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Manchester marches against terror and Sharia law

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Manchester has laid claim to being the birthplace of many social and political movements which have changed the world as we know it – movements such as Marxism, Vegetarianism and Women’s Suffrage.

The City is a hotbed of ideas and discussion and on Sunday we witnessed something quite remarkable. Tommy Robinson came to town and instead of the door being shut in his face, it was booted open by the silent majority, the put upon working class who see Tommy as one of them. Mainly because he is.

There is no larger political or social demographic in this country than the working classes and right now he has their attention, as the liberal elite are so far up their own backsides that they may as well speak Klingon.

Andy Burnham the Manchester Mayor typified this sneering demeanour when he labelled everyone on that march as being part of the far right. Let that sink in as he labelled grannies and mothers with their children protesting against Islamic Terrorism as being worthy of contempt.

This is why Tommy was welcomed; the political elite in this country are once again refusing to listen to those who suffer the failures of their policies, as it’s the working class communities of this country who have had to bear the brunt of their refusal to tackle problems within the Muslim community. Andy Burnham would rather court votes from that community who vote en bloc than challenge behaviours and practices which put working class kids in the line of fire.

Poem by David Winder

No wonder Tommy was given such a reception and it’s a reception which will provide a watershed moment in British political history, as this was the moment where for many, myself included we actually sat up and listened to him speak rather than just dismissed what he said based on what we were told.

This movement will now gather pace as more and more normal, ordinary working class people will feel emboldened by the support shown to Tommy in Manchester on Sunday.

Where this will end who knows, but I can happily say that I witnessed the birth of a new social movement in Manchester yesterday as I witnessed the birth of #Tommyism and it’s a movement for finally cutting through the nonsense of political correctness and social Marxist thought control.

He has the attention of the working classes now and they are behind him, so let’s do this and let’s tear down this straitjacket of control which has been put in place to keep people frightened to speak out even though it threatens you and your families.

Enough is enough so let’s see where this #Tommyism takes us, as quite frankly anywhere is better than where the liberal elite have led us.

There is a war on for your mind

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Like many of you I watch and read the information and videos on InfoWars. I sit nodding and agreeing as Paul Joseph Watson goes off on a diatribe aimed purely at undermining not only the liberal message but more importantly their liberal agenda. Exposing the hypocrisy of it all. “There is a War on for your Mind” is a brilliant tagline, mainly because it is true. There is.

Two weeks ago there was a suicide attack in Manchester, my home city. The man who committed it, who I refuse to refer to by name instead preferring the moniker Tinkerbell, deliberately targeted children in a suicide attack. Do you remember the time when you heard? Do you remember the sickness in your stomach and the absolute shock and disbelief? How you cried as images were shared on social media from parents desperate to have news of their child who hadn’t been heard of since the concert finished? You must remember as it was only two weeks ago? You couldn’t have forgotten the frustration, the anger and the burning need to know not only how this happened, but who was responsible and why? Yet you have.

Twenty two innocent people died on the streets of my home city less than two weeks ago. Check your mood now as opposed to then. Completely different, right? Why is that? You are a caring person; you have a heart yet even though those people who died could very easily have been you, or your loved ones or your children, your mood surrounding it has changed. Yet here we are.

Two weeks later and another terror attack a couple of days ago in London and it’s business as usual. No-one appears bothered. Why?

There is a very simple reason and it’s called Social Conditioning which is quite literally a ‘war for your mind’.

Last week was a perfect example of this where the “#OneLove for Manchester” concert was beamed into every home in the country, with such an innocent and utopian message that love can conquer all and we are all people, we are all the same.

The BBC News reports after the event continued in the same vein, #OneLove and as the news broadcast came to an end, a closing statement of apparent fact by the Social Affairs editor who claimed, ‘Londoners celebrate their diversity, they celebrate their communities and they embrace multi-culturalism…..’ as an opening statement to his summing up.
Everywhere in the mainstream media you will not hear one voice saying that they are angry, that they have had enough and that they want this sorting out now. Not one. Instead you will hear the message of Stronger Together, We Will Not Be Divided, One Love and how to do anything else is wrong.

The Social Conditioning message is everywhere and it’s designed purely for one reason, to put you all back to sleep. There’s nothing to see here. Don’t react. Choose Love. So when someone like me, who refuses to go back to sleep, points out what they are attempting to do with events such as the #OneLove for Manchester concert, I’m berated for not joining in and criticised for being negative. The truth of the matter is that people WANT to go back to sleep. It’s safer and it’s far easier to just go with the flow as ignorance is indeed bliss. To actually refuse to do so is scary, really scary. As you finally break free from the spoon feeding of what to think and how to react, you finally see what is in place to control the masses. Propaganda on a massive scale.

