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This weekend two political party conferences were held where speakers claimed to be the voice of conservatism, be it Theresa May of the so named party, and her plan for a soft approach to Brexit, or UKIP’s London Assembly member David Kurten declaring his party members are the real “forces of conservatism”. Clearly the two do not stand for the same thing. Who are the real conservatives?

The distinction is what people want to conserve: the traditional British way of life, or the globalistic approach to business and the hedonistic destruction of civilisation that emerged in the Sixties. In his incredible speech, #BasedKurten clearly pointed out his difference as he mentioned the Tory Cabinet minister Justine Greening’s promotion of the decay of society by pushing gender fluidity – blatant cultural Marxism; the opposite of true conservatism. In contrast, Kurten called for a rejection of 69 genders nonsense, and to protect the family.

Kurten’s speech here is PERFECT – on edge, not outside Overton window, and firmly addressing the crux of the matter: cultural Marxism. Islamofascism is not the only threat to Britain. Nor is Corbyn. Nor is the EU. Marxism/#AltLeft is the root cause, the evil that unites this all.

The Conservative party certainly has some persons who earnestly wish to preserve family, faith and flag, as can be seen by the slogan of the Cornerstone group. Jacob Rees-Mogg certainly shows patriotism, and listens to the will of the people on Brexit. The problem is that these persons are outnumbered by the Marxists who have infiltrated, now run the Tory party, and literally block those who don’t fit the globalist agenda. Members didn’t even get to vote on who would be their party leader. I myself was summoned to the Tory HQ where some Canadian lefty drip tried to reprimand me for opposing the evil that is multiculturalism.

On the other hand, Kurten gave a potent speech that would certainly not be out of place at a US Republican conference, as he promoted traditional family values, and a love of the nation. His comments on postmodernism reminded me of Jordan Peterson. The British lion certainly did roar as the man Bolton suggested Kurten should be UKIP deputy leader, did not hesitate to name the real threat to Britain: cultural Marxism – the only politician so boldly speaking this truth. My spine literally tingled. This man is red-pilled! This man has courage! This man can save Britain!

Meanwhile at the Tory conference, Mrs Maybe was standing with her fellow Remoaner and postmodernist, Ruth Davidson, who is about as conservative as Vince Cable. Most Scottish, London, and Welsh Tories resemble the stuck up pompous globalist Liberal Democrats. They are RINOs: Rightwing In Name Only – a phrase I ask you to use frequently. I felt far happier talking to UKIP Scotland leader David Coburn, who standing in an impressive kilt was talking with me about the need to preserve the finest civilisation mankind ever knew!

The highlight has to be Kurten’s bold takedown of the Marxist control of academia, something he knows of well, having worked in education. Some Young Independence members, who are MBGA News fans, asked me to livestream their fringe event. To be fair I was disappointed that Kurten’s comments on the education system were not reflected in speeches given, even by Jake Painter, the students’ spokesperson.

Departing YI chair, Jamie Ross McKenzie’s comment on the importance of our Christian heritage, be we theist or atheist, was excellent. It reminded me of speeches by Tea Party Republicans, or my praise of the basis of our Western moral values in my speech outside 10 Downing Street last week, and at the Swindon Brexit Rally a month ago.

However, while YI seems to have some passionate members, it will only have purpose if it makes its core purpose to campaign against cultural Marxism that dominates campuses with their trigger warnings and safe spaces. Instead one speech was a bit of an angry rant with a wild claim Tories never truly backed Brexit – 50% of Leave voters were Tory. The student spokesman knew that I, now a very disillusioned Tory waiting to see if Kurten is made deputy, produced Young Brexit the Movie, in which the student featured, and I also gave speeches, arranged rallies, and heavily campaigned. Leading the University of London Brexit Society, I know BOTH young kippers and Tories did very little activism.

Criticising Theresa or Corbyn makes good sense, but calling all Tories or Labourites “evil” will not draw any disillusioned people to UKIP. Even Farage himself stood on a stage with Labour and Tories to push Brexit. The Bruges Group, the People’s Charter Foundation, and the Bow Group have supporters from various parties. If UKIP student societies are to challenge freedom on campus, they should while standing firm as a group to their beliefs, carefully make Vote Leave / Grassroots Out style alliances with anyone who wants to stop cultural Marxist control of student unions.

As for broader society in general, a fight back is needed! We must stand for true right wing principles. I appreciate Bannerman’s Campaign for Democracy calling for Tory members to have a say in who leads them, but there was no opposition to the Marxist infiltration! Somehow we need a truly right wing government. One option would be as Trump did – to defeat the cuckservative candidates and use a large, well-funded party machine, backed by passionate activists, but with Leadsom having been shoved aside for being Christian, I doubt the soft hedonistic progressive globalist postmodernist wet faction of the Tory party will ever allow Mogg to be leader.

The other option – and I care for the end result only; not football club style party loyalty that lacks concern for principles (a problem in BOTH the Tories and UKIP) – is for UKIP to embrace Kurten’s message, to seize the opportunity, as a massive void exists on the political spectrum. It was UKIP’s surge to win a national election of EU MEPs, and as much as kippers seem to despise him, the fear of more Tory MPs following Carswell to switch to purple, that led to Cameron allowing an EU referendum. In fact, if somehow Kurten and Mogg were leading the same party together, Britain would be saved.

Even if UKIP, due to First Past the Post, does not win a general election, it can still, if organised, if focussed on fighting Marxism and demanding Brexit, change government policy.



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Luke is the Director of the People's Charter Foundation, and the Editor-in-Chief of the RedPill Factory. When he isn't leading protests against the BBC, or speaking at Brexit rallies, he is sneaking into alt-left meetings, despite sometimes being punched, to report on the evil of Marxism.