TeamBolton smacks of DESPERATION: Wild suggestions of sexual crime

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One of the most prolific pro-Henry Bolton supporters online is Marty Caine, who runs a registered political party called Engage; hence, one would presume he is not a member of UKIP.

As Caine has set up a party to compete with UKIP, surely it would be in his interest for the purples to have a weak leader. One has to wonder why he backs Bonkerous Bolter so fervently?

Caine’s recent posts smack of desperation, as he resorts to calling our Editor-in-Chief, Puke. Is this kindergarten?

As Nash-Jones points out, one of the saddest things about the whole Bolter fiasco is the way that people old enough to be his parents are behaving. Walking out on one’s family at Xmas is shameful, as is the supposed dumping of his wife by text; the condoning of such hedonism by mature(?) adults is disgraceful.

Marty Caine even resorted to a tweet claiming to be looking for a UKIP member on the sex offenders list. This we take as an attempt to intimidate and silence MBGA News.

If Bonkerous Bolton is so incredible, why does the truth need to be hidden? Why did Deena Chapman, wife of former UKIP Surrey chair, with support of new chair Helena Windsor, seek to destroy videos of Bolton’s speech in Frimley?

Meanwhile, UKIP Daily claims to have received threat of legal action from Bolton, while Kipper Central received a tweet that appeared to suggest Horny Hooray Henry wants them shut down.

Other frequent Twitter warriors defending Banging Bolton include Mark Childs, and Ronnie Cole, who told a UKIP member that she only criticised Henry because her tampon was sideways. Charming!



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