We live under the illusion that we are free, that we have choices and that we are masters of our own destiny but we are not.

To highlight the point, only last week CNN were rumbled via Social Media ‘staging’ a news report with London Bridge as its backdrop. An apparent group of Muslim women were protesting against the terror attack. The report was shown on every news channel to show that we are all one, we are all together. Except they weren’t a genuine protest and we aren’t altogether despite the media insisting it is the case. The signs the women were holding were handed to them by CNN. Their message was #OneLove and “We Stand Together”. Hijabs were being handed out, as was a burka. Google it. The cameraphone footage is currently doing the rounds and it shows the manipulation which is taking place and it’s all designed for one reason and one reason alone. For you to go back to sleep.

Don’t take my word for it as you watch the news and the talk shows, but look out for what I have described. It’s there and it’s real.

Infowars are right when they claim that there is a war on for your mind. Blue pill or red pill? The choice is yours.

Why Multi-culturalism?

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We are told that certain abhorrent practices which are becoming more and more widespread within the UK such as Female Genital Mutilation, honour killings and forced marriage are cultural practices and not religious practices and many would agree with this statement.

If this is the case then it raises the obvious question of why are we promoting the concept of multi-culturalism as by doing so surely we are condoning, permitting and allowing these practices to continue?

Let me state at the outset that the UK is a multi-racial society and has been for centuries and will continue to be so long after this article has faded from memory but just what are the benefits brought to the UK from the concept of multi-culturalism which couldn’t or wouldn’t have been experienced through a policy of managed immigration and laws recognising freedom of religious expression, which incidentally already exist.

The usual response is how our gourmet choice has been improved massively by having a multi-cultural society. Yet the notion that if we didn’t allow multi-culturalism to exist and only allowed managed immigration then somehow people would forget recipes at the border, is quite frankly laughable and beyond logic.

There must be some advantage in allowing this to happen but I am unable to give one single benefit which could not be achieved and reproduced by a sensible and managed immigration policy and a legal right to religious freedoms.
Can you?

I can think of many disadvantages though in allowing multi-culturalism to exist. The first and most obvious is that cultures will inevitably clash when what is acceptable to one group is not acceptable to another. This is how and why conflict exists the world over; people are people but what separates them is primarily is culture. Yet we are allowing differing cultures to exist within our island nation and within our towns, villages and local communities without expecting integration.

We are already experiencing friction caused by cultural differences and why would anyone be surprised that the indigenous population would find certain practises, views and values from the third world unacceptable within our liberal, western secular society? Yet our authorities allow this social experiment to continue, even when at best it offends sensibilities by condoning segregation of the sexes or at worst looks the other way when children are raped and abused by grooming gangs whose cultural points of reference sees these victims as the lowest of the low.

We are a diverse, multi-racial, multi-ethnic, multi-religious population and for years countless politicians have tried to define what ‘Being British’ is all about. I would suggest that it’s very simple thing to answer. It’s about culture, and the shared tradition and values of this wonderful, amazing country. We are weakened and divided by allowing multi-culturalism to exist. We are all British and it’s only through shared values and traditions that we are united and strengthened.

We need one community not many, we need one culture and it’s the culture which millions from the four corners of the world have embraced on arrival here and it’s time to stand up for the shared values and traditions which make this country a preferred destination of choice for people from the world over.
Traditions and practises which are at odds with the pre-existing culture should not be endorsed, condoned or ignored by our political leaders anymore through this failed experiment of multi-culturalism. They should be highlighted, challenged and changed so we can have shared values in which to provide a safe environment to raise our families.

When West Midlands Police stated last week that it may not be in the interests of a child, who has endured the horrors of female genital mutilation to prosecute their parents, then you know that acceptance of cultural practices at odds with those of this country has gone beyond what any reasonable person would find acceptable.

The social experiment of multi-culturalism has failed as it’s the children of this country who are bearing the brunt of its continued acceptance.

Imagine if you will that it’s the year 2020

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Imagine if you will that it’s the year 2020.

Donald Trump is still the President of the United States and he has carried out his election promises to tackle extremism worldwide. Being the canny businessman that he is, he realises that this task is so immense and costly for NATO members to bear and it will no doubt fall on the American people to shoulder the huge financial burden.

This does not sit well with his election pledge of putting America First and so he has an idea. An idea so profound that news of it is causes the mainstream media, left wing commentators and all manner of Civil and Human Rights Groups worldwide to literally lose their minds. The threat of Civil War is imminent on all continents due to his scheme, which is so awfully brilliant that Dr.Evil himself would be proud of it.

