Brexiteer Marty Caine: Dragons’ Brexit campaign “hare-brained”, “scams to get people to donate money”

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You may have come across an online campaign called the Dragons. Today, we made a post sharing their “Pre Action Notice” letter for which they threatened to sue us.
We ask their representative Graham Moore, when he’s not busy threatening us with legal action on undefined grounds and putting what he thinks is an individual’s address on Facebook, may he please explain why his letter is dated year 2107?
Why do you want it to have effect in 90 years time? Doing a pretty good job you YOURSELF are of damaging your reputation.
We spoke to Brexiteer Marty Caine, who is studying a Masters in Law. This is what he thinks of your letter/campaign:
“Ever since Gina Miller took the Government to court and won, I have seen various hare-brained ideas posted over social media to duplicate what Gina Miller did but in favour of Leaving the EU. Some say they will use the Magna Carta, others mention Vienna Convention and the best one to date is by Graham Moore, who says he will use Common Law, obviously not actually knowing what Common Law is.”
“All of these cunning plans are of course absolute legal nonsense and would not get past the first stages of going to court. So those getting behind these ideas, which I personally believe are nothing but scams to get people to donate money, really need to read this and then do some real research of their own before ever parting with money.”
If you were asserting that we questioned the validity of things, well, such is not a breach of the law, but rather the duty of media, and in the public’s interest. We believe your threat was meant to intimidate us, and have to ask why you are so defensive?
We truly believe that English law does not permit judicial review of primary legislation – if Graham you believe otherwise, feel free to explain – you were invited to provide for this article an explanation as to how will you have a judicial review on an Act of Parliament that has been in place for 45 years? Again, why are you waiting 90 years to take action? 135 years after the bill was passed?
Marty Caine confirms what we believe, “First of all the Magna Carta, there are only three parts of that still applicable in law today: The right to trial by jury, Rights of London, and Rights of the church.”
“Graham Moore, self proclaimed leader of The Dragons and his plan for using Common Law to force a judicial review to void European Communications Act 1972. Ignoring the fact that it is not permissible to have judicial review of primary law (Acts of Parliament), which anyone with any basic legal knowledge will gladly clarify for you.”
“This promotion of Common Law by the Dragons, is quite frankly hilarious, you will see them spamming Nigel Farage on LBC with ‘Common Law, No Loss – No Harm – No Injury’ which is actually legal nonsense in itself. I can only presume Graham Moore has Common law and Civil law mixed up as the latter is ‘No blame without fault’ the basic legal concept of Civil Law.”

Or if Graham you mean the word scam, it’s not clear if that is referring to the ECA law, the EU itself, the British government, your letter, or otherwise, and further, it has a question mark after it, so is merely a question, and not a statement. Moreover, we have legal training good chap, and have never lost a court case. In addition, if an erroneous post was here placed, which is not the case, this Facebook page hardly has enough followers to in that sense be of concern.
Are you sure you want to pay to file that claim, because it sure is going to be a fun court case!! If only the judge would let us bring popcorn. We think we will chuckle harder than we believe the Lord Chancellor did when he received your letter.
We will invite Marty Caine to come along, and as a wonderful bonus, upload a few MBGA News videos. In fact, seeing as you like sharing what you think is an individual’s address, why not give us yours so we can ask you to camera to explain your behaviour.



Disclaimer: The content of this post reflects the views of the author, and not necessarily those of MBGA News.

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