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French President Macron urges EU to shun populism

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This week in Strasbourg saw two major debates on Russia and Syria. We were also honoured with Jupiter, the supreme god of the skies, thunder and lightening, aka President Macron.

He strutted his PR rhetoric, beaming the smile, a gimlet eye here and there and a step back and a tight grip on the podium for the showman, the new king of the European federalists.

The majority of MEPs and the Commission were in awe of Jupiter and his message of more taxation, more Europe and more of everything the voters are becoming to despise.

He promised an “off with their heads” message to the populists, the greatest threat his kingdom had seen since the Revolution.

He was proud of his country bombing Syria, because it showed the international community he was tough.

Each group leader was allowed a few minutes to pay homage to their new god, and they did.

The hard left, socialists, Greens and liberals all wanted higher taxes, tax harmonisation, green stuff and to tax the digital economy.

Merkel’s bunch were no better. They wanted all the taxation plus more Europe.

The leader of the ECR group, British Conservative, Syed Kamall, was in thrall too, begging Jupiter to offer us a few scraps to help Brexit along. The grovelling was nauseous.

Then Jupiter’s crown wobbled a bit when the French EFDD and ENF leaders spoke. It was like listening to the Brexit arguments all over again. Non grand Europe! No to open borders, no to immigration, no, non, no. It was a bit Thatcher-like.

Once he had replied robustly and angrily to my colleagues, the second round of speakers commenced. Speakers from each group were called according to their numbers of MEPs, providing they had indicated they would like to speak. We were last, with three of us, including me, indicating we would like to speak. President Tajani avoided our eyes and closed the speaking time. Nigel Farage had also left in disgust.

That’s how the EU works.

I was never a conspiracy theorist, but now…

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Skripal, Russia, Punish a Muslim, Section 7 of the Anti-Terrorism Act to prevent far right extremists entering the country, what is going on?

Today, followers of Islam are in fear of being attacked by a letter seemingly sent by haters of Muslims. The Conservative government, led by a Muslim and very personable, telegenic cabinet member, Sajid Javid, condemns the letter.

But who was it sent by – the Far Right ‘Islamophobics’ to stir up hate and division? Has anyone managed to reveal who the perpetrators are, after all, social media is brilliant at this? What is the ‘points system’ used here, where do you cash in your points mean prizes to prove you attacked a Muslim?

Or is it a false flag campaign created by the Left in order to fuel a victimhood narrative, shut down critics of Radical Islam, coupled with a decent PR campaign from across Parliament to show solidarity with Muslims?

The Skripal/Russia story broke the very week David Davis, supposedly the man in charge of Brexit negotiations, slipped across the channel and sold us up the river to Monsieur Barnier where Britain leaves the EU in name only.

At the same time the horrific details of the Telford sexual grooming gang were revealed.

There are more questions unanswered in the Skripal case than answered. The policeman who was hospitalised made a full recovery (thankfully) but there was a very stern statement to the media not to contact him or make any enquiries about his poisoning and hospital stay.

Russian citizen, Yulia Skripal, is making a recovery yet the Russian Embassy has been denied access to her.

So many people came into contact with the Skripals and the nerve agent, apparently. Five grams of Novichok can kill a room of 30 people.

Our ‘friends and allies’ in the EU scrambled to issue statements supporting Britain against Russia. Some were dragged to the statement, like Macron, and expelled some diplomats. And then the day after Mr Putin won a landslide victory in the election, those same leaders were quicker off the starting block to issue warm congratulations to the new Russian President.

A ruse to keep us safe within the arms of the EU with its new shiny army and defence structure?

Then last month two young people, a US citizen and her Austrian boyfriend, were detained in the UK under Section 7 of the Terrorism Act for being far right extremists and then deported. A few days later, their friend, a Canadian citizen, Lauren Southern, was detained and questioned under the same Act by British police at Calais and was refused entry.

She had been speaking at an event in Flanders and had travelled there and through France with no impediment. I rescued her from Calais and brought her to Strasbourg to speak in the EU Parliament, no detention there either.

Listening to BBC Radio 4’s Today programme recently there was a piece on Radical Islam and how to deal with jihadis. They ‘balanced’ the programme by talking about far right extremists. Where is the relevance? Yes, we do have a few nut jobs but nothing on the scale of the 30,000 terror suspects under surveillance, the 500 fighting jihadis who have returned from the Middle East and the 1000 jihadi brides about to return to their ‘homes’ in the West. And they’re the ones we know about.

