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GSG9: Germany’s elite anti-terror police squad to expand

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Germany’s elite police squad GSG 9, which deals with terrorist attacks, is to become significantly larger and will set up a second base in Berlin.

GSG 9 commander Jérome Fuchs stated, “If you look at comparable terrorist situations across Europe, then it was often capital cities that were affected,” Fuchs told the station. “It is essential that we are better prepared in the capital. Our aim is clear: GSG 9 needs to be capable of quicker reactions in the capital.”

GSG9 was established in reaction to the kidnapping and murder of Israeli athletes by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. The police’s handling of the situation was fiercely criticised.

Since then, the force has carried out around 1,900 missions, most famously the successful 1977 operation in Mogadishu, Somalia in which officers stormed a Lufthansa flight that had been hijacked by Palestinian terrorists and safely released all 86 hostages.

Rolf Tophoven, the veteran counter-terrorism expert who wrote the first book on GSG 9 in 1977, said the move to Berlin was “overdue.” “It’s very important to have the strong presence of an anti-terror unit in the capital,” he told DW.

“According to the German security forces, the terrorist situation has not become less dangerous, despite the military defeat of ‘Islamic State’ — on the contrary it could have become more dangerous,” he added. “The other point is that a few things are coming to a head in organised crime, and for that it is important to have a powerful unit.”

Tophoven estimates that the GSG 9 will be looking to deploy over 100 new officers in Berlin, though other anti-terror measures have also been taken. Over the last year the federal police has set up new on-call reserve units across the country to provide a first-response to terrorist attacks — whereas the GSG 9 performs planned operations.

The Power of the British Countryside: Dominic Wightman

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Any 21st Century British political party operating without a Countryside Spokesperson should take a long, hard look at themselves. Official figures show that the UK rural population will increase by 6 per cent over the next decade as people choose to leave cities and settle in the countryside. 17.4% of Britons live in rural areas – 11,337,632 people. Cities may seem to dominate our culture, our politics and our media, but a backlash against liberal values and multiculturalism has been led by rural and smaller town voters – in the English countryside, 55% voted for Brexit. Ignore the power of the countryside and your party’s political support is seriously contracted.

When I co-founded Country Squire Magazine with a friend from the Countryside Alliance we saw a gap in the market, which we have successfully exploited ever since. Unlike our more established rivals, popping corks at the metropolitan offices of The Field, Countryfile Magazine or Countrylife, we never intended to create a vision of the rural idyll for wealthy townsfolk to coo over. The problem for actual countryside dwellers is that these publications tended to be looking romantically at the countryside from suburbia or the city – they failed to see the world from the actual countryside perspective. Our success as a platform for the countryside has stemmed from recognising that countryside dwellers have a unique set of problems, which metropolitan politicians and commentators tend to ignore in search of cheap, urban votes.

Take housing. Property in rural areas across Britain is on average a fifth more expensive than in urban areas. Those living in towns and cities presume that, since there’s plenty of land in the countryside, there are plenty of houses for country dwellers to reside in. This is not the case. Many are now owned by exurbanites who decided that an Escape to the Country was just what the doctor ordered, pushing house prices up to levels beyond the latest descendants of families who have lived in the same rural areas and managed the land there for centuries. Add to this the problem of holiday cottages – which tend to be owned by urbanites – and young families have no choice but to leave home for pastures new, while rural homelessness has sky-rocketed. This has had a profound effect on countryside morale – as much if not more than the hunting ban, which separated communities previously bound from Lord to worker by the classless glue of hunting – and poses serious questions about the sustainability of farms in certain areas.

We are risking rural communities becoming enclaves only for the affluent. A village needs a school, a shop, a post office and a pub but so many are now closed and converted into private properties to meet the exurbanite and second homer demand. In just 6 months between December 2015 and June 2016, 231 pubs closed in rural areas, ripping the heart out of 231 villages. Five rural post offices a week closed under the last Labour Government and the trend has continued. Do we want the countryside just to be a national park full of holiday cottages and import our food from elsewhere or do we want it to be full of thriving communities that can be a beneficial and productive part of the economy?

Those I speak to in the countryside are worried about Brexit discussions focusing solely on agriculture and the environment. The effects of austerity and corporate cost-cutting have already decimated vital rural services, notably transport infrastructure to remote areas. Brexit will not simply affect the countryside in terms of a withdrawal from the Common Agricultural Policy and related subsidy and regulation, but it is also likely to bring to a head issues concerning the very fabric of rural life that have long been unravelling.

