Labour CRISIS Deepens as Jezza’s Stooge Is Parachuted Into Londonistan

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The Labour crisis has further deepened and caused fury as a Corbyn puppet will be parachuted in to Lewisham for the upcoming by-election.

Angry party members have criticised the Labour leader following claims a hard-left candidate for next month’s by-election will be pushed forward.

Once again the Labour boss has been accused of a “stitch up” and of squashing local democracy by pushing a shortlist of solely hard-left candidates and rushing the selection process next week.

Rather than going down the traditional route to decide who fills the outgoing Heidi Alexander’s slot, it is claimed Mr Corbyn and top officers at Labour’s ruling body the National Executive Committee (NEC) will have the final say on a selection of candidates instead, in a stab in the back to the traditional Labour members.

Ian McKenzie, the party’s constituency chair, wrote to local members urging them to sign a petition against the undemocratic decision.

He begged: “We have just hours to have our voice heard on who our future MP is. “Don’t let the NEC officers group take away our party democracy. Act now!”

Mr Mckenzie added: “Good luck having your say if you are a shift worker, nurse on duty in the NHS, or a local member of the FBU working at the fire station.”

Richard Angell, head of the Progress campaign group, blasted: “It is a total stitch up treating one of the safest seats in country like it is the swing marginal Copeland. Pathetic really.”

Furious members vowed to quit in a show of defiance to the controversial plan, calling it an attack on democracy. The party has recently suffered a sharp drop in members with many citing that ‘it is not the party they joined decades ago and no longer speaks of the working class’. There were also claims of embarrassment of supporting a party that has failed to address the growing antisemitism issue.

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