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Government says Make Your Choice: Soft Brexit or No Deal

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Remoaners set up a petition calling on the government to give parliament the option of voting to remain in the EU when a vote on the ‘final deal’ takes place. However, this has backfired on the Remoaners spectacularly, as the government has responded to the petition saying that a vote against the final deal will be a vote for a ‘no deal’ option.

“The British people voted to leave and the Government will implement their decision. The vote on the final deal will give Parliament the choice to accept the agreement or leave the EU with no agreement.”

“The result of the referendum held on 23 June 2016 saw a clear majority of people vote to leave the European Union. Parliament overwhelmingly confirmed the result of the referendum, on 8 February, by voting with clear and convincing majorities in both of its Houses for the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill. The Government is clear that it is its duty to deliver on the instruction of the British people and implement the result of the referendum.”

“The Government has committed to hold a vote on the final deal in Parliament as soon as possible after the negotiations have concluded. The terms of this vote are clear; Parliament will have the choice to accept that deal or to move ahead without a deal.”

So, in summary, if the government is unable to get a majority in parliament for its Brexit deal, we will be leaving the EU with no deal at all, rather than Brexit being cancelled as the Remoaners wanted.

UKIP kicks out Henry Bolton in EGM no-confidence vote

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MBGA News has been reporting from the UKIP emergency general meeting in Birmingham today. Around 3000 members arrived at the ICC in Birmingham this afternoon to listen to speeches and cast their ballots on whether to endorse a motion of no confidence in Henry Bolton’s leadership passed by the party’s ruling national executive committee (NEC). It is the party’s first emergency meeting in 18 years.

The meeting started off in scathing fashion for Henry Bolton – former acting leader Steve Crowther said Bolton lied on his CV, acted inappropriately regarding the whole Jo Marney saga and said he’s developed a reputation for being unavailable and habitually late. Crowther also called out Henry for failing on media.

Paula Waters and Paul Oakley slammed Henry for trying to sue the NEC to ban Anne Marie Waters. Oakley also said Henry tried to push a judicial review in court against the NEC to stop the EGM.

All press have been banned in case criticism of Henry is heard by the public.

Speakers backing Henry claimed Soros is trying to take over UKIP. Another mentioned Batten to a loud round of applause and cheers which showed the people didn’t share the speakers’ attack on Batten that followed. Another pro-Bolton speaker tried brushing off Marneygate by saying the speaker has had many wives younger then him whom he has left including one wife who had a see-through catsuit.

Bolton concluded the event with words that could be understood to suggest he will take legal action if he loses the ballot.

It has just been announced that scandal-hit Henry Bolton has lost the no confidence vote. 63 per cent of members voted to kick Bolton out. The full results are as follows:





VOTED: 1,378

Farage warns ‘Brexit betrayal’ would plunge UK into constitutional CRISIS

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Brexit campaigner Nigel Farage has said that if Prime Minister Theresa May allows Brexit to be watered down or halted by the likes of George Soros, Britain will be plunged into its “gravest constitutional crisis since World War Two”.

Farage cast May, who voted to stay in the EU, as “Theresa the appeaser” for giving in to Brussels on almost every element of Brexit negotiations and said Britain was being humiliated by the EU.

“The best-case scenario right now under our current pathetic leadership is Brexit in name only – that is about as good as it gets.”

“At worst they are going to make us fight the whole thing again.”

“That is a significant betrayal of what many millions voted for.”

Farage continued: “The real crunch point is ultimately going to be the meaningful vote in the House of Commons on whatever deal we get and that is the point at which it is not impossible to see this country plunged into a constitutional crisis,” Farage said.

“The chances of this being the case get higher with every week that goes by,” he said. “If the deal is rejected on a confidence motion, then you are looking at general elections or you are looking at another referendum.”

We must not allow the globalist elites to thwart the will of the people. The people spoke loud and clear on Brexit and May has an obligation to follow through despite her personal feelings or the feelings of the elites.

Twitter’s statement on Russian Brexit bots is DEVASTATING for Remoaners

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According to Britain’s Pro-Remain media, including the BBC, ITV, The Guardian and Buzzfeed – the Russians used 400 fake accounts to tweet about Brexit and to promote a Vote to Leave the European Union. However, this false narrative has been blown apart by Twitter.

In a fake news evidence session in Washington DC attended by UK ministers the social media company gave the following statement.

“We can now update the committee that our broader investigation identified a very small number of suspected Internet Research Agency-linked Twitter accounts.”

“Forty-nine such accounts were active during the referendum campaign, which represents less than 0.005% of the total number of accounts that tweeted about the referendum.

“These accounts collectively posted 942 tweets, representing less than 0.02% of the total tweets posted about the referendum during the campaign. These tweets cumulatively were retweeted 461 times and were liked 637 times.”

“These tweets cumulatively were retweeted 461 times and were liked 637 times. On average this represents fewer than 10 likes per account and fewer than 13 retweets per account during the campaign, with most accounts receiving two or fewer likes and retweets. These are very low levels of engagement.”

Twitter’s statement doesn’t specify whether the 942 tweets were pro or anti Brexit, or a mixture of the two. In total, over 62 million tweets were sent during the EU Referendum campaign.

The Remain camp’s claim that Brexit was won by “The Russians” is just another attempt to smear the Brexit result and try to push for a second referendum. Therefore, it is good news that these claims of Russian interference in the referendum have been refuted.

CONFIRMED: Soros is behind Gina Miller’s campaign to SABOTAGE Brexit

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George Soros was today confirmed to be backing Gina Miller’s “Best For Britain” campaign to reverse Brexit, according to a strategy document leaked to the Daily Telegraph.  The investor, famously known as the man who “broke the Bank of England” in the early 1990s, has donated £400,000 to the movement through his Open Society Foundation.

The investor is one of several senior figures linked to the Best For Britain group, who plan to launch a national advertising campaign later this month, in an attempt to turn the public against Brexit. It also plans to target MPs and convince them to vote against the final Brexit deal to trigger another referendum or general election.

Soros had invited guests to his home in Chelsea at the end of January to listen to a pitch to launch a campaign to convince the British people to overturn their vote to leave the European Union. The 87-year-old host became famous for making more than a billion pounds betting against the pound before Black Wednesday, in 1992. The Hungarian-born businessman has made himself a persona non grata to governments across Eastern Europe, and has been accused of having a hand in the fall of several governments.

Also at the launch dinner were Stephen Peel, a businessman and former Olympic rower who is also said to be putting money into the new campaign and is on the board of Best For Britain, Lord Malloch-Brown, the former Labour minister and chairman of Best For Britain, and Sir Martin Sorrell, the chief executive of advertising firm WPP. However, the guests at the dinner left without donating any money to the campaign.

The key objective is to convince MPs to vote against the deal Theresa May negotiates with Brussels, regardless of its content. Malloch-Brown and his backers believe that if Parliament rejects the Brexit deal when it comes to a parliamentary vote in October, the Government will fall, and Brexit can then be stopped. He was quoted as saying last month: “If we can achieve that, I think it will trigger either an election or a referendum, or a change of government without an election, or at least a change of prime minister.”

A group of billionaires colluding to stop Brexit only affirms what ordinary voters already suspected, that the EU exists to promote the interests of the wealthy elite. For Remoaners to be talking about triggering a change of government without an election is particularly sinister.

