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Shock and anger as Trump Rally BANNED by Met Police.

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The eagerly awaited Trump welcome rally on the 14th July has been BANNED from the US Embassy or anywhere south of the River Thames by Met Police under an inappropriate application of Public Order Act (POA) sections 12 and 14.

Luke Nash Jones was contacted by the London police force who informed him that if he, Martin Costello, or UKIP London Chairman Freddy Vaccha go anywhere near the US Embassy, they will be arrested and would spend up to 3 months in prison!

If the British Prime Minister or Queen visited the USA, can you imagine the chair of the New York Republicans being banned from going anywhere near the British Embassy, or in fact, one side of New York City, in case he gave a short speech in support of the Anglo-American alliance?

The police have no basis to apply POA to ban the rally, and hence a London Assembly member has contacted the Met police. Section 12 of the order states

“If the senior police officer, having regard to the time or place at which and the circumstances in which any public procession is being held or is intended to be held and to its route or proposed route, reasonably believes that—

(a)it may result in serious public disorder, serious damage to property or serious disruption to the life of the community.”

Luke has organised many peaceful rallies, which never caused “serious damage to property” or caused lives to be at risk. We have never called for violence, so section 12 is not relevant. It only applies if a rally organiser calls for violence.

Section 14 of the order states “If the senior police officer, having regard to the time or place at which and the circumstances in which any public assembly is being held or is intended to be held, reasonably believes that—

 (b)the purpose of the persons organising it is the intimidation of others with a view to compelling them not to do an act they have a right to do, or to do an act they have a right not to do.

There is no grounds to claim either of these sections. We have a history of successful rallies and we wish to welcome the elected leader of our closet ally, the United States! We need a trade deal post-Brexit!

If anything, any Public Order to disperse should be issued to the fascist counter-protesters who seek to attack those welcoming Trump. The duty of the police is to ensure us a safe route from the US Embassy, through Parliament Square, and on to Downing Street. The fascist snowflakes will have their protest on the 13th, and on the 14th, those with a brain cell will stand for democracy!

To move the assembly from the new US Embassy to the old embassy and/or Trafalgar Square would be to remove all effectiveness, ignoring the duty of the police to protect peaceful assemblies, and thus a breach of the ECHR Articles 9, 10, and 11.

Under the ECHR, is utterly illegal to be “imposing a condition on the location of a protest”, this effectively goes against the purpose of the rally – we must be outside the real embassy to show solidarity with Americans in London!

It is clear that the likes of Khan and the rest of the political establishment wish to stop the American embassy staff filming us for their Twitter and any video of the pro-Trump crowd going viral, yet somehow the latte liberals’ pathetic baby Trump blimp gets the green light of all and sundry to see. This childish stunt shows shocking misjudgement and is an embarrassment to our glorious country!

If the Trump rally is to be cancelled, the relevant section of the POA is section 13, under which the anti-Trump riot would also be cancelled.

Could you imagine this happening between Boris Johnson and Obama on a visit to the UK? What is our country coming to if we can’t even welcome the elected POTUS and show him that he is welcome here and the US is a crucial ally once again as we desperately try to escape the clutches of the corrupt EU?

North Korea, Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia, many parallels from history can be aligned to this latest attack on the freedom of speech. We are living in very dark times indeed and unless we stand for free speech, we will all be slaves and never truly free.

Tommy Robinson Appeal CANCELLED Because Judge ‘Not ready’!

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In an underhanded move by London’s Royal Courts of Justice, Tommy Robinson’s  appeal for release hearing on the 10th July has been postponed just days before the planned huge rally in protest on his incarceration.

The reason given was that the government’s lawyers say ‘they’re not ready’.

Arrested recently on the grounds of a “breach of the peace”, a rushed trial saw him jailed within an hour, where the charge was changed to “contempt of court”.

Tommy was not given an opportunity to get his own lawyer to the court room, and the court defence lawyer advised him to plead guilty – which he did, in order to avoid an even longer sentence.

It is clear that the government do not want a public backlash to take place on the 14th July when tens of thousands are once again expected to rally in the capital against the latest draconian attack on freedom of speech.

Many, whether they agree if with Robinson’s views or not, believe that the Orwellian threat is very real and must be tackled in unison in order to prevent the police state locking down further and eroding our freedom.

The hearing will now take place on 24th July.

Labour Support Dives: DESPERATELY Slashing Ticket Prices for Their Music Festival

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Fantastic news! The big Labour music festival has flopped! There was more ANGER and RAGE as JezFest tickets were SLASHED by 70% following poor sales.

With only an estimated 3000 tickets sold days before the Labour Live festival, organisers have been forced to cut the cost to tackle the estimated £1 million expected loss on the initiative. Angry customers have been venting their fury on social media after paying £35 a ticket when they first went on sale – this has now been reduced to £10 with other reports of tickets being handed out for free to save the red faced blushes.

A livid ticket holder BLASTED the organisers suggesting their loyalty by purchasing the tickets had been ignored. However, this is not usual for the Labour Party who turn quicker than milk on issues such as student tuition fees and Brexit, they will say ANYTHING to get votes.

While Corybn had visions of his very own Nuremburg rally, the fact is nobody wants to see a bunch of washed up bands, a whiney SoyBoy (Owen Jones) and a grandad on stage once again trying to manipulate the vulnerable young.

JizFest will be consigned to the dustbin of history like a used, soggy tissue.

Leeds Crown Court Swamped by #FreeTommy Supporters

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Friday afternoon saw thousands of patriotic free speech supporters descending on Leeds Crown Court in support of Tommy Robinson who was jailed for 13 months earlier this week in an event that has sinisterly been all but brushed under the carpet by the mainstream media.

The coverage that did appear on Friday’s march was disgracefully giving the image the rally was full of beer drinking, cigarette smoking football hooligans when in fact it was attended by many races, ages and cultures who value British freedom.

This is a stark reminder of the enemy we are up against and utilising the greatest weapon of all – the media itself. Goebbels was another person in history who ruthlessly took advantage of this, spewing out propaganda on an industrial scale.

What we must remember is that this is more than about any one individual. It is about each and every one of us and our children and our grandchildren; we must be able to look them in the eye and say we did our best. We cannot allow this police state to tighten and erode our freedom, the very freedom that our forefathers died to protect.

This latest event is the momentum building for something much greater, the straw that broke the camel’s back. There is much still to be done and we must press on.

All the different factions of people must now come together to defend our right to free speech, including those on the left who mock and find this amusing because they MUST remember that they WILL be next, and who will be there to speak for them?

Jewish community’s ANGER at new Swindon Mayor for protest AGAINST Israel

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The Jewish community was shocked and angered at the appointment of Swindon’s first Muslim Mayor Junjab Ali who had come under fire for supporting a rally called ‘Swindon Against Israel in Gaza’ hosted by Hamas terrorist sympathisers ‘Stop the War Coalition’.

The ceremony came on the same day as veteran Labour councillor Teresa Page resigned in disgust at the party’s “unpatriotic and anti-Semitic stance” and suggested that criticism of the Corbyn leadership within the Swindon Labour Group is strictly off limits.

The brave, patriotic and well respected councillor Page went on to say “If you make it known that you are not happy with the national leadership, you shoot yourself in the back, not just the foot.”

Ali, the former 2014 South-West MEP candidate who was beaten by UKIP’s Julia Reid, pledged his support to a campaign to exclude goods entering the EU from Israel’s settlements and support Palestinians’ claim to self-determination.

Many within the Jewish community expressed outrage and questioned the suitability for someone who could support such a protest, suggesting that Hamas are the same as the terrorists who murdered innocent children in the Manchester Arena at the Ariana Grande concert on May 22 2017. Shockingly the battered Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn calls these people ‘friends’.

Sadly, the appointment has done nothing to repair the anti-Semitism issue but has indeed fuelled the fire rather than building the bridges of peace and friendship.

Labour CRISIS Deepens as Jezza’s Stooge Is Parachuted Into Londonistan

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The Labour crisis has further deepened and caused fury as a Corbyn puppet will be parachuted in to Lewisham for the upcoming by-election.

Angry party members have criticised the Labour leader following claims a hard-left candidate for next month’s by-election will be pushed forward.

Once again the Labour boss has been accused of a “stitch up” and of squashing local democracy by pushing a shortlist of solely hard-left candidates and rushing the selection process next week.

