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Shock as Lancashire Methodists Back Call for Sharia Britain

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The Light Foundation, launched at the University of Central Lancashire, is holding an event calling for Britain to adopt Sharia law.

The seminar entitled, “Is it now time for Sharia Law in the UK?” is hosted by the local Methodist church. This is a surprising choice, because surely the role of a church is to promote Christianity and not other faiths.

The event features guest panellists Shaykh Adam Kelwick from Liverpool, and Shaykh Bilal Brown from Oldham.

The Light Foundation group has support from the Mayor and Mayoress of Preston. Their website states that their aim is for a “greater awareness of traditional Islam by promoting teachings firmly rooted in reliable Sunni scholarship.”

The event advert on Facebook states that Sharia has been “used . . . to kill others in the name of religion”. The legal system has often been criticised by opponents of FGM, while even Channel 4 has criticised Mohammed’s rape of a nine year-old child.

Freedom of religion is a right, certainly, but the practise of faith, whatever faith, must be in a peaceful manner, subject to the English law (Scottish in Scotland, etc.).

Facebook SUPPORTS Irish Terrorists

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Facebook moderators have a reputation for targeting patriots, but they have reached a new low, by punishing a Young Independence member Joel McGuigan for condemning terrorism.

Sean McArthur whom McGuigan mentions is a disgusting piece of scum who supports terrorism. He shares the Irish flag with an image of Republican militia. The IRA was responsible for at least 1,707 deaths during the Troubles.

Facebook punished the Young Independence member with a 30-day ban for opposing terrorism.

URGENT: Beware of Francoise and the Pendragons

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URGENT: Beware of Francoise and the Pendragons’ “freemen of the land” nonsense

This will ruin Brexit; BE CAREFUL

A woman called Francoise (refuses to give surname, but is Thompson), has appeared out of thin air, organising a Brexit rally.

No one has heard of her.
No one saw her campaign before the referendum.
No one saw her protest in the months said.

Before you call me paranoid, I wasn’t wrong about Hazel Brown; she was a journalist.

Francoise keeps messaging me, begging me to combine the serious efforts of the People’s Charter Foundation (we organise Brexit rallies around the country) with some “freemen of the land” nonsense.

Francoise and the “freeman of the land” Pendragons claim that English law, and the Welsh, and Scottish variants, are not valid.

They say they follow “natural law” of the people.

“Freeman of the land” refuse to pay tax.

They do not respect the police; in fact, the group Francoise promotes (White Pendragons) hold rallies in illegal locations; and their leader Graham Moore, also founder of “The People’s Bailiffs”, was thrown in a police van.

Having arranged a number of rallies, I have always found the police to be very reasonable; they even help protect us from Antifa.

Moore has publicly chanted “F**k the Queen. F**k the army”.


If anyone watched that clip, and still wants to support the Pendragons, scientists will be desperate to meet you, to examine how a human is managing to function without a brain!

Francoise and the Pendragons demand the leaders of Britain resign for “treason” though such has not been committed; this makes Brexiteers look stupid, and will result in an even softer Brexiter.

Moore was in jail for bank fraud.

This is a terrible image to associate with Brexiteers; it would help the deep state a lot.

He asks for donations, saying he filed for a judicial review against the Act of Parliament that caused British membership of the EU.

It is NOT possible to have a judicial review of an Act of Parliament.

DO RESEARCH: Check the facts. On the day he was protesting outside the Supreme Courts on this, the court records do NOT list any such case (judicial review) occurring.

Here is the petition Francoise is circulating. It features “freemen of the land” nonsense.

I studied law.

Britain has two types of law:
– Statutory law: passed by Parliament;
– Common law/case law/judicial precedent: a decision made by a judge during a case;

The Pendragons, and also Mark Mercattelli, incorrectly state that “common law” means “natural justice”, law made by the people; in reality, it means the words of a judge.

Further, the petition is absurd!
Magna Carta did NOT give power to the people!
It gave the vote ONLY to the landed gentry.
It was the PEOPLE’S CHARTER that called for all to have the vote.

The Lords want to STOP Brexit – to demand they, on the basis of Magna Carta, have the final say on leaving the EU, is pure stupidity.

Further, the Lords, which Magna Carta empowered, passed many laws which superseded it.

Anyone spewing this “freeman of the land” nonsense is a threat to Brexit.

Why is Francoise promoting it so fervently?
Why is she DESPERATE to associate me with this nonsense?

I won’t be surprised if she’s another journalist.

This would be perfect fuel for a documentary mocking Brexiteers as stupid, pushing “common law” nonsense; Dragons getting arrested by police.

I won’t surprised if some incident is staged at her Brexit rally.

If we are to win, we must be smart:

– We must have an accurate message; it is important that it is formulated by those who actually know law, political theory, and in addition, know the pain that people feel;

– We must work with, not against the police: they are very reasonable if you hold a rally in a legal location, inform them, keep to the law, and don’t invite actual fascist speakers!

– Be far more careful whom you stand on a stage with for goodness sake. Why the hell would you march with someone you know NOTHING about; no history, no one saw her protest, no organisation, member of no party – if that doesn’t stink of possibly being MI5, you are blind.

Henry Bolton’s Digital Strategy is EMPTY Waffle Devoid of HUMAN Feeling

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One of the most successful IT companies EVER is Apple. People queue for hours outside shops, waiting for the new iPhone to be released. There is a cult-like following, almost a religion, of devotion to the Mac, the iPhone, the iPad. In reality, while often beautiful designed pieces, the technology underneath an iPhone is little different to that offered by many other companies, such as mobile phone producer Samsung; in fact, in many ways the latter is a better product. Nonetheless, people WORSHIP Apple. Why? What can political parties learn from this?

If UKIP or any party’s digital outreach is to succeed, there is a need to have the humility to learn from history. The whole party faces a crisis similar to that in Apple’s actual history: when the CEO Steve Jobs left, the party died, and when he returned, it thrived. UKIP is lost without Nigel Farage, known for charismatic speeches in Brussels, at the wheel. Why? There is one FUNDAMENTAL point, that Henry Bolton’s pathetic new Digital Strategy fails to even begin to comprehend, because just like his “leadership”, it lacks vision, but is cold and mechanical.

Too often in business, and politics, ESPECIALLY UKIP, there is a focus on the mechanics alone, and not FEELINGS. Everybody knows “what” they do 100%. Some know how they do it. But very very few people or organisations know WHY they do it. Get this wrong, and UKIP will die. We don’t just want technology; any old idiot can install a website – we want to USE technology to send our MESSAGE.

People do not LOVE Apple for the products. No, it’s not about the spec of the camera in their phone. It’s not about how many songs they can store. It’s about far more than slick styling. It’s about a SOCIAL REVOLUTION. It touches the heart when it says those who are odd, who are different, who don’t follow the trend, who rebel, are the heroes who go far. Isn’t this close to the UKIP “libertarian” anti-establishment message? Aren’t we the eccentrics of politics? So why are we being so damn boring?

Basically, every Apple advert reflects that Martin Luther King message, “I have a dream!” Hope! Inspiration! It’s the “why”, why do you do it, why do you get out of bed in the morning, and why should people care.

Chris Mendes’ BORING Digital Strategy for Bolton merely stutters, “I have a plan.” This isn’t the 1990s: simply installing a new website will achieve nothing more than line someone’s pocket! This cold, robotic manifesto devoid of imagination ignores that the BIGGEST problem is not which system is used, but HOW: the MESSAGE MUST REACH HEARTS! People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

Any strategy plan should not flog systems, but should talk about DREAMS. It should have an analysis of how social media helped Trump reach beyond legacy media; what about his messages was so successful? Was it that he mentioned the PAIN people FELT, and then gave them HOPE of change. Meanwhile UKIP social media such as Facebook has some of the worst graphic design, devoid of hope, spewing technical policy stuff that drives you to suicide. It has some of the most dull artwork in the world.

