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Windrush hysteria: The far-left monopolises discourse.

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So where to begin?… Last week we had the great pleasure and honour in London to have a flock of communists led by Labour’s Diane Abbott and others marching rather aggressively to protest for nothing.

Yes that’s right, they protested for absolutely no reason. They claimed of course, to be representing the immigrants from the ‘Windrush generation’; a number of people originating from the Caribbean Isles who legally came to Britain on large ships between the end of the 1940s and the beginning of the 1970s.

The crowd, which featured a series of screaming and ranting feminists, and a few immigrants with poor English language skills, as well as Guardian journalists such as Gary Younge, put on a ridiculous yet entertaining show. What is certain is that in no way did these protesters in Brixton, London represent those who in the 20th century desperately came to Britain in search for a better life.

As a matter of fact, those in Brixton the other day were neither desperate nor Caribbean. Apart from a few exceptions, those who attend a march which resembled some sort of leftist trolling attempt, were mainly a bunch of white, spoilt, middle class brats who feel the need to indulge in “revolutionary” activity because of their boring daily lives and over-indoctrination by the BBC and Channel 4.

On top of all of this, Theresa May, who attempted to pursue calming measures by apologising to Windrush children and Caribbean leaders, was blamed by a vast majority of public opinion for leading a government that apparently has not been transparent enough on this issue.

No one here is interested in defending May’s statements, or attacking the left further – since it is clear that they have ridiculed themselves enough with their silly parade.

However, what needs to be said, is that the Windrush situation is complicated and not easy to grasp. Therefore, it can be difficult to develop a solid opinion or stance on this particular issue. The questions arise; “are these people legal?”, “are they illegal?”. There is no answer to this question, since it is really a matter of how one looks at it, of one’s perspective, effectively.

The number of Commonwealth migrants who came to Britain before 1971 reached about 524,000. Those who did not get British citizenship from that large group only number about 57,000 – and among those are the ones who may be affected by government immigration policies.

We have to consider that what we are dealing with here, are a great number of people, originating from economically deprived areas of the Caribbean territories, who have had an awfully hard time integrating with the British way of life.

If we consider the fact that some of those who came on ships more than fifty years ago were undocumented and brought with them children and grandchildren who were also undocumented with no paperwork proving their status, than it is hard for us to consider them legal. How is it fair that those who lack documents get to access free healthcare, and work in the United Kingdom? It is for this reason that the current Conservative government feels forced to determine who has the right to stay and who doesn’t. It is not an easy task.

The British Nationality Act 1948 gave citizenship of the United Kingdom and Colonies statues to everyone who was a British subject who was connected with the UK or a British colony.

Anyone who arrived in the UK from a Commonwealth country before 1973 has a legal right to stay in this country, unless they left the UK for more than two years. They have been told that they have to prove they are eligible to stay – but the landing cards recording their arrival dates were destroyed in 2010, so they have no proof.

This is a time where the British nation has the opportunity to simply decide. Decide for themselves, who they want to welcome into their country, and how they want them to contribute.

What everyone desires is a fair, but solid and sensible, immigration policy. Illegal immigrants will have to go. Some will be able to stay. Just like some Windrush children are legal while others aren’t.

It’s all part of the ‘rebuilding process’. The way forward is to admit that immigration is not merely about jobs and the economy. It is mainly about behavioural patterns. We will have to come to terms with this sooner or later. Preferably sooner, rather than later.

George Soros’s arch-enemy has a name: Viktor Orban

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Viktor Orban, an ardent conservative and eurosceptic proto-nationalist, has just secured his third term as President in his beloved nation, Hungary.

The Hungarians, at least those who have not been affected by the post-WW1 Trianon Pact, are a culturally ugro-finnic language speaking group; they now mainly inhabit a relatively small sized country in eastern Europe that merely contains 10 million inhabitants. These Hungarians have been demonstrated once again to be incredibly nationalistic in spirit and by nature.

