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Lefties DEMAND RIOTS against President Trump’s visit to the UK

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With President Donald Trump’s visit to the UK, it is safe to say that the many British politicians already up in arms are going out in full force to virtue signal against him, to maintain both their leftie street cred and to demonise someone who represents the epitome of their rotten ideology. A patriotic leader who wants to do best for his country, not just let it get forgotten in a globalised world.

That being said, that does not give credence to left wingers, whether they be politicians or otherwise to call for violence against a democratically elected President. This is especially hypocritical given that these same lefties have had no problem with prior Presidents either abusing their power in the Special Relationship (Obama anyone?) or the various dictators that have crossed our shores, whether that be Nursultan Nazarbayev (the corrupt leader of Kazakhstan), the current Saudi Prince and the leader of Egypt, who treats his populace like dirt, most notably exposed during the 2013 Rabba Massacre, which led to the death of hundreds of people.

Were there occasional protests? Perhaps (mainly for the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia) but nothing on the same level of condemnation as Trump is currently receiving from our political class. No debates as to whether to let these guys in the country or not. No petitions to ban them. No complaining from the political class, sans the Labour Party and some Liberal Democrats occasionally criticising the Saudi Prince’s visit.

But apparently Trump is different. Because the left has deemed that he is literally Hitler, violence against him is a good thing. So upon announcement that he was arriving in Britain in July, various politicians on the left called for protests against him, which are inevitably going to turn violent.

Firstly we have London Mayor Sadiq Khan, of who instead of focusing on the high crime rate in the capital, is more bothered by getting involved in state affairs, something the electors of London did not elect him to do. Since he called the Vote Leave campaign Project Hate during the 2016 EU referendum, it is clear that not only is he willing to stick his nose in matters of which he knows nothing about, but also be very yelly about it.

Case in point when Trump’s visit was announced, Sadiq said in an interview with the Evening Standard that:

‘We have got a great history in our city of protests… we have got a great history in our city of bringing about change by protest, the key thing is for it to be lawful, for it to be peaceful.’

He expressed opposition to Trump supposedly spreading far-right propaganda and hoped that Trump would reflect on the supposed great leadership of the Mayor and how diverse London was. This is another of the personal attacks that Khan has expressed against the President, dating all the way back to 2016 during the Presidental election in which Khan openly backed Trump’s competitor Hillary Clinton and often demonised Trump, and advocated for him to be banned as well.

While those were petty innocuous statements made by someone who should clearly know better, advocating protests against Trump is not only worrying but also dangerous. With London already being a dangerous city as it is, is it wise for the Mayor to advocate more violence? Probably not, but for such idiots, the end justifies the means and if that can mean advocating that Londoners do not like Trump and further straining the relationship between Britain and the United States, it is worth the risk.

Meanwhile on a recent episode of the political chat show Question Time, both Labour MP Diane Abbott and Green Party MP and co-leader Caroline Lucas encouraged similar protests. When discussing whether Trump should be accepted as American President as opposed to being knocked down by the political class, both went full nutcase on us.

Abbott discussed the whole Trump tape controversy and that those who wanted to protest him have ‘every right to do so’. Meanwhile Lucas not only lied about him and whinged about his lack of commitment to climate change, she also advocated that the ‘best of Britain’ would protest against him, supposedly standing up for the ‘groups that Trump wishes did not exist.’

In case you are wondering, no we haven’t veered into full Idiocracy or The Onion territory, but rather typical political discourse within the UK. If you are wondering why our glorious nation is in such decline look no further than the laughable performance there.

On top of this, we have the delightful Guardian journalist Owen Jones singing from the same hymn sheet. On a Sky News appearance, he advocated protesting as well, on the grounds that people should call out Trump’s supposed misogyny and bigotry towards Muslims. At least unlike the other morons listed here, he is actually planning to attend the protest. Good on him for actually having the courage of his convictions I suppose. That is until he’ll probably bail the protests when it gets violent of course…

While it would seem like just your typical leftie whinging at this point, its connotations are rather sinister. Given how violent anti-Trump rhetoric and protests have consistently been since his coming to power, it shan’t be surprising to know that these supposed ‘peaceful’ protests will not be peaceful at all and will be used as an excuse to promote such behaviour, with these politicians and public figures advocating such violence for the sake of showing their disdain for Trump without having the gall to turn up themselves.

