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PETITION: Stop lefty Trinity Mirror buying up one of the last few patriotic papers, the Daily Express!

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The Daily Express, one of the few patriotic newspapers in Britain, backed Brexit, and is one of the few news sources to have given positive coverage to UKIP. This source of pro-British news is at threat!

They are to be bought out by a lefty outfit, Trinity Mirror, an organisation which helped found groups like the radical left HOPE not Hate that targets UKIP candidates.

The communists would then hold the largest share of national newspapers in the market – holding nine out of 20 titles – allowing for a dominance of articles promoting multiculturalism, and mass migration.

The Cultural Secretary Mr. Hancock stated that its readership would grow to 28 per cent – making Trinity Mirror, recently renamed Reach, the second largest in circulation terms. This would boost Jeremy Corbyn possibly into government.

The Hypocrisy of Theresa May’s Call for a Stephen Lawrence Memorial

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Without question, the murder of Stephen Lawrence was a horrific crime. The failure of police to investigate the murder properly and bring to account those responsible, and their shocking treatment of his family and friend Duwayne Brooks, is certainly a difficult spot in British history.

Theresa May has announced his death is to be marked on April 22 each year by a national commemoration of his life and legacy, to be known as Stephen Lawrence Day. Of course, I support that condolences be given, but there is clear hypocrisy here, because no such memorial has been offered for Lee Rigby, or Kriss Donald, perhaps the victim of the worst racist attack in modern Britain.

Kriss Donald, 15, from Pollokshields, was abducted, stabbed repeatedly and then doused in petrol and burned to death by five men of Pakistani descent in March 2004. They killed him because he was white. Is that also the reason there is no memorial day for him?

Instead, the UK’s Supreme Court has ruled that a man who led a gang in the racist murder of the Glasgow schoolboy had his human rights violated by being kept in solitary confinement. Are white boys worthless in modern Britain?

Speaking after the service for Lawrence, Corbyn said he had felt “very honoured” to read from Mandela’s autobiography – a terrorist, but Labour does rather sympathise with extremists, be that the IRA, or Hamas. Will he demand more action to protect white girls after Charlene Downes was chopped up and sold as a kebab to eat?

I would presume Corbyn doesn’t share my demand for a memorial to the British serviceman Rigby, or at least he is rather quiet. Will Labour be demanding for Kriss Donald Day?

The government needed to resolve the “appalling” Windrush scandal he said, adding: the Home Secretary “has got to explain how to get out of the problem or get out of the way and let someone else do it”.

Having recently come into hot water over the accidental call to deport the Windrush Generation, who are legal migrants, Theresa May fears perhaps that she appears to be a massive white nationalist bigot. Is the sudden announcement, that no one expected, whether they wish it or not, of Lawrence Day, an attempt to stop the Tories losing minority votes?

Why did she make no such announcement regards Lee Rigby? There is not even a memorial to this brave man who fought for his country. We are supposed to just ignore that he existed. Does the government think that denying terrorism exists will somehow mean that Islamofascism is not real?

Blairite PUSHES YouTube to Shut Down MBGA, Over Telford Video

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The way that patriotic alt media “compete” with and attack each other is one reason the left wins.

What a charming fellow. Supposed ally, and fellow patriot, independent journalist Jamie Turner, has tried to get YouTube to delete the MBGA channel because we shared CREDITING HIM a short clip of Mo Fyaz speaking. (Called Fyaz himself; he’s not upset the clip was shared.)

The short clip featured in a video promoting the Telford rally against child abuse – what kind of person would try to get MBGA shut down for that? Turner, because his name wasn’t in big enough letters!

We’ve just uploaded the Telford March Against Child Abuse videos. What a strange time to try to get MBGA shut down!

Turner didn’t even message us, on Facebook where he was a “friend”(?), expressing he was upset – he just immediately contacted YouTube, who are known to shut down patriotic channels. This was a clear attempt to ruin his “competition”.

This is why the right lose. Can you imagine Momentum attacking each other like this?

Except Turner is not right wing. He is proudly “left wing”. He seems unaware of the cause of mass migration and multiculturalism. Turner describes himself as a “social democrat” (what Tony Blair is!) He even told us he admires Blair – that guy caused this mess.

What we did is perfectly reasonable and “fair” in English law. Under Sections 29 & 30 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988, it is perfectly legal to use copyrighted material featuring current affairs if the source is acknowledged (Tony Blair fan boy was very clearly credited); not a photo; and no longer than necessary for the purpose.

People share other person’s videos all the time on Facebook and YouTube. Sargon of Akkad used MBGA footage, more than once, and gave, as far as we are aware, no accreditation. We’d have appreciated a shout out, sure, but we didn’t have a tantrum.

We are not in this to make a name – we just want to save our country – to stop the horrors of grooming gangs and terrorism.

Ps. Public Domain Content featuring Public Figure

The Independent newspaper GLOATS over Death of Dale Winton?

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The Independent is not a serious newspaper, but just a bitter communist rag.

The host of Supermarket Sweep has passed away. Rather than express respectful condolences, the Indy appears to be gloating, as if to cheer that a Trump supporter passed away.

Twitter users were in shock:

British Government BACKS Massacre of White Africans

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Emails by Harriett Baldwin, the Minister Of State for Africa, express that the British government “understands” the need for land to be stolen from whites in South Africa, without compensation. In fact, she even “welcomes” such, while likely fully aware of the horrific violence resultant from similar land invasions in Zimbabwe.

We presume then that the British government is also demanding that whites leave Australia, New Zealand, Canada and the USA? Is it going to expect the English to all leave Britain and return to Germany and Denmark, where the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes hail from?

In February, South Africa’s far-left communist ruling-majority party, the ANC, was fearful that the new spin-off group, Economic Freedom Fighters, was becoming very popular with the youth, for its call to step up anti-white rhetoric. Already South Africa effectively bans whites from applying for jobs, but EFF leader Julius Malema spoke of war against whites, of killing them.

The ANC fears that their members will defect to Julius Malema’s party and that he could take a number of their seats in future elections. In order to maintain their dominance, they adopted one of his key and most racist policies: nationalising all white-owned land. A bill calling for black supremacist land invasions was passed through the South African Parliament with a strong majority of over 70%, and with almost universal cross-party support. The only real objection was from the Freedom Front Plus party that I met with at the European Parliament recently.

The UK government’s statement, which was sent to a constituent of Jeremy Hunt, reads: “The British Government understands the need for land reform in South Africa and we welcome the South African Government’s assurance that ‘the process of land distribution would be orderly within South African laws and taking into consideration both the social and economic impact.’

“We further welcome President Ramaphosa’s commitment that land reform will be carried out ‘without negatively affecting economic growth, agricultural production and food security’ and his assurance that he would ‘not allow any smash and grab interventions.’”

The constituent stated, “I’m deeply saddened to hear that my government is condemning the white farmers although I’m not surprised. We’ve done it before. We turned our backs on Rhodesia (a country once described as the bread basket of Africa that recently went through a famine because of the very policies that are now being put into place in South Africa)”

David Kurten AM stated: “The UK govenment’s decision to support Zimbabwe-style farm confiscations in South Africa is astounding. This is at best, completely naïve, and ignores the current wave of violence and murders of famers, which is likely to increase. It will encourage hardcore elements who call white farmers ‘criminals’ who are guilty of ‘original sin’ on the basis of their skin colour.”

“Theresa May’s government is now supporting Marxist-Leninist confiscation of land without compensation, which is what the ANC called for in its conference last year. It is not conservative and it is not fit for purpose.”

UKIP Must Modernise, or It Will Cease to Exist

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It is the 9th of May 1915. I can feel the ice-cold, wet mud ooze into my worn out, old boots. Other than the light of a soldier’s cigarette in the distance, I can see little in the pitch-black night.

We are positioned just south of the French town of Armentières. This is a dark night though in another sense. Come morning, eleven thousand of us will die as we are ordered over the trenches into German machine gun fire. In 2018, our tombstones stand in Aubers Ridge as a monument to the stubbornness of our leaders.

I’ve expressed to my superiors that we can’t win by this approach, for which they marked me as disloyal, brash, immature, and so on. I’m desperate, frustrated – we are going to die, and for no advance forward of our line. Thousands will fall for no reason but stiff necks.