This is the age of the MOBILE phone. The Digital Strategy ignores a MAJOR flaw with the UKIP website. It is not “mobile first”. People are checking their phone on the train, sneakily at work, on the toilet. They are in a rush. They are impatient. We must have short videos, like Trump did, that feature pithy soundbites or segments of speeches that spoke to real people, HEART TO HEART.

As someone who works in this industry, I say with authority that this Mendes document is just empty waffle; technical sounding words to give an impression of competence. This proposal doesn’t name EXISTING systems; it just a sales pitch to flog a new one. The party ALREADY has the system it NEEDS: NationBuilder – every political party uses this; even Rebel Media does. You can filter messages, and target people very efficiently. To CONNECT with them; to tailor your message to their HEARTS.

Oddly, UKIP barely uses the Nation Builder features it pays much for, and then stated in the UKIP newsletter that MailChimp is being implemented for emails, though Nation Builder provides such; paying twice for the same thing – the Digital Strategy plan ignores this glaring problem. UKIP DOES NOT NEED MORE SYSTEMS! Again and again, people turn up, pitching at businesses plans with fancy words to impress those who don’t work in software engineering; money is shelled out; someone makes a quick buck; but the problems still remain. WHY?

The Digital Strategy plan asks for an entirely unjustified £6,000 sum to Chris Mendes to implement this KipperPress, which is really a FREE system called WordPress. The only cost should be labour to tweak a template; time to implement it. As Chris has requested a CTO position in UKIP, which would likely be salaried, the cost would be covered therein, and hence he has some damn cheek to ask for £6,000, but the back office will probably again throw money at nothing.

If someone is to head up the Digital Outreach of UKIP and get RESULTS, they need to truly appreciate the need not just to implement systems, but to pull at heart strings. They lack the imagination for the NEW approaches that Momentum implemented; in fact, they won’t have a clue what I just referred to. Cold, mechanical types like Bolton focus on the “outside” layer of our brain, the neocortex,” that is rational. They might appeal to the rational world of accountants, but they won’t set the world on fire.

When someone like Bolton does a pitch, they would talk about this feature that a phone or laptop has, such as how long the battery lasts, or the size of the screen. Is that really why you LOVE a product? No. How often do you go shopping, and in the heat of the moment buy something, then later regret it? Bolton can give someone all the facts and figures he wants, and they will look at them, but it just doesn’t ‘feel’ right. Selling an idea is an EMOTIONAL thing, not rational.

UKIP has always failed to do what Jeffrey Moore called “Crossing the Chasm”; to reach beyond that 12.5% and embrace the early majority. UKIP must reach deeper, to our “inner” limbic brain. This is about what we FEEL, about instincts, that can be often totally illogical, but compel us to action.

Here at MBGA News, we might know a thing or two about technology, because this news outlet is run by Britain’s most patriotic engineers. We know what we are doing; without buckets of money, such as the £100,000 plus that Bickley said was spent on Facebook for UKIP, we reached 25,000 subscribers on YouTube. We also have 50,000 followers on Facebook. We talk about what people FEEL.

Sadly, as in many businesses, the old guard are naive on engineering, and taken for ride. Simply dumping a new system in place will achieve nothing more than burn money. You need a REAL strategy that talks the language of FEELINGS. But if you don’t know why you do what you do, then how will you ever get someone to buy into it, and be loyal, or want to be a part of what it is that you do?

ps. John Rees-Evans made very clear during his leadership bid, that if he won, Chris Mendes would implement the new website for him. Would this have been “KipperPress”? The new system implemented by JRE’s new Democrat & Veterans Party is WordPress – who implemented this? Was it Chris? Surely that would be a conflict of interest.

Why has Paul Oakden resigned as UKIP Chairman?

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UKIP’s controversial Chairman Paul Oakden, who is unpopular with many Party members, has quit. This comes after his claim last night to have been appointed Interim Leader; though such was quickly retracted.

Why has Paul Oakden resigned as UKIP Chairman? Is he under investigation by the EU for working as a MEP’s local assistant while he was Party Chairman? Is it acceptable to have both those roles at the same time? Will he have to repay a six figure sum?

In an email to members, Mr Oakden said he would go regardless of the outcome of Saturday’s extraordinary general meeting. Saturday’s gathering of party members in Birmingham will decide whether Mr Bolton keeps his job after he left wife and children at Christmas for a racist girl now suspended by the Party.

Mr Oakden hinted he could contest any future race for leader.

He said: ‘I remain a committed member of UKIP, and steadfast in my view that without us, there is little hope of our country’s independence being delivered back into the hands of her people.

‘In standing down, I hope to allow myself the flexibility to consider other ways in which I might continue to serve you – the most remarkable, and admirable, political membership in Britain today.’

Breaking: Paul Oakden Retracts Claim to be New UKIP Leader

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In an email sent out to UKIP members, Paul Oakden has stated that he is the UKIP Interim Leader.

We presume this to be a typo; perhaps revealing his aspirations.

A controversial figure within the party, the UKIP Chairman once pretended to be an airline pilot and posed with an MP’s Aston Martin to make friends with women on a dating website.

Paul Oakden is known for accusations of leading a Catch Me If You Can lifestyle after posing as a pilot on MingleVille.

In the 2007 postings under the name LoneFlyer, Mr Oakden boasted a “career” as a pilot. Under an “About Me” section he said “flying myself up into the heavens” made him happy.

Open Border Activist Flees Merkel’s Germany: Moves to Poland

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Piotr Włoczyk of Do Rzeczy talks to Rebecca Sommer, a former German activist for organisation dealing with the assistance of ‘refugees’.

After demanding others welcome illegal immigrants, open borders activist Sommer has now admitted she was wrong. She is fleeing to Poland to escape the multiculturalist disaster.

Piotr Włoczyk: Not so long ago you were a fervent advocate of Germany’s immigration policy. You even founded an association helping ‘refugees’ from Muslim countries. How should Poland react to Brussels pressure on this matter?

Rebecca Sommer: I will answer in this way: I know Germans who are going to Poland because they have had enough of what is happening in Germany.

Piotr Włoczyk: Germans fleeing to Poland? Please do not be offended, but it just sounds unreal.

Rebecca Sommer: I know people did that. If Poland and Hungary remain on their own in this matter, then you will become countries to which some Germans or French will flee. You will even become islands of stability in Europe.

Open-Border Loving Politician Found Beheaded in Africa

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Very few people have heard the name Zaida Catalan. She was a Swedish politician, who promoted open borders. Many in the West have a romanticised notion of Africa, and it is not rare for European travellers to be raped, even murdered.

Catalan was beheaded in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, along with American Michael Sharp, a United Nations worker, as part of the U.N. peacekeeping mission to the troubled African nation.

The case has been largely kept in obscurity — likely because it didn’t fulfil the globalist media’s push for open borders. Rather, it reinforced the right-wing argument that cultural values vary, and hence that migration must be low to allow for assimilation.

Catalan was a member of the Green party, whose 2013 platform states, “We want to see Europe as a part of a world of democracies, where people move freely over borders, and where people and countries trade and cooperate with each other.” This policy of relaxed borders has allowed jihadis into Europe.