They cynically know that such violence will occur, but they do not care. It will not be them who will be affected. It will not be their supporters that will be attacked. It probably won’t even be their side who will be arrested or punished for advocating such behaviour, if some previous protests can attest to. They want to prove a point, and have no compunction on what that will cost. Again, the ends justify the means to these people, and if that means violence and rioting, they’ll happily go along with it.

All that we can say is that it shows the maniac behaviour of the left and that the only positive impact that can come from this is that more people will turn away from such lunatics in droves knowing that they can no longer have peaceful debate and discussion with their opponents and that must mean that their inherent ideas are bad. The embrace of extremism and violence by the left that has engulfed us arguably for the last few decades is finally coming back to bite them in the backside and we can only be thankful for that.

But for Trump, all we can say is Make America Great Again and that there are people in the United Kingdom who happily support you. These people do not represent us. They only care for themselves and their careers. Normal people love you. If you are reading this, know that you have the support of the silent majority on your side. See you July 13th.

Fed up with Sadiq Khant, Owen SoyBoy Jones, and John Bercow saying Trump can’t visit Britain? On the 13/14th of July get to the US Embassy to support March4Trump!!

Posted by Luke Nash-Jones on Monday, 7 May 2018

Is Freedom of Speech Dead? Are We Living in a Police State?

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Over a week ago now, I was attending the protest against the conviction of Scottish YouTuber Count Dankula. His crime? Telling an offensive joke, that being having his girlfriend’s pug do Nazi salutes to annoy her. While most would find such behaviour innocuous at best, Scottish courts disagreed, prosecuting Dankula under the Communications Act of 2003, section 127 of which prohibits ‘grossly offensive’ speech online.

The case itself was stupid and the whole thing a complete farce, but it brought something to the attention to the widest audience possible of which previously had been undiscussed for years. That being the slow erosion of freedom of speech in the UK.

This erosion has been a slow but steady process and will only continue more rapidly if it isn’t stopped. Dankula may be a high profile case here, but he isn’t the first. Several other cases have seen our freedom of speech undermined for the sake of political correctness.

Beyond Dankula, other cases surrounding online censorship include the YouTuber 6oodfella, who was similarly punished by Scottish authorities over a joke about Islamist terrorist attacks in Europe, and a teenager in in Croxteth was also found guilty under the same law as Dankula for posting supposedly offensive rap lyrics by Snap Dogg because they contained the n word. This was despite the lyrics being posted as a tribute to another teenager who had recently died in the area as opposed to something posted out of malice.

Not to mention how the screws of censorship are tightening up for those who criticise the religion of Islam. Tommy Robinson detailed such accounts in his 2015 book Enemy Of The State all the while the likes of Britain First’s leaders (Paul Golding and Jayda Frensen) have been convicted recently for religious aggravated harassment. Now while you may disagree with the viewpoints of these people (the loutish and aggressive behaviour of Britain First and their leaders in particular), their sentences were clearly not carried out as a way to protect the public from risk.

Rather their sentences seem more of a way to bury under the rug any criticism of Islam so that the authorities do not have to deal with an issue they have created for fear of being disowned by the politically correct press and leftie voting blocs.

But such cases are not confined to our own shores. Oh no, in fact many people have been banned from Britain not for being a serious risk to Britain’s land or being general thugs who have no right to be here. Rather their banning is more to protect the public from offensive speech. The horror! Michael Savage is perhaps the most high profile case here, with his various views leaving him banned by the Home Secretary.  

Meanwhile the rapper Tyler The Creator was also banned by then Home Secretary Theresa May on the grounds of his homophobic lyrics from his debut album. With the recent banning of Lauren Southern, Brittany Pettibone and Martin Sellner from the UK, this trend of banning people on political grounds seems to be a trend that is not going to be reversed any time soon.