What road do we want the rural economy to be on in the next decades? Will armchair countryside experts residing in London, or Fabian placers in countryside charities and the so-called experts of DEFRA in Whitehall get away with ideological townie nonsense like rewilding? Will the right energy choices get made or will Britain’s countryside continue to be blighted by hideous wind turbines which rarely turn?

Idealistic, do-gooding Labour is laughed at by most country folk – they have witnessed first-hand the serious damage done by Labour to the British countryside and will never trust it again; chuckling at the insurgent fox populations now blighting Islington and Hackney. In most countryside constituencies you can pin a blue rosette on a dog and it will get elected, simply because of TINA – there is no alternative. While the British Countryside continues to vote Tory, Labour will continue to disrespect and abuse it while Tories will take its votes for granted.

Britain’s rural inhabitants rightly complain about broadband services, but well-connected townies just don’t understand what a serious problem patchy broadband is in today’s interconnected world. It’s not a question of poor reception for streaming football matches, it’s hindering the growth of businesses and cutting off support for small enterprises that townies take for granted. How can pubs and rural restaurants promote themselves when their seat reservation service and web analytics are inaccessible, how do entrepreneurial farmers market their produce to foreign buyers, how do schools and rural public services find recruits when it takes two minutes to download every CV in their inboxes? The countryside feels left behind and many countryside folks I talk to are angry with broadband suppliers and politicians for failing to deliver.

Countryside living happens to be damn expensive. Households in Britain’s rural communities spend nearly £3,000 a year more on everyday essentials – like petrol and groceries – than those living in towns and cities. Year-on-year rural inflation has averaged 5.4 per cent during 2017 so far, which is much higher than the official UK inflation rate. Rural residents spend an extra £540 a year on petrol and diesel and an extra £200 on vehicle maintenance than those living in urban areas, it is estimated. At the same time, around 1.6 million households in the UK rely on heating oil, rather than gas, to warm their homes. Electricity is more used in countryside homes than those in towns – the average annual electricity bill is around £814 for a rural household, compared to an average of £612 for all UK households. Someone paying 24p a litre in January 2016 was likely to pay in the region of 44p a litre for heating oil in January this year.

Come floods, hurricanes or droughts, Britain’s hardy rural communities have always worked out ways of surviving and adapting, despite government intervention or, indeed, without it. Now just for a minute imagine if a political party came along and took these rural-enhancing opportunities seriously and actually supported the goals of the rural population. What a prospect! The power of the countryside could drive them into Downing Street.

We will not hold our breath.

Dominic Wightman is the Editor of Country Squire Magazine.

Russian Supreme Court: Ending Parental Radicalisation

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The Russian Supreme Court has ruled in support of legislative recommendation allowing the deprivation of parental rights to citizens who allow their kids to join destructive sects, terrorist groups or other extremist organisations.

“The term ‘abuse of parental rights’ should be understood as the use of these rights in a way that can hurt the children’s interests, for example through hindering their education, involving them in gambling, a homeless lifestyle, begging, theft, prostitution and substance abuse,” reads the ruling of the Supreme Court Plenum.

Other examples listed in the ruling include encouraging kids’ participation in any public or religious group that has been officially recognised as extremist and banned by a Russian court. The ruling allows Russian courts to deprive citizens of their parental rights if they are found guilty of such abuse.

The most recent update to Russian anti-terrorist laws, introduced in mid-2016, lowered the age threshold for terrorist crimes such as attacks and hostage taking from 16 to 14 years. The law also provides for up to 10 years in prison for anyone engaging in international terrorism, and up to 15 years behind bars for anyone found guilty of financing terrorist groups. Attracting new recruits to a terrorist organisation was also criminalised, and is punishable by prison terms of between five and 10 years.

The proposed amendment stipulates punishment of up to life in prison for those convicted of recruiting new members in terrorist groups and also amends the current formula “public calls for terrorist activities or public justification of terrorism” with a formula “promotion of terrorism.” It also makes the latter punishable with between two and seven years in prison and using mass media or internet for terrorist propaganda.

Whilst the bill is yet to be approved, it is certainly a step in the right direction to tackle extremism.

British lawmakers should take a leaf out of Russia’s book and implement similar policies, to prevent the radicalisation of children beginning at home. Prevent, one of four strands of the government’s counter-terrorism strategy, released concerning figures that highlights the issue of radicalisation of young people under the age of 18.

If Britain implemented a similar strategy to the Russian example, it could prevent the radicalisation of children in their own homes, and ensure our young people are protected from dangerous ideologies that harm Britain.

