Don’t Fall for Sajid Javid’s Sudden Windrush Deportation Publicity Stunt

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Last weekend, on Saturday, within 24 hours of the imprisonment of hero of the people, Tommy Robinson, thousands of patriots had assembled for a march led by Janice Atkinson MEP, Gerard Batten MEP, Raheem Kassam, and myself. The British people are furious with how the police and the judiciary have treated a man who for decades has spoken out so bravely against the rape on an industrial scale of our children.

During my speech in Victoria Tower Gardens, outside of Parliament, I pointed out that the boss of the police force is Sajid Javid, the newly appointed Home Secretary. Within days of him taking up the job, Tommy was banged up.

I questioned how we, the British people feel, if he is going to lock up those who stand for rule of law. We don’t just fear being called “racist” for condemning child abuse, but that we will be sent to jail.

Within days, Sajid Javid suddenly took a hardline on the Windrush migrants. ‘I don’t want them back’, said Javid, as he demanded roughly a third of the Windrush migrants deported (32) had committed serious offences and were NOT welcome to return to the UK.

Did the government fear that any patriotic leaning members of the Tory party, or at least those who cherish free speech, may lose patience with Theresa May, and join UKIP, whose MEPs so boldly joined me in Victoria Tower Gardens to condemn the police state that oppresses us?

The timing of Javid’s remarks seem far too perfect. The media, including seeming Tory fan boys, the Daily Mail, was quick to portray him with a “no nonsense”, as tough on illegal immigration image. Was this just a step to placate the patriots who fear he has betrayed the nation? A quick publicity stunt to give a show of patriotism and rule of law?

Don’t fall for it! This is hardly a great courageous act. These persons had to be deported by law anyway. If he wants to get tough on crime, he could demand Theresa May call for a public inquiry into the Islamist rape gang epidemic that plagues this country, destroying the lives of thousands of young girls.

As Home Secretary, he could demand the police stop being politically correct, but crack down heavily on Islamist preachers on London streets who said to my face (on video) that they approve of raping children. As Home Secretary, he has the power to stop the creeping Wahhabist influence in our country, such as the investment in mosques, and the entering of our country by radical imams.

Javid’s hard man image played well for the Tories, as he was criticised by their main rivals Labour. David Lammy pipped that British citizens should not be evicted even if they had committed crimes. This provides Theresa’s boys with a tough, patriotic image, to save their votes next election, and reduce the power of growing populist, patriotic parties.

However, while I believe there are proud nationalists within that party, I have no such confidence whatsoever in their cowardly, spineless, globalist leader, Theresa Mayhem.



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