How ironic of US Democrats, and Remoaners, to be complaining about foreign interference in the democratic process of sovereign states when Soros is doing exactly that. Young people (who will be the main targets of the upcoming Best For Britain advertising campaign) need to realise that Soros and his cronies are not doing this to save you, they are doing this to make themselves even richer – these people don’t give a damn about freedom, democracy or ordinary citizens.

Remoaner thugs send DEATH THREAT to 80 year old woman

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Pro-EU fanatics have sent violent letters to Brexit voters threatening to KILL them.

An 80-year-old woman in London got a note through their door containing a horrific death threat from an anonymous troll, her MP Zac Goldsmith revealed.

The letter said: “If you attempt to take away part of someone’s identity. There are consequences.

“We have watched have you have stoked the fires of Brexit and led us to this moment.

“You can no longer be tolerated. We are coming for you. We are going to kill you.”

Mr Goldsmith passed on the note to the Metropolitan Police after it was brought to his attention.

A lot of the blame for this lies firmly with the pro-EU media and the way the Remain campaign pointed the venom at older voters, and this is the result.

Remain has become a toxic brand.

Labour Party activists tell university students to vote TWICE

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Yesterday a group of Labour activists set up a stall outside Plymouth University with a poster telling students to register to vote twice in the upcoming local elections – once in their home constituency and again from their university residence.

The poster read “In local elections you can register and vote both here and at home”.

Currently, it is legal to vote more than once in local elections, but not in general elections. However, rather worryingly, there were reports of students voting twice in last year’s general election and in the EU referendum. In fact some students openly boasted of voting twice for Labour. A man was also convicted in December for voting twice in the general election, by using different variations of his name.

The Electoral Commission received up to 1,000 complaints about people illegally voting twice at the general election on 8 June last year. They said there were “troubling” reports of double-voting, with 38 MPs raising concerns about the activity in their constituencies.

This sort of behaviour makes a mockery of our democratic system. It is clear that they are targetting students because they are more likely to vote Labour. Jeremy Corbyn has also bribed students by pledging to end tuition fees.

In some very marginal seats, double voting could be enough to change the overall result. It should be one person, one vote, and the rules need to be enforced to ensure there is no abuse of the voting system.

Gina Miller THREATENS new court case against Brexit

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Remain campaigner Gina Miller, who rose to prominence after winning a legal challenge against the Prime Minister on Article 50, has threatened a new court case against ministers over the deal with the DUP to spend an extra £1billion in Northern Ireland.

She claims the government failed to follow the proper process when it signed a confidence and supply deal with the Ulster party, claiming there should have been a Commons vote.

The campaigner sent a letter to ministers last year warning she would contest any payments without a vote.

On Sunday, Ms Miller told ITV’s Robert Peston she had learned two chunks of cash have been allocated to Northern Ireland without a decision by MPs.

I wonder why Ms Miller never challenged Gordon Brown’s signing of the Lisbon Treaty without holding a referendum first. What about all the laws that the EU passed – will she be doing something about that because our Parliament didn’t have a vote on them either?

Originally she demanded Parliament ratify Brexit, then when they did she changed her mind and said she’d lost faith in them, and that the people should be asked to ratify the final deal in the form of a referendum.

The aim here is not to be open and fair but to bring about the collapse of the government and secure a second EU referendum. It would seem that her concerns are not for the good of ordinary people.

The UK has ALREADY agreed to a Norway-style transition period

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According to reports in the Independent yesterday, senior EU figures stated that the United Kingdom has already “agreed in principle” to a Norway-style Brexit transition period. This will likely mean that the United Kingdom will have to adopt all new EU rules with absolutely no influence at all.

We will be forced to contribute huge sums to the EU budget, continue with free movement of people and our legal system will remain under the jurisdiction of the ECJ. But worst of all: we will NOT be able to negotiate any new international trade deals during this period.

Labour’s Shadow Trade Secretary Barry Gardiner suggested earlier in the year that such a model would render the United Kingdom as nothing more than a “vassal state.” The Belgian MEP Philippe Lamberts said that the United Kingdom would go along with this proposal for at least two years after Brexit.

Following these revelations, Conservative MPs have also told Theresa May that Britain must not be bound by EU rules during the Brexit transition period.

Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg told The Independent: “If civil servants are doing that then they are surreptitiously wiping out the Prime Minister’s red lines.

“She has been clear that leaving the European Union means that we are no longer subject to the Court of Justice, that we stop making payments and that we control our own borders.

“If the transition doesn’t give us those then it isn’t a transition, it is remaining a member of the European Union and it is simply an extension of our membership without any votes – that would be a negotiating failure for the Government.”

This all means that Britain will continue as a member of the EU in all but name until at least December 2020. This is not what we voted for!

Over 100 MPs will demand END of free movement after Brexit

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Jacob Rees-Mogg and more than 100 other MPs are set to come together and demand that free movement into the UK from other EU nations ends from the very moment the country leaves the European Union on March 29th 2019 at 11pm.

They will also pressure Theresa May to stick to her “red lines” and hold back any payments to the EU until a free trade deal is done.

However, Theresa May remains in control of the Conservatives, with the 1922 Committee holding back potentially-patriotic leaders such as Leadsom. Mogg can lobby all he wants, but the government will continue on a path of soft Brexit.

Rees-Mogg, the newly-elected chairman of the influential European Research Group said he will call for the post-Brexit “simplementation” period to end in 2020 – sooner than the two-year period previously suggested.

“We must have control of free movement of people as soon as we leave,” said Mr Rees-Mogg.

“This idea that we can let them carry on coming for another two years is absolutely absurd.”

“Staying in the single market or an approximation to it is a bad deal because it means we still suffer from EU control but have no say in it.

“The Norway version would be the worst of everything – it would be better to stay in the EU.”

“We want to ensure the implementation period is genuinely an implementation – not a transition that means we are basically still a member of the European Union.”

This sort of news demonstrates why Jacob Rees-Mogg has become a very popular figure over the last year or so. He should have been in government long ago but he is a threat to May because he is so popular with Brexiteers on same wavelength.

Remoaner Lord Mandelson secretly VOWED to help Brussels in Brexit talks

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Lord Mandelson secretly offered to help Brussels in Brexit talks. In a letter to the European Commission’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier, the Labour peer pledged his loyalty to the survival of the EU project.

He is a former EU commissioner and is in line for an annual pension of £35,000, even though he was in the role for less than 4 years. In return for this, Lord Mandelson must remain loyal to the EU, despite no longer working for them.

In the letter, obtained from the European Commission using Freedom of Information laws, Lord Mandelson suggested that they held private talks at a conference they both attended in Brussels in November.

He wrote: “I would welcome the opportunity to put some time aside for us to share some thoughts on the Brexit negotiations.

“As you know, I am deeply committed to the future of the EU as it strives for solidarity in the face of growing challenges from populist movements, geopolitics and a still recovering economy.

“I would be happy to brief you on the current pressures in British politics and share with you my assessment of how these will play out.”

Lord Mandelson added that he had already held discussions with Frans Timmermans, the European Commission’s First Vice-President.