He proposes a worldwide American Food Standard, whereby all food production, harvesting and handling is done in accordance with American Food Standard Agencies overseeing it, so as standards which his administration sets are met. The cost of these inspections is handed over to the food manufacturers and producers of the world to cover and then to pass on to their retail customers through increased prices. Failure to meet these exacting standards and to gain American Food Standard Accreditation will exclude any and all food stuffs sold to the American public via the American retail market for that manufacturer.

Food producers the world over are desperate to maintain access to the largest consumer led food market in the world and so comply with the new requirements, proudly displaying their ‘Bald Eagle’ information label to show that it meets the required standards.

An annual re-certification fee is then introduced alongside the inspections to ensure that the standards are maintained year on year. The profits from these fees is ploughed into the US-led fight on extremism. Details of what exactly it funds are not available which has led to a flurry of commentators speculating on what, where and when. Each suggestion more appalling than the other.
In one foul stroke though, President Trump has engineered a way in which the world and its inhabitants will now fund his spending plans and his war on extremism and the American public will not cover the entire cost.

The result is civil unrest worldwide on an unprecedented scale, as the people scream and rail against this American Imperialism.

Back to the present and this of course is a work of fiction. However Halal food certification isn’t and there are no protests worldwide about it which is odd. No left wing media losing its mind over fees being collected via religious worldwide food standards organisations which are then being channelled to various Islamic charities, NGOs and Islamic Schools. The activities of these organisations is very often clouded in secrecy and no-one really knows where the money goes to, or what it funds, or for what end?

The lack of worldwide outrage on this is long overdue but maybe we need someone like President Trump to propose the same before the world’s media are at all interested?

The double standards at play is incredible.

Trump’s reaction to the US being challenged?

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In the early 1970s in the forming of OPEC, Jimmy Carter championed Saudi Arabia as the head of OPEC in exchange for oil to be priced, bought and sold in US Dollars and on the understanding that Saudi Arabia would buy US Treasury Bonds to assist the stability of the US economy.

This meant that all countries who wanted to buy oil had to stockpile US currency or they couldn’t purchase it, which helped the US impose sanctions at will around the globe with countries deemed not to be friendly by refusing them US dollars, without which they couldn’t purchase oil on the international markets.

The Chinese however have done a nice deal recently with the Saudis whereby they have the Shanghai Oil Market where small amounts of oil can be purchased via the old Gold standard. Putin has managed to buy oil this way at an inflated price. The Chinese, Saudis and Russians are happy as everyone wins and America loses.

At the same time the US State Department concluded its findings into the World Trade Centre attacks and concluded that figures inside Saudi were responsible, which the Saudis didn’t take too kindly to, threatening the US that they would dump the US Treasury Bills onto the market, which would effectively make the US bankrupt.

Funnily enough the official report now merely states an un-named Arab State as being behind 9/11. So we have a situation where the US economy is being threatened by the Saudis and at the same time the Saudis, Russia and China are all challenging the US stranglehold on the oil markets and the ability to impose sanctions. Interesting times ahead indeed.

The Democrats were willing to take out Gadaffi and Assad and also antagonise Putin in order to safeguard US strength abroad via the enforced continued use of the Petrodollar. Only time will tell what Trump’s reaction will be to this threat to the US economy and world-standing.

All men are equal in the eyes of the law

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‘All men are equal in the eyes of the law’

It’s a very simple premise and one which is readily accepted and understood by all. Except that we are not. We are all aware of cases where money can, does and has managed to ‘buy’ justice. Where clever lawyers find amazingly crafted argument as to why their client (who is paying a lot of money for this service), should not be found guilty of a crime, which for the rest of us mere mortals would result in pecuniary judgement. We are all aware that this can and does happen for the super rich and that it puts the rest of us at a disadvantage.

However there is a recent piece of legislation which has driven a horse and cart through the idea that you need a large amount of money to establish that you are not to be treated like the rest.
In fact it’s a piece of Legislation which promotes inequality through legally defined special and protected characteristics which then elevate those with them to a higher standing in the eyes of the law.

The 2010 Equality Act, whilst no doubt a noble undertaking has allowed inequality to flourish and has allowed the concept that all men are not actually equal, provided that certain conditions are met.
The main exemption under this legislation it that it makes it unlawful for anyone to discriminate against someone on the grounds of their religion or belief.

Furthermore, the legislation defines a new form of discrimination, namely indirect discrimination, and defines this as putting rules or arrangements in place that apply to everyone but that put someone with a protected characteristic at an unfair disadvantage, which is why people of faith who have certain practices which are at odds with common practice and culture of the UK are allowed to continue with those practices, even if they are outlawed here and illegal for everyone else.