By electing Orban for the third time, they have shown to be passionate about certain aspects of their ideal society that they would prefer to mantain. Quite clearly, in Hungary, those who voted for Orban, about 50% of the population, intend to hold on tight to their Christian heritage and refuse to accept the will imposed by the European Union of displacing their own by replacing them with an “army” of cheap labour coming from Africa and the Middle East. An “army” which is neither Christian nor European.

After all, during his campaign, Orban did bluntly accuse the EU of turning Hungary into an “immigrant country” that threatened their Christian identity. By choosing Orban, Hungarians also chose statal security and stability, over excessive liberty and overly compassionate and inclusive politics.

However, it is not the reactionary propositions found in Orban’s programme that should surprise public opinion the most. It is much more interesting, and certainly our duty as journalists, to point out that Viktor Orban is almost exclusively the one mainstream European leader who has pointed a finger at George Soros. Safely we can assume it was his middle one too.

Jokes aside, Orban’s strong and courageous campaign was almost entirely dedicated at destroying the figure of George Soros. He has personally attacked him not only as a pseudo-philanthropist guru but also as individual. Orban and Soros “go way back”, they have known each-other for more than twenty years.

When young Orban studied political science in the prestigious Oxford University it was Soros who sponsored most of Orban’s studies in Britain and connected him with high ranking academics, intellectuals, and visionaries.

Soros was a visionary himself, and towards the end of the eighties he began courting the bright youngsters he believed would fulfil his post-communist ultra liberal fantasies in eastern Europe.

At the time, Soros saw in Orban a future success, especially since the newly-elected president was at the time fervently anti-communist but also quite liberal and certainly not euro-sceptic.

It was in his later years that Orban perceived the threats of border-less nations and deregulated “crony capitalism”. In a matter of a few years, Orban became a robust right winger and anti-EU proponent. The type that favours “illiberal democracy”. The type that turns his back on his old mentor Soros, and fights off the threatening billionaire who has not only founded a series of global NGOs but also asserted himself in the financial and academic sector, recently establishing his very own Central European University headquartered in Budapest where students are regularly brainwashed with Frankfurt School neo-Marxist propaganda as they study to obtain political degrees.

Orban is astute, like an old fox, or a snake, perhaps a spooky combination of the two. His story is the story of someone who is a rebel at heart and will not take orders from anyone sitting in a higher position than him, whether that is Soros or the technocrats in Brussels.

Soros is the magnate that goes on televisions worldwide telling us that every EU member should accept at least one million undocumented migrants and refugees per year and have them on state benefits. Orban is the paternal, rural man who tells his own people they are special and deserve to have their own living space as well as their own dignity. You choose. I know the Hungarians already have.


When heroes are not good enough

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Anyone following up on the news in the past week has heard about Lieutenant Colonel Arnaud Beltrame. Now, make no mistake, although they don’t always do so in good faith, the mainstream media is absolutely right when they refer to him as a hero.

Lieutenant Beltrame was indeed a hero, someone who sacrificed his life for the French nation, a great European man. It is rare in modern times to find someone of such high moral value.

The Islamist terror attack that took place in Carcasonne and Trebes, in southwestern France, was another of our routine tragic events that take place in geographical Europe.

The gunman was a 25 year old fanatic who pledged allegiance to ISIS while taking the life of Lieutenant Beltrame in a supermarket. Prior to being a victim of homicide, Lieutenant Beltrame managed to successfully negotiate the freedom of other innocents present there in exchange for his own life.

That being said, there is one thing that surely bothers those who have read about this particular terror attack. The vile primitive being that conducted the attack, Redoauane Lakim, had been on a watch list for more than four years. Not four months, four years.

On top of that, Lakim was allowed to live relatively freely in the country instead of being punished severely for a series of past drug-related offenses. Moreover, if he had wanted he could have easily moved around the European Union territory without too much difficulty. Perhaps, even reach Syria to fight for ISIS. After all, this has happened on several occasions.

While the media and the establishment, including the French President Macron, of course, overly focus on Lieutenant Beltrame’s heroic deed there are more terrorists out there just like Lakim who are ready to strike.

How many more heroes are we going to need to halt them? Are we supposed to just sit down and wait hoping that next time someone else from the police forces will be a hero? We need answers.

