The “left” have become the Sturmabteilung (SA) of a cult which seeks to accept and appease evil

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The politics of the early part of the 20th century saw a political idea intended to bring work, prosperity and hope to a nation, corrupted and debased to allow evil to develop in its ranks. From noble beginnings, a minority exploited the majority to exact a revenge on an innocent people. If history teaches us anything, it teaches us that struggles are fought and re-fought with each generation and that we never truly become the civilised society that each generation thinks it has become. Today we are living through another such cycle in history, but this time the “left” has become the cultural hegemony, with a minority controlling the majority, to exonerate and by doing so, allow evil to fester in Britain.

In an increasingly atheist western world, many see religion as a “god delusion” or a simple set of ideas by which to live a productive life. The many, therefore, have to see Islam as a set of ideas, passionately held, but ideas of man all the same. If we saw the emergence of another set of earthly ideas in the form of a political party, in which passionately held views influenced dress, moral code and law, would it draw scrutiny? Now let’s say that this political party had a manifesto which encouraged peace and love within the majority of its followers, but was corrupted by a minority to encourage evil and exact revenge on an innocent people, how would we act? Should we impotently repeat the mantra that the minority do not represent the majority, or do we give it the scrutiny we wished we had paid to the majority?

Today, many on the “left” have become the Sturmabteilung (SA) of a cult which seeks to accept and appease evil. It no longer attempts to articulately debate issues which affect a nation, but heckles and increasingly violently shuts down those debates. It should always be a cause for concern when the followers of an ideology become so embroiled in its own rhetoric that they can no longer see other points of view, they cannot articulate their position and a seething hysteria boils to the surface. When a national culture is reached whereby that seething anger, and eventual violence, is tolerated, or even praised, in the media and at the dinner table, then we have to see the warning signs from history. As with previous trends at their genesis, we cannot pretend to know where this path will lead, but identifying and calling out evil, has always and will always be the right thing.

If we look at one of the biggest social movements in the public eye today, Black Lives Matter has extreme elements, and the People’s Charter Foundation, which respects the arguments put forward by Sheriff David Clarke, feel that BLM is black supremacist movement. However, regards the cause that BLM claims to represent, if there is a prejudiced minority of police officers in the USA, such would not represent the majority, but the left nonetheless demanded an international movement be formed to encourage the weeding out of that perceived minority. When a much greater, certainly real, evil is identified in Europe, that is jihadism, and people, groups and parties encourage the weeding out of that evil minority, the current cultural hegemony seeks to shut down the debate, with increasingly vitriolic heckles and violence.

We, therefore, need to be wary of a increasingly insidious “left” which has the potential to inflict, through its appeasement and support, ever greater levels of atrocity on European soil. We praise those that had courage and stood up to groups which fostered evil in the past. Today we need to be similarly fortified by the knowledge that rooting out evil is always the right thing.



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