Sixty years ago, we experienced similar in Sevastopol. The Russians said, “L’armée anglaise est une armée de lions, commandée par des ânes.” Will our leaders forever repeat the same errors, achieving Einstein’s definition of a fool? We are being sent to certain death, because our leaders, “the Donkeys”, reject the machine gun, the tank, ungentlemanly sabotage, guerrilla warfare.

Years later, in another conflict, WW2, they will look down on the Bletchley Park hackers. Those nerds in WW2 were disregarded as silly kids ranting about some new toy; but fortunately they persisted with their work cracking the Enigma machine, and that won the war!

Hindsight! My brothers, please, let us learn from the follies of the past. UKIP can be the opposition in this country, we can take the North, but we must stop using conventional campaign methods! The People’s Army must be open-minded!

Imagine if the SOE had been blocked by Churchill as unconventional! Stop being so rude about our Brexit and other rallies, and join in! Brothers, none of us can afford to be proud or stubborn. And stop lying we have poor judgement; it is we who had to convince you to revise your inappropriate line-up of speakers for the youth conference.

Now, if you face thousands of well-trained, well-equipped, well-funded soldiers, opposite you on No Man’s Land, you do not take them head on. That would be pure folly! Certain death. This is not Rorke’s Drift, because our enemy has the rifles, while our leaders demand we throw spears. We need UKIP to embrace modern technology; to have some of the innovative spirit of Bletchley Park.

Why are we focussed on getting 700-odd paper candidates? We can’t win all those seats. As for the statement that such shall achieve a national broadcast, that’s irrelevant when in 2018 people have adblockers installed on their browsers, or they will be making tea during an advert break, or in the bathroom! This is the digital age! We are going to get slaughtered because we are using 1950s tactics.

Instead of a thousand spears, invest in one machine gun, NationBuilder, perch high in a tree, and you shoot the enemy’s general, or king. Get a tank – use Facebook and YouTube to cut through enemy lines and get the truth to the people. The Party found in days £175,000 for the Jane Collins case fees, but it can’t find a fraction of that amount to invest in provisions for the People’s Army. Get the right tools, strike the correct target, and the left will fall into disarray. We can win!

We must embrace guerrilla propaganda tactics! Get in that tree! Choose a few key seats, one local issue other parties ignore, and focus your team on them! Call out the Labour/Tory candidate for what they have done wrong. Use NationBuilder to target and mobilise local supporters. Fund targeted adverts on Facebook. It’s better to win one seat, than just cause a quiet noise in 20 wards but win none.

This is how the majority of voters perceive UKIP – we need modern outreach methods to recruit Millennials.

Further, the broadcast won’t have a message to embrace the core electorate aged under 50 years of age. The most urgent need is the provision of a clear ideology to unite the Party’s factions, and draw in younger members, so we can do real activism! The Party must stop looking down on Millennials – we are not teens; we are working adults; some of us have children, and mortgages.

We must modernise our campaign methods. The battlefield is social media. We must invest in NationBuilder. Imagine WW1 soldiers are shown the machine gun, but they reject it because learning new ways requires effort!

Some in the corner lament the days of the typewriter, I mean, hand-to-hand sword battles. They talk of their experience in the Anglo-Boer War. It’s time for them to humbly retire, or at least, delegate, and properly without micromanaging!

The success of this Party depends on a number of factors, including to replace staff who refuse to learn how to use 21st century campaign tools. Passing anti-entryism rules on the NEC to block Millennials won’t save your precious titles; you are fighting for cabins on the Titanic as it goes under.

Imagine those who propose use of tanks to break enemy lines are silenced as young upstarts with no experience of life. To the few senior individuals sending us snotty messages telling us to stop our work on YouTube: instead of this paranoid protectionism of your precious titles we don’t even want anyway, work with us.

UKIP, decide – continue as before, send men over trenches into machine gun fire, and experience a massacre this election, or embrace new methods, crack the Enigma code!

UKIP Old Guard Pass Rules Blocking Talented Millennials from Fixing Digital Outreach

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Despite the fact the EU referendum has occurred, and Theresa will deliver some rotten soft Brexit deal before the next general election, UKIP is claiming it will be the party to deliver Brexit. UKIP is not going to be elected into Downing Street in the next few months. Let’s have a realistic message that people identify with!

The party is lost with zero vision. While I still hold that Bolton’s attack on the NEC was absurd, and that I do not know of any rule it ever broke, I do believe this committee needs to delegate to, and include, persons under the age of 50. It doesn’t understand communications: the digital outreach is poor, the marketing embarrassing, and the manifesto weak.

There is no awareness of who Peterson, Milo, etc. or even Gramsci is! They don’t know the critical difference between the two patriotic young movements: alt-light and the alt-right. Someone at the very top of UKIP told me they don’t even know what the alt-right is.

I am an expert in digital matters, headhunted by the top software engineering company in the UK. I know that the UKIP Tech committee is full of amateurs who haven’t a clue what they are doing: they don’t want me to join their talking shop. I have studied the methods used by Trump, Momentum, and Le Pen. I get young people to vote UKIP.

We need a committee with a range of ages; older members with life experience, but those in twenties and thirties also have relevant experience, on current political concerns to most voters. In addition, give the youth wing a seat for goodness sake, even if it’s a non-voting one; hear the political concerns of students, and also advise the youth wing how to operate.

The members of UKIP vote for who joins the committee that runs UKIP: the NEC. It clearly needs an injection of fresh blood who can bring some vision and charisma! However, instead it shuns our well-meaning offers for free assistance as “infiltrators”; maybe it’s the after-effect of those drug-infested 1970s hippy raves, but those tin-foil hats are popular!

The election is months late, and suddenly the criteria have been altered last minute for no strong reason. A shambles!

A handful of Millennials (in 20s or 30s), with a strong media following made it known they were planning to stand, to share for free their understanding of technology and young voters’ concerns with this committee dominated by pensioners. They have strong support from party membership and likely would have all won a seat, and resurrected UKIP.

After we received some silly remarks from NEC members, who don’t appreciate the need for social media, the Millennials have been blocked.

For years the criteria was very inclusive, but the NEC itself, not the membership, has suddenly passed new illogical rules for who can be elected to said body, stating you need to have been a UKIP member for at least 2 years. These are rules set in addition to those in the constitution, and serve no purpose but to protect the old guard.

Personally, while I’ve campaigned with UKIP for years, and I’m one of Britain’s most active Brexit activists, I couldn’t associate with my local branch due to the local party candidate, an absolutely idiot, telling the media he wanted to kill an Asian Brexit supporter. Basically, my refusal to support this moron bars me from standing for the NEC!

One Millennial, not myself, described these rules as a “joke”, while another said the party needs social media help. Personally, when I heard the latest thoughts on digital outreach from the party leadership, I felt like screaming and banging my head on a wall.

Many of the most passionate activists in the Brexit referendum are banned by these new ridiculous rules. One remarked, “Maybe they should just ban anyone under 50 from joining the party!”

We are the ones who get off our arses!! We do the hard work! We organise rallies and marches for Brexit, at our own expense, without party funding. Where are most of the MEPs and the NEC? We do livestreams. We built a news network. We have impressive intel, due to thorough research. We are the real British patriotic movement.

Frankly, we’ve had enough of watching the party die over the last 18 months due to a lack of vision by the management. The party needs a manifesto written by people who know about politics, and to use the Internet PROPERLY to reach the majority of the electorate, which is roughly half the age of NEC.

In addition, the holding of meetings on weekdays, not weekends, blocks working people from the NEC, and limits it to a clique of mostly pensioners, who don’t understand the core electorate. Even the top levels of leadership expect us to meet them on work days when we beg to show them what they could do with social media; a meeting that has not happened despite my offering to take a day off work months ago.

Enough of unqualified people thinking they deserve a title due to age!! Delegate for goodness sake to those who have the talent and are begging to help, or you won’t have a party left to have titles from!

I am not convinced that joining a visionless committee, attending meetings, which clash with holding a job, is currently a good use of my time. I shall focus more on working with other Millennials on various projects to modernise the British right. You haven’t stopped us!

Tory MP says letting “refugees” come to the UK will cause risk of Cologne-style mass rape

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Tory MP of Asian ancestry, Ranil Jayawardena, has been attacked by Labour for claiming that letting the families of child “refugees” come to the UK will put the country at risk of Cologne-style mass sexual assaults.