Meanwhile, the British Board of Film Classification similarly banned certain films out of clear political correctness. Take for example the 2015 horror film Hate Crime of which is about a group of Neo-Nazis attacking a Jewish family. Initially planned to be released for video on demand services, the film was banned on the grounds of its violence in conjuncture with the ‘verbal racial abuse’ of which it is carried out in.

The director James Cullen Bressack found the ban ‘unbelievable’ and felt upset that ‘censorship was still alive and well’, mainly because as a Jewish man, he had made a film of which was meant to ‘remind us that we live in a dangerous world’ where ‘racial violence is on the rise’.

It is clear that through the film’s ban that certain politically incorrect stories are being censored to protect supposed communities from increasing tensions as opposed to lay down some hard truths.

This is just the tip of the iceberg here. There are numerous cases like the ones mentioned above, and they currently are not being taken seriously as a threat to one of our most fundamental rights as a democracy: the right to free speech. If that is gone, it indicates that we are moving further towards totalitarianism, something not seen in this country since the days of Cromwell.

That is why the Day For Freedom actions were so important. Not just to show opposition to this erosion of our basic liberties but also to show the authorities that we are aware of what they doing to our liberties. The sooner this erosion stops, the better.  

Triggered Liberals start a Facebook Campaign against President Trump

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Continuing with the liberal hysteria against President Trump, there is yet another campaign to resist him, as per usual. This time it is done through the medium of song. A Facebook campaign has been set up by anti-Trump Brits to get the 2004 song American Idiot by pop punk band Green Day to the top of the charts when he arrives to show how much ordinary Brits supposedly hate him.

The song first released in 2004 was a strong condemnation of the then Bush administration, something reflected in the parent album’s themes and lyrics. The album was a huge success at the time, topping the charts in numerous countries and going multi-platinum on both sides of the pond.

The band since then have not been shy to display their political views, mainly their frontman Billie Joe Armstrong, who backed Barrack Obama in both 2008 and 2012, and has been a staunch critic of President Trump, often namedropping him in concert and calling for him to be impeached numerous times.

This campaign is following the same playbook, with the page posting various anti-Trump posts and heavily criticising any Trump supporter who calls out the author of the page, claiming that they ‘don’t care’ about the opinions of the dissenters. So much so that they are responding at all.

Social campaigns have been used before to advocate similar messages. This came to a head in 2009 when a Facebook campaign was used to get Rage Against The Machine’s Killing In The Name to Number 1 to prevent the then X Factor winner Joe McElderry gaining the top spot to protest the show’s then monopoly to get the token Christmas Number 1.

Similar themed campaigns continued years later to much less success, including getting AC/DC’s Highway To Hell and Iron Maiden’s The Number Of The Beast to Number 1. The former came to number 4 and the latter went to number 44.

A counter campaign has also begun on Facebook, advocating getting the 1984 song We’re Not Gonna Take It by Twisted Sister to Number 1 at the same time. That song was used frequently throughout Trump’s rallies, showing his anti-establishment stance and how that reflected the anger and angst of ordinary Americans towards it.

President Trump will officially arrive in Britain on the 13th of July 2018. Whether either campaign will be successful is yet to be seen.

What movie does Brexit remind me of?

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There has been much fuss over the last few days concerning Brexit Secretary David Davis telling business leaders in Vienna that Brexit will not lead to a ‘Mad Max-style world’, in response to fears that the incumbent Conservative government will use it as an excuse to tear up workers’ rights.

From this, such bizarre references led to much response in terms of others, comparing it to other films, most notably LBC host James O’Brien dedicating much of his show to that subject. So on that subject, I feel the need to comment, both as a film buff and a Brexiteer. Which film does Brexit remind me of? That would be of course the 1997 cult classic Event Horizon.

Now while this may seem like a bizarre comparison, let’s examine the plot for the film:

The film concerns a space crew, led by Captain Miller and Dr. William Weir. They have been assigned to investigate the recently discovered space ship Event Horizon, which has been missing for the past 7 years. This is something very important, especially to the likes of Weir who was the main architect of the ship.