People across the continent cannot continue to fall for the propaganda pursued by liberal governments anymore. What the mainstream media now wants you to believe is that there are heroic men who will give their life for you if your time comes or that “everything is under control”.

This is a false sentiment. Islamist terrorism is having one of its greatest moments in history. Our enemies know very well that the situation has been tilted in their favour so much that there is only so much the European Union, and our individual state authorities and intelligence can do to stop them.

You might say; this is what happens when you let large numbers of undocumented people in illegally. However, the same happens when you let in the same large numbers of people in legally, who tend to reproduce with more frequency than the Occidental man, and let them live in free housing usually available in low market neighbourhoods where there is no chance for actual integration.

We have already lost the psychological war. The media expect us to feel acceptance fused with a sentiment of denial over terrorism. One must only briefly remember one of Sadiq Khan’s old statements about how terrorism is part and parcel of living in a “great global city”.

The matter of the fact is people are not even really surprised when they hear about terror related incidents. On the contrary, the average person is more than happy to take his “fifteen minutes of glory” offered by the media that talks about great heroes, and great multicultural futuristic visions.

The Guardian, Daily Telegraph, Le Monde, New York Times, and other news outlets will happily publish a heart-breaking and tear-jerking article every now and then about how we are fighting terrorism with heroic deeds or lighting candles in some random European capital.

They do this because they have no real answers to provide towards the Islamist terror question, and because they want to distract from reality; and take your attention away from the fact that still today there has been no military operation in conjunction with NATO and the European Union forces against ISIS on the Libyan shores and there have not been mass expulsions of people on watch-lists.

Meanwhile, the Americans and Russians are too busy being counterproductive and backing different anti-ISIS forces in Syria.

Our nations are constantly under threat, suffering vicious attacks perpetrated against us because of who we are and what we represent. We are the West, and sorry but heroes are not good enough anymore.

How certain conservatives have become today’s “revolutionaries”

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Conservatism is not the most modern ideology, or at least it is not perceived as such in its generic form. We can all agree on that. The first conservatives to be drawn to politics were ideologues that dated back as far as the 1790s, perhaps even earlier than the French Revolution. Immanuel Kant, along with Francois-Rene’ de Chateaubriand, and Edmund Burke can be considered as the central founding fathers of conservatism.

In one way or the other, directly or indirectly, they gave birth to traditional conservatism. This was the conservatism that opposed most of the values of the French Revolution but did not ever question or fail to credit the morality of the American one.

As a philosophy of life, that was both political and social, conservatives began their journey as those who firmly preserved institutions, traditionalist values (Christianity, Monarchism, etc), and fought for an organic society of hierarchy and authority as well as property rights.

In the world we live in now, things have changed. Conservatives are no longer the ones who at any cost defend the status quo. We have learnt from our mistakes, we have evolved and we understand that we are not in a position of power anymore. Many of us have been pushed to the fringes, and constantly attacked by liberal and progressives, who resort to calling us ugly names from their moral high-grounds. We all know what these are, no need for more detail. As Steve Bannon once said: “wear them as a badge of honour.”

In one way or another, conservatives are now considered to be the provocateurs of the new era. Without any doubt, a large portion of conservatives have opted for the easy way out; mixing with liberals, embracing post-modernist and progressive parties to remain in trivial positions of “power”, where they believe they can still call the shots by being a minority.

However, the real conservatives are still out there. They are now the ones who openly speak out against mass immigration (both legal and illegal), the dangers of the monopolies of bankers and multi-millionaires’ influence on state policies, and the corruption of the current legal system brought by Frankfurt School political theory.

The time has come for the right to look at itself in the mirror and compliment, flatter ourserlves. We shall do this not because we are winning everywhere, taking our nations back slowly, but we shall do it especially because we have embraced the vigorous, virile and playful spirit of Donald Trump, Nigel Farage, Milo Yiannoupoulos, Steve Crowder, Raheem Kassam, Boris Johnson and many others who belong to a different school of thought, but are still great conservatives, those like Marine Le Pen, and Geert Wilders.