The Conservative member for North East Hampshire, Mr Jayawardena, faced cries of “shame” after he warned of the “potential to face similar issues’” that Germany had if they backed a so-called ”Good Samaritan Bill”. The draft legislation put forward by SNP backbencher Angus MacNeil would allow minors to sponsor their close relatives to join them in Britain.

Mr Jayawardena opposed cross-party support of the absurd bill as he delivered a speech in opposition – which was labelled a “spiteful, rambling filibuster”.

He referenced the shocking events in Cologne on New Year’s Eve 2015 as he called on colleagues to “do what is best to keep control of our system” and protect the “silent majority” in the United Kingdom. The Tory MP said “up to a million refugees and migrants” entered Germany that year, and brought up the fact a “failed asylum seeker from Tunisia plough a truck into a Christmas market stand in Berlin, leaving 12 dead”.

Despite childish shouts of anger from his fellow MPs, Mr Jayawardena said: “Perhaps no event was more disgusting, more disgraceful, than the events on New Year’s Eve 2015 in Cologne where the BBC reported that more than 1,000 criminal complaints were filed, hundreds of them alleging a sexual assault.

“An officer with the federal police put in his report about that night saying that ‘women, unaccompanied or not, had to run a literal gauntlet of heavily intoxicated masses of men of a kind that it is impossible to describe – the situation we were confronted with, chaos, could have led to serious injuries or death’.”

Mr Jayawardena said that while a majority of Germans would “still say that refugees were very welcome or quite welcome, a majority were also saying for the first time that their country simply cannot take in any more refugees”.

He said: “The UK has the potential to face similar issues.”

But the MP, who was speaking against the Refugees (Family Reunion) (No 2) Bill, was heckled by the SNP throughout his speech.

And his fellow Tory MP Anna Soubry told him: “This is a Bill about refugees. Not economic migrants.

“These are people who are fleeing war, persecution, terror on a scale frankly that none of us can even begin to imagine.”

Luke Nash-Jones, the Communications Officer for UKIP North East Hampshire & Basingstoke said, “Anna Soubry is a lost, confused person, who, even as news breaks of the horror of the Telford abuse, obstinately pursues this self-aggrandising lefty virtue signalling while bizarrely claiming to be conservative. If she wants to take the moral high ground, she should speak out against the horrific rape of women in Cologne, and demand that Britain take necessary border control measures to stop such atrocities occurring here.”

Labour MPs ATTACK Tory MP for mentioning Grooming Gangs

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LABOUR MPs have openly attacked a Tory MP on Twitter for daring to mention grooming gangs.

Tory MP Nadine Dorries responded to a tweet by London’s Muslim mayor Sadiq Kahn in which he said that it was time “to act on hate speech.”

Mayor Khan launched an anti-hate campaign amid a national sexual abuse scandal in which it was discovered mostly Asian men had pimped and raped 1,000s of white girls and were protected by Labour-run authorities in Telford, simply because they didn’t want to be branded “Racist.”

Nadine Dorries, who is the Tory MP for Mid Bedfordshire replied to Sadiq Kahn and said: “How about, ‘it’s time to act on sex abusing grooming gangs,’ instead?”

Labour MPs then started to attack Nadine for daring to mention grooming gangs with one accusing her of being a “Racist”.

Labour MP Anna Turley, who represents Redcar in Yorkshire said, “What’s it got to do with the Mayor of LONDON or are you being racist?”

Labour’s Wes Streeting MP then told Nadine Dorries to “Delete her account,” and called Nadine a Hypocrite; “Number of times Nadine Dorries has mentioned ‘grooming gangs’ in Parliament? Zero”

It didn’t take long to discover that Labour’s Streeting had NEVER mentioned grooming gangs in Parliament.

Dudley Council WASTES THOUSANDS Investigating UKIP MEP for Triggering Labour

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Dudley Council’s launched an investigation after UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge said he thought the Labour party were stupid. This waste of taxpayers’ money has cost Dudley £1,700.

Labour councillors were triggered by the brilliant words of Etheridge, who called them “a procession of morons and imbeciles” and “socialist do-gooder bleeding heart Communist rat bags”. Legend!

An official complaint was lodged by Labour group leader, Councillor Pete Lowe, which led to an independent investigation.

After Bill Etheridge requested a breakdown of the costs involved in the investigation, he was told by Mohammed Farooq, the council’s monitoring officer, that investigating officer John Austin’s fee amounted to £1,286.45 for the investigation, preparation of his report and attendance at the hearing on February 27.

A further cost of £413.55 is believed to have been incurred due to council officers’ involvement in the investigation and their attendance at the meeting.

Cllr Etheridge, who is also a West Midlands MEP, said: “This is a massive bill of £1,700 for a witch hunt to close down free speech.

He said further, “The Labour Party launches a political attack on me using taxpayers’ money which they knew would have no effect. They are happy to throw other people’s money around to try and close down free speech but tell residents there is no money for essential services. They disgust me.”

Thank goodness Martin Sellner won’t be addressing UKIP youth

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While we support certainly the concept of free speech in a public place, when one is invited to address a party event, the impression is clearly given that they represent the values of the organisation. Even that the host endorses the views of the speaker. It is well-known that a number of UKIP members, including myself, demanded Young Independence rescind their invitation for Martin Sellner to address a party event.

While there may be a shared concern about mass migration, fake refugees and so on, the foremost policy of Sellner’s Generation Identitaire is “ethnopluralism”, which we understand to mean racial segregation, as inspired by the French Nouvelle Droite philosopher Alain de Benoist – the plurality of ethno-identities – completely at odds with the UKIP constitution, which calls for people not to be judged by colour.

I have made enquiries as to what various groups believe, to see which the People’s Charter Foundation should, or should not, work with. Sellner’s group snubbed me for not embracing this “ethnopluralism”. Some of these “pluralists” advocate limiting Europe to “true Europeans”, while others propose much smaller divisions, similar to an ethnically-based communitarianism – basically, the apartheid that existed in the USA, and South Africa, in the past. Is the Defend Europe campaign just a cover for white nationalism?

Melanie Dittmer in Rhineland Idenitarians

Melanie Dittmer in Rhineland Idenitarians said, “If you throw all the colors together, you end up with brown.”

The interviewer of mixed German and Arab ancestry asks here, “But I’m German. I was born here, grew up here, went to school, speak German, what distinguishes us both?”

Dittmer isn’t concerned with cultural values, or traditional religious principles, but just race, as she replies, “The blood!”

David Kurten, whom I have met a number of times, speaks out so boldly against postmodernism, and he defends Christian values. Hence, I have a lot of respect for Kurten. Young Independence should never have as speakers anyone whose policy of “remigration”, applied, would mean deportation of David from our island. Young people are becoming drawn into this ideology. The likes of Tara McCarthy now produce videos demanding a “white homeland”.

I know that patriots are often mislabelled racist. I myself am no lefty snowflake – I have often spoken out against mass migration and Sharia law, so if I call something racist, or bigoted, it genuinely is. This isn’t a word I use lightly. Anne-Marie Waters is not a Nazi, and I was disgusted when that article by Farage labelled her a racist.

Paul Blang (left) and Martin Sellner (middle), a few meters behind Gottfried Küssel and Wolfgang Lechner at the Nowotny Memorial, 2009

I can’t make such positive remarks on this Sellner because only a few years ago he was part of the Nazi circle in Austria. At the Memorial of Wehrmacht pilot Walter Nowotny in 2009, Sellner was photographed with Wolfgang Lechner, and Gottfried Küssel who is currently in jail. Sellner called his earlier support for Küssel the product of an “effusive adolescent phase”.

German press claim that (translated), “Until 2011, Sellner was a neo-Nazi, engaged in a now outlawed right-wing extremist website and can be seen in photos alongside the Austrian Holocaust denier Gottfried Küssel.” Sellner was accused (it seems that he did) of running one of the main German-language actual Nazi websites, Alpen-Donau, and it seems that Generation Identitaire is a rebrand for ‘positive optics’.

Sellner was accused (it seems that he did) of running one of the main German-language actual Nazi websites, Alpen-Donau

If one calls them Nazis or Neonazis, they retreat to their position of calling it ‘Lügenpresse’” – a term Spencer also used, and was criticised heavily for. The term was adopted by the Nazis (though used prior to their existence) for their propaganda against the Jewish, communist, and later the foreign press.