North Korea: The Happiest Nation In The World

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Well… according to North Koreans.

North Koreans say they’re the happiest people in the world. They’re told that Kim Jong-Un has made their country the most powerful and economically developed on the planet. A quick look at the Internet or any international media might lead to a different conclusion but in North Korea, they’re banned.

North Koreans are being systematically brainwashed by their own government, and this is clear from the startling UN reports and individual experiences.

Their people are like robots, sporting pictures of their leader and regularly attending mass rallies where thousands move in unison against Western leaders such as Donald Trump. Their official media — has hyperbolic pronouncements, constant threats and worshipful praise of the leader — magnifies a delusional and worrying image.

The threat of nuclear war between the USA and North Korea, to some, is a war of egos and ideology. We can only imagine what this conflict will lead to.

Here is a list of wacky rules:

There are only three channels on TV and you have to watch only those. The Government control content and any information that is released to the public.
In North Korea, if you commit a crime, not only you but your entire family would be punished for the same. Your three generations, i.e grandparents, parents and children bear the brunt of punishment.

North Korean government has 28 official hairstyles approved and all men and women in the country have to follow the same hairstyles as other hairstyles are banned.
The Bible is considered to be a symbol of western culture and therefore not allowed.
Apple, Sony, and Microsoft are not allowed to distribute their products to North Korea.
You cannot smuggle in western literature about North Korea.

It is illegal not to vote, as the government mandates that all of its citizens must vote. Unfortunately, the government also mandates that all 100% of North Korean citizens vote for the same person.

That being said, I would feel a lot happier too, if I had no awareness of what was going on in the outside world.

Theresa May to Give EU £20 Billion As Part of Divorce Deal

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Theresa May is going to line up an additional £20 billion ($26 billion) to the European Union as part of a Brexit divorce bill.

The EU has insisted that talks cannot move onto future relations, including a transition deal, until it is satisfied that “Sufficient progress” has been reached on these issues. For how much longer can Britain put up with the EU bullies?

The EU’s chief Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, warned Britain last week that it had just two weeks to make its position clear on the so-called divorce bill to have any chance of talks moving onto future relations this year.

EU Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has urged London to say how far it is ready to go to “honour its obligations” to end the impasse.

Except Mr Barnier, the UK has always paid more into the EU budget than it gets back. In 2016, the UK government paid £13.1 billion to the EU budget, and EU spending on the UK was forecast to be £4.5 billion. So the UK’s ‘net contribution’ was estimated at about £8.6 billion.

What we ‘owe’ the EU in this divorce bill is still unclear, and the media continue to offer a rather skewed and misleading report on the goings on in Brussels. The EU’s shocking demands for billions of pounds must not be ignored by those who fought incredibly hard to get Britain out.

We must take a stand against a Government clearly set to keep us inside the EU, and ensure democracy wins in our battle against the establishment.

Valuing All God’s Children: A Politically Correct Travesty

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The Church of England has issued new guidance for its 4,700 schools, in a document titled “Valuing All God’s Children”.

The Church said youngsters should be free to “explore the possibilities of who they might be” – including gender identity – and says that Christian teaching should not be used to make children feel ashamed of who they are.

Nursery and primary school is a time of intense “creative exploration” the fresh guidelines say, and children should be able to choose the tutu, tiara and heels, as well as or instead of the helmet, tool belt and superhero cloak “without expectation or comment”.

The guidance acknowledges a wide range of views among Christians and people of all beliefs about same-sex marriage, sexual orientation and gender identity.

The new guidelines are likely to reignite the debate around the idea of children being allowed to “self identify”, with critics asking whether there is a sudden “trend” towards gender fluidity and gender neutral.

A Christian Maths teacher from Oxfordshire is due to appear before a disciplinary hearing  to answer allegations that he referred to a pupil born female as a “girl”.

Joshua Sutcliffe claims not to have been given any instructions on how to refer to the pupil, and said he did not mean to cause any offence.

Responding to the proceeding against him, Mr Sutcliffe said, “The aggressive way in which transgender ideology is being imposed is undermining my freedom of belief and conscience, as well as the conscience of many people throughout our nation who believe that gender is assigned at birth.”

Andrea Williams, Chief Executive of the Christian Legal Centre which is supporting Mr Sutcliffe, said: “This case is one of a flood of cases we are encountering where teachers are finding themselves silenced or punished if they refuse to fall in line with the current transgender fad.

“We all know how much we change during our teenage years. It is vital that during those years we help our children to live in the biological sex they were born rather than encouraging them to change ‘gender’. If we encourage them to change gender it is not kind and compassionate; it is cruel.”