On March 12, 2017, Catalan and Sharp were kidnapped along with four Congolese in the disputed province of Kasai. The BBC reports that the two had been dispatched to the region “to investigate reports of abuses after local rebels took up arms.”

On March 27, their bodies were found. Sharp’s father, John Sharp, posted on Facebook, “We have been informed that two Caucasian bodies have been found in shallow graves in the search area, one male and one female.”

Henry Bolton Wishes It Be Legal to ASSAULT (or KILL?) Party Member

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Former policeman Henry Bolton has said he wishes the law would let him assault, perhaps kill, a party member who criticised him – he has clearly said he wishes he could have a duel with UKIP activist Warren Whitmore; such battle is fought to either first wound, or to death.

What an encouraging party leader indeed! Rather than respond to feedback, investigating complaints, his tweet says to assault, or depending on rules of the duel, kill the party member who questioned his leadership. What does Bolton think he is the leader of? Communist Zimbabwe?

If someone’s argument is so “impressive” you can’t defeat them, the man known for talk of strangling badgers will resort to the left-wing tactic of wishing to silence them with violence. Hardly surprising considering that he was until three years ago a LibDem – the party is known for “positive liberty”/progressivism.

Trixy Sanderson responded to Henry Bolton, “Do you disagree with someone? Try to kill them, then!”

He was clearly triggered like a snowflake at the Surrey meeting a week ago when I challenged him, asking how UKIP can call itself a party of traditional family values after his recent conduct.

Moreover, UKIP Daily has been threatened with legal action, in what can only be taken as an effort to silence them, while Kipper Central informs that they have received messages (we have seen) that imply they will be booted out the party for criticising the leader.


EU exhibition on Nazi propaganda appropriate for an undemocratic institution

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Finally, some honesty by the EU! Their vile propaganda techniques would make Goebbels proud.

EU Parliament has an exhibition about Nazi propaganda; does it feature speeches by Merkel?

Posted by Luke Nash-Jones for UKIP NEC on Tuesday, 30 January 2018

BBC called out for BIAS on abortion

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The BBC is supposed to, according it its Charter, be neutral and give both sides of the story.

Our attention has been drawn to this part of the BBC’s ‘News Style Guide’, which contains the below utterly shameless example of institutional bias against the pro-life movement, and for the abortion lobby.

The document makes clear that reporters are to use terminology that encourages, and with such intent, support of pro-abortion activists, while discriminating against pro-life activists.

They want to reduce the pro-life position to simply being ‘anti-abortion’ as a rhetorical pro-abortion tactic, and an explicit violation of journalistic objectivity.

The original document can be found on the BBC website here: If you would like to complain about this, you can do so here:


Myth-busting: EGM and Leadership Election WON’T Kill UKIP

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The UKIP EGM will be held on Saturday 17th February 2018 at the International Convention Centre (ICC), Broad St, Birmingham, B1 2EA. The only item on the agenda is the future of Henry Bolton; is he staying or getting the boot.

Bolton has often given the impression that UKIP can not survive as a party, if he is removed, because of the cost of the resultant leadership contest. This is nonsense. Firstly, each leadership candidate has to put forward £5,000; now with the number of candidates who stood last time, this is no small sum.

With 12 persons standing in the 29 September 2017 contest, that is a total of £60,000; more than sufficient to collect postal votes and count them, even if an outside auditor is appointed.

Further, a top UKIP official informs us that the cost of the EGM and the leadership election has already been covered by a party donor.

Moreover, if Bolton stays, there is still the cost of an election: all NEC members are removed if the motion of no confidence fails (though they can stand again.)

TOP Tory Canning SUSPENDED After Night-Club Assault

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Theresa May’s attempt to copy the Jeremy Corbyn Momentum movement has fallen apart, after the appointed youth leader (who is actually 25-years-old), golden-boy Stephen Canning, has been suspended. This follows claims he is responsible for an assault at a night-club; during which a Tory MP’s aide ‘was struck’.

The Essex councillor strongly denies the claim, and says that he was defending a female friend from harassment by an ex-boyfriend. A friend of Mr Canning claimed a researcher for a Tory MP had called an ex-girlfriend a ‘slut’ and approached the activist ‘aggressively waving his bank card and asking him to buy some drinks’.

The Tory youth wing collapsed in 2015 over the ‘Tatler Tory’ scandal involving claims of sexual harassment of activists. The Conservative party came under heavy criticism for failing to stop the bullying that resulted in Elliot Johnson’s suicide.

Canning was chosen to build a youth movement. As the leader of the Universities for Britain, I found there to be a number of well-connected young Tories, who loved grabbing with social media a clip with a political celeb, but didn’t support us with the background work for Brexit activism.

A Conservative spokesman said: ‘We do not comment on ongoing investigations. We have introduced a new code of conduct that ensures allegations are investigated.’

Bloody rioting and gunshots as ‘hundreds’ of FAKE refugees STORM Calais port

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After a fight broke out amongst gangs of Afghan and Eritrean fake refugees queuing for food, rioting spread from Boulevard des Justes near the city centre of Calais.

Violent gangs wielding rocks, knives, sticks and iron bars were reportedly involved in running battles through the city – with at least 200 people involved. People smugglers are suspected to have been involved.

Fighting began at around 3.30pm, before dying down shortly before 6pm.

The four fake refugees who were shot are said to be in a life-threatening condition and have been taken to hospital.

France’s interior minister Gerard Collomb said he was on the way to the port town to deal with the emergency. That’s probably once he finds a white bedsheet to wave!

Many fake refugees travel to Calais; under UN definition, a refugee is one fleeing a war or natural disaster in a neighbouring country. None of these people invading France, in violation of immigration laws, have any right to enter Britain.

They know that the UK’s welfare state is easy to abuse; it offers free flats to those claiming asylum, while British war veterans sleep rough on the street.

Evidence: Racist Jo Marney is bankrolling Horny Henry Bolton

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Upon discovering that his mistress Jo Marney is a racist, if he really didn’t know already, Henry Bolton should have broken off with her.

He is known to still associate with her. Why?

Marney, who appears to share her lover’s lack of discretion and political nous, has announced that she transferred him £1,500; could this be why he was seen with her having dinner at the Liberal Club.

We are supposed to believe this relationship is over. We are supposed to believe he is disgusted by her racist remarks. He talked to Russia Today of possibly rekindling their sexual liaison; now we know that they effectively share a bank account.

Tory LGBT group linked with paedo ring; ex chairman jailed for sharing child porn

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The Daily Mail reports that the former chairman of the Conservatives’ LGBT group was jailed on Friday for sharing the ‘most horrendous child abuse images imaginable’.

Primary school teacher Matthew Sephton, 42, was convicted at Manchester Crown Court of possessing and distributing indecent child images.

The court was told that Mr Sephton, also an ex-Conservative Parliamentary candidate and Trafford councillor, was a member of groups that shared child abuse images.

Mr Sephton was chairman of LGBTory, now rebranded as LGBT+Conservatives, until 2014 and played a key role in the campaign to win Tory support for gay marriage.

He will be on the national sex offenders’ register for life.

Why won’t Bolton resign? The real reason.

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Henry Bolton is an absolute disaster for UKIP; just this week he told Piers Morgan that he would possibly rekindle a relationship with a racist; and he told Russia Today that he still loved her. For the party that has been often unfairly accused of bigotry by the mainstream media, Bolton is the last figurehead required.

As today, about 25 UKIP members assembled in Surrey to hear Bolton give his case to remain leader, he was met with loud chants of “Get out!” and “Resign!”; even from branch committee, and NEC, members. Other than cheerleaders such as Richard Palmer who had travelled East-West halfway across the country, everyone was furious with Horny Hooray Henry.