Rather than going down the traditional route to decide who fills the outgoing Heidi Alexander’s slot, it is claimed Mr Corbyn and top officers at Labour’s ruling body the National Executive Committee (NEC) will have the final say on a selection of candidates instead, in a stab in the back to the traditional Labour members.

Ian McKenzie, the party’s constituency chair, wrote to local members urging them to sign a petition against the undemocratic decision.

He begged: “We have just hours to have our voice heard on who our future MP is. “Don’t let the NEC officers group take away our party democracy. Act now!”

Mr Mckenzie added: “Good luck having your say if you are a shift worker, nurse on duty in the NHS, or a local member of the FBU working at the fire station.”

Richard Angell, head of the Progress campaign group, blasted: “It is a total stitch up treating one of the safest seats in country like it is the swing marginal Copeland. Pathetic really.”

Furious members vowed to quit in a show of defiance to the controversial plan, calling it an attack on democracy. The party has recently suffered a sharp drop in members with many citing that ‘it is not the party they joined decades ago and no longer speaks of the working class’. There were also claims of embarrassment of supporting a party that has failed to address the growing antisemitism issue.

Sadiq’s Sh*thole and the Weekend of Bank Holiday Horror

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Yet ANOTHER acid attack happened this afternoon that saw a young lady screaming in pain and struggling to breathe. This sadly comes following a weekend of horror, London’s violent bank holiday weekend has now entered a fourth day after five shootings and several stabbings in the capital since Saturday.

This latest violent attack came just hours after Piers Morgan BLASTED Sadiq Khan for refusing to appear on ‘Good Morning Britain’ to answer qquestions on London’s soaring crime rate, recently becoming far more dangerous than New York City.

Shocked onlookers came to her aid pouring bottles of water over the victim’s face and into her mouth in a desperate attempt to dilute the acid before firemen arrived and hosed her down.

Rachael Hooper wrote: ‘What is happening at Brixton station? Some girl sitting and getting full on hosed by firemen’.

Becky Reid tweeted: ‘Feel physically sick after walking past a poor innocent person getting hosed down by firefighters after being caught in the middle of an acid fight in Brixton. So scary that this can happen on our doorstep. Hope they are okay’.

The Metropolitan police are currently seeking a male but no other details of his appearance have been given, something that seems quite common in recent years, even outside of the capital.

The calls for control are growing louder in an attempt to desperately quell the increase in violence and death. Serious questions MUST be asked of Khan and action must be served immediately before this spirals out of control. It is our duty to protect the young but many lives are sadly being cut too short with many arguing that the mayor has blood on his hands with his failure to act.

Welcome to Sadiq’s London where it is all ‘part and parcel’ of living in a large city.

Covert clause agreed by Lords could REVERSE Brexit just WEEKS before exit day

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This week saw another attempted by the unelected House of Lords to thwart the will of 17.4m people by voting to change the EU withdrawal bill.

Gravy train riders such as Lord Kinnock and Adonis who earn substantial amounts of money from the EU have their snouts well and truly in the trough at the expense of our democracy.

A recent government petition to abolish the Lords rocketed over the required 100k signatures in a matter of days following the news. Abolishing the Lords is overkill but a reform is long overdue and it is fair to say that this is a glorified retirement home.

The most concerning aspect of this is that those in the Lords are so out of touch with the ordinary people, they are complexly oblivious to the backlash that could very well take place if democracy is cheated, something that has been witnessed in history before.

The senior House of Commons researcher Christopher Howarth warned that the “ambitious” and “vague” amendment was deliberately worded in such a way to make it difficult to understand, while still granting the peers the power to destroy Brexit.

Blogging on the Brexit Central site, Mr Howarth explained there are a series of separate “triggers” contained within clauses of the amendment which could “force the government to re-negotiate its Withdrawal Agreement with the EU”.

He said if all the triggers are all activated, they could ultimately lead to the Lords vetoing the Government’s Brexit deal.

He warned Peers could then then potentially block ministers from pushing ahead without an agreement – throwing the exit process into complete disarray just weeks before the UK is scheduled to split from the EU!

Mr Howarth said if this were to happen, it would be too late for the EU to reopen negotiations, and may pave the way to Britain remaining in the bloc.

He said: “That is their Lordships’ plan: throw as much mud as possible into the system and hope it fails.” The EU could suggest a delay in Article 50, staying in the EU or remaining in the Single Market/Customs Union… for a price.

The Lords must quickly understand that the will of the British people and the silent majority is a forced to be reckoned with. We shall not stand idly by while these old farts try to destroy everything we hold dear.

People’s Charter March in Telford “Stop the Rape of Our Kids”

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Saturday was another beautiful spring day. With the sun shining many may have thought about relaxing and socialising but we had only one thing on our minds – Telford.

It is a town similar to many others in many ways, such as the same shops and facilities, but it also holds the infamous title of the rape capital of the UK.

It has become the focal point to protest about the lack of convictions and inadequate police response. At the meeting point hundreds of brave people gathered to make their voices heard.

Waving our People’s Charter banners that had the phrases “Stop the Rape of Our Kids”, as well as, “Hang All Paedos”, and “Stop Anglophobia”, we marched. Gadsden Flags, the international symbol of liberty, were waving high, emblazoned with the words “Don’t Tread on Me”.

Our group, of people from many races and backgrounds, marched on to the police station where there were speeches by myself; Luke Nash-Jones (the Director of the People’s Charter Foundation); and Edward Howard (a Young Chartist). We were also most privileged to have speeches by two Telford parish councillors Bill Gillmour, and Andrew Morris.

Nash-Jones hit out hard at Diane Abbott’s Stand Up to Racism, who have opposed marches against child abuse. He mentioned that their top activist Peter Tatchell wrote a book Betrayal of Youth, which called for the legalising of the rape of little boys. Nash-Jones slammed Labour, for their former deputy leader Harriet Harman, who worked for NCCP that was linked to the Paedeophile Information Exchange. He mentioned Gary Swain who called the Rochdale rape victims “p*ssed”.

Nash-Jones also called Labour “the biggest racist organisation” in Britain, and asked why Hope Not Hate was so quiet on that anti-Semitism until recently.

Nash-Jones stated that newspapers have alleged that a West Mercia police internal memo called the sex “consensual”. The police look uncomfortable as Luke shouted, “How on earth can sex with an 11 year old be consensual?” He spoke of the need for the reintroduction of capital punishment to deter offenders, “to put the fear of God into them!

A penalty that many will argue for with the spike in child abuse. His call for “Parliament to be serious” come after the recent reintroduction of capital punishment in India. Although a strong line, the benefits of this penance will highly likely stop many offences from taking place, such as Thailand’s tough stance on drugs has equally done.

I took to the mic next to tell the huge crowd that “In the name of appeasement and political correctness, our government has allowed the systematic rape and abuse of little girls to continue – and we have done nothing!”

We must stand up now and say enough is enough, it is our fundamental duty to protect our children. Abuse can leave mental scarring for a lifetime and is indeed a life sentence to many.

Bill mentioned previous arrests, but called for more to be done. He made a passionate speech raising awareness of the child grooming gangs and to make sure that the victims and survivors are not only heard and supported but that those responsible are prosecuted.

Andrew Morris lambasted the police for in action, calling for more to be done to stop this corruption.

Of all the rallies we have done, this one left the biggest impression on me. It left me wondering how low our society has sunk to allow these sick people to harm our children and the fact it has gone on for decades. To those who have been affected, we shall continue to fight for you and raise awareness so that no other children suffer.

The taboo of voting fraud – Swindon trials new voting ID scheme

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Voting fraud has always been an issue that has never really been addressed or taken seriously.

Our current system is a magnet for fraudulent activity. If your neighbour is currently on holiday, there is nothing to stop someone from the other side of town turning up at the polling station, claiming to be that person and voting on their behalf. It is utterly ludicrous.

Following my complaints after the 2017 General Election, the Electoral Commission have now decided to trial an initiative in Swindon that will see voters having to show their polling card or ID to vote. To the average person this sounds like common sense, however Labour have cried that this will stop people from voting!

If one was to pick up a parcel from the Post Office you would be required to show ID, so why is this any different? What worries the Labour Party so much about such a simple task? If a voter cannot comprehend such a basic task, should they be allowed to vote at all?

