Sixth terror attack on London! We must stand against political correctness.

Saturday we assembled in London to speak out against violence. Many people, afraid to speak out, crippled by political correctness, would sooner lie that we are Nazis, though my speech clearly featured the phrase “We hate Nazis”. We stood for one thing only: peace. We have had enough of the terrorism, the FGM, and “grooming” gangs.

That very night, there was another terror attack on London. Six people were injured in a massive acid attack after a gang of men sprayed a noxious substance. How many more of our people must be injured, raped, and killed before we say, enough is enough?

Those who did not join us on the 23rd to march for freedom should hang their heads low in shame! You would forsake your own nation, your people, for fear of social stigma.

Enough of virtue signalling! It is time for the British people stand up! We must show that Saxon spirit that Rudyard Kipling spoke of! We must display the bravery of those men who perished on the shores of France at D-Day, the spirit of the Crusaders who shouted Deus Vult, the courage of those who defended these lands from Vikings and Romans. To hell with political correctness!

Witnesses described the panic in the moments after the mass attack as injured people hurried to wash their faces and limbs with water. Paramedics treated six people for injuries as one man repeatedly screamed ‘I can’t see’ in Stratford station.

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