Mr Barnier’s office was unable to arrange a meeting for the dates suggested by Lord Mandelson, but expressed his ‘sincere thanks’ for the offer and asked if it would be possible for them to meet at another time.

In April, Lord Mandelson was branded a traitor by opponents after he advised the EU to ignore the interests of Britain in Brexit negotiations.

He told a German newspaper: “Basically, one can only advise the Europeans one thing: Forget Great Britain and take care of your own interests.”

It is absolutely disgraceful for a British politician to put the EU before his own country. And as for being entitled to a guaranteed pension of £35,000 for just 4 years’ service, most pensioners who have worked hard all their lives don’t even get that! It’s another example of politicians and civil servants looking after themselves at our expense.

Theresa May REFUSES to say she’d vote for Brexit in any second referendum

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Theresa May has refused to say that she would vote for Brexit in an interview with French TV, and has even hinted that she would vote Remain again if there were another EU referendum.

“If a vote was to come up, I would do what I did last time round which was sit down and look carefully at the issues,” she told the France 2 TV channel.

“But there isn’t going to be another vote, so this is not an issue. What is going to happen is the UK is going to leave the European Union. There will be no second referendum on Brexit. We took the decision as a parliament that the British people should have their choice.”

The Prime Minister was criticised when she made similar comments in October 2017 when she again refused to say how she would vote in a second referendum.

Pressed for an answer on LBC radio, Ms May said: “I could say I would still vote Remain or I would vote Leave just to give you an answer to that question. I am being open and honest with you.

“What I did last time round was I looked at everything and came to a judgement and I’d do exactly the same this time round.”

How on earth do the public expect her to deliver on the will of the people when her heart isn’t in it? We need a prime minister who believes in Brexit and will implement the will of the people.

Sadiq Khan BLASTED for gloomy Brexit impact report

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The Greater London Authority this week released a gloomy impact assessment report on Brexit, produced at London Mayor Sadiq Khan’s request.

The report claims that a no-deal Brexit could cause the UK to lose half a million jobs and nearly £50bn in investment by 2030.

The Leave Means Leave campaign group said in an email to supporters: “Project Fear’s expert cheerleaders such as the IMF, World Bank, OECD, and the CBI couldn’t even forecast with any degree of accuracy how UK GDP would perform for 1 year from the end of 2016 to the end of 2017 – they were mostly 50 per cent wrong! So what chance do these supposed experts, Cambridge Econometrics (who, by the way, are ardent supporters of Corbyn and unashamed Remainers) have of being accurate over 13 years to the end of 2030?”

Sadiq Khan’s gloom and doom report doesn’t reflect the facts – for example the 2017 Financial Times financial centres ranking placed London in their top spot. Not one single EU city even made it into the top 10. Two large recruitment firms dismissed fears of a Brexodus of workers from the City: Robert Walters recorded “record results” due to hiring in London during the final quarter of last year, while PageGroup rejects the notion that Paris or Frankfurt will pinch the best talent from London.

Furthermore, manufacturing output is at a ten year high, factory growth is at its highest level in seven years and during December 2017, spending growth hit an eight month high.

Despite all this good news, Remoaners are still determined to stop Brexit.

It looks like the intention from the outset of the study was to prove that Brexit is bad. The Mayor of London is wasting taxpayer funds to suit his own personal anti-Brexit political agenda. His role as Mayor is to promote London and he should be focusing on the many opportunities that Brexit will bring for London.

A second referendum must not happen: not because Brexiteers fear losing it, but because of the damage it would do to the UK’s global reputation and the loss of confidence in democracy amongst tens of millions of British voters.

Right-wing PragerU SUES YouTube for CENSORING their videos

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PragerU, a conservative educational site, is suing Google and its subsidiary YouTube, accusing the video site of censoring its online videos because of their political leanings.

In a statement sent out to its subscribers, PragerU said:

“YouTube has chosen repeatedly to restrict some of our videos for violating their ‘Community Guidelines.’ Those guidelines are meant to protect users against viewing sexual content, violent or graphic content, and hate speech.

“As a PragerU viewer, you know as well as I do that our videos contain nothing even remotely close to any of these categories.

“To date, YouTube has restricted nearly 40 PragerU videos, addressing topics ranging from religion and freedom of speech to the history of the Korean War.”

More than a year ago, PragerU filed a complaint with YouTube, hoping that the deletion of the videos was an innocent mistake.

Yet they were told by YouTube that after reviewing the videos they determined that they were indeed “not appropriate for a younger audience.”

The statement continues: “Think about the millions of actually inappropriate videos on YouTube and then ask yourself, ‘Why is our content restricted?’

“Unfortunately, the answer is rather obvious, isn’t it?  YouTube has restricted PragerU videos for only one reason: Ideological discrimination.”

Before taking legal action, PragerU did attempt to take a more diplomatic approach, but were completely ignored by YouTube. On the one-year anniversary of Google blocking their content, PragerU renewed their complaints to YouTube and re-circulated an online petition urging Google to change course, all to no avail.

Politically motivated censorship is exactly what Google/YouTube, Facebook and Twitter do. YouTube are frequently demonetising videos MBGA News, deleting videos, channels and comments, while Facebook are ghosting comments on our pages and so on. This happens both in the US and other nations.

They don’t want people to express their anger and concerns about their nation’s problems and calling out failed politicians – instead they censor the people.

Virgin Trains depart for 1984: BANS Daily Mail for being right-wing

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Virgin Trains should perhaps be known as the Siberian or Snowflake Express, after in a true Orwellian spirit, it has announced that it has stopped selling the Daily Mail newspaper, due to being triggered by the right-wing content.

Drew McMillan, head of colleague communication and [lefty] engagement at Virgin, told staff in an internal memo: “Thousands of people choose to read the Daily Mail every day. But they will no longer be reading it courtesy of VT.”

Let’s not forget that anti-democratic Virgin chief Richard Branson is very pro-EU and wants the Brexit vote – the will of the people – to be overturned, whilst the Daily Mail is strongly in favour of Brexit.

McMillan ranted about the need for a safe space with only left-wing political views, “There’s been considerable concern raised by colleagues about the Mail’s editorial position on issues such as immigration, LGBT rights and unemployment.”

The Snowflake Express head of comms expressed his support of thought-police, “We’ve decided that this paper is not compatible with the VT brand and our beliefs.”

“We will continue to offer The Times to customers, but we won’t be stocking the Daily Mail for sale or as a giveaway.

“This won’t suit all of our customers or all of our people – it’s certain to draw some criticism. But we’ve listened to many colleagues over the last few months, and we feel that this is the right move to take.”

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage tweeted: “We are heading in a worrying direction. Banning things because you don’t like them solves nothing.”

A spokesman for the Daily Mail spokesman hit back, saying that at a time when fares were rising, it was “disgraceful” that Virgin was announcing that “for political reasons it is censoring the choice of newspapers it offers to passengers”.

He added: “It is equally rich that Virgin chose to launch this attack on free speech in the Aslef trade union journal.

“For the record, Virgin used to sell only 70 Daily Mails a day. They informed us last November that to save space, they were restricting sales to just three newspapers: the Mirror, FT and Times.

“They gave no other reason, but it may be no coincidence that all those titles, like Virgin owner Sir Richard Branson, are pro-Remain.”

