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The EU is PUSHING Britain towards a no-deal Brexit, says Liam Fox

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International Trade Secretary Liam Fox has said “intransigence” from the EU is pushing Britain towards a no-deal Brexit.

With less than eight months until Britain quits the bloc, the prominent Brexiteer put the odds of the UK leaving the EU without agreeing a deal over their future relationship at “60-40”.

Mr Fox said he believed the risk of a no-deal scenario had increased, pinning the blame on the European Commission and Brussels’ chief negotiator Michel Barnier.

“I think the intransigence of the commission is pushing us towards no deal,” he told the Sunday Times.

“We have set out the basis in which a deal can happen but if the EU decides that the theological obsession of the unelected is to take priority over the economic well-being of the people of Europe then it’s a bureaucrats’ Brexit – not a people’s Brexit – (and) then there is only going to be one outcome.”

It was up to the EU whether it wanted to put “ideological purity” ahead of the real economy, Mr Fox said.

He said Mr Barnier had dismissed the UK’s proposals in the Chequers plan thrashed out by Theresa May and the cabinet simply because “we have never done it before”.

If Britain fails to agree the terms of its divorce with the EU and leaves without even a transition agreement to smooth its exit, it would revert to trading under World Trade Organisation rules in March 2019.

If the EU is pushing us to a no deal Brexit then so be it.

We’ve already wasted two years on Brexit negotiating with the EU, so in Theresa May’s own words ‘’no deal, is better than a bad deal’’.

What will Cornwall’s future be like after Brexit?

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This is a question I have been thinking to myself for sometime, what does the future hold for Cornwall post-Brexit? How will my home county benefit from tourism when the UK leaves the EU?

To answer this question let’s take a look at one of the reasons. Cornwall relies heavily on tourism for income as it has no large industrial history. After Brexit, we will be able to welcome tourists from beyond Europe and current exchange rates after the referendum make the UK a more favourable holiday destination. There is hope for more people to stay in England rather than travel abroad.

However, as for mining, a discovery of lithium in Cornwall could reignite the Cornish mining industry for the first time in twenty years, albeit only minor.

Cornwall’s fishing industry, for example, has been vocal about EU restrictions on business and trade. As a county, 57 percent of people in Cornwall voted to leave the EU, with North Cornwall voting 60% – 40% to leave. By taking back control of quotas, the UK can prioritise its own fishermen while overseeing vital management and conservation of fish stocks.

As for funding, Cornwall will still be funded, but not by the EU but from the UK government. Projects in Cornwall will still be funded like Aerohub Airport at Newquay, tourism projects, better roads leading to Cornwall etc.

Currently, Cornwall is a net beneficiary of EU funds. These are allocated to the county by Brussels, with money invested in infrastructure and enterprise. As the UK only gets half its membership fee back from the EU, local MP Scott Mann argues that there is no reason why a form of regional funding cannot continue after Brexit, but without the bureaucracy and hoop-jumping associated with Brussels.

In conclusion we don’t know for sure – it depends who you vote for – but the way to a brighter future for Cornwall is Brexit.

Italian president’s appalling BETRAYAL as he puts Europhile in power

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Italy’s president was last night accused of an appalling betrayal of the democratic will of his people, ignoring impeachment calls and imposing a technocratic government led by a Europhile.

Just hours earlier, Sergio Mattarella had faced calls to be impeached after rejecting plans from the anti-establishment 5-star Movement and Northern League parties to install a Eurosceptic as the country’s economy minister.

The populist parties have been trying to form a coalition for nearly three months after the elections on March 4th returned a hung parliament, and wanted anti-euro professor Paolo Savona to head the ministry of the economy.

But Mr Mattarella claimed the country should not have someone in the role who ‘could provoke Italy’s exit from the EU’. His veto plunged the country into turmoil and led to prime minister-designate Giuseppe Conte resigning at the week end after just four days in the job.

This to me really makes my blood boil, the people of Italy voted for an anti-EU party not the other way around.

I’ve been waiting a whole week for this new Populist government to be formed, only for it to be blocked at the last minute.

I hope Mr Mattarella gets impeached for this.

‘America is respected around the World’ says Donald Trump

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USA President Donald Trump said Thursday that America is respected around the globe again as a result of his leadership as he celebrated the release of the three detainees from North Korea at a rally in Indiana.

Mr Trump said his approach to dealing with North Korea is ‘leading to some very big things’.

Riding high from the prisoner release, Trump mocked former President Barack (Cheatin’) Obama for what amounted to a ransom payment to Iran during his administration to ensure the safe return of the five detainees from Tehran.

Trump thanked Kim for freeing ‘the folks early in Maryland earlier in the day, saying it was ‘sort of understood’ they’d be released during his planned summit with the 33-year-old despot.

Later on Thursday Trump announced that his first-ever in person meeting with Kim would take place in Singapore on Tuesday June 12th.

Trump also said this week that he will also be pulling out of the Obama-era Iran nuclear deal that was negotiated with Tehran in 2015.

Trump pulling out of the Iran deal was a super smart thing to do and helping free the North Korean detainees was very heroic of him to do. I can just hear Iran throwing their toys out of their pram now. Keep it up Mr Trump, and no we’re not getting tired of winning.

Suck It Up Snowflakes: Government BANS Universities From No Platforming Right-Wing Speakers

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For the first time in 30 years, student zealots will be banned from censoring controversial speakers.

Sam Gyimah, the universities minister, has announced tough new guidance which will see institutions disciplined if they allow valid debates to be shut down. It will be the first government intervention on the issue since the free speech duty was imposed on universities as part of the Education Act of 1986.

The new guidance will state that all speech must be welcome at universities, as long as it does not violate existing laws – for example, on encouraging terrorism.

It follows a number of high profile cases of attempts by student unions to censor feminists, Tory politicians, gay rights activists and even race campaigners over concerns they had ‘offensive views’ (opinions they don’t like).

Union officials claim they must ‘no-platform’ anyone who might say something controversial because they have a duty to protect the feelings of students and provide ‘safe spaces’.

On college and university campuses for too long, right-wing speakers have been censored like Sargon of Akkad, Jacob Rees-Mogg, Tommy Robinson, Luke Nash-Jones, and Milo Yiannopolis.

In fact I can just hear the leftist loons having their temper tantrums over this now, and it’s music to my ears.

EU Commission wants bigger budget post-Brexit

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A week before the much anticipated moment when it will present its ideas for the EU’s post-Brexit 2020 budget, it has emerged that the European Commission wants to increase its budget.

The commission plans to put forward a budget larger than the previous one, and is expected to propose that the budget for the period of 2021 to 2027 should be between 1.13 and 1.18 percent of the EU’s gross national income, compared to the 1.0% now.

The UK has already poured money into the EU’s budget for years, and this is yet another way that the EU is trying to convince Britain to stay in the EU, by making the Brexit divorce bill so high that the UK would have no choice but to throw out the democratic will of the people and remain.

The PM should show some backbone and say “we are leaving and we are taking our money with us”.

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