Why do I recommend you vote for David Kurten?

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Why do I recommend people back David Kurten as UKIP leader, not Anne Marie Waters or John Rees Evans? Do not read my decision as hatred of other candidates. With his focus on internal management, I think JRE would be a fine party chair, and Bolton too, or an incredible spokesman, if it wasn’t for the fact that Henry accidentally(?) joined the LibDems, but Kurten has the right vision.

While I want certainly public dialogue on Sharia law to be opened, and campaign for such, and I will speak this month at a protest where I believe AMW is also speaking, I find that in a nation with such a strong belief in freedom of religion, more interest is shown by the public when we discuss Islamism, fundamentalist interpretation of the Qur’an and the Hadith, rather than simply Islam.

AMW is certainly brave, with some points I do agree on, and I feel that in the spirit of freedom of expression, we should be allowed to discuss concerns with Sharia law. However, her remarks are so intense that her campaign falls far outside the Overton window of public support, and such an approach will gain limited traction on a national scale so as to influence change. This is not to disregard all she says as worthless. However, while I know Trump is outspoken, this needs to be done strategically, and his remarks do reflect the silent majority, hence the publicity from media rage benefited him.

Moreover, I was surprised and far from impressed when I discovered the inclusion in AMW’s campaign of the former BNP youth leader and conference speaker, Jack Buckby. While as stated, I respect the need for dialogue on the dangers of Sharia law, and admire AMW’s courage, I strongly agree with UKIP’s ban on ex BNP leadership, because that party was overtly racist, calling for whites not to marry blacks, and ruined Brexit dialogue by trying to debate if the Holocaust happened. This makes healthy nationalism look bad, and will turn the public away from any policy to protect them from fundamentalist Islam.

Buckby, who has shared tweets saying not to have relationships with black people, has lashed out at Farage, myself, and others on Twitter, because we won’t work with him – it’s as absurd as suggesting Trump share a stage with David Duke. Then there was his flatmate calling for Antifa to target me. This is very low. I have recently discovered that Buckby registered AMW’s website, and then there is the fact that despite being a massive liability, a PR nightmare, he chaired her launch event. Such a lack of judgement is not what I want in a leader.

However, even these matters aside, there is a fundamental concern: no candidate but Kurten condemns cultural Marxism. We would never have joined the EU or tolerated mass migration, multiculturalism, or Sharia law, if the left had not intentionally eroded our culture. While AMW and Whittle are angry with Islam for its belief homosexuality is a sin, I don’t feel their anger towards Marxism: the problem that allows Sharia law to influence Britain.

JRE is a devout Christian, as is Jacob Rees-Mogg, which even as a cultural Christian who does not regularly attend church, I do greatly admire. Whether one believes in God or not, we cannot deny that these principles are part of what made Britain the finest civilisation in the world. However, JRE rarely speaks of faith or family, but of party management. Direct democracy is appealing to some, but what UKIP lacks post-referendum is an ideology. No one knows what it stands for.

His talk of internal procedures gives him a fine platform from which be a brilliant party chair, a role that Bolton may also be incredible at if he hadn’t been a LibDem, but the leader, their vision must openly address postmodernism. Kurten spoke with me of Orwell’s 1984, Brave The New World, free speech, the Frankfurt school, Praktischer Idealismus, and so forth! This man is awake! His manifesto hits the nail on the head!

Our battle first and foremost must be against the postmodernist Marxist attack on family, faith, and flag, but AMW is certainly not rightwing at all, but said to camera she is leftwing and supports the communist Labour Party. JRE doesn’t mention the problem of Marixsm, while Jane Collins, and Aidan, (who?), don’t seem to stand for anything at all. Kurten wants to protect our traditional values. We must regain our culture if we are to ever be great again!!



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Luke is the Director of the People's Charter Foundation, and the Editor-in-Chief of the RedPill Factory. When he isn't leading protests against the BBC, or speaking at Brexit rallies, he is sneaking into alt-left meetings, despite sometimes being punched, to report on the evil of Marxism.