What would Richard Branson know about how the EU affects us, the British people? He lives outside the EU in his own island. He moved his business to Switzerland to escape EU laws and taxes.

EU open borders means uncontrolled immigration, higher unemployment, lower British wages and a boost to his profits. Some patriot he is!

Perhaps Virgin Trains should stick to improving their train service and not waste time and resources getting involved in politics. What will Virgin’s customers make of this?

Thought Police Republic Germany Demands Facebook BAN Rightwing Politics

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Many of you are fed up with Facebook and Twitter restricting free speech, attacking those who lean right. For a taste of what Britain will soon be like if Brexit doesn’t happen, look to Germany, the thought police. On January 1st the Netzwerkdurchsetzungsgesetz (network enforcement act) came into force in Germany.

Germany’s hate speech rules, known locally as NetzDG and which came into full force Monday, demand that social media giants promptly remove potentially illegal material, some of it within 24 hours of being notified, or face fines of up to €50 million.

The anti-EU party Alternative for Germany (AfD) have already felt the consequences of the new law – two of their MPs have had their Twitter accounts blocked. But they aren’t alone. The satirical magazine Titanic was also unable to use Twitter for two days, after it posted a tweet satirising the AfD.

Tech executives and lobbyists have said Germany’s new hate speech rules have the potential to limit freedom of expression of the country’s citizens, and that it should not be left to private companies to determine what should be allowed online.

The hate speech rules “put companies under tremendous time pressure when examining reported content,” said Bernhard Rohleder, chief executive of Bitkom, a German trade body. “The high fines reinforce this pressure. This will inevitably lead to the deletion of permitted content.”

AfD leader Alexander Gauland responded to the blockades by saying that “private individuals, in this case Twitter employees, should not be taking over the work of judges.”

More concerningly, the European Commission also is mulling potential new pan-EU guidelines to expand on its existing voluntary code of conduct, to which almost all of the social media companies have signed up. In an interview last year, Vĕra Jourová, the Commission’s justice commissioner, said large tech companies must deploy more resources to tackle the problem, or face potential new rules by the spring that may force them to comply with existing hate speech legislation, which was created for the offline world.

“We want the rule of law to be applied in the internet sphere,” Jourová said. “If the situation becomes unbearable, then we will act with legislation.”

Hate speech laws in the EU will end up being used against those that oppose the EU’s Big Brother agenda. Opposition will not be tolerated and alternative world views will not be tolerated. It will be used as a way for politicians and bureaucrats in Brussels to increase their control; they will never relent.

Hypocritical Google REMOVES YouTube app from Amazon Fire TV

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In recent days, Google has withdrawn its YouTube app from Amazon Fire TV as retaliation in an ongoing dispute. Fire TV users wanting to access YouTube videos now have to use a web browser instead.

At the turn of the year, Google followed through on its threat to remove its YouTube app from Amazon’s devices in retaliation for Amazon refusing to sell Google products, such as its home speakers or Chromecast devices, on its website. In addition, Amazon had refused to offer its Amazon Prime Video as a Chromecast app.

Just weeks ago, the Silicon Valley elites were crying foul about the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) move to repeal Obama-era “net neutrality” rules. “The End of the Internet as We Know It,” declared a CNN headline.

It is hypocritical that companies who were pleading for net neutrality are banning and blocking content to the detriment of consumers.

Christie-Lee McNally of campaign group Free Our Internet has compiled a list of examples of censorship carried out by the Silicon Valley tech giants. It is rather a long list!

In this case, Google should practise what it preaches.

House of Lords warned not to BLOCK the will of the people

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Prime Minister Theresa May has been urged by MPs from the Bow Group and the Bruges Group to call on the Commons to reject any amendments by the House of Lords if peers attempt to block or water down Brexit.

However, it may be rather moot, because such a delay would probably hold up Brexit beyond the two year period in which we have to formalise a deal with the EU. Further, the Commons already rebelled against Theresa, so probably will again.

They raised concerns that Remain-backing Lords will change the EU Withdrawal Bill in a way which keeps Britain tied to Brussels rule; perhaps meaning Britain will maintain open borders with the EU.

According to figures collated by ITV’s Peston on Sunday, it was revealed more than 600 peers backed remaining in the EU compared to just 165 peers who wanted the leave the Brussels bloc.

Philip Davies MP insisted Parliament “must act on the will of the people not the Lords”.

Shipley MP Mr Davies said: “Whilst the House of Lords has a Remain majority, they would do well to remember their unelected nature and the potential backlash to their shunning of a majority decision taken by the public.

“Parliament must act on the will of the people not the Lords.”

Benjamin Harris-Quinney, Bow Group Chairman, added: “What these MPs have told the Bow Group is that their red lines are very clear and they will not support a government that does not deliver on them.

“They are far greater in number than the remain rebels and many of them have spent 30 or 40 years campaigning for Brexit – they aren’t going to give up now.

“Whilst technically Theresa May has enough support in Parliament as a whole to pass a soft Brexit – 130 Conservative MPs being opposed to it will topple the government immediately preventing such a bill from being passed.”

It is shocking that a few hundred unelected Lords have the power to overturn a mandate that 17.4 million people voted for. It is especially disturbing that the 102 unelected Lib Dem peers can halt this bill, even though they only have a handful of elected MPs. Any attempt to create a constitutional crisis will very likely lead to calls for disbandment of this unelected chamber of unrepresentative politicians.

Leading REMAINIAC Lord Adonis QUITS government in anti-Trump rage

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Labour peer Lord Adonis quit tonight in protest at Brexit, claiming it was a ‘nationalist spasm’. He was appointed by former chancellor George Osborne to run the cross-party National Infrastructure Commission in 2015, and was re-appointed by Theresa May in April despite disagreements over Brexit.

Mrs May declined to fire the peer in July when he compared Brexit to Nazi appeasement.

Lord Adonis told Mrs May that future generations would ‘marvel at your wanton destruction’ if she continued to push through Brexit.

In his resignation letter, Lord Adonis told the PM: “Brexit is a dangerous populist and nationalist spasm worthy of Donald Trump.

“After the narrow referendum vote for an undefined proposition to ‘leave the EU,’ it could have been attempted without rupturing our essential European trade and political relations.

“However, by becoming the voice of UKIP and the extreme nationalist right-wing of your party, you have taken a different course, for which you have no parliamentary or popular mandate.”

An unnamed Government source made clear Lord Adonis was going before he was pushed.

They said: “He’s been moving closer towards the exit door with each new onslaught he makes against Brexit.

“He’s now walked through the door before he was pushed.”

Earlier this month, Lord Adonis hailed the government’s first defeat on the Brexit Bill, gleefully warning of more trouble to come.

“First step towards defeat of Brexit. And this is before the Lords has got going on the National Betrayal Bill,” he wrote on Twitter.

Good riddance to him! We don’t need politicians and civil servants who refuse to respect the will of the people. Let’s hope more Remoaners will follow him.

OUTRAGE as Remoaner Clegg gets knighthood in New Year’s Honours

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There has been an angry reaction from Brexiteers after it was revealed that former Lib Dem leader and ex-deputy prime minister Nick Clegg will be handed a knighthood in the New Year’s Honours.

The gong is said to be in recognition of his five years as David Cameron’s deputy prime minister.