Conservatives are aware that they cannot afford to be the old and uncharismatic, stubborn suit and tie bureaucrats, who are overly-reactionary and fear any sort of change, whether that is leaving the EU’s single market or letting a controversial speaker discuss views freely at Hyde Park Speaker’s Corner.

It is the liberal left that is intolerant and reactionary now, it is them along with their Amber Rudd-type classic liberals disguised as conservatives we must oppose with all our strength. After all, it was the former Young Turks presenter, Dave Rubin, who outlined that he had to leave the Democrat-sponsored American television programme because he realised there was nothing liberal about liberals anymore.

On the other hand, conservatism is not a strictly nationalistic, isolationist, philosophy of life anymore. We have created an international movement of people who are fed up with being told what to do and what to think. Tired of constantly hearing recognised majorities telling us that we must take responsibility for wars in Africa and embrace the exodus of their people at whatever cost or having them tell us traditionalist parties cannot push forward the idea that women should make more children but work six days a week in some sort of scientific field of work.

I do not normally like to use the word “revolutionary” but this time I have used it proudly because I believe that we are the forward thinkers, we are the future, and we will be back to take everything that belongs us. Also, lest we forget, “history is on our side”.

Brexit-inspired Italian electorate makes Brussels Eurocrats tremble in fear.

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For years, the Italian establishment, that old and stubborn political class close to Matteo Renzi’s centre-Left (former PM) and Silvio Berlusconi’s centre-Right (also former PM), has convinced Italian people that they had no option but to kneel down to the will of the European Union.

This of course, meant unquestionable support for the Central European banking system, Franco-German authoritarian imposition, and a disproportionate percentage of Italian laws to be decided in the Belgian non-nation, as Nigel Farage once referred to it, no offence, of course.

Italians have been along with other Europeans protagonists of history and have both culturally and socially contributed to the apparent democratic, secular, Western civilisation we have today. It is for this reason, that the common Italian man is starting to feel nauseated by this EU which appears as a giant, secured prison that is almost impossible to escape from. On March 4th, 2018, the populist and patriotic forces showed their great strength, winning the Italian election. More on that later.

We have to be honest, the Italian economy is a lot poorer than the ones of the nations to the north of the country. However, that Mediterranean pride comes out sometimes, and the average Italian now asks himself “Britain had a referendum, they left, so why can’t we?” or “Look, Britain democratically left the EU and now the Germans are acting like vengeful villains again”.

The post-war scenario did change a lot of things. Italians sympathise a lot more with the Atlantic powers, with the United States and United Kingdom rather than with the Germans. It’s no secret. It is what happens when you are not treated fairly. On the contrary, you have an out of touch middle-aged woman called Merkel telling you what to do, telling you how many refugees and illegal immigrants you have to take in each year when your own people are starving and sleeping in parked cars.

Angela Merkel, also known as the “fake Conservative”, is one of the most despised individuals in the peninsula; ironically she is probably hated more than Josip Broz Tito’s Communists who conducted mass killings of innocent Italians in Croatia and Slovenia after WW2.

The most recent elections that happened last week demonstrated that now there truly is a market for Eurosceptic ideas in the country. Matteo Salvini, from the older Northern League Party, who has met Trump before, and is a robust Eurosceptic economic nationalist and conservative, has often praised the results of the EU referendum in Britain.

His party was the most voted in the Italian right-wing coalition, and his chances of being nominated Prime Minister in the near future are quite high. He has promised the electorate that he will re-consider Italy’s involvement in the EU, and certainly hasn’t toned down his anti-Euro Currency rhetoric unlike the more centrist but populist 5-Star Movement.

Salvini is a bit like the Farage of Italy; he is a virile man who likes to smoke and have a few drinks with friends. He is the hero of the working and middle classes. He believes that once he is Prime Minister it will be the people who ask him for a referendum, the same people that like him are fed up with mass immigration from Africa imposed by the EU, as well as the destruction of the agriculture and fishing sector.

