American freedom is British philosophy truly expressed

Some Americans have called the rebellion over tea tax the “original Brexit”. If one is to presume, and wrongly so, that Brexit was merely about who has the right to make laws, well, the original Brexit was surely on the 3rd of November 1534 when the British broke away from the Catholic church.

As much as I love the modern American Tea Party movement, and Trump, the act of treason was the stirring of the people against relatively low taxation, far far lower than what Americans pay now, to fight a war over banking systems.

Brexit, the freedom it seeks is far more than lower tax, but the preservation of the Anglo-Celtic cultural identity of the British Isles, an identity Americans at that time shared with us, being of us, and to some extent even still do. The wonderful elements of freedom, such as the First and Second Amendments were after-thoughts, and an accurate expression of liberty promoted in the British Isles but limited by the monarch. Yes, the quintessential elements of Americana, as symbolised by the Statue of Liberty, are British philosophy truly expressed.

When English barons demanded that not the king alone should create law, such resulted in the Magna Carta, which is effectively the very basis of the USA’s Bill of Rights and the Constitution. English thinkers such as John Stuart Mill would seek enlightenment, pushing for individual liberty to be respected by the monarch, and it was these very ideas that inspired the founders of the USA.

Some of the core principles of the American system are British, lifted from Magna Carta, such as the theory of representative government, the idea of a supreme law, and judicial review. Moreover, from the same document comes the basis for freedom from unlawful searches and seizures, a right to a speedy trial, a right to a jury trial in both a criminal and a civil case, and protection from loss of life, liberty, or property without due process of law.

American independence was merely a family schism, and one that America needs cling to, to provide some sense of identity, for its culture is essentially British. Our people, this family, united by more than just a common tongue, be they in the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, or Canada, must unite to stand against Marxism, European lefty imperialism, and Sharia law.

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