NelsonMustStand – the naivety of our ancestors does not make them inherently evil

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Calls have gone forward by the AltLeft demanding that the statues of Gandhi, Nelson, and Churchill be torn down.

The first is perhaps the most unexpected, because Gandhi is often hailed as a freedom fighter, but now he stands accused of speaking of black people in a derogatory manner – even in Ghana and South Africa there are protests against him. Recently in the tip of that continent, in Cape Town, there was the RhodesMustFall campaign which spread to Oxford.

As for Rhodes’ statue at Oxford University, such was placed there to remember his donation, which even black African students benefit from, and not to praise the political systems of the past. We have to look at history in context with the realisation we live in more enlightened times, even though blighted by cultural Marxism.

As for communism, considering that Stalin killed more people than Hitler, why are the left not calling for the removal of Marx’s statue from Highgate cemetery? Typical selective outrage, where the greatest of horrors can be ignored when they suit the political agenda of the AltLeft.

However, the liberal elite do not miss an opportunity to virtue signal, to grandstand, and rush to support the demand to erase our history. Weak cowardly individuals lacking strength to stand by convictions, but chasing any chance to boost their egos. Supporting those who play the race card to dodge responsibility and hard work.

However, is the memorial of Churchill in Parliament Square really a celebration of the Bengali famine he didn’t really cause, or is it in memory of the bold bulldog spirit he showed in a time of need? Winston is praised by many persons including London Assembly politician David Kurten AM who is by no means a white supremacist.

As for the claims history is being whitewashed, actually, academia and media constantly push an agenda of Empire guilt, as if we are all personally responsible for acts from even before our lifetimes. We are certainly not unaware that the world of those days needed reform, for example, even a few decades after the World Wars, Britain had horrid signs in bed & breakfast windows that said “no blacks”, and America had segregation in schools.

However, surely that does not mean we should not praise the valiant efforts of Britons and Americans in the 1940s to fight against Hitler! What next? Would the AltLeft have the poppy banned? What we celebrate is the positivity of our history, while we seek to learn from our failings.

I was walking in the grounds of a magnificent stately home near London, and I spotted a statue of a Rhodesian soldier. Will the fight of their multiracial army (two-thirds black) against the Soviets seeking to rule Africa, be written off as “Nazism” due to their refusal to expand the Victorian era property-based franchise model because much of the electorate could not read? And what of the British leaders who banned slavery, but didn’t give women the vote – are we to love or hate them?

Will we write off all painters, philosophers, engineers, and so forth, of the Victorian age as Nazis because they likely supported the property restriction for electoral suffrage? Look at our history! What of Brunel? What of Nightingale?

It’s time we stopped focussing only on the bad of our history but also the good. We must acknowledge we are a people growing in understanding year upon year, century upon century, but the naivety of our ancestors does not make them inherently evil or lacking of good intent.

We have the greatest culture in the world, the finest civilisation, and hence, while flawed, as is any, certainly the history of histories!




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Luke is the Director of the People's Charter Foundation, and the Editor-in-Chief of the RedPill Factory. When he isn't leading protests against the BBC, or speaking at Brexit rallies, he is sneaking into alt-left meetings, despite sometimes being punched, to report on the evil of Marxism.