The hedonistic globalist nature of modern “libertarianism” makes it the perfect gateway for Marxism

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While there is certainly moral value in making a stand for traditional, so-called “negative” liberty, such as that of the US Constitution, or reflected in the spirit of the Gadsden flag, it is necessary to totally and firmly reject the newer “positive”, or progressive pretender that is more commonplace. To save Western civilisation we must thoroughly cast out the hippy hedonism, the blind pursuit of happiness without regard to consequence, that today “liberty” has been hijacked as a banner for, by figures such as Gary Johnson.

Support of the traditional notion of common people making the rules, populism, is a fine, noble pursuit, to be followed. It stems back via the People’s Charter of 1838 to the days when Magna Carta was presented by a few brave noblemen to their powerful king. Such is very different to the epicureanistic nature of whacky hippies who since the Seventies have pushed a burning hatred of tradition and indeed of responsibility. A spirit that has only worsened as their descendants, without the benefit of having been taught of boundaries, are spoilt millennials who believe they are the centre of the universe.

The hippies of the Seventies are no longer students, but they hold positions of academic institutions around the world, and in many of the prominent “libertarian” think tanks. While talk is made of reform, and maturity, much is merely a rebranding of the same spirit of indulgence. However, the major concern must be how they have remained, just as back in the days of hippy love, the same tools of the Marxist ilk.

With the failing of economic Marxism, in the Seventies a new model was approached, that which had been defined decades earlier at the Frankfurt School, though delayed during the clash between communism and Nazism, where Hitler would purge the former, causing professors to flee to the USA. At Frankfurt, they had determined that before establishing an economically communist state they would first need eliminate the obstacles, that being the traditional institutions, that being family, faith, and flag. With the Cold War nearly lost, this alternative method was approached.

Yale University would be the heart of an evil academic network, promoting Marxism from a cultural angle, propagating the values of postmodernism; a direct attack on tradition. Logic, reason, truth, these notions were rejected, for these were the debauched days of wild “free love” and disregard of order. The us and them battle of rich v poor was reformed, focussing on other minority groups, be that focus by gender, race, or religion.

Hence heavily promoted were the notions of political correctness, feminism, and so forth. For example, feminism is not about women’s rights at all, but an attack on the traditional unit of society: the family, with intent to make women look to the state, not men, as their partner.

Most libertarian activists, perhaps without direct intent, do truly serve Marxism well, by being merely a front that promotes the greed of internationalism and also the folly of postmodernism. Successful societies require boundaries and responsibility, but the progressive “libertarians” show an ardent determination to disregard all tradition. Hence it comes as no surprise that many British libertarian movements shuddered at Trump’s praise of Occidental values, but have strong links to the Liberal Democrats.

While of course a few libertarians may be actually rather paleo, most “libertarians” are hedonistic “progressives”, who hate structure, often rejecting order as authoritarian, even if the means of formation be democratic. They disregard the nation-state for their utopian belief in open borders; a convenience to the Marxists, for the “flag” is one of their obstacles to establishing the communist state.

In fact, generally libertarians embrace multiculturalism with a passion and refuse to acknowledge the concept of nationhood. These internationalist traitors to their people would go even beyond the flawed “magic dirt theory” of the jus soli approach, and would remove borders entirely, allowing anyone who simply walks onto British/American soil to be an instant citizen.

Yes, we prefer Jacob Rees-Mogg to Gary Johnson

Such is the European Union model of “free movement of peoples”, and has shown itself flawed due to the lack of regard for pressures on infrastructure, demand for skills by the economy, or willingness to integrate. Thousands of illegal immigrants have swarmed into Nordic countries and there has been a disturbing, correlated rise in the level of rape, reaching levels previously unknown beyond southern Africa. Ironically, when it comes to their home, their car, or even their email account, the globalist libertarian shows sudden hypocrisy as he suddenly finds desire for borders as such, by having locks and passwords, rather than allowing anyone entry.

This typical “libertarian” has no burning desire to preserve Western civilisation, but is often concerned about little more than relaxing laws on sale of cannabis so as to reduce the sales price. Their borderless approach ignores not just the major security implications, and the economic dilemma, but also the existence of the tribe, the nation. Libertarians certainly are ardent globalists. As politics shifts from the traditional left-right economic debate, to also a cultural debate, libertarians are on the opposing side of the battle line to that of the nationalist.

These “libertarians” who perpetuate hedonism with denial of reality show little passion for their people, but seek mere pleasures alone, especially riches. These internationalist progressives support absolute free trade without even the caveat of morality, so it is no wonder they be heavily funded by corporations that cheat British workers of their rights for preference of the slave labour of Chinese sweatshops. Meanwhile, they use promises of cheap legal weed to get students backing a denial of human rights, in the name of quick profits.

The current great political debate is on whether we continue to embrace postmodernism’s disregard of reason and tradition, or we fight for and restore the finest civilisation mankind has ever known. Therefore, many “libertarians” are merely hedonistic globalists, the gateway for Marxism to overrun England, the birthplace of true freedom, and thus certainly THE greatest obstacle to nationalism and a revival of Occidental civilisation.



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Luke is the Director of the People's Charter Foundation, and the Editor-in-Chief of the RedPill Factory. When he isn't leading protests against the BBC, or speaking at Brexit rallies, he is sneaking into alt-left meetings, despite sometimes being punched, to report on the evil of Marxism.