Left or Right, We’ve All Been Duped? Our Traitor Class Are Planning To Murder You NEXT?

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Left or Right, we Have All Been Duped? Our Traitor Class Planning A Murder – Are You NEXT?

Free Tommy Robinson Petition Tommy Robinson truth sayer champion for Free Speech.

OK, as a newbie, researching like hell and learning fast. I’m starting to see through the smoke and it’s uglier than I first thought. Forget about Brexit, forget about the right and forget about the left. I think we have all been had! #WakeUp We have all been Duped!

The left support Islam because they have bought into the emotional sale. The Tories support the globalists because they bought into the global government power control sale but we are all ruled by Islam…

The Tories support both – they toe the lines of power. Yet they are not in power.

If you don’t believe me, there are two simple things you can do to check:
1. Voltaire once said if you want to find out who rules over us, see who you cannot criticise?
2. Go and research who our (real) president is?

Forget Brexit Left Right We Have All Been Duped? Our Traitor Class Planning A Murder – Are You NEXT? Free Tommy Robinson Petition
Tommy is in jail for one reason – he criticised those who really do rule over us. Tommy is a TruthSayer, a champion for FreeSpeech. The reason why it was unlike anything British i.e. the judge being the witness, the alleged victim, judge lawyer and jury, Tommy not having access to his lawyer, Tommy being arrested and tried within 3 hours, the judge having no care for Tommy’s safety. This is not British; these are not British values of fairness, fair play and caring. WHY? It is because the British are not ruling over us any more.

We are an incidental caught between two powers. We wave our little flags but it means nothing. It’s not enough – what is encroaching upon us is deadly serious, and deadly it is. This time the people need to unite. It’s Time4Change. We need to remove our #TraitorClass. It’s time to take the blinkers off – both the left and the right, and ask yourself: do you really want to be ruled by this power? This force? Your petty party politics, left or right, is what is going on. It’s just a smoke screen, keeping us all stupid to the reality… #TheTruth…

Left, Right, We Have All Been Duped? Our Traitor Class Planning A Murder – Are You NEXT? Sign the Free Tommy Robinson Petition

Sometimes it’s obvious that the right ideas are right, in front of us and some ideas need to be left behind, but the important thing is to take a good idea right inside you no matter whether you’re right or left. We just need to take the right from the left to the right and just focus on doing what’s right for the right reasons. Tommy Robinson truth sayer champion for Free Speech.

Tommy Robinson truth sayer champion for Free Speech was arrested as a freelance reporter reporting on Pakistani Muslim Child-Rape Gangs who have been allowed to run free terrorising our society. He has also exposed possible Jihadi attacks killing children on our streets. Just Google ‘car mounts pavement’ or YouTube ‘car mounts pavement’ or Justice For Our Boys

Justice for our boys Tracy Blackwell Josh Kennedy George Wilkinson Harry Rice Murdered by Jaynesh Chudasama

Tracy Blackwell London, UK
We are the parents of Josh aged 16 Harry aged 17 and George aged 16, who were murdered by Jaynesh Chudasama and his passenger on the 26th January 2018.

‘I have never met a more courageous braver man in my whole life’ – Kevin Carroll talking about Tommy Robinson 9 June 2018
Tommy who has spoken up for so many of us is unable to speak because our traitor class has silenced him. Are they planning his murder? So on the 9th of June at the Free Tommy rally his faithful cousin Kevin Carroll spoke for Tommy, here is what he had to say…

This is just another example of how Tommy Robinson cared about our people and was fearless in pursuing his quest to expose the evil that is covered up by our quisling leaders our true traitor class.

Tommy Robinson is a true hero of the people for the people he tackled freedom of speech and exposing the vicious Muslim Pakistani paedophile child rape gangs… why are we not up in arms?

Wake up Britain, they just demonised and jailed the whistleblower who is defending you! Now it’s your turn to defend him. #freetommy #freetommynow #freetommyrobinson

If you search for “car mounts pavement” on Google you will find many examples of these kinds of crimes such as
“Van driver who mounted pavement in a revenge attack has sentence cut on appeal”
“Car mounts the pavement and mows down the group of people outside London bar”
What is so shocking is the light sentences they are getting – how many of these are deliberate?

Never Forgotten?? Lee Rigby (5 Years today) ?? Manchester Bombing (1 year today) ?? Saffie Rose Roussos ?? John Atkinson ??Olivia Campbell-Hardy??Kelly Brewster?? Alison Howe?? Lisa Lees ??Angelika Klis?? Marcin Klis ??Martyn Hett??Nell Jones ??Jane Tweddle-Taylor ??Chloe Rutherford ??Liam Curry?? Michelle Kiss?? Elaine McIver ??Wendy Fawell?? Eilidh MacLeod?? Sorrell Leczkowski ??Courtney Boyle ?? Philip Tron ?? Megan Hurley??Georgina Callander??

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Forget Brexit Left Right We Have All Been Duped? Our Traitor Class Planning A Murder Are You NEXT? Free Tommy Robinson Petition
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Nick Hurd, you have some questions to answer for us!!

Forget Brexit Left Right We Have All Been Duped? Our Traitor Class Planning A Murder – Are You NEXT? Free Tommy Robinson Petition

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