decades is on our side. Anyone who voted for this LibDem really needs to wake the hell up! Now you post that you didn’t know his past – I stated clearly online BUT you mocked me – please this time hear me out before judging.”

Bolton left the LibDems only three years prior to standing for UKIP leadership. Nash-Jones had called out Bolton, stating his supporters might as well vote for Nick Clegg.

Known not to mince his words, Nash-Jones’ statement on Facebook continued:

“Henry Bolton doesn’t CARE about you and I.
He doesn’t talk about the problems we face.
He doesn’t represent the values we stand for.
He will KILL the party, and in so doing, probably Britain itself.”

“Anyone denying this is probably just a disgusting political careerist after a position. You may scream and shout that you will drain the swamp of malcontents. You will go down the toilet with the Horndog.”

A number of non-UKIP members, such as Marty Caine (who set up a rival party to UKIP) have targeted Nash-Jones, while Kipper Central and UKIP Daily face weak threats of silencing, even baseless claims for legal action. To MBGA News, Nash-Jones stated, “What’s he going to do? Expel the whole Party?”

The statement by the leading Brexit activist continued:

“We are the REAL people.
We have had enough of being lied to.
We had had enough of being cheated.
We have had enough of our country being destroyed for your quick profits.
The only words we have for neoliberals like Henry Bolton are, “GET BEHIND ME, SATAN!” (Words of Jesus at Matthew 16:23)”

We will stand up and shout!
We will fight, to our last breath, to save civilisation!
And, we will win!
We will take our country BACK from liberal, hedonistic, vile scum like Henry Bolton!”

The only words we have for neoliberals like Henry Bolton are, "GET BEHIND ME, SATAN!" (Words of Jesus at Matthew…

Posted by Luke Nash-Jones for UKIP NEC on Thursday, 8 February 2018

Is Henry Bolton ordering the UKIP NEC to delete content to please ‘racist’ Marney?

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As Henry Bolton’s former (or so he claims) mistress Jo Marney came under fire for remarks deemed racist, he dumped her. On to TV the Harry Enfield look-a-like went saying it was over, only to then state on Russia Today that he was considering a rekindling of the relationship.

Doubts appeared after Christopher Snowden of the IEA claimed he saw the couple enjoying a meal in the Liberal Club in London. Now today, claim has been made that the couple were spotted together in Folkestone.

Doubts extend further when we consider an email sent to the NEC, after Bonkerous Bolton’s bit of stuff kicked off about a tweet critical of her.

Just over an hour later, an NEC member received an email from Horny Hooray Henry demanding Mick remove a tweet that had upset Jo Marney.

The girl was suspended by UKIP. Why is the party leader spending his time harassing actual members, elected NEC members in fact, for the sake of her?

Hasn’t Bolter got some real work to do? Like sorting a manifesto? Fixing the terrible digital outreach? Attending the non-partisan Brexit rallies over the past months? And no, the last minute flurry of activity now his seat is at threat only shows he could have done it previously.


The word “moll” is slang for a female companion of a gangster – this would be defamatory if no one would deem Bolton to have behaved like a gangster. The definition of such a racketeer would be a person who engages in dishonest and fraudulent dealings.

He ran on the platform of a family man, wearing a wedding ring in a manifesto, but now claims his marriage was broken – was that misleading? You decide.

TeamBolton smacks of DESPERATION: Wild suggestions of sexual crime

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One of the most prolific pro-Henry Bolton supporters online is Marty Caine, who runs a registered political party called Engage; hence, one would presume he is not a member of UKIP.

As Caine has set up a party to compete with UKIP, surely it would be in his interest for the purples to have a weak leader. One has to wonder why he backs Bonkerous Bolter so fervently?

Caine’s recent posts smack of desperation, as he resorts to calling our Editor-in-Chief, Puke. Is this kindergarten?

As Nash-Jones points out, one of the saddest things about the whole Bolter fiasco is the way that people old enough to be his parents are behaving. Walking out on one’s family at Xmas is shameful, as is the supposed dumping of his wife by text; the condoning of such hedonism by mature(?) adults is disgraceful.

Marty Caine even resorted to a tweet claiming to be looking for a UKIP member on the sex offenders list. This we take as an attempt to intimidate and silence MBGA News.

If Bonkerous Bolton is so incredible, why does the truth need to be hidden? Why did Deena Chapman, wife of former UKIP Surrey chair, with support of new chair Helena Windsor, seek to destroy videos of Bolton’s speech in Frimley?

Meanwhile, UKIP Daily claims to have received threat of legal action from Bolton, while Kipper Central received a tweet that appeared to suggest Horny Hooray Henry wants them shut down.

Other frequent Twitter warriors defending Banging Bolton include Mark Childs, and Ronnie Cole, who told a UKIP member that she only criticised Henry because her tampon was sideways. Charming!

Jacob Rees-Mogg attacked by Antifa at University of West England

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Multiple eyewitnesses say the hooded protester who went nose-to-nose with Jacob Rees-Mogg tonight is a Corbynista, Momentum and Labour supporter. Guido reports that the word on campus is that the hatted protester with red sunglasses seen berating the Mogg in the above video is Josh Connor, a former student at the University of the West of England, where tonight’s disruption took place. Connor was described by eyewitnesses as the protester who was “most vocal and stayed longest.” His social media tells the usual story…

If you appreciated this video, we need you to help us make more. Donate please NOW: Copyright Notice: Unless otherwise stated, all footage is strictly the property…

DOUBTS on Henry Bolton’s claim of 2 year course at Sandhurst

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Bolton says did 2 year course at Sandhurst. Should be 2 or 3 weeks?

Training for a TA soldier is part-time; members of Veterans Against Terrorism inform us that TA officers do not study for 2 years. We are wiling to be corrected, but we understand the Sandhurst training would actually be 2 or 3 weeks long.

The Army Rumour Service (ARRSE) states the TA only does Module 4 at Sandhurst; that only lasts up to 21 days. Maybe Bolton attended the Diane Abbott School of Mathematics!

It does mention a minimum of 1 year and a maximum of 2 years commissioned service, but that is not at Sandhurst, but elsewhere; Mod 4 only, remainder in unit lines depending on age, rank, experience etc..

I have double-checked this with members of Veterans Against Terrorism.

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