Another system that is exposed to abuse is postal voting. We have heard stories from places like Tower Hamlets and indeed care homes up and down the country where this has been rife. This system also needs to be clamped down on so that only those with a genuine reason to not attend the polling station can use this as a means of voting.

We have all heard of certain communities collating all the postal votes and marking them before using a wheel barrow to deliver them. There are other stories that care homes are hotbeds for fraudulent activity. Until this is addressed, democracy in the UK will continue to hang on a knife edge.

Those in power are desperate and will use any means necessary to grasp on to this – they are the enemy of the people.

Labour accused of secretly reinstating anti-Semitic councillors

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It doesn’t seem that long ago we reported on the anti-Semitism in the Labour party in the hope that this would be stamped out. Sadly the cracks within the party are getting greater and greater and is becoming a huge deluge that the Party Leader Jeremy Corybn has failed spectacularly at dealing with.

More shameful allegations have emerged accusing the Labour Party of secretly reinstating at least six councillors despite them having posted anti-Semitic messages online, insiders have claimed.

The fundamental problem that the party has is that when the odious Tony Blair opened up the floodgates to increase his Labour vote, he ignored the true roots of the party that died along with the late and great John Smith. It is a simple fact that the party have not represented the working class in decades.

What we are witnessing in the party is a cultural divide where a dominance of power is being sought from the other and in essence exactly the way countries were first formed. Some cultures can never co-habit with others; a multi-cultural mixing pot often ends up causing issues as history has taught us.

The balkanisation of the UK must stop and our culture must be allowed to thrive. We welcome hard working Asian and African engineers to our shores but we do not need more people to wash cars or be dominated by another culture. Such a threat is tantamount to being invaded by a foreign power.

Since Corybn took the leadership role there have been 300 reports of anti-Semitism within the party. This is a staggering figure. Could you imagine the kind of grief a party like UKIP would get for that? It is very rich of the Corybn lovers to shout claims of racism about those who just want to exit the EU – it is many of these that are the root cause of racism by insinuating it. There is a deafening silence from groups like ‘Hope not Hate’. Why are they not challenging the real racists over this?

Anybody with a bit of knowledge of political history will know that fascism is Left-wing in both essence and spirit. The Marxists have long managed to persuade the world that fascism is the opposite of socialism when, in truth, they are twin aspects of the same totalitarian drive!

Not only is the Labour Party very poor opposition but it is a real threat to the stability of our country. It is hard to see how the party can recover from this latest and very sinister scandal.

Hey BBC, leave our kids alone!

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Today a new oxymoron was born when the EU funded, racist propaganda machine, the BBC, announced they would be visiting schools to help kids identify ‘fake news’!

Lest we forget how Trump labelled the organisation ‘fake news’ and banned the channel from the White House following the BBC’s biased coverage of the leader of the free world. The ironic initiative has been designed to tackle false information that the corporation says “threatens fact-based public debate and trust in journalism.”

The politically correct line-up on the tour will include BBC ‘journalists’ such as Huw Edwards, Tina Daheley, Nikki Fox, Kamal Ahmed and Amol Rajan.

This organisation is in no position to lecture us! As Luke Nash-Jones has said before, they are something the Nazi German Propaganda Minister Goebbels would be proud of.

It was announced by the Government in February that the annual TV licence fee will increase to £150.50 from £147 from April 1 to cover the shortfalls in the growing number of cancellations estimated to be over 1 million a year. The sooner the BBC becomes a subscription-only service the better. You want it – you pay for it, I don’t want to fund this beast while there are plenty of free channels available.

I can tell you now, they are not speaking to my daughter and I urge everyone to email your children’s schools to make our voices loud and clear! Please get the message out, we must protect our children from this awful and treacherous organisation who threaten our democracy and freedom.

In the the likeness of Pink Floyd; ‘Hey BBC, leave our kids alone!’.

I may not agree with what you say, but I’ll defend your right to say it

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It’s difficult to remember a time in our history when free speech as been under threat as much as it is now. This week saw ‘far-right’ journalists being detained when wanting to visit the UK, but with no credible reasons given at the airport.

The most concerning aspect is that the police continue to let in jihadists and fail to protect our young, as we have now seen in Telford where the latest child grooming scandal has surfaced. They seem more interested in making a fuss over a couple of people who share different views. In the spirit of John Stuart Mill, if we disagree with others, unless they are calling for violence, we should challenge them to debate, not lock them up.

Facebook is becoming a beast and is also threatening our right to free speech. Today the Britain First page was taken down despite having 2 million followers; this has happened to many other groups where the company has exercised its power in an undemocratic way. Twitter banned Milo Yiannopolous, and even Gerard Batten, the leader of UKIP. YouTube has deleted our videos. This boundary is being slowly pushed under our noses and it will continue to be moved until more of us speak out about it.

London’s mayor, Sadiq Khan issued a statement suggesting that “Britain First is a vile and hate-fuelled group,” he said. “Their sick intentions to incite hatred within our society via social media are reprehensible, and Facebook’s decision to remove their content is welcome.”

Whether that statement in itself has weight, this is the man who has made it perfectly clear that he does not want the US President to visit the UK by using social media. This is clearly an affront to our liberal principles as the British nation. Khan acts like a university student union, wanting to “no platform” anyone with an alternate view. This just shows how insecure he is. Should he have his account removed for inciting hatred to Donald Trump?

It is a very dangerous path to go down and while the left may mock and laugh, thay need to understand it will be them next. As the saying goes, “I may not agree with what you say, but i’ll defend your right to say it”. We must all unite to protect our fundamental rights otherwise all of our voices and thoughts will be taken. I’ll leave you with this quote from German Lutheran pastor Martin Niemöller to provoke thought.

“First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

If you want to integrate, speak English!

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Dame Louise Casey has criticised the government for not doing enough to promote integration following a report she wrote in back in 2016 to “heal rifts across Britain”.

Following the Balkanisation of immigrant communities throughout the UK, the Dame suggested that government should set a target date for everybody in the UK to speak a “common language” in order to see cultures integrate.

Two years on it is clear that no progress has been made. From personal experience when out shopping in the local supermarket it is clear that many different languages are spoken; this is isolating our sense of community and is diluting our culture.

People have said that the situation is similar in workplaces where different races form their own circle of friends and tend to stick together. This is a huge problem in the UK today and defeats the object of what multiculturalism is. In reality this Frankfurt School inspired nonsense is a failed Gramscian cultural Marxist project that is destroying the British identity.

The government should set a target date for “everybody in the country” to speak English to encourage integration, the former official has said.

Dame Casey also called for further work on gaining equality for the “white working class population”; this is long overdue, many will feel. Communities outside London, through the rust belt and especially in the north would welcome such a change as many feel neglected.

Criticising the government for not taking any action since its publication, she said that integration should be “one of the most significant priorities” for the government and that any more delays to the strategy would be “incredibly frustrating”.

She added: “I don’t care how we’ve got here, I don’t care who can’t speak English [and] I don’t care what’s going on.

“But what I do know is everybody of working age and of school age should be able to speak one language and I think the public in particular would feel some relief.”

“I think parts of the North, where we’ve got a very significant white working class population who feel incredibly alienated, who do not have, frankly, hope… they can’t say that their kids will grow up [with] better lives than they have themselves,” she said.

“It’s not only about the tides of immigration and migration and English language, but some of this is about equalities overall, as well as in terms of social and economic disadvantage.

“Let’s see what they come up with.”

We sadly, shall not hold our breath on this…..

Brexiteers Prepare for Big March Against BBC Bias

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Today feels like Christmas Eve to me, the excitement is building before tomorrow’s huge anti-BBC rally that will show this racist propaganda machine what we really think of it. Luke and I are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible, as you know we feel your pain and will continue to fight for you.

The weather is looking favourable so there are no excuses not to come along a support this important cause against the organisation that forces cultural Marxism on us and is destroying our democracy.

Sunday, 1pm at BBC Media City in Manchester

People have died for our freedom such as those on the beaches of Normandy. We shall not fail them, we shall not be silenced but will shout from the rooftops and hold the BBC to account for the damage they have been complicit in towards our country. This rally is not just for yourselves but for your children and their children who are counting on us to deal with this menace.

We thank all the groups who have pledged their support. This is our chance to make a change and you are invited to be part of this seismic event that will send a clear message to the main stream media (MSM) that our lives are not to be manipulated and will not be trodden on anymore!

