The Organisation of Islamic Co-operation advancing the Islamisation of the West

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The Organisation of Islamic Co-operation (OIC) based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia was formed in 1969 as a successor to the World Muslim League, also founded in Saudi Arabia by the Muslim Brotherhood in 1964. It consists of 57 countries (including the Palestinian Authority). Most are Muslim majority, but a number are under 50% Muslim.

The Conference meets annually for all the foreign ministers and every 3 years for the Heads of State. The really big players are Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Indonesia and Egypt. They have extraordinary meetings in times of emergency and have a permanent ambassador at the UN. They declare themselves a neo-Caliphate and claim to represent the collective voice of the Islamic world including the ummah outside the member states. Member states often initiate UN resolutions on behalf of the OIC at the UN where they vote as a bloc.

The stated aim of the OIC is to advance the cause of Islam worldwide and protect the Ummah. In the 1990s they coined the term Islamophobia after seeing the success of the term Homophobia. They define this term as the Islamic Law of Slander which states that anything said which the Muslims dislike or resent is Islamophobic. With the support of Hillary Clinton they passed resolution 1618 at the UN which made Islamophobia a criminal offence under international law. Britain also signed up to this despite strident objections which said it contradicted Western notions of free speech.

The OIC also got racism redefined. Contemporary forms of racism are now to include defamation of religion and cultural putdowns. OIC always means by “religion” Islam as Islamic scholars have agreed that all other religions are no longer valid and have been abrogated. Effectively resisting Islam in any way can now be labelled Racist. The OIC are outspoken in their hostility to terrorism which they define according to Sharia Law as unlawful attacks on Muslims. Jihad or killing in the cause of Allah is not defined as terrorism but as legitimate warfare. These guys would be hilarious if they weren’t so powerful!

The OIC is effectively claiming jurisdiction in any country where the Ummah has gathered. It gets the home countries to bow to its wishes and subverts our democracy and liberty in the process. When there has been resistance to their agenda they have initiated co-ordinated Days of Rage across the Muslim world. Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons initiated one such Day of Rage and the CIA warned France it would end in carnage. Koran burning has also had a violent response leading to church burnings and murder of clergy again orchestrated by the OIC.

They had a Day of Rage in response to Pope Benedict’s criticism of Islamism in 2007 which led to nuns being beheaded. The message is clear, stand in fundamentalist Islam’s path and uproar follows. The OIC has two stated goals which it inherited from the Muslim Brotherhood, the destruction of the state of Israel and the Islamisation of the West. Leading figures have stated Jihad should be the permanent condition of the ummah to achieve these goals.

Barack Obama’s administration was fully on board with the OIC. They even stripped all USA documents of offensive terms such as Islamism, jihad or Al Qaeda and replaced them with the neutral ‘extremists’. “Islam is not the enemy” said Obama, and his strategy was to make it invisible. The West was basically disempowered in the War on Terror because the enemy could not be named and confronted. Many clued up CIA operatives were sacked by Obama and replaced by CAIR advisers. The Council of American Islamic Relations is no more than a Muslim Brotherhood front with strong links to Hamas.

A gruesome picture emerges of collusion at the highest level to advance the Islamisation of the West and effectively criminalise any opposition to it. As well as the state the media also went along with this strategy. The 1% who knew what was happening and cried out were silenced…then came DONALD TRUMP! The $200 million the OIC pumped into Hillary’s campaign was wasted and suddenly the whole Islamic takeover of the State Department has gone into reverse. There is HOPE at last!



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