It is why segregation of the sexes is still allowed in religious places of worship. A practice outlawed in any institution of this country through the sacrifice of such people as Emiline Pankhurst and the Suffragettes who fought for women’s rights and equality. However these rights now no longer apply if the discrimination is being done under the pretext of it being a religious norm.
Public bodies the length and breadth of the country are now fearful of facing legal challenge by minority groups because of this legislation now affording them and their practices a special exempted status.

A perfect example of this was in Rochdale, where the Chief Executive Steve Rumbelow was challenged as to why an end of Eid celebration in a municipal park was allowed to go ahead despite it advertising segregated facilities. He stated in response,
“That it is the council’s position that were we to not have allowed this to take place on the basis of segregated facilities it would have been viewed as indirect discrimination, as we would not be allowing the congregation to practice their faith in line with the principles of their religion.”

So there we have it. The 2010 Equality Act now allows some men to be more equal than others, providing that it is done because of religious or cultural norms despite these norms being polar opposite of civil rights and liberties fought for by people of this country over centuries.

This well meaning piece of legislation is so badly written and thought through that it now allows separate cultures, practices and traditions to exist which are against the pre-existing ones of this land. Irrelevant if those cultures and practices are offensive and at odds with the norms of our society.

This cannot be acceptable in a modern secular society, where wars have been fought against inequality.
However until this iniquitous piece of legislation is amended then under the eyes of the law of this land it is acceptable and it is perfectly legal, given the right circumstances for discrimination to be allowed in this country.

All men are equal under the eyes of the law, it’s just that some are now more equal than others.

EU membership has failed working class communities

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“People were lied to, if there was a vote today then the result would be different.”

We’ve all heard this but is it true? Not from the people who I speak to it isn’t. If anything the fact that people’s intelligence is being questioned hardens their convictions as you are now insulting them to boot.

A curious fact of the EU Referendum is that according to Eurostat, the poorest regions in Northern Europe are all areas of the UK who voted for Brexit. No surprises there as the people look around them and decide that Project Fear holds no fear at all. As poverty and deprivation are nothing new.
The economic benefits of EU Membership haven’t reached the back streets of places like Rochdale, where only the negative aspects of membership are experienced through uncontrolled immigration and the competition for minimum wage jobs and let’s be honest, if you’ve never competed for a job paying minimum wage with new arrivals who are far more academically qualified than you are, then you have no idea of the unfairness and unjust reality felt by those who have.

EU membership has failed these communities and so when given the chance to fight back they overwhelmingly voted to Leave. Can you blame them? However having received the short end of the stick for so long, to then be told by the Remainers that they are either too stupid to understand, xenophobic racists or they are would vote differently if it was run again is the biggest scandal of all.

These are your fellow countrymen and women who have genuine reasons to leave the EU, and yet despite the hardships they have faced for a generation some on the Remain side would still like their votes to be ignored and over-ruled.

Shame on all of those MPs who would like to see their votes and intentions subverted and undermined with such nonsense as, “They didn’t know what they were voting for, we must vote again.” They knew what they were voting for and it was a vote for change and to deny them this chance is to condemn them to yet another generation of lost opportunity and further decline.

We are supposed to be one country and it’s about time that we were all allowed to enjoy in its prosperity. Where manufacturing and production jobs are not moved to other EU Member States with cheaper overheads, and where you have to fight to get one of the remaining minimum wage jobs with EU nationals.

Brexit was and is the only hope for these communities but is it any wonder that London and the Metropolitan liberal elite have no point of reference to their plight when they are so far removed from the realities of anyone outside their bubble having found themselves at the top of the list for the richest areas of Northern Europe.

MPs trying to frustrate Brexit – an analogy

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Imagine sitting down with your ever expanding family and deciding that you need more space to accommodate everyone. Dad wants an extension so as he can have a workshop where he can retire to for a bit of peace. Mum wants a garden room, where she can curl up with a good book and close the door on the bedlam and just breathe in the beauty of nature from the garden. The kids want a games room extension complete with game consoles, gaming chairs, big screen televisions, surround sound and LED lighting and a sound system capable of making your eardrums explode.

Finally after much discussion a decision is reached. Dad can get a bigger shed, the kids can take over the lounge TV for their computer games and mum can get the garden room she desperately needs for her own sanity.

A builder is called, you discuss your requirements and you pay him the deposits. These things take time to organise and so a few months later you contact the builder to check where things stand.
“I’m just talking to all my builder mates about your requirements in order to agree the best way to do this”, he replies.

