Labour’s betrayal of the British working class

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At the start of the 2017 general election campaign Labour were expected to struggle badly. Len McCluskey, the UNITE union leader, said he’d be happy if Corbyn could win 200 seats. The result saw Labour win 265 seats and celebrations ensued which looked more like a victory party. The Labour machine had managed to not only galvanise its core base in the north east, the north west & south Wales, but also to win two-thirds of London’s 75 seats and capture a whole string of university towns including places like Canterbury which had never voted Labour before. Strikingly, Labour got more than 50% of the vote in Oxford & Cambridge for the first time.

What was Labour’s secret? They had managed not only to appeal to the working class, but also forces which had undermined these very working class communities…the liberal middle classes, the immigrant hordes, the feminists and the pro-EU globalist elite. Labour won seats in South Kensington & Hampstead as well as Sunderland and Wigan. The Tories paradoxically had lost heartland seats but made gains in places such as Walsall, Mansfield and Aberdeen where they hadn’t been seen before.

It was a confusing, topsy turvy result. Behind it all was the Janus-faced nature of contemporary Labour. On the one hand appealing to the tribal loyalties of its long-term working class base and on the other turning away from the interests of the British to embrace globalists, the Islamic invaders and the liberal social transformers.

Labour offer the working class welfare, well-funded public services and abundant educational opportunities all financed by squeezing the Tory shires, but it’s just a bait to keep them hooked. Labour are fully committed to a multiculti open bordered globalist society. They have always invited the Third World hordes to pour in and claim the space which traditionally belonged to the British Working Class. Immigrants are always given priority in social housing, extra funding for social services and lavish health and educational services at the expense of the indigenous population. Labour have encouraged the invaders to dispossess the British. In city after city migrants have simply replaced the originals.

Labour strongholds such as Leicester, Coventry and Birmingham are working class wastelands. The British have awakened to this process in the past and attempted to resist through parties such as UKIP, but the resistance has dissipated in the face of a hostile establishment and apparent concessions. Any ground the working class has reclaimed has only been temporary. Under the pressure of 650,000 immigrants per annum and a much higher immigrant birthrate, the attack on working class communities has been constant.

In the face of this collision Labour has always shown its true colours when push comes to shove. Quickly branding any working class resistance as ‘Racist!’ and often using the police to criminalise resistors. Even working class language itself has been criminalised, leading to prosecution and punishment. Even when the immigrants have gone on the offensive and started to attack working class communities the Labour Party have sided with their migrant supporters.

The vast web of Islamic grooming gangs which enticed and abused up to a million British children between 1997-2010 were vigorously protected and enabled by the Labour Party & their State Apparatus. In Rotherham the Labour-appointed council CEO, Ged Fitzgerald, refused to acknowledge a report which detailed the activities of the Muslim rape and pimping gangs in 2006. The Police were instructed to treat any white hostility to the ongoing abuse as ‘Racism’.

Labour manipulates the British working class and without any viable alternative vehicles the sheeple often simply go along with their charades. The result is tragic. Britain is being rapidly transformed into an Islamic Republic and the once proud and resilient people have been seduced by the clichés of a Party which only wants to speed up the death of our Nation.



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