Once on board however, they discover that things are not what they seem. Various crew members start having hallucinations, others are possessed and injured and when finding out why the ship has been missing for so long via tapes discovered and then unscrambled (in that all members were violently attacked, tortured and murdered due to the ship having opened up the gates of hell through the ship’s dimensional gateway), the crew mostly decides to leave completely. That said, getting out is not so easy.

Weir becomes attached and then possessed as well, becoming the film’s antagonist, attacking and killing several crew members, all the while doing his best to make sure the remaining members join him in hell. At the end, Miller and Weir fight, and Miller is the eventual victor, blowing up that part of the ship with bombs planted along the ship’s corridors.

The remaining crew members supposedly escape on the remaining parts of the ship, but after one still has hallucinations of Weir, the audience is left unsure as to whether they have escaped or are still stuck upon the Event Horizon.

Now let’s recount the background of Brexit:

In 1973, Britain economically weak and in the midst of some of the worst social problems of the 20th century (to the point where three-day weeks had to be introduced), joined the Common Market, which replicated the idea of a united Europe, an idea lost thanks to two World Wars, among other issues with the various European countries. Once inside however, the British realise that things are not all they seem.

Mass immigration from the EU’s free movement of people hurt both social cohesion and general wages, endless regulation hurt small businesses and threatened sovereignty, unelected bureaucrats running the show moved it closer to something antidemocratic with the European Parliament being sitting ducks as they were unable to enact legislation themselves and upon finding out where the bloc was heading (becoming an international superstate, with a national anthem, a currency and an undemocratic top unaccountable to anyone) decided to put pressure on the government in order to leave it.

Various attempts did not work, partially because the political elites not wanting to and an idea failing to reach a wider audience yet. Then eventually, after failed referendums and various parties failed to break the ice on the issue, UKIP forced the elite’s hand and a new referendum was granted, leading to the majority of people voting to leave the European Union. At the end, we had voted to leave the EU, using the democratic processes of Britain, and then subsequently trigger Article 50 in early March 2017.

The United Kingdom are meant to be leaving, but after various agreements and policies (such as the idea of a ‘soft Brexit’ constantly floating around and a transition period down the line), it seems uncertain as to whether Britain will have left at all.

A frightening parallel, isn’t it? In both cases, we have something that is initially seen as a good thing or a thing worth exploring and then upon finding out that actually said thing will be very detrimental, the main characters in these situations try to leave but their will is undermined at nearly every point. From this, it can be seen that Event Horizon is the movie most akin to the situation surrounding Brexit.

It disgusts me that the Cabinet (full of former Remainers I might add) are doing their utmost to make sure that we are half in half out of the EU. That is not what most Leave voters voted for and it is about time the government understand this and follows on through with the will of the people.

This is just to point out how the handling of leaving the EU by both career politicians and unelected bureaucrats are such a farce that it can be compared to a rubbish late 90s horror film, let alone the Mad Max series as Davis had suggested.

Runners up in terms of films that can compare to Brexit include They Live! (whereby a group of alien elites do their hardest to keep their populace down, much like the EU and their bureaucrats and the various European governments that kneed to their every whim) and Sweet Smell Of Success (whereby corrupt journalists push out lies in order to smear those they don’t like, as in the leftwing press propagating Project Fear throughout the Brexit campaign and still do so know, as this Guardian article can attest to).

Those films I can recommend, especially the latter, a legitimate classic that examines corruption among the media and political class, and the collusions between the two. In other words, the corruption we beat in voting to leave the European Union. Hopefully the government will respect our will and enact such public feeling accordingly. Only time will tell.

Corbyn, Johnson and Major BETRAY the British people

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This week, a former Prime Minister decided that democracy wasn’t worth anything since it didn’t go his way, a former Mayor and our current foreign Secretary made a mockery of the controversial Irish border issue and the socialist moron leading the Labour Party decided to betray the over six million voters who voted for Brexit in the Labour heartland of the North. It takes one of the most serious issues in British politics currently and turns it into a mockery to the point where most political comedy shows these days are envious.