Now, I appreciate Sellner could have changed his views, but UKIP would be hypocritical if it overlooked his past, while it bans former members of the BNP, Britain First, the British Freedom Party, and even the EDL – the latter were certainly not promoting any racial policy. The existence of a list of proscribed groups is controversial, but UKIP must decide, and be consistent – no double-standards.

Generation Identitaire claim that they are required as a campaign against Islamism in Britain. However, as I explained to Gerard Batten, one of Britain’s most prominent campaigners, for decades, against Sharia law, the ethnopluralist’s “remigration” would mean deportation of his wife! UKIP can not have such people address the youth wing. For a group supposedly opposed to Islamism, Generation Identitaire would split the family of one of Britain’s most prominent anti-Sharia activists.

The European country with the highest percentage of Muslims is Kosovo, which is white. Maybe they should go read the history of the Balkans. Both Generation Identitaire, and communists, conflate religion and race – the two concepts are not synonymous. As for the alt-right’s call for white people to make more babies, wouldn’t this mean the ideal wife for Martin Sellner is an Albanian Muslim girl?

As for the alt-right’s call for white people to make more babies, wouldn’t this mean the ideal wife for Martin Sellner is an Albanian Muslim girl?

People like Sellner, and also Marney, need to focus more on culture: our UKIP constitution makes most clear that the colour of people is irrelevant; our focus is, and will remain, on culture, language, and laws. We need a healthy, patriotic message that the people of Britain support.

Some persons made the absurd claim that UKIP should be required to host any speaker in the name of “free speech”. Only someone ignorant of the writings of John Stuart Mill, of the basic concepts of negative liberty, would promote such insanity. Free speech relates to public spaces, not private land. The note by Young Independence stating that the venue cancelled and that such was unfair shows an incredible lack of understanding of libertarianism. An Englishman’s home/hotel/conference hall is his castle, and he may decide who speaks there.

In fact, Sellner is legally entitled to express his views at Speaker’s Corner in London, but he will find the response little different probably to if Jo Marney were to campaign for Bolton’s One Nation in Lambeth.

Football Lads Standing Firm Against Terrorism

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There’s been infighting in the FLA. Whoever you are, splinter group or whatever, we need to keep marching.

Don’t forget why this started. Our kids being killed by terrorists in Manchester! Whatever you are, put your name in, so we can tell you about the next march. Who are ya?

Get emailed about upcoming rallies

Join the FB group

Give the page a like too…/

The race card: Bonkers Diane Abacus claims Brexiteers are the new Hitler

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Hopeless at maths, Diane Abacus isn’t that good at history either: she played the Nazi card, as she implied Brexiteers’ political views are comparable to Mein Kampf.

Ignoring the fact that Ken Livingstone, former Labour mayor for London, was suspended for his comments on Hitler, Abbott sought to silence the concerns of the British people. She said: “Historically, such as in the period of the Weimar Republic in Germany between the wars, economic collapse has always led to scapegoating the other.”

Abbott, the leader of the inappropriately named Stand Up To Racism, was previously critcised for suggesting white mothers are inferior to black mothers. The group has had Moazzem Begg, a former Gitmo detainee, who called Jihadi John a good man, speak at their events.

She pushed the premise that anyone backing an Australian-style immigration system supposedly shares Hitler’s views on Jews. So Labour thinks all Aussies are Nazis?!

Brexiteers’ demand for lower migration levels was not driven by, as she implies, anger over “hyperinflation” resultant from the actions of banksters; and the Vote Leave campaign didn’t stereotype Jews unfairly as en masse responsible for the banking system.

In fact, it is Labour that has a problem with anti-Semtism, for example, Corbyn called Hamas his “friends” and invited terrorists to Parliament. Labour MP Shah has also been accused of bigotry towards Jews.

In reality, as Israel is not an EU member state, the Brussels-driven open door migration policy discriminates against Jews, because it requires they get a visa to enter the UK, while people from Eastern Europe can just walk in. Clearly the Brexiteers’ approach is ethical: to welcome migrants by skills in demand, not by nationality.

Police ‘had sex’ with Rotherham abuse victims

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Two local councillors, one of whom is still serving, and a police officer have been accused of having sex with victims involved in the Rotherham child abuse scandal.

1,400 children were raped by gangs of Pakistani men between 1997 and 2013. Girls as young as 11-years old suffered abductions, beatings, and rape by multiple attackers, as well as trafficking across the North East. Similar abuse has been uncovered in Rochdale, and Keighley.

The South Yorkshire Police constable at the centre of the allegations is also alleged to have passed on information to gangs grooming young girls in the town. A second police officer has been accused of neglecting his duties after failing to report his colleague.

Both claims are being investigated by the Independent Police Complaints Commission. Today’s modern police force is a beyond a joke, ignoring child rape, while harassing, even arresting, people for speaking out on Facebook and Twitter against the decline in rule of law.

According to The Times, the complaints against the two Rotherham councillors “are understood to have been sent to the National Crime Agency, which is investigating child-sex crimes in the town”.

The news comes on the same day that a much-anticipated independent inspection report by former Victims’ Commissioner Louise Casey declared Rotherham Borough Council “not fit for purpose”.

The reports found that councillors and police officers were aware of the abuse, but chose to “disbelieve, suppress or ignore” it, for fear of being called racist – most of the rapists shared a religion and ethnicity. The abuse of these little girls is the largest racist attack in the British Isles in modern time, but few cared because the victims were white.

Cost of TV licence will rise by £3.50 to £150.50 a year from April the 1st

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Viewers will be forced to dig deep as the government plans to increase the cost of TV licence by £3.50 to £150.50 from April 1.

April Fool’s Day is an appropriate date to increase the cost of watching fake news.

The BBC has faced a huge backlash from disgruntled viewers leaving millions not renewing their TV licence due to ‘institutional bias’ that was independently proven throughout the EU Referendum and is thought to still continue to this day.

The term ‘despite Brexit’ has become a well-known phrase that the BBC used and is now mocked by critics such as Jacob Rees-Mogg due to the pro-EU bias. The BBC receive funding from the EU, quashing any claims that the organisation can be impartial.

Over the last few years, almost 3.5 million British citizens have refused to pay a penny more to what branded an ‘out dated model’ in the age of Amazon and Netflix. Many do not value the service suggesting they are fed up of watching ‘Bargain Hunt’ repeats and the demise of the Christmas schedule that continues to prove disappointing.

Perhaps due to claims of “pay inequality”, the annual fee for BBC programming increased for the first time for seven years in 2017. Ministers said it would rise in line with inflation for five years.


York Uni demands students forget studying, to join lecturers strike

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Abigail Eatock, the Secretary of the UKIP Students branch at the Soviet Indoctrination Camp of Heslingrad, sorry the University of York, informs us that the institute is demanding students miss class.

Students are expected to bring food, drink (Yorkshire tea?), and support the strike. Anyone who has been to university knows that the darling snowflake Gender Studies lecturers are so hard-up that they are thin, shrivelled, walking corpses, starved to death. Actually, some of them look like a Yorkshire pudding, actually, a dumpling.

What a responsible way to act when trusted with the care of young people! If making claim to be collecting a salary in return for improving the future prospects of doctors and engineers, sure one’s holiday funds shouldn’t be the priority. It is hardly noble to order students to join your childish Marxist tantrum, instead of studying.

Oh the irony! Such lecturers deserve a pay cut, not rise, or even to be sacked.

Abigail is about to be crucified by the York campus feminazi bitch brigade because her cute Barbie pink Facebook “marker pen” stereotypes women

£9,000/year uni fees well spent, innit! A mockery of the education system.

Has it not crossed the braindead Labour students’ minds that if the lecturers earn more, the course fees will rise?

Are not course fees a contentious subject for Tufton Swamp creeps’ tadpoles? The pondlife that somehow snuck on to various universities’ campuses, perhaps due to daddy’s generous financial donations to academia, or did mummy help the Principal achieve climax? We can’t be sure, but we find it impossible to attribute their acceptance into university to hours of critical thinking and the deserved reward.