Clegg has called for a second referendum and written a book called How to Stop Brexit. In the book Clegg wrote: ‘There is nothing remotely inevitable about Brexit – except that it will be deeply damaging if it happens.’

The former Lib Dem leader sparked further fury among Eurosceptics when he travelled to Brussels to meet EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier.

Most disturbingly, in September he said there should be a second vote because the people who voted Leave were dying off.

It comes following reports that Nigel Farage – the man who led the successful campaign for Britain to leave the European Union – will miss out again.

Under Clegg’s leadership, the Lib Dems declined from 50 MPs to just 8, and then he lost his own seat! Yet the political establishment still thinks he is worthy of a knighthood. It just goes to show what the elites really think about democracy.

Giving Clegg an honour is a complete travesty and insult. The Honours system needs a total overhaul.

Happy Brexmas as UK exports score RECORD high

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There has been a spike in sales of festive items as more than £10billion worth of Christmas food and drink was exported last year – up nine per cent on 2015, latest figures from HMRC show.

Minister for trade and export promotion Rona Fairhead said: “This Christmas families across the world will enjoy British-made food, drink and entertainment.

“This is a terrific time for our dynamic and innovative exporters to show the world what we offer.”

Britain’s factories are benefitting from an export boom as the weak pound and demand from the strong eurozone economies leave manufacturers with the biggest order books since 1988.

In addition to the HMRC figures, a survey from the Confederation of British Industry also found 42pc of manufacturers increased output in the past three months while just 11pc said it was down. 28pc said total order books are busier than normal compared with 11pc who said orders fell on the quarter.

Just over half of businesses of all sectors – 51pc – plan to increase their headcount, continuing to drive Britain’s jobs resurgence which has taken unemployment down to its lowest level since 1975.

Overall, UK exports of goods and services have increased by 14.5 per cent to £613billion.

International Trade Secretary Liam Fox said more than a year since the EU referendum, it was “clear evidence that UK companies are succeeding on the world stage and as an international economic department we are banging the drum for the growing demand for our goods and services”.

So much for Project Fear! The Remainers in the Cabinet, the Conservative Party, Opposition benches, Treasury and everywhere else should now recant and admit that the Project Fear was and is complete rubbish.

Corbynista demands MURDER of MP who criticised Jezza

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Jeremy Corbyn was at the centre of a new row over social media trolls after one of his supporters called for Labour Enfield North MP Joan Ryan to be hanged.

Ms Ryan said during the 2017 General Election that many Labour supporters had ‘more confidence in Theresa May as Prime Minister’ than in party leader Mr Corbyn.

Beverly Krell, a Labour member from Manchester, attached Ms Ryan’s comment to a tweet headlined ‘We support Jeremy Corbyn’, with the remark: ‘If anybody has a rope and a tree, I’m ready’.

She also accused Ms Ryan of ‘dual allegiance’ and ‘treason’ for her role as Chair of Labour Friends of Israel. In other posts, Mrs Krell threatened to kill ‘Zionists’ with an AK-47 assault rifle and dismissed the Holocaust as ‘regurgitated’.

After calling for Ms Ryan to be hanged, she changed her online name to Sophie Goulding. Then, as Goulding, she wrote: ‘How do you deal with Zio Nazis other than deactivate the main account and find my AK-47.’

Mrs Krell claims that these messages were due to her account being hacked.

British Army WASTES £2million ditching ELITIST ‘Be the Best’ slogan

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The British Army is ‘wasting’ millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money to scrap its famous ‘Be the Best’ motto, which has been used since 1993 – because top brass say it is elitist.

The historic crest of two crossed swords, a crown and a lion was also deemed “elitist” and “non-inclusive” according to market research.

A document was circulated by General Sir Nick Carter, the Chief of the General Staff, to senior officers, saying: “Market research in May 17 found that Be the Best did not resonate with many of our key audiences and was considered dated, elitist and non-inclusive.

“The ECAB [Executive Committee of the Army Board] therefore agreed that its use should be phased out as soon as affordably possible. The retirement of Be the Best will commence immediately with all planned refreshes of Be the Best branded material cancelled in favour of brand compliant products.”

Critics last night hit out at the change of course, with Colonel Richard Kemp, the former commander of UK troops in Afghanistan, saying: “Credibility is secured by our abilities on the battlefield, our fighting spirit and our resources.

“And at a time when the defence budget is being squeezed, it is lunacy to squander money on a futile branding project.”

He added: “Be the Best is popular because it encapsulates the desire for our troops to be better than their enemies. It has never been about them looking down at anyone in society, so any suggestion it is elitist is nonsense.”

The plans have since been put on hold by the Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson, who is said to believe the British Army is the “best of the best”.

A Ministry of Defence spokesperson said: “The Defence Secretary believes that the British Army is the best of the best and has put these proposals on hold.”

UK plans new defence treaty with Poland

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Brexit will strengthen not weaken the UK’s ties with Poland, Theresa May is to insist on a visit to Warsaw – where she will announce plans for enhanced defence and security co-operation.

Poland will still “matter greatly” to the UK after it leaves the EU, she will say, citing shared history and values.

A proposed new defence treaty will be a “powerful symbol” of co-operation, the PM will tell her Polish counterpart.

“Our partnership is broad, vibrant and diverse and we both share a steadfast commitment to Europe’s security and defense,” the British PM is expected to say, according to the BBC.

This builds on the deployment of British troops to Poland under Enhanced Forward Presence, agreed at the last UK-Poland summit held in London in November 2016.

Ahead of the trip, Mrs May said: “The bilateral defence treaty we are signing today is a powerful symbol of our continued close cooperation.”

“I am determined that Brexit will not weaken our relationship with Poland. Rather, it will serve as a catalyst to strengthen it.”

Women’s March leader Sarsour enabled sexual assault, says her former staff

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The inspiration behind the Women’s March on DC, Linda Sarsour, has been accused of enabling the alleged sexual assault and harassment of a woman who worked for the feminist activist, according to the victim and two sources directly familiar with the matter.

Sarsour is the former executive director at the Arab American Association of New York. According to a report in the Daily Caller Sarsour reportedly threatened and body-shamed a former employee for bringing up allegations of sexual misconduct from within the organisation.

Asmi Fathelbab, the former employee, noted that groping and unwanted touching were among the allegations broached with Sarsour.

Fathelbab said: “He would sneak up on me during times when no one was around, he would touch me, you could hear me scream at the top of my lungs. He would pin me against the wall and rub his crotch on me.”

According to Fathelbab, management dismissed the allegations because the alleged perpetrator — a man who lived in the building that housed the association’s offices — was a “good Muslim” who was “always at the Mosque.”

“[Sarsour] oversaw an environment unsafe and abusive to women,” Fathelbab told The Daily Caller. “Women who put [Sarsour] on a pedestal for women’s rights and empowerment deserve to know how she really treats us.”

Fathelbab added that she was “dismissed by Sarsour outright.”

“She called me a liar because ‘Something like this didn’t happen to women who looked like me,’” Fathelbab said. “How dare I interrupt her TV news interview in the other room with my ‘lies.’”

Sarsour also threatened legal action against Fathelabab if she went public with the story.

“[Sarsour] told me I’d never work in NYC ever again for as long as she lived,” Fathelbab reported. “She’s kept her word. She had me fired from other jobs when she found out where I worked. She has kept me from obtaining any sort of steady employment for almost a decade.”