On the other winning side, we have Luigi Di Maio’s party, externally maneuvered by millionaire, comedian, Beppe Grillo, who in the past has been a close ally of Farage at a European level. Grillo who for years campaigned to not only leave the Euro, but the EU as a whole, has now told his party officials to tred lightly on the EU issue.

The 5-star movement has obtained almost 33% of the vote, and has been the most voted party (without alliances) precisely because during the initial campaign it has asserted itself as a force that will not be bullied by the EU, and expects Italy to be treated equally to France and Germany.

If things don’t change quickly, especially with regards to the Schengen agreement and immigration, both Di Maio and Salvini have said that they will choose to opt out of the bloc.

Now, after the elections, which have basically accidentally gave birth to the Italian “Third Republic”, there is somewhat of a stalemate, since it is unclear whether the Prime Minister will be one from the Northern League or from 5-star.

Nonetheless, there will be an extremely euro-sceptic government in place, one that recognises that the world is not only made of EU suit and tie bureaucrats who lack the charisma and humanity to lead real nations with an identity that goes beyond economic affairs and candle-lighting gatherings to justify undemocratic multiculturalism.

Mainstream news outlets talk about France or the Netherlands being the possible next ones to the leave the EU. They are wrong. They underestimate the pain and suffering the southern Europeans have gone through, an entire population which is ready to revolt against the establishment like never before, and give the thumbs up, and reach out to the new or maybe old saviours of western civilisation.

The Americans and Brits have already began to construct their New World Order, one of tradition, and solid democratic values. Italy wants to, and can be part of this project.


Mixed feelings for “young Le Pen” at CPAC

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First and foremost, let us get one thing straight to avoid any confusion; Marion is not Marine. Nonetheless, just like her aunt Marine Le Pen, the young lady does not fail to present herself as a risk-taker, a dominant, robust social conservative who does not back away from a challenge.

In this case, the challenge meant giving a speech in a foreign language, thousands of miles from home, on the other side of the Atlantic ocean, to a huge crowd of free-market obsessed, gun worshiping, American Republicans. Not all of them were happy and not all of them were appeased by Marion’s aesthetically pleasing looks.

The twenty-eight year old niece of the notorious “Devil of the Republic”, Jean-Marie Le Pen, gave a magnificent yet apparently controversial speech at the popular Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) just over a week ago.

Marion Le Pen’s positions are more to the right than any classical liberal or conservative. We should not feel the need to lie about that and compare her to a random candidate who falls on the losing side of the 2016 Republican primaries (a few of those were already present at CPAC).

Marion’s values are those of authority, nation, state, strong traditional family unit and many more. She is a devout Catholic, and unlike her aunt Marine, during the French elections last year, she campaigned for much more than just immigration reform. Most of her focus was on anti-abortion and preventing the degeneration of the traditional norms of society. She has strongly spoken out against homosexual adoption as well.

Several political analysts and commentators have stated that even if very young, she would have made a stronger candidate for the Front National than her aunt.

Her ten minute speech at CPAC was followed by constant clapping and cheering. A few Americans felt it was appropriate to yell “Vive la France!” at her. She outlined how important it was for conservatives worldwide to unite against globalism and mass immigration.

Marion even gave Trump her blessing, praising him for his incredible efforts and clearly stating that the only way forward is putting each one of our western countries first, looking after our own interests, our own communities, our own folk.

Marion rhetorically asked the energetic crowd “How did we get here?”, referring to Islamist terrorism and also pointing out that this most certainly was not the France and the Europe that her ancestors fought for in the Second World War. Americans can obviously relate to the struggle so it was necessary for her to point out that somewhere along the way, Western civilisation embarked on a dark path and is now having tremendous difficulties getting back on on track.

Towards the end of her speech, she alluded to sparking the “Conservative flame”; she put forward the idea “that tradition is not the worship of ashes but the preservation of fire”. This particular quote, and her presence at CPAC in general, made a few boring, old and decaying liberals disguised as Republicans, feel uncomfortable. A few of them like Glenn Beck took it on Twitter, complaining that Matt Schlapp, one of the main CPAC organizers, had given a platform to a “national-socialist”. Other Republicans, Ben Shapiro-like figures, very easily triggered by any one slightly more to the right than libertarianism, ironically suggested that next year perhaps Richard Spencer would be the main event.