Why does Bonkerous Bolton stay? What is really happening?

Last night, in a livestream for Make Britain Great Again, I detailed how Farage has long been furious at the NEC, and is using Bolton to take it out. For years he has wanted to abolish the grassroots committee. It is rather difficult that the Brexit hero, who in many ways we admire, and look up to, takes issue with elected representatives of the people.

Today, the Daily Mail states, “Mr Bolton – who is refusing to resign over his relationship with glamour model Jo Marney – would rip up the party’s management structure [chucking out the democratic voice of the grassroots; the NEC] before standing aside for Mr Farage to return. In return, Mr Bolton would be rewarded with a senior job by Mr Farage.”

Former NEC member Dr Tomasz Silvnik, and other senior UKIP sources I won’t name, have detailed the debacle over the Welsh Assembly election; stating that Farage wanted Alex Philips parachuted into a top Welsh seat, effectively guaranteeing a seat. It is implied that the local Welsh UKIP members didn’t wish for such, but preferred Neil Hamilton, Gareth Bennett, Nathan Gill, and others. This however suggests the NEC is hearing out the voice of the members; basically doing its job.

None of the Bolton fan boys, such as Mark Childs (called a “village idiot” by Bill Etheridge MEP), or Richard Palmer, can name to me one constitutional rule that the NEC has breached.

I admire Farage’s determination to speak out against Brussels when others were silent, but his attack on the NEC is a very unhelpful distraction that could stop Brexit. The grassroots committee work hard, UNPAID. It is stressful! Removing members that bring the party into disrepute, or trying to balance the books; a rather difficult task, considering that much of “Team UKIP” is not employed by UKIP.

Just take a second to think about this. It’s an absolute nightmare! This means that the Board (the NEC) has no real control over the UKIP project. These persons are employed by the EU-funded EFDD (Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy); a totally separate organisation. Nigel Farage is the chair of the EFDD; he controls the higher echelons of the purple force; effectively, he still runs UKIP. Bolton is his man; he was his “referee”; a move that naturally would get UKIP members to back Horny Hooray Henry. Who is it who now backs Bolton on LBC radio?

In reality, the reform that UKIP needs, is a structure that gives the elected NEC members a proper say over the actions of EFDD workers who operate in the capacity of UKIP staff. We need the leader to be allowed to get on with the job. Also, a more engaging NEC election process is required; for example, require candidates to submit a video, so we know something of them, and also to attend a hustings somewhere in the geographical centre of Britain at a main transport hub.

Trump says he doesn’t “want to be involved with” Britain First

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Donald Trump says he doesn’t “want to be involved with” Britain First. Speaking to Piers Morgan on Thursday, Trump denied he had been promoting the controversial group as an organisation.

“I don’t know who they are, I know nothing about them, so I wouldn’t be doing that,” he said. “I am the least racist person that anyone is going to meet. Certainly I wasn’t endorsing anybody … It was done because I am a big believer in fighting radical Islamic terror. It was a big story where you are — but it was not where I am. So you’re telling me something.”

Donald Trump says he doesn't "want to be involved with" Britain First.

Posted by Make Britain Great Again on Friday, 26 January 2018

Trump stressed he hadn’t intended to upset the British public. “I’m somebody that loves Britain, loves the U.K., I love Scotland — one of the biggest problems I have with winning [the presidency] is I won’t be able to get back there so often,” he said. “I would be there a lot. Very special people, very special place. I didn’t want to cause any difficulty with your country.”

“If you’re telling me they are horrible racist people, I will certainly apologize if you’d like me to do that,” Trump told ITV Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan. “I know nothing about these people.”

Diane Abbott orders Labour MPs to oppose ban of Islamist ‘terror’ group

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The Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, has ordered Labour MPs to OPPOSE a move to ban the Islamist terror group Hezbollah from Britain.

Abbott would rather “encourage” it to become democratic. Democratic jihad? Jeremy Corbyn famously called Hezbollah “friends” during a meeting in Parliament in 2009.

Currently only the military wing of the Islamist political party is classed as a terrorist group but a Labour MP led a Commons debate arguing for the whole group to be banned.

Before the debate Abbot sent a briefing note to Labour MPs urging them not to back the motion because it would hinder peace talks in the Middle East.

The document –  obtained by the Jewish Chronicle – read: “There is a balance between making absolutely clear our abhorrence of using violence to achieve political ends and at the same time encouraging organisations down an effective democratic path.

“Full proscription could be a move against dialogue and meaningful peace negotiations in the Middle East.”

This has caused more division in Labour; a party known for anti-Semitism issues. Jennifer Gerber, Head of Labour Friends of Israel, slammed the Labour frontbench for actively pressuring its MPs to block the banning of Islamist group Hezbollah.

Gerber said: “It is sadly unsurprising that the Labour frontbench would issue a statement on Hezbollah which fails to support banning the terror group in its entirety, and which makes no reference to its virulent antisemitism, its desire to annihilate Israel and its appalling role in propping up Assad’s murderous regime in Syria.

“It is, moreover, utterly delusional to think that, having wreaked death and destruction throughout the region, Hezbollah can play any role in promoting peace. We would urge Labour’s leadership to listen to this afternoon’s debate and reconsider its position.”


France EXPLODES into RIOTS because chocolate prices low

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Riots have erupted in French supermarkets, with violent scenes as shoppers fought each other to grab the bargain discounted Nutella. Barely a word against the corrupt EU, but civil unrest to save £2 on choccy.

The Intermarché chain of supermarkets offered a whopping 70% discount on Nutella, bringing the price down from €4.50 (£3.90) to €1.40.

France, rather lazy when it comes to protesting against Merkel, is incredibly volatile over choccy prices. Police were called when people began fighting and pushing one another.

“They are like animals. A woman had her hair pulled, an elderly lady took a box on her head, another had a bloody hand,” one customer told French media.

A member of staff at one Intermarché shop in central France told the regional newspaper Le Progrès: “We were trying to get in between the customers but they were pushing us.”

Globalist Luvvies in Davos: Blair calls Brexit a “Problem for Britain”

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Contender to Anna Soubry’s crown of Remaniac overlord, Tony Blair has said that the British people will reject Britain’s exit from the EU when they realise that the UK “needs” EU migrants.

How racist! Why does he support the bigoted EU migration system that welcomes anyone from the EU, skilled or not, while turning away Asian doctors, and African engineers? We need a sensible Australian-style migration system that only lets in people with skills we need. We do not need ANY unskilled migration while we have a 4.3% unemployment rate.

Speaking to the globalist propaganda machine Bloomberg TV at the World Economic Forum event in Davos, Blair rubbished Brexit and said Brexit is a “Problem” for Britain; words many would use to describe the ex-Prime Minister.

When he was asked if he thought Brexit could be blocked via a second referendum, Blair said: “You could have a general election. If we do go through with Brexit – and I hope we don’t – it’s going to be a complete change and we will have to fashion a new future for the country.”

Panicking that the EU project, of which many suspected he would become President, will die without British taxpayers money bailing out workshy tax-dodging Greece, Tony muttered “Europe will be diminished. It will be weaker without the strength of the British economy, we’re the largest economy in Europe. And it will be politically weaker.”

“This is what people voted for in 2016, but the question is will they hold to that position once they see what the alternative is to the present European Union membership.”

Rejected UKIP Leader “Bunga Bunga” Bolton charging £900 for Decision Making Course

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If you are an aspiring leader in business, the military, or otherwise, Britain’s Berlusconi, the UKIP leader Henry Bolton believes he is the man to imitate.