Fathelbab concluded, “Just wait until more people start to talk. Sarsour is no champion of women. She is an abuser of them.”

Two people who knew Fathelbab during her time at the Arab American Association spoke with TheDC on condition of anonymity. Both corroborate her story, recalling that she would return “emotionally distressed and in a panic” from work, often describing it as an “unsafe” work environment.

Sarsour claims to support Sharia law, which immediately discredits her claim to be a supporter of feminism and womens’ rights, as we have seen that Sharia law is indeed discriminatory against women even in its mildest forms.

Trump STOPS terrorists planning attack on Russia

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The Russian President Vladimir Putin has thanked his US counterpart Donald Trump for help in preventing a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg.

The CIA tip-off allowed Russia’s top domestic security agency, the FSB, to track down and arrest a group of suspects who were planning to bomb the city’s Kazan Cathedral and other crowded sites, the Kremlin said.

The White House later said in a statement: “President Trump appreciated the call and told President Putin that he and the entire United States intelligence community were pleased to have helped save so many lives.” The White House also confirmed that US intelligence agencies provided Russia with information “concerning a major terror plot in St. Petersburg.”

The White House did not disclose details about the plot itself, but said the attack “could have killed large numbers of people”.

Russia’s Federal Security Service, or FSB, announced on Friday that seven suspected followers of the Islamic State group had been arrested for allegedly planning to carry out terror attacks in St Petersburg on December 16.

The agency said the suspects were plotting a suicide bombing in a church and a series of other explosions in the city’s busiest areas on IS orders.

It said a search of a St Petersburg apartment found explosives, automatic weapons and extremist literature.

Russian news reports said the Kazan Cathedral was the prime target.

The White House seized on the foiled plot as a sign of what Moscow and Washington could do if they cooperate.

Government introduces race and gender quotas for public bodies

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The Tory government has demanded that 50 per cent of all 5,500 public appointments in Britain go to women, and 14 per cent to ethnic minorities.

Constitution minister Chris Skidmore unveiled the targets, which the government wants to see met by 2022, as part of the Cabinet Office’s 10-point Diversity Action Plan on Thursday. The plans will affect organisations such as the Forestry Commission and institutions such as the British Museum. Currently, 43 per cent of appointees are women and 10 per cent are from ethnic minority backgrounds.

Mr Skidmore said: “I am heartened by the increase in women being appointed to public boards but there’s more we need to do across all aspects of diversity. Today we published a Diversity Action Plan which sets out how we will make public appointments even more open and accessible to all.

“We need diverse ideas and perspectives at the helm of our public bodies, so it is vital that public appointees truly reflect the society they serve.”

What happened to employing the best person for the job, regardless of what group they belong to? What if women and people from minority groups are interested in others jobs? We could end up with people being hired due to their identity and not their skills and experience. As a woman I would find it rather patronising if someone offered me a job based on my gender and not my abilities.

Quotas discriminate against the individual men who happen to be running against a woman for a role. If women and minorities are employed through quotas, they will be seen as “token”, will be less respected and will have less power. Quotas set women against each other, competing for a certain number of “women’s roles”, which might destroy co-operation and unity. Enforcing a quota might lend organisations to view them as a ceiling rather than a floor on the number of women and minorities, stalling progress on equality in the long run.

It is also rather one-sided – for example, there are few male primary school teachers, but there are no quotas for these.

Greedy councillors vote to increase their own allowances while cutting services

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Earlier this week, greedy Norfolk county councillors voted themselves a £142,000 combined pay increase at a time when services are facing cuts.

An independent panel recommended that the basic allowance should remain as it is, but a majority of councillors voted for an increase anyway.

In what other job would people be allowed to set their own pay increases, especially one of 15%, which is what the council leader has received? It is particularly selfish for them to do this whilst imposing cuts on frontline services such as children’s centres and care services. To add insult to injury, there are also plans to increase council tax!

The front page headline of the local newspaper, the Eastern Daily Press, summed up very well how a lot of people feel – “what a flaming cheek!”

To their credit, several councillors did vote against the increase in allowances. Will these stick to their principles and refuse to accept the increase, or will they join the rest and take the extra money anyway? Actions speak louder than words.

This Norfolk story is not an isolated case – councillors up and down the country of all different political parties have voted themselves large allowance increases under similar circumstances. Similar stories have recently been reported in Wiltshire, Cambridge, Leicestershire and Kent – and that’s just the first page of search results from Googling the term “councillors vote for higher allowances”, so no doubt there are many more cases of this happening around the UK.

The public should be consulted on these allowance increases – I am sure a majority of rate-payers would rather the money be spent on services instead.

USA – Federal Communications Commission scraps Net Neutrality rules

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The US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted on Thursday to dismantle the rules regulating the internet service providers (ISPs) that connect users to the internet. The agency scrapped the so-called net neutrality regulations that prohibited broadband providers from blocking websites or charging for higher-quality service or certain content. The federal government will also no longer regulate high-speed internet delivery as if it were a utility, like the phone service.

Net neutrality is a term coined in 2003 to describe the principle that (ISPs) should treat all of the data they are providing to customers equally, and not to use their own infrastructure to block out competitors. However, the ISPs complained that this inhibits competition.

“We are helping consumers and promoting competition,” FCC chairman Ajit Pai said. “Broadband providers will have more incentive to build networks, especially to underserved areas.”

Pro-neutrality groups are already preparing a legal challenge, arguing the order itself should be invalidated as illegal. Online companies such as Amazon, Reddit and Netflix protested earlier this year against the FCC’s proposals for deregulation. They were (and are) worried about proposals that will “destroy net neutrality and give big cable companies control over what we see and do online”.

During his time as president, Barack Obama introduced the Open Internet Order, which required internet service providers to uphold the principle of net neutrality. The FCC voted to repeal these net neutrality protections in a 3-2 vote, with Pai voting in the majority.

“There is a lot of misinformation that this is the ‘end of the world as we know it’ for the internet,” the ISP Comcast’s senior executive vice president, David Cohen, wrote in a blog post this week. “Our internet service is not going to change.”

With regards to how this affects internet users in the UK, the net neutrality principle is active in British law courtesy of the European Union’s Regulation on Open Internet Access, although the UK already had a voluntary system before this. This means that British ISPs can’t block or slow down data for competitive or commercial purposes. The government plans to convert EU net neutrality rules along with much of the rest of EU law into British law using the Great Repeal Bill.

Even if a repeal of net neutrality law did ever take place in the UK, it is unlikely to have the same effect as in the USA, as the British ISP market is more competitive – we have a lot more ISPs to choose from, so if one decided to slow down access to certain websites, people could switch to another ISP relatively easily. However, in the USA, 40% of the population only has one option for internet service provider in their area, making it impossible to switch.

“We have lots of companies that sell both internet access and online content like TV shows and films,” said Ed Johnson-Williams, a campaigner at the UK Open Rights Group.

“They have an incentive to prioritise their own content as it travels to customers through the internet connections that they control. It’s really important content and services are delivered equally and fairly.”

For instance, he said: “Virgin Mobile doesn’t charge its customers for data used on WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger.

