Abolish the TV Licence Fee

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In 1922 when the BBC was established times were very different, one would often hear of neighbours leaving their doors unlocked and there was a real sense of community. This was the backbone and principles of the BBC, a bastion of truth that we felt a close connection with and could trust with our lives. It was a feeling of friendship, someone who was taking care of us and always watching over us. This continued until up until the mid ‘90s but after then a dark cloud has formed over the organisation that has seen it spiral in to the beast it is now that must be slayed.

No matter what channel one wishes to watch, the British people are compelled by force to pay a licence fee to fund an organisation that is commonly felt that fails to report on news accurately and fairly, while seeming pushing a left wing agenda and quashing the right to free speech unless it follows their schema. The BBC publishes biased articles and reports on news selectively, thus subliminally swaying public opinion.

Recently we heard about some of the obscene salaries that some of the presenters command. Champagne Socialists such as Gary Lineker who tell us we should be welcoming mass immigration into society while he lives in a mansion and does not have to queue to see a doctor or struggle to buy a house on the best part of £2 million salary. Twenty thousand homes must pay their TV licence to pay for him to present Match of the Day, please think about that.

The political correctness is on another level. As soon as one connects to the BBC Facebook page it is evident with the banner that this is anything but what we would call British. It is almost laughable that the presenting line up and any programme made by the organisation is a box ticking exercise on an industrial scale. One could argue that they didn’t get the job when applying to work for the BBC because they didn’t fit the quota need due to their race, sexuality, disability (or lack of) and thus the best person may not have been awarded the job. Our society cannot go on like this and political correctness must stop now before our society is eroded away.

On personal level, as a Parliamentary Candidate I will never forget how the BBC treated me in the 2017 General Election.  Brushed to the side and given the least airtime possible while feeling the daggers from presenters when being interviewed who clearly had an agenda. This total abuse of power was an attack on true democracy. The way the BBC treated UKIP, Nigel Farage and Donald Trump was no better and not surprisingly the BBC were kicked out of the White House and branded ‘Fake News’.

The whole issue of the Licence Fee is a very moral one. For me personally I do not wish to fund something that goes against my very principles so I would be a hypocrite to continue paying. Although a small sacrifice to make, this means that I cannot watch any Freeview channels or subscription services – this is simply unfair. Democratically the BBC must go the same way and those who wish to continue watching it can pay a subscription fee – the organisation must have always been expecting this day and it is now time for it to happen.

This is not a matter of money but simply principle. I would be more happy to put the £147 directly in to the crippled NHS (providing there is no more privatisation where we see the likes of Branson and Virgin profiteering off the illness of others).

Trust me; nothing has made me more upset but angry also that this once fantastic institution has been destroyed by greed and those with an agenda. The damage is unrecoverable and it must now be allowed to die.






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