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Where are our heroes?

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Theresa May was lucky last night (17 July); she only survived the EU vote due to the likes of Frank Field, John Mann and other brave Labour MPs who realised that the prospect of a snap summer election, brought on by a no confidence vote, should the government lose, would bring the probability of a Corbyn government and its disastrous consequences. The disaster will not just be Brexit, it will mean the utter annihilation of Britain as a sovereign nation and reduce us to minions on the world stage. It will cost us our liberty, our happiness and our birth- right.  It will be for keeps.

Where are our heroes? For now, we have a cabinet, devoid of the big guns of Brexit, Davis and Johnson, and packed out with oleaginous yes-men like Hunt and Gove.

Where are our heroes? Not your common – or – garden backbench Tory MPs, terrified of the looming reality of a summer not spent in Tuscany but on the campaign trails in the shires and in the hostile metropolises. They are well aware of the seething anger of the 17.4 million of us fed up to the back teeth of vacillation as disinginuity that brands this Tory administration as the weakest since the war.

Where are our heroes?  Today we await Boris Johnson’s resignation statement, which can either be a death-blow to May and the bugle-call to arms or, sadly, the effective end of Johnson’s ambitions for good if he backs off the fight.  I want him to use his brilliance with words to tear May apart in the Commons.  I want to hear the Tories rise up and roar and back him to the hilt.  But I fear that the lure of the Tuscan landscape may prevent that.

Time will tell.

Where are our heroes? The Chequers farce has exposed the Tories for what they are, and these self – serving backtrackers are just buying time.  The summer recess is a near three-month period of non-news and a forgetful and bored public will be fed a diet of Love Island and Royal bullsh*t to keep their minds off the catastrophic disaster that will befall them should a fake Brexit be foisted upon them during the winter.

Where are our heroes? The Remoaners have not and will not stop now. They smell blood like the baying hyenas they are.  They know that should an election be forced, as it surely will if our totally incompetent PM remains as leader of the Tories and the country until conference season, that a Labour administration, with or without Corbyn, will certainly reverse Brexit by fair means or foul.  Traitors like Adonis, Blair, Cable and their media sidekicks like Owen Jones, Alistair Campbell and the rest will, through the power of broadcasting totally dominated by the left, twist, lie and cheat to a degree as yet unseen in their insatiable quest to reduce us to a vassal state, flooded with cheap labour, emasculated militarily and force-fed diversity and depravity; all that 1984 predicted – and tied to the EU for ever.  Never forget the power and influence that a constant diet of doom and gloom paid for and sponsored by foreign troublemakers can have on our tired people.

Where are our heroes?  There are no sporting events to raise our spirits in the near future – it’s strongly rumoured in Westminster circles that Theresa May breathed a sign of relief that England failed to bring back the World Cup as she feared the boost it would give the Brexit cause – but we cannot rely on short term injections of adrenaline to keep our morale up, we need to realise, all 17.4 million of us, that we are actually in an existential war.  If we lose, we go under. If we win, we may, if we can sort ourselves out, and fast, see a resurgence of national pride and glean the benefits of a smart exit from the shackles of Europe.

Imagine a Britain where a few things start to change.  With reduced migration our wages will go up.  With free trade with the USA and the Commonwealth food prices will go down.  We can redirect taxes to infrastructure and capital projects, including rebuilding our Navy, building houses for the British and creating a better NHS.  We can give the globalists, the oligarchs and the bent media the slap in the face they deserve and get our bloody identity back.  Don’t you want that?

So where are our heroes?  It’s you, you and you… all of you reading this who are the foot soldiers of the movement to Make Britain Great Again. Don’t despair if BoJo doesn’t fight hard enough today but rejoice if he does, and don’t spend the summer in despair if we haven’t seen the back of Theresa May and the Remoaner traitors just yet, because we WILL prevail.

Now, enjoy your two weeks holiday and get ready, because the second Battle of Britain is about to begin.  Don’t say you were not warned – get prepared!  Organise locally, get on the streets when asked to help or protest, and don’t think you are alone.  Fight hard, fight dirty if needs be and drive home our message.

CAUGHT: Corbyn’s agent handing out fake polling cards

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Catherine Sloan, election agent for Jeremy Corbyn, and Emily Thornberry, has produced fake Labour-promoting Polling Cards. I obtained today outside my own Polling Station.

I witnessed many confused people – who did not speak good English – asking a teller outside the station what they had to do and who they had to vote for. I was under the impression that they believed the card was ‘official’.

These cards were NOT circulars, they have the recipients’ addresses and their polling number on them.

This is a clear breach of the 1983 Representation of the People Act.

I have the originals if you require them. I have blocked out the recipient’s name and polling number for these photos but they are absolutely clear on the originals.

Theresa May needs to step back and de-escalate the tensions with Russia

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As AJP Taylor said of 1914: “Nowhere was there a conscious determination to provoke a war. Statesmen miscalculated [and] became prisoners of their own weapons. The great armies, accumulated to provide security and preserve the peace, carried the nations to war by their own weight.” I wonder what Taylor would have said of Trump’s “Get ready Russia” tweet.

(Acknowledgements to Simon Jenkins / The Guardian 13/04/18)

Theresa May should be extremely cautious in committing Britain to any military adventure in the Middle East. Rising above the temptation to follow the US, where strategy regarding the American military presence in Syria seems to change daily, will be a test not just of her domestic political nous but a strong signal that Britain, in the prelude to Brexit, really is carving its own place as independent in all matters and capable of standing alone.

Critical to the safety of Britain and Europe is a de-escalation of the current tensions between our country and Russia.  Horrific though the – possibly miscalculated – nerve-agent attack in Salisbury was and no matter how shocking some people regard the Syrian chlorine gas incident, we should measure whether either of these acts in isolation pose an existential threat to Britain justifying foreign intervention.  