Yet three young people, one an EU citizen and one a Commonwealth citizen, were detained. When asked about this the hapless Home Secretary said it was nothing to do with her but a police operations and intelligence decision. The police, terrorism and borders come under her remit.

From the taped conversation between Lauren’s father and the policeman, I heard the embarrassment of the policeman apologising and trying to explain to Lauren’s father why she had been detained, after all, the policeman said, she had done nothing wrong.

There are more questions than answers in all the above cases.

Croatia’s 4.28m people will have open access to the UK during transition and their PM insults 17.4m people

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This news was sneaked out by immigration minister, Caroline Noakes, in a Written Ministerial Statement to Parliament on Monday. Two weeks ago, the Brexit Secretary, David Davis, visited Croatia and held a meeting with Prime Minster Andrej Plenkovic. He asked for free movement of his people and Mr Davis duly granted it.

At the February Strasbourg session of the European Parliament, Mr Plenkovic, addressed the European Parliament, damning the 17.4m people who voted for Brexit, saying: “The UK’s exit is a result of populism and a campaign of disinformation”.

He insults the British people’s intelligence but he’ll be very welcome in the corridors of Brussels, by surrendering his country’s hard won sovereignty, and insulting the British. He’s just paid his first club fee. Perhaps he doesn’t remember communism? He’s just joined the biggest undemocratic racket since communism.

In the European elections in May 2019 he will find more people to insult because the populists will return to Parliament with more MEPs, more Euroscepticism, from the right and left, some of whom also want to leave the sclerotic club.

Why did David Davis agree to Croatia’s free movement? This announcement was sneaked out during the Brexit secretary’s capitulation to Barnier while the foreign secretary is running around embarrassing our country by likening Russia’s World Cup to Hitler’s 1936 Olympic Games.

We did not vote to open our borders to another 4.28m foreigners. May’s government are truly a sham and dishonest negotiators.

Merkel plans to pick the pockets of other EU countries to pay for her migrant polices

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Mrs Merkel, despite being rejected in Germany, is continuing to pick the pockets of the EU’s population to pay for her failed and unmitigated disastrous open doors migration policies.

Her European People’s Party, the Social Democrats, the largest voting block, conspired and colluded with the EU Commission to impose a wholly alien culture on our countries which has destabilised cohesion, community relations, has seen soaring crime rates, no-go areas in Germany and France, and Sweden becoming the rape capital of the world, even though it has the world’s so-called first ‘feminist government’.

Failing to deal with the migration tsunami has now resulted in her and the socialists doing a deal that would penalise other countries for standing up to their open door policies, Schengen and mass migration. The Eastern countries, now headed up by populist politicians – Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic – are flexing their muscles and newly found voices, by rejecting the Commission and Merkel’s forced migrant numbers plans. Is the Merkel axis response now not to take these countries to court for failure to implement their plans or is the new plan to use Structural Funds? Is she backing out of a fight that will see the resolve of the voters across Europe rejecting her forced migrant quotas and voting for more populist parties in the 2019 EU elections?

Britain has a proud record of taking in real refugees and economic migrants when needed.  The Eastern European countries have no history of migration from Muslim and African countries and are trying to protect their culture, national identity and borders. They have seen what migration has done to our great cities across Europe, and they do not wish to inflict that on their countries.

Mrs May has to stand up against the EU bully boys of Merkel, Juncker, Verhofstadt, has-been socialists, the communists and the alt left and say, no. Britain has contributed far too much over the years, we are leaving and we will not pay for your failed policies.

We have seen a backlash against these failed policies across the EU – France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Brexit, Sweden, Austria and Italy this weekend. It is now the time of the populists and Mrs May should take heart from these recent elections because the UK has friends in these countries.

My grouping in the Parliament, the Europe of Nations and Freedom, will vote against these measures.  If they are pushed through, which I believe will be the case because the numbers are in Merkel’s favour, there will be a considerable backlash. The current make-up of the European Parliament, elected in 2014, does not reflect the current make-up of populist governments and opposition parties.