Will they rely on the old magic money tree? Just think about this: if you study a useful degree with serious work prospects, you will now have the pleasure of receiving even higher tax bills. All so those attention-seeking Gender Studies lecturers can slap each other’s backs for a good stint of virtue signalling.

Say no to Londoncentric politics. Brexit Rally on the 23rd of June 2018 in Nottingham

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It is time to say no to Londoncentric politics.

There is a world outside the M25.


Down there in Westminster, posh globalist politicians slapped each other on the back, while Prime Ministers, Labour and Tory, shut mines, closed factories, and let shipyards rot.

Whole communities died.

You know that pain.

It hurts.


That is the real reason you voted for Brexit.

The Brexit vote was the highest in the Welsh Valleys, the Midlands, and the North.

Where unemployment is the highest.

We are the forgotten people.


We are sick of our wages being undercut by mass migration.

We are sick of factories closing, because import taxes are too low.

We are sick of our culture, our laws, being replaced.


Whether you vote Labour, UKIP, For Britain, Tory, whatever, on Brexit Day, the 23rd of June, be with us for the Big Brexit Rally through the streets of Nottingham after the MBGA 2018 Conference.


I know what you feel.

Millions do, but Theresa May doesn’t.

She never campaigned for Brexit.

And we feel betrayed by her delaying on Brexit.

This talk of keeping open borders.

As all the posh London boys think about is cheaper imports to line their pockets.


Enough is enough!

We shall have the Brexit the people voted for!

Our voice shall be heard!

In the spirit of the Chartists, we shall march.

If you really want your country back, get off that sofa!

Whether you vote Labour, UKIP, For Britain, Tory, whatever, on Brexit Day, the 23rd of June, be with us for the Big Brexit Rally through the streets of Nottingham after the MBGA 2018 Conference.

Riots in India as Muslims burn Pampers nappies for “insulting Mohammed”

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Riots in India as groups of Muslims burn evil Pampers nappies for “insulting Mohammed”.

The whiskers of the cartoon cat on the packaging supposedly resemble the name of the Islamic prophet; except they don’t.

Protestors claimed the Procter & Gamble diapers ‘hurt the feelings’ of the Muslim community, and demand that they be banned from the country.

The lines illustrating the whiskers, nose, mouth and left eye of the smiley feline clearly do not bear a close resemblance to the Prophet’s name when written in Arabic or Urdu.

Video footage viewed more than 175,000 times online shows outraged parents making pyres out of Pampers Baby Dry Pants in the streets of India and torching whole packets in protest.

Activists from the Islamic group Darsgah Jihad-o-Shahadat yesterday lodged a formal complaint about the nappies at Dabeerpura Police Station in Hyderabad, reports the Deccan Chronicle.

In a letter to police, the group said Pampers – owned by US multinational Procter & Gamble – had ‘hurt the feelings’ of the Muslim community and called for the products to be taken off the shelves immediately.

It stated: ‘Even with (the) bare eye it is been identified that the name of Prophet (PBUH) can be seen printed on it in Urdu/Arabic.’

The Prophet Mohammed, it added, was a ‘holy personality in Islam’ and the ‘disrespect cannot be tolerated’.

The letter went on to say: ‘Arrest them and punish them.’

Read more:

Shock as Lancashire Methodists Back Call for Sharia Britain

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The Light Foundation, launched at the University of Central Lancashire, is holding an event calling for Britain to adopt Sharia law.

The seminar entitled, “Is it now time for Sharia Law in the UK?” is hosted by the local Methodist church. This is a surprising choice, because surely the role of a church is to promote Christianity and not other faiths.

The event features guest panellists Shaykh Adam Kelwick from Liverpool, and Shaykh Bilal Brown from Oldham.

The Light Foundation group has support from the Mayor and Mayoress of Preston. Their website states that their aim is for a “greater awareness of traditional Islam by promoting teachings firmly rooted in reliable Sunni scholarship.”

The event advert on Facebook states that Sharia has been “used . . . to kill others in the name of religion”. The legal system has often been criticised by opponents of FGM, while even Channel 4 has criticised Mohammed’s rape of a nine year-old child.

Freedom of religion is a right, certainly, but the practise of faith, whatever faith, must be in a peaceful manner, subject to the English law (Scottish in Scotland, etc.).

Facebook SUPPORTS Irish Terrorists

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Facebook moderators have a reputation for targeting patriots, but they have reached a new low, by punishing a Young Independence member Joel McGuigan for condemning terrorism.

Sean McArthur whom McGuigan mentions is a disgusting piece of scum who supports terrorism. He shares the Irish flag with an image of Republican militia. The IRA was responsible for at least 1,707 deaths during the Troubles.

Facebook punished the Young Independence member with a 30-day ban for opposing terrorism.

URGENT: Beware of Francoise and the Pendragons

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URGENT: Beware of Francoise and the Pendragons’ “freemen of the land” nonsense

This will ruin Brexit; BE CAREFUL

A woman called Francoise (refuses to give surname, but is Thompson), has appeared out of thin air, organising a Brexit rally.

No one has heard of her.
No one saw her campaign before the referendum.
No one saw her protest in the months said.

Before you call me paranoid, I wasn’t wrong about Hazel Brown; she was a journalist.

Francoise keeps messaging me, begging me to combine the serious efforts of the People’s Charter Foundation (we organise Brexit rallies around the country) with some “freemen of the land” nonsense.

Francoise and the “freeman of the land” Pendragons claim that English law, and the Welsh, and Scottish variants, are not valid.

They say they follow “natural law” of the people.

“Freeman of the land” refuse to pay tax.

They do not respect the police; in fact, the group Francoise promotes (White Pendragons) hold rallies in illegal locations; and their leader Graham Moore, also founder of “The People’s Bailiffs”, was thrown in a police van.

Having arranged a number of rallies, I have always found the police to be very reasonable; they even help protect us from Antifa.

Moore has publicly chanted “F**k the Queen. F**k the army”.


If anyone watched that clip, and still wants to support the Pendragons, scientists will be desperate to meet you, to examine how a human is managing to function without a brain!

Francoise and the Pendragons demand the leaders of Britain resign for “treason” though such has not been committed; this makes Brexiteers look stupid, and will result in an even softer Brexiter.

Moore was in jail for bank fraud.

This is a terrible image to associate with Brexiteers; it would help the deep state a lot.

He asks for donations, saying he filed for a judicial review against the Act of Parliament that caused British membership of the EU.

It is NOT possible to have a judicial review of an Act of Parliament.

DO RESEARCH: Check the facts. On the day he was protesting outside the Supreme Courts on this, the court records do NOT list any such case (judicial review) occurring.

Here is the petition Francoise is circulating. It features “freemen of the land” nonsense.

I studied law.

Britain has two types of law:
– Statutory law: passed by Parliament;
– Common law/case law/judicial precedent: a decision made by a judge during a case;

The Pendragons, and also Mark Mercattelli, incorrectly state that “common law” means “natural justice”, law made by the people; in reality, it means the words of a judge.

Further, the petition is absurd!
Magna Carta did NOT give power to the people!
It gave the vote ONLY to the landed gentry.
It was the PEOPLE’S CHARTER that called for all to have the vote.

The Lords want to STOP Brexit – to demand they, on the basis of Magna Carta, have the final say on leaving the EU, is pure stupidity.

Further, the Lords, which Magna Carta empowered, passed many laws which superseded it.

Anyone spewing this “freeman of the land” nonsense is a threat to Brexit.

Why is Francoise promoting it so fervently?
Why is she DESPERATE to associate me with this nonsense?

I won’t be surprised if she’s another journalist.

This would be perfect fuel for a documentary mocking Brexiteers as stupid, pushing “common law” nonsense; Dragons getting arrested by police.

I won’t surprised if some incident is staged at her Brexit rally.

If we are to win, we must be smart:

– We must have an accurate message; it is important that it is formulated by those who actually know law, political theory, and in addition, know the pain that people feel;

– We must work with, not against the police: they are very reasonable if you hold a rally in a legal location, inform them, keep to the law, and don’t invite actual fascist speakers!

– Be far more careful whom you stand on a stage with for goodness sake. Why the hell would you march with someone you know NOTHING about; no history, no one saw her protest, no organisation, member of no party – if that doesn’t stink of possibly being MI5, you are blind.

