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Owen Jones: Leftist Propaganda Minister

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We are in the midst of a propaganda war, where the greatest victim is truth. On one side we have the left, on the other we have the right and in between what remains of objective reality.

Both sides have their commanders. The Right have Peter Hitchens and Douglas Murray, among others, both of whom are more sincere in their approach than the Left’s Commander in Chief of Propaganda, Owen Jones.

Propaganda is a difficult thing to manage. You have to convince one group whilst galvanising the other, though the latter is always preferred. While the politics of Dr Goebbels’ are certainly unacceptable, it is a fact that his genius at propaganda was an asset to the Nazis. He managed to use fanatical leaps in logic, like using the parable of the Miracle of the House of Brandenburg, evoking the spirit of Germany’s founding father, to convince the German people that the war could still be won in 1945. Obviously it was not.

Looking at Owen’s video after the Labour defeat in Copeland, we see the ‘journalist’ point to a picture of Keir Hardie somehow equating him to Corbyn and transmorphing the ideals of then to now. He appears to have a critical edge to his propaganda but one that doesn’t outshine his dogmatic dedication to the party.

Another trait of propagandists is the repetition of key stanzas. After all, it was Goebbels who said “If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth” and it appears Owen agrees.

“Political leadership means saying, here’s what’s wrong with society, here’s what our vision of what society is instead, here’s how we get there. It means hammering at key messages ad infinitum, backed up with policies that are indicative of where the party is coming from.”

That along with the mild similarities between Owen’s “Landslide speech” and Dr Goebbels Last Speech, with the only disparities being the term “International Jewry” replaced with “The 1%”, and an emphatic German voice substituted for a meek Mid-Englander one; it’s hard to see the difference between Goebbels and Owen Jones.

One has to ask though: Is this propaganda? After all propaganda is simply the propagation of biased information and skewed facts. It is indeed possible that you are consuming lies without knowing it and that those lies may come from more familiar sources than Mr Owen Jones. There is a key difference however between my articles and Owen’s.

I’m not on television every day, repeating my stanzas and, even if I were, I certainly wouldn’t refuse to share a platform with those I disagree with, but rather I would seek to challenge them. In the spirit of the words of John Stuart Mill, we do not shy from debate, but seek to hone our arguments, which are not mere emotion, but logic based. Further, we aim to win over the audience.

Sure, I’m not fan of Marxists but it hasn’t stopped me debating them, destroying other echo chambers instead of building my own. You won’t lose friends for disagreeing with this article yet you certainly will if you don’t. We’re not the ones with mass media control, we have no influence over the narrative. We are driven by facts and the reality around us.

And this is ultimately the thing that separates us from the Owen Jones’s and the Goebbels; we do not have to squander a fragile reputation, propped up by the mighty Guardian, nor the impetus to lie.

How Leftists Ruin South Africa

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The first impression some have of Africa is remarkably primitive, depending on the region you specify. When simply talking about the continent, the image conjured is usually something like a tribe of Zulus chasing a pygmy across the Odagawa Basin. When talking about the North of Africa you might get the image of Berbers chasing a Frenchman across the Sahara and likewise, talking about the South, a white man running from a tribe of Xhosa.

The left has the same primitive views as those on the right, except whilst the right doesn’t care (except in the case of South Africa) the leftists seem to think they have the answer for the whole continent. As if Socialism is the duct tape of world affairs.

Africa is more diverse than anyone can even fathom. It is rare to find a country in Africa that has a majority ethnic group, unlike in Europe where we make fun of Belgium for daring to exist with two.

Zimbabwe has sixteen official languages, neighbouring South Africa has eleven and others keep to the language of their colonisers but even so they remain as linguistically diverse. No one seems even close to comprehending it, yet they see themselves fit to decide their people’s fate.

For example, when considering a division of South Africa, a solution preferable to some, people never consider how much of a fire starter it really is. No matter how you divide the country, someone’s going to get a raw deal. If you re-start the Boer states, almost all of the Afrikaners and about half of the whites will be cut off in the remainder. If you divide from the Cape, you get the same issue.

In Kraaifontein, a black majority borough of Cape Town, my girlfriend resides with her family. She is coloured, so much so that not one of her family members is either white or black, though we think she might be a bit Malay. She need only walk an hour or so before ending up in the coloured majority Flats. From then on she can walk on to Simon town, where the majority are white, or to Kayleisha where the black majority live in slums.

Whilst she does so she’ll pass Mosques, Churches; Kebab stores and Biltong dispensers. Some built in the Dutch Colonial style, others in a Brutalist 70’s style but most of the newer ones in an American-esque. Often, however, she stays where the people speak her language. Unfortunately she lives in the Western Cape where there exists no majority racial group, and where more than half speak don’t speak Afrikaans. All this in the Afrikaner’s heartland.

With a consistent campaign against Afrikaans, both in Education and in the media, the situation – already hindered by the aftermath of the Apartheid Fascists – has been made worse by a different type of fascist. The leftist kind.

Repeating claims that Afrikaans is the language of White Apartheid, despite being a language spoken mostly by Coloureds, the EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) have stoked a campaign to remove it from Higher Education. Those who agree with the EFF but do not want to associate themselves with them instead claim that they want to remove the language to “make education efficient”. After all, Afrikaans is only spoken by a decreasing minority in the arse end of Africa. They do not, however, level that claim against Xhosa or Zulu, who are also a minority language on the world stage.