It is now clear that even religion is not safe from the politically correct fads raging through Britain, and it is only a matter of time before the educational establishment begin questioning the ‘sexual identity’ of Jesus Christ.

Royal Navy Whistleblower: UK Military Bases Are Not Secure

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Security concerns raised by Royal Navy whistleblower William McNeilly have been brought up yet again, this time by a top military official. Defence Police Federation chairman Eamon Keating has told Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson that budget cuts have left military bases open to attack.

In 2015, McNeilly leaked a report to WikiLeaks detailing safety and security failures aboard the UK’s Trident nuclear armed submarines and at their base at Faslane in Scotland. The same concerns were raised on Wednesday in an open letter to Williamson, only this time by the officers in charge of base security.

In his letter, Keating pleaded with the Tory minister to veto further cuts to the defence budget and issued him with stark warning: cuts to the Ministry of Defence (MoD) police force budget will lead to fewer officers on the ground and weakened security at Faslane and other MoD sites. The shocking betrayal of UK defence at the hands of our Government is another example of how unfit they are to keep us safe.

“I must highlight the deeply concerning, and in many cases deplorable decision making that is leaving many of the UK’s critical military assets and sites at unacceptable risk of attack on our own shores,” Keating’s letter reads.
“It is perhaps only a matter of time before an MoD establishment in the UK faces attack, and the reality is that continued and pernicious reductions in the capacity of the MoD Police leave it ill-equipped and understaffed to deal with such a situation.”

Keating’s plea for more finances echo the same concerns raised by McNeilly two years ago. At the time, McNeilly’s claims were dismissed by the military.

The header image of this article shows the WikiLeaks submission detailing Trident Security Concerns.

Security weakness will only increase the chances of a large and sustained attack on our land, and we must rally the Government into taking action. With the threat of UK terrorism at its highest level, we cannot be blasé about security, and these concerns from experts must be heeded, or we will become “nothing but targets in this war against terrorism.”

Tommy Robinson Verification Ban: Leftist Echo Chamber Strikes Again

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It appears as though left-wing social media has removed the ‘verification marker’ of another controversial figure; their target on this occasion was Tommy Robinson, who caught their attention for speaking the truth on key issues facing this country, and the world.

Unfortunately, Twitter did not see it that way, and removed his ‘verification’ status in a rather humorous attempt to silence him, and his many followers.

Twitter need to get a sense of humour and resist the urge to censor the internet because they don’t agree with individual accounts, and they have a duty to protect freedom of expression and speech regardless of whether the corporation agree with those views or not.

In the words of a Facebook user: Tommy = legend: verified and permanent.
To all readers, I do hope you get to read this article before Facebook and Twitter remove it and me from their platforms. Do keep sharing the message, we cannot let them win.

Topshop Engulfed In Transgender Turmoil

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Topshop has abolished gender-specific changing rooms after receiving complaints from transgender customers.
In a ridiculous move, and one that has been blasted on social media, the retailer has abolished female only changing rooms in favour of gender-neutral ones.
Topshop gave a statement to Buzzfeed News, confirming the existence of the policy, though they did not clarify when it was changed.

“All Topshop and Topman customers are free to use any of the fitting rooms located within our stores,” Topshop said in a statement.

News of the policy change comes after writer and performer Travis Alabanza told the high street brand via Twitter that they had “just experienced transphobia” in a Manchester branch after being denied entry to one of their changing rooms.

Thousands of people took to Twitter to vent their anger and confusion over the policy, and many voiced concerns about the safety of women and girls.

Journalist Julia Hartley-Brewer has condemned gender-neutral changing rooms after Topshop restated their inclusive policy, stating, “what about a man who is a paedophile, or a man who is a sex attacker of young women who can pretend [to be trans] to gain access to young women.

“People will be so PC. They’ll go, ‘well this is a transgender woman, they’re not a risk to the girls in this changing room’ but, actually, it’s a paedophile.”

Sir Philip Green and his retail empire:
Sir Philip Green’s retail empire (Arcadia) suffered a worse than expected 79% fall in profits last year as it reeled from the closure of BHS and a tough fashion market, during which Topshop’s UK sales fell for the first time in more than a decade.

The accounts also show Arcadia’s pension deficit, the difference between its assets and liabilities, more than doubled to £426.8m in 2016 from £189.6m a year before. Total liabilities are more than £1bn.

POTUS Who Made America Great Again

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He has faced up to bullies.
He has faced down snowflakes.
He has upset the flaky political establishment at home and abroad.
He is the man Who Made America Great Again.

