Firemen SHUT DOWN city streets in fear of terror attack

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There was once a time, when during December, mothers would take their kids to the shops without fear of a jihadist nutjob slaughtering them to death, in broad daylight with a sword like some medieval invader. Gone are those days! Britain has fallen.

A fire engine parked at the top of Fargate in Sheffield city centre is there for ‘reassurance’ purposes, according to South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. Reassurance of what? That the state has measures up to stop Islamists killing people buying Christmas pressies! The road has literally been closed, blocked off by a fire engine.

This isn’t normal! People are carrying on their lives as if this is, to quote Sadiq Khan, “part and parcel” of life in a modern city. An absurd proposition, considering that Japan has some of the largest cities in the world, but doesn’t have to put concrete blocks around markets, in case some Sharia extremist decides to go on a butchering spree, slaughtering the “kaffir”.

ISIS scum threatens to kill those who attend unholy Xmas markets

The increased presence of state forces is because ISIS has declared that it will attack this December. Armed police have been seen patrolling Christmas markets across the country, but they are clearly struggling so much to control the jihadist problem, that they are calling on the fire brigade for back-up. With things this rough, it is time Theresa May showed some strength, and had the army patrol our streets.

Britain has a long-established principle of ‘negative liberty”, with concepts such as “an Englishman’s home is his castle”, and our insistence on “freedom of religion” that brought to an end bloodshed due to conflict between Catholic and Protestant.

But the Islamist would seek to end such peace. They can not tolerate the fact that in this traditionally Judeo-Christian culture, people commit the great sin of celebrating Christmas. It is time to ditch the failed experiment of multiculturalism. We need the government to firmly adopt a principle of integration, of respect for our laws, including freedom of belief for Christians and atheists.

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