That, the constant demands for land repatriation, the defiling of Afrikaner symbols such as the statue of Jan van Riebeeck, the farm killings and the flight of most of the country’s intelligentsia due to “Black Economic Empowerment”, has made the Afrikaners very, very nervous about their future.

The Left wing media seems to be stoking these flames. In the aftermath of the state of the nation address, where once again members of the opposition in the assembly either left or where dragged out after they found armed guards inside the chamber, Huffington pPost published an article asking: “Should White People be Denied the Franchise?”

The troll who wrote it must’ve been overjoyed to find that his thinly veiled satire was published as legitimate by the leftist news-site. After finding out that it was fake, HuffPo pulled the article, but it didn’t stop the South African judiciary from investigating the matter, proving once again that it is the only branch of the government which seems to govern properly. The editor who published the article resigned, but the stain remains.

The leftists didn’t just shoot themselves in the foot, they made the mistake of trying on the Miss underwear whilst leaving the blinds open; showing not only their incompetence but their desire to push the leftist agenda above everything, even common sense. I doubt they’ll recover.

The lasting effect of this stupidity will be felt by hardest by the Coloureds, who often have to clean up after the EFF and ANC libtards decide to rampage a local statute they happen to hate.

However the conflict in South Africa is becoming increasingly less racial and even more political. Some see the struggle against the EFF not as a White & Coloured versus the Blacks, but Communism versus Traditionalists. To this end the DA, headed by the Black Mmusi Maimane, has defended the Western Cape and Gauteng against electoral incursions by the ANC and EFF. They offer an alternative to the Left and give hope to the considerable Centre-Right movement, stifling under Socialist control.

Progress is being made, but it is likely to get worse before it gets better. President Zuma, the ANC’s president of South Africa, has ruined the economy with reckless Ministerial shifts and incompetent spending. South Africa’s GDP growth is far below the continent’s average of 5.4%, meaning the resource rich country, which still holds one of the largest mineral deposits on earth and more coal than the rest of Africa, is lagging behind. Massive inflation, a low GDP and with confidence in the government at an all time low, the future for South Africa looks bleak, but outside intervention will not solve it.

Since this is an issue caused by Leftists, it’s only natural to ask they keep their mouths shut about it. Don’t post an article about how it’s all the white man’s fault or how it could all be solved with Communism. Your idiotic ideology is harmless in the first world, but in a country where violence is a way of life, you are actively contributing to the problem and I don’t think it’s too much to ask you keep your mouth shut. Likewise any contribution from the right must be made from a position of knowledge, not just a cursory glance at an article like this.

Hopefully then South Africa can be given what we give all adult nations. The responsibility to deal with their own problems in a considerate and logical way.

Nationalism is on the Rise, regardless of a Le Pen win

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I was in a livestream with members of the People’s Charter during the first round of the French elections. It was a truly momentous occasion and I couldn’t have spent it with a better bunch. Yet when it came to me declaring “Nationalism had won” it seemed I was approaching the Overton window. But this has been the case for a while and Le Pen’s victory in the first round has simply helped cement it.

Nationalism, like Luke Nash-Jones rightly said, is a linear spectrum, whether prasticed by the left or the right. Sinn Fein for example is nationalist, just a more selective kind. The Labour party was also very Nationalist. Clement Attlee even quoted from William Blake, declaring, after his 1945 electoral victory, that “I will not cease from Mental Fight, nor shall my sword sleep in my hand till we have built Jerusalem, in England’s green and pleasant Land.”
Politicians even now, whether knowingly or not, occasionally evoke the feeling of nationalism when referring to “Our Parliament” and “Our Democracy”. I’ve seen George Galloway both extol Nationalism and denounce it, depending on who he talks to.

Many politicians did this because, if they didn’t, those who did would take command of the polls and the greatest mistake society ever made was to let them forget that. Nationalism is merely prioritising one’s people and culture above all else. It was in the absence of nationalism that today’s crony corporatism was formed and far from being the cause of war, nationalism seems to have been the only thing stopping it. Would Blair have wasted the lives of his own people if he owed any respect to them? Would there be such a broken welfare state if the state put the people first?

These question are at last being asked.

You may disagree with her fiscal policy, you may even think she will lose but regardless, Le Pen, a Nationalist, has beaten two establishment candidates and has breached a record for her party. The second round won’t be a walk-over like 2002. People will have to ask themselves the tough questions; most importantly they’ll have to ask: “Is Nationalism that bad?”
With the truth, the innate realities of nationhood and a growing popular movement on the Patriot’s side, it looks to be that Nationalism is finally influencing the zeitgeist.

But don’t think it will be a walk in the park. From the look of Berkeley, London and the staunch resistance of the Liberal Elite elsewhere, we might not live to see a Nationalist Europe. Furthermore it looks to be a far deadlier endeavour than first thought. Though we in Britain have mostly avoided violence so far, talks of civil war in America have been circulating for some time and with Ann Coulter, Milo Yiannopoulos looking to make another strike at Berkeley, it looks to reach a new fervour.

Like I always say, only time will tell if this has all come down to naught.

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