For sure, many people are queasy. And so many officials and business leaders baulked when he called a megalomaniacal dictator with illegal nuclear weapons a “rocket man”.

But, we at The English Channel, who want to make England Great Again, would rather have a friend in the White House with nerves of steel and a loyalty to democracy, than a fair-weather friend who tells us to get to the back of the queue when all we ask for is democracy.

Donald H Trump is a successful businessman who has employed thousands of staff and brought billions of dollars into the American economy.

Oh, how we would love to be able to say the same thing about our political leaders. Most of them have clambered up the greasy, taxpayer-funded pole of party bureaucracies, quangos, and extremist PC educational establishments.

In short, our present political establishment, is the polar opposite of this brave, honest POTUS administration.

In England, we are a country that can look back on more than a thousand years of legal development and democratic progress. Until recently.

This is because so few of our elected politicians have but one fraction of Donald Trump’s tenacity, courage and foresight. He leads his new nation back onto the path of democratic sovereignty and personal responsibility.

So, we commend the new POTUS’s first year in office. We only wish that he had a twin brother (or sister) that he could lend to our spineless and self serving ministers and MP’s for at least the next three years.

Sir, we salute you.
Yours Sincerely,
The English Channel

Snowflake of The Week: Angela Gibbins

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A former British Council manager who was sacked for calling Prince George, the Queen’s great grandson, the emblem of “white privilege” has lost her claim for compensation. Angela Gibbins was fired after making the comments on Facebook in July last year.

Gibbins, who earned £80,000 ($105,000) per year as head of global estates at the charity, which promotes Britain’s image worldwide, was sacked for gross misconduct following her “distasteful and personal attack” on the future heir to the throne.

The case relates to a picture of Prince George originally posted by the band Dub Pistols with the caption: “I know he’s only two years old, but Prince George looks like a f***ing d***head.”

The meme sparked a debate in the comments section, in which Gibbins chipped in saying: “White privilege. That cheeky grin is the (already locked-in) innate knowledge that he’s Royal, rich, advantaged and will never know any difficulties or hardships in life.
“Let’s find photos of 3yo Syrian refugee children and see if they look alike, eh?”

We at the English Channel have concluded that Ms Gibbons deserves the Snowflake of The Week Award for shamefully attacking a child. And for the unbelievable way in which Gibbons attacked the British Royal family, despite working for an organisation that supposedly “promotes Britain’s image worldwide”.

Is Freedom of Speech A Pressing Issue? Not According to The NUS

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“The media is always flipping gassed up on ‘freedom of speech, freedom of speech,’” says Shakira Martin, President of the National Union of Students. She is responding to a furore over the hosting of controversial speakers and groups on campus. “This conversation is annoying. It’s a distraction.”

The debate over what should and shouldn’t be acceptable to say at Britain’s universities – and who should and shouldn’t be allowed to speak – has been bubbling away for some time, but recent events have pushed it back up to the surface.

So, according to the President of the NUS, an organisation designed to represent students, their right to express their opinion is not a pressing issue.
On the equally contentious issue of so-called “safe spaces” she says they can be seen as simple acts of courtesy.
“If the media and these politicians think that we’re snowflakes, they don’t want us to turn into an avalanche… and just start rolling shit out,” she starts, before trailing off, seemingly deciding the analogy is not worth talking about.

This is a stark reminder to many students that a body set up to represent them, does the opposite, and supports the systematic suppression of their freedom of expression and right to hold any viewpoint.

Although, this is unsurprisingly for a woman who has stated that, on Brexit, we should “reverse the whole thing” so it is safe to assume that the NUS will continue to undermine democracy, and those students that go against the mainstream, liberal teachings in UK universities, and will continue to promote a rhetoric of censorship and oppression.

Airhead Fairhead’s Bid For London to Lead Islamic Banking

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Former BBC Chair, now International Development Minister, Baroness Fairhead, is leading a Government bid to turn London into the world’s Islamic banking centre.

Outside of the Middle East, London presently leads the world in developing Islamic finance schemes. It has double the amount of Islamic financial institutions than America, and dwarfs France and Germany in this specialism.
Britain is “perfectly placed” to be an Islamic finance hub, claimed the minister at a recent industry conference in London.

The Islamic Insurance Association of London say: “With the Islamic nations of Asia and MENA now amongst the world’s biggest economic success stories there is a real need for the provision of transparent and trusted Shariah compliant commercial insurance and risk products.”

Do you believe that London should be the number one base for Islamic finance? Yes or No?


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