To start, look at how the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn decided to stab the Brexiteer Corbyn supporters (not to mention the pro-Brexit MPs in his own party) by advocating that after Brexit, a Labour government would keep Britain inside the customs union. This would inevitably mean that they wouldn’t be able to make our own free trade deals and not actually connect with a wider global economy of which the EU doesn’t even make up a third of anymore, but who needs facts when you have the moronic politics of Corbyn’s Labour Party?

Needless to say, Corbyn’s desperate attempt to appeal to the various Remoaners in his own party did not go down well. While some business groups did welcome his suggestion, others turned against him including prominent party members, former member and former Respect leader George Galloway and even ardent Corbyn apologist James O’Brien, whom on his LBC radio show condemned Corbyn’s decision as a ‘different-flavoured porridge of nonsense.’

It’s telling that when even one of your most apologetic defenders calls you out for speaking utter tosh, you know there is something amiss. Because in just a few minutes, Corbyn managed to stab in the back his pro-Brexit supporters, his Brexiteer MPs and even his own prior Eurosceptic views. I would say this is Corbyn’s Ratner’s moment, except that most of his supporters probably are unaware of who Gerald Ratner was.

But on the opposite side, things were not much better. Next we had the Foreign Secretary, former Mayor of London and utter buffoon Boris Johnson advocate that to solve the Irish border issue over Brexit was not to point out how the EU’s own documents have various solutions to the matter (such as having a ‘low friction border’ of which would have such rules as release before clearance and deferred duty payments to keep a fast moving border) but instead be incredibly idiotic and advocate that because there is no border between ‘Camden and Westminster’, seemingly forgetting that boroughs are quite different from sovereign states.

When challenged on this by the interviewer Mishal Husain, Johnson just said that the comparison was fairly ‘appropriate’. What a p*llock. He seems to deliberately ignore how the EU’s own papers offer solutions to the issue which aren’t brought up at all in the mainstream press and ignores how similar borders exist like the US-Canada border for instance.

To make matters worse, when challenged on this in the House of Commons by a Labour Party who were ever so keen to tear Johnson a new one (including Corbyn joking about him mixing up the borders in the context of a leaked letter revealing a hard border in Northern Ireland could come to be) he ran off and left, leaving the far more competent David Lidington to clean up his mess.

That didn’t save him from the clamping jaws of the Labour Party, who constantly shouted, ‘where is he?’ and the Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry called his early exit an ‘absolute disgrace’, a ‘huge discourtesy to this house [of Commons]’ and pointing out his hypocrisy concerning how he was more willing to talk to the media ‘in the snow’ than his own opposition on the matter. Talk about broken clocks being right twice a day.

At the end of the day, the likes of the said Lidington and the DUP leader Nigel Dodds managed to do a far better job at defending the issue than the Foreign Secretary, with the latter in particular pointing out that there is already a similar soft border in terms of economics and how the government was already working to fix the issue, as their papers reveal. He also pointed out how those who use the Belfast agreement and the Peace Process to thwart Brexit were disgraceful. If only our foreign secretary had anywhere near the spine. Again, this shows what a sad state of affairs this current government is when people like him are in the Cabinet and given important roles, but far better MPs (like Jacob Rees-Mogg, Philip Davies, Theresa Villiers just to name a few) can’t get there. What a joke.

Finally, to wrap it off former Prime Minister John Major decided to stick his nose in, claiming that Parliament should practically ignore the 17.4 million people voted to leave the European Union (ironically more people than ever voted for him in any general election he contested) because of the wellbeing of the entire populace, not just those who want to leave, although he argued that their worries should be appreciated.

So, in other words, Major claims to care about those who voted to Leave in an attempt to appeal to all, including Remainers, hence his support of a second referendum. The nerve of Major is astounding here. After advocating before the vote in 2016 that there would not be another referendum, he is now supportive of the idea, presumably because it didn’t go his way. How classy.

