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Spanish President meets open borders advocate George Soros in secret

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The president of the Spanish Government, Pedro Sanchez, has met in the Moncloa Palace with George Soros, one of the billionaires linked to the illegal Catalan referendum of October 2017. The meeting took place in secret this Wednesday afternoon and no stenographers were present.

The meeting, according to Spanish news outlet OKDiario, lasted about an hour and a half. Soros is one of the most powerful fortunes in the world, known for his opposition to Trump and Brexit, his fostering of the illegal immigration into Europe and his involvement in the illegal Catalan referendum last year.

This comes just two weeks before he will publicly meet with Quim Torra, the recently-elected Catalan leader (in lieu of the fugitive Carles Puigdemont). Soros has claimed that Trump is “a danger to the world”, his globalist foundation has been booted out of his native Hungary by Victor Orban, and he drew blood with the recent debt crises in Italy and Spain.

In rejecting Brexit and defending the EU, Soros recently said “it is no longer a euphemism to say that Europe is in existential danger; it is the harsh reality.”

This meeting does not bode well for Spain – Soros is known for his corrosive influence in the secession of Catalonia and his seemingly insatiable thirst for open borders.

Soros has made his fortune through financial speculation, especially when he was about to break the Bank of England betting against the pound in 1992. It is estimated that in the operation, which lasted only one day, Soros won 1 billion dollars, while the Bank of England was about to go bankrupt.

Scientists discover DNA proving original Native Americans were White

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A new discovery of ancient DNA may overturn the idea that the Native Americans were the first to have populated the American continent. Instead, a new group known as the ancient Beringians, who are more closely related to modern white Europeans has been discovered by researchers. Genetic analysis of a baby girl who died at the end of the last ice age shows she belonged to this previously unknown ancient group of Beringians.

A baby girl who lived and died in what is now Alaska, at the end of the last ice age belonged to a previously unknown group of ancient people who branched off from the ancestors of modern Europeans, according to DNA recovered from her bones. Working with scientists at the University of Alaska and elsewhere, Willerslev compared the genetic makeup of the baby, named Xach’itee’aanenh t’eede gaay or “sunrise child-girl” by the local community, with genomes from other ancient and modern people. They found that nearly half of the girl’s DNA came from the ancient north Europeans who lived in what is now Scandinavia.

The child, a mere six weeks old when she died, was found in a burial pit next to the remains of a stillborn baby, perhaps a first cousin, during excavations of an 11,500-year-old residential camp in Tanana River Valley in Central Alaska. The remains were discovered in 2013, but a full genetic analysis has not been possible until now.

Researchers tried to recover ancient DNA from both of the infants but succeeded only in the case of the larger individual. They had expected her genetic material to resemble modern northern or southern lineages of Native Americans, but found instead that she had a distinct genetic makeup that made her a member of a separate population.

A new genome from a Pleistocene burial in Alaska confirms a longstanding belief that European ancestors first arrived in America.

The newly-discovered group, named “ancient Beringians,” appears to have split off from the Europeans around 20,000 years ago and made their way to North America via Alaska, when a frozen land bridge made the crossing from Europe and Asia into North America possible. The ancient Beringians then pushed south as the ice caps melted and mixed with other Native American populations, which is why many Native Americans today also exhibit physical characteristics more commonly associated with whites. According to Eske Willerslev, an evolutionary geneticist at the University of Copenhagen, whose team recovered the girl’s DNA from a dense part of her skull known as the petrous bone,

“This is a new population of Native Americans – the white Native American.”

#FreeTommy and OTHERS: British State THREW Young Mum Emma West in the Gulag

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Emma West, a mother, was arrested in November 2011 after she protested about immigration whilst travelling on a bus with her baby. Her protest was captured on video and uploaded to YouTube as well as being copied by many national media outlets. The video was viewed millions of times.

A judge said West was clearly suffering from mental health problems at the time of the outburst. Nonetheless, the state respond urgently, harshly, with a fury to which they didn’t apply to the disgusting Parliamentary paedophiles in Dolphin Square, or the Pakistani child rape gangs in Rotherham.

Following the upload of the video Emma was arrested, held in the UK’s highest security prison for women – she hasn’t killed anyone, she said some words, which yes, were offensive – no one died! Britain is supposed to have a concept of freedom of speech, whereby you can say anything, even if rude or stupid, as long as you don’t breach John Stuart Mill’s harm principle. West stated that most people on the bus were not English – she didn’t call for them to die, or otherwise harmed.

Here are some of her comments:

She says: “What’s this country coming to?”

“A load of black people and and load of f***ing Polish.”

One commuter challenges West, who rounds on him telling him: “You aren’t English”, to which he replies “No, I’m not”

She then scans the tram, pointing out people one-by-one, saying: “You ain’t English, you ain’t English, None of you are f***ing English.

“Get back to your own f***ing countries.”

“Britain is nothing now, Britain is f***k all.

“My Britain is f**k all now.”

You can argue that is foulmouthed, but it was not a call for violence. Emma lives in a country which has been made unrecognisable by the permitting of mass immigration for over sixty years. Neither Emma nor any other native English man or woman (or Briton come to that) has had any say in this invasion of the country. This most fundamental act of betrayal has been committed by generations of British politicians, and people feel they have no voice.

West was released and then subjected to a year and a half’s intimidation by the state as the powers-that-be desperately tried to get her to plead guilty to charges relating to racially motivated serious crimes (racially aggravated intentional harassment and racially aggravated assault) which would have almost certainly sent her to prison. Eventually, worn down by the stress she pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of racially aggravated harassment, alarm or distress.

