Shane Ridge and the Hypocrisy of British Deportation

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Our Government is a joke, not that it needed repeating.

Twenty-one year old Shane Ridge, from Colne in Lancashire, has been informed by the Home Office that, unless he leaves the UK, he will be hit with a £5,000 fine or potential imprisonment – even though he was born here.

Why has he been met with such hostility?

Because his Australian-born mother and British father were never married. His mother was born in Australia because her British parents were over there on holiday and she has since become a British citizen.

Yep, despite being as British as they can get, despite even being born here, he has been ordered to leave because he has “no lawful basis to be in the UK”.

In other words, you will be deported even if you have British citizen parents and are born in Britain because one of your parents was born overseas in a British Commonwealth country. Insanity.

How they never noticed before is bizarre, considering he has completed his GCSEs, has a bank account, worked here, paid taxes, has a driver’s licence and has voted.

And yet, whilst he is being threatened unless he leaves, Jihadi Islamists are allowed to stay because “muh, human rights”.

Abu Qatada managed to fight deportation for a decade arguing “human rights”, costing the UK taxpayer around £1.7 million.

In fact, according to an unpublished report delayed by the Home Office (no surprise there), more than 40 foreign terrorists have used human rights laws to remain in the UK.

A terrorist fighting deportation after a NINE YEAR PRISON SENTENCE has been given £250,000 in legal aid to help fight deportation. The terrorist cannot be named as he could argue he is in more danger at home if his identity is revealed in the media.

In fact, the process has become so expensive, Britain can only deport foreign terrorists to TWO countries at a time.

Emily Thornberry MP recently said ISIS fighters should be allowed to return to Britain because the Islamic State is not a recognised state!

The message is clear: if you are a white, educated, tax-paying, law-abiding, British Citizen … you must be deported. Yet, if you are a radical Islamist Jihadi caught either perpetrating or planning a terrorist attack … you can stay because you have human rights and we as a nation will pay for your legal defence.

This country is a joke.



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