2017 Labour Manifesto is a Betrayal of the Working Class On Brexit and Immigration

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  • Research by NatCen, IPSOS Mori, YouGov, Lord Ashcroft, and the British Election Study all show that the British people clearly voted for Brexit so as to lower immigration, and not just to regain their sovereignty.
  • The Office of National Statistics acknowledges that most new jobs are being given to migrants and not to unemployed Britons. People are understandably frustrated by mass migration pushed by the Labour party during the Blair/Brown years. Labour’s top figure Peter Mandelson admitted such a policy has affected the unemployment rate. Further, it has eroded British culture and put an incredible burden on infrastructure.
  • The leaked Labour manifesto reveals that Labour does not wish to cut immigration levels, but his policies would raise them. Nonetheless, while we lack confidence in Corbyn, we welcome his talk of changing migration laws to protect workers from exploitation by cheap overseas labour.

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Written by Luke Nash-Jones

Luke is the Director of the People's Charter Foundation, and the Editor-in-Chief of MBGA News. When he isn't leading protests against the BBC, or speaking at Brexit rallies, he is sneaking into alt-left meetings, sometimes at the cost of a beating, to report on the evil of Marxism.

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