His consultancy business LiveOak is offering 16 hour-long Decision-Making courses at £900 per attendee. This is the man whose conduct a senior UKIP official told us reminds them of the former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s scandalous Bunga Bunga life-style.

“A two day course that explores why individuals and organisations make flawed decisions” – perhaps he will speak from personal experience. This is the twonk whose wife says he dumped her by text, after meeting a blonde half his age at a Xmas party, and perhaps, we don’t know, while drunk.

“For all decision makers and those that aspire to making the best decisions possible.” Perhaps this character, who looks like Mr Burns from the Simpsons, needs to attend such a course, rather than teach it.

While he was working unpaid as the UKIP leader, he made the “best decision” of cheating on his wife who was busy working in Austria to pay for his lifestyle, which included membership of the swanky Liberal Club.

He worked for the European Commission, he has an OBE (given to those who lick up to the elite), and he likes neo-liberal clubs in London; this guy makes David Cameron look patriotic!

It’s crazy enough to be a TV sitcom: “Bunga Bunga” Bolton claims to be a world expert in “Effective Decision Making”

He calls himself “Top Trouble-shooter”; though “Trouble-maker” would be more befitting. Despite his prudish appearance, this womanising dimwit has said that he may be selling his house to make ends meet after cheating on the breadwinner; clearly a long-sighted strategist that all Berlusconi fans should seek to admire.

These courses are available in Moscow, Nairobi, Vienna, London, Delhi, and of course, his natural habitat, Brussels. He claims to be “Helping organisations to make effective decisions and thereby enhance performance.”

Probably even Robert Mugabe wouldn’t take advice from this horny fool, whose thoughts appear to be driven by the downstairs department. His consultancy website invites all interested in his course to phone 07738 202 393.

A senior UKIP official told us that Bolton’s conduct reminds them of former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s scandalous Bunga Bunga life-style

UKIP EGM called for Derby on 17th of February

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A senior UKIP member has informed us that the Party’s Emergency General Meeting to review Bolton’s position will probably be on the 17th of February in Derby.

A vote will be held by members of UKIP as to whether they back the NEC’s Vote of No Confidence in the Party Leader.

Unfortunately, it seems Bunga Bunga Bolton, the Berlusconi of Britain, has some support in the Midlands.

The meeting will cost we believe four figures; not helpful to the Party in debt. The right thing would be for Bolton to gracefully resign.

(The date and location may change.)

Equality Comm investigating Labour for “racist” conference

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The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) is investigating a Labour Party event, featuring Corbyn, that planned to charge white people more to attend.

The party drew widespread criticism after it was revealed white party members would be charged £10 extra.

Leicestershire Police have received complaints about the issue, but told local media they wouldn’t be investigating and “would advise anyone who feels that the Equality Act may have been breached to contact the EHRC”.

However, the EHRC has now announced that it is investigating the situation after a complaint was made that Labour has breached equality law; rather awkward for the party of virtue signalling. The law very clearly states you cannot discriminate against someone because of the colour of their skin.

Andrew Bridgen, the MP for North West Leicestershire wrote to the Commission, saying: “I believe this is not only discriminatory and illegal it’s also extremely divisive — setting communities against each other and opening a Pandora’s box for extremists at both ends and Labour must refund their illegal racial surcharge.”

The chief executive of the EHRC, Rebecca Hilsenrath, told Brigden: “The legal team is considering whether or not to use one of our statutory powers in relation to enforcement of the Equality Act.”

A Labour spokesman told the paper: “The basic price of a conference pass is the same for all members but, at the request of our East Midlands Regional Board, the party will subsidise part of the cost of this year’s conference pass for BAME members to encourage attendance and improve representation.”

Feel free to contact the EHRC here.

British Government Biased: BBC and Dimblebys get too much air time

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21st Century Fox’s bid to take control of the 61% of Sky has been slammed down by the Competition and Markets Authority. The reason? It has provisionally ruled the buy out will not be in the public interest because it would cause a monopoly, a dominance of the media.

However, it did not seem concerned one iota that the BBC controls some two-fifths of the news market, nearly double that controlled by Sky and News UK. Is the Competition and Markets Authority biased?

The CMA, a non-ministerial government department, says the Murdoch family trust would have “too much control over news providers in the UK across all media platforms and therefore too much influence over public opinion and the political agenda.”

Why no uproar by the Competition and Markets Authority about the Dimbleby family, which for decades has dominated British public opinion and the political agenda on multiple media platforms? (BBC coverage of the Royal Family, general elections, budgets, as well as the flagship weekly current affairs shows; Question Time and Any Questions.)

BREAKING: NEC Unanimously Votes It Has No Confidence In Henry Bolton

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The UKIP National Executive Committee (the Board of Directors) has voted in favour of a motion of no confidence in the party leader, Henry Bolton.

His resignation has been called for by Bill Etheridge MEP, and Gerard Batten MEP, who called on Mr Bolton to leave his post, describing his position as “untenable”.

Bolton has made clear on the BBC and ITV that he will not resign, and claims it is not the role of the NEC to make moral judgements. As a party that stands for traditional family values, Bolton’s conduct is a serious issue. His own campaign manager quit in protest. Jonathan Arnott MEP resigned from the Party on Friday, and the Hartlepool councillors left en masse.

In an email to Party members, Chairman Paul Oakden said;

“The vote was carried unanimously with the exception of the Leader.

Bolton’s refusal to resign means the matter will now proceed to a an Extraordinary General Meeting, where members of the party will be asked to endorse the NEC’s decision.

UKIP now faces at least a month of uncertainty as it awaits the outcome of the EGM. This man should never have been elected the leader of UKIP; our post prior to the leadership contest comes to mind:

Across Britain, Brexiteers March Against Theresa May’s Affront to Democracy

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The British people are without question some of the most polite, well-mannered, and cultured in the history of mankind. However, if we are pushed too far, our blood can boil, as discovered the neo-liberal elite this weekend that just passed. Across the UK, in Cardiff, Nottingham, and London, the People’s Charter Foundation held a number of non-partisan pro-Brexit rallies calling for MPs to respect the voice of the people or get out.

Luke Nash-Jones, Director of the People’s Charter Foundation, and his deputy, Martin Costello, drove around the UK, boldly speaking out against the corrupt London-centric neo-liberal establishment that is a threat to democracy. A crowd of fifty protesters had assembled in Cardiff Bay on a cold Saturday morning to hear their words. The police were very positive towards the Brexiteers, dragging off by the collar two snobby lads, probably trust-fund latte liberals, who lurched towards Nash-Jones.

Present, as well as UKIP members from Wales and South West England, were activists from the alt-left group Stand Up to Racism who chanted non-stop, like zombies, for the duration of Nash-Jones’s speech “Luke is not welcome here”. He firmly castigated the counter-protestors for their hypocrisy, for example, their leader Diane Abbott “is in no position to campaign against racism, when she herself said white mothers are inferior to black mothers.” He also lambasted the alt-left thugs for their speaker Moazzam Begg, who not only is a former detainee of the infamous Guantanamo Bay prison camp for terrorists, but also notoriously praised Jihadi John.

Despite the aggression from the left, the Chartists continued to deliver their thoughts on the Welsh Assembly’s failure to respect the will of the people. Martin Costello proudly announced “I love Europe”, pointing out that he doesn’t hate the European people, but merely rejects a pan-European government. He declared, “We have people dying on trolleys due to the lack of funding, whilst you guys are sending £35 million a day to the EU gravy train in funding.” Costello called for British jobs to be given to British people, and hence the adoption of an Australian-style system. We clearly voted to leave the European Union, because we want an end of mass migration.

