Feminism has allowed the real rape crisis to occur

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For decades, feminism has been preached from the rooftops as a movement for equality, but if that were truly so, it would simply operate under the already existent banner of “egalitarianism”. I posit that not only is feminism unrelated to equality, but harmful to women. The result of decades of short-sighted attention-seeking feminist aggression is a society in which men are punished under law if they defend women!

Across Nordic lands, in Germany, here in the UK, such as in Rotherham, as rape stats reach a shocking, disturbing par with figures previously only seen in third-world states such as Lesotho, women certainly need to be protected, but feminists deny the real rape crisis, to invent one on campus, that better furthers their desire for power. Yes, all they do care for is power.

Where was the feminist uproar about the 1,500 girls raped in Rotherham? About Rochdale? It was men such as Tommy Robinson who spoke out, while feminists remained silent. Why are they quiet when little girls are being raped by barbarians? If they cannot stand up at such a time of crisis, then truly, what the hell are they for? Nothing but egotistical grandstanding!

Disgraceful virtue signalling by a bunch of hypocrites who don’t give a damn about protecting women. They did not march the streets with us to demand Justice for Chelsey. Where was the Women and Equality Party? No, they wouldn’t be there, for they are just a liberal elite ladies afternoon tea club. If they truly cared for women’s rights, they would be out on the streets furious with anger at the abuse of our little girls!

The fraudulence of feminism is plain to see. For so long have we been fooled by this farce. Oh how naive, so many men, in desperation to copulate, have ignored pure reason, but nodded without question to anything that is uttered from beautiful lips. The feminist would sooner have a tantrum about some made-up crap like mansplaining, or the wage gap, and some cuck, deep in the so-called “friendzone” will naively wave a banner for her, in some wild hope he may get laid.

Those who take the time to think, to study facts, to acknowledge history, realise that the feminist does not give a damn about individual rights, about children, in fact, they certainly do hate kids who invade their body, or hinder career plans. Curse biology! The bloody inconvenience of reality. No, all the feminist, the Amazonian, wants is ever more power, more attention, and that lust never will be satisfied.

These are some of the most damaged, most self-centered, arrogant, cruel people in existence, and by no means, should continue to stand on a pedestal as supposed warriors for freedom, for they are a key force in the decline of Occidental civilisation. Feminism, Marxism, Sharia law, these all be threats to the very pillars of our society, attempts to tear down our institutions, and therefore, if we are to achieve real freedom for women, against such evil, this feminism, we must stand.



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Luke is the Director of the People's Charter Foundation, and the Editor-in-Chief of the RedPill Factory. When he isn't leading protests against the BBC, or speaking at Brexit rallies, he is sneaking into alt-left meetings, despite sometimes being punched, to report on the evil of Marxism.