Two weeks ago, Frontex, the so-called defender of the EU’s borders, produced a report suggesting that there are 1000 returning jihadi brides who left our countries to join ISIS. We know that the migrant crisis surge was used by ISIS to sneak jihadis into our countries.  Why oh why are we now being asked to pay to settle these people? Last week I proposed an urgent debate on these returning ‘brides’ for it to be rejected by Merkel and her socialist friends.  All the time they oppose the will of the people we should not be allowing them to impose their ideologies on us.

There is still time to save Europe. We need to deport all illegal migrants back to their countries of origin and send troop ships to guard our seas, armies to man our internal and external borders and to abandon free movement and Schengen. Only then can we control our borders and our safety.

I am writing a book which should be published in the next few weeks on migrant numbers and crime.  Below is a snapshot, published by Europa, of the numbers of so-called asylum seekers. These do not take into consideration economic migrants and illegal immigrants, which number millions more. It is frightening.

Asylum application EU28 (2014, 2015, 2016, until September 2017)

Country 2014 2015  2016 2017 Total
GERMANY 202645 476510 122960 137385 939500
ITALY 64625 84085 122960 103560 375230
FRANCE 64310 75750 84270 65345 289675
GREECE 9430 13205 51110 41735 115480
AUSTRIA 28035 88160 42255 17400 175850
UK 32785 38800 38785 24360 134730
HUNGARY 42775 177135 29430 2445 251785
SWEDEN 81180 162450 28790 16080 288500
NETHERLANDS 24495 44970 20945 11250 101660


Can the EU survive the populist takeover?

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The EU elite is facing more upsetting elections as countries continue to vote for populist parties.

The current make-up of the political groupings in the EU Parliament does not reflect what is happening in the nation states’ elections. The socialists and conservatives currently have the largest political groupings. Across the EU, we are seeing a seismic shift to the Right yet the EU ignores this and carries on with damaging policies which are being rejected by the voters.

On 4th March the Italians go to the polls. It is widely expected that the Europe of Nations and Freedom’s Lega Nord, together with the inimitable Silvio Berlusconi, will form a coalition government. The other runner is the left/green Five Star Movement which is doing well but, because they will not form a coalition with other parties, will fail to form a government.

This is good news. One, because my friend, the Lega’s brilliant Matteo Salvini, is likely to become prime minister and two, because it is the joining of the EU’s European People’s Party group with my group, the Europe of Nations and Freedom.

This is significant because this coalition completely sidesteps two other political groups in the European Parliament which sit between the ENF and EPP. The EPP is led by Merkel’s Germans.

In December 2017, the Austrians voted and a coalition was formed by – yes, again, the conservatives in the EPP group and my friends in the Freedom Party of Austria, the FPO, in the ENF group.

Next month also sees important elections in Hungary with Fidesz’s Viktor Orban polling at 60%. He is one of the current hate figures on the Right by the EU elite. Fidesz’s membership of Merkel’s EPP is hanging by a thread, they hold their noses to keep them in the group, otherwise Mutti will lose her group’s majority in the Parliament. Orban is hated because he has had the temerity to secure his borders and reject the EU’s migrant quotas.

And then there is Poland. The PiS party, elected a couple of years ago, has undertaken sweeping reforms which the EU elite dislike so much so that they have reported them for sanctions for implementing democratically elected policies. MEPs will be voting whether to allow the Parliament to invoke Article 7 of the Lisbon Treaty, effectively sanctioning a government for implementing policies they were elected to mandate. My group and I will be voting against this fascist act. They sit in the ECR group, along with the British Conservatives. It is an unhappy alliance.

Both the Polish and Hungarians, including the Czechs, are being fined for refusing to accept migrant quotas. These countries have no history of mass migration by alien cultures and fear for their cultures, identities, rule of law and way of life. Yet the EU insists in sanctioning them for going against the unworkable policies of the EU.

Then later this year the Swedes will go to the polls, with the great Swedish Democrats hopefully forming a coalition government, finally kicking out the ‘first feminist government’ (the one that presided over Swedish cities becoming the rape capital of the world).

And then there are the EU elections in 2019 which, I predict, will see record numbers of ‘populist’ parties elected to the EU.

At that point the EU may collapse. I do hope so.

Oxfam and all politically charged left wing campaign groups have to be disbanded

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The great and the good are taking to the airwaves to denounce Oxfam and its paedophile/prostitution racket. From former and current secretary generals of the UN – and I have no time for the UN, which I believe also has to be disbanded – are queuing up to condemn and distance themselves from Oxfam.

