Labour admits they want open borders: more mass migration!

Thousands of Labour activists, along with trade union bosses and several Labour MEPs and MPs have signed up to their party’s Campaign for Free Movement, which will put forward a motion at their annual party conference this month calling for Britain to abolish its national borders.

The now Marxist-dominated Labour Party unabashedly demand that Britain forms no border with the European Union after Brexit.

“Economic success means being open to trade and migration – with both the EU and the rest of the world,” writes LCFM representative Hugh Lanning in a piece on LabourList, which asserts that industry, education and public services in Britain “all need open borders in a modern world.”

They are no longer hiding their plan – the phrase “open borders” is used without embarrassment. This is far more blunt than Neather who said Labour must “rub the right’s nose in diversity”.

It’s not a new position for Labour, just they are being far more blunt about how much they want to screw over the British worker, while EU workers are often exploited due to language barriers and awareness of employment law. Moreover with the black market, open borders policies are about shafting the very workers Labour claim to represent.

Lord Mandelson said he sent out search parties for more migrants, but we don’t need an increase in unskilled labourers while we have existing unemployment. All it does is increase competition for jobs, and drive down wages, benefitting the London elite with their cheap au pair and gardener or the likes of Richard Brandon swanning it around the Caribbean.

It’s time the British party rejected Labour, the party that has screwed them over. We need an immigration and border policy that puts the British people first, not last.

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