Is Our Traitor Class Going To Murder Tommy Robinson? Sign the #FreeTommy Robinson Petition

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Is Our Traitor Class Going To Murder Tommy Robinson? #TruthSayer #FreeTommy Robinson Petition?

As a relative newbie to this cause I am saddened to see so much internal division.

Luke Nash-Jones and I met an American in London after the march and he saw our posters and our red hats with “Make Britain Great Again”. He said “I love that”, then he asked what we were protesting for and to take a picture of us, and he said that’s what they called the Brits during the war – Tommies.

They were known for their fighting spirit! How many Tommies died fighting a Nazi ideology for the freedom of our country and of Europe? Isn’t that the whole point? ‘We are all Tommy’?

Tommy Robinson has put himself in danger as a #TruthSayer #ExposingEvil fighting this cause because he believes he is doing so for the right reasons, and he is right, he has shown us the way, he exposes the truth. He exposes what needs to be exposed and what our #TraitorClass has worked very hard to #coverup.

Tommy Robinson has shown us the knowledge. He has shown us great courage. He has shown us WHY and HOW to articulate the argument… isn’t the best way to honour that to learn from him and amplify the argument?

We are fighting for Brexit but Is Our Traitor Class Going to Murder Tommy Robinson #TruthSayer #FreeTommy Robinson Petition?
It’s Time4Change we need to remove the #TraitorClass.

Our #TraitorClass have been complicit in the cover-up for decades of Pakistani Muslim grooming child rape gangs and Tommy has been a lone TruthSayer trying desperately to warn us about it and in return, our #TraitorClass have persecuted Tommy…

It’s Time to #WakeUp, it’s time to #StandUp its #Time4Change it’s time to switch the TV off and support this cause. It’s more serious than you think!

Your world is being stolen from below your feet… if you don’t want to live in a fascist society then it’s time to make your voice heard.

Forget about left or right, you have all been hoodwinked into infighting while they steal your country and destroy your values.

We need you now in your 1,000s, your 100s of thousand and your millions, we need you all to articulate those arguments.

We need an army of you being brave and confident like Tommy and to help continue on his journey.

We need you all to get famous and when Andy Warhol’s quote becomes a reality and we each have our say, our 17 minutes of fame then our job is done and the problem would be solved.

Evil cannot hide in d’light! It needs the cover of darkness to hide. Now is the time to shine D’Light and expose the evil in its true full slimy form!

Remember why we are fighting! What are we fighting for?

We are fighting for Brexit But Is Our Traitor Class Going To Murder Tommy Robinson #TruthSayer #FreeTommy Robinson Petition?

We are fighting for the thousands of child girls being gang-raped.
We are fighting to bring London and UK back from the murder capital of the world to its former kind, peaceful society
We are fighting for our #FreedomofSpeech #FreeSpeech
We are fighting for Brexit, we cannot be free of this tyranny with Brexit it is our only way!

We are fighting the deliberate murderous jihadi attacks covered up and disguised by our authorities and car accidents or dangerous driving.

It’s time to drop the infighting and not get caught up in hosting other people’s battles… don’t be duped into hosting other people’s battles or thinking there is a left and a right; you have all been duped, this battle is bigger – our society is being destroyed!

We are fighting this for our country and our rights and freedoms and those defenceless girls being raped and our citizens being mowed down and covered up… not for any other reason!

It’s our job to talk to everyone, everything, and anything – spread the message and get on every channel possible… talk talk talk.

There is a concerted effort to remove free speech from this country:

Demonise and criminalise any criticism of Islam.

Free speech is under attack.

Now they are planning to murder Tommy Robinson…

London and the UK is now dramatically worse than it was a year ago and has been in a steady decline since Blair was in power, and now in recent years has started to spin into an accelerated decline.

Go to the Marches.
Support #Freetommy cause on his official site only covered up
email this Leicester MP and tell him your concerns [email protected] Support Make Britain Great Again

I don’t say this to many men but I love you, Tommy Robinson or Steven Yaxley Lennon… You are a True HERO!!!! We all love you!

We are fighting for Brexit But Is Our Traitor Class Going To Murder Tommy Robinson #TruthSayer #FreeTommy Robinson Petition?
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Go to the Marches
Support #FreeTommy cause on his official site only
email this Leicester MP and tell him your concerns [email protected]
Support Make Britain Great Again http://mbganews.com

We are fighting for Brexit But Is Our Traitor Class Going To Murder Tommy Robinson #TruthSayer #FreeTommy Robinson Petition?



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