See you tomorrow, Sunday, 1pm at BBC Media City in Manchester. Bring the noise!

The BBC: where did it go so badly wrong?

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To say that I’m excited about this coming Sunday is an understatement as we approach the BBC bias rally. Those who know me well have known how much I’ve come to dislike the BBC but it wasn’t always like that. Growing up in the 80’s it offered fantastic programs and we trusted and adored her, so where did it go so badly wrong?

The truth is that it has been overrun with products of the left-wing education system that has been complicit in the indoctrination of the young and impressionable for decades. Their work is now coming to fruition at the expense of impartiality. There is no question that the BBC has failed to follow her charter and has now become a very dangerous beast.

What I believe grates most on people is that with Sky, Channel 4 etc we can stop watching their bias which is also true for the BBC, however it is the fact we are forced to fund this propaganda machine by law if we wish to watch any live TV. I refuse to pay for a TV licence so subsequently I cannot watch any Freeview channels, however it’s a sacrifice worth making to stop the funding of champagne socialists and those who lecture us from their little bubbles, preaching to us that we should be welcoming mass immigration when they do not see the world how we do.

The fact that the licence fee is going up £3.50 is astonishing and quite breath-taking as the 25m+ payers will generate an obscene amount for funds, and just for what? The gravy train needs to be derailed; there is no place in society for this cartel. The BBC must now be a subscription-only service so those wishing to continue to be brainwashed can do so at their own expense.

The debate to abolish the TV licence that I initiated and watched fail all due to ex-BBC staff in the government fuelled my fire even more. It must no longer be protected and it is time we made a stand in numbers and people power to say we shall no longer be taken for mugs.

It is your duty to make every effort to attend. We must make our voices heard on Sunday and it is time everyone came out to support this important event; this is the most powerful message we can give to say ‘enough is enough’!

Bye, Bye Bolton. Can’t Flatten the Batten!

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Awaking up to another alarm clock call is something that I’m starting to get use to, like déjà vu it was another trip to the Black Country, this time to the ICC in Birmingham for the matter of deciding Henry Bolton’s UKIP leadership following a vote of no confidence by the party’s NEC.

The decision that was to be made in the next few hours would prove a pivotal point in the party’s future and it was clear that many Kippers felt the same way with the astonishing turnout, with members coming from far and wide to attend.

Myself and Luke Nash-Jones made no hesitation in the run up to the event showing our disapproval for Bolton due to the way he treated his family over the Jo Marney incident, among many other things. UKIP is a party of family values and this is something he clearly never respected. Leaving this matter beside, it is clear that very little has been done to push the party forward, with no clear direction, and only last minute attempts to change this.

Handing out leaflets and displaying our banner “Racist not welcome”, we received a positive reaction that gave us confidence for the desired outcome. This was not shared by others however who became very aggressive towards us but we persisted in getting the message out.

The crowd swelled as many queued to get in to the hall and delayed the event. Passions were running high but outgoing Chairman Paul Oakden was quick to remind people that the chaos witnessed at the last EGM would not be tolerated and carried zero tolerance.

Steve Crowther was first up to argue the motion of no confidence in Bolton with a very compelling case. It was clear that the leader had upset many in the party by failing to communicate with many including the NEC and had also destroyed the membership due to sharp rises in membership costs, most sadly with the YI.

Bolton was up next and argued that he had been working tirelessly for the party visiting many branches across the UK, but from the reception he was getting it was clear that many had lost confidence in him. This was compounded by a closing comment of threats to sue the party which undoubtedly turned many fence sitters to bin Bolton.

After an anxious wait, Oaken delivered Bolton’s fate to the cheers of many who saw a new chapter in the party’s fortune being forged. It was not even close; Henry was rejected along with his weak plans for UKIP’s future. Luke and I breathed a sigh of relief!

The UK needs UKIP and Saturday was a great day for her and an important day for our nation. Brexit must get back on track and we need to build a party that our glorious nation is desperately crying out for. The working class need a voice and UKIP must serve them!

We must all now stand UNITED to resist this oppression

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Last weekend saw another busy one for Luke Nash-Jones and myself as we made our way up to Dudley for our latest Brexit rally. As we travelled up the M5, the rain lashed down on the freezing cold morning making us question what we were doing, however a glimpse of my Union Jack socks reminded me of our cause.

Arriving in Dudley we made our way to the square to be greeted by many fellow Brexiteers including Bill Etheredge MEP. We soon started our speeches and despite the cold we received a warm reception from the faithful who love their country as much as us.

Following the speeches we marched in unison to resident MP and remoaner Ian Austin to post a letter through his door to remind him of the meaning of democracy, to the delight of the crowd.

The experience once again boyed Luke and myself and has got us looking forward to the next event when we shall be demonstrating against the bias BBC in Manchester, to continue the drive that is swelling behind us. We shall never stop until your voice and ours is heard!

Our next stop of the day was to the Bullring in Birmingham to support a protest for the F1 Grid Girls who are losing their jobs due to political correctness. It was clear from the reaction of many that this was a step too far, taking away the girls’ right to enjoy themselves through something that harms nobody. What will be next to be taken away from us? Marching proudly alongside the ladies we were greeted with rapturous applause from the Birmingham faithful, giving us all a spring in our step.

Speaking to people after the event, the anger was evident. We must all stand now united to resist this oppression and political correctness that is destroying our culture and our way of life. It must be stopped before we lose any more of our identity.

We only have one chance to put the brakes on this and we urge you all to play your part, for your children, their children and for our beloved country before it is too late. It is your patriotic duty!

MPs could join forces with Labour to BLOCK Brexit

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Millions coughed into their cornflakes this morning as Anna Soubry told Andrew Marr that MPs could join forces with Labour to block the kind of Brexit that Prime Minister Theresa May wants.

It is clear once again that the final remnants of the pro-EU faithful are fighting hard and aggressive like a wounded animal. They continue to rear their ugly faces because they are so disrespectable to the wish of the nation.

The all-Remoaner BBC sofa saw Labour’s Chuka Umunna appearing alongside Ms Soubry, agreeing with her shocking comments.

When Marr suggested to Ms Soubry that she was politically aligned closer to Mr Umunna than she was to leading Brexiteer and Conservative colleague Jacob Rees-Mogg, she said: “I’m not denying that.”

Asked if she thought Brexit would definitely happen, Soubry said: “I genuinely don’t know what is going to happen. Well I’ll tell you who might stop it, and that’s the people of this country. We won’t stop it. It is the people. We gave the people a referendum to start this process.”

Fellow Remoaner Mr Umunna uttered: “There is no majority in the House of Commons for us simply to jump off a cliff.”

The comments came a day after a Brexit rally was held in Birmingham where speakers spoke of Theresa May being the modern day Neville Chamberlain, then afterwards a march took place to anti-democracy MP Ian Austin’s office to remind him what the country voted for.

I have the following message to Anna Soubry, whom we protested against just a few weeks ago – we shall return to Nottingham once more if you do not listen to your constituents! Depart I say Anna! Be done with you! In the name of God just go!

IRA Sympathiser Corybn gets the Adams Seal of Approval

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Much criticism has been aimed at Jeremy Corbyn as the Labour leader cannot hide from his past as sympathiser of the IRA, but today the link was well and truly cemented as Gerry Adams endorsed him.

The uncomfortable thumbs up of approval came from the man accused of ordering the murder and secret burial of Jean McConville in 1972 and other awful acts, by calling Mr Corybn an outstanding politician. Adams was speaking to Andrew Marr as he enters his final week as president of the party he has led for almost 35 years.

Corbyn has given interviews in which he has been challenged to condemn the IRA’s campaign of violence unequivocally – without equating it to other parties involved in the conflict – and has declined to do so.

It’s no secret that the Labour leader has long supported the end of British rule in Ulster, and that he met the leaders of Sinn Fein and other Republicans in the 1980s and 1990s, when the Provisional IRA was still bombing and shooting people.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Corybn continues to stay silent on the matter as he loses the respect and faith of many of the party faithful.  This will come as a much unwanted distraction for Labour and many in the party who have spoken of not renewing their membership, citing reasons such as the u-turn on Brexit and not pledging to tighten immigration. Labour have not represented the working class in decades.