Nash-Jones announced “We standing here today are the real voice of the working class”, as he called today’s Welsh Labour “not even a ghost of the party in the days of Peter Shore and Aneurin Bevan. Those men eviscerated the EU, with stirring speeches we even re-play with admiration today, while this house in front of me is full of leeches who care only for sucking money out of you in tax, as they sell our nation to foreign powers.” Nash-Jones, the grandson of a Welsh miner, stated that Labour “do not deserve the pedestal on which they stand” because “Labour’s hero Harold Wilson shut twice as many mines as Thatcher”. He called for the British government to embrace the spirit of Trump and place a tax on Chinese steel so as to save Port Talbot.

Onwards the Chartists went to Beeston Square in Nottingham, the Parliamentary constituency of Broxtowe, run by Queen of the Remoaners, Anna Soubry. About 120 Brexiteers had assembled, and marched through the city chanting “Soubry Out” and “What do we want? Brexit! When do we want it? Now”.

Bill Etheridge MEP announced that the fightback against the Westminster establishment starts now. “We are free and we are British and we will not accept totalitarian rule from Brussels or Westminster.” He called Britain the “beacon of light and freedom” in the world.

Martin Costello called upon Soubry’s constituents to “rise up” against the “greedy and treacherous” “Sheriff of Nottingham”. He exclaimed, “We want to see British jobs for British workers.”

Luke Nash-Jones invoked the “spirit of Robin Hood”, exclaiming, “The democracy for which the Chartists risked their lives, the freedom for which they struggled, is not the property of Anna Soubry to sacrifice!” He stated, “Talking on Facebook. Waffling on Whatsapp. Whining on the sofa. That won’t save Britain. We need action!” He exclaimed, “Either you get up off your backsides, you put down those TV remotes, and you protest on the street, or our nation dies.”

UKIP’s Parliamentary candidate for Broxtowe, Fran Loi, showed great spirit by attending the rally on his 40th birthday, and was met with a chorus of “Happy Birthday to you”. He bravely stood against Anna Soubry, who he called “the Queen of Remain”, in the last election. Loi issued a stark warning to the government and Westminster elites, “Defy the British people at your peril”. He declared, “To any MP, who would so consciously defy the will of the British people, we send a message, to remind them, you work for us.” He was followed by words from UKIP Loughborough’s Andy McWilliam – there will soon be a People’s Charter protest in that constituency, home to Nicky Morgan.

The Chartists’ Brexit roadtrip continued to London, where about 150 protestors were present. On Sunday, Steven Woolfe MEP was the first speaker, and he condemned the ‘ultra Remainer cult’ consisting of the likes of Lord Adonis, Nick Clegg, and Kenneth Clarke. They said Mr Woolfe, “will not listen to democracy and the people’s vote”. We need to “win our Brexit back”. He stated, “Freedom and democracy is what keeps us alive.” Woolfe said the British people have “an iron will to get Brexit.”

Nash-Jones shouted to Downing Street across the road that the Prime Minister must decide whether she is a fascist, or a populist who respects the will of the people. He stated, “True fascism is the objection to democracy. The left, where Hitler resided. That’s not a good place to be!” He warned of the Saudi-influence on the British government that the EU has allowed, mentioning Kalergi and the Frankfurt School. With passion he shouted, “England will not exist by the time I am old. Your children will not have a home. We will descend into the abyss of Islamo-Marxism. I say no. We will not stand idly by, crippled with fear, heads held low, as our nation, the greatest civilisation mankind ever knew, fades off into history.”

Cliff Dixon exclaimed that “The people of our country are now fighting against an elite and our weapons are our words and our beliefs.” Elizabeth Jones from the NEC lambasted Theresa May for ignoring the will of the people. The Brexiteers then marched up Whitehall, carrying a massive banner that read “The People Have Spoken. Respect our Voice.”

Second Referendum on Brexit? “Tony Blair is a Sociopath”

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In the latest in a string of interventions since the June 2016 referendum, Tony Blair has laid into his successor Jeremy Corbyn saying that Labour’s “timidity” over Europe will usher in Brexit. He urged the opposition party to “fight for the right for the country to re-think” on Wednesday.

Blair waffled: “[I]f Labour continues to go along with Brexit and insists on leaving the Single Market, the handmaiden of Brexit will have been the timidity of Labour”.

Blair expanded on his views on the January 4th edition ofBBC Radio 4’s Today programme. He was described as “manic” and “hesitant” by listeners as he failed to justify his claim the economy would suffer due to Brexit. The BBC presenter John Humphrys pointed out that the UK economy is set to overtake that of pro-EU state France.

Blair is full of hot air. As for the claims that EU nationals are leaving the UK, the number working in the NHS actually went up since the EU referendum. Awkward!

Journalist Paul Joseph Watson has slammed the former prime minister as a “sociopath” after his call for a second EU referendum. “A war that led to a ruined country, a destabilized continent, around 1 million dead & the rise of ISIS. Why on earth is anyone still listening to him?”

The campaign group Leave Means Leave said voters would take no notice of a leader “who took us to war on a lie and who cannot admit when he is wrong”, the former accusation a reference to controversial Iraq War in 2003.


Head of Breitbart News SLAMMED By Trump And DROPPED By Major Donor

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In a lengthy statement, Trump lambasted Stephen Bannon, his former campaign manager and chief strategist, who is the executive chairman of Breitbart News. “Steve Bannon has nothing to do with me or my Presidency,” the statement said.

The Washington Post claims Trump said Bannon ‘not only lost his job, he lost his mind’ as the president’s lawyers sent a cease-and-desist letter. “Steve was a staffer who worked for me after I had already won the nomination by defeating 17 candidates, often described as the most talented field ever assembled in the Republican party.”

It is claimed such relates to a quote of Bannon in a new book, “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” by Michael Wolff. The Breitbart chief is quoted as calling a meeting by Trump’s eldest son and son-in-law Jared Kushner “treasonous” and “unpatriotic.”

Late Wednesday, lawyers for Trump sent a cease-and-desist letter to Bannon, arguing he violated the employment agreement he signed with the Trump Organization in numerous ways and also it is alleged that he defamed the president.

“You have breached the Agreement by, among other things, communicating with author Michael Wolff about Mr. Trump, his family members, and the Company, disclosing Confidential Information to Mr. Wolff, and making disparaging statements and in some cases outright defamatory statements to Mr. Wolff about Mr. Trump, his family members, and the Company,” read the letter from lawyer Charles Harder.

The head of Breitbart has reportedly lost the support of billionaire backer Rebekah Mercer after he suggested he might run for president himself, and he told several other major conservative donors that he would be able to count on the Mercers’ financial support.

The person said Mercer now does not plan to financially support Bannon’s future projects — and that she was frustrated by his promotion of Roy Moore in Alabama. Trump initially backed the incumbent Sen. Luther Strange, but the Breitbart head continued to campaign for Moore after the nominee was accused by multiple women of sexual assault and sexual misconduct with teenage girls.

Meanwhile, Robert Mercer had previously sold off his stakes in Bannon-run Breitbart News to his daughter, but now she has shunned its chief.

“Now that he is on his own, Steve is learning that winning isn’t as easy as I make it look. Steve had very little to do with our historic victory, which was delivered by the forgotten men and women of this country,” Trump said.

Henry Bolton REJECTS claims of an affair

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We are led to believe that tomorrow’s Sun newspaper will run an article alleging UKIP leader Henry Bolton has been caught having an affair. Much has been said about this on Facebook, so we bring you his comments.

