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The candidates for the UKIP leadership are as follows and a brief description shall be included.

Henry Bolton OBE:

Henry Bolton is a former diplomat, soldier, policeman and civil servant. Much of the earlier hustings have been based on Henry presenting himself as the most experienced political candidate. Mr Bolton is proposing a reform of the party structure and media presentation to present a cleaner, slicker image of UKIP. As a policy expert on the EU and borders Henry feels he will be the best candidate on the mainstream media. Henry has worked with many governments in Eastern Europe and as a commander of a strategic intelligence unit in Bosnia.

David Kurten AM:

A former chemistry teacher for 20 years, Mr Kurten is presenting himself as the social conservative candidate and opponent of cultural Marxism. As education spokesman David Kurten is focussing his campaign on education, cultural Marxism and social conservatism. David is one of the front-runners of this leadership race and has emerged as a popular figure among the hustings audiences. Kurten has received the endorsement of Arron Banks and Leave.EU. Mr Kurten has increased in confidence as the campaign has continued, particularly due to the popularity of his policies on transgender education and creating a self sufficient UK in skills.

John Rees-Evans:

John Rees-Evans is the direct democracy candidate and has increased in popularity as the hustings have continued. A passionate and erudite speaker, John had to enter a brief hiatus for personal reasons, however he has increased his presence with a slick media presentation, high production value content and detailed manifesto for reform. John proposes creating UKIP Connect to increase member contacts, UKIP media to create UKIP-made broadcasts and UKIP Direct to implement direct democracy among the membership. John is a former soldier and self-made businessman who has business interests in many different countries.

Anne Marie Waters:

One of the most controversial candidates in this leadership race, Anne Marie is outspoken on Islam and British society. All but one MEP (Stuart Agnew) has stated that they will resign if Anne Marie is elected leader. Anne Marie has been effective among members in the hustings and has increased in passion as the election has gone on. However Anne Marie has focussed on a narrow policy outlook and therefore may struggle to attract a broad enough swath of the UKIP membership. Anne Marie Waters has spoken of her support for the internment of Islamic terror suspects. Furthermore, Anne Marie believes that there needs to be a discussion on Islamic places of worship within Britain.

Joan Collins MEP:

Joan Collins is running as the unity candidate with three other UKIP figures as her deputies. Joan is presenting herself as the woman who can preside over reform of the party structure and grassroots activism. Joan has not performed brilliantly in the hustings and I do not believe that she will win the race.

Aiden Powlesland:

Aiden is wishing to reform UKIP’s finances to allow for a strong financial position for the party. He has been unpopular in the hustings practically since the inception of the race. This is due to his proposal that the membership fee should increase to 90 pounds. This has not resonated with the members at all. Mr Powlesland has not been rhetorically successful in the hustings at all. Furthermore Aiden has presented a short manifesto that is essentially a financial tax document. Therefore Aiden is unlikely to win this race.

Peter Whittle AM:

The current UKIP deputy leader, Peter Whittle is proposing a “vote for UKIP get UKIP” policy where no candidates step aside during elections. Whittle has been critical of aspects of Islam in the past but has refined his view since to a “one country one law” policy. Whittle opposes Sharia courts and is pushing for a one law for all policy to prevent second tier legal systems among ethnic minority communities. Whittle was weak in the initial hustings but has improved substantially and is perceived as a front-runner in this election. Whittle is experienced in all media due to his current prominent position within UKIP. Whittle wishes to own the immigration policy for UKIP and make it front and centre again.



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