Labour attempt to CORRUPT the minds of the young

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At 16 I was more interested in controlling acne, meeting girls, and turning 17 to drive a car. Was there anything else more important in life? Well Labour seemed to think so as this week saw renewed attempts by the party to lower the voting age by 2 years to 16.

The desperation of Labour is one thing but the sheer dangerousness of this proposal is another. We all saw how Corbyn coined the phrase “sweet shop polices” when he made false promises of scrapping tuition fees. Could he do it again by theoretically pledging to lower the driving age if elected?

The only argument Labour had to offer was that the number of young carers has rocketed in recent years, saying many of them have to take on great responsibilities but are still denied the right to vote. Does this make you grown up and mature? Having a beard does not make you a man and neither does being forced into doing this work.

It is a scientific fact that the brain does not finish developing until the 20s so many would argue for raising the age.

If the average age is getting higher, should the voting age not be increasing also? Some of the brainwashed will agree with Labour but it will lead down a very slippery road. While Labour might say that one can join the army and pay taxes, in reality this is a very small amount.

Labour create more questions than answers and have not represented the working class in decades.

Remoaners full of lies: Economy THRIVING since Brexit vote

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We shall all remember the doom and gloom generated by Project Fear that warned us of immediate Armageddon if we were to vote to leave the EU, but what has really happened?

Studying my own backyard it appears the story is very different. Swindon is an industrial town that was born on the back of the steam age. Its geographical location between London and Bristol made it the prime choice for Victorian engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, a pioneer of the railway who selected the town to build steam trains.

Although the rail works closed in 1986 the town has attracted other manufacturing industries and is home to BMW and Honda. What impact has the EU referendum result had on these businesses?

It is clear that the industry is not in recession as we were told by then chancellor George Osborne. BMW are continuing to offer apprenticeships to school leavers and are also looking for technicians, toolmakers, HR staff and senior management. This is something that contradicts what we were told would happen.

The story is the same with Honda who are also looking to expand their work force. The Japanese car giant backs post-Brexit Britain with £200million investment boost and has turned its plant in Swindon into a ‘global production hub’ for the Honda Civic.

It is clear that that the referendum result is having a positive effect on our economy, the Pound is currently trading at 1.4160 against the US Dollar and is well above where even the most bullish forecasters would have estimated it at this point in 2018.

The ‘despite Brexit’ term continues to be bandied about by the EU-funded BBC and others but the proof is in the pudding. It is now time the doom-mongers got behind the country instead of wishing it to fail in an act that is liken to ‘cutting one’s nose off to spite the face’ as we march forward into a bright and positive future for all.

Labour Members Angry at Latest Racism Claim

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Labour has faced yet more racism claims following the discrimination against white party members.

Angry Labour members were shocked and appalled by a decision by Labour bosses to charge black and ethnic minority activists £10 less per ticket than white activists to attend an upcoming rally.

Many have accused Labour of racism and said it was further evidence that the party had abandoned the white working class, a feeling that has grown in Swindon where Corybn recently visited to try boost support following a UKIP surge.

A local resident said “Labour has not represented the working class since the 1960s, it is now full of champagne socialists. They are not the party I remember. I am done with Labour after they betrayed us on Brexit!”

Leicestershire Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen added: ‘This is racism. In effect, Labour is levying a tax on the basis of the colour of a person’s skin. It shows their contempt for the white working class.’

A party official said: ‘The basic price of a conference pass is the same for all members but, at the request of our East Midlands Regional Board, the party will subsidise part of the cost of this year’s conference pass for BAME members to encourage attendance and improve representation.’

Conservative vice-chairman James Cleverly said: ‘Discriminating against people based on the colour of their skin is totally wrong and Mr Corbyn must end this practice now.’

This is the latest episode that has left Labour Leader Jeremy Corybn red faced after fresh calls that anti-Semitism is growing in the party and not being dealt with.

Swaying public opinion in a fashion Lord Haw-Haw would be proud of

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After the festive celebrations came to an end, many of us this week trudged back to work and back in to the old routine – the BBC were no different.

The BBC went on an all-out attack with its anti-Brexit and anti-Trump propaganda firing out a barrage of stories to once again sway public opinion in a fashion Lord Haw-Haw would be proud of.

The blitz was in full flow by Friday when the TV licence holders had to endure stories  on Trump’s mental health, his credibility and an utterly shameful piece on the ‘Brexiteers dying out’ suggesting Brexiteers are ‘old and stupid’! We also continued to see the BBC push the normality of reversing Brexit in an attempt to reverse the democratic will of the nation.

The EU funded corporation also ran multiple articles on former Prime Minister Tony Blair who is desperate to become the next emperor of Europe and even spoke of holding a third referendum. This man who is hated by many for this role in opening the borders and dragging the UK into an illegal war in Iraq has no right to a platform and absolutely has no relevance to Brexit. It appears the establishment are throwing everything to halt our departure from the EU.

A poll released today by finance provider Creditplus found that only a sixth of people trust the BBC, in another blow to the corporation.

These are prime examples as to why it is now time the TV Licence fee tax was axed; the BBC not only does not represent, but actually holds in contempt over half of the population! It is clear that the only way the public can deal with this menace to democracy is to stop funding the outdated model. Previous attempts to resolve this in Parliament have been futile given that many in the Commons enjoy a cosy relationship with Auntie Beeb; they do not wish to ruffle any feathers and become blacklisted by the BBC.

It is time Britain rose up and voted with their feet to defeat this menace that is threatening our British culture and democracy – axe the TV tax NOW!

Israeli government SLAMS UK Labour party for racism

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A senior Israeli cabinet minister has accused the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party of being antisemitic.

Gilad Erdan said his government had become very concerned by the views expressed by figures in the top level of the Labour party.

“We recognise and we see that there are antisemitic views in many of the leadership of the current Labour party,” Israel’s public security minister said.

When asked specifically whether he was suggesting Corbyn himself was an antisemite, the Israeli minister hesitated, before adding: “I didn’t say it. I said there are views that are very close to antisemitism in the leadership of the Labour party today in the UK.”

Last summer Corbyn told MPs investigating accusations of antisemitism in the Labour party that he regretted once calling members of Hamas and Hezbollah “friends”.

The Labour Party have been criticised at being slow in responding to the problem and several high-profile figures who have been suspended for antisemitism, such as Tony Greenstein, Jackie Walker and Marc Wadsworth. They have been waiting over a year for their cases to be heard.

A recent internal inquiry reported that a shocking 83% of British Jews believe the Labour Party is too tolerant of antisemitism and many expressing concerns of the Labour Leader’s links to other terrorist groups in the past such as the IRA.

The latest accusations come a month after Corbyn attended an event in Parliament held by a Muslim group (MEND) accused of hosting preachers with extremist views.

BBC Bias Backlash: Millions refuse to pay licence tax.

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The BBC has faced a huge backlash from disgruntled viewers leaving millions not renewing their TV licence due to ‘institutional bias’ that was independently proven throughout the EU Referendum and is thought to still continue to this day.

The term ‘despite Brexit’ has become a well-known phrase that the BBC used and is now mocked by critics such as Jacob Rees-Mogg due to the pro-EU bias. The BBC receive funding from the EU, quashing any claims that the organisation can be impartial.

Over the last few years, almost 3.5 million British citizens have refused to pay a penny more to what branded an ‘out dated model’ in the age of Amazon and Netflix. Many do not value the service suggesting they are fed up of watching ‘Bargain Hunt’ repeats and the demise of the Christmas schedule that continues to prove disappointing.

Employee and broadcaster Evan Davis said the BBC is constantly getting emails from licence fee payers accusing them of pandering to certain political parties. But he claimed that ‘no one at the BBC takes those kinds of things into account’ because it is ‘very rare’ for the issue to be brought up.

Martin Costello and Godfrey Bloom at the Massive Protest Against BBC Bias

Martin Costello from the Swindon branch of the People’s Charter successfully petitioned a debate in the commons last month to ‘Abolish the TV licence’. This and a similar petition attracted over 140,000 signatures.

“The debate was a total whitewash” he said. “It was completely one sided and shockingly seven of the MPs defending the world’s oldest broadcasting organisation where ex-BBC staff!”

“I believe in this day and age of many Freeview channels, we should not be forced to fund the BBC even if one has no intention of watching it – it is time we caught up with the times and this becomes a subscription service” he went on to say.