Henry Bolton’s Digital Strategy is EMPTY Waffle Devoid of HUMAN Feeling

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One of the most successful IT companies EVER is Apple. People queue for hours outside shops, waiting for the new iPhone to be released. There is a cult-like following, almost a religion, of devotion to the Mac, the iPhone, the iPad. In reality, while often beautiful designed pieces, the technology underneath an iPhone is little different to that offered by many other companies, such as mobile phone producer Samsung; in fact, in many ways the latter is a better product. Nonetheless, people WORSHIP Apple. Why? What can political parties learn from this?

If UKIP or any party’s digital outreach is to succeed, there is a need to have the humility to learn from history. The whole party faces a crisis similar to that in Apple’s actual history: when the CEO Steve Jobs left, the party died, and when he returned, it thrived. UKIP is lost without Nigel Farage, known for charismatic speeches in Brussels, at the wheel. Why? There is one FUNDAMENTAL point, that Henry Bolton’s pathetic new Digital Strategy fails to even begin to comprehend, because just like his “leadership”, it lacks vision, but is cold and mechanical.

Too often in business, and politics, ESPECIALLY UKIP, there is a focus on the mechanics alone, and not FEELINGS. Everybody knows “what” they do 100%. Some know how they do it. But very very few people or organisations know WHY they do it. Get this wrong, and UKIP will die. We don’t just want technology; any old idiot can install a website – we want to USE technology to send our MESSAGE.

People do not LOVE Apple for the products. No, it’s not about the spec of the camera in their phone. It’s not about how many songs they can store. It’s about far more than slick styling. It’s about a SOCIAL REVOLUTION. It touches the heart when it says those who are odd, who are different, who don’t follow the trend, who rebel, are the heroes who go far. Isn’t this close to the UKIP “libertarian” anti-establishment message? Aren’t we the eccentrics of politics? So why are we being so damn boring?

Basically, every Apple advert reflects that Martin Luther King message, “I have a dream!” Hope! Inspiration! It’s the “why”, why do you do it, why do you get out of bed in the morning, and why should people care.

Chris Mendes’ BORING Digital Strategy for Bolton merely stutters, “I have a plan.” This isn’t the 1990s: simply installing a new website will achieve nothing more than line someone’s pocket! This cold, robotic manifesto devoid of imagination ignores that the BIGGEST problem is not which system is used, but HOW: the MESSAGE MUST REACH HEARTS! People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Any strategy plan should not flog systems, but should talk about DREAMS. It should have an analysis of how social media helped Trump reach beyond legacy media; what about his messages was so successful? Was it that he mentioned the PAIN people FELT, and then gave them HOPE of change. Meanwhile UKIP social media such as Facebook has some of the worst graphic design, devoid of hope, spewing technical policy stuff that drives you to suicide. It has some of the most dull artwork in the world.

This is the age of the MOBILE phone. The Digital Strategy ignores a MAJOR flaw with the UKIP website. It is not “mobile first”. People are checking their phone on the train, sneakily at work, on the toilet. They are in a rush. They are impatient. We must have short videos, like Trump did, that feature pithy soundbites or segments of speeches that spoke to real people, HEART TO HEART.

As someone who works in this industry, I say with authority that this Mendes document is just empty waffle; technical sounding words to give an impression of competence. This proposal doesn’t name EXISTING systems; it just a sales pitch to flog a new one. The party ALREADY has the system it NEEDS: NationBuilder – every political party uses this; even Rebel Media does. You can filter messages, and target people very efficiently. To CONNECT with them; to tailor your message to their HEARTS.

Oddly, UKIP barely uses the Nation Builder features it pays much for, and then stated in the UKIP newsletter that MailChimp is being implemented for emails, though Nation Builder provides such; paying twice for the same thing – the Digital Strategy plan ignores this glaring problem. UKIP DOES NOT NEED MORE SYSTEMS! Again and again, people turn up, pitching at businesses plans with fancy words to impress those who don’t work in software engineering; money is shelled out; someone makes a quick buck; but the problems still remain. WHY?

The Digital Strategy plan asks for an entirely unjustified £6,000 sum to Chris Mendes to implement this KipperPress, which is really a FREE system called WordPress. The only cost should be labour to tweak a template; time to implement it. As Chris has requested a CTO position in UKIP, which would likely be salaried, the cost would be covered therein, and hence he has some damn cheek to ask for £6,000, but the back office will probably again throw money at nothing.

If someone is to head up the Digital Outreach of UKIP and get RESULTS, they need to truly appreciate the need not just to implement systems, but to pull at heart strings. They lack the imagination for the NEW approaches that Momentum implemented; in fact, they won’t have a clue what I just referred to. Cold, mechanical types like Bolton focus on the “outside” layer of our brain, the neocortex,” that is rational. They might appeal to the rational world of accountants, but they won’t set the world on fire.

When someone like Bolton does a pitch, they would talk about this feature that a phone or laptop has, such as how long the battery lasts, or the size of the screen. Is that really why you LOVE a product? No. How often do you go shopping, and in the heat of the moment buy something, then later regret it? Bolton can give someone all the facts and figures he wants, and they will look at them, but it just doesn’t ‘feel’ right. Selling an idea is an EMOTIONAL thing, not rational.

UKIP has always failed to do what Jeffrey Moore called “Crossing the Chasm”; to reach beyond that 12.5% and embrace the early majority. UKIP must reach deeper, to our “inner” limbic brain. This is about what we FEEL, about instincts, that can be often totally illogical, but compel us to action.

Here at MBGA News, we might know a thing or two about technology, because this news outlet is run by Britain’s most patriotic engineers. We know what we are doing; without buckets of money, such as the £100,000 plus that Bickley said was spent on Facebook for UKIP, we reached 25,000 subscribers on YouTube. We also have 50,000 followers on Facebook. We talk about what people FEEL.

Sadly, as in many businesses, the old guard are naive on engineering, and taken for ride. Simply dumping a new system in place will achieve nothing more than burn money. You need a REAL strategy that talks the language of FEELINGS. But if you don’t know why you do what you do, then how will you ever get someone to buy into it, and be loyal, or want to be a part of what it is that you do?

ps. John Rees-Evans made very clear during his leadership bid, that if he won, Chris Mendes would implement the new website for him. Would this have been “KipperPress”? The new system implemented by JRE’s new Democrat & Veterans Party is WordPress – who implemented this? Was it Chris? Surely that would be a conflict of interest.

Why has Paul Oakden resigned as UKIP Chairman?

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UKIP’s controversial Chairman Paul Oakden, who is unpopular with many Party members, has quit. This comes after his claim last night to have been appointed Interim Leader; though such was quickly retracted.

Why has Paul Oakden resigned as UKIP Chairman? Is he under investigation by the EU for working as a MEP’s local assistant while he was Party Chairman? Is it acceptable to have both those roles at the same time? Will he have to repay a six figure sum?

In an email to members, Mr Oakden said he would go regardless of the outcome of Saturday’s extraordinary general meeting. Saturday’s gathering of party members in Birmingham will decide whether Mr Bolton keeps his job after he left wife and children at Christmas for a racist girl now suspended by the Party.

Mr Oakden hinted he could contest any future race for leader.

He said: ‘I remain a committed member of UKIP, and steadfast in my view that without us, there is little hope of our country’s independence being delivered back into the hands of her people.

‘In standing down, I hope to allow myself the flexibility to consider other ways in which I might continue to serve you – the most remarkable, and admirable, political membership in Britain today.’

Breaking: Paul Oakden Retracts Claim to be New UKIP Leader

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In an email sent out to UKIP members, Paul Oakden has stated that he is the UKIP Interim Leader.

We presume this to be a typo; perhaps revealing his aspirations.

A controversial figure within the party, the UKIP Chairman once pretended to be an airline pilot and posed with an MP’s Aston Martin to make friends with women on a dating website.

Paul Oakden is known for accusations of leading a Catch Me If You Can lifestyle after posing as a pilot on MingleVille.

In the 2007 postings under the name LoneFlyer, Mr Oakden boasted a “career” as a pilot. Under an “About Me” section he said “flying myself up into the heavens” made him happy.

Open Border Activist Flees Merkel’s Germany: Moves to Poland

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Piotr Włoczyk of Do Rzeczy talks to Rebecca Sommer, a former German activist for organisation dealing with the assistance of ‘refugees’.

