Farage: Labour has “become a Remainer party”

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Following Thursday’s Commons setback for Prime Minister Theresa May, UKIP MEP Nigel Farage claimed that the real story was overlooked, suggesting that Labour have now become the ‘remain party’.

Farage went on to say “Mr Corbyn had not been forthcoming with Leave voters at the June election, claiming that his position has now moved towards accepting the single market”.

“The story that everyone has been missing – the real reason the Government lost, the real reason Parliament now has a veto against Brexit – is that the Labour Party that has been through the big transformation.”

Farage ripped into the Labour party for turning overwhelmingly pro-EU, in disloyalty to the five million voters for the party who also voted to leave the EU. Additionally, Tony Blair came out this weekend urging the Labour party to prioritise stopping Brexit over winning the next election in a move that shocked the party faithful.

Many Leave voters who lent their vote to the Labour party in June will feel betrayed after being given reassurances in the General Election that Corybn would honour the will of the people. What many call ‘total hypocrisy’ has left much anger especially given the Labour leader has a record of having voted against every single European treaty presented to him in the Commons since 1983 before the latest u-turn.

It was a week to forget for Labour who today saw Diane Abbott on The Andrew Marr Show backtrack on Brexit saying “Labour does not back a second referendum“ only for colleague Tom Watson to later suggest on Pienaar “We can’t rule out a second referendum”. Incidentally the self proclaimed ‘Bulldogs of Brexit’, the UK Independence Party, has risen 4% in the national polls since last week’s events.



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