Opposition to multiculturalism should never be confused with racial supremacism

If someone born on British soil to parents of foreign ancestry adopts the British culture as they grow up, then they are truly British, a member of the nation, our beloved family, whatever be their colour.

Hence our call for citizenship to be on the basis of jus sanguinis, as in “blood relative”, may not be the same as that of other groups. We demand for respect of our ancestry, the ways of our family; for migrants to adopt our language, culture, and laws, which should be supreme in these islands. If so they do, they are of us, just as a family may adopt someone.

We strongly reject as absurd the notion that simply being born on Britain soil makes someone British, because such fails to make the additional crucial requirement to adopt British history or culture, and hence has resulted in London being a city divided. We want for unity behind our flag, to bring peace as we face increasing terrorism.

While we reject jus soli, this is from a position of opposing multiculturalism, and should never be confused with racial supremacism – we do not want in our society ethnic Britons who ignore our laws, and would have them placed in jail for an appropriate duration of time. Our focus is on culture, not race.

Further, while we believe Britain has never had so low an unemployment level as to justify allowing unskilled migration, we are certainly not blind to shortage of doctors and engineers and the resultant need to welcome skilled migrants. We hold out a hand and take into our family all legal migrants who adopt our language, our culture, and our laws.

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