The People’s Charter will be holding a second protest outside Broadcasting House on Sunday 4th March following the success of the last event in November that saw hundreds rally in London following a list of high profile speeches.

Mass immigration forcing young to stay at home

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Mass immigration has fuelled a 23 per cent rise in rent prices, a new study claims.

Young British nationals are struggling to not only get on the housing ladder but are now being priced out of the renting market, a damning report has found.

The study found that 33% of renters are now born overseas and this figure is set to rise as over half a million migrate to the UK each year and supply has failed to keep up with demand over the last decade.

Last night Migration Watch boss Lord Green accused the Government of being “in denial” about the massive impact of immigration on the housing market and demanded immediate measures to reduce demand for housing and increase supply.

Foreign born heads of households now account for a third of all rented homes; this is up from a fifth since 2000.

Migrant Watch UK claims the only winners are landlords, who have profited from the rocketing demand in the rental sector by hiking bills. Interestingly it is thought between 70-80% of current MPs are classed as landlords, owning at least two properties.

Young Brits have been punished the most, facing sky high rents, making it harder to save for a deposit and leaving youngsters living with their parents longer into their 20s, 30s and even 40s.

The charity ‘Shelter’ suggest that three in five 18-44 year-olds in Britain say they’ll be forced to put their lives on hold as a result of the housing crisis.

The share of 25-34-year-olds in England living in privately rented homes has nearly doubled over the past decade – while the proportion of homeowners in the same age bracket fell from 57 per cent to 38 per cent during the same period.

The study has found that soaring rent prices is down to mass immigration. The Migration Watch report suggests that the rapid growth in the migrant population has put a “huge strain” on the housing stock.

Migration Watch boss Lord Green accused the Government of being ‘in denial’ about the massive impact of immigration on the housing market, a subject often ignored by the mainstream media.

“While the older generation have been able to sit back and watch their properties shooting up in value, it is younger people who have mainly suffered the consequences with sky high rents and little prospect of owning their own home.

“This is frankly indefensible. The time has come for firm measures to address the demand for housing as well as its supply, and to acknowledge and deal with one of the main drivers of demand for housing.

“Otherwise, we will not only fail to meet demand but our young people will continue to bear the brunt of the housing crisis.”

Many migrants have set up home in the UK after former Labour leader Tony Blair opened the floodgates to eastern Europe, net migration has totalled 2.5m in the last decade alone with no sign of this slowing down. Residents of many towns and cities are becoming increasingly concerned about areas turning into slums, particularly where buy-to-let landlords buy up properties and split them up into as many rooms as possible to increase renting opportunities.


Possible Terror Attack in Australia: 14 Injured

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Fourteen people have been injured in Melbourne, with several in a critical condition after a car intentionally drove into a crowd of shoppers ‘sending bodies flying everywhere’ according to witnesses.

Police have said it was a deliberate act but said it was too early to say whether it was terrorist-related. The driver and another man have been detained.

Witness Jim Stoupas, told the press: “It just barrelled through a completely full intersection of pedestrians. There was no attempt to brake, no attempt to swerve.”

He added: “I saw probably five to eight people on the ground with people swarming around them [to help]. Within a minute, I think, there were police on site, so it was very, very speedy.”

Victoria Ambulance said in a statement that a child of pre-school age with serious head injuries was among those taken to hospital.

Another witness. Vince Harris was nearby in the immediate aftermath of the crash.

He was on the scene from about two minutes after the car collided and could see the cracked windscreen and Good Samaritans trying to save injured pedestrians.

‘I was here when the other one (the Bourke Street tragedy) happened …. you get desensitised.’ he shockingly claimed.

The carnage comes almost a year after six people were killed and 30 injured when a car ploughed through the Bourke Street Mall in January.

The driver, Dimitrious Gargasoulas, was charged with six counts of murder after he allegedly used a maroon Holden Commodore sedan to run down shoppers during the lunch break.

A child and two adults were among those who died following the attack as well as a three-month-old baby boy.

City authorities installed concrete blocks in various locations – including on Flinders Street – hoping to prevent vehicle-based attacks.

ISIS Linked Royal Attack Thwarted

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A suspected ISIS supporter will go on trial in the Spring after being accused of giving details of Prince George’s school on social media and encouraging followers to attack.

Husnain Rashid from Nelson in Lancashire had allegedly planned to travel to Syria to join ISIS to join the fighting before making posts of the 4 year old.

The 31 year old was arrested in November and charged with preparing acts of terrorism and assisting others to prepare acts of terrorism.

Appearing in front of Mr Justice Haddon-Cave at the Old Bailey through a video feed from Wandsworth prison he confirmed only his name and nationality.

Neighbours of Mr Rashid expressed shock following his arrest in the sleepy town. A woman, who did not want to be named, said: ‘It’s usually so quiet. I have not seen or heard anything suspicious myself.’

The 4 week trail is expected to start in April. Rashid has been remanded in custody.

Children’s charities hit out at ‘hotbed for predators’

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A Transgender campaigner who identifies as gender-neutral wants to force unisex toilets to be installed at all major venues such as nightclubs and stadiums where the capacity is greater than 1000.

Born a male, ‘Norrie’ had a sex change operation at 28 and won a High Court battle in 2014 to be identified as belonging to neither gender.

‘It’s a jolly good idea!” claimed the 56 year old. “It would stop those awkward encounters when using the women’s toilets. ‘It gives me the option and I don’t have to explain myself,’ Norrie said.

‘Every now and again, maybe once in a hundred times now, nowadays I walk into the ladies’ loos and someone wants to pick a fight with my gender. ‘They might say, “Do you know this isn’t the men’s?” or “What are you doing in here?” or “This is the ladies'” or “Excuse me” and want to know if I’m post op or rubbish like that.’

‘My plumbing is nobody’s business really even when I’m in the toilet. It’s usually late at night when I’ve had a few drinks.’

Norrie, who uses the ladies’ toilets at familiar venues, would prefer to use a gender-neutral toilet. ‘There are a lot more people identifying as non-binary so I try to set the example,’ Norrie said.

A proposal to make gender-neutral toilets compulsory has been submitted to the National Building Codes Board.

Critics however have argued that introducing gender-neutral toilets would increase building costs and suggested that disabled toilets were used much to the dismay for Norris who said  “uni-sex disabled toilets at many public and commercial venues weren’t suitable to transgender people. A disability toilet is not necessarily the way to go because they don’t have a disability”.

Children’s charities have hit out suggesting that the introduction of gender-neutral toilets at buildings, including schools, has caused controversy in the past and has proven to be a hotbed for predators to target young children.

The UK government’s Department for Education ruled that “the time is not right for the introduction of unisex toilets in our schools”, saying they were technically illegal.

Parents also expressed concerns about young people being too embarrassed to use unisex toilets – or, somewhat on the other end of scale, that the cubicles could be used for sexual liaisons between pupils.

‘Sex with refugees’ demand angers London residents

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A massive mural displaying the line “sex with refugees is jasmine-scented and beautiful” appeared in Shoreditch last weekend on a building housing a pop-up shop for clothing shop A-Cold-Wall.

The artwork has since forced Artist Robert Montgomery to apologise and remove what residents called ‘obscene’. However, Montgomery insisted that the ‘artwork’ has been ‘grossly misjudged’.

According to Wikipedia, Mr Montgomery is a London-based poet, artist and sculptor known for his site-specific installations created from light and text.


Critics claim that they could not see how this could be judged as art, suggesting it is ‘not only promoting sex with refugees but questions how promoting sex with anyone can be considered artwork as it is seen as a more of a political statement’.

The social media was equally unforgiving with many agreeing that the artwork was “disgusting” and “horrific”.

The Scottish born artist responded on Facebook stating “I have asked for this wall writing to be removed and it has been today. It was not painted by me and was not intended as an Artwork by me. I apologise for any offence it may have caused anyone”.

The former employee of ‘Dazed and Confused’ magazine has worked on projects elsewhere in Europe including Norway where he attracted controversy by painting a wall that read ‘ALL EUROPE MUST BE EVERYWHERE A REFUGE FOR THE BROKEN HEARTED’ in support of #refugeeswelcome.

Rape is on the rise in Norway and questions are being raised at how images such as this are helpful to such horrific acts.