Bolton responds to this allegation as follows, “Tomorrow morning, some of you may find yourselves reading the Sun newspaper. If you do then inside you might find a piece that’s been written about me; specifically talking about my private life. The potential story is going to confirm that in recent weeks, I’ve had a change in my relationship status.”

“The story might also suggest (inaccurately) that this change has involved a clandestine affair with a young lady who happens also to be a member of UKIP.”

Henry Bolton’s Topless Model Girlfriend

We are aware that persons in UKIP are circulating posts about Xmas selfies of Henry Bolton and a UKIP member, Jo Marney.

“If you follow me on social media – and hopefully you all do – you will have already seen that recently I have spent time with somebody who has become increasingly important to me. This isn’t something that I’ve hidden.”

Bolton continued, “As you will probably realise, since I was elected in September, the media have been pretty keen to find something negative to write about me. I am in a new relationship and the media have latched onto that. However, whilst I fully accept that as a national political figure I can expect to be the subject of media attention, I also believe we’re all entitled to a certain degree of privacy. As such, I’ll be making no further comment on the matter.”

“If you see the story tomorrow, take it for what it is, but also be confident that it in no way distracts me or our party from the vital mission we have ahead of us.”

Scottish Relaunch of Marxist MILITIA Relies on Capitalism to Raise Funds

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On the 25th of November, we went to Edinburgh to report on the brave Veterans Against Terrorism march. We were confronted by left-wing activists from the STUC (Scottish Trades Union Congress), but it seems some got lost, or shy, because Scotland’s newly-formed wannabe communist militia Red Front Republic went to Glasgow to challenge patriots (wrong city!)

We reveal that this latest Antifa-style group appear to be a revival of the “Alliance of Red Front-Fighters” (Roter Frontkämpferbund) thugs that caused violent unrest, basically civil war, in 1930s Berlin. Their website features imagery of them marching on British streets with flares – this is a serious criminal offence in the UK.

The use of flares on British streets is a serious criminal offence

Their Scottish Red Front logo features the same clenched fist as their German predecessors used on all their insignias and their registered trademark since March 1, 1926. It stands for “protecting the friend, fighting off the enemy” (German: “schützend den Freund, abwehrend den Feind”). It is an oath to defend the USSR.

Logo of 1930s Berlin communist militia

The Red Front group was formed in 1924 because it was felt that the Communist Party of Germany was not violent enough. In 1929, after their participation in the bloody protests following the ban on the celebrating of International Workers’ Day in Berlin, during which more than 30 people were shot and killed by the police, the organisation was banned and all its assets confiscated by the government.

The Red Front revival in Scotland state on their website that they are “self-funded”. Whether Soros backs them or not, we do not know, but on closer inspection, they are raising funds via capitalist means. The hardcore Marxists are selling, not handing out for free, merchandise.

For just £13, you too can look like a Frontkämpferbund libtard


Britons demand that Meghan Markle is not given Royal title

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Harry and Meghan are expected to become the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, but the order must come from the Queen. An online petition is circulating as hundreds try to stop Markle getting a title. It states: “We the undersigned believe that Meghan Markle is unsuitable to be a member of the Royal Family and to have an official position in representing this country.”

Furious monarchists are disgusted by how Prince Henry and his latest squeeze Meghan Markle have breached protocol by sticking their noses in politics, ranting views out of touch with the people on issues such as Trump and Brexit.

As a member of the British Royal family, they have a duty to the nation, and a need for diplomacy, which is threatened by the constant, childish insinuation that the President of the US is not welcome to their wedding.

Moreover, there was the kitsch media appearance with Obama. This arrogant attitude puts the monarchy itself at serious threat.

The petition states, “She has shown her disrespect for the Monarch and Royal Family by pulling faces and sticking her tongue out to the visitors during her first public appearance with the Queen.” Hanging with monarchy seems to be the rich American girl’s fun day out, playing princess, rather than association with a serious position: the head of state.

Markle appears to have the backing of the entire Royal family, and lefty race-baiting media outlets, but not the British public. The petition references that porn searches skyrocket 2,208% for the actress known for notorious raunchy scenes in the TV series Suits.

“No member of the Royal Family should have naked images of them freely available on the internet as she does,” the petition reads.

“Her constant sex simulation makes her a laughing stock and an embarrassment to this country.”

It also claims Markle “showed a lack of respect towards Harry”, ordering him to withhold from the traditional Boxing Day shoot. Prince Harry is known to be a keen hunter and earlier this month flew out to Germany to take part in a boar hunt whilst Meghan Markle was away filming in Canada; his decision hardly reflects a position of strength.

Mandy Jones AM sworn as new Assembly Member for UKIP Wales

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At a ceremony at the National Assembly’s North Wales Office in Colwyn Bay, Mandy Jones AM has been sworn in as the new Assembly Member for North Wales.

She said, “I am extremely grateful and honoured to have the opportunity to be the Assembly Member for North Wales. I live here, I raised my children here and I promise to serve this region to the best of my ability.”

“I will work hard on your behalf by supporting local businesses in delivering good jobs and campaigning for better local health and transport services in north Wales.”

Mrs Jones was accompanied to the ceremony by her family, and fellow UKIP AM for North Wales, Michelle Brown.

UKIP Wales leader Neil Hamilton stated, “We are looking forward to welcoming our new team member, Mandy Jones into the group.

UKIP is stronger with an additional member in the National Assembly and on the front foot in Wales.

We are looking forward to 2018, where we will be even more active and vocal, as we continue to stand up for the people of Wales against the cosy Cardiff Bay consensus.”

UKIP’s Nathan Gill quits Welsh Assembly

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UKIP MEP Nathan Gill has resigned as a member of the Welsh Assembly that he was elected to last year.

He announced: “It is with both sadness and relief that I am choosing to step down from my position as Assembly Member for North Wales.”

Mr Gill will be replaced by Mandy Jones who was the third candidate on UKIP election list for the region at last year’s elections.

“With the country now in the process of leaving the European Union, it is clear that the most pressing issue facing Wales is Brexit. With talks about to move on to the secondary stage, the institutions of the European Union will become increasingly involved in debating and advising on progress.

“I feel it is right that I concentrate on serving my term as an MEP and do my bit in helping to get the best deal for the country.

“As the only Eurosceptic MEP in Wales, I have a duty to give the majority of voters who backed ‘Leave’ in Wales the representation that they deserve and need in Brussels.”

He went on to say that he was sacrificing the job security of having a seat in Cardiff for another three years to pursue the issue that was most important, Brexit.

“This is not, as some people have baselessly stated, a decision that benefits me financially. Quite the opposite. I am leaving job security for the next three and a half years to commit myself to my political beliefs for one final but crucial year in the European Parliament.

“Serving in both Parliaments has given me invaluable insight but also revealed how deep the disconnect is between UK politicians sitting in different parliaments. If we share information and work more closely together, we can get the best deal for our country. I pledge to maintain an open door to all politicians in Wales, whichever body they are elected to, to consult me and collaborate with me in my role as an MEP as we move to the next critical stage of negotiations.”

BREAKING NEWS: Ten injured as bomb rips through St Petersburg

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Ten people have been injured after an explosion ripped through a supermarket in the Russian city of St Petersburg on Wednesday evening.

Four people were hospitalised and six others were evaluated at the scene after an explosion at the Perekrestok market in St Petersburg. No one was killed.

St Petersburg’s branch of the Emergencies Ministry said that a device containing 200 grams of explosives went off on Wednesday at a storage area for customers’ bags. Pictured above, emergency responders at the scene.