The Oxfam scandal is a systemic wide, institutional cover up at the highest levels of the sex and abuse scandals currently infecting our aid and human rights industries. Issues have been raised for thirty years but have been ignored. Paedophiles are predatory and have flocked to the aid industry, according to the National Crime Agency.

These disgusting men, who were having mass sex with prostitutes and children, who have broken various international anti sex trade rules, once they were ‘let go’ from Oxfam, were able to slip through the interview net, by getting friends in the industry to write references to continue to recycle themselves to prey on young vulnerable people by using taxpayers’ cash and donations from the public.

Why did other recruiting charities not check with the Oxfam’s HR department? Because the human rights industry portrays itself as angels on earth who can do no wrong. They are leftist liberals who damn the rest of us for questioning controlling our borders and migration. They are political campaigners, not charity workers.

I have debated Oxfam and others over the years, each time with a highly paid, middle class, highly educated ‘researcher’ roughly on £60k per annum (Oxfam), who openly sneer down their noses and have trouble breathing the same air as me.

I have debated them in Calais where they would like the rioting, marauding and economic £ seeking migrants to be given a British passport, a home and benefits, where UK female aid workers are providing their own ‘aid’ by having sex with migrants and transporting them illegally into the UK.

I have debated them in the Greek migrant camps. Where the aid workers openly admit they do not believe in the nation state and borders. One silly British girl said she would happily denounce her British passport, but then again she did have dual Swiss citizenship. Oh, how the righteous middle classes can afford their virtue signalling.

When charities, like businesses, become too big, they take on the label of the global elite. They become untouchable but sit at the top seats in Davos, in the EU and in the UN. They influence governments, they campaign to shame us into giving on TV, on the phone and in the streets.

Now they’ve been rumbled, despite the elites covering it up. At a time when the UK public is at its rebellious best and many are disgusted at our current foreign aid budget, now is the time to review our aid budget, the countries receiving aid and the people trusted with delivering its projects.

As we Brexit, we should be offering free trade with poorer nations that the EU keeps in poverty. Instead of aid, we should offer trade, and use a large percentage to help our own poor, disadvantaged, veterans, elderly and disabled.

On The Shameful Failure of Sadiq In Letting Knife Killers Take Over The Streets

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Sadiq Kahn has failed in what should be the principal duty of the Mayor of London – keeping its citizens safe. The scandalous number of 80 individuals murdered in the city’s rising tide of knife crime in 2017 shames our capital. It should be the epitaph for Khan as the Mayor who surrendered too many streets to criminals and killers.

The statistics are truly horrific. Including deaths and serious injuries, knife crime has risen by 30 per cent since his election in May 2016 while in the same period violence against the person, sexual offences and robbery have risen by 24%.

Khan’s response has been the modern equivalent of Nero fiddling while Rome burnt. Rather than ruthlessly tackling issues of life and death, he instead occupies his mind and our money with politically correct, liberal-left transgender nonsense, feminist rhetoric and the censoring of advertisements. At the same time he seeks to ban the President of the USA, our greatest ally, from these shores.

Ironically, it is to the USA – and to New York – in particular – that London should now be looking. It desperately needs a mayor like New York’s Rudy Guiliani. A Mayor who truly cares for the concerns of London’s citizens and voters and who would rein in its police chief and ensure that fighting real crime was made the top priority.

He or she would put an end to the liberal left police agenda of hunting online trolls, investigating so-called ‘hate crime’, and creating witch hunts around the low level irritation of men allegedly touching women’s knees or suggesting an unwanted drink after work.

A strong Mayor would connect instinctively with the voters’ real concerns and end the endless waste of valuable police time and resources on these politically correct diversions.

Key to the next Mayoralty must be for the incumbent to give full backing to the Met to do what it does best – fight real crime. Central to that would be getting police back on the streets and ending the Khan lie that “bobbies on the beat” are not the answer.

The Conservative party needs to get an effective ‘Mayor in Waiting’ in place now. Someone who isn’t afraid to take on Khan head to head on the issues that matter. Someone who will campaign on the Mayor’s appalling record on crime and his deception of the voters through meaningless spin and pious political correctness.

The right conservative candidate, not some left-over Cameroonian time server, can confound the pundits who peddle the belief that London is lost to the Right because of demographics.

’London – Great And Safe’ could be just the winning campaign slogan. It would be a life-saver for London.

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