Meanwhile, for someone advocating a free vote because he wants Parliament to have an honest discussion over this idea, there was no free vote when it came to the Maastricht Treaty, whereby he not only enforced that the Tories accepted the treaty, but heavily penalised those who resisted (known as ‘Maastricht rebels’) with deselection and changing the rules after the 1997 election to crack down on dissenters and have them taken off any candidate list in the future.

So, it doesn’t seem that Major should be the one to criticise the government for not having a fair process on the issue . For a guy who cares about his whole populace, I don’t remember how his policies of joining the Exchange Rate Mechanism and the privatisation of British Rail aided everybody at all, the former wrecking our economy due to us having to leave it and the latter seeing train tickets and fares constantly going up even to this day. Another moronic hypocrite who cares nothing for the people of his country but rather what he can get out of it.

So, there we have it. Three major (pardon the pun) politicians reducing the Brexit process into one of the proudest moments in British history post World War 2 and post Suez into a laughing stock… yet again.

At least there was some good news this week. In response to Major’s lunacy, the ever reliable North East Somerset MP Jacob Rees-Mogg pointed out the elitist tone and cynicism that accompanied Major’s speech, as well as all the lies he told to prove his point. He demonstrates again that he is a great statesman and clearly more fitting to be Prime Minister than Mrs. Slippery.

Meanwhile another attempt at Remoaner propaganda backfired when a poll conducted by Tony Blair’s Facebook page of which showed that 66% of those polled wanted to leave the European Union ‘at whatever cost’.

At least these are occasional rays of sunshine in a very dark time for British politics, where the (not) good, the bad and definitely the ugly when it came to Major’s unpatriotic speech set the political landscape in one not of optimism and freedom but of pessimism and a further wearing down of our freedoms to unelected EU bureaucrats. The British people deserve better than this.

Question Time viewer: Terry Christian makes a fool of himself on Question Time

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Given the buzz around this week’s Question Time and Labour MP David Lammy’s appearance, all that one can say is that stupidity is infinite. And while this is most often the case with idiots like Lammy and his crazy defences of Oxfam and him whinging about muh colonialism, they are often more represented with the various halfwit celebrities that end up on there.

Enter Terry Christian. In case you don’t know, he is a media personality, hosting shows like The Word among other 1990s shows, and countless radio and newspaper columns. In other words, clearly the most fitting guy to discuss politics. However, the main problem with Christian was not that he is such a presenter way out of his depth, but rather was extremely rude and impolite, even by usual Question Time standards when opposing party members are constantly jumping down each other’s throats for political point scoring.

Where to begin? Firstly, the tone is set rather low when his biggest claim to fame according to Dimbleby is that Christian is a “longstanding supporter of Manchester music and Manchester United”. 

When discussing the non-existent gender pay gap after the non-controversy concerning Tesco paying their female shop assistants less than their male warehouse workers, Christian goes full blown lefty ideologue, complaining that someone like John Humphrys should not be paid more than his female counterparts when she is “doing the exact same job as him”. Presumably Christian is unfamiliar with the basic economic rules of supply and demand, as while Humphrys may be doing the same job, he is pulling in a larger audience (with his Today programme pulling in 6.97 million listeners according to The Independent), hence the higher pay rate. This is something Christian should know, given that he has been in the entertainment industry for over 35 years now.  

To make matters worse, he began complaining that because of Thatcher privatising many industries in the 1980s, you can no longer blame the government for the failure of private gas, electricity and water companies. The only thing the state could be blamed for in this regard is that they are not doing enough to regulate these companies, but that wasn’t what Christian was complaining about here. Why should the government be blamed for the inadequacies of private companies? Their failures concerning subsidies perhaps could come under scrutiny, but not the actions of the private companies, given that they do not own these companies. 