No one has claimed responsibility for the explosion at the market in the city’s northwest Kalininsky district.

The Investigative Committee has sent experts to look into the explosion, and a criminal case was launched on the grounds of attempted mass murder.

Julian Assange’s Twitter DELETED

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For reasons unknown, the official Twitter account of Julian Assange, the leader of Wikileaks, has been deleted early Christmas Day morning at 4am GMT.

The account does not appear to have been suspended by Twitter, and the most recent cached version of his account suggests he had not tweeted since Friday.

This makes little sense considering that the official account of Wikileaks itself remains intact and has not commented on the disappearance of its founder from the platform.

Soros Vice-Chair hired by Remoaner group Best for Britain

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Claims that Remoaners are the liberal elite will certainly be destroyed as they appoint as their king Lord Malloch-Brown, who is the Vice-chairman of Soros Fund Management, yes, a servant of Mr Globalist himself.

The latest hire by Remoaners’ top bloc Best for Britain reveals a lot about the organisation that was fronted by Wet Tory MP Nicky Morgan and Lib Dem Nick Clegg.

It is controversial enough that Open Britain’s attempts to block Brexit are being bankrolled by City PR firms and an investment banker. Best of Britain had do one better, and chose a man whose CV features the very down-to-earth role of Vice-President of the World Bank. We can be absolutely sure he won’t serve the interest of banksters!

Lord Malloch-Brown is a real man of the people, with his six directorships, including two oil and gas companies and an asset management firm. He has six other sources of paid employment, including a political consultancy, private equity firm and insurance company. He was a consultant to Vitol, the scandal-hit oil firm.

His CV features membership of the Guardian’s global advisory panel alongside notorious lefty Bono.

CNN idiots declare that Thomas the Tank Engine is a Nazi, brainwashing kids

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There are moments in life when things are so weird, surreal, when you come across some lefty nonsense so crazy, you wonder if this life is real. Leading American news outlet CNN has actually declared that Thomas the Tank Engine is a Nazi.

Paw Patrol and Thomas were slammed as “fascist cartoons” by the media outlet’s village idiot Elissa Strauss. The news outlet, described by US President Donald Trump as “very fake news”, warned of “our children tuning in for a regular dose of primary-colored authoritarianism”.

I cannot believe the lefty media is going nuts about the little blue train. Buzzfeed, known for spewing out empty, cheap garbage that escaped the landfill, called Thomas “terrible” and pointed to supposed instances of gender and social inequality that go unchecked on the show. What? Not enough girl trains?

Obsessed with race and gender, it seems CNN is bigoted as it moans the show should be produced “without the white guy on top”.

When the Guardian, supposedly a serious British newspaper, is not whining that Thomas is anti-environmentalist – carbon footprint too high with all that coal – it is attacking Ryder, the main character in “Paw Patrol”, a kids’ cartoon about a group of rescue dogs. Supposedly the young lad is a megalomaniac with an implied “unstoppable God complex.”

Sir Hatt, formerly “The Fat Controller” until that was deemed politically incorrect, has now been deemed a white supremacist

Taking a swipe at both Ryder and Sir Hatt, the CNN freak who threw up this tripe dribbled into the keyboard, “these leaders, both white males, look like most figures in position of authority in the real world is not lost on children”. Sir Topham Hatt from the Thomas the Tank Engine series was called “a neocolonial autocrat”.

CNN lamented that merchandise featuring white boy Ryder and the gang outsells most other television shows, according to recent data from the Licensing Industry Merchandisers’ Association. I guess he must be suffering from “white privilege”. There are serious issues in the world, such as the slave trade in Libya, where black men are sold for $70 dollars, but the left would rather wage war on a cartoon!

Lefty media want Ryder banned, because he is a boy, not a girl

The parents who buy these products are supposedly happy that their kids are exposed to Nazism, as CNN states, “parents who are OK with some degree of autocracy and Manichean dualistic politics”. Seriously, when has a parent gone to the store, and thought, “Hey, let’s get my son this blue train because it will inspire him to build the Fourth Reich”?

UCLA scientist Yalda T. Uhls has to weigh in, “Rigidness and simplicity of narrative (in children’s television shows) is really important, because in the real world so much is going on. And young children aren’t really capable of abstract thought.”

Strauss is clearly not the only hard-core postmodernist freak because the New Yorker magazine sentences Thomas to the bin, with the judgment that his island of Sordor is a “premodern corporate-totalitarian dystopia”.

Firemen SHUT DOWN city streets in fear of terror attack

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There was once a time, when during December, mothers would take their kids to the shops without fear of a jihadist nutjob slaughtering them to death, in broad daylight with a sword like some medieval invader. Gone are those days! Britain has fallen.

A fire engine parked at the top of Fargate in Sheffield city centre is there for ‘reassurance’ purposes, according to South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. Reassurance of what? That the state has measures up to stop Islamists killing people buying Christmas pressies! The road has literally been closed, blocked off by a fire engine.

This isn’t normal! People are carrying on their lives as if this is, to quote Sadiq Khan, “part and parcel” of life in a modern city. An absurd proposition, considering that Japan has some of the largest cities in the world, but doesn’t have to put concrete blocks around markets, in case some Sharia extremist decides to go on a butchering spree, slaughtering the “kaffir”.

ISIS scum threatens to kill those who attend unholy Xmas markets

The increased presence of state forces is because ISIS has declared that it will attack this December. Armed police have been seen patrolling Christmas markets across the country, but they are clearly struggling so much to control the jihadist problem, that they are calling on the fire brigade for back-up. With things this rough, it is time Theresa May showed some strength, and had the army patrol our streets.

Britain has a long-established principle of ‘negative liberty”, with concepts such as “an Englishman’s home is his castle”, and our insistence on “freedom of religion” that brought to an end bloodshed due to conflict between Catholic and Protestant.

But the Islamist would seek to end such peace. They can not tolerate the fact that in this traditionally Judeo-Christian culture, people commit the great sin of celebrating Christmas. It is time to ditch the failed experiment of multiculturalism. We need the government to firmly adopt a principle of integration, of respect for our laws, including freedom of belief for Christians and atheists.

Black Republican Senator EVISCERATES HuffPuff Writer for Playing Race Card

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The Republican senator Tim Scott is a massive thorn in the side of the liberal movement in the USA, if not worldwide. It is rather inconvenient for them that a black senator so passionately backs Trump, the man they wish to demonise as “racist”.

In fury, libtarded Huffington Post contributor Andy Ostroy called the South Carolina senator Scott a “manipulated prop” on Wednesday, as Scott stood proudly by Trump at the passing of the historic tax bill.

The tweet Ostroy deleted – in fact, he deleted his WHOLE account

Yes, Trump was lowering tax, something the left hate, being in the wrong, they never seek fact-based intellectual debate. Instead, they always seek to avoid such by a claim to the moral high ground, for example, to claim to be the force of diversity and tolerance, which lambasting and silencing the right as “racist” – something Scott’s presence didn’t allow.

Ostroy’s phrase “manipulated prop” insinuates Scott is a token black man placed at Trump’s side for diversity, and thus is an insult to Scott, implying he’s incapable of forming and standing by his own convictions. Liberals are vile racists who only see skin colour.

Scott is no “prop”, but actually helped write the tax bill for the past year.

“Uh probably because I helped write the bill for the past year, have multiple provisions included, got multiple Senators on board over the last week and have worked on tax reform my entire time in Congress. But if you’d rather just see my skin color, pls feel free,” Tim Scott responded.

In response, Ostroy DELETED his whole Twitter account.

Speech by Trump, with Scott by his side:

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