The pro-EU Remainers are particularly keen on UK staying in the Single Market. Why?

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There are continuous calls from the arch Remainers such as BBC, Clegg, Cable, Heseltine, Clarke etc for the UK to stay in the Single Market post Brexit.
Why? What is it that about the Single Market they consider so essential that UK stays in post Brexit?
Well, it is not really a market at all. It is a sweet name to disguise its real nature. The Single Market is not a version of Pettycoat Lane writ large as Remainers like to promote. It is a Single Regulatory Regime and the Single Market is only a part of it. It includes several political clauses that ensure the EU keeps complete control of any country foolish enough to sign up to it.
Their demand is for the UK to be in the Single Market and only mentioning the Single Market without mentioning the other clauses. It is their way to keep the UK under EU control by the back door without the UK public realising the implications.
These include:
  • Unlimited and uncontrolled migration from the EU into the UK. This would include non-EU people from anywhere in the world who have been given EU passports to enable them to move from any EU country to the UK.
  • Submission to the primacy of the European Court of Justice. The remit of the ECJ is not to administer justice but to make judgments that further ‘ever closer union’. This would make the UK Supreme Court no more than a body to rubber stamp ECJ judgments with no right to question or amend them.
  • Accept the supremacy of EU Corpus Juris over English Common Law and the Magna Carta. Free speech and the individual rights of British subjects enshrined at Runnymede would be null and void. It involves arrest without evidence and by no more than rumour. It would be illegal for UK subjects to criticise the EU. The Spanish Advocate General of the EU Court of Justice has claimed that “Criticism of the EU is akin to blasphemy and could be restricted without affecting Freedom of Speech”  It is now a criminal offence to criticise the EU as of 2013-002 and 2012 – 033.
  • Acceptance of all EU standards even when not applicable to UK. There are thousands of such standards and regulations that act as a ball and chain on our companies, seriously restricting their ability to operate competitively. Sadly, many of these Regulations were ‘gold plated’ by our Health and Safety Executive to make UK commerce even more uncompetitive.  Pre joining the EU, British standards were democratically set up by committees of those involved, not bureaucrats who have never worked in ‘the real world’.
These are euphemistically called the ‘Four Freedoms’ by the EU. They are in fact chains to bind a country into permanent subservience to the EU.
Three other small points:
80% of UK trade with the EU is SERVICES and not goods. Services are regulated by the G20 and not the World Trade Organisation, Single Market or Customs Union. Services are NOT part of the EU Single Market.
The EU has claimed it has been responsible for peace in Europe. Not so – it was NATO on the East German border and the nuclear balance.
The EU responsible for getting rid of mobile roaming charges? It was an international agreement where over 50 countries have removed them, not just the EU.



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