DISGUSTING: Labour Shadow Home Secretary SLAMS Chequers Deal As Too Anti-EU

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In a recent statement, Labour’s Shadow Home Secretary Emily Thornberry has called the Chequers deal ‘nonsense’ and Labour shall block any deal with the European Union that forms on that plan.

She felt that the plan was ‘full of red tape’ and ‘would not work’, all the while highlighting that for her party, it failed the six tests the party has set when it has come to Brexit.

Thornberry has become the first major Labour politician to confirm that Labour shall not accept this deal, with the party itself stating that its plans on the matter remain the same, and other members like their Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union Keir Starmer only up to this point suggesting that Labour would not accept a deal based on the Chequers arrangement.

Whether this shall be the final nail in the deeply unpopular deal is yet to be seen.

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