The ‘American Conservative’,  a fiscally right-wing news outlet, was extremely hostile to Le Pen suggesting that someone who does not believe in privatised healthcare, the elimination of welfare, and wants to reorganise the banking system should not be invited at the event merely for being anti-immigration.

The discussion about the discrepancies between a Europeanist, ‘New Right’, and social movement like the Front National and American Republicanism is a long, and complicated one. However, one that has attentively read this piece will have noticed that I have indirectly and discretely underlined some. Now with the same discretion, it would be appropriate to leave the reader with a simple query:

If we are not able for any reason to come together as social conservatives, and join our efforts as right-wingers, how in the world do we expect to be able to defeat the globalist internationalists who have poured billions in creating this immoral, chaotic system which relies on mass immigration and trans-humanist theory?

Can Jacob Rees Mogg be the future of the British Right?

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Jacob Rees-Mogg, 48 years old, Member of Parliament for North-East Somerset, happily married family man with six children. The British right adores him, while the left unjustifiably accuses him of being and extremist, because they know his potential very well and fear him as an opponent.

Rees-Mogg is a Traditional Conservative. He has always represented the true values and spirit of earlier 20th Century Britain. With his pre-1968 upper class-male charisma, as well as his devout Christianity and patriotism, Rees-Mogg appears to be exactly what the British nation needs in this time of political chaos and loss of broader identity. It would be partisan not to acknowledge that a man of his decency, with not only traditional but also incredibly polite manners, could go a long way in positively influencing the future right-wing generations.

The post-Brexit climate of insecurity has led to great dispute within the party’s higher ranks, which consequently affected the British right by debilitating it. The same can be argued for UKIP, not doing so well since the departure of its Shakespearean tragic-hero Farage. However, if there is one character that can brightly look ahead as someone who cannot but gain from this situation; it is Rees-Mogg. Like Donald Trump, but in an extremely different way and with an Eton-educated conduct, Rees-Mogg has been a great opportunist.

He is now no longer on the hard-right fridge of the Conservative Party but has reached for the light at the end of the tunnel. A series of fortunate, but well calculated events, put him in a favourable position with the public. The way he handled the assault by the “Anti-Fascist” thugs during a speech he was giving at Bristol University was exceptional. He was nonchalant, courageous and gave off the idea of someone who can annihilate his adversaries with classy mannerism and a series of logical arguments.

Apart from the events in Bristol, Rees-Mogg has also managed to be perceived as a hard anti-European Union Brexiteer while at the same time being a friend to European citizens. On live television, more than once, he has made it clear that he supports the rights of Europeans who have come to Britain legally and under a fair understanding of British law, proposing that after Brexit those who already reside in Britain should not in any way be affected retrospectively. The consequence of him pushing forward this idea has gained him popularity in headlines from Conservative-inclined newspapers in places such as France, Italy and Spain.

The fact that Rees-Mogg adheres to a traditional version of conservatism does not make him in a stubborn bigot who needs to “toe the party line” on every single issue. On the contrary, on foreign policy Rees-Mogg has given a demonstration of open-mindedness, even challenging the stance of his own party at times. An example of this would be when he asserted that fighting a war against Assad in Syria on the side of the Syrian Rebels is counterproductive as it increases both terrorism and mass immigration. Rees-Mogg has effectively proven to be one of the rarest of Tories that thinks outside of the box.

The MP from North-East Somerset is not to be underestimated.

The Donald keeps his “America-First!” pledge.

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Donald J. Trump is a man of his word. Even the most biased, moaning and stubborn of Democrats are starting to comprehend that the “bombastic-billionaire” President has truly been keeping most of his promises. Whether one likes it or not, both Democrats and Republicans need to be appreciative of the fact that it is the first time in a while that America is governed by a President who actually delivers.