After demanding others welcome illegal immigrants, open borders activist Sommer has now admitted she was wrong. She is fleeing to Poland to escape the multiculturalist disaster.

Piotr Włoczyk: Not so long ago you were a fervent advocate of Germany’s immigration policy. You even founded an association helping ‘refugees’ from Muslim countries. How should Poland react to Brussels pressure on this matter?

Rebecca Sommer: I will answer in this way: I know Germans who are going to Poland because they have had enough of what is happening in Germany.

Piotr Włoczyk: Germans fleeing to Poland? Please do not be offended, but it just sounds unreal.

Rebecca Sommer: I know people did that. If Poland and Hungary remain on their own in this matter, then you will become countries to which some Germans or French will flee. You will even become islands of stability in Europe.

Open-Border Loving Politician Found Beheaded in Africa

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Very few people have heard the name Zaida Catalan. She was a Swedish politician, who promoted open borders. Many in the West have a romanticised notion of Africa, and it is not rare for European travellers to be raped, even murdered.

Catalan was beheaded in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, along with American Michael Sharp, a United Nations worker, as part of the U.N. peacekeeping mission to the troubled African nation.

The case has been largely kept in obscurity — likely because it didn’t fulfil the globalist media’s push for open borders. Rather, it reinforced the right-wing argument that cultural values vary, and hence that migration must be low to allow for assimilation.

Catalan was a member of the Green party, whose 2013 platform states, “We want to see Europe as a part of a world of democracies, where people move freely over borders, and where people and countries trade and cooperate with each other.” This policy of relaxed borders has allowed jihadis into Europe.

On March 12, 2017, Catalan and Sharp were kidnapped along with four Congolese in the disputed province of Kasai. The BBC reports that the two had been dispatched to the region “to investigate reports of abuses after local rebels took up arms.”

On March 27, their bodies were found. Sharp’s father, John Sharp, posted on Facebook, “We have been informed that two Caucasian bodies have been found in shallow graves in the search area, one male and one female.”

Henry Bolton Wishes It Be Legal to ASSAULT (or KILL?) Party Member

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Former policeman Henry Bolton has said he wishes the law would let him assault, perhaps kill, a party member who criticised him – he has clearly said he wishes he could have a duel with UKIP activist Warren Whitmore; such battle is fought to either first wound, or to death.

What an encouraging party leader indeed! Rather than respond to feedback, investigating complaints, his tweet says to assault, or depending on rules of the duel, kill the party member who questioned his leadership. What does Bolton think he is the leader of? Communist Zimbabwe?

If someone’s argument is so “impressive” you can’t defeat them, the man known for talk of strangling badgers will resort to the left-wing tactic of wishing to silence them with violence. Hardly surprising considering that he was until three years ago a LibDem – the party is known for “positive liberty”/progressivism.

Trixy Sanderson responded to Henry Bolton, “Do you disagree with someone? Try to kill them, then!”

He was clearly triggered like a snowflake at the Surrey meeting a week ago when I challenged him, asking how UKIP can call itself a party of traditional family values after his recent conduct.

Moreover, UKIP Daily has been threatened with legal action, in what can only be taken as an effort to silence them, while Kipper Central informs that they have received messages (we have seen) that imply they will be booted out the party for criticising the leader.


EU exhibition on Nazi propaganda appropriate for an undemocratic institution

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Finally, some honesty by the EU! Their vile propaganda techniques would make Goebbels proud.

EU Parliament has an exhibition about Nazi propaganda; does it feature speeches by Merkel?

Posted by Luke Nash-Jones for UKIP NEC on Tuesday, 30 January 2018

BBC called out for BIAS on abortion

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The BBC is supposed to, according it its Charter, be neutral and give both sides of the story.

Our attention has been drawn to this part of the BBC’s ‘News Style Guide’, which contains the below utterly shameless example of institutional bias against the pro-life movement, and for the abortion lobby.

The document makes clear that reporters are to use terminology that encourages, and with such intent, support of pro-abortion activists, while discriminating against pro-life activists.

They want to reduce the pro-life position to simply being ‘anti-abortion’ as a rhetorical pro-abortion tactic, and an explicit violation of journalistic objectivity.

The original document can be found on the BBC website here: If you would like to complain about this, you can do so here:


Myth-busting: EGM and Leadership Election WON’T Kill UKIP

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The UKIP EGM will be held on Saturday 17th February 2018 at the International Convention Centre (ICC), Broad St, Birmingham, B1 2EA. The only item on the agenda is the future of Henry Bolton; is he staying or getting the boot.

Bolton has often given the impression that UKIP can not survive as a party, if he is removed, because of the cost of the resultant leadership contest. This is nonsense. Firstly, each leadership candidate has to put forward £5,000; now with the number of candidates who stood last time, this is no small sum.

With 12 persons standing in the 29 September 2017 contest, that is a total of £60,000; more than sufficient to collect postal votes and count them, even if an outside auditor is appointed.

Further, a top UKIP official informs us that the cost of the EGM and the leadership election has already been covered by a party donor.

Moreover, if Bolton stays, there is still the cost of an election: all NEC members are removed if the motion of no confidence fails (though they can stand again.)

TOP Tory Canning SUSPENDED After Night-Club Assault

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Theresa May’s attempt to copy the Jeremy Corbyn Momentum movement has fallen apart, after the appointed youth leader (who is actually 25-years-old), golden-boy Stephen Canning, has been suspended. This follows claims he is responsible for an assault at a night-club; during which a Tory MP’s aide ‘was struck’.

The Essex councillor strongly denies the claim, and says that he was defending a female friend from harassment by an ex-boyfriend. A friend of Mr Canning claimed a researcher for a Tory MP had called an ex-girlfriend a ‘slut’ and approached the activist ‘aggressively waving his bank card and asking him to buy some drinks’.

The Tory youth wing collapsed in 2015 over the ‘Tatler Tory’ scandal involving claims of sexual harassment of activists. The Conservative party came under heavy criticism for failing to stop the bullying that resulted in Elliot Johnson’s suicide.

Canning was chosen to build a youth movement. As the leader of the Universities for Britain, I found there to be a number of well-connected young Tories, who loved grabbing with social media a clip with a political celeb, but didn’t support us with the background work for Brexit activism.

A Conservative spokesman said: ‘We do not comment on ongoing investigations. We have introduced a new code of conduct that ensures allegations are investigated.’

Bloody rioting and gunshots as ‘hundreds’ of FAKE refugees STORM Calais port

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After a fight broke out amongst gangs of Afghan and Eritrean fake refugees queuing for food, rioting spread from Boulevard des Justes near the city centre of Calais.

Violent gangs wielding rocks, knives, sticks and iron bars were reportedly involved in running battles through the city – with at least 200 people involved. People smugglers are suspected to have been involved.

Fighting began at around 3.30pm, before dying down shortly before 6pm.

The four fake refugees who were shot are said to be in a life-threatening condition and have been taken to hospital.

France’s interior minister Gerard Collomb said he was on the way to the port town to deal with the emergency. That’s probably once he finds a white bedsheet to wave!

Many fake refugees travel to Calais; under UN definition, a refugee is one fleeing a war or natural disaster in a neighbouring country. None of these people invading France, in violation of immigration laws, have any right to enter Britain.

They know that the UK’s welfare state is easy to abuse; it offers free flats to those claiming asylum, while British war veterans sleep rough on the street.

Evidence: Racist Jo Marney is bankrolling Horny Henry Bolton

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Upon discovering that his mistress Jo Marney is a racist, if he really didn’t know already, Henry Bolton should have broken off with her.

He is known to still associate with her. Why?

Marney, who appears to share her lover’s lack of discretion and political nous, has announced that she transferred him £1,500; could this be why he was seen with her having dinner at the Liberal Club.

We are supposed to believe this relationship is over. We are supposed to believe he is disgusted by her racist remarks. He talked to Russia Today of possibly rekindling their sexual liaison; now we know that they effectively share a bank account.

Tory LGBT group linked with paedo ring; ex chairman jailed for sharing child porn

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The Daily Mail reports that the former chairman of the Conservatives’ LGBT group was jailed on Friday for sharing the ‘most horrendous child abuse images imaginable’.

Primary school teacher Matthew Sephton, 42, was convicted at Manchester Crown Court of possessing and distributing indecent child images.