But those with power were not satisfied simply with her criminal conviction. Emma has now had her livelihood as a dental nurse taken away by the General Medical Council with this preternaturally smug judgement, as a [Dental Council] spokeswoman said: “Her conduct was truly appalling.”

“It clearly has the capacity to bring the profession into disrepute and to undermine public confidence in its standards.”

“Furthermore, her violent and abusive conduct would demonstrate a real risk to the safety of patients.”

“In relation to her racially aggravated offence, this was committed in a public setting and received further public exposure, as a person had uploaded the video clip to the internet which has been viewed extensively.”

So there you have it, political correctness can not only send you into the clutches of the law but take your means of living away. It is reassuring to know that instead of dealing with real problems like the increase in rape statistics due to mass migration, the paedophile epidemic in which politicians are complicit, and the soaring murder figures, our police are busy banging people up for not embracing cultural Marxism. Welcome to the USSR, to 1984, to the hell that is modern communist Britain.

Lies? Antifa claims Lucy Brown is their operative, as she calls for the arrest of Football Lads

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There is uproar across the Internet, in Facebook forums and chats, as well as Discord. The drama has continued all day, into the night, as patriots discuss with fury that Ali Dawah was invited to speak at the Day of Freedom rally in Whitehall.

We sat shocked, unsure what to say or think as Lucy Brown clashed with the DFLA and the FLA on Twitter. Brown then claimed she was reporting the DFLA to the police.

Members of the Democratic Football Lads Alliance, Veterans Against Terrorism, and the People’s Charter Foundation, have condemned Lucy Brown’s decision to invite the controversial speaker to stand with the likes of Tommy Robinson, Raheem Kassam, and Count Dankula.

However, things took an even darker turn, as a seemingly very legit Twitter Antifa account claimed Brown is their operative working under cover. We wait to see if Brown tweets a response to their claim; surely this can’t be.

For a certainty, Lucy was certainly an Antifa member in the past, though she is said to have become red-pilled and joined the patriotic right. We really want to believe her, but the bizarre thing is that last year she shared a fake poster for the Last Day of Silence rally against child abuse – a poster she knew very well to be fake – and falsely labelled the rally as white nationalist, with a clear reference to the Charlottesville massacre – this would rile Antifa.

Not only that, she actually tagged her former Antifa associates, telling them to check it out. What was her intent? Does she want her supposed allies, fellow patriots to be beaten up? Would it be a good video? What’s going on?

This almost destroyed the event, perhaps reduced the turnout, and caused a lot of anger, as speakers felt she’d put their safety in danger.

A member of MBGA said earlier today, “We want to thank all the brave speakers, at that Last Day of Silence rally, and also the more recent Day of Freedom. I wish to thank the Vets and DFLA for their hard work arranging the march for free speech. We should be proud that thousands marched for freedom, peacefully. There was a diversity, including in political ideas. It was amazing!!”

We just can’t believe Ali Dawah was invited, as he blatantly was. The denial has only annoyed people more, because the invitation was most clearly made by Lucy Brown – here on her Twitter page she boasts of the confirmation. We all know.

Ali Dawah can be seen in the Running Order for the event, and he clearly seems to legitimately think he was invited to speak. Everyone knows.

These concerns were raised by one of the MBGA team:

1. If Ali Dawah had spoken, there would have been serious risk a riot would have occurred, and people would have been severely injured. This isn’t fair on lads who’d get bottled, etc..

2. That would have given police an argument to restrict freedom of the British people, becoming more of a police state.

3. The rally was for free speech for those silenced; Ali Dawah is not silenced by society.

4. Moreover, he would not have given a speech promoting free speech.

This could have been resolved. All this drama didn’t need to happen. It was a misjudgment to invite Ali Dawah. More care could be taken in future. Instead, all hell has broken loose.

We can’t believe what Lucy and Caolan Robertson today posted about the patriotic football lads who had their back. There was shock and anger as Caolan backed Ali Dawah, calling for the police to arrest lads.

Then Lucy also called for the police to arrest DFLA lads.

The Football Lads Alliance have responded by banning Tommy Robinson’s camera girl from all future events they hold:

And the words directed at her from the Democratic Football Lads Alliance were far from complimentary, as she was accused of sharing “bullsh*t”, and blamed for the violent struggle that was terrible PR for the event. She was even accused of “Being up Ali’s arse”.

The Internet is full of calls for Tommy Robinson to sack Lucy Brown and Caolan Robertson.

LEAKED: Henry Bolton girlfriend’s alleged messages on “raping babies”

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Last month the Daily Mail reported that Henry Bolton’s mistress Jo Marney had supposedly joked online with a friend about sexual abuse of babies.

The Daily Mail reported that a friend of Jo Marney’s claimed they had been taken out of context and had been ‘part of an outrage competition’. He said Marney had posted the remarks as she tried to make a comparison between the abuse of animals and babies.

We have received screenshots that we note are alleged on Twitter to be such messages – you can decide if that is the case – we are just reporting what is being claimed on social media.

In another screenshot, messages allegedly from Marney feature the phrase “I couldn’t care if we do kill Iraqi kids. I personally think the entire country needs a nuclear bomb dropping on it. But unfortunately we can’t do that.”

In the last few days, there have been rumours that Marney might be pregnant. Heaven help the baby if these messages are accurate!

Today Henry Bolton squirmed on LBC, as he was asked if Marney had sent “racist” messages; a claim he wouldn’t deny. It’s shocking that Henry Bolton is suggesting that he may still be in a relationship with this woman.

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