Reject the Spoilt Brats of the 60s or Face the Death of Europe and America

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Now, a century on from the World Wars, the true impact of such horror is not truly acknowledged. Buildings may have been replaced with cold modern alternatives, but more worryingly, torn away was all hope in our values, our morals, the very fabric, the structure of society, and nothing has arisen in its place sufficient to ensure the survival of the British people. The same is true for our cousins in America, or those on the Continent.

The countries of Christendom, painfully traumatised by WW2, were met with angry, bitter men returning from the war, who rebelled against the establishment. No more did they have time for bending their knee to the upper class or the church, that had called for their slaughter in the millions. Such they rejected and in so doing, threw out discipline and structure. As parents, they would spoil rotten their kids, the baby-boomers, creating the hippy generation of the 60s and 70s. Lost, confused, mankind wandered from one pleasure to the next. This lack of order has met near peak with the emergence of generation snowflake, some of the most out-of-touch pampered darlings to have ever lived.

This opportunity was seized by Marxists, who as expressed at the Frankfurt School, desired to destroy the very building blocks of Western civilisation, that being the family, the church, the nation, which had hindered the realisation of their communist dream. Germany was crippled by Nazi guilt, unable to look at itself in the mirror, while under pressure to allow the USA to arise as world power, Britain was folding with shame regards the Empire. The very flag of the British nation was, and still is, deemed a hate symbol.

From rubble of WW2 to this day, we have seen a scarred, ashamed people pursue an ever aggressive, ever increasing drive to tear down every last vestige of Western civilisation, every last rule, everything that gives society structure, purpose and direction. To ease their conscience, many would even pull down the borders of the nation itself, dancing to John Lennon’s classic song like some hippy in a drug-infused dream. Blind to the consequences, as one is if they have no concept of discipline or responsibility, in they let those who hold no respect whatsoever for our customs and heritage.

Never in the history of mankind has a nation so easily been conquered, with no resistance. No action, not even a word. Afraid to be called ‘racist’, across Europe, grown men, even the strongest, the tallest stand quiet, as their daughters are raped by illegal immigrants. Men are effeminate, while that evil itself, feminism has destroyed all belief in the family, as women are ever pressured not to have children, while the persons most keen have a legacy are that certain group of migrants who so despise our country.

In fact, within our lifetimes, we could see the total eradication of every final vestige of the British nation-state and identity. It is only the very few who at this critical hour are truly awake enough to even begin to appreciate all we have achieved as a people, the supremacy of our traditional legal framework stemming back to Magna Carta, our advances in science, the need for free markets to advance trade, and the value of our cultural heritage. We, the Anglo-Celtic peoples, are the finest people to walk this earth, and for too many decades have we hung our heads low in shame, ever determined to wipe our nation off the face of the earth.

In these difficult times, false heroes arise, yes those who would find nationalism, but step beyond into obsessions with colour of skin, or be sidetracked by the false treasures of socialism. In noisy purposeless charades, ever increasing drama, as all they feed is their egos. Distracted they be, with focus on all but the key issue: the need to rebuild respect for the tribe, for our traditional values borne of scripture, and for parents.

It is the rare man who finds the way of real freedom. Bold he must stand in the darkness, striving to hold the torch ever higher. Never must he be silent. Fight! Fight! With every last ounce of strength, as if mankind relies upon you to survive, because it does. The future of the Western world lies in your hands! Do not rest on your laurels, waiting for someone else to struggle for you. Stand up!



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Luke is the Director of the People's Charter Foundation, and the Editor-in-Chief of the RedPill Factory. When he isn't leading protests against the BBC, or speaking at Brexit rallies, he is sneaking into alt-left meetings, despite sometimes being punched, to report on the evil of Marxism.