I posit that it does not.

The Skripals are not dead and forty dead Syrians are merely incidental and unfortunate casualties in a civil war that is nothing to do with Britain or its future security.  I say that neither incident is worth ten years or more cold war with the second most powerful nation on Earth let alone a hot war.

Diplomatic and political convention demanded a retaliatory response regarding the Salisbury incident.  Quietly and in due course, perhaps within a year, normal diplomatic relations could be resumed and the incident conveniently swept under the carpet.  

It’s called realpolitik. Amicable relations between Russia and Britain are not only good for peace, they are good for the economies of both countries.  Let’s start thinking for ourselves for a change and not hang on to America’s or Europe’s shirt-tails.

As for Syria, British military intervention is not only likely to be ineffectual – as we only have very limited assets in comparison to the major protagonists – it will force Russia to take not only a determined political stance against us but also a military one.  

There is no doubt, in my mind at least, that Russia would retaliate and shoot down RAF aircraft and possibly strike naval forces daring to launch Tomahawk missiles.

Combine that with absolutely no governmental strategy regarding Britain’s long term stance with Syria and the certainty that Assad will remain in power under the aegis of Russia and the stark reality is that any British intervention is utterly ludicrous and recklessly dangerous.

So, to extract Britain from the current headlong rush into political and military conflict, and to put a stamp on Britain’s new independence, I implore Mrs May to take a step back, at least debate the situation in Parliament, and redouble diplomatic initiatives with Russia so that a de-escalation and the resumption of normal relations can take place sooner rather than later.  Her actions now will mark her place in history.

Let’s hope she makes the right decision.

UKIP’s Last Chance: Listen to the Millennials, or the Party Will Die

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Unless it acts NOW, come May 4th UKIP will cease to exist as a viable political party in its current form. If opinion polls are correct, UKIP will win somewhere between 0.9% and 2.0% of the vote nationally, with total annihilation – less than 0.5% – in London.

In recent weeks, without any publicity and without consultation, the rules have changed regarding NEC elections, barring and disenfranchising any member who has not been a branch officer or previous election candidate and anybody who has not been a member for at least 2 years. (Logical criteria would be company board experience, or qualifications in relevant sectors.)

This effectively bans any young or Millennial member from standing and condemns UKIP to being run in the same old way by the same old people. Backwards, not forwards. And it was deliberately done so. It must be reversed immediately.

Described once as being comprised of ‘Masons, Rotarians and 19th hole bores’, UKIP also manifestly fails to communicate in any effective way at all with either the public or its members.

Despite appeals from Luke Nash-Jones and others in touch with the fast-moving metropolitan reality of 21st Century politics and despite numerous offers to help tap the world of social media and modern communications, the leadership, officers and fossils – including a majority of the NEC – instead huff and wheeze with indignation at these upstarts over their pints of flat real ale in stuffy pubs in the middle of nowhere. UKIP has become invisible. It has become utterly irrelevant. It must surely die.

Meanwhile, legions of street-savvy and media–savvy operators like Tommy Robinson, Paul Joseph Watson, Luke and dare I say it Anne Marie Waters are out there making waves and their disparate and oft confused supporters are craving leadership and a central home.

They haven’t got it yet and it is manifestly clear that they will not get it from UKIP. THAT is why UKIP has not converted the Vets, the FLA – in all its guises – or the moderate right – or Alt-Light – into members. What’s the point? Joining UKIP would be a retrograde step.

I know, for certain, that a great many UKIP or UKIP fringe activists plan to leave the party very soon, possibly to oppose it. Branches will also vaporise. They are not replaceable. UKIP friendly web-sites may also disappear, through apathy and despair, leaving absolutely no dynamic communications hubs whatsoever and no one with the ability or will to run them.

This is a last chance for UKIP officers and leadership to engage with those who can save and eventually run the party. They have a choice, pick up the phone and engage with the new communicators, or pick over the corpse of a defunct party in less than 6 weeks’ time.

Hope Not Hate wants to BAN books

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I’m not a fan, politically, of Hope Not Hate however I do go to the site and read their commentary. I am aware of institutional disingenuity, I am suspicious of their charitable status and their dog-whistle leftist bias.

The reason for my caution regarding HnH is that I do not believe their objectives are politically neutral. This week they have embarked on a campaign to persuade the UK’s leading booksellers to stop selling certain publications such as The Protocols of the Meetings of the Learned Elders of Zion, either in store or through their web sites.

There are other publications on their list, none of which I would pay a quid for, let alone read and most of which are absurd anti-Semitic or overtly racist garbage. That’s why I will not mention them here. I have read ‘Zion’, painful as it was, and urge you not to waste your money or time as I did. The same goes for most of the titles on the HnH list. But feel free if you must…

No reasonable person denies the Holocaust or Nazi atrocities. No sane person wants to stir up racial hatred. But by labelling anyone with an active academic interest in these subjects as twisted, or by denying the common man the ability to source these titles and make their own mind up about the absurd and offensive content is in itself sinister. It’s intellectual snobbery wrapped up in political correctness.

Not everyone has the means or access to the British Library or university libraries, where these tomes are freely available. Are HnH assuming the ordinary man cannot filter what they read or view? Do HnH really want any academic debate outside their approved list proscribed? I hope not, as this sets a dangerous precedent.

HnH have picked up a very hot potato here and I suspect will be embarrassed by it. They assume all right-leaning thinkers are incapable of rational judgement. I trust the booksellers will not bow to pressure to remove the publications from sale. Either way, their profits will hardly be touched as the sales figures are miniscule and the influence of the publications is totally insignificant. Let’s hope there are no bans on books in the UK anytime soon. I’d hate that.

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