The Democrats are frightened at this moment in time. Most of them are shaking as they sit around in their up-market villas in Coral Gables, Greenwich, or Palm Beach, waiting for Trump to possibly make a mistake in foreign policy, or for any miscalculation which would weaken his position and, in the worst case scenario, lead to impeachment. This hasn’t happened yet, the Russian investigation has not revealed enough if anything at all. Trump has demonstrated tremendous ability especially when it comes to domestic policies. The administration has stuck to the “America-First” program. Economic Bannon-style nationalism is what the American people asked for when they voted in November 2016.

If one decides to look at the beginning of  Trump’s term objectively, it is fairly simple to point out where and how the President has effectively put America First. The renegotiation of NAFTA, the pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership deal and the Paris Climate Accord are all parts of the same deal. These actions are meant to reinstate an American monopoly on capital. It is clear that with Trump at its lead the USA will not accept putting its national interests second in line. Trump pushed for economic growth focusing on the stock market and, among other things, Americans now find themselves with a domestic product that expanded at a rate of 3.3%. He is bound to give the American market system a good shake.

Trump’s most recent development has been to impose high tariffs on imported machinery such as solar panels and washing machines originating from China and South Korea. This of course, has led to great panic worldwide, especially among the most savage of “free-trade gurus” and miscellaneous scaremongers who argue this will lead to a trade war with China and other nations. However, objectively speaking, what the tariffs will do is give the USA an opportunity to create more manufacturing jobs. It is very likely that now this type of specialised machinery will be finally produced in America, ultimately benefiting the nation as a whole.

“America-First” is not purely about economics though. Radical but efficient immigration policies such as imposing a ban on people traveling from seven countries on the Islamist terror watchlist, that awkwardly for the Democrats, Obama drew up, has made Americans feel secure again in their communities giving people an opportunity to have a say in what type of future they want for their children and in what direction they want their nation to go. America-First is about putting Americans first, more importantly it is about making Americans feel second to none.

The tragedies British and European detainees face in foreign lands

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Laura Plummer and her husband

If there is one thing we learnt with certainty by the conclusion of the year, it is that travelling to a country where Sharia law is the rule of the land can be exceptionally risky for anyone of European descent or at least anyone travelling from the European continent. Unfortunately, this includes our fellow Britons.

In the past few months, there have been at least three striking cases of British citizens withheld as detainees in nations where Sharia law is applied. The tragedy suffered by British journalist Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe, 40, which everyone has read about in The Times or the Daily Telegraph, is only one of the many cases of British citizens being held as political prisoners in foreign lands. Zaghari-Ratcliffe, who has worked for several media organisations in Britain, has been incoherently and unjustly accused of “attempting to topple the Iranian regime”.

Another ambiguous case is that of Laura Plummer, 33 (pictured above), who risks ten years imprisonment in Egypt merely for having brought a high dose of Tramadol (painkillers) to her ill husband, who resided in a country that is clearly inclined to the use of anti-democratic and authoritarian measures. Let us not forget that Egypt is a location where to this day vicious terror attacks against Christians occur with frequency.

However, what is truly shocking is that similar cases to those mentioned above do not only happen in strictly traditionalist and reactionary Sharia states such as Iran, Egypt or even Libya but have also occurred in the ‘westernised’ and ‘capitalist’ United Arab Emirates.

A young British woman named Asa Hutchinson, 21, may indeed face prosecution in Dubai. The reasons for her arrest in November were unclear, and the investigation was most likely conducted in a superficial manner. The British youngster has been accused of disturbing a man sleeping in the lobby of a hotel room while taking pictures of him with her friends. As fictitious as the story may sound, according to UAE law the accusation is serious enough to have her locked up in a local prison after having manipulated her into signing concession papers written in Arabic.

Tragic incidents involving young British citizens are not new to Sharia states. Britain still hasn’t healed after the homicide of diplomat Rebecca Dykes, 30, in Beirut, Lebanon. Moreover, the British are not the only ones to have suffered tragic fates in certain countries. The murder of the Italian former Cambridge student Giulio Regeni, carried out by Egyptian police authorities in Cairo and the unfortunate events of several French travellers throughout the year have marked a new low in diplomatic relations between European countries and Sharia states.

Something needs to be done, justice needs to be done.

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