“I think I should make more work encouraging us to be compassionate to refugees. As a country, Britain isn’t taking anything near our fair share of refugees, and I think that’s a national disgrace at the moment”.

It is clear from the public anger that the silent majority do not support his view.


Farage: Labour has “become a Remainer party”

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Following Thursday’s Commons setback for Prime Minister Theresa May, UKIP MEP Nigel Farage claimed that the real story was overlooked, suggesting that Labour have now become the ‘remain party’.

Farage went on to say “Mr Corbyn had not been forthcoming with Leave voters at the June election, claiming that his position has now moved towards accepting the single market”.

“The story that everyone has been missing – the real reason the Government lost, the real reason Parliament now has a veto against Brexit – is that the Labour Party that has been through the big transformation.”

Farage ripped into the Labour party for turning overwhelmingly pro-EU, in disloyalty to the five million voters for the party who also voted to leave the EU. Additionally, Tony Blair came out this weekend urging the Labour party to prioritise stopping Brexit over winning the next election in a move that shocked the party faithful.

Many Leave voters who lent their vote to the Labour party in June will feel betrayed after being given reassurances in the General Election that Corybn would honour the will of the people. What many call ‘total hypocrisy’ has left much anger especially given the Labour leader has a record of having voted against every single European treaty presented to him in the Commons since 1983 before the latest u-turn.

It was a week to forget for Labour who today saw Diane Abbott on The Andrew Marr Show backtrack on Brexit saying “Labour does not back a second referendum“ only for colleague Tom Watson to later suggest on Pienaar “We can’t rule out a second referendum”. Incidentally the self proclaimed ‘Bulldogs of Brexit’, the UK Independence Party, has risen 4% in the national polls since last week’s events.

Power to the people as Brexit anger surges

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Parliament has now been forced to debate leaving the EU without a deal following a dramatic surge in a petition calling for the UK to walk away immediately.

Frustration has been growing following the recent handling of the negotiations and a ‘divorce bill’ expected to be in the region of £39bn that opposition say is not legal.

It is also thought that freedom of movement will continue for many years after the exit and many claim that the UK is leaving in name only.

The petition suggests that Theresa May should give up on the entire Article 50 process instead of subjecting herself to more humiliation by EU chiefs.

Midlands resident Jack Taylor who drafted the petition said: “Why wait another 18 months when we could leave now and fully take back control of our country, law-making powers and borders?”

Mr Taylor went on to say: “The EU looks set to offer us a punishment deal out of spite, insisting we pay tens of billions of pounds as part of a ‘settlement fee’ and continue to accept the jurisdiction of EU courts even after we’ve left. Why wait almost another two years when we could just leave right away?”

UKIP MEP Gerard Batten expressed his delight at the news and suggested that there should be a mass demonstration outside parliament to remind politicians that patience is running low.

The Department for Exiting the EU said: “The Government has already introduced legislation to ensure the UK exits the EU with certainty, continuity and control.

“In leaving the EU the Government will seek the best deal for the UK maximising the benefits from leaving the EU – control over our borders, laws and money – while maintaining the greatest possible access to EU markets and continuing to work with our European neighbours on common problems.

“After withdrawal, the UK will bring an end to the direct jurisdiction of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) in the United Kingdom. The Prime Minister has been clear that the days of Britain making vast contributions to the European Union every year will end.

The department added: “The country voted to leave the EU, and the Government is clear that there must be no attempts to remain inside the EU, no attempts to re-join it through the back door, and no second referendum”.

It is clear from the recent surge that the message has fallen on deaf ears and the public are becoming increasingly concerned and angry how Brexit has been handled. For many it has become more than Brexit, it has become a battle for our very democracy.

You can sign the petition here.

Theresa May insists Brexit still on course despite Commons defeat

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Prime Minister Theresa May today insisted that the UK “is on course to deliver Brexit” on the day she arrived in Brussels for further talks with the EU following a night to forget when she suffered a humiliating Commons defeat.

She told reporters they would be talking about “the ambitious and deep and special partnership” she wanted to build between the UK and EU, after Brexit.

“I’m disappointed with the amendment but actually the EU Withdrawal Bill is making good progress through the House of Commons and we are on course to deliver Brexit,” said May.

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage who recently nicknamed the Prime Minster ‘Theresa the Appeaser’ due to her ‘giving in to all EU demands’ said “My contempt for career politicians knows no bounds” following the EU Withdrawal Bill debacle. UKIP supporters will see the recent government and opposition capitulation as a real opportunity to bounce back in the upcoming council elections.

It is thought that many Brexiteers will be hoping that a ‘no deal’ takes place and the government will walk away with some citing the general confusion as to why we owe any money. It is commonly felt this is a ransom and along with foreign aid that it could be better spent on our stressed and failing public services.

New law states animals must be treated as sentient beings post-Brexit

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A new law was today published by the government to say that it must treat animals as “sentient beings” when it makes laws in future.

Michael Gove MP promised to “make Brexit work not just for citizens but for the animals we love and cherish too”.

The welcome draft law also increases the maximum sentence for serious animal cruelty to five years in jail and states that the government “must have regard to the welfare needs of animals as sentient beings in formulating and implementing government policy”.

Gove said: “Animals are sentient beings who feel pain and suffering, so we are writing that principle into law and ensuring that we protect their welfare. Our plans will also increase sentences for those who commit the most heinous acts of animal cruelty to five years in jail”.

One area not discussed however was the slaughtering of animals for Halal which many animal rights campaigners see as barbaric when the method of non-stunning is used and argue that it is extremely cruel.

To date there is nothing to stop this practice within the UK due to its membership with the EU that states “EU legislation grants exceptions from stunning for religious groups…”

The rise in Halal meat being common place in the British food-chain has caused alarm for many.

“We absolutely are not demanding people be forced to eat non-halal meat, but we do, and rightly so, insist that farm animals are treated with dignity. If someone will only eat meat procured by a form of slaughter that is abusive to animals, better they avoid eating meat at all. It is as simple as that,” Luke Nash-Jones, Director of the People’s Charter Foundation said in support of a Lancashire council voting to ban schools from serving non-stunned halal meat.

Many have criticised the RSPCA’s lack of support on this issue suggesting the charity is worried about its funding but today David Bowles, the RSPCA’s head of public affairs, said the plans were “potentially great news” for animals post-Brexit.

He said: “To include the recognition of animal sentience as well as increasing animal cruelty sentencing to five years into the new 2018 Animal Welfare Bill is a very bold and welcome move by the government.”

The law comes after a recent vote by Lancashire Council to ban halal food in its schools.

Brexit rage following ‘Theresa the Appeaser’ deal

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Brexiteers were enraged today following a deal that many see as the UK leaving in name only and questioned whether the UK would ever depart the EU as voted for in last year’s historic referendum.

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage led the barrage of anger telling the BBC that the estimated bill was “way more than we need to pay” and that he was furious the European Court of Justice (ECJ) would continue to have a role for up to eight years. “The whole thing is humiliating. We have collapsed at every level!”

Twitter was in overdrive following the reported deal with a general feeling of despair including a suggestion that being a remain campaigner, Theresa May’s heart was never going to be in the place to execute the will of the electorate: “The only way to stop May’s traitorous Brexit deal is a leadership challenge. Her deal effectively overturns the Brexit vote. It was her plan from the very beginning to undermine Brexit and we must get rid of her. Corbyn may as well be in power May is no different to Labour!”

The silence of Brexiteer cabinet members such as Davis and Johnson has also caused concern for those expecting a clean break from the EU as questions surround their loyalty.

Although the Prime Minister feels progress is being made, the deal has all the elements of a ‘soft Brexit’ which could prove costly for her premiership over the next few months with support growing for Jacob Rees-Mogg gaining strength by the day.

Jacob Rees-Mogg humiliates May in PMQs showdown.

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An already bruising week for Theresa May got worse when mocked about her negotiating skills with the EU by Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Rees-Mogg said: “Before my Right Honourable Friend next goes to Brussels, will she apply a new coat of paint to her red lines because I fear on Monday they were beginning to look a little bit pink” to roars of laughter in the Commons.

This follows the humiliating blow she suffered after the DUP pulled the rug out from underneath a deal on Monday when the coalition party saved Brexit by insisting that Northern Ireland would leave only on the same deal as the rest of the UK. This happened after it was revealed in a leaked draft paper that Mrs May planned to have “continued regulatory alignment” between the Irish Republic and Northern Ireland.