A few months pass again and finally the builder turns up with his gang of merry men and they begin digging the foundations for your agreed garden room extension. Halfway through he turns to you and says, “Theres been a slight change of plan actually since last we spoke. Now I know that you asked for a garden room but you never actually stipulated what that meant. So as I’m the expert in these matters and after discussing it all with my builder mates I’m going to build you a conservatory with a hot tub as I prefer that”

This is where we are right now with Brexit. We’ve employed people to build something to our request, but it appears that they wish to build something completely different.

Would you ever allow a builder to dictate to you? So why an MP?

Social history has been rewritten

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Following the Brexit vote a social revolution has taken place, the likes of which has never been seen before. Not that you’d know from the lack of media coverage given to it but it’s a social revolution which has turned the accepted norm onto its head and left those in power scrabbling around trying to play catch up. Some, and by that I mean “The Remoaners” have defaulted to the tried and tested response of labelling those who voted for Brexit as xenophobic little Englanders whereas nothing could be further from the truth. The majority are idealistic revolutionists.

Usually revolution is a term associated with the youth of a society, who are wide eyed and full of naive but passionate idealism. Who are still finding their voice and rebelling against their parents’ old fashioned views and who are ripe for left wing educators to influence with the promise of how much better or fairer the world would be if only x,y or z was done. Which is why student protests exist the world over.

My parents’ generation lived through the 50s and 60s where they rebelled against rationing and social conditioning. My generation lived through the Thatcher years, the miners’ strikes and the Poll Tax riots. Every generation has lived through their own period of frustration and anger at the mess left by the generation before. Youth has always led this protest at the injustices which they perceive in society.

Yet the Brexit Revolution isn’t youth led. It’s led by my generation and the generations before me and we are doing so without left wing educators and agitators urging us to “Stick it to the man.” I recall wondering as a young man why my parents generation never fixed the problems in our society which were plainly obvious for me to see, yet which they had given up on trying to change. Not through a conscious decision of theirs but because children, bills, mortgages and life in general were their main focus and they just didn’t have the time to think about everything else going on in the world around them. As a young man I had plenty of time to do nothing but think of these things as do most young people of the day.

So why suddenly has a social revolution occurred in a way which has never been before? Why is Brexit and the desire for change being led not by youth, but by their parents and grandparents? It’s a very peculiar issue and anomaly. I imagine that social commentators with far more sense of importance than I have their own theories, but I have mine and they are very simple. We were lied to.

However we’ve always been lied to; the difference this time though is that we found out about the lies. We can watch 24 hour news coverage, and we can read and see on social media how very little has changed since we were young and full of idealism. The youth of today are still being manipulated by vested interests to endorse a view which isn’t necessarily accurate.

We can see this now, as they did the same to us. The old adage of when you look for something you can find it has never been more relevant. We looked and we found. We thought then that we were changing the world for the better, where in reality we were changing the world for other people, who would then benefit from our efforts. The same is true today.

Can you imagine a situation where young people are apparently screaming for the status quo to remain? It’s unheard of. Youth want revolution, but not this generation apparently. They are being fed lies. Lies which we too acted upon over a generation or more ago.

We can see this now. We can see through these lies and the charade which the main political parties have taken part in. Each manipulating the youth for their own ends and agendas. We see it and it’s because that we see it, that we felt the need to actually, finally, “Stick it to the man.” The EU Referendum was that opportunity.

After all these years of manipulation and only because of the power of instant communication and knowledge at your finger tips have the older generation had the ability to finally change things for the better. A complete rejection of multi-nationalism, of cosy arrangements at our expense, of powerful, self opinionated windbag politicians who tell us that something is for our benefit when it is so plainly for theirs and not ours, has occurred.

We rejected it and we rejected them. Finally our idealism which others had directed for their own ends back in our youth was finally being directed where it should’ve been in the first place and we rejoiced when the vote for Leave was announced. We’d done it. We now just had to explain to the young that we hadn’t robbed them of a future. We had saved their future despite them being fed with inaccuracies by the same left wing educators we once had.

We have had to bear being labelled as xenophobic, uneducated populists by the sneering vested interests, but it’s worth it. Their labels mean nothing if you dismiss them with the contempt they deserve. We voted for Brexit and we rebelled, finally and gloriously we rebelled.

We never repeated the mistakes of our parents, and we can, and will explain that to those currently crying as if the world has ended. We didn’t concede defeat, we finally rebelled and made a difference.

It felt good and each and every single one of the 52% who voted to Leave should be proud of what they did. As you finally stood up and made a difference and for that I applaud each and every one you.
“You finally stuck it to the man.” Well done!

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