Henry Bolton Wishes It Be Legal to ASSAULT (or KILL?) Party Member

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Former policeman Henry Bolton has said he wishes the law would let him assault, perhaps kill, a party member who criticised him – he has clearly said he wishes he could have a duel with UKIP activist Warren Whitmore; such battle is fought to either first wound, or to death.

What an encouraging party leader indeed! Rather than respond to feedback, investigating complaints, his tweet says to assault, or depending on rules of the duel, kill the party member who questioned his leadership. What does Bolton think he is the leader of? Communist Zimbabwe?

If someone’s argument is so “impressive” you can’t defeat them, the man known for talk of strangling badgers will resort to the left-wing tactic of wishing to silence them with violence. Hardly surprising considering that he was until three years ago a LibDem – the party is known for “positive liberty”/progressivism.

Trixy Sanderson responded to Henry Bolton, “Do you disagree with someone? Try to kill them, then!”

He was clearly triggered like a snowflake at the Surrey meeting a week ago when I challenged him, asking how UKIP can call itself a party of traditional family values after his recent conduct.

Moreover, UKIP Daily has been threatened with legal action, in what can only be taken as an effort to silence them, while Kipper Central informs that they have received messages (we have seen) that imply they will be booted out the party for criticising the leader.






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