“May is a two-faced slimy Remainer cuck”

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I didn’t trouble myself to campaign for the Tories last election, though I admit I reluctantly voted May, but only to stop Corbyn. Why didn’t I campaign?

It wasn’t because some pro-Obama Cameronian Tory wets called me to head office in the heart of that Sorosian province called Londonistan, to bitch that I’m traditionalist. My public criticism of multiculturalism had caused discomfort to some “progressive” Conservative group, and implication was made that such was an attempt to revive Enoch Powell. Moreover, my criticism of the disgraceful handling of the Mark Clarke incident was a cause for embarrassment.

Neither was it because my branch considered kicking me out for interviewing (not endorsing) UKIP for a non-partisan Brexity YouTube report that attacked Labour’s position (thanks to the Young Kipper fool Elrica who “reported” me), while my fellow Tory branch deputy Stewart supports a public Blairite FB group that has repeatedly attempted to dox me along with lies I harm kids and with threats to beat me up/kill me (yes, police are aware, and very supportive).

The real crux of that matter is that I think May is a two-faced slimy Remainer cuck, who is taking us into a needless negotiation, when she could just repeal the ECA, because she’d prefer to meet halfway, to have a fake Brexit, in name only. Therefore, as much as I respect Moggy, I’m not going to waste my hard-earnt money to attend the “Conservative” conference and hang out with a bunch of wet sappy lefty creeps who have no love of #TradLife. I have no time for all this virtue signalling and bloody “liberalism”.

We need to fight back against the scourge of postmodernism. If I had the funds, I’d rent one of those tents at the Tory conference, and promote a Tea Party-style message. I had some hope in the Freedom Association, until I discovered that they donated money to Labour. Without a true right-wing voice, the Conservative party is clearly dominated by a posh arrogant bloc of wet flannels that push hedonism under a banner of “liberty” for the sake of greedy globalistic corporates. This is not what I wish to conserve!

I don’t hear a message of “family, faith and flag”. Children are everything. Family gives a connection to our past, and a desire to preserve civilisation for future generations. If you won’t find the courage to face political correctness and speak out against real problems, such as Islamist grooming gangs that raped thousands of kids in Rotherham, Rochdale, and Keighley, then what are you for? Lie about me. Report me to the Tory HQ. I will not shut up. We must protect our children!

I love Trump’s appeal to the working class, the rustbelt, with a message of fighting globalism, the exporting of our jobs to China, and a call for sensible migration policies, but such grates with the liberal elite. I’d like for the Tory party to move right, and I continue to adore and support Mogg. My respect for Maggie remains, and I also have always and continue to admire Farage, who I have voted for, more than once, because he is certainly a conservative. Alternatively, if a right-wing party would arise, that would also be good, and David Kurten’s criticism of cultural Marxism is certainly brilliant and to be encouraged.

However, unless some truly right-wing party leader arises, my main focus will be on red pilling the public with social media/YouTube.



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Luke is the Director of the People's Charter Foundation, and the Editor-in-Chief of the RedPill Factory. When he isn't leading protests against the BBC, or speaking at Brexit rallies, he is sneaking into alt-left meetings, despite sometimes being punched, to report on the evil of Marxism.