“While this might sound like a great deal, it’s bad for everyone in the long-run. It makes it harder for new messaging companies to build a user-base and break into the market. This reduces innovation and competition.

Kurten SLAMS lefty snowflakes: NOT ‘racist’ for snow to be white

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University College London was forced to apologise for using term “white” about snow by hysterical anti-racism campaigners.  During the cold weather on Monday uni bosses writer on Twitter: “Dreaming of a white campus?”

They added: “Our campuses will be open and operating fully today so please make your way in as planned.

(We can’t guarantee snow but we’ll try!)”

Aman Thakar, a former UCL student and the Southwark Labour candidate for Borough & Bankside ward, posted the following reply, complaining about the original tweet:

The next day the uni bowed to pressure and issued a grovelling apology.

Replying to their own message they shared a video of Bing Crosby singing White Christmas, adding: “We chose our words very poorly yesterday when thinking of this song.”

They went on: “We’re sorry and we’ll choose our words more carefully in the future.”

UKIP Education Spokesman and London Assembly Member David Kurten, who is himself black, pointed out that it is not racist to refer to snow as being white:

In addition, many other Twitter users replied to the tweet, ridiculing the university for its apology.

It is very sad that such an innocent tweet could be misinterpreted. You would hope that all university students and graduates would be intelligent enough to realise that the message was simply referring to snow. And how ironic for snowflakes to be triggered by snow! Maybe the campus was white due to an excessive number of snowflake students!

MEPs get drunk during working hours at taxpayers’ expense

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The European Parliament has announced it is renovating the MEPs’ restaurant and lounge, and is also extending the bar at a cost of €200,000.

Refurbishment works in the Altiero Spinelli building will begin in January 2018 and last for six months. MEPs received a note on their intranet site informing them:

In the framework of the catering policy adopted by the Bureau… to better accommodate Members’ needs and to adapt and modernise existing infrastructures, a refurbishing project of the Members’ restaurant and lounge in Brussels will start next year…To ensure high quality and functional service to Members’ parliamentary work, the Members’ Bar next to the Hemicycle in Strasbourg has been extended with new facilities.

In April this year, the European Parliament approved plans for the new 80-seat bar in Strasbourg, which replaced a library. There is also another bar in the Altiero Spinelli building which will remain open during the refurbishment.

The Altiero Spinelli building is named after one of the founding fathers of the EU who was a communist politician and Euro-federalist from Italy. This is apt as it seems the EU is trying to create a Western European version of the USSR.

So, MEPs and Eurocrats will continue to get drunk on taxpayers’ money! What other workplace has an onsite bar?

It is a demonstration of the contempt these politicians have for the people they are supposed to represent. There are plenty of restaurants, bars and other places in Brussels and Strasbourg – they should use them instead (but of course they won’t be subsidised and it might mean the Euro-elite have to mingle with the proles and realise how much a pint actually costs ordinary people).

Thank goodness we’re leaving!

Bigoted Xmas pantomime actors SHUN democracy, Brexit and Trump

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This year, many pantomime actors are incorporating jokes at the expense of Brexit and Trump supporters.

For example, Cinderella at the Hackney Empire (a Remain stronghold in east London) has the Italian rascal Dandini being threatened with deportation. A yellow-wigged Trump is banned from the ball and exits to booing.

At the nearby Theatre Royal in Stratford East, where Rapunzel has opened, Albert Mouse asks: “So Rapunzel, are you going to leave or remain?” Rapunzel replies: “Albert, I’m sick of this conversation. I’m remaining. Only an idiot would leave.”

As Harold tries to rescue Sleeping Beauty at the Clwyd Theatr in Mold, Flintshire, he says: “Sire, this castle is now just like Ukip.” Harold then adds: “It’s utterly pointless.”

Jack and the Beanstalk at the Lyric Hammersmith, west London, covers most bases: the evil landlord is called Squire Theresa Nigel Boris Donald Fleshcreep Rees-Mogg.

People go to pantomimes for entertainment, not to be lectured or ridiculed on their political beliefs. This is a blatant rejection of the will of the people, which is the definition of fascism.

They should be politically neutral so as not to alienate any section of their audience – there are plenty of good jokes that don’t involve politics. Especially since pantomimes are popular with impressionable young children, the actors should not seek to be politically biased.

Heseltine confirms support for United States of Europe

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The former deputy prime minister Lord Heseltine has told radio station LBC he believes in a United States of Europe.

Lord Heseltine told Iain Dale on LBC when asked if he wanted a United States of Europe, said: “Yes I do really, let’s not muck about.

“Why? Because I first heard the words in 1948 ‘we must create a kind of United States of Europe’ – who used the words? Winston Churchill.

“What I don’t have any difficulty about in the world in which we live is in sharing with our European colleagues a range of important decisions to give us the scale and influence and clout that the giants of tomorrow’s world; China, India, the United States have already got.”

You can watch the full interview here:

This came just hours after the head of Germany’s Social Democrats called for ever-closer European integration by 2025. In a speech at a party conference in Berlin on Thursday, Martin Schulz called for the EU to be turned into a “United States of Europe”, and any member state who disagrees would automatically leave the EU.

It’s interesting how rabid Europhile federalists have come out of the woodwork saying they want a United States of Europe, despite saying for years that it wasn’t going to happen.

Royal Mail says there will NOT be a Brexit Day stamp

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Royal Mail today said it will not produce a stamp to celebrate Brexit day – despite bringing out a collection to mark Britain joining the European Economic Community – a precursor to the EU – in 1973.

There had been calls among Brexiteers for the Royal Mail to issue a special collection on March 29 2019 when the UK reclaims its full sovereignty. But the organisation has rebuffed the demands saying ‘it does not intend to issue a stamp’ to mark the exit.

A spokesman for Ukip said: “The Royal Mail – an organisation that gave the EU’s London embassy its own postcode and celebrates everything from Star Wars to the Beano, can’t be bothered to record the date of our departure from the EU.”

The original stamps which marked the UK joining the EEC showed the a Union Jack emblazoned UK jigsaw piece slotting into a bigger European puzzle.

This just goes to show that the establishment are still not accepting Brexit, especially after Theresa May’s weak deal that was announced yesterday. May has signed us up to a EU Lite membership where they will have many powers over us for years to come. Some have said that there isn’t much point in producing a stamp to commemorate leaving the EU in name only, as the UK will effectively remain in the single market and obeying ECJ rules for years.

Luke Nash-Jones, Director of the People’s Charter Foundation said, “Perhaps the new stamp should feature Merkel’s backside, so the liberal elite may continue licking it, even if we ever do leave the EU!”

EU freedom of movement laws allow convicted rapists to come to Britain

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Two Romanian brothers have been jailed for 12 years after they tied a woman up with shoelaces and raped her in her own home in Ealing, West London – but they’d already served time in a French prison for a similar offence and were allowed into Britain because of EU open borders.

Ovidiu Mamaliga, 30, and Andrei Mamaliga, 28, attacked the woman in May just months after their release from prison following a rape sentence in France in 2016. They befriended their victim on her doorstep before attacking her, tying her up with shoelaces and raping her. The police fear there may be other victims of the brothers who are yet to come forward.