Then to cap it off, he paraphrases the whole no deal is better than a bad deal slogan and replaced it with “no leader is better than a bad leader”. Our political expert everyone; someone so stupid that they recontextualise something all the while missing the point of the original statement. Presumably he needs to read some Hobbes and Locke and their theories on the State Of Nature before he spouts such idiocy again. Oh, and he also relays the whole appeal to NHS argument whenever Leave Means Leave chairman Richard Tice talks about council tax not relaying all of the blame to government spending, arguing that “caring is expensive”. Well done, Terry. Would you like a cookie? All the while he pushes some decent points (about decreased council spending being a cynical ploy to push blame away) of which get buried under his moral grandstanding. Oh, and being a typical left winger would rather the foreign aid budget not be cut because it “wouldn’t be enough”. In other words, us on the left will endlessly moan about a lack of money for public services, all the while refusing to budge on issues like foreign aid because of some plight of it not being enough. However, £13.4 billion does seem like a good start to sort out some of our country’s financial issues.

He then further jumps on this idea of cutting the foreign aid budget when Richard Tice discusses making a choice between spending money at home or spending it abroad, arguing that for many people, using public services like social care isn’t a choice. Very true, but that doesn’t undermine the argument: why shouldn’t the foreign aid budget be cut? Given that a good chunk of the money goes to dictators not to the poor it should be sent to, surely it would make sense to cut it and spend that money over here instead. All the while, it wouldn’t cost us more in the long run Terry, given that since we won’t be spending money in that area anymore, we will definitely not have to pay money into that sector to cover up its cracks later. Is Christian literally this stupid when it comes to economics, or am I going insane here?

Moving on, when the case of John Venerbles’ anonymity being removed came up, his response was to cite an 1842 law which banned hanging kids under the age of 7 all the while being concerned with “how much punishment can you give them”. Given that Venerbles committed one of the most horrific crimes in British history and consistently reoffends, the way that our liberal justice system has treated him seems almost laughable, with constant re-arrests often not leading to any real jail time.

And then Brexit came up, where all hell broke loose. During a discussion about how a hard Brexit may cause a 16% lower growth rate in the North (Project Fear much?), Christian plays reductio ad absurdum, claiming that any scaremongering about a post-Brexit Britain is rubbish to a Leave voter (there might be a reason for that). Then he dismisses Brexit voters as simple. Presumably he counts the over 50,000 Leave voters in his town of Old Trafford in that. Talk about arrogant elitism. Then while becoming an EU ideologue, moaning about a low pound (conveniently ignoring the pound going down since 2014) and saying that there has been no upside to Brexit (ignoring the increased employment, big companies coming to invest in the UK, FTSE at record levels among other things), even Dimbleby called him “boring”.

That didn’t stop good old Terry though. Claire Perry, the Tory MP, when discussing that her party would respect the result of the referendum, Terry moaned about leaving the single market and customs union not being on his ballot paper. Then again, given that this is what most Brexiteers want, this is beyond irrelevant. You lost, get over it and grow up Terry. No wonder Perry got such a round of applause when she called him rude. The same thing was true when after he interrupted a nervous pro-Brexit girl about what laws she wants to see gone (the Common Fisheries Policy would be good start) and then a Brexiteer similarly called him out on his nonsense.

The cream of this crud however was when an audience member (quite rightly) asked “When will the hardline remainers of the political and media elite have some faith in this country’s ability to perform on the world’s stage?” Terry, clearly being triggered for being called out for what he is, went all defensive, bringing up how the likes of Boris Johnson and Jacob Rees-Mogg back Brexit. Indeed they do. But given that they actually have faith in Britain, that was not the man’s point at all. It was for people like Christian who put down Britain at every opportunity because of Brexit, showing a lack of faith in Britain’s ability to play on the world stage, mainly through a collapsed pound, which has not been the case since after the referendum.

So in the end, Terry Christian represents another case of the leftwing establishment eating itself. Caring about paying for social care but wouldn’t cut the foreign aid budget at all to help fund it, hates Brexit despite the EU representing the big corporations they claim to hate and all in all rather stupid in the spaces he thought he was intelligent in. It’s no surprise that when he was called out, the audience applauded in delight. He should grow up and realise what he is: a has-been who should go nowhere near politics. Just another case of a left wing idiot making a fool of himself on Question Time. Sometimes I wish these fools would just Shut Up and Sing.

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