The Trouble With Student Culture

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It’s hard to ignore the constant media harping about the student or “youth” vote nowadays, focusing obsessively on how young people are a “progressive, compassionate” bunch as compared to those nasty oldies that had the unfortunate experience of actually living through the disastrous radical socialist Labour government of the 1970s. On the surface this may seem like yet another case of youthful idealism trumping level-headed thinking, but the huge surge in Corbynism among students is indicative of a far deeper rot in the social and academic environment of higher education, as well as the 18-25 age group generally that makes up its majority of insiders.

Since the Blair government began its utopian project of sending everyone to university, there has been an obvious increase in attendance to higher education, achieving the highest numbers we’ve seen in history. On paper this looks to be a positive thing, the reality is very, very different. In effect what has been created is a huge class of people, somewhere in the range of 40% of 18s-and-overs in the UK, who by sole virtue of the glorification of academia as an end in itself, superior to more “plebeian” pursuits such as trade schools, immediate entry into the workforce, etc, have largely come to believe they are productive and deserving by sole virtue of attending university. Naturally, this has spurred a titantic sense of entitlement, egged on by an academic establishment intent on concreting itself as an ever-more dominant bureaucratic (and political) force.

While previously university was a serious and hard-earned place of learning, a personal investment into subjects that required intense attention and skill, it is now little more than a dumbed-down 3-year-long drugs-and-booze fest built upon the hard-earned money of the productive taxpayer. It is slowly being reduced to a rite of passage, not something for greater social benefit. Where once stood scientists, mathematicians and engineers, now stands a legion of Gender Studies students, Women’s Studies cultists, Fashion designers, Egyptologists, Sociologists and a surreal array of other virtually useless degrees, all convinced that somehow society owes them everything to pursue their whimsical and largely pointless higher educations because education is now an end in itself, not a means to an end.

The natural result of all this of course, is an immense amount of slacking and virtual parasitism. Students are given incredibly generous loans, subsidised activities and discounts across the board and many other benefits, only to endlessly complain society owes them more and more. Go to any of these more whimsical degrees’ lectures and witness the low attendance, as most of those taking them have decided to spend 50% of their loan during freshers week on cocaine and vodka. When you run out of money? Simply demand more! Your education is an end in itself, society owes it to you, don’t let that heartless Tory talk of “social responsibility” and “personal investment” get in the way.

Of course, some degrees of a more non-conventional manner can indeed be a means to an end, but this is the critical part of treating education as an investment in the self and taking responsibility, if you fail to make something of it, society owes you nothing and you bear the consequences for reaping its benefits, if you do, you repay your due to society through the loan system off your newfound success. The current dominant attitude within student culture is one devoid of these qualities, built on “give me everything because I am merely enrolled in university”, with no sense of the weight of what their endless boozed partying, druggie behaviour, shirking of responsibility and unproductive degrees are being propped up by: hardworking taxpayers. Hence we have arrived at the politics of Corbynism and its iron grip on the minds of the young, a movement significant by little more than the enthusiastic support it receives from the student-parasite class.

Corbynism is defined in its call for the abolition of responsibility, an end to any sense of education as an investment that will be repaid with success later in life (and even then, this quality has already been substantially removed by certain earning requirements for loan repayment, meaning those most deserving of being punished for wasting vast amounts of taxpayer money with a debt burden will have effectively been awarded a totally free ride). Corbyn’s calls for even more generous grants with no need for repayment and abolition of tuition fees are not compassionate or noble, not even progressive, they are the living sign of the new “parasite-student class”, failed so utterly in our increasingly nannying, nihilistic country that the concept of self-responsibility itself must too be banished.

The taxpayer shall break his back so entitled brats can be told that no matter what they do with their huge grants and oft-unnecessary studies, they are the most useful, the “future” of society, and nobody can tell them otherwise. They are always entitled. No doubt when this new generation of unparalleled parasites come of age, these attitudes will enter the workplace (or their lack of it), there shall be endless demand for yet more handouts funded by the taxed-to-death productive and successful, evermore ruinous socialist policies and participation trophies; the end result of all this, if left so disastrously unhinged, will be nothing short of grimly dystopian.



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