It appears that faith in Theresa May’s premiership is dwindling fast as many Brexiteers are losing confidence in her ability to negotiate and fight Britain’s corner as Thatcher would have done proudly in the 1980s with claims of “She’s no Maggie” or “She couldn’t negotiate her way out of a paper bag!”.

Speaking this evening to Nigel Farage (LBC) on his ‘reddest of red lines’ he said: “It’s always the European Court of Justice (ECJ) because it seems to me as long as we remain under the European Court of Justice we haven’t left the European Union”.

“If we accept, which I think would be a huge error, regulatory alignment at least if we’re outside the ECJ we would then be able to change that later.

“So the reddest of red lines is the ECJ, I’m very deeply concerned about regulatory alignment because that denies us one of the great benefits of leaving but it is a secondary red line to the ECJ.”

Following the recent scolding from ‘Moggy’, there is growing support for the backbencher to become the next leader of the Conservative party with ‘Moggmentum’ gathering pace. A recent poll by Conservative Home found that Jacob Rees-Mogg is up from 15 per cent to 18 per cent. Michael Gove was seven per cent last month; he is now on 12 per cent, and is the second named candidate, behind Rees-Mogg.

Many Brexiteers will feel that Jacob is the only current viable option to lead and ensure that a ‘hard’ Brexit is achieved after the recent capitulation.

The most weak and spineless Prime Minister we have ever had?

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Similar to Cameron’s disastrous attempts to renegotiate a deal with the EU, today we saw another pathetic attempt by a weak leader who is coming back to the UK with her tail between her legs.

There are whispers that the UK was prepared to accept that Northern Ireland could remain in the EU’s customs union and single market in all but name. Theresa May’s capitulation on the Irish border has seen her yet again bullied by the EU dictatorship that has opened a can of worms.

Following reports that Northern Ireland could regain “regulatory alignment”, Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon stated that there is “surely no good practical reason” that Scotland could not do the same. Additionally London Mayor Sadiq Khan has also suggested that there could be “huge ramifications” and would look to seek a similar deal. This is a colossal error – May is threatening the United Kingdom’s cohesion in a time where unity is much sought after but lacking.

Many argue that May was never the right candidate to lead the negotiations given she was a Remain campaigner and never wanted to leave: it shows. She appears to have worked to undermine and frustrate Brexit from the start. She delayed Article 50 for months, has not started any trade deals with other countries, upset our greatest ally in the United States and wants to pay a £50bn bill to the EU that has no legal standing. One could argue that she is working on a deal so bad that it will only encourage calls to remain – that could be her ultimate goal.

There is a growing rumbling of discontent from the 17.4 million mainly silent Brexiteers and a high feeling of betrayal where nothing but a hard Brexit and rejecting of a “divorce’ payment will be satisfactory. The British lion has indeed been awakened.

Politicians often forget that they are elected to serve us and not the other way round. Time is running short for Theresa to make her mark in history for positive reasons, not for the most weak and spineless Prime Minister the country has ever had.

We are full up: 572,000 people moved to Britain each year

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Five hundred and seventy two thousand people (572,000) people came to live in the UK in the year to June 2017 reports the Office of National Statistics.

Just think about that for a minute.

The BBC recently ran the headline that immigration had fallen after Brexit but the typical spin applied by the pro-EU organisation masked the fact that the net figure was still in excess of 230,000 people. In reality this is still a staggering figure given we are still adding a Birmingham (the second largest city in the UK after London) every 4 years. This figure is simply unsustainable and it is not including the number of illegal immigrants.

The left will of course shout ‘racist’ when one talks of controlling numbers but these are the very first people to complain when they can’t get an appointment at the doctors, their children can’t move out due to the housing crisis or their town is becoming gridlocked due to the extra 2.69 million new cars registered in the UK last year.

The fact is that our public services are failing despite additional funding because our infrastructure simply cannot keep up the pace of immigration despite promises by the government to do so. Theresa May failed to control immigration in her 6 years as Home Secretary so do not expect it to improve any time soon.

The UK has taken more than her fair share of the 5% who are genuine refugees. The UN charter states that refugees must reside in the first country of safety, so why is Saudi Arabia not taking Syrians in?

Towns and cities across the country are seeing a rise in homelessness and there is a storm brewing given that it is common knowledge that migrants are getting preferential treatment over many Brits including those who have served their country.

The multiculturalism project inspired by the treacherous Tony Blair has been a total disaster. Many parts of the UK such as my own see whole areas dominated by economic migrants who have no wish to integrate with the British, having their own shops and places of worship it has rendered many areas unrecognisable from a decade ago. Houses are being bought up and cut up into small bedsits for migrants and even garages/sheds; this is turning many areas slowly into slums.

Walking around my town it never ceases to amaze me how many different languages I hear; it has had an irreversible impact on the landscape. It is not unreasonable to request that those who do come to reside in our country embrace our culture and our way of life so we can preserve it. If visiting your neighbour, you would not rearrange the furniture.

Damage limitation the only thing we can now hope for and it is clear that skilled migration is needed due to the population explosion. We do need doctors/nurses etc but we do not need migrants such as more car washers. This country must immediately implement an Australian points based system so we can obtain the skills that will benefit our country.

We were never asked if we wanted this and we never voted for this, we have once again been betrayed. Make no mistake, mass immigration has been encouraged by large corporations in order to exploit cheap labour and drive up profits. This stagnates our wages and reduces our quality of life.

We must stand united against the government machine and say enough is enough! There is simply no more room at the Inn.

Abolish the TV Licence Fee

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In 1922 when the BBC was established times were very different, one would often hear of neighbours leaving their doors unlocked and there was a real sense of community. This was the backbone and principles of the BBC, a bastion of truth that we felt a close connection with and could trust with our lives. It was a feeling of friendship, someone who was taking care of us and always watching over us. This continued until up until the mid ‘90s but after then a dark cloud has formed over the organisation that has seen it spiral in to the beast it is now that must be slayed.

No matter what channel one wishes to watch, the British people are compelled by force to pay a licence fee to fund an organisation that is commonly felt that fails to report on news accurately and fairly, while seeming pushing a left wing agenda and quashing the right to free speech unless it follows their schema. The BBC publishes biased articles and reports on news selectively, thus subliminally swaying public opinion.

Recently we heard about some of the obscene salaries that some of the presenters command. Champagne Socialists such as Gary Lineker who tell us we should be welcoming mass immigration into society while he lives in a mansion and does not have to queue to see a doctor or struggle to buy a house on the best part of £2 million salary. Twenty thousand homes must pay their TV licence to pay for him to present Match of the Day, please think about that.

The political correctness is on another level. As soon as one connects to the BBC Facebook page it is evident with the banner that this is anything but what we would call British. It is almost laughable that the presenting line up and any programme made by the organisation is a box ticking exercise on an industrial scale. One could argue that they didn’t get the job when applying to work for the BBC because they didn’t fit the quota need due to their race, sexuality, disability (or lack of) and thus the best person may not have been awarded the job. Our society cannot go on like this and political correctness must stop now before our society is eroded away.

On personal level, as a Parliamentary Candidate I will never forget how the BBC treated me in the 2017 General Election.  Brushed to the side and given the least airtime possible while feeling the daggers from presenters when being interviewed who clearly had an agenda. This total abuse of power was an attack on true democracy. The way the BBC treated UKIP, Nigel Farage and Donald Trump was no better and not surprisingly the BBC were kicked out of the White House and branded ‘Fake News’.

The whole issue of the Licence Fee is a very moral one. For me personally I do not wish to fund something that goes against my very principles so I would be a hypocrite to continue paying. Although a small sacrifice to make, this means that I cannot watch any Freeview channels or subscription services – this is simply unfair. Democratically the BBC must go the same way and those who wish to continue watching it can pay a subscription fee – the organisation must have always been expecting this day and it is now time for it to happen.

This is not a matter of money but simply principle. I would be more happy to put the £147 directly in to the crippled NHS (providing there is no more privatisation where we see the likes of Branson and Virgin profiteering off the illness of others).

Trust me; nothing has made me more upset but angry also that this once fantastic institution has been destroyed by greed and those with an agenda. The damage is unrecoverable and it must now be allowed to die.



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