The court was told that Mr Sephton, also an ex-Conservative Parliamentary candidate and Trafford councillor, was a member of groups that shared child abuse images.

Mr Sephton was chairman of LGBTory, now rebranded as LGBT+Conservatives, until 2014 and played a key role in the campaign to win Tory support for gay marriage.

He will be on the national sex offenders’ register for life.

Why won’t Bolton resign? The real reason.

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Henry Bolton is an absolute disaster for UKIP; just this week he told Piers Morgan that he would possibly rekindle a relationship with a racist; and he told Russia Today that he still loved her. For the party that has been often unfairly accused of bigotry by the mainstream media, Bolton is the last figurehead required.

As today, about 25 UKIP members assembled in Surrey to hear Bolton give his case to remain leader, he was met with loud chants of “Get out!” and “Resign!”; even from branch committee, and NEC, members. Other than cheerleaders such as Richard Palmer who had travelled East-West halfway across the country, everyone was furious with Horny Hooray Henry.

Why does Bonkerous Bolton stay? What is really happening?

Last night, in a livestream for Make Britain Great Again, I detailed how Farage has long been furious at the NEC, and is using Bolton to take it out. For years he has wanted to abolish the grassroots committee. It is rather difficult that the Brexit hero, who in many ways we admire, and look up to, takes issue with elected representatives of the people.

Today, the Daily Mail states, “Mr Bolton – who is refusing to resign over his relationship with glamour model Jo Marney – would rip up the party’s management structure [chucking out the democratic voice of the grassroots; the NEC] before standing aside for Mr Farage to return. In return, Mr Bolton would be rewarded with a senior job by Mr Farage.”

Former NEC member Dr Tomasz Silvnik, and other senior UKIP sources I won’t name, have detailed the debacle over the Welsh Assembly election; stating that Farage wanted Alex Philips parachuted into a top Welsh seat, effectively guaranteeing a seat. It is implied that the local Welsh UKIP members didn’t wish for such, but preferred Neil Hamilton, Gareth Bennett, Nathan Gill, and others. This however suggests the NEC is hearing out the voice of the members; basically doing its job.

None of the Bolton fan boys, such as Mark Childs (called a “village idiot” by Bill Etheridge MEP), or Richard Palmer, can name to me one constitutional rule that the NEC has breached.

I admire Farage’s determination to speak out against Brussels when others were silent, but his attack on the NEC is a very unhelpful distraction that could stop Brexit. The grassroots committee work hard, UNPAID. It is stressful! Removing members that bring the party into disrepute, or trying to balance the books; a rather difficult task, considering that much of “Team UKIP” is not employed by UKIP.

Just take a second to think about this. It’s an absolute nightmare! This means that the Board (the NEC) has no real control over the UKIP project. These persons are employed by the EU-funded EFDD (Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy); a totally separate organisation. Nigel Farage is the chair of the EFDD; he controls the higher echelons of the purple force; effectively, he still runs UKIP. Bolton is his man; he was his “referee”; a move that naturally would get UKIP members to back Horny Hooray Henry. Who is it who now backs Bolton on LBC radio?

In reality, the reform that UKIP needs, is a structure that gives the elected NEC members a proper say over the actions of EFDD workers who operate in the capacity of UKIP staff. We need the leader to be allowed to get on with the job. Also, a more engaging NEC election process is required; for example, require candidates to submit a video, so we know something of them, and also to attend a hustings somewhere in the geographical centre of Britain at a main transport hub.

Trump says he doesn’t “want to be involved with” Britain First

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Donald Trump says he doesn’t “want to be involved with” Britain First. Speaking to Piers Morgan on Thursday, Trump denied he had been promoting the controversial group as an organisation.

“I don’t know who they are, I know nothing about them, so I wouldn’t be doing that,” he said. “I am the least racist person that anyone is going to meet. Certainly I wasn’t endorsing anybody … It was done because I am a big believer in fighting radical Islamic terror. It was a big story where you are — but it was not where I am. So you’re telling me something.”

Donald Trump says he doesn't "want to be involved with" Britain First.

Posted by Make Britain Great Again on Friday, 26 January 2018

Trump stressed he hadn’t intended to upset the British public. “I’m somebody that loves Britain, loves the U.K., I love Scotland — one of the biggest problems I have with winning [the presidency] is I won’t be able to get back there so often,” he said. “I would be there a lot. Very special people, very special place. I didn’t want to cause any difficulty with your country.”

“If you’re telling me they are horrible racist people, I will certainly apologize if you’d like me to do that,” Trump told ITV Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan. “I know nothing about these people.”

Diane Abbott orders Labour MPs to oppose ban of Islamist ‘terror’ group

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The Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, has ordered Labour MPs to OPPOSE a move to ban the Islamist terror group Hezbollah from Britain.

Abbott would rather “encourage” it to become democratic. Democratic jihad? Jeremy Corbyn famously called Hezbollah “friends” during a meeting in Parliament in 2009.

Currently only the military wing of the Islamist political party is classed as a terrorist group but a Labour MP led a Commons debate arguing for the whole group to be banned.

Before the debate Abbot sent a briefing note to Labour MPs urging them not to back the motion because it would hinder peace talks in the Middle East.

The document –  obtained by the Jewish Chronicle – read: “There is a balance between making absolutely clear our abhorrence of using violence to achieve political ends and at the same time encouraging organisations down an effective democratic path.

“Full proscription could be a move against dialogue and meaningful peace negotiations in the Middle East.”

This has caused more division in Labour; a party known for anti-Semitism issues. Jennifer Gerber, Head of Labour Friends of Israel, slammed the Labour frontbench for actively pressuring its MPs to block the banning of Islamist group Hezbollah.

Gerber said: “It is sadly unsurprising that the Labour frontbench would issue a statement on Hezbollah which fails to support banning the terror group in its entirety, and which makes no reference to its virulent antisemitism, its desire to annihilate Israel and its appalling role in propping up Assad’s murderous regime in Syria.

“It is, moreover, utterly delusional to think that, having wreaked death and destruction throughout the region, Hezbollah can play any role in promoting peace. We would urge Labour’s leadership to listen to this afternoon’s debate and reconsider its position.”


France EXPLODES into RIOTS because chocolate prices low

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Riots have erupted in French supermarkets, with violent scenes as shoppers fought each other to grab the bargain discounted Nutella. Barely a word against the corrupt EU, but civil unrest to save £2 on choccy.

The Intermarché chain of supermarkets offered a whopping 70% discount on Nutella, bringing the price down from €4.50 (£3.90) to €1.40.

France, rather lazy when it comes to protesting against Merkel, is incredibly volatile over choccy prices. Police were called when people began fighting and pushing one another.

“They are like animals. A woman had her hair pulled, an elderly lady took a box on her head, another had a bloody hand,” one customer told French media.

A member of staff at one Intermarché shop in central France told the regional newspaper Le Progrès: “We were trying to get in between the customers but they were pushing us.”

Globalist Luvvies in Davos: Blair calls Brexit a “Problem for Britain”

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Contender to Anna Soubry’s crown of Remaniac overlord, Tony Blair has said that the British people will reject Britain’s exit from the EU when they realise that the UK “needs” EU migrants.

How racist! Why does he support the bigoted EU migration system that welcomes anyone from the EU, skilled or not, while turning away Asian doctors, and African engineers? We need a sensible Australian-style migration system that only lets in people with skills we need. We do not need ANY unskilled migration while we have a 4.3% unemployment rate.

Speaking to the globalist propaganda machine Bloomberg TV at the World Economic Forum event in Davos, Blair rubbished Brexit and said Brexit is a “Problem” for Britain; words many would use to describe the ex-Prime Minister.

When he was asked if he thought Brexit could be blocked via a second referendum, Blair said: “You could have a general election. If we do go through with Brexit – and I hope we don’t – it’s going to be a complete change and we will have to fashion a new future for the country.”

Panicking that the EU project, of which many suspected he would become President, will die without British taxpayers money bailing out workshy tax-dodging Greece, Tony muttered “Europe will be diminished. It will be weaker without the strength of the British economy, we’re the largest economy in Europe. And it will be politically weaker.”

“This is what people voted for in 2016, but the question is will they hold to that position once they see what the alternative is to the present European Union membership.”

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