Stop defending fundamentalist Islam; ban it!

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Lighting candles, changing Facebook photos, and so on, these are certainly gestures with good intent, but by no means sufficient a reaction.

This will not stop people fighting for ISIS and returning to the UK with little objection.

It will not overcome the fact the 90% of Islamic preachers (imams) are from countries where fundamentalist Islam is the norm, and that they import those ideas to the UK, including our prisons, which they now control.

It will not change the Wahhabist-state Saudi Arabia’s investment, and hence influence, on universities.

We need the Prime Minister to make a bold stand against the politically correct virtue signallers, who would utilise this tragedy, with grandstanding, to please their egos. A child has died!

When the country is being invaded, cognitive dissonance may make it satisfying for some to dismiss it as a false flag, but with nothing yet to suggest such, the sensible thing would be to respond to the present threat.

While the BBC is stirring up fears of revenge attacks against the general Muslim population, such has not occurred after any British terrorist attack. It is brushing over the real threat here and now; that actual murder has taken place on our streets, no rather, an act of war.

We need a leader who admits the real cause of this violence. The fundamentalist followers of Islam are at war with the West. This is not an isolated incident. This suicide bomber did not act alone. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant declared war on Britain, and wishes to conquer us.

We need the head of government to speak out clearly against Sharia law, and follow through with an absolute ban, demanding one law for all, whatever religion people be. Freedom of religion must certainly only be tolerated if within the frameworks of British law, with respect for Western values. While cultural Muslims state they can integrate into British society, fundamentalists clearly cannot. How many children must die before the liberals wake up to this reality!

We need a government which has the needs of its own people as priority, a police force which arrests those who disrespect our laws, and a judiciary that is not afraid to convict, regardless of race or religion of the perpetrator.

In answer to the question, what should be done about “suspected terrorists”? Well, terrorists are by the nature of their act, usually dead. I believe the phrase intended here may be “suspected terrorism supporters”. The critical word here is “suspected”, which means, unproven, and there is a fundamental legal concept of “innocent until proven guilty”, so the correct approach is to properly investigate and effectively monitor all suspects. As for anyone who is actually proven to praise terrorism on social media, while we as a nation support the notion of free speech, as we are affectively under attack from another nation, ISIS, such persons are supporting enemy forces and should be promptly interned, as Nazi sympathisers were during WW2.



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