Deportation orders have been made for both once their sentences have been completed; however, it has proven difficult to deport EU criminals, with the Ministry of Justice revealing in November that a deal meant to have facilitated the deportation of just over 4,000 EU inmates has resulted in just 217 being removed from the UK since 2011.

Cases like these highlight the dangers posed by EU open borders. Once someone is in the EU, they can travel to other member states almost without restriction. It lets criminals wander around a continent with impunity and puts people’s lives at risk. Anyone with a criminal record should be denied entry to the UK.

In 2014, schoolgirl Alice Gross was murdered by Latvian builder Arnis Zalkalns, who had previously been jailed for murder in his home country. He had served seven years for battering his wife to death in Latvia but came to the UK without the authorities checking his record.

After the terror attacks in Paris in November 2015, there was alarm that the killers had so easily slipped into France from Belgium, and that some had entered the EU with crowds of migrants via Greece.

The wealthy globalist elites who want us to stay in the EU and the single market are safe in their gated mansions while ordinary working class people have to bear the consequences. They believe that money is more important than people’s safety – they would rather stay in the single market and have free movement of people, even if it means the risk of allowing convicted rapists and murderers into the country.

Google CENSORS migrant crisis video by Polish government

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YouTube has ‘quarantined’ a hard-hitting video on Europe’s migrant crisis released by Poland’s conservative government, as part the platform’s crackdown on “hate speech and violent extremism”.

The Polish Ministry of Interior and Administration’s video has been placed in a controversial limited state designed by YouTube to restrict access to videos it says contain “supremacist” or “extremist” content, but which don’t actually break any of the platform’s rules. Videos placed in this limited state are unsearchable, impossible to embed on other sites, and removed from users’ recommended videos lists.

The only way to reach such ‘quarantined’ content is by clicking a direct link to the video in question. Even then, viewers are warned that the “content is inappropriate or offensive”, and are asked to click a button confirming this before they are allowed to watch the video.

The video’s description reads –

“The PiS (Law & Justice) government withdrew from the harmful decision of the PO-PSL government to bring immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa to Poland. We were the first to say that not every immigrant is a refugee, and only a few flee from war and terror. Two years after the Polish government’s opposition to the admission of illegal immigrants, EU leaders are beginning to understand the absurd policy of compulsory relocation of refugees.”

This is the restricted video (which has English subtitles):

This is very concerning from a freedom of speech perspective, especially as YouTube is by far the largest video sharing site online. It is very difficult for smaller rivals to compete – just last week VidMe announced that it will be closing down and user uploads have already been disabled.

We cannot allow giant corporations to become the arbiters of free expression and communication. That leads directly to tyranny. One potential solution could be the use of decentralised peer-to-peer video sharing sites, where it would be much harder for a central authority to censor or restrict content.

“Snoopers’ charter” changes put forward by Home Office

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The Home Office has launched a consultation that proposes to make a number of amendments to their controversial internet snooping Investigatory Powers Act 2016.  The Investigatory Powers Act contains a variety of measures, such as one that forces broadband ISPs to retain basic Internet Connection Records on all of their subscribers for up to 12 months (e.g. details of all the websites / servers they’ve visited), which can then be supplied to a valid authority without a warrant. This occurs irrespective of whether you’re even suspected of a crime.

However, at the end of last year the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) threatened to deal a major blow to the IPA, by ruling that EU law does not allow “general and indiscriminate retention of traffic data and location data,” except for “targeted” use against “serious crime”.  After a long wait the Home Office has recently published a consultation in response to last year’s judgement and admitted that “some aspects of our current regime for the retention of and access to communications data do not satisfy the requirements of the CJEU.”  The consultation on the proposed changes will run until 18 January 2018.

To address the CJEU’s concerns, the government proposes:

  • that offences carrying a potential prison sentence of six months or more should be considered “serious crimes” for which communications data can be collected
  • that communications data will no longer be collected for the purpose of public health, collecting taxes or regulating financial markets
  • creating a new Office for Communications Data Authorisations (OCDA) that will authorise or decline law enforcement requests for data

The Open Rights Group and Liberty say the proposed changes do not go far enough.

Adding independent authorisation for communications data requests will make the police more effective, as corruption and abuse will be harder, said Jim Killock, executive director of the Open Rights Group.

But he said the government has evaded the main point of the Watson judgment, which is that it cannot keep data on a blanket basis.

“Without narrowing what they keep to specific places, incidents or investigations, these changes will not meet the standards set by the courts,” said Killock.

“Combined with the so-called Request Filter [covered in the code of practice], which could be a power for a police search engine for retained data, this will remain an incredibly intrusive surveillance power, unparalleled in democratic countries.”

Hypocritical Lily Allen claims she’ll be homeless over Christmas after tenants refuse to leave her luxury flat

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Lily Allen has sparked a furious Twitter backlash after claiming she is unable to move back to the London flat she owns because her Italian tenants are claiming ‘diplomatic immunity’. She even claimed that she and her family will be homeless for Christmas! Only last year, she sold her £4.2million Cotswolds mansion.

The couple from Italy later branded the claims ridiculous and explained how they merely wanted an few extra days on their lease.

The singer was accused of hypocrisy for renting out the property to wealthy foreigners instead of taking in refugees as she had previously pledged.

In the now-deleted tweet, Lily Allen wrote: ‘Meant to be moving back into my flat this week, but my tenants just dropped that they can’t find anywhere to go up to their standards.

‘Then they said they’re diplomats and have diplomatic immunity and there’s nothing I can do about it.

‘So, who fancies a family of 3 for Xmas?’

Her tweet sparked angry responses, with many branding her a ‘champagne socialist’. Others started the sarcastic hashtag ‘PrayForLily’ to poke fun at the star.

Last year, on the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire show, when asked by the presenter if she would take in an unaccompanied child, she replied: ‘100 per cent. Who wouldn’t?’

Lily Allen added: ‘These children are being displaced – [if] there’s room for people in my house, I’m going to take them in. I think anyone would.’

She also previously suggested housing poor people through the requisition of rich landlords’ empty properties.

Lily Allen has been very quick to forget her promise! She’s a professional virtue-signaller, at least while the cameras are near. But just like Bob Geldof and others, she reverts to her true self-interested self when the cameras have gone. She’s like another Bono, telling other people how to live and what to do with their money while making sure her money/assets are only used for her.

In the last few hours, she has set her Twitter account to private, so only approved followers can now see her tweets.

Electoral Commission launches investigation into allegations of Russian interference in UK votes

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The Electoral Commission has launched an investigation into allegations of Russian interference in last year’s Brexit referendum and the 2017 general election.

“It would be naive to assume that what we know happened in the US and France around their elections did not and could not happen here,” Sir John Holmes, the head of the Electoral Commission told BBC Today.

“And there has been evidence coming from the US inquiry that some of that activity was happening.

“What we have done is asked companies like Twitter, Google and Facebook to tell us what was happening here in the same way they did in the US.”

That’s a nice way to deflect attention away from the fact the establishment LOST badly despite all the lies and pro-EU propaganda from the government during the referendum campaign. Come to think of it, when is someone going to investigate all those lies?

While you’re at it, you could look at double voting by students due to the complete absence of identity checks, and the scourge of the first-past the post (FPTP) voting system which blocks any real change and protects the major incumbent parties